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#tvd fanfiction
slyth-princess · 16 days ago
Do you ever just look at a wip fic of yours and think “I should write you” and promptly do not write it so then it sits there for ages until the next time you think about it and start the cycle over or is that just me?
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southsideslutt · 2 years ago
We’ve Met Before, Love || Pt.1
Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x Female!Reader
Warnings: May get a bit smutty in further chapters
Requested: “can I get a klaus x salvatore girl reader from tvd? They meet at the Mystic Grill and get along really well and klaus ends up taking her home, you can decide what happens from there, but in the morning damon and stefan go to find klaus and then y/n realises who she got involved with and it’s all a mess of emotions. make it multiple chapters if you can. sorry if this doesn’t make sense ! xx
Word Count: not a lot
A/N: this is my first request from The Vampire Diaries so please don’t drag me if it’s rather shitty😂
Tumblr media
You sat at the bar at the Mystic Grill, for the hundredth time this week. You had another rather, aggressive, fight with your brothers Damon and Stefan, which involved a lot of insults getting thrown around. It was over something stupid of course, as all your arguments were, but this one seemed to tug at your heartstrings. This fight was over Elena Gilbert. You had confronted them both about how she was stringing them along.
“You do realise, brothers, that you are going down a dark spiral? Trust me, it’s happened before. With—“
Stefan interrupted you. “We know, y/n. I don’t think I need you to spell it out for us.”
You looked at him with raised eyebrows. “Oh, really? Well what are you going to do about it? Sit around, moping all day long about who this girl is going to choose? It really shouldn’t be this difficult.”
Damon, who had surprisingly been quiet up until now, finally decided to open his smart-ass mouth. “Y/n let me ask you something.” He rose out of his chair and began slowly walking towards you. “How many serious relationships have you ever been in. No, not hook-ups. I’m talking about legitimate, stable, partners? Answer me that.” He look a swig of his alcoholic drink, and looked at you condescendingly.
“I-I, uh—“ You stammered.
“See!” Damon threw his arms in the air. “That’s what I mean. You don’t even know. Because you’ve never had anything serious, y/n, so why should me and Stefan listen to you?”
You looked at them both in disbelief. “Is your skull that thick, Damon? Can’t you see how toxic this is for you?
Stefan sat back and watched with amusement, having seen this happen many times before.
Damon just laughed, even though nothing about this was funny.
“Oh, don’t laugh you egotistical asshole. All I’ve ever wanted is what’s best for you both but clearly you don’t give two shits. You’ll do anything to get yourselves hurt.” You could feel your anger starting to rise. “Don’t say I never tried to help you.”
“Y/n, y/n, y/n.” Damon sighed, looking at you as if you were a lost little lamb. “You really think you can help us? The only way you’re going to be any use is if you stay the hell out of this situation and let the people with experience on this kind of thing deal with it. Now, go... hang out with Caroline or whatever it is you do with your uneventful “life.’” Damon sauntered away but before he got far, you had him pinned on the ground, with help from your vampiric strength.
“For the record, brother, if you think you’ve had more experience with love than me, you’ve got something else coming. You compel people to love you, Damon. That isn’t what this is all about. Uncle Zach currently has more love in his life than you, and guess what?” You sneered at him. “He’s dead.” You leapt off him and sped out of the door.
And that’s how you ended up at the bar. Downing your 4th shot, you took a deep breath, preparing to leave.
“Mind if I join?” A deep British accent said melodically from beside you.
You looked up, and came face to face with a man you had never seen before in your life, but nonetheless seemed eerily familiar to you. He had dirty blonde hair, dark ocean blue eyes and lips that you were subconsciously drawn to.
He noticed you, too. The way your h/c hair sat perfectly on your back, and occasionally falling into your face. The way your e/c eyes held so much life behind them, all he wanted was to know you better.
Ahem, he coughed, noticing you staring.
“Oh, sorry. Yeah sure, have a seat.” You suddenly became hyper aware of every single inch of your body. Did your hair look okay? Hopefully it wasn’t all messed up from your clash with Damon.
“So, what’s a pretty young thing like yourself doing at a bar all alone?” The man asked you.
You chuckled. “To keep it short and simple, let’s just say me and my brothers aren’t exactly harmonious when we’re together.”
He laughed, and the sound danced through your ears like a beautiful melody. “I know that feeling very well. I’m Klaus Mikaelson, by the way.”
The name seemed familiar to you, but you couldn’t place where from. “Y/n... Salvatore.” You downed another shot as you said your last name.
Klaus raised his eyebrows at you. “Ah, the lovely sister of Damon and Stefan, I assume?”
You turned to face Klaus with a surprised expression. “I’m not even going to ask how you know them, and to be completely blunt, I really do not care. I’m done trying to look out for those two.”
Klaus moved closer to you, and you could smell his scent, a mix between cologne, earth, and... vampiric blood.
“You’re a vampire.” You whispered to him. “How do I not know you?”
Klaus looked at you intently. “I’ve been around for a long time, love. The real question is, how do I not know you? I would’ve remembered a face so wonderful as yours.”
You felt your cheeks turn red. “I appreciate the compliments, Mr Mikaelson.” You smirked at him.
“I’m saying nothing but the truth, my dear.” His eyes dancing up and down your face.
You smile at him, and sigh. “So what brings you to Mystic Falls, Klaus?” You ask him, throwing your head back to take another shot, which you instantly regret. You can feel yourself getting dizzy, and slipping in and out of focus.
“Woah there, love. Better slow down on the alcohol before you knock yourself unconscious. Actually you know what, I’m going to take you home. You clearly aren’t in the state to drive I’m afraid, even if you are a vampire.”
Klaus’s hand wraps around the small of your back, and you feel shivers all the way from the hairs on your head to the tips of your toes.
“N-no.” You stutter out. “Take me anywhere but home to those... assholes...” You lean your head on his shoulder subconsciously and let him guide you out of the bar.
Klaus chuckles. “You should know not to trust random strangers you meet, y/n.”
You look up at him. “Good thing you’re not random, eh?”
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thewondersofsmut · 3 years ago
Baby Daddy
Request: Do one for Damon where a witch turns him human for the day and he wants to actually get drunk. The reader goes looking for him and they sleep together. Not knowing he was drunk she tells him she’s not looking for just sex’s the next day and he isn’t ready so they end up arguing so she leaves. 5 years later she returns to show her little girl where mommy grew up. Little girl ends up getting away from her at the fair they went to and finds her with Damon. Damon figures it out after asking her age. – Anon
Pairing: Damon x Reader
Warnings: angst, smut, swearing
Word Count: 1990
This was a really cute yet angst request and I’m definitely back on track! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Damon’s POV
“Oh are you kidding me!” 
“Okay, how long does this last?” I asked Bonnie. “Maybe a day?” She replied. “This makes me such a target! I can die.” I protested. “Well maybe if you stay put and not be stupid then you wont.” Smart-ass Elena said. “Just, stay here.” Stefan added and I mocked him, receiving an eye roll. “I’m going to the bar.” I announced and made my way to my car and I heard their collected sighs.
Don’t need them to tell me what to do. I’m human for a day. Might as well get myself extra drunk, extra quick. 
Reminds me, I should make (y/n) come with me since she the only one who actually likes talking to me and someone I actually like talking to but of course, she’s off somewhere being busy.
As I parked my car, I entered and called for my usual go-to bourbon. The first sip definitely felt like a new sting as it made its way to my head a lot quicker and a lot more effective rather than being a vampire. It didn’t take long for me to be intoxicated but I’ve learned in my century of life how to make it seem like I’m okay when I’m far away from being one.
I then saw the (y/h/c) head that I was looking for, seeming going towards me too fast but I definitely saw the concern on her face. I kept my composure as I eat, for real, for the first time in a century and a half. “Hey, kitten.” I greeted, smirking at her. Usually, this is the time I hear her heart suddenly beat fast. “Damon, Stef called me to check on you, you know you’re extra vulnerable, right?” She asked. God, can she be more perfect? “Nada, just being alone as always and I’m fine, (y/n).” 
She then did that thing that made me like her more. She pouted, she always looked too cute.
“Hey! I always try to be with you.” She said, crossing her arms, acting offended. “I know.” I knowingly replied. “How ‘bout this, so you’re not moping around more, lets go watch a movie?” She asked. That’s what she does when she’s upset. I smirked.
She set up one of her favorite movies, gladly it wasn’t some chick flick ones and I made some popcorn. The proximity between us felt good, especially how hot her skin gets. Her hand mindlessly came up to my thigh and I felt a shiver. She may not know it but her sex appeal is far more greater than any other. 
“(Y/n)…” I lowly said and I felt her jump a little, looking up at me. Her eyes were fiery. “Damon.” he replied and then my cupped her face, kissing her, all teeth and tongue. I pulled her up to my lap until she straddled me and she started moving her hips, grinding against me. Fuck. How hot can she get? 
“Damon, please.” 
Her voice was strained, making my cock jump up. She was too much to handle. Too damn much. “Please what?” I asked as I nibbled on her lower lip.  
“More.” Her voice came as a whisper and I delivered. I slid her top off of her and my hands landing on her hips, grounding her against me, her moans getting louder, more airy. 
Her lips parted, a seductive moan escaping from deep her throat. I growled when she pulled up from me but in return I latched my lips to hers once again, tongues battling each other, my teeth grazing her lower lip, teasingly nibbling.
My hand that wasn’t supporting her up snaked in between our heated bodies and to her pussy, pushing her underwear aside, I ran my fingers along her folds, feeling just how wet she is, making me impossibly harder than I already was. I teased her entrance and with a buck of her hips, I inserted a finger, feeling her stretch on my digit.  
She then took it upon herself to free my cock from its confinements, stroking me, making me groan deeper. I added another finger, making her gasp in surprise, and I pumped them, her slick coating my fingers. I curled them towards me and her hands flew to my chest, supporting herself.
“Damon, –want you now.” She groaned, not waiting any longer. “Yes, kitten” I replied, removing the pieces of clothing on our bodies. I flipped us around, hovering over her. “Are you ready?” I asked and he nodded. 
I slid my cock into her, feeling her walls clench, and I almost lost it. She moaned, hopefully in pleasure, and I wanted more. She bucked her hips upwards, making me chuckle, and I bottomed out. I kept my composure to pleasure her.
I began to quicken my pace, hips thrusting harder and faster, making her clutch the sheets in her fists, her toes slightly curling, and my thoughts were clouded with how she wraps around me.
I pulled myself up to my knees, the angle allowing me to hit that spot and she suddenly yelped. I smirked and plowed into her. She then sucked on her fingers, making my cock twitch, and she rubbed circles around her clit, and it didn’t take long for me to feel her orgasm to roll out. I grunted as I felt her walls flutter, pulling me to my release.
My thrusts started to falter and she was crying out my name that the waiting was worth it. Two –three thrusts and I was out, pulsing my load deep into her and she was just breathing heavily, her eyes sated and soft.
She laid against my arm, hers on top of my chest, circling the tensed muscle. My breathing started to calm as my other hand caressed her. “G’night, Dame.” She said and I closed my eyes, never feeling this sated and tired before. 
The next morning felt better, I wasn’t feeling my heart beat. I sighed in relief, back being a vampire. (Y/n), looking beautiful as always, stirred. I stilled myself and watch her half-asleep self while smirking to myself. “Good morning, kitten.” I greeted and she smiled, eyes still closed. 
A few minutes of silence passed but the dreaded ‘morning-after’ sank in. “Damon, about last night, I –I want us, I know you know that there is some connection between us.” She started. I froze. “(Y/n)–“ She must’ve sensed my unsureness cuz her heartbeat just started going way too fast. 
“Go on.” She gulped. I sighed. “I feel it too, kitten.” I said, truthfully. “But this, with Klaus and Katarina running around, being with me isn’t the safest.” I said, cupping her cheeks but she glared and turned away, getting up from the bed. She started getting dressed. I sighed, running my hands down my face. “(Y/n), please talk to me.” I said. She remained silent. 
I sped into my clothes and softly pinned her to the wall. 
“Damon, I know you’ve known that I like you and this,” She pointed at me and her. “You played me last night–“ “That’s not what happened, (y/n)–“ “Well, that’s how it’s sounding like!” She screamed. “Just leave.” She sternly said. “Kitten–“ 
I clenched my jaw and did as she asked. Fuck, I just made one huge mistake. 
Two days have passed and I haven’t seen her. I know she won’t want to see me or for sure talk to me. I was an idiot. I lost the one person who actually takes their time to ask me how my day was, the only person I emotionally trust. I was so fucking stupid. 
Two days became 2 weeks and I knew she left and the fact that I get glares from everyone knew I was the reason. 
I don’t blame them.
I don’t know why I had to be in the fair, like I was going to enjoy or anything. This is just so stupid. If (y/n)– She’s never coming back. I thought. I was leaning against the gazebo, drinking alcohol in my cup when this little girl hit against my leg and lightly tripped. 
I immediately placed my cup down and helped her up, squatting to her level. 
“Are you okay?” She got shy but nodded. She had really black hair and blue eyes that it almost looked like–
“Davina–“ I looked up and, if my heart was still beating, it would’ve stopped. The person calling out to the little girl stopped and from a far, I heard that familiar fast heartbeat. “Mommy!” The little girl ran to her and she held her. I stood up and cleared my throat. 
“(Y/n).” I called out, her name rolling out of my mouth like the bourbon I always drink. “Damon.” She acknowledged, a tight smile plastered on her beautiful face, like she never changed. 
“Mommy, who’s that?” The little girl, Davina, asked. “An old frie–“ I stopped her. “Really, (y/n)?” I asked, pain dripping from my voice. “Baby, do you wanna play some more, just don’t go too far, mommy’s right here.” She said, leaning down to look at her. The little girl nodded and squealed as she ran to the play area. 
We both watched her and it wasn’t hard to put two and two together. 
“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked. “You never wanted an ‘us’.” She stated. “But–“ “But she would’ve changed that?” She asked instead. I clenched my jaw. “She is mine, right? I was human that night–“ I didn’t want to continue, I didn’t want to hurt her. Tears started to pool on her eyes and I pulled her to my chest, hugging her tight and she sobbed, letting it go. “I’m so sorry.” I murmured against her hair. 
She pulled away, wiping her eye. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you.” I said, regret sinking into me. I cupped her face. “I did love you–“ I softly chuckled. “I still do.” I said. I looked up to our daughter, feeling pain and regret that I wasn’t there for them. “I wanted you but I was afraid I was only going to cause you pain and suffering.” I explained and she nodded. She knew me more than anyone, I opened up to her easily.
“And I don’t want our daughter knowing her father was a failure–“ “You’re not a failure, Dame.” She said, her voice faint and small. 
Davina must’ve noticed her mom and she ran back to her. “Mommy, is everything ok?” She asked, tugging at her hand. (Y/n) wiped the tears away and knelt in front of her. “Remember when I told you this is where mommy grew up?” She asked and the little girl nodded. 
“Remember when I told you, that one day you’ll meet daddy?” She asked and I can feel relief wash over me, that she still wanted our daughter to meet me. “Well, Davina, this is your daddy, Damon.” (Y/n) finally introduced us and the smile that slowly made it’s way to the little girls face was enough to make me drop everything and anything to be with her and her mom.
I went down to her level and she unexpectedly hugged me. I was taken aback but I hugged her back. She pulled away with a happy face. “Daddy?” She asked. “Yes, little one?” I asked. “You look like me!” She squealed. I smiled, chuckling a little. I looked up to (y/n). “Yeah you do.” I replied. 
(Y/n)’s smile meant so much to me, that she forgave me for the stupid answer I gave her that morning. 
“Mommy, Daddy! Can we please have a picture?” Davina asked and (y/n) smiled and nodded then looked at me. “Whatever you want. From now on, I will always be here for you and her.” I said, giving a chaste kiss to her lips. “Always?” She asked, making sure.
“Always and forever.” 
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idkhaylijah · 2 years ago
Devil’s Backbone - Chapter 5
Author: idkhaylijah
Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x Reader
Tag List:  @evyiione @bcfangirlthatswhy @skyewardolicitycloisdelena91 @katie1109 @rissyrapp20 @mar-trash-vel @mschellehitt @exquisitley-obsessed @xdontxcare @captiveword @darthdeziewok
Warnings: blood and violence...I mean, it’s a story revolving around vampires guys...
A/N: Alright guys, still a slow burn (sorry - sort of) but hang in there. Things take a turn for the dramatic here. I hope you like where it’s going!
Tumblr media
Y/N grinned ear to ear, dancing through her apartment while she cooked dinner. She couldn’t believe she had the perfect day with Elijah. She couldn’t remember ever spending the day with anyone that made her feel this alive. She was completely taken.
He was so smart, and incredibly sexy. While she still didn’t know much about him, everything she had learned in the last twenty four hours only made her like him more. She was smitten with him.
She was singing along to the radio at the top of her lungs, using the wooden spoon from her kitchen as a microphone, when there was an urgent pounding on her door. She turned the music down, ready once again to face Miss Fiona and her complaining. She was sure even that couldn’t bring her mood down.
When she swung the door open, she was startled to see Ben, his shirt covered in blood.
“Oh my god, Ben!” Her voice was filled with concern. “Come in, are you okay?” She pulled him inside. She had been angry with him, yes, but worry quickly replaced her anger at the sight of him.
“Y/N,” his voice was strained, his eyes wild.
“What happened?” She asked.
He looked around her apartment frantically. “I can’t stop,” he hissed.
Her brows furrowed. “Stop? Stop what? Ben, what happened? Are you okay?” She pulled him into the bathroom down the hall, tearing open the medicine cabinet and looking for anything she could find that might help him.
He grabbed at his hair and began pacing like a trapped animal.
“Ben, where are you hurt?” She tried to get him to sit, but he pulled away from her angrily. “Talk to me.”
“It’s fine,” he snapped.
She pulled away from him at his tone. “You’re covered in blood,” she stated obviously.
He slammed his palm onto the wall behind her, making her flinch. “It’s not mine!” He shouted angrily.
Her doorbell rang, followed quickly by more pounding on her door.
“Y/N!” the voice came through, startling her.
“Wait here,” she stepped under Ben’s arm, leaving him in the bathroom to clean himself up. She pulled open her door. “Elijah, what are you doing here?” She asked. She was glad to see him, but after spending all day with him she hadn’t expected to see him so soon.
He looked her up and down, as if taking inventory. She stepped aside to let him in, but he didn’t move.
He looked past her, searching.
Y/N was confused. Was he looking for Ben? What the hell had happened? “Elijah?”
“Invite me in.”
She drew her brows together in question, but she said nothing.
“Invite me in!” He shouted.
She stepped back away from him, startled. Her heart raced in her chest.
“Please,” he begged. “Y/N, please, invite me in.” His voice was desperate and concerned.
She opened her mouth with every intention to invite him in because even in his current state, she trusted him, but the words wouldn’t come out. It was as if they were trapped in her throat.
Suddenly Ben was behind her, pulling her back into him so her back was against his chest. His hands tightly gripped her arms, pinning them behind her and holding her in place.
She yelped. “Ben, you’re hurting me.”
Elijah straightened himself up, the worry that had been on his face moments ago turned to a calm rage. “Release her,” he demanded.
“I know what you are,” Ben said cooly.
Elijah waved his hands out in front of him, palms up, as if to say it didn’t matter. “Then you know what I will do to you if you harm her.”
“Elijah?” Y/N tried to remain calm, but she could feel the panic rising in her chest.
“You can’t do anything to me as long as I’m in here,” Ben stated. 
Elijah’s eyes traced the doorway. “I may not be able to enter this home, but I am a very patient man. I will wait you out. When you begin to starve, when the hunger is unbearable...when you have no other choice but to leave, I will be here, waiting to tear your beating heart from your chest.”
Ben sneered and turned Y/N around. She watched in horror as his eyes changed, going from the soft ocean blue she was used to, to a dark storm - the whites around them turning crimson. The veins just under his eyes shifted eerily, and he glowered at her hungrily. “I can’t stop,” he whispered again.
He bared his teeth, sharp canines alarming her.
“No!” Elijah screamed from the doorway, slamming into the invisible barrier keeping him out.
Ben threw his head back before leaning forward and slamming his fangs into Y/N’s neck, pulling her warm blood into his mouth.
Y/N tried to scream, but as she heard Elijah’s pleas her world went dark.
Elijah watched in horror as Ben ripped into Y/N’s throat. He had rushed over as soon as he had gotten the call from Marcel; Ben was not in fact, “snatch and erased”, but turned by their mysterious new vampire. He had been calling Y/N the whole day because he was fragile; his emotions heightened. He was drawn to the person he wanted most.
The Original watched as Y/N winced in pain, desperate to get to her, to tear her attacker limb from limb, but unable to do anything about it.
Ben released her for a moment, reveling in the feeling of her blood. Elijah shouted for Y/N once more, not knowing what else to do. Something snapped in Y/N and she grabbed at the wooden spoon she had placed nearby, slamming it into Ben’s chest with force.
Ben screamed in pain, before being shoved back, the rest of the wooden utensil being forced into his heart. His body dropped to the ground, his skin turning sickly grey as the veins worked their way to the surface.
Elijah looked at Y/N in shock, and when she turned to face him, her eyes weren’t the normal shade of Y/E/C he had come to admire, but a cloudy grey that hardened upon seeing him.
“Y/N?” He asked cautiously.
Her eyes shifted back to Y/E/C once more, and for a moment she considered him, seemingly recognizing him, before she dropped to the ground next to the lifeless vampire. Her blood pooled around her, and he listened as her heart rate slowed.
He slammed his hands on the door frame in frustration before pulling out his phone and dialing the only person he knew could help him.
“I need you,” his voice broke.
Elijah paced back and forth, running his hands over his face. He watched as the floor below Y/N’s lifeless body soaked up her blood. She was losing too much, too quickly. He concentrated on her heartbeat. It was weak, but it was still there.
“Brother!” Freya ran towards him, taking in his disheveled appearance.
He held her at arms length, quickly pushing her into the apartment he couldn’t get into. “Freya, please,” he pleaded.
His sister took in the scene in front of her, kneeling quickly by the girl. “What happened?” She scanned the room, and upon seeing a glass of water ran to it, dumping it quickly and bringing it to Elijah.
He didn’t hesitate, taking the glass from her and biting into his wrist, filling it with his blood.
Freya took it from him and knelt down once more by Y/N, carefully lifting her head and pressing the glass to her lips. She tilted it back, forcing the dark liquid down her throat.
Elijah watched intently, but Y/N didn’t move. “She invited him in,” he began pacing again.
Freya pushed on her mouth more, parting her lips, siphoning more blood down her throat. “Come on,” she coaxed.
Elijah’s eyes burned, he leaned in the doorway, fear taking over. He watched for another moment before turning and slamming a small decorative table that sat in the hall into the opposite wall, wood splintering everywhere. He yelled in frustration.
“What in the name of Jesus is causing all this ruckus out here?” A smaller, older woman in a nightgown made her way down the stairs. When she saw the scene before her, her jaw dropped. “Oh my god! I’ll call 911!”
Before she could fully turn around Elijah was in front of her. His pupils widened “You heard nothing, and saw nothing here. Go upstairs, turn on the tv, and go to bed early.”
She nodded and made her way up the stairs. “I think I’ll just watch some tv, tonight.”
“Elijah!” Freya shouted, catching his attention once more.
Y/N’s heartbeat picked up and she began coughing.
Relief flooded him. It felt as though someone released the grip they had on his heart, as though he could breathe again, the pain coming to a halt.
Y/N’s eyes fluttered open, and she startled when she looked up into the face of the stranger above her. She quickly pulled herself away, looking around her. Her eyes found Ben’s lifeless body, her wooden spoon sticking out his chest. Y/N covered her mouth in shock, tears welling. “What’s happening?” She asked, her body shaking.
“Y/N,” Elijah squatted down to her level and their eyes met. “You’re okay, you’re okay,” he tried his best to calm her, but felt useless. “Look at me,” he commanded.
His voice was calm and sure, though his eyes screamed with worry. Y/N took in his disheveled state, his normally perfectly hair slightly off, his tie loosened. His jacket had been tossed aside and his sleeves rolled up. “Elijah?” she asked. She looked to Freya, fear taking over once more.
“Concentrate on me.” He didn’t want her looking at the body again. He tossed a quick glance to Freya, and she nodded, standing to find a sheet to throw over the dead vampire until it was dealt with properly.
Y/N nodded, sliding over to Elijah.
The second she crossed the threshold he grasped onto her desperately, pulling her into him, falling back into a sitting position and cradling her. He ran his hands through her hair soothingly. While his intention was to calm her, he found his own heart rate slowly working its way back to normal now that she was in his arms. He kissed her hair, breathing her in.
“What happened? I don’t understand,” Y/N started.
Elijah looked up at Freya who stood in the doorway.
Freya squatted down. “Y/N?” she approached her quietly, as though she were a child. “I’m Freya, Elijah’s sister. Why don’t you come stay with us tonight, I’ll make you some tea, and we can talk.”
Y/N nodded, pulling herself up so she was standing once more. She grabbed her head, feeling dizzy, black spots appearing in her vision, and once again her world went dark.
She collapsed, Elijah quickly moving to catch her. He cradled her in his arms and lowered her to the ground as she began to cough up blood. Her eyes opened momentarily and they were cloud covered once more, looking straight through him before turning back to their soft Y/E/C and shutting once more.
Freya knelt and quickly got to work, holding her hands above Y/N and chanting, using her magic to find what was inside her and stop it.
Elijah felt as if his world was suddenly being torn from him. He was no stranger to death - someone who lived as much as he did saw it time and again. He had learned to live with it, knowing it would never take him, but only the ones around him. It was his curse.
He tore into his wrist once again, pushing it against Y/N’s lips. This time she reacted, pulling his blood in and swallowing it down. Her hands reached up, gripping his arm tightly and she pulled more blood in as though she craved it.
Elijah suddenly felt everything. He cried out, but did not push her off, instead allowing her to pull him. For a moment he saw abstract pieces of Y/N’s life, but it was quickly replaced by his own. His entire life, a thousand years, flashed before him like a movie. All of his secrets, all of his pain. The lifeless bodies of the women he had once loved lifetimes ago. His siblings, vowing always and forever. He saw their treachery and his own traitorous moments. 
It flashed before him, again and again, forcing him to relive it all. Fragments of his wretched existence crashing into him over and over. It was almost too much to bear when suddenly it all stopped.
He stood at the end of a long, dark and familiar hallway. He had been here before. His own personal demons stood at the other end, just beyond the red door.
He turned away from the door and there stood Y/N, vibrant and beautiful as she had been that morning while they walked through the Quarter.
A single tear rolled down her cheek. Elijah wanted to hide his shame, but she had seen all of him. He stood shirtless, covered in blood. A thousand years of secrets, lies and misery laid out before her, and she had read him like a book.
He was a monster.
She reached her hand out to touch his cheek, and he closed his eyes, he could feel the moisture on his cheek as he leaned his face into her palm.
“I’m so sorry,” she whispered.
His eyes shot open. She had seen his horrors, and reacted with empathy and compassion, taking him by surprise.
A bright light flashed, taking the scene before him with it. He was once again back in the apartment building hallway, Y/N pressed to his chest. She had stopped drinking from him, and had fallen into a deep sleep.
Freya knelt over them, she was no longer chanting, but staring at Elijah in fear.
“Why isn’t she awake?” He asked. His blood should have healed her.
Freya observed her brother. “I put her into a deep sleep...”
Elijah was confused. He had asked his sister to help, not put her down.
Freya continued. “She’s cursed, brother.”
He shook his head, pulling Y/N closer to him, wiping the blood from her mouth. “No,” he whispered.
Freya placed her hand on her brothers warily. “It’s some kind of hunter’s curse,” she explained. “It was dormant in her - but it’s awake now, and she may be able to fight it for a while…”
“No,” he spoke over her.
“...but it will be the end of all of us.”
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thewondersofsmut · 3 years ago
Request:  Hi I love your stuff you’re my favourite Damon account ✨♥️ can you please do one where Damon and the reader have been together for a long time and somebody like Stefan (can be someone else don’t mind) walks in on them 😅😚ty x – Anon AND Please do a Damon and reader smut where they’ve been together since 1862 and in the present now they have sex on Damon’s Birthday, also can it be in a public place so everyone in the ‘mystic gang’ gets suspicious after they’ve left the dinner table for a bit too long, thanks xxx – Anon
Pairing: Damon x Reader
Warnings: smut
Word Count: 933
This is a simple story, I hope you like it! I also combined two requests that go hand in hand!
Tumblr media
You have celebrated 150 birthdays with your one and only, sometimes its low key, just you and him in a private place, either being slobs or sexy, no in between, or you throw him a grand party with one too many people. At the end of the day, a minute before his birthday ends, he plants a soft kiss, along with a genuine smile, saying how thankful he is to spend his birthday with you and that you being there for him and with him, was the best gift. This year, for the first time, since having too many enemies more than friends, you planned an in between celebration. He didn't like the idea of hanging out with the mystic gang but deeply, your words 'they do care for you' made him happy and let you do your thing. You talked to Stefan, who was more than glad to help you, and you invited everyone in your little team to celebrate at the Grill.
The little surprise banner really did surprise Damon. He rolled his eyes and yet he snuggled to your side, kissing your jaw. "Thank you." He whispered. "So, since majority of us is a vampire," Whispering the last part with a giggle. "I baked some very red velvet cake." Adding unnecessary emphasis, making the brothers laugh. "And for you humans," You joked with a scoff, looking at Elena, Jeremy, Matt, Alaric, and Bonnie. "I baked a regular chocolate cake!" You smiled, putting both cakes, decorated with 'Happy Birthday Damon' with a cute drawing of a smiley with fangs. "Aren't you the sweetest." Stefan said and Damon agreed. "Happy 150th birthday, my love. I can't believe you put up with me or my will to celebrate your birthday for more than a century." You started as you lit the candle on the cake.
"Always have and always will, kitten." He said, kissing your temple. Stefan smiled, seeing a whole different side of Damon when he's with you, not necessarily good but it was better than normal. Damon blew the candles and everyone cheered much to his dismay. The table was filled with food and drinks that he loves, all coordinated by you and Matt, it was fun, Damon wouldn't really admit it but you knew. Whilst eating, chatting, generally having fun, you had a great idea of teasing Damon, letting your hand wander down in his pants. It was pretty loud so you were generally the only one hearing his very restricted and tiny groans. You smirked at him and he lightly glared at you. "I'm gunna grab some more drinks." You said standing up. "I'll help you." He said and you nodded. At this point almost everyone was drunk to comprehend. "Bring some whiskey, (y/n)!" Stefan slurred, making you giggle.
The trip towards the bathroom was incoherently constructed, bumping on a table, a seat, heck a person, but you made it. Damon immediately pinned you to the wall, kissing you fiercely. "You, little one, can be a huge distraction." Damon said in between kisses as his hands travelled to your ass, squeezing it, then up to your hair, slightly pulling, exposing your neck. He ravished it, nibbling at your flesh. You moaned, igniting a flare on your lower abdomen. You pinned him across, kissing him down his chest and making your way to kneel. You unzipped his pants, trying to hold in his hard cock. You stroked him, making him lean his head back, his hand on tangling on your hair. You licked the tip then making your way the whole length until you gagged yourself. He groaned, bucking his hips forward. You continued to suck his cock, teasing the tip until he can no longer take it.
He sped you up, kissing you, invading your mouth. He turned you around, leaning you forwards as you supported yourself on the sink. He teased your wet pussy, inserting just the tip until you begged to fill you up to the brim. He then suddenly thrusted all the way in, making you gasp. He then set a strong fast pace, this was a quickie after all. His hands were gripping your waist, anchoring himself to you. You were both groaning and moaning, getting closer to the edge. You could feel him swell inside you and that brought you to your release with a moan of his name. He thrusted more and as you clenched around his cock, you brought him right to his orgasm. He slowed down but before he can pull out, the door to the bathroom was opened by Stefan. You gasped and Stefan immediately closed the door. You and Damon sped to get cleaned up and presentable. You finally grabbed the drinks with Damon and got back to your table.
"You two took too long!" Caroline whined, pissed drunk. Stefan scoffed. "Right, in the bathroom!" He said, rolling his eyes. "Oh god! Ew!" Bonnie commented, making a face. You and Damon, being the cocky ones in the bunch just laughed. "Can't wait." Damon smirked and you giggled. "You two are impossible!" Matt said. "Shut your face and just drink!" Damon joked. The night continued a little longer until everyone was seeing two. Taken care by the more responsible Alaric, who drank just half of the amount everyone had, took most home. You and Damon? Straight to the boarding house, continuing what was happening in the bathroom. Stefan deciding to just stay at Elena's for the better. Best birthday by far, according to Damon as you two continued to fuck each other senselessly until the sun begin to rise.
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penmansparadise · 3 years ago
Damon Salvatore Imagine Requested- You Finally Got The Girl
Tumblr media
Alright!  Here is the other Damon Salvatore request from @sawakoyu  .  I really hope you like this one and I apologize for taking so long to post it!  Enjoy you all!! xx.
Pairing: Damon Salvatore x Reader
Warnings: None
You sat staring blankly at your teacher impatiently waiting for the bell to ring.  When it finally sounded, you quickly got up and made your way to your locker.  Your three best friends, Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline, were all at their lockers already. “Hey!”  You said cheerfully as you approached.  The three of them greeted you in unison as you began putting your books in your locker.  “So, since today is the start of the weekend, I was thinking of having everyone over. You know?  Maybe have a little slumber party kind of thing.”  Caroline said with a wide grin.  You shut your locker and turned to her, “I think that’s a great idea.  A girl’s night in is something I am definitely in need of.”  Caroline chuckled, “Well, I was thinking more along the lines of you three plus two.”  Elena gave her a confused look, “Who are the plus two?”  Caroline covered her face, “I invited Stefan and Damon, as you can probably imagine, was listening in and sort of invited himself.”  You perked up a little at the sound of Damon’s name.  “D-Damon is going to be there?”  You asked trying your best to sound casual.  Caroline let out a groan, “Unfortunately so, but if you want me to I can tell Stefan that he can’t come.  I want you three to come for sure and if Damon is the person stopping that I’ll figure something out.”  You frantically waved your hands at Caroline, “No! No, it’s fine.  I’d be more than happy to go even with the Salvatore brothers attending.”  Bonnie and Elena nodded in agreement making Caroline relax.  “Thanks you guys.  So, Stefan and Damon are going to be at my place at around six so if you want to come at five to help set everything up I’d really appreciate it.”  She said with a little smile.  You chuckled, “I’ll see you at five Caroline.”  She gave a small jump before waving goodbye as you made your way to your car.
When you got home, you immediately began getting ready.  You grabbed your overnight bag and stuffed it with clothes and your bathroom things.  Your mind was racing as you gathered your things.  That often happened when you were about to see Damon.  A smile lifted the corners of your mouth at the thought of him.  Nobody knew how you felt about him, not even your friends.  None of them liked Damon and you couldn’t imagine how they would react if you told them you had fallen for him.  When you first met Damon, you had mixed feelings about him.  In front of people he was cocky and angry. However, when he was alone, he was sweet and caring.  When he was with you, he was kind and loving.  He was a completely different person, someone no one had ever seen. Your relationship with him started off innocent.  The two of you were just friends who could always confide in each other.  However, the more time you spent with him, the faster you fell and the stronger your feelings grew.  You tried to ignore the butterflies you got when he smiled at you or the tingling feeling that shot through your body when his hand would accidently graze against yours.  You willed your feelings to go away and tried to pretend that you really didn’t feel the way you did.  It was no use though, you had fallen for him.  Scared of how anyone would react, you kept your feelings to yourself and hid them away in a tiny crevice inside your heart.  You took a quick glance at the clock sitting on your nightstand and saw that it read 4:45pm.  Taking one last look at your bag, you threw it over your shoulder and headed out.
Mystic Falls was a small town, so the drive to Caroline’s house was relatively short.  By the time you pulled into her driveway, Elena and Bonnie had already arrived. You grabbed your bag and walked inside. “Hello!”  You shouted in a sing-song voice.  “We’re in the kitchen!”  Elena shouted.  You placed your stuff down in the living room before walking to the other room.  The three girls were laughing as they set up plastic cups and assorted sodas.  You joined and helped set up the snacks and plates.  By the time everything was put together, Caroline’s doorbell rang. Although you tried to stop it, your heart jolted at the sound.  The four of you walked back into the living room before Caroline opened the door. Stefan gave Caroline a quick hug and kiss before entering the house allowing your eyes to land on the person you were waiting to see.  Damon stood in the doorway with a playful smirk on his lips.  You bit your lip unintentionally as you looked at his stunning figure.  Jet black hair that sat messily on his head, a dark button up shirt that exposed just the tips of his collar bones, and light blue jeans that hung snuggly on his hips. You watched as his dazzling blue eyes climbed from your feet all the way up to meet your gaze.  “Hey.”  He said simply with a smile.  “Hi.” You said back airily. Only the two of you were standing there.  Your stomach gave a lurch as you held Damon’s stare.  You were completely captured by him.  “Hey!”  Caroline shouted pulling you from your trance, “Are you two coming or what?  We’re going to start the movie without you guys!”. You quickly dropped Damon’s stare and ran a hand through your hair.  “Yeah, we’re coming.”  You said back before moving into the living room.  When you entered the room, you looked around at the seating.  Caroline was curled into Stefan’s side on the large couch, Elena was wrapped in a blanket on the reclining chair, and Bonnie was sprawled out on the floor in front of the television.  Your eyes traveled to the only two seats left and your heart began to beat quickly.  Damon walked up behind you and gently placed a hand on your lower back.  “You want to take a seat?”  He asked using his head to motion to the love seat.  Your words got caught in your throat at the warmth of his touch.  You nodded before walking over and taking a seat.  Damon followed in suit and plopped down next to you.  His arm draped over your shoulders and pulled you a little closer to his body.  Although your heart was beating a mile a minute, a smile spread across your lips. “Right, everyone here?  Good.  Let’s start the movie.”  Caroline said before pressing play.  Your mind was unable to focus on the images flashing on the television screen.  One of Damon’s hands was playing with your hair while the other was drawing circles on the top of your hand.  You knew he could hear your shallow breathing and how quickly your heart was beating, but you couldn’t contain yourself.  He had some way of completely captivating you.  “Does anyone want some more popcorn?”  Bonnie asked bringing you back to reality.  You turned to face her, but she was already staring.  Her eyes darted to the kitchen and back to you as she gave her head a small nod.  “Um,” you said awkwardly, “yeah.  I’ll go help you.”  Bonnie forced a smile, “Great.  Elena? Caroline?  Could you give us a hand too please?”  The two girls gave each other confused looks, but didn’t argue. The four of you walked into the kitchen, but, before you could say anything, Bonnie turned on the water faucet and spoke.  “Okay, what is going on between you and Damon?”  Bonnie asked without wasting any time.  Your eyes widened with surprise, “What do you mean?  We’re just friends.”  Bonnie rolled her eyes, “Oh please Y/N, friends don’t cuddle up next to each other like you two were.”  Caroline nodded in agreement, “She’s got a point.”  You sent Caroline an irritated look to which she raised her hands in defense. “Don’t try and dodge the topic. Tell us, we’re your friends.  What’s going on between you two?  Do you have feelings for him?”  Bonnie coaxed.  You looked at your three friends and let out a sigh of defeat.  “Yes, Bonnie,” You said quietly, “I do.  I’ve fallen for Damon.”  Bonnie clapped her hands, “I totally knew it!  I mean I wasn’t one hundred percent sure, but I definitely suspected it.” Elena and Caroline gave a collective “awe” at your confession.  You put your hands up to quiet your friends, “Okay, I’m glad that you all know now, but it’s a secret.  Damon doesn’t know and I don’t want him to know, okay?  So, this little confession stays between the four of us.  Got it?”  The three girls looked at you in confusion before finally nodding.  You gave them all one last look before walking back into the living room.  “Everything alright?”  Damon asked as you sat back down next to him.  You gave him a weak smile, “Yeah, everything is fine.”  
When the movie finally finished, Caroline decided it was time to play some games.  “Oh! How about Truth or Dare?”  Elena suggested.  Anxiety pooled deep inside of you at the idea of playing.  Caroline smiled, “That’s a great idea!  I love that game.”  Everyone arranged themselves into a small circle and Elena placed one of the empty soda bottles in the center.  With each spin, your heart nearly burst out of your chest.  Each of your friends went back and forth exchanging crazy dares and sensitive truths.  They went around the circle, but before it was your turn you quickly stood up. Bonnie looked at you with concern, “You okay Y/N?”  You nodded and gave your most believable smile, “Fine.  Just going to go use the bathroom really quick.”  As you were making your way around your friends, Damon stood up as well.  “While it’s not my turn, I’m going to go grab a drink.”  He said with a smirk before showing himself to the kitchen.  You paced nervously in the small bathroom trying your best to calm yourself.  Breathing deeply and whispering encouraging words did nothing to slow your hammering heart. After a couple of minutes, you decided to return to the game.  You leaned against the doorframe as you watched Stefan spin and land on Caroline. He chuckled, “Alright, truth or dare?” She gave him a playful wink, “Truth.” Stefan rolled his eyes, “Lame. But, okay, what do you truly think of… Damon?”  Caroline laughed boisterously, “Really?  Damon? Okay, well he’s your brother and he can be a total dick, but I guess he’s alright.  You should have saved that question for Y/N, she’s the one who has feelings for him.”  By the time she realized what she had said, it was too late.  Caroline’s hands flew to her mouth while Bonnie and Elena both took in a sharp breath.  Your mouth hung open as you stared at your friend in astonishment.  “Wait.  What?” Damon asked quietly from the kitchen’s entry way.  Your eyes began to water as you turned to see Damon standing there dumbfounded. Caroline put her face in her hands, “Oh my gosh.  I, Y/N, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean…”  An uncomfortable silence blanketed the room.  Before you could stop them, tears began to sprinkle down your cheeks.  You could feel the warmth of embarrassment climbing onto your cheeks as you stood there.  Your mind was spinning and your chest began to tighten.  Bonnie stood up to walk over to you, but, before she could make it to you, you ran out the back door.  The cold night air hit you like a brick, but it filled your suffocating lungs allowing you to breathe.  You walked out into Caroline’s yard and sat on her swinging bench.  Alone with just your thoughts and the chirping crickets, you let your embarrassment pour from your eyes.  You threw your head back and stared at the black sky.  The stars were scattered throughout the vast darkness like organized chaos.  It was calming to sit there with the cool wind blowing through your hair.  You let out a sigh as you closed your eyes.  The whole situation played on repeat in your head. The sound of crunching leaves pulled you from your thoughts.  You sat up and opened your eyes to see Damon standing in front of you.  He pointed to the empty spot next to you, “Is that seat taken?”  You quickly wiped your face and shook your head allowing him to sit.  Neither of you spoke at first.  Damon stared at his knotted hands while you kept your eyes focused on the dry grass.  Damon let out a breath, “Is it true what Caroline said in there?  About you having feelings for me?”  You shut your eyes tightly before turning to face him, “Yeah. What she said was true.  I told her, well, all of them, in the kitchen tonight. She wasn’t supposed to say anything. I really didn’t want you to know.” Damon raised his gaze to meet yours, “Why didn’t you want me to know?”  You let out a nervous laugh, “Oh, I don’t know, because we’re friends and friends aren’t supposed to fall for each other.  Especially not if the other person doesn’t share the same feelings.” Damon turned his body to face you, “How do you know that I don’t feel the same way Y/N?  You didn’t even ask me, you’re just assuming that I don’t have feelings for you.”  Your breath caught in your throat at his statement.  He stared at you with an unreadable expression before taking your hand in his.  “Y/N, you’re the only person I can truly confide in and trust.  You’re beautiful and smart and the nicest person I know. You care about people even if they aren’t the best people in the world and you would do anything for those that you love.  From the minute that I met you, I knew you were going to be someone special to me.  At the time, I didn’t know that you were going to be this special to me.  When we started to spend more time together I started to feel things for you.  I didn’t want to be just friends anymore.  I wanted to be able to hold you and kiss you whenever I wanted.  I wanted to be able to take your hand when you were stressing and tell you that everything was going to be fine as long as I was by your side.  I wanted to tell everyone that I did it.  That I finally got the girl.”  You smiled at Damon, unable to create a coherent sentence. Butterflies rampaged in your stomach and happy tears pooled in your eyes.  “Damon,” you whispered, “I love you.”  Damon lightly placed his hand on your cheek and cupped your face.  His eyes traveled over your face, taking in every angle in the moonlight.  Your lips parted slightly as your eyes slowly began to shut.  Damon let out a breath and smiled before bringing his lips to meet yours.  Fire erupted between the two of you as you smiled into the kiss.  You leaned into him and brought your hands up to his chest. Damon placed his other hand on the small of your back and pulled you closer deepening the kiss.  You felt passion and fervor as your lips moved smoothly against his.  When you finally pulled back, a wide grin was spread across Damon’s lips.  “I love you too Y/N.”  He said in a whisper before giving you one more loving kiss.  You bit your lip trying to contain your enthusiasm, but couldn’t hide the smile growing on your face.  Damon chuckled, “Do you want to go back inside now?  You look a little cold and I can help warm you up a bit.” You nodded before taking his hand and walking back inside.
The rest of the night you and Damon were inseparable.  One arm was always around your waist if not both.  You finished the game of Truth or Dare before Caroline decided to put on another movie.  Damon and you cuddled up next to each other on the love seat while the movie played. Damon’s hands held onto yours tightly and occasionally he would whisper how much he loved you into your ear.  After the movie ended, everyone snuggled into their sleeping bags.  You slid into Damon’s and curled into his warm embrace.  As everyone was slowly drifting off into their dreams, you whispered into Damon’s ear, “You finally got the girl.” Before falling into a deep and blissful sleep.    
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idkhaylijah · 2 years ago
Another Love - Part 2
Author: idkhaylijah
Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x Reader
Catch up on part one here.
Tumblr media
It had been three weeks since Y/N had even spoken to the Mikaelsons. Rebekah had texted and promised to call and get together as soon as she got back from vacation with her boyfriend, Marcel. Other than that, it had been radio silence.
Y/N had missed her second family like crazy. She kept busy though, between finishing up her masters and her new job at the Lockwood firm. Her boss, Mr. Lockwood, had more than kept her occupied with his demanding and overbearing personality.
She was headed back from picking up Mr. Lockwood’s lunch (a task she was grossly overqualified for) when her bluetooth cut off her music, Mr. Lockwood’s angry voice coming through the speakers.
“Y/L/N, I asked for you to have my lunch on my desk by 1:15,” he barked.
Y/N bit the inside of her cheek, trying to remain calm. Two weeks of him shouting had her on edge. “I’m right down the road, Mr. Lockwood,” she sighed.
“Right down the road isn’t at my desk, is it? How can you possibly expect to handle a more prominent position at this company if you can’t even handle a simple internship?”
She felt her cheeks heat, and bit back the words she so desperately wanted to shout at him as her temper rose. “Mr. Lockwood, your concern isn’t -” she cut herself off as the car in front of her slammed it’s brakes, causing her to crash into it. “Shit!” She shouted as she smacked her head on the steering wheel, the food went flying, and her airbag popped. She could hear her boss screaming at her incompetency before the call disconnected.
She glanced around her car in shock. Her body was shaking, adrenaline rushing through her. She patted herself down, as if she were taking inventory, and let out a breath realizing she was mostly okay. She rubbed at her forehead, it would definitely leave a bruise, but she felt fine.
She struggled with the seatbelt a moment, her hands fumbling, when the driver in front of her got out, approaching her window quickly.
“Shit, are you okay?” He was handsome, his ocean eyes a stark contrast to his jet black hair. He wore a leather jacket, and had bad boy written all over him.
Y/N nodded, taking deep breaths to calm herself before speaking. “Yea, I’m fine, just stuck.”
“Let’s get you out of there,” he leaned his arm in through her open window, unlocking her door and yanking it open. When she turned to really look at him he quickly placed his hands along her face. “Alright, you’re bleeding,” he pointed out. “Don’t move.”
She suddenly felt the warm liquid rolling down her temple and brushed her hand along it, smearing the blood. When she looked down and saw how much was on her hand she winced, but upon inspecting it in the mirror she decided it was a superficial bleed, nothing to worry about.
The stranger she had hit was leaning into his car, retrieving his phone presumably to dial 911. She groaned at the thought of an ambulance showing up to cart her away. How embarrassing.
She threw her head back, slamming her eyes shut. “Oh my God,” she muttered upon recognizing Elijah’s voice. “Could this day possibly get any worse?”
Her phone beeped, a text from her boss letting her know she was fired. “Apparently.” She glanced at Elijah through her rear view mirror, rushing towards her, his face panicked.
Elijah was on his way back into Mystic Falls when he saw Y/N’s vehicle, one he’d recognize anywhere, pulled over to the side of the road - the front end smashed up. He quickly pulled off and placed his car in park, throwing his blinkers on and rushing towards her.
“Are you okay? What happened?” Elijah unbuckled her seatbelt, taking inventory of her, his eyes widening at the blood. He was in full crisis mode.
Y/N was mortified. “I’m fine!” She insisted. She slid out of the car, and he held onto her, steadying her. She looked back to see his Bentley, blinkers on. “Where on earth did you come from?”
Elijah pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, holding it up to her temple as he pushed her into a seated position so her feet dangled out the side of the car. He pulled out his cellphone and she grabbed his hand.
“Elijah, I’m fine, really. Besides, the guy I hit is already calling,” she nodded towards the handsome strangers direction, and Elijah glared. “Totally my fault,” she clarified. She held up her phone as an explanation. “I was in the middle of getting fired.” She groaned again at her predicament, holding her head in her hands.
Elijah sighed and knelt down so he was closer to her level. He pulled her hand away so he could get a closer look at the cut on her temple. She glanced up, her Y/E/C eyes meeting his dark gaze. She froze for a minute, not sure she had ever been this close to the older Mikaelson before. Her breath hitched and he cleared his throat.
“You hit your head pretty hard,” he said. “We should get you to the hospital.”
Y/N stood, pushing past Elijah. “I’m fine,” she called over her shoulder as she made her way towards the other driver.
The handsome stranger had just hung up the phone when she approached. “Hey, I’m really sorry,” he said. “I was trying to avoid a deer…”
Y/N waved her hand. “Totally my fault, I should have paid more attention.”
“Well ambulance is on it’s way.”
“Thank you.”
He smiled and she wasn’t sure if it was her injury that made her feel a little dizzy or the charm that came along with his handsome smile. “Damon,” he introduced himself. “Damon Salvatore.” He held his hand out.
She glanced at her own free hand, the other still occupied with holding Elijah’s handkerchief to the bleed. She held it up, and he frowned at the blood on her fingers. “Y/N Y/L/N,” she greeted. “I’d shake, but uhhh…”
He nodded. “Not a problem. Listen, I’d feel a lot better if you sat down for a minute.”
“I’m fine, really.”
Elijah’s voice suddenly interrupted, making her jump. “Sit,” he demanded. She turned and he ignored the attitude she gave him, insead taking her by the upper arm and guiding her along the stone wall next to the road, hopping her up to sit.
She glared at him defiantly. “You can’t just tell me what to do,” she snapped. She flinched and clutched her side as she turned her upper body, Elijah’s hands coming to rest on her rib cage gently.
He began lifting the bottom of her shirt to inspect where the pain was coming from and Y/N froze upon feeling his warm fingertips against her skin. His eyes met hers once again and she blushed.
She shoved her shirt back down, breaking their eye contact. “I’m fine, seriously, please stop.”
Elijah stood straight, turning to address Damon with a hard stare.
“Hey man,” Damon held his arms up defensively upon seeing Elijah’s angry glare. “I’m really sorry about your girlfriend. Ambulance is on the way, they’ll have her good as new in no time.”
“Girlfriend!? No, no, no...not his girlfriend,” Y/N blurted from behind Elijah’s shoulder.
The police showed up seconds later, taking statements and insurance information. An EMT looked Y/N over while the officer spoke to Damon. She watched as Elijah spoke to the second officer, businesslike as usual. He snuck a peek at her, and she wondered briefly if it had been concern on his face. The officer said something, and Elijah nodded, shaking his hand and thanking him before approaching Y/N once more.
The EMT turned to address him. “She’s just got a mild concussion and some bruising, she’ll be fine. Just keep an eye on her overnight, if her headache gets worse, call the doctor. Otherwise, just some ibuprofen, a bandaid, and a little bit of rest will have her good as new.”
“Thank you,” Elijah said. The EMT disappeared and Y/N hopped down. She began walking toward her car when Elijah caught up with her. “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked.
She scoffed at him. “Home, soon as the cops are done with me.”
“They have everything they need, I took care of it.”
Y/N rolled her eyes. Did this man treat everything like a business deal? “Great, thanks.”
“They’ll tow your car to the shop, I’ll take you home,” he explained.
She studied him for a moment, and then turned back to her car which definitely wasn’t driveable. “Awesome,” she muttered before turning and heading towards the Bentley.
“Y/N!” Damon called, rushing over.
She stopped in her tracks until he caught up.
He grinned again slyly, and it was enough to make any girl weak in the knees, which meant he was trouble. “Listen, since the suit over here isn’t your boyfriend,” he gestured over his shoulder, “let me make it up to you.” He reached around to her back pocket, sending a thrill down her spine, and pulled out her phone while being careful not to touch her directly. He punched his number in, adding it to her contacts. “Call me, I’ll pick you up, when my car is fixed,” he teased, “and I’ll buy you a drink.”
She smiled at that and nodded. “Okay,” she said shyly. “Sounds good.”
When Damon turned to leave, Elijah stood directly in his path, staring him down. Damon shrugged, patting Elijah on the back. “Girls like that don’t wait around, buddy,” he said quietly so only Elijah could her. “You snooze, you lose.”
He brushed his shoulder past and Elijah threw his hand up, pushing lightly on his chest and stopping him in his tracks. “Girls like that don’t end up with guys like you,” he narrowed his eyes, “buddy.”
Elijah walked over, unlocking his car and holding the door open for Y/N. “What was that?” She asked curiously.
Like he often did, Elijah ignored her question, instead shutting her door and walking around to the drivers side.
He drove her to her apartment in silence, his eyes fixed on the road.
She leaned her head against the glass of his window, letting it cool her skin and closed her eyes. Now that the adrenaline had subsided she realized just how tired she was.
“You should call Kol,” Elijah finally spoke.
She sat up and readjusted herself in her seat. “No need…”
Elijah glanced over and saw her on her phone, assuming she was texting his brother now. “I have to admit, I was surprised to see your car like that…”
“Yeah, well, I was surprised too.”
“I was surprised to see you in Mystic Falls at all,” he clarified.
She drew her brows together. “I live here, Elijah.”
He sighed. “I simply meant I assumed you’d be in New Orleans, with Kol.”
She leaned back up against the window, watching the trees go by. “I don’t do everything with Kol, you know. I have a life of my own. My own apartment, my own job. Well...I did anyway. Guess I’ll have to look for another one of those. Have I ever told you Mr. Lockwood is a dick?” She vented, taking a deep breath after her rambling.
Elijah turned the corner of his lip up to an almost smile. “I can’t believe you went with Lockwood over Mikaelson, now that you bring it up.”
She rolled her eyes. “Yea right, me work for you?”
“Why is that so hard to believe?”
She chuckled then. “Elijah you can barely stand me most of the time. Besides, I don’t need people thinking I only got a job because of my connections. I need to earn it.”
“And running errands for Richard Lockwood is earning it? Y/N you’re far too over qualified to be getting that pompous madman his lunch.”
She laughed and Elijah smiled as he pulled into her driveway. He had always loved her laugh, though he’d never admit it.
“Thanks for the ride,” she said as she got out of the car and headed toward her door.
He shut off the car and hopped out, his larger strides catching up to her quickly. She turned with a perplexed look on her face. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Y/N, surely you didn’t think I was just going to drop you off.”
“Isn’t that exactly what you just did?”
He walked past her to her door and waited for her to unlock it. “You have a concussion. You can’t be alone for twenty-four hours.”
She stopped what she was doing, leaving her keys hanging in the doorknob, and stared at him with shock. “No, you’re not staying here.”
Elijah finished unlocking the door himself and stepped inside, taking in her home. He had been there once or twice before, but never for an extended period of time. “If you’d prefer the hospital, by all means,” he waved his hand to the doorway “after you.”
She sighed and dropped her purse on the the table, kicking off her shoes as she walked down her hall. She dropped onto her couch and turned on the tv. “Suit yourself,” she mumbled.
Elijah stood against the doorframe to her living room, watching her for a moment before moving into the room and leaning over, grabbing the remote from her lap. He shut the television off and tossed it across the couch.
“You have a concussion. You need rest.”
“Netflix is rest,” she argued.
His stance let her know she wasn’t going to win. “You need to rest your brain, not just your body. Are you hungry?”
She wanted to say no, but her stomach rumbled. She hadn’t eaten since breakfast. She nodded as she yawned, curling up into the couch. He watched her as she drifted off to some much needed sleep. When she started to snore he smiled softly and pulled a blanket over her, brushing a strand of her Y/H/C hair off her face. He ran his thumb just under the cut on her temple and let out a breath he felt like he had been holding since first seeing Y/N.
Elijah had never felt panic grip his heart the way it had that afternoon upon seeing her car. Before he could examine what that might mean too closely, he pulled himself away from her and into the kitchen.
Y/N awoke a bit later to the smell of garlic wafting through her apartment and her empty stomach growling in her ears. She sat up slowly, stiff and disoriented, trying to remember the days events clearly when it all came back. Elijah had brought her home, though she couldn’t recall when she had fallen asleep.
She stood and wandered into the kitchen. Before her was Elijah, minus his usual jacket and tie. The sleeves of his blue button up shirt were rolled up neatly. He looked relaxed as he pulled a dish out of the oven - the source to the heavenly smell.
When he turned and caught her watching him he grinned shyly. “You’re awake, good. I made dinner.”
She sat on one of the stools at the kitchen island and Elijah dished out the food, placing a plate in front of her. “Chicken parm is my favorite,” she exclaimed.
He nodded knowingly before bringing his own plate over. “Dig in. How are you feeling?”
“Sore.” She took a bite of the meal and groaned. “Oh my god, amazing now,” she replied, her mouth full. She ate quickly, her stomach demanding more.
“Slow down,” he laughed. “It’s not going anywhere.”
Y/N swallowed and wiped her mouth with a napkin Elijah had set out earlier. “Sorry,” she spoke shyly. “The last time I had your chicken parmigiana was ages ago,” she explained.
Elijah nodded. “Before Niklaus left for New Orleans,” he reminded her.
They ate the rest of their meals in silence. Elijah attempted to bring up Kol once or twice, and she had been polite but changed the subject each time, effectively ending any conversation.
After dinner he insisted she lay down again. When she began to get antsy and bored because she couldn’t fall asleep, he walked over to her bookcase. He examined each book, and upon finding a worn copy of a book where the title had rubbed off the spine he pulled it out. It was red and the cover was stained, the pages dogeared.
He sat down in the recliner across from her and when she saw the book in her hand she reached across for it. He held it out of her grasp. “What book could possibly be so entertaining that you’ve completely worn your copy out?” He asked as he noted the unevenness of the pages as they separated from the spine.
“Harry Potter, obviously,” she laughed.
He rolled his eyes. “A children’s book?”
She stood and swiped it from him and held it to her chest. “Whoa there, buddy. It’s not just a children’s book. It’s a classic. I actually feel sad for you that you’ve never read it.”
Elijah licked his lips and held back a grin. He grabbed the edge of the book and pulled it from her grip. “Alright then, Harry Potter it is.”
“What are you doing?” She laughed.
He shrugged. “You can’t watch television, and reading will strain your eyes which I’ve read isn’t good for a concussion. You can, however, listen.”
She studied him for a moment before curling back up on the couch, pulling her blanket over her and resting her head on the arm. “I’m actually really jealous of you right now,” she smiled. “I’d love to be able to experience it for the first time again. Getting to know the characters, not knowing where the story will take you. It’s sort of like that rush of falling in love, you know?”
His warm gaze met hers and she held her breath. It was as if a storm had passed, leaving flecks of golden sunshine in his eyes and she wondered if she’d ever seen anything so beautiful. “Yes,” he whispered. “I believe I do.”
She broke eye contact, turning so she was laying on her back and staring at the ceiling.
A moment later he began to read, his voice lulling her into a deep sleep.
The next morning Y/N woke to see Elijah still passed out in the recliner. Her tattered copy of The Sorcerer’s Stone in his lap. She looked at him, so relaxed and peaceful. She stood and slid the book from his lap, placing it gently on her coffee table. Elijah hadn’t moved, and she brushed his sleep mangled hair from his forehead. When he stirred she yanked her hand away, clutching it to her chest. She froze in place, hoping he wouldn’t wake up and catch her in her moment of weakness.
Elijah breathed deep and opened his eyes, rubbing the sleep away. He stretched and looked at Y/N. “Hey,” he muttered tiredly. “How are you feeling?”
“Fine,” she replied quickly, the heat rushing to her cheeks. She rushed to the bathroom, shutting and locking the door. She showered and dressed fairly quickly, calming her nerves. She had never in all her years of knowing the Mikaelson’s spent this much alone time with Elijah and it had her on edge.
When she came back out she smelled coffee and Elijah was in the process of making pancakes. He had straightened up his hair, but his shirt was untucked and slightly rumpled, the top buttons undone. Y/N let her eyes trail over him, enjoying a rare sighting of Elijah anything but polished.
She took a deep breath, resolving to not let her feelings make things weird. I can do this, she said to herself. She waved awkwardly when he lifted his head and saw her, which made him chuckle. She ignored it, and decided keeping busy was best, and helping with breakfast was the perfect busy activity. She walked past him and leaned into the fridge, grabbing orange juice and creamer. They worked in unison and when breakfast was ready Y/N set the table and Elijah poured the coffee.
“Thank you, by the way,” Y/N kept her eyes on her pancakes. “You didn’t have to stay last night. I owe you one.”
Elijah nodded. “I take it you’re feeling better today?”
“A little stiff,” she commented. “But other than that I feel fine.”
“Good,” he said taking a bite of his pancake. “Then starting tomorrow you can work for me at the firm.”
He sipped his coffee. “You’re done with Lockwood, and you need a job. As it happens I need a new project manager.”
“I don’t have the experience to be a project manager,” she stumbled.
“Y/N you are smart, you’re a quick learner, you know the company, and I need someone I can trust. You’re perfect.” She opened her mouth to argue but Elijah continued. “Besides, I believe you ‘owe me one’ do you not?”
Y/N knew better than to fight him on this, and she did need a job. “Okay.”
He stood, clearing their plates. “Perfect. Take today and rest, I’ll call to check in after work. Otherwise, I expect you at 8am tomorrow.” He grabbed his jacket and hooked it over his arm, making his way to the front door, Y/N following behind him. “I hate to eat and run,” he teased, “but I do need to get to the office.”
She opened the door for him. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”
He lingered for a moment. “What you said before, about me not being able to stand you...I’m sorry I ever gave you that impression. Truth be told, I quite enjoy your company,” he said before leaning in. He hugged her lightly, and after a moment she returned it, wrapping her arms around his neck. He stole this moment, placing his hand in her hair and breathing her in before letting go. He brushed his lips against her cheek softly, and she turned her face towards him. They both paused, realizing how close their faces were, the air around them ignited. His eyes flickered to her lips.
Y/N was sure her heart had stopped. When she saw his eyes darken she knew she wasn’t reading into things. Elijah wanted to kiss her. She waited for a moment, holding the breath in her lungs, but he held back.
He released his arms from around her, clearing his throat. “I should go,” his voice was strained. He turned without looking back, and got into his car.
Y/N felt like she had whiplash. She was convinced Elijah only ever thought of her as his little brother’s annoying friend, but she was so sure he had felt that, too.
Maybe it was just the moment they got lost in, but she was sure he had wanted her.
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southsideslutt · 2 years ago
We’ve Met Before, Love || Pt.2
Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x Female!Reader
Requested: “can I get a klaus x salvatore girl reader from tvd? They meet at the Mystic Grill and get along really well and klaus ends up taking her home, you can decide what happens from there, but in the morning damon and stefan go to find klaus and then y/n realises who she got involved with and it’s all a mess of emotions. make it multiple chapters if you can. sorry if this doesn’t make sense ! xx
Warnings: SMUUUUUUUUT not too detailed I guess but it’s still there. tiny bit of swearing
A/N: so the smut in this is, i’m not even kidding, a solid 1/10 so don’t be expecting some amazing erotica because this will ruin your expectations😂
Tumblr media
Upon entering the Mikaelson household, Klaus had not let go of you. He directed you to a ginormous lounge, which was almost as big as your entire room, and sat you down gently.
“Your house- or should I say, mansion, is huge, Klaus. You could fit the entire town of Mystic Falls in here.” You said, awestruck.
Klaus smirked. “Yes, it’s rather convenient for my, purposes. But don’t you worry about that! Tonight is going to be a night you won’t forget, sweetheart.” Klaus ran a hand down your cheek and then stood up.
“Where do you think you’re going? I need someone to accompany me around here, else I’ll get lost.” You said to him as he stopped, standing near a large-scale, square piece of furniture.
“This, love, is a record player straight out of the year 1920. It’s almost as old as me.” Klaus shot an award-winning smile your way.
You thought for a second. “How old are you, anyway?”
He turned his attention back to the record player. “Let’s just say I was one of the very first.” Upon seeing your confused look, he chuckled and continued. “Vampires. I’m an Original.”
You tried to hide your surprise, but it was clearly shown on your face. “Oh my god, are you serious? Well that’s one way to make a girl feel very insignificant.” You leaned back on the lounge. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
Klaus looked back at you, and you could almost feel his ocean blue eyes boring into the deepest parts of your soul. “I—“
Before he could go on, a blonde haired woman walked through the front door. Upon seeing you two, she let out a laugh.
“Niklaus, what on Earth are you doing?” The woman asked, looking between you and Klaus.
Klaus rolled his eyes. “I hardly think it’s any of your concern, Rebekah. Now hurry along, you wouldn’t want me to put you right back in that coffin, would you?”
The blonde, who’s name seemed to be Rebekah, gave Klaus a cold look. “That’ll hardly be necessary brother.” She stormed off, and made a great deal to slam the door behind her once she got to a secluded room.
When you knew she was out of hearing range, you started up the conversation with Klaus again. “That’s your sister?”
“The one and only. Sometimes I wander how she got so bloody maddening. But in all honesty, it’s more than likely a side effect of being apart of this family.” He sighed, but then continued smiling. “Anyway! Now that she’s been disposed of, where were we? Ah yes, I have a little surprise for you, y/n.”
You looked at him seriously. “And I’m a little bit concerned as to what you have up your perfectly cuffed sleeve, Niklaus.” You smirked at him.
“I hardly let people call me Niklaus and get away with it. But i’ll make an exception for you, sweetheart.” He looked back down to the record player and made a few adjustments, as you tried to calm down the butterflies that had been awoken in your stomach. Truth be told, they had constantly been there ever since you laid eyes on Klaus, and you couldn’t figure out why. Maybe it was the gentle way he seemed to speak only to you, like you were the only one he could show his vulnerable side to, or maybe it was the fact that he was showing you the slightest hint of affection, and after what Damon had said about you and your experiences with love, maybe this was a chance to prove him wrong.
But you could tell there was something else about Klaus that you were inexplicably drawn to. And it wasn’t just something you could see on the surface, no, this was something bigger, something with a much deeper meaning. You had never met anyone quite like him, so mysterious, yet so familiar to you, someone who you felt like you could listen to talk for hours on end. There was something that was ready to spring to life between the both of you, you could feel it, you just had to dig a little harder to find out what the hell it actually was.
You were sprung out of your thoughts when music started playing all around you. Music that seemed to have been made decades ago, but to you it seemed like yesterday that this song came out. Decades aren’t that of a long time for a vampire such as yourself.
I don’t know what it is that makes me love you so,
I only know I never want to let you go
You let out a small laugh to yourself, and looked up at Klaus’ piercing blue eyes. “I Only Want to Be With You, Dusty Springfield.” You said, and you noticed his face light up at the fact you knew the song. “I remember when this came out, me and Stefan used to visit every bar in town and they would all play this damn song. It brings back a whole lot of memories I forgot existed.”
Klaus approached you slowly and extended his hand. “Care to relive those marvellous memories, with me?” He asked you.
You thought for a second. “Why, thankyou gentleman. I shall accept your kind offer.” He smiled as he took your hand in his.
As if you were back at the bar, your vampire senses were heightened with Klaus’ touch. He had one arm wrapped tightly around your waist, the other gripping your hand, guiding you along the makeshift dance floor.
You stopped and smiled at me
Asked me if I'd care to dance
I fell into your open arms
I didn't stand a chance
“So.” Klaus said, and you could feel his breath making your insides light up with fire. “Tell me about the good old days with Stefan.”
You raised your eyebrows at him. “You really want to know? I mean, what’s an Original vampire got to care about some random girl he picked up at a bar?”
Klaus looked at you intently. “You are the very opposite of some irrelevant girl to me, y/n. All I want, is to know you more.”
Klaus’ face was inches away from yours now, and resisting the urge to kiss him was like fighting the urge for blood. You bit your lip and sighed. “I classify the good old days from around circa 1950 until 1985. That was when me and my brothers got along the most, no bickering. No useless arguments. No Elena. This was back when we could do whatever the hell we wanted and nobody gave a seconds thought about it. Back when we were a family. Minus the mother and father of course.” You paused, but noticed Klaus was still listening intently.
“Mystic Falls has always been a home to me. But it was more so back then. I was closer to everyone. I could trust them. And they could trust me. Most nights were spent checking in to all our usual spots, mainly the bars and occasionally the local fun houses for a bit of, um, adventure, I guess you could call it. Most nights we were too wasted off our faces to remember what we had done, resulting in us the next morning going and compelling half the damn town.” You lightly laughed. “Sure, there were downsides to it, but the good highly outnumbered the bad. I had my brothers, and that’s all I ever needed back then. They were fun, but now,” you took a deep breath, “I don’t even know who they are. And the thing is, I don’t think they know who they are either. They’ve lost themselves trying to figure out somebody else. I wish there was something I could do to help. But unfortunately they’ve refused my advice.”
Klaus moved closer to you and you felt your breath hitch in your throat. “Sometimes people aren’t ready for help, love. You need to let them go, and when they come crawling back to you, broken because of how wrong they were, that’s when you help them.”
You could feel the lust for Klaus building up in your body, almost ready to burst at the seams.
“Oh yeah, you never told me you were so wise, Niklaus.” You played, eyeing his face up and down.
“After awhile of being alive, you tend to pick up some experience, little vamp.” He whispered, almost sending you over the edge.
Your voice got lower as you said, “Experience? Why don’t you show me just how much you know.”
Before you could let out your next breath, thanks to his thousands of years old vampiric strength Klaus had pushed you against a wall, and was leaving a trail of passionate, wet kisses along your neck and jaw.
Your hand trailed up to his hair, running your fingers through it and tugging at it slightly at the ends. You heard a low growl escape from Klaus’ mouth and you let out a heavy breath. He suddenly ripped open the shirt you were wearing straight down the middle, exposing your bra and bare stomach. You took this as cue to unbutton his shirt, and you clumsily started undressing him.
“We should... take this... somewhere more...private.” You said in between breaths as you reveled in the pleasure from Klaus.
Before you could let out another sound, you felt yourself being rushed upstairs by superhuman speed, landing on a king sized bed, with Klaus’ body hovering on top of yours, the heat from you both surrounding you like a cloak. He kissed you passionately on the mouth, and you returned it roughly before shoving him off.
“Not so fast there, Mikaelson.” Klaus looked at you in surprise as you got on top of him, you could feel his bulge in his pants just begging for it. You straddled his hips and continued to remove every inch of clothing from the both of you.
As a nearly 200 year old vampire you’ve had many occasions where something like this has played out. But nothing like the way Klaus was currently touching you, caressing every part of your skin so sensually, and removing your flimsy articles of clothing like it was paper, and seeming to burn up your soul with a basic touch.
The moment you decided to take control over Klaus was the moment he fully understood that you were something different altogether, and no, it wasn’t just because you were riding him, it was because he could sense it in his bones that your presence altered his way of life and thinking.
As you were on top of him, stripped of clothing that had been disposed of and thrown across the room in a rush, his course yet gentle hands ran from your hips up to your bare chest, and you stifled back a moan already.
“You’re such a beautiful creature, y/n.” Klaus hungrily growled.
“Just shut up and fuck me.” You frantically demanded.
The feeling of ecstasy you got as you seductively sunk down on to his throbbing cock made you let out a gasp, the warmth of his length making your juices flow with no intention of stopping. You saw Klaus close his eyes and his breath getting heavier, and as you start rocking back and forth he pulls your hips down harder on to him, digging his fingers into your skin, causing your entire body to electrify. All around the room was the sound of your bodies slamming together as one, and it caused sweat to lace your bodies, setting a pace between you that was vigorous but overwhelmingly sensual at the same time.
“Oh fuck, oh, Jesus, fuck yes, there, just like that, fucking Christ.” You moaned out, feeling the fire swell up in your abdomen.
Before you got the sensation of an erupting orgasm, Klaus flips you over so you’re on your hands and knees, his breath on the back of your neck, taking you in a different position. His hand slowly wanders up your back, sending goosebumps rushing up and down your skin, reaching it’s destination in your hair he tugs mildly, causing you to lowly moan, sending his thrusts into overdrive.
You could feel the pressure building up again and you knew it was only a matter of time before you reached the grand finale, you could sense Klaus drawing near as well, as his pace had vigorously fastened.
“I- I’m gonna-“ You bit your lip in anticipation to ride out the moment.
“Let it out, love, don’t hesitate-fuck.” Klaus groaned, and that gravelly sound was enough to make your entire body shake and convulse with pleasure, erupting from the pit of your stomach and seeming to stop the whole universe.
Once you rode out the most intense orgasm you had ever had, you let your back hit the bed, Klaus joining next to you, both heavily panting.
“First time ever having sex with an Original, eh love?” Klaus looked over at you and you returned his gaze, laughing.
“It sure as hell won’t be the last.”
Tumblr media
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thewondersofsmut · 3 years ago
Damon Salvatore Masterlist
Tumblr media
Gif credits
My full masterlist: My Babies
Road Trip Tease – Damon takes you on a nice road trip full of teasing.
I Have You – AU, where Damon (human) is in highschool and finally notices the tiny you.
Take It All Out – Damon goes mad and takes it all out on you.
Baby Daddy – Damon being turned into human for a day.
Impatient  – Stefan walking in on Damon and reader during Damon’s Birthday
Piece of Cake – Baking with Damon
You Are Home – (angsty, fluffy) Damon finding his home but there’s never a happy ending
I Can Hear You – You catch Damon Masturbating in the bathroom
Revenge Served Hot – (fluffy) Damon and you had an argument resulting you to wearing lingerie around the house to mess with him
Too Long – Damon finds you moaning his name after he’s been gone
Red Riding Hood – Your are the grown up red riding hood.
Be With Me – Damon cannot bear the thought of you with Lucien (Lucien x Reader as well)
Foggy – steamy shower with Damon
All Is Forgiven – (angsty, fluffy) You and Damon fought and you walked out.
Sex You – strip teasing for Damon
Through the Phone – phone sex with Damon
Prom – Damon convinces you to go to Prom and you two get a bit flustered
Happy New Year! – Damon and you have sex on new year’s eve night (this has Steroline)
Need Any Help – (fluffy) plus sized!reader x Damon where reader is caught pleasing herself by Damon himself.
Taste of Immortality – (fluffy) You grew up with the Salvatores and falling for Damon
Frisky – Human!Damon 1864!Damon I mean what else can I say?
Baby It’s Cold Outside – sex in front of the fireplace
This Isn’t About Me – Birthday smut ;)
Please, Professor – Au!Damon and you break the sexual tension with professor
Let’s… Party? – Sexual tension during a party so you do it in an empty room
Stop It – Damon touching you in public so you gotta home and yeah
Passing Time – Damon distracting you as you studied
Finders Keepers – Damon being your first
Intertwined – Au!-ish Damon being tall and reader being small and might get lost in big crowds
Me, You Dick – t’s a long as story where reader is a necromancer and the last part’s pretty much the smut lol
Moving On – when Elena died, things just changed for the ‘mystic gang’ and the reader
It Has Always Been You – Damon just wanted to take his mind of off the doppelgängers [first smut posted]
Being Helpful – Damon helps reader with transitioning
I Will Always Protect You  – Shy reader being liked by Klaus and dating Damon and Damon being protective over her.
Wars – (angsty) Damon meeting you during the War and your future with him.
I’ll Get You – Damon wins you over by being sweet
A Reason – You come back to Mystic Falls to see everyone gone but Damon.
Tortured – (angsty) Julian tortures you and turns you before Damon can save you
Happy Valentine’s Day – (fluff, implied smut) Spending Valentine’s Day with Damon
The Art of Persuasion – (fluff) you’re playing hard to get when you met him
Our Forever – (fluff) Spending forever with Damon
Extracurricular Activities – Your sexual rendezvous with your boyfriend, Damon, in school premises or what not
Class Work – (smut)
Homework – (smut)
Keep Quiet, Please – (smut) 
Cheer Practice – (smut)
Little Damon – (fluff) Damon and your baby together
Little Damon.. Number Two? – (fluff)
Distracted – (smut) hunter!reader x Damon where she distracts Damon
Behave (Distracted Part Two) – (smut) Damon meets reader’s family, this is a crossover ;)
I’ll Make Love To You – (smut) You have a nightmare and you have your first with him
I’ll Make Love To You (Part Two) – (smut) hide and seek and car sex
I’ll Make Love To You (Part Three) – (smut) first time face sitting
I’ll Make Love To You (Part Four) – (smut) Damon massages you
Caught – (smut) You caught him pleasing himself
Caught (Part Two) – (smut) angry sex
Caught (Part Three) – (smut) drunk sex
Jealous You
My Princess
Beautiful Sound
Can I Have This Dance
The Birds and The Bees
Mixing It Up
Meet My Boyfriend
Right Away
Anger Management
Pet Names
Your Aid
Eye Trick
Morning and Nights (Damon x Reader) and (Dean x Reader) not related at all.
It’s On
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idkhaylijah · 2 years ago
Another Love - Part 5
Author: idkhaylijah
Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x Reader
Warnings: some mild smut so I guess NSFW 
Catch up on the last part here.
Tumblr media
The next morning Y/N woke slowly, her eyes foggy. Her body felt relaxed, more relaxed than she had been in weeks, but sore. She stretched her toes, pulling her arms above her head and froze, feeling the weight of Elijah’s arm banded across her midsection.
She was so sure she had dreamed last night.
She shifted so she could watch him sleep, careful not to wake him. She gently grazed the stubble on his cheek with her fingertips.
He let out a soft sigh and her heart stuttered. Everything about this man was perfect, and she felt something stir in her chest.
She quietly slipped out of bed, deciding to let him sleep knowing he never got enough since he was always working. He walked around like the weight of the world was on his shoulders sometimes. He did so much for his business and even more for his family - she wondered when the last time he did something for himself was.
Y/N dressed and made coffee. Elijah appeared a few minutes later, fully dressed.
A part of her wished he had slipped out in the night and avoided the goodbye entirely. At least then she wouldn’t have to watch him leave.
“Good morning,” he grinned, wrapping his arms around her.
She placed her coffee on the counter and slid her arms around his neck. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek before breathing her in.
She held onto him for a moment, knowing between Kol and work that it would only ever be just that - a moment. She shut her eyes and memorized the feel of his hands around her waist, his face pressed to the crook of her neck, the way his breath warmed her skin.
“Mmm, I wish I could stay,” he said softly.
She released her hold on him, turning and focusing on her coffee.
He sighed. “I have to get home and change, I have to get to the office.”
She wanted to point out that it was Saturday, the office was closed, but decided she wouldn’t paint him into a corner - it would only make things more awkward for her later. She nodded, agreeing with him silently.
They stood in silence for a moment and he wrapped his arms around her from behind. “Swing by my place for lunch.”
Her body stiffened in surprise. She considered the possibility that he was feeling guilty and throwing her a bone.
“Please?” He kissed her neck.
She nudged the side of her face with her own playfully. “Okay,” she smiled.
He kissed her goodbye and headed out the door.
Elijah sat at his desk watching the clock. He hadn’t gotten anything done. He had spent his entire morning thinking of Y/N. His mind raced, replaying the night before. He was desperate to see her, to feel her again.
He thought about the complications involved, but he felt too far gone to care. At least not enough to put the brakes on. He felt badly for Kol, knowing his little brother had carried a torch for her for years, but he couldn’t change how he felt.
He was in love with her.
He had been for quite a while. It’s why Katherine had despised her, why he was never able to make it work with Antoinette, or even Hayley. It was why he had kept his distance from her for so long.
He pressed his hand to his mouth in deep thought, staring blankly at his computer screen. He glanced at the clock once more and let out a heavy sigh before packing his things and heading home - knowing it was useless to try to get anything done.
When Y/N arrived at the Mikaelson home she felt unusually nervous. Her palms were sweaty as she rang the doorbell. She had experienced almost every milestone moment from her first kiss to learning to drive a car and celebrating graduating with her bachelor’s degree in this house, and all of the sudden she felt like a stranger.
“Come in!” Elijah’s voice called distantly.
She opened the door, glancing around the empty home. It was strange to be here when no one else was, it usually bustled with activity.
“I’m upstairs, come on up,” he called once more.
She climbed the stairs tentatively. She knew where Elijah’s room was, though she had never actually been inside of it.
She peeked her head in carefully, knocking on the door frame.
He smiled at her, his phone pressed to his ear, as he made an apologetic gesture. He waved her into the room.
Everything about it screamed Elijah. It was perfectly in place, all of his belongs in order and tucked away in their respective homes. It was a far cry from her own bedroom. The room was warm, a king size bed with navy bedding the focal point. She glanced around, his bookcase catching her attention.
She ran her fingers along the spines of each book, taking in the titles of his personal library as Elijah continued his conversation. She grinned ear to ear when she noticed a stack of new books to the side of the bookcase - the Harry Potter series.
“Forgive me,” he held up his phone to show it was on mute. “It seems Robert Lockwood has been trying to swipe the Gilbert account straight out from under our noses. Take a seat, please, I’ll only be another minute,” he gestured toward the bed and went back to the conversation, taking it off of mute and assuring his client that he was in the best hands possible.
Y/N glanced once more, hopping up onto the bed. She sat against the headboard, as close to the edge of the mattress she could get. She stretched her legs out before her, crossing her ankles and keeping her shoes hanging over the edge.
She watched Elijah pace back and forth and talk. She knew he had won the client over when a smile turned the corners of his lips up. She focused on her phone, trying to give him some privacy as he wrapped up his conversation.
“I can assure you that I will personally oversee the entire thing, and you’ll have the very best of my team on your account, you have my word.” He turned and took in the sight of Y/N, his chest swelling and breath catching at the sight of her on his bed. He ended the conversation quickly, hanging up and watching her. She hadn’t even noticed him staring, instead she was distracted by her phone. She wore skinny jeans that hugged her in all the right places, and a slouchy grey t-shirt that dipped low, revealing a glimpse of navy blue lace. 
“God, you’re beautiful,” he breathed, catching her attention as she tucked her hair behind her ear.
Her eyes lifted to meet his heated stare and her cheeks flushed as she placed her phone on the small table beside her.
Elijah stepped to the bottom of the bed, reaching over to grab her ankles and yank her towards him playfully. She yelped in surprise, the laughter in her throat dying when he pressed his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss.
“Mmm, you look lovely in my bed,” he whispered between kisses.
She traced her fingertips down his arms, feeling the taut muscles as he held himself above her. He shifted his weight onto one arm, using the other to glide down her side to the hem of her shirt. His hand felt hot against her skin, sending a shiver up her spine.
He slid his hand back up, desperate to feel all of her. His fingertips grazed over the lace of her bra and he groaned into their kiss. He worked his lips lower kissing her through her shirt as he dipped down. Y/N ran her fingers through his hair, already lost in him.
He pressed his mouth to her stomach and began retracing the same path, this time with his tongue, slowly hiking her shirt up as he went. She arched her back letting out a soft moan.
Elijah smirked into her skin, loving the noises she made for him. He briefly wondered if she had been this responsive with her previous partners - he wanted to be the only one pulling those sounds from her. He shook the thought away and lifted her shirt over her breasts growling at the sight of her in her navy bralette.
He kissed the swells of her breasts before teasing a nipple through the fabric. She gasped into him, her hips snapping up searching for relief when they both froze.
The front door had closed, and they could hear voices - Klaus and Kol bickering.
Elijah stood up, and adjusted her shirt, covering her back up with care before running his hands through his hair. She wondered how he could remain so calm, when panic was gripping her. “Oh my god,” she whispered, placing the voices. “Shit, shit, shit,” she scooted off the bed and glanced around the room frantically, unsure of how to get out without his siblings catching her.
Elijah watched her with an amused look.
“What is so funny?” She snapped quietly.
He shrugged. “You’re adorable.”
“I won’t be adorable when I’m dead! Kol is going to kill me. Shit what do we do?”
“Just stay here,” he pressed one last chaste kiss to her lips and disappeared.
Y/N stood frozen in the middle of Elijah’s room, listening intently. She could hear muffled voices, Klaus shouting and Kol huffing, though she couldn’t make out exactly what they were arguing about. As the voices got closer she panicked, ducking into Elijah’s closet.
She could hear Elijah protesting, but that didn’t stop them. It never did with the Mikaelsons. Klaus stormed in, Elijah right behind him, his expression calm but his eyes searching.
“By all means, brother, please come in.”
“If I have to suffer one more moment with that selfish…”
Kol cut off his ranting as he stomped into the room. “Please, Nik, I’m selfish!? You’ve done nothing but…”
“Enough!” Elijah’s voice boomed, making Y/N jump. “Niklaus, perhaps a road trip was not the wisest course of action,” he suggested.
Kol scoffed. “Fourteen hours in a car stuck with him! He’s insufferable!”
“Yes, well now you have an entire house and your own rooms to retreat to. May I suggest you take advantage of it?”
She swore she could practically hear Kol rolling his eyes at his eldest brothers suggestion as he changed the subject. “Who’s car was in the driveway?”
She held her breath and clamped her hand over her mouth, hyper aware of every sound and movement she made. She shut her eyes and thanked a higher power that she was still driving the rental car after her accident and not her own.
Elijah cleared his throat. “It’s Y/N’s actually.”
Y/N’s eyes shot open and she hoped Elijah could feel the glare she shot through the closet door.
“Caroline outdid herself once again,” he explained. “She was also kind enough to drive Y/N home after the benefit - it seems she enjoyed herself quite a bit last night,” he smirked.
Y/N rolled her eyes and bit her lip, careful not to make a sound. 
Kol furrowed his brow. “When did she get a new car?”
“Brother, just bury this ridiculous hatchet, already. Your feud bores me,” Klaus grumbled.
“I believe what Niklaus is trying to say is maybe you should speak to Y/N directly. I know she misses you,” Elijah agreed. Her heart warmed at his words, feeling grateful that he was trying to fix things for her, but unsure that things with Kol could ever be fully repaired. Especially now. The guilt she felt weighed heavy.
Kol pulled out his phone and dialed.
“What are you doing?” Elijah asked, and Y/N felt anxiety at the concern in his voice.
Kol shrugged. “Calling Y/N. I didn’t sit in a car trapped with Nik for fourteen hours for nothing.”
Niklaus grumbled and they all stopped upon hearing a loud buzzing. Y/N cringed, realizing her phone was on vibrate on Elijah’s nightstand.
It rang twice before Niklaus excused himself. “Caroline,” he muttered, grabbing Y/N’s phone off the nightstand. “I should take this,” he excused himself.
“Great,” Kol mumbled as Niklaus left. “It went to voicemail.”
Elijah grimaced. “Well, as fun as this little chat has been, brother, I have some things I need to attend to. See yourself out,” he dismissed his younger brother. He had barely closed the door behind him when Niklaus barged back in.
Elijah sighed. “Can I help you, Niklaus?”
His younger brother glanced around the room, a knowing smirk on his face. “I spoke to Caroline last night,” he stated matter of factly. Y/N pressed her back against the wall, attempting to make herself as small as possible as she heard his voice come closer. “Strange, she made no mention of driving Y/N home.”
“What exactly are you getting at, brother?” Elijah’s tone carried a warning that Klaus didn’t bother heeding.
“She did, however, mention consoling Matt Donovan for the better part of her evening,” he continued. “It seems our Y/N has moved on, and poor Matthew got a front row seat.”
She winced. Great. So Matt had told Caroline, who told Klaus. Before she could wrap her head around the amount of people that could spill the beans to Kol, Klaus addressed her. “Don’t worry, love,” he swung the closet door open and held out her phone to her. “Your secret’s safe with me. Though I do suggest telling Kol sooner rather than later.”
She closed her eyes in defeat, taking the phone from his hands, grateful that he covered for her.
“Niklaus, it’s imperative you say nothing to Kol. Not until we’ve spoken to him,” Elijah responded.
“Please,” Y/N’s eyes pleaded with him, knowing how much Klaus loved to toy with people when he was bored.
“Do you really think that little of me?” He questioned, looking between both guilty parties.
“Nik,” Y/N stepped out of the closet clutching her phone to her chest. “Please, you have to tell Caroline not to say anything.”
Klaus smirked. “Well now, Caroline is a different story. I think we both know I can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to,” he winked. “I’ll mention it though.” He leaned forward, kissing Y/N on the cheek. “It is good to see you, love, even if it is in a closet.”
He turned to leave, patting Elijah on the back. “It’s about time, brother,” his voice was low so only Elijah could hear before stepping out of the room, closing the door behind him.
Y/N took a deep breath and buried her face in her hands, her cheeks burning with humiliation. She dropped onto Elijah’s bed with an exasperated sigh, laying on her back and letting her feet dangle off the edge, her arms above her.
Elijah locked the door quietly and leaned over her, brushing her hair from her face. “We should probably talk,” he whispered quietly.
Her stomach dropped and she focused on the ceiling. She felt her eyes burning. It felt strange - knowing it would end hadn’t lessened the blow. If anything, it almost made it worse. She sat up, peeking out his bedroom window to find Kol’s car had disappeared. He was probably headed to her place. “I should go,” she shoved her phone in her back pocket and headed towards his bedroom door.
“Y/N,” Elijah tried to stop her, but she left briskly, without looking back.
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tvdiaries-imagines · 2 years ago
Drunken Bastard
Pairing: Kol x Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 671
Prompt Request: “Can you make an imagine using prompts 8 and 12 with Klaus or Kol x Reader? 😩💕”  - @sweetpea-cc | “Can you please do 7 & 12 with Kol please! I just found this page and I love your stories and your writing so much!!! 💕” - @thethorninyourrose 
A/N: Sorry, I only included #12 in this one! :)
It has been a stressful week at work, so here I am at Rousseau’s, drinking away the night. Luckily Camille is working a shift today, that way I wouldn’t feel completely alone in this crowded vicinity. The glass before me is nearly empty as I’m in a daze, spinning the liquid around.
“Hey can I get you a drink?” A male voice beside me asked, vaguely snapping me out of my daze. I glanced at him lazily before bringing my view back to my empty glass.
“No I’m good. I got it.” I replied in a stale tone, evidently disregarding him.
He sighed dramatically and it brought me to finally grant him my attention. “Come on. You’re too pretty to pay for your own.”
I paused momentarily before obliging, shrugging. “Ah what the hell.”
A couple of free drinks in, we exchanged outrageous stories along with smiles and laughter. I didn’t find myself attracted to my new acquaintance. It was just relieving to have a nice conversation with a local for once. This city is just filled with tourists.
As I’m gulping down the last of my drink, I suddenly feel a hand at the small of my back. To break the awkward tension only I’m feeling, I slam my now empty glass on the atop the bar counter, setting my feet to the floor to stand. Thankfully, He shifted his hand away.
“I’m glad to have met you. How about another?” He asked, smirking.
“No I’m fine.” I glanced away nervously. “I’ve had a lot to drink. I should get going. Thank you though.”
Before I could turn to walk off, he grasps onto my wrist. “Already? The night is still young, beautiful.”
My eyes flickered at my captured wrist and my stomach turned from the unwanted nickname. I guess having a nice conversation gets mistaken for flirting nowadays? I thought to myself, narrowing my eyes.
“Yeah I’m aware. But I’m tired. It was nice meeting you though.” My annoyed tone was obvious but still didn’t release me. I glanced around the room to catch Camille’s attention, but she was extremely occupied pouring drinks left and right. 
Suddenly, he pulled me so that my hands landed on his chest. His breath reeked of liquor and cheap cologne. “Let’s go back to my place.”
He nearly fell backwards when I used all of my force to shove him away. “Touch me again and I’ll skin you alive.” I snapped, voice laced with fury.
“Jesus lady! Not my fault you led me on.”
“I think it’s best you bugger off.” A familiar male voice sounded behind me. I didn’t need to look over my shoulder to know that it’s Kol Mikaelson.
Tumblr media
“And who the hell are you?”
“Her boyfriend.” Kol stated. I snorted at his statement because he wishes he was my boyfriend. But I guess I’ll play along.
The man scowled at me. “You never once mentioned having a boyfriend.” I shrugged in response and he started exiting the building, shoving past Kol.
“Very funny, Kol. My boyfriend?” I chuckled, shaking my head. “Yeah right.”
“I can dream. Can’t I?” He folded his arms in front of his chest, wearing his signature smirk.
“Well thanks for coming to my rescue I guess.”
“Since I did you a favor, you owe me a date.”
I sighed. “Fine. But take me somewhere nice.”
Kol has been quite determined in taking me out, but I’ve been rejecting his requests. Though I do find him attractive, I can’t allow myself to give into his charm so easily like majority of women in the past have. But since Kol did do me a solid, I figured I’d finally grant his wish.
“Friday at 8pm. And don’t be late.” I said sternly, lifting a brow as Kol grabbed ahold on my hand, planting a kiss over my knuckles.
“You have my word. And wear a little black dress for me.” He was obviously feeling smug.
“Yeah yeah yeah.” I brushed past him without a backwards glance.
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mummybear · a year ago
Dinner With Friends
This Is Day 10 Of Roleplay May
Tumblr media
Words: 3034
Warnings: Smut, Teasing, Jealous Damon, Biting, Damon Drinking Blood, Secret Relationship. Think That’s It.
Characters: Damon Salvatore, Reader, Stefan Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Alaric Saltzman, Lexi and Tyler Lockwood
Pairing: Damon Salvatore x Reader
Summary: When Caroline and Stefan decide to throw a getting to know you party for the reader, she and Damon are forced to cooperate. But with their secret relationship going on in the back ground, will Damon be able to keep his jealous tendencies at bay, will the two of them be able to stop their wandering hands.
A/N: This is also for my girl @lettersofwrittencollective‘s and her 1000 Followers challenge. Congratulations my girl! So very well deserved, I hope you enjoy it! Love you Nat! <3 My prompt was ‘We have to be quiet’
Tumblr media
Staying with the Salvatore’s was interesting to say the least. Nothing was ever boring, witches, vampires and werewolves were the most sane things in Mystic falls, especially these days. Tonight wasn’t likely to be any different, Caroline had decided to throw a party to introduce you to everyone, with Stefan’s help. No matter how much you and Damon had refused to be involved, here you were helping Caroline and Bonnie set the table while the boys cooked up a storm in the kitchen.
As annoying as it was to have your plans disrupted, Caroline and Bonnie were really sweet and they’d been nothing but nice to you since the day you’d met them. As far as you knew you were only waiting on three other people to arrive. Tyler Lockwood who was a werewolf as it turned out, Alaric who was human and Damon’s best friend. Then there was Lexi, Stefan’s best friend who had helped him through some of his hardest times, she was a vampire.
You were feeling a little overwhelmed with the prospect of meeting all of these new people. Placing the last fork on the table, you watch Stefan walk into the dining room and wrap his arms around Caroline and the girls fall into an easy conversation with him, giving you the perfect escape route. You slip out of the room immediately bumping into a solid chest, you look up finding those gorgeous blue eyes looking down at you.
Grabbing your hand he pulls you into the kitchen.
“Well, fancy bumping into you,” he smirks down at you, licking those lips that you dream about.
You drag him into the pantry and close the door behind you.
“This is a stupid idea Damon! I cannot do this!” you confess frustration clearly thick in your voice.
“Again with this princess, I’ve already told you. Yes, it’s stupid and I want nothing more than to drag you up those stairs and fuck you good and hard,” he bites his lip as you press up against him, placing a firm hand on your hip. “But, since things are already in motion, we just need to put up with it, until later. Or until I get bored.” he reasons running his fingers through your hair giving an experimental tug when he leans in closer.
“Damon, come on don’t talk like that, you know what it does to me,” you pout his lips drag across your jaw, until they’re pressed against your ear, teeth dragging over your earlobe. 
“Wait until dinner if you think i’m being unfair now. Maybe I should have a bite” he says as his tongue licks along the thick vein pulsing in your neck. When you moan quietly his blunt human teeth drag over the spot that he knows makes your knees week.
“I hate you” you grumble as Damon moves his face to look at you with a raised eyebrow.
“Yeah? You hate this?” he asks hotly against your lips as he pushes one of his thick thighs between your legs, the hand on your hip helps you to roll your hips down into the muscle.
“Quit lying to me princess, we both know just how much you fucking love me and how good I make you feel,” his cocky voice only turns you on even more and God doesn’t he know it.
“Then take me upstairs then you cocky bastard, fuck me and quit being a tease,” 
“Oh that’s just adorable. You know I love being a tease, you can wait until I’m ready little one. Now, get out of here before I take you over that table in front of everyone.” he smirks, pecking your lips, chuckling when you growl at him.
Opening the door he gently pushes you out of the pantry, walking closely behind you. You jump as Stefan walks back into the kitchen and Damon’s back presses against you.
“What’re you two up to in here?” he asks confused looking between you and his brother.
“Well little brother, Y/N here was just telling me how bad she wants to get me on my own” Damon smirks at you as he walks past to stir the sauce.
The blush is flaming in your cheeks as Stefan laughs, “Ignore him Y/N, he doesn’t understand that some girls will just never be interested in him. The girls were looking for you by the way,”
Thanking Stefan you leave quickly, ignoring the conversation that starts between the brothers. You make sure to shoot Damon a glare as you walk back into the dining room, where you find everyone already sitting at the table. All the newcomers included. 
Caroline is on you as soon as she spots you, wrapping her arm around you she leads you over to a chair between a tall dark and handsome looking guy and Bonnie. You take your seat as the boys walk in with the food, “Dinner is served,” Stefan announced proudly.
The dinner moves along quickly, laughter and conversation flowing. However you’re completely distracted by the blue eyed vampire glaring at you from across the table, which pauses your conversation with Tyler. Who had just asked you something perfectly innocent, though by the look on Damon’s face he may as well have groped you under the table.
“You okay?” the young werewolf asks with a kind smile, resting his hand on your arm.
If looks could kill the man beside you would be dead. The trouble was with you and Damon was that this was half of the fun of your relationship, he was by far one of the most jealous men you’d ever met. You loved winding him up because an angry Damon was a rough and sexy sight to behold, not that it was hard to achieve. 
Crossing your legs beneath the table you turn towards Tyler with a smile, “Yeah, I’m okay. I guess I was just a little nervous about tonight. But I have a feeling things are about to turn around.”
“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” Tyler asks leaning in closer. However, just like you’d expected before he gets a little too close. A large hand lands on Tyler’s shoulder, roughly pulling him and his chair back from the table. 
“You’re moving. Now” Damon growls as Tyler stands ready to argue, Damon takes his chair and slams it down beside you making you jump a little. You look up at him biting back your smile, watching as he takes the seat and pushes the plate forward.
“O-kay” Caroline says loudly, as Tyler takes the chair by Stefan with a little persuasion. 
You can feel Damon’s glare burning into the side of your head as Alaric slides him a bourbon across the table. “I’m Alaric by the way, you can call me Ric,” the older man smiles, shaking your hand. To your surprise Damon doesn’t even twitch beside you, clearly this was a man he trusted, definitely more than Tyler.
“Nice to meet you finally, Ric. I’ve heard a lot about you,” you smile genuinely pleased to meet the hunter. 
Things calm down from there as dessert is served, but right as you take your first bite Damon’s hand lands on your thigh and squeezes. Glancing his way you narrow your eyes at him, he just smiles and nods at something Alaric asks, but you’re far too distracted to pay attention to what they’re saying. 
Still gripping tightly Damon’s hand drags up your thigh and slips beneath your skirt. Your hands are white knuckling the table as he pulls your legs apart and hooks one over his knee. Noticing that everyone is preoccupied in conversation Damon leans in close, pressing his lips so close to your ear they’re almost touching.
“If he ever touches you again, I’ll rip his fucking head off. I don’t care that you wanna keep us a secret for now. Nobody touches what’s mine, not in front of everyone else and especially not some mangy mutt.” 
You turn to look at him with a smile, licking your lips, your hand drops to his lap as you lean in closer pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. 
“You know I’m not interested in anyone else. So, how about you let me prove it to you again?” your question seems to peak his interest and that irresistible smirk is back.
You watch his eyes flick around the room making sure the coast is still clear, before focusing back on you again. Dragging his teeth over his bottom lip he glances down at yours.
“Mmmm, okay. I’m listening baby girl,” 
Cupping the bulge in his pants you turn back to your drink and take a sip, hearing Damon groan beside you when his fingers move a little higher, brushing against your completely bare center.
“See I told you I listen.” you smile against your glass before placing it back on the table.
“Fuck, no panties all for me princess?” he breathes out, pausing to wink at Ric when he sees him looking. 
“Clearly you don’t listen to me though, Salvatore. He knows doesn’t he?” your irritated voice questions and is promptly answered by a shrug and those icy blue eyes glance back into yours.
“How about I make it up to you?” he smirks wiggling those eyebrows at you.
Rolling your eyes at him you sigh. “You’re such a smart ass. Leave it five minutes and then follow my lead.” you tell him quietly, purposely knocking your drink over and soaking yourself. Pulling your leg back from Damon’s you awkwardly stumble backwards out of the chair. 
“Oh dammit! I’m so sorry guys, just excuse me for a minute. I should really get this cleaned up,” you rush to explain, practically running from the room before anyone can speak to you. Rushing over to the large staircase you run up to your bedroom and close the door behind you. 
Stripping yourself from your soaked clothes, you climb onto your bed naked and lay in the middle, with your back resting against the headboard. You can’t help but think maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing if people started finding out about the two of you being together, it had been a while now. Besides, whatever you decided Ric seemed like a nice guy and you know Damon will keep respecting your wishes the way he’d proved to you the last few months. Even when things had become more series between the two of you, he’d respected your wishes at every turn. 
It’s maybe two minutes before your bedroom door opens and Damon steps inside, closing it quietly behind him. Taking long strides towards you, his piercing gaze never leaving your naked body. You bite back your smile watching Damon’s shirt drop to the floor, quickly followed by his shoes and ass hugging jeans. He vamp speeds towards you and pins you beneath him, wrists trapped under his big hands.
“You look good enough to fucking eat baby girl.” He mumbles into your neck, licking along the pulsing vein under your skin as his hands roam your body, your head drops back into the pillows and a gasp leaves your lips when he bites down on the muscle between your neck and shoulder. 
“You’re gonna be the death of me,” you moan out as he sucks a nipple between his lips and drags his teeth over the hardened bud. You can feel the thick length of his hardness pressing into your thigh, as he rocks his hips into you.
“Yeah, probably. But we both know I’ll make you feel good baby girl.” 
Damon pushes a hand between your legs and you can’t help the loud moan that leaves your lips. The man above you chuckles, pulling back slightly so he can meet your eyes. A large hand quickly clamps over your mouth as he presses two fingers inside you, a cry of his name is muffled against his hand. “Don’t forget princess. We have to be quiet, unless you want everyone down there knowing about the big bad vampire who’s about to ruin you? Again.” he smirks as his hand leaves your mouth, fingertips trailing down your body, over your stomach where he presses down as your hips arch into his hand and his tongue flicks over your clit.
Your fingers tangle in his thick black locks as he curls his fingers inside you, slowly stroking against the spot inside you that makes your entire body shiver. A needy whimper leaves your lips when he bites your inner thigh with his human teeth. 
“Always with the teasing, Damon. You owe me,” you remind him as those blue eyes flick back to yours.
“I fully intend to pay princess” he winks, sealing his lips around your throbbing clit, as his fingers speed up, curling just right with every movement. You’re biting into one of your hands before you know it, the fire licking at every nerve ending as you try to quieten your screams. 
“Damon, I can’t. Please” you beg behind your hand.
Damon moans into you when your pussy clamps down around his fingers, then he adds a third finger and with a flick of his wrist your entire body arches into his hand. 
“That’s my girl” Damon chuckles as your pussy flutters and clamps uncontrollably around his fingers, his tongue swirls around your clit and his fingers keep moving, helping you through your orgasm until you’re pushing at his head with your hands, too sensitive for anymore.
He crawls back up your body, cocky smirk still intact as he licks his fingers clean. You wrap your arms around his neck as soon as he’s close enough, you kiss him. Tasting yourself on his tongue you pull his thick bottom lip between your teeth, making him groan into your mouth.
“Fuck, I love you. So damn sexy,” he growls as you flip him onto his back in a practised movement. 
The rules were the rules in your relationship, Damon knew every time he messed up and you told him he owed you, he really owed you and he did exactly as you asked and exactly as he was told.
Sitting up on your knees you grip his length in your hand, until it’s pressed against your opening. “I love you too baby.” you purr finally lowering yourself down all the way onto his hard waiting cock.
Damon’s hands go straight to your hips, not guiding your movements simply holding onto you tightly. His grip was bruising when you started to move, leaning forward your hands landed on his chest, nails biting at the soft skin as you grind down into him like your life depended on it. His hands move to roughly grip your ass when you start to rise and fall on the thick length inside you, the slap he delivers to your ass only spurs you on.
You pull at his shoulders so he’s sitting with you in his lap, “Fuck princess, you want it bad tonight huh?” Damon grunts as your nails drag down his back hard enough to draw blood, the slap of your skin echoing around the room as you speed up your movements with his help. 
“Don’t care anymore. I need it, need you,” you moan loudly as he starts to meet your thrusts with sharp hard movements of his hips as you keep him pulled close. Your teeth drag over his earlobe before you whisper in his ear. “Do it, I know you want to” 
Damon’s grip on you tightens, his breath hot against your neck. You can even feel the scrape of his fangs against your skin, causing a shiver to run through your body, “you know what your blood does to me princess, they’re gonna know if i do. You taste like the most incredible bourbon ever made” he moans breathlessly, feeling your walls clamping down around him all over again.
“You mean you’re gonna be blood drunk off your ass? I don’t care what they think anymore, let them know I’m all yours baby” You whimper feeling one of his fangs slice through your skin, the drag of his cool tongue lapping up the falling droplet makes you whine. “Do it” you demand your voice wrecked as you do your best to hold back your orgasm, “You know the rules Damon” 
Your reminder does just as you’d planned snapping the only string of self control the vampire beneath you had left. A low growl leaves his throat when he finally sinks his fangs into the pulsing vein in your neck, you let out a pleasured scream, finally getting what you’d been waiting for all week. The band in your stomach snaps immediately, dragging you back over that edge like only he seems able to do. 
You’re barely coming down from your earth shattering orgasm when Damon finally gives into his own needs, moaning as your blood fills his mouth and his orgasm hits him hard. 
His smooth tongue is soothing over the mark he’s left behind when your hips finally still and your chest is heaving against his. He drops onto his back with you still on top of him, leaning on your forearms on his chest you look down into his gorgeous blue eyes, which are still lidded as he licks his lips. He goes to bite into his wrist but you stop him, “Leave it, I want it there” you smile as he tucks the hair behind your ear which has fallen in your face.
“What have you done to me princess?” he smiles back, that genuine smile that not many people get to see. 
“Nothing you don’t deserve” you reply honestly, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.
“Well keep it up Missy and there’s a round two up for grabs” those wiggling eyebrows of his only make you giggle.
“Oh keep talking Mr Salvatore, I hear that shower calling your name” he reaches for you as you climb off the bed and head towards the on suite.
“You better run then” he grins, vamping off, you squeal as his arms wrap around your waist and he throws you over his shoulder and smacks your ass. “Don’t wanna keep the shower waiting do we baby” 
Tags:  @chewie-redbird @julzdec​ @stiles-o-dylan24​ @mogaruke​ @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone​ @dylanholyhellobrien​ @desireepow-1986​ @emichelle​ @lilulo-12​ @22sarah08​ @deanwanddamons​ @simsadventures​  @charmed-asylum​ @nicole-lynne​ @hazel-eye-coffee-shop-girl-blog​ @defenderrosetyler​ @emilyshurley​ @emoryhemsworth​ @foxyjwls007​ @mylovelydame21​ @sunshineandwings86 @captain-shannon-becker​ @heimdoodle​ @plushpyrate​ @winchester-wifey​ @negans-lucille-tblr​ @fandomfic-galore​
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queen-of-the-vampires · 3 years ago
They Scare You- Klaus
You wanted to spend the night at Klaus’ mansion but you had school the next day and he lived so far from it, you didn’t want to miss first period. So, you decided to go home late that night, getting home around midnight. You knew it was late and you knew you would be tired later on but you didn’t care right now.
All you could think about was taking a hot shower and relaxing into bed. When you pulled up to your house, you noticed your front door open a crack. You surely didn’t leave it open when you left so you didn’t know who could have.
You reached into the backseat of the car and pulled out your bag of weapons. You lived in a town of vampires, you had to protect yourself somehow. You knew it was stupid but you grabbed a stake and got out of the car, creeping inside.
Everything seemed quiet which made you even more scared. Maybe you should call Klaus but you didn’t. You crept through the house, your heart beating a hundred times a second. If a vampire as in here, they would be able to hear your heart beating so you tried to keep it under control.
You checked the kitchen, living room, dining room and the hallway but no one was there. You gulped quietly and walked upstairs, carefully avoiding the step that always creaked when you stepped on it. You checked every room, leaving your room for last.
You pushed open your door and saw your window open, your curtain swaying in the wind. Yeah, you definitely didn’t leave that open. You walked further into the room, gripping the stake. You walked closer to the window but never got to it because you heard a creak by the door. You whipped around and screamed when you saw Klaus standing there.
“Klaus! You fucking scared me! You can’t do that!” You breathed a sigh of relief, putting the stake on your bed.
“Did you take a stake?” Klaus asked with an amused smile, walking to you.
“What are you doing here? My heart almost exploded from how fast it was beating.”
“Yes, I heard it.” Klaus chuckled.
“Klaus, what do you want?” You asked just as he walked to you.
“I wanted a goodbye kiss.”
“I already gave you one.”
“No, a real one.” He pulled you close and pressed his lips to yours, kissing you like he meant it. You smiled in it and gave him everything he was giving you. He moaned in appreciation before pulling away. When you opened your eyes, he was nowhere to be found.
You looked at your curtain and chuckled, going over to the window.
“You’re so weird!” You called into the night, knowing he could hear you.
@essie1876 @choosemyname
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thepopeondrugs · 2 years ago
Do you ever have the whole plot of a story planned out in your head and then you’re looking for a fanfic that is like the story in your head and you get really frustrated because you never find one that is exactly like you imagined it?
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illidarisimagines · 2 years ago
Chapter 2 - Kidnapped
Kai x Reader
Tumblr media
You wake up from your long slumber to find yourself chained up in a room alone. You pull on the chains with all the strength you have when you start to feel a burning sensation on your wrists. Vervain covered chains. So he knew who you were. Or what you were. But why did he want you? You try your hardest to free yourself, but you were weak. You had gone too long without blood and you were barely allowed to move because of the restraints.  
“Oh you’re awake! Hey!” Kai say cheerfully as he opens the door. A big smile planted across his face as he looks at your weak figure. He puts down his bags and kneels in front of you, examining your facial features. It’s silent for a while. You’re not exactly scared of him, you’re more confused than anything. You know from what you’ve heard about Kai that if he wanted to kill you, he would’ve by now.
“Are you going to sit there looking at me all day, or are you going to tell me what you want with me?” You question him confidently. He smiles at the way you’re talking to him. The way you came across unafraid intrigued him.
“Is it already the part where the villain tells the damsel in distress about his diabolical plan!? Damn time flies...well. You’re part of my little revenge plan I have for Damon. You see, I don’t like him very much, and I'm not 100% sure but...i don’t think he likes me? So I've decided to take one of his most prized possessions away from him. You.” He places his fingers on your cheek and runs it across your skin lightly, when you suddenly burst into laughter.
“Me? I'm his most prized possession? You literally could have picked his brother or I don’t know, Elena? But instead you chose to take me? Aren’t you supposed to research this kinda stuff before you go through with kidnapping someone?” You laugh again. This time, Kai is not amused.  
“I did my research. Stefan is out of town and Elena has her memories wiped, she doesn’t seem so fun either. I’d much rather spend my time getting to know you, seeing as you think I'm hot” He winks at you, remembering what you said a couple of days ago. You roll your eyes and look away from him.
“OH I almost forgot...” He searches through his bag before picking up a bottle containing blood and a straw. He waves it in your face a bit, teasing you. Knowing that’s what you’re craving.  
“You want some? If you’re good I'll let you have a sip” He opens the lid and lets you smell it. It was fresh. As if he had literally just got back from killing someone just to feed you. Your eyes turned dark and veins grew under them. You wanted it.  
“Please Kai-” He chuckles to himself and pulls the straw from the bottle. He puts the straw between your dry lips and lets you drink, quickly pulling it away again once a drop hits your tongue.
“Uh uh uh, not too much! Don’t want you gaining your strength back too quickly now do we” He says, completely smug. He closes the lid on the bottle again and leaves the room, leaving you alone and hungry.
Back at the Salvatore residence, Damon and Caroline are pacing around the living room trying to figure out where Kai could have taken you.
“This kid’s smart, he isn’t going to be hiding her anywhere obvious so we can rule out the school and the grill. He probably took her out of town, somewhere secluded. Damn it!” Damon slams his glass on the table next to him, shattering it making Caroline jump.
“Getting angry and smashing glasses isn’t going to help find her now is it!?” Caroline says sternly, grabbing Damon’s wrist. He frowns and snatches his arm away from her. He carries on pacing the living room, scratching the back of his head nervously as his mind blanks.
“UGH! Where’s Stefan when we need him!? He’s good at this tracking people down stuff, I'm only useful when it comes to killing the little brat!” He spits, thinking of different ways he could torture and kill Kai once he gets his hands on him.
“Where did he say he was going?” Caroline sits down and pours herself another drink.
“He didn’t say...he just got up and left. You know Stefan. Always looking for a fresh start when things don’t go his way” He smiles sarcastically before downing the rest of his bourbon. Caroline sighs and puts her head in her hands. Both of them felt completely defeated until an idea sparked in Caroline’s mind.
“Bonnie!? She can do a locator spell right?” She pats down her pockets trying to feel for her phone, when Damon stops her.
“Kai will have the place cloaked or something, he isn’t a complete idiot- but wait. Kai isn’t your average witch, he’s a siphoner. He has to suck magic out of things to get magic right? He only had a little bit in him form when he attacked Liv so he’s probably out of magic right now. His spell won’t be strong enough to hold” Damon reaches for his phone and scrolls through, finding ‘Bon-Bon’ in his contacts. With Bonnie’s help they’ll be about to track you and Kai down in no time...right?
“Honey I'm home!” Kai sings as he kicks the door open, his arms full of supplies. You open your eyes slowly but quickly shut them again as the light hits them. It felt as if you hadn’t seen sunlight in months. Scanning the supplies Kai brought back you notice a few bottles of blood which made your hunger even worse. You try to stop the urge, breathing deeply and biting your bottom lip as you try to think of anything else but blood. Kai crouches down in front of you and moves a strand of hair away from your face, your restraints stopping you from attacking him.
“Look at you. Powerless. Hungry. So weak. It’s interesting to watch you know? Seeing you deteriorate every day. Not even the sight of blood makes you strong enough to move.” He chuckles to himself, waving a bottle of fresh blood in your face. You pick up the strength to sit up straight, wetting your lips again before speaking.
“And you think you’re so strong huh?” You manage to croak, smiling as you watch his face drop.
“How much magic is running through your body right now? Oh that’s right...none. Bet you’re pissed that you were born this way. So weak you have to siphon magic out of things instead of having it run through you naturally. You’re pathetic” You laugh at him. Most people would fear Kai, the fact that he’s a complete sociopath makes his unpredictable but you weren’t scared. If you were being completely honest with yourself you found his company amusing at times, but right now you hated him and you’d do anything to get to him.  
“Ouch, that hurt. Honestly I thought you were better than that Y/N. But I guess I haven’t taken this seriously enough for you to fear me. Because you should. Oh and by the way, I do have magic.” He smiles and grips onto your arms. You feel a burning sensation flow through you, as if he was boiling your blood. You close your eyes and tense, trying your best to pull yourself out of his grip when he suddenly lets go of you. The burning sensation stops, but you feel even weaker than you did before. Your body flops to the ground and you vision becomes blurry. He moves closer to your face so you can see him perfectly, and smirks at you.
“Vampirism is a form of magic, didn’t you know?” He moves your hair out of your face again and rubs your cheek with his thumb.
“Don’t worry I didn’t take enough to kill you or anything. Just enough for me to keep you in line, and to keep our little witch friend from locating us. I’m not done with you yet” Your eyes close and you fall into a deep sleep. Kai watched as this happened, admiring your almost lifeless form. Something about you drove him crazy. He was completely infatuated with you, and wasn’t going to let you go anytime soon.
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mummybear · a year ago
Talk Dirty To Me
This Is Day 17 Of Roleplay May
Tumblr media
Words: 3181
Warnings: Smut, Phone Sex, Dirty Talk, Rough Sex, Damon’s In Charge, Friends With Benefits, Female Masturbation, Think That’s It ;)
Characters: Damon Salvatore, Mentions Of Stefan Salvatore, Reader
Pairings: Damon Salvatore x Reader
Summary: Damon being gone is harder than you remember, especially when he and Stefan are gone for two weeks and still not back. Can you keep yourself busy enough not to break the one rule that you and Damon have together.
A/N: So sorry still a little behind guys! But they are all comin’ ;) Bear with me I promise It will be worth it :P I don’t wanna put out subpar work just to be quick :)
Tumblr media
Damon and Stefan had left to find some rogue vampire almost two weeks ago now. It had hacked up half Mystic Falls before being scared off by the Salvatore brothers. You were really beginning to miss the little things about your tall dark and handsome friend, but most of all you were missing the benefits of your friendship. You’d had the odd phone call since he’d been gone, but nothing long enough for you to really talk.
You were continually cut off, by either Stefan interrupting or the cell signal cutting out and honestly, it was becoming a royal pain in the ass. Flopping down on your bed, the deathly silent Salvatore boarding house is starting to feel even bigger that it ever has before. It’s getting late now, with still no word from Damon you decide that it might be time to try and get some sleep. You knew it wasn’t safe to call him, just in case he was in the middle of hunting down his prey so to speak.
Undressing you make your way to Damon’s shower, since it’s the best one in the house and take a nice long hot shower. Enjoying the way the hot water stings delightfully at your skin, soothing your tense muscles. Unfortunately it does nothing for the ache still throbbing between your legs. You and Damon had one main rule and you were dangerously close to breaking it, two weeks felt like a year. 
You couldn’t touch yourself unless he told you to, it was just the way that your relationship worked. He was demanding and possessive in all the best ways, but he knew not to push you too far and that was why you worked so well. You of course, knew better than to disobey him, he had made sure he’d reminded you of who was in charge the last time you’d been a ‘bad girl’. 
Climbing out of the shower you wrap one of Damon’s big black fluffy towels around yourself and pull up your black lace panties. Walking over to his wardrobe you run your fingers over the clothes, look through the few flannel shirts that he had. You quickly spot your favourite one, the red and black one. Dropping your towel to the floor you pull it on. Smiling to yourself as you do up the buttons, it feels like he’s close. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you notice where the shirt stops just above your knees, pulling the collar up you inhale gently. The scent of the left over aftershave hitting you immediately makes you sigh.
You jump in surprise when your phone starts ringing out of nowhere, you glance over to where it lays forgotten in the middle of Damon’s massive bed. Frowning you climb onto the bed and lean back against the headboard as you answer the phone. 
“Hello, who is this?” you ask quietly, with a slight hint of confusion in your voice.
“Come on princess, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me already? It hasn’t been that long.” His voice sends shivers up your spine, God you’d missed it more than you had first realised.
“Damon!? Are you okay? How’s everything going?” you ask hurriedly, worried that the connection will cut out, or something else will come up that will cause him to have to hang up like it has every other time.
“Calm down Y/N. This is me we’re talking about, of course I’m okay. And things aren’t really going anywhere, we still haven’t found this dick. Stef’s gone out for a few hours, he’s sure that he can find something. Personally I’m over it now. One good thing about this hotel though is that it has a decent phone, so we can talk all damn night if you want too.” 
“Aww baby, are you getting all bored without me?” you practically purr, able to hear the tension in his voice, you’re certain that there’s one thing he’s missing almost as much as you are. 
“It’s been two weeks with just my brother, no I’m having the time of my fucking life” he replies sarcastically, making you laugh before he continues. “I’m bored off of my ass and yes I’m missing your sexy ass,” 
“Well, my sexy ass has just gotten out of your shower. Right now, I'm laying all alone in your big bed, wishing that you were here.” you pout, even though you know that he can’t see you. You slowly trail your fingers over your stomach, sucking in a breath when you feel the goosebumps surfacing across your soft skin. 
“Y/N, don’t fucking tease me right now. You’ll damn well pay for it when I get home.” Damon growls the warning, only making you want him that much more, his voice shoots straight to your throbbing center.
Part of you wants to pay for it, the rewards are ten times better after he punishes you.
“Baby, come on please, it’s been two weeks, I need you.” you whine desperately, rubbing your thighs together, trying to gain some kind of friction as you fight the urge to touch yourself. Running your fingers along the line of your black lace panties, Damon’s shirt has ridden up your body so it’s resting just below your breasts.
“Have you been a good girl for me?” Damon asks in that voice you miss, the one that he only uses for you, when you’re both in bed. 
“Yes, so good.” you promise feeling your grip tighten around your phone.
“Okay, well I guess we’ll see if you deserve it baby girl. So, i’ll bite for now. What are you wearing?” he asks seductively and you can all but see that fucking smirk on his perfect pink lips. 
Looking down at what you’re wearing you smile as you get an idea, flipping on the camera on your phone you pose the best you can and snap a picture. Quickly sending the image to Damon, “I sent you something,”
The picture shows your bare legs bent at the knees and slightly parted, you’d made sure that your panties were showing. The thin black lace on perfect display for him, your free hand hovering just above the edge of the lace, leading up to your soft stomach. Finally moving up to the swell of your breasts and ribs hidden beneath Damon’s red and black flannel.
“Fuck princess, you really are missing me, huh?” he asks through the groan he lets slip past his lips. 
“So much. Missing your dirty mouth pressed against my ear. Telling me all the naughty things you wanna do to me when we’re alone,” 
You squirm on the bed desperate for his touch, or at this point you're just desperate to be touched, even if it’s by your own hands. 
“You think you can control yourself and do as you’re told. If I let you?” he asks and you can hear the warning in his voice. Normally he has the power to stop you, but right now he has to trust that you won't come until he says you can.
You also know there’s always that part of him that hopes you’ll disobey, because you both enjoy the punishment and the make up just as much as the other.
“Yes Damon, I’ll be a good girl. Please,” you whimper, letting your fingers brush gently against your inner thighs, back and forth slow and teasing.
Damon seems to consider it for a moment, before he finally speaks again. 
“Right well, we’ll have to see. Put me on speaker, leave the phone on the bed next to you and unbutton my shirt,” he instructs you, keeping his voice controlled and calm. 
You do as he asks, unbuttoning his shirt quickly and letting the sides fall open. Feeling the cold air against your slowly hardening nipples pulls a quiet moan from your lips.
“Okay done,” you breathe out quietly, turning your head to look at the phone. 
He chuckles deep in his throat at your reaction, “Cup those tits for me baby, pinch your nipples just like I would. Get them nice and hard for me,” 
God that damn voice of his is gonna be the death of you. Doing as he had says you cup your tits in your hands, squeezing just the way that he would and you roll your nipples between your thumbs and forefingers. You can’t help but gasp, the sensation after so long, paired with his voice has your hips squirming against the mattress, trying to rub your thighs together for some kind of friction. “Damon please, I need more.” 
“Since when have I rushed anything princess, now do as you’re told. Spread those sexy fucking legs, feet up on the mattress. Are you nice and wet for me baby girl?” he purrs knowingly, you can picture him biting his lip as he looks at you.
Your feet press into the bottom of your ass as you pull them up on the mattress and spread your legs. “God Damon, so wet for you. Please, I just wanna touch myself, missing your cock so bad.” you tell him truthfully, fingers digging into the skin of your thigh as you fight not to touch yourself until he says otherwise.
“You do beg so pretty princess, take those sexy panties off for me. God, I would kill to have my face between your legs right now, your perfect little pussy is the best thing I’ve ever tasted.” he growls deeply, he’s barely got the words out before you’re tugging the panties down your legs and throwing them across the room. 
“Wanna see you, please.” There’s a pause where you expect him to say he has to go, but instead he chuckles.
“Someone is feeling cheeky today,” you don’t answer when you see that a picture has come through from him, biting your lip you open the message and groan at the sight before you. 
Long fingers are wrapped around his thick hard cock, the muscles in his stomach are pulled tight, making the lines of his six pack stand out that much more against his lean hips. “See I miss you too baby girl, really miss having your perfect lips wrapped around my cock, you let me go so deep. Or watching your ass bounce when I fuck you from behind, you always come so hard for me,” he groans at the memories, you know that he knows what his voice and words are doing to you.
You lay there on his bed whimpering with your hands screwed up in the sheets, every word that falls past his lips has you squirming, every filthy word shoots straight to your throbbing pussy and you’re stuck between the need to touch yourself and wanting to be a good girl for him. 
“I need it Damon, need your cock. So wet thinking about how hard you’re gonna fuck me when you get home.” 
“Oh baby girl, I’m gonna fucking ruin you,” he growls voice sounding slightly more out of control, “keep it nice and slow, drag two fingers through your slick little pussy baby. Show me how wet you are.” 
Doing as he says you let out a filthy moan at the contact when your fingers finally move through your heated pussy. Just about managing to grab your phone with your free but shaking hand you aim it between your legs and snap the picture.
“So good, thank you for letting me.” you whimper continuing slowly slide your fingers back and forth, avoiding your clit so you don’t make yourself come, with how wound up you are right now there’s no guarantee that you can stop yourself. 
“Oh fuck look at you, that little pussy is dripping for me.” he groans so loud it’s like he’s right beside you and you swear that you can feel his lips brushing against your cheek. You can’t reply, only moan his name when your fingers brush across your clit, you feel your entire body jolt up against your hand. “Push your fingers inside your pussy baby, tell me how good it feels.”
Nodding although you know he can’t see you easily slide your two slick fingers inside your heat, “Feels amazing baby, so wet and tight. I - fuck!” you cry out, curling your fingers against the spot inside you that makes shivers roll across your skin. 
“Good girl, wish I could watch you fucking yourself on your fingers for me. Use your other hand princess, I want you to rub your clit like I do.” he growls when your breathless moans of his name falls past your parted lips.
Squeezing your eyes shut, you roll your hips down against your hands. Your thighs start to shake and your pussy starts clamping down around your thrusting fingers. 
“Damon please. Can I come, I can’t - Please!” 
“Fuck. I dunno, I do love it when you beg me, the sexiest fucking noises come out of your filthy mouth. You really think you deserve it?” he asks, sounding a little doubtful, you start to panic you know you can’t hold this one back for much longer. Your entire body feels like it’s about to snap in half.
“Damon, please! I c-can’t hold it” you gasp biting into your lip as your walls start to flutter it’s almost painful.
“Fine princess. But I better hear my fucking name. Now, come for me.”
You don’t disappoint him, you practically scream his name when your orgasm hits, sparking through your veins like lightning. You’re gasping for breath, thighs shaking, but you still feel like you need more. Your body is craving him, like it never has before. 
Then suddenly large hands wrap around your wrists and pin them back against the bed.
Your eyes snap open and you come face to face with those gorgeous blue eyes, biting your lip you look down at his body, very happy to see him completely bare on top of you.
“Not that i’m complaining, but what are you doing here?” you ask between your pants for breath.
He shrugs, smirk in full effect as he leans in closer, his lips are just a breath away from your own. “You got me hard as a fucking rock princess. You know the rules.” Swallowing back the moan you nod, seeing the tip of his tongue pressed against his fang which slowly recedes back into his gums.
Climbing off of the bed he pulls you with him easily tossing you back onto it, so that your chest is pressed against the soft bedding and your ass and legs are hanging off of the bed. 
“Nothing like the real thing,” he groans, running the head of his cock through your folds and nudging at your clit when every movement. “Don’t worry baby, I know just what you need.” 
You spread your legs wider when the wide head of his cock presses into your soaked entrance. “Please, I’ll be a good girl tonight.” you beg him, desperate for something more. 
“Oh I fucking know you will. This is gonna be fast, because I plan on fucking ruining you before I leave princess.” Damon growls slowly easing inside of you, hands gripping your waist tightly. 
“God! Yes all of that. Whatever you want,” 
“Like I said, so pretty when you beg,” he groans, snapping his hips forward harshly, sinking the rest of his thick length inside you easily. “Fuck, I missed this pussy.” 
His fingers tighten around your waist, nails biting at your skin as he thrusts into you hard and fast. You can feel the bed starting to budge beneath you, yet you can’t find it in you to give a shit. He feels so good, like he’s everywhere. Every one of his hard thrusts has you screaming into the sheets as he chases his release, he’s beginning to push you towards a second one of your own. 
Picking your knees up effortlessly he pushes them on the bed, almost underneath you. So that only your ass is hanging off the edge, you’re practically screaming his name with this new angle, he’s slamming right into your cervix with every thrust. 
Your mouth is open in a silent scream as your walls clamp around him tightly, “don’t you fucking dare.” Damon warns you with a dangerous edge to his voice, his large hand comes down on your ass. 
“Please. Fuck, I need to.” you whine pathetically, the sting of the slap making you whine as you rock back against him until he stops you.
“No. Hold it.” Damon demands firmly as his thrusts get harder and more harsh against your ass.
Your clit is throbbing and your head is spinning; you're not sure how much longer you can hold it. Pressing your face into the duvet you continue to whimper his name desperate for release, for him to finally give in and let you come. But there’s that messed up part of you that loves it when he makes you beg for it, until you’re a sobbing mess beneath him. 
His chest presses against your back as his leans over you, his lips press against your ear and your clit starts rubbing against the mattress. “You wanna come all over my cock baby? Want me to fill you up.” he snarls, dragging his teeth along your earlobe as his hips start to stutter against your ass.
“Fuck yes! Damon please.” you half sob, half moan into the duvet beneath you.
“Come for me, my dirty girl. Give it to me.” he grunts sliding his hands up to cup your tits in his big hands, rolling your nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as you fall apart around him. Finally giving you everything that you’ve been craving since he’s been gone.
“Fuck! There’s my good girl,” he pants as his orgasm hits him hard, the tip of his fang scraping along your neck, pulling a whimper from him as he laps at your skin. 
You’re still struggling to breathe when he helps you lay back on the pillows and collapses beside you, pulling you against his chest. “Well, hey there. Feel free to do that way more often and not leave it so long next time.” 
“Yeah I know princess. It’s just been something I couldn’t avoid, but after today I thought I better get my ass back here before I explode.” he smirks teasingly, wiggling those eyebrows at you and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. 
When he pulls back you meet his eyes and can’t help but smile, “You’ve gotta go back haven’t you?” you question with a sigh when he nods and he presses a chase kiss to your lips.
“Yes. But that’s why I plan on making it up to you before I go.”
“Well, not a bad start so far Mr Salvatore, what else do you have planned?” you smile running your fingers down his chest, watching the way he sucks in a breath.
“Oh just you wait and see baby girl.” he growls playfully, before pouncing on you and pinning you beneath his solid body.
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