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I wonder if there is a name for that feeling you get after watching your favorite show.

That feeling of wanting really badly to meet your favorite characters, hug them and tell them that they are incredible. Or just, admire them u know?

It’s like a nostalgic? Like you are sad not because you can’t live again a moment or be again with a person, but you are sad because you would never get to live that moment or be with that person.

Sorry if that’s confusing, English is not my first language :)

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The camera movements make me seasick. Can’t be the desired effect of a tv baking/cooking program


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ManHeat - Episode 55 “What Do We Have to Work With?”
In this episode, our hero must improvise a way out of a tight situation using household items. Enjoy!
The voice of @sacredbodyalchemy
@espenso22 as the dead bodies
Bingewatch the whole series at #ClichAction
#ManHeat #actionmovie #tvshows #parody #covid #coronaviruspandemic #pandemic2020 #maskup #ingenuity #stoners #420daily #bongs #ganja #MacGyver #shortfilms #tacticalimprov #cellphone #lowbudget #whatdowehavetoworkwith (at Santa Barbara, California)

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@let-them-lovexx @kieunora @luxandobscurus

tagged me to list 5 shows that make me feel better (in no particular order), thank you 💞💞

1. skam & remakes: skamfr s3, skamnl, skamit, or good old skam itself always manages to cheer me up

2. grey’s anatomy: this is one of the shows i’m watching rn and even tho some episodes are sad, grey’s is a good show as a distraction bc i can get lost in the med cases & relationship drama haha

3. the great british bake off: the vibes of this show are immaculate,, trust me. pastel color scheme, peaceful music, funny hosts, contestants that are actually nice to each other, and deserts! this show is also good for calming you down & for helping you fall asleep

4. schitt’s creek: this show is so funny i swear, also the characters are just super iconic and i love the way they talk

5. queer eye: the fab five’s power to calm me down and make me feel better instantly is downright magical 🥺 this show is really wholesome and they’re all so nice and caring

i’m not tagging anyone but feel free to do this if you want! 💘💘

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Chef, nutritionist, dietician, gardener

Real shows are real shows!

Dou you need a outdoor setup for your live shows?

We can create for you in a lush organic farm @ecoplanetfarm

Located 15 km ahead of adlab - Imagica on khopoli-pali road, vill: jambhulpada, dist: raigad, Maharashtra

Contact: 9323152591
Bimal Das

#dietician (at Ecoplanetstore)

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