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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 2 days ago
Trigger warning: suicidal thoughts, potential eating disorder.
Valtteri Bottas's interview translated by BBQBatman in f1 subreddit
See interview: here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This hit just a little bit too close to home for me so it was incredibly hard to read and knowing what he's been through, reading it, it breaks my heart. I'm so relieved he feels better now and has had wonderful people around him to help him along the way but I hate that he went through it in the first place. I hate the hell he had to face mentally, physically and emotionally. No one should ever deal with this shit and yet.....
God, he deserves so much better and it's disgusting how people never seem to realize that the drivers are humans too and heaping abuse on them when you have no damn idea what they're going through makes them heartless assholes.
Love you Valtteri and I'm always rooting for you.
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narcissisticdaddy · 2 days ago
I know you can’t take it.
But this is what you asked for. You begged me to abuse you.
You want this.
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The US needs more gun laws.
I'm a high school student in the Detroit area. My community is shaken and afraid right now - and it's certainly much worse in Oxford.
Parents have lost their children. Students have undoubtedly been traumatized. And this isn't even the first time this has happened - America has repeatedly failed to protect its children.
Everyone my age has grown up participating in "Lock-Down Drills" since elementary school. We never knew a world in which we didn't have to think about how we would hide during an active shooter situation.
I'll also add that shooting outside of school happen in Detroit - they tend not to receive as much media attention, often because the victims are people of color living in impoverished areas, but they are just as important, and further show the need for comprehensive gun laws.
Politicians so often offer "thoughts and prayers" when tragedies like this occur, but the Oxford High community needs much more than that.
Three young people died today. They didn't have to. We can and should change that.
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ffoart · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mirror Mirror (I Love Myself)
Do you love yourself?
original artworks by Wilhelm Gallhof, N. H Jacob
inspiration - my favorite iconic Wound Man
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inceliklihayta · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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I’m scared that the day i become “skinny enough” i’ll realize that no matter what i do and how much weight i lose i’ll always be unlovable.
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ray-lia · 2 days ago
Beautiful Ghost
Summary: Spencer is ruined by Maeve's death, leaving y/n to pick up his broken heart while hers continues to shatter. (fem!reader)
Prompt: For @samuel-de-champagne-problems writing challenge (thank you soo much for proof reading this beforehand and helping with the song choice💕) This is inspired by Taylor Swift's song Forever Winter. It's a really good song, you should check it out!
Tumblr media
Warnings: Drug Addiction/almost usage, short mention of self-harm (none descriptive!) (please don't read this if drugs, addiction, and/or self-harm makes you in ANY WAY uncomfortable or is triggering!), angst with happy ending, crying, mourning, dub-con kissing (kinda), physical harm, gun violence, blood, murder, swearing, (NSFM)
I don't think anything could have hurt more than watching Spencer love someone else.
Someone more accomplished, kinder, and I assumed prettier than I was because why else would he have chosen her and not me?
Me; the one friend he'd known since childhood and who cherished him more than anyone else. Had he loved me I would have known by now and no one would be hurting.
It had hurt when the team and I learned that he had someone in his life and it had hurt more and more all those evening spent listening to his love sick rambles.
She was a dream come true, his true love; someone I could only dream of being.
Spencer hadn't mentioned that he hadn't seen her in person. He only mentioned that she was the one and that he couldn't be happier in his new relationship.
And as much as it pained me, his new happiness also meant that I was happy.
My happiness came with a price however as this meant that when Spencer witnessed her collapse onto the ground, murderous crimson staining her temple, I hurt with him. 
His tears turned into mine as the shrieking and sobbing resounded around the room. I couldn't move but I also couldn't stay. Hell, I could barely think or comprehend what was even happening anymore.
As much as I wanted to hug him, I ran out.
Hunching over, vomit smeared my lips and tears stung my cheeks as sadness hammered into my veins.
I wasn't able to hold Spencer since her death. I couldn't even touch him. His presence alone was a cruel reminder of all those times I had dreamt she would die so that he could be mine and now the harsh bitterness in my mouth had become permanent.
Suspicious concerns came from the team, but it was really only when JJ mentioned in passing how no one had seen Spencer in days that I was snapped into reality.
"Excuse me?" I said, standing motionless in a room that only seemed to turn darker.
"I haven't seen him, but he's alive." 
I had heard her but hearing it a second time hurt more. I pressed my nails into my palms, looking around at the teams helpless expressions as my cheeks burned.
"He's in pain, he's vulnerable and he has a past drug addiction!" I shrieked, louder than I probably should have, "H-how could―I trusted you. I trusted someone would help him. He needs someone and you all abandoned him."
I paused, "I-I abandoned him."
I blinked the tears away from my eyes and still no one answered me. I didn't actually think they would considering nothing they could say would make this entire situation less fucked up.
I didn't have time to think or to scream at them anymore; I needed to see him. How could I have been so stupid? It wasn't about me. It had never been about me!
I ran up the stairs to his apartment, the same ones that contained so many of our happy memories. Ones all unavoidably tainted by this one now. 
I pressed my palms on his door, slamming them on the wood like a mad woman.
"Spencer!" I screamed, hitting until splitters punctured my skin. It didn't matter because I couldn't hear him. Nothing else mattered because I couldn't hear what was happening behind the damned door.
I didn't need his permission to slam my shoulder into the door again and again until something snapped loudly and I stumbled into the room.
His apartment was a mess. It was messier than I had ever seen Spencer's things, but it wasn't the untidiness that alarmed me. It was seeing him sitting on his couch, maddened by his inability to open a small vile as tears streamed down his cheeks, that took the air from my lungs.
I lunged at him, hands over his as I murmured his name, "Spencer, please."
Violently, he shook his head. He was barely even recognizing me. His hand closed harder around the vile.
I was screaming inside as I pulled his hand towards my chest, pleading over and over for him to let go.
It was as the glass shattered on the ground that the back of his hand hit my cheek and I was pushed to the side.
I hissed as I cut my palm on the broken shards.
My ears rang from his slap and immediately Spencer scrambled to the ground near me, hands cautiously cupping my cheeks, "I'm sorry."
I winced again but my arms found his body as I pulled him into me. His breath was unsteady and harsh but he let me hug him. My hands clutched his shoulders as his head pressed into my neck, trembling hands wrapped around me as he whimpered.
I knew he was ashamed that he had almost relapsed and more importantly to him that he had hurt me. I didn't blame him though. Spencer wasn't a violent person so this was an obvious indicator that he wasn't okay.
"I h-hurt you, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."
I cupped his head, my hand in his hair, "You didn't hurt me." It was lie, in all senses, but I couldn't bear to admit that no one had ever hurt me like he had.
I don't remember how long it took until he was okay to move and while I didn't mind, I didn't think that seeing him and holding him again would hurt me as much as it did. His touch was intoxicating and it was ruining me.
However, I didn't care how broken I was as long as Spencer healed.
Slowly I stood, helping him up. I looked at him.
He hadn't shaved and he obviously hadn't brushed or washed his hair in a long long time. His skin was paler than usual and it looked like he hadn't been eating or sleeping.
I took his hand, wanting to help him clean up, but I couldn't move until I said, "I'm sorry. I should have been here. You shouldn't have had to be alone."
Spencer wasn't listening. Instead his hand extended and his knuckles caressed my cheek, "I hurt you."
"Y-you―no you didn't. You hit me but it doesn't hurt. I promise." 
I guided him into his bathroom, my shoes abandoned in the living room, and I turned him around. I sat him on the tub.
"You look sad." Spencer mentioned, staring intensely.
"I'm sad because you're sad." I replied honestly, turning on the shower and kneeling on the tile. I glanced up at him only to be weakened by how stunning he was. No one should look that handsome with sorrow drawn across their features.
Ashamed, I turned to look away, "Do you need my help or do you want to be alone?"
"I don't know."
I looked at him again, and seeing his tears I asked slowly, "Spencer did you take the drugs?"
At my question, he bit his lip and for a moment I was anxious he would nod. But as he shook his head and went to burry them in his hands I caught them and hugged him again.
"It's okay." I reassured him. I truly meant it. Because it would be okay, Spencer would be okay. Soon day this would all be a painful memory. Painful but only that, a memory. He would live and he would be happy again even if that meant it wasn't with me.
I would make sure he would be happy again. 
"I can sit on the ground, turned away, when you shower and then I'll help you shave. Or, if you want, I can wait in the hall and then help you shave but I'm not abandoning you again, Spencer." I paused, "It's whatever you want." 
I didn't want to leave him alone with sharp blades, that was why I wanted to shave him. It wasn't that I didn't trust him, I just didn't trust his ability to see past his pain this time and as my arms loosened around him, he nodded.
I guessed he didn't have much trust in himself either. 
"C-can you stay? I want to know you're here and w-we can talk. I need to talk to someone." 
I stood up, smiling sadly. "I can do that, Spence." I promised him.
I let him change, my eyes clamped shut as I was turned around. It was only when I heard the shower curtains close that I sat on the ground.
Spencer didn't start a conversation in the beginning, but I could hear him him use shampoo and I smiled again.
I hummed faintly, moving on my heels as I hugged my knees. My humming mixed with the running water and I hoped it was calming Spencer as much as it was calming me. 
I shut my eyes only to open them instantly at Spencer calling my name. "Yeah?" I said, the steam in the room dampening my hairline, "Is the water too warm, Spence?"
"No―I like it when it burns my skin."
"Spencer," I was interrupted by an inhale and a quick promise that it wasn't too warm. I bit on my lip hard, staring at his wall uselessly. I was so unsure how to make him okay again. 
"I haven't been in love much, you know." Spencer said. It was a blunt statement and he sounded so broken that although I really didn't want to hear him talk about this, I was silent to let him continue, "I loved Ethan, he was my first love. I didn't know it then, it was too scary to admit. I was weird, lonely and already bullied. Can you imagine how much harder it would have been if I had pursued Ethan? I wanted too, I really did. I think he did too but, in the end, one drunken kiss later, I lost my chance." 
I leaned my head on my knee, listening. I could sense the jealousy inside me die a little. Spencer and Ethan's love story seemed more melancholic than something I should envy and it only made me want to sob.
Spencer deserved so much more than what anyone had given him.
"And than there was M-m―her but she's dead now. She's dead and I'm alone again. But, do you want to know the most fucked up part; I'm mad at her. I'm mad she died. I'm mad she was so amazing and I'm more than mad because I won't love anyone like I love her ever again!" 
His curtains opened harshly and I quickly pressed my eyes shut. I heard him stumble around and it only when he was dressed in his pants, hair damp, shirt hanging on his arm that I opened them again to see that his pale skin had turned crimson from the heat. I stood and I leisurely led him sit on the tub again.
"I think you'll love again." I murmured, taking some shaving cream and smearing it onto his stubble, "I think it's obvious you'll love someone again and when you do, you'll love them so much that this pain," I paused my movements to press one hand on his bare chest, "it won't hurt that much or even at all anymore. You'll always love her, Spencer, and I do think you won't ever love someone like you love her but that doesn't mean you won't love someone deeply again."
Spencer didn't answer. Instead, he continued to stare at me as I began to shave him. Holding his chin in my hands, I was happily ignoring the burning heat in my cheeks.
Suddenly his lips skimmed mine.
Honestly, it wasn't even a kiss but I pushed on his shoulder instantly, the razor in my hand falling to the ground as I inhaled sharply.
Ignoring the shaving cream around his mouth, his hands enveloped my cheeks to kiss me again, "Please?" He mumbled into my lips only to have me push him away again.
I looked at him seriously, the glossiness in his eyes mirroring mine. "y/n, please. It doesn't have to mean anything but I want to touch someone. I want to touch you. Please, p-please."
I couldn't. I didn't want him to know it would shatter me. Since I had known him I had wanted nothing more than to hear him say that and I wanted nothing more than to let him, but the moment I did, there was no returning and it would ruin us. I shook my head, "I can't Spence." 
I turned to him again, taking his chin in my hand and continuing to shave him in silence. He didn't complain, his lips thinned into a line as his looked anywhere but at me. His blush covered his entire cheeks and nose. 
"I'm sorry." I said, "I'm done. D-do you want anything else?"
It was his turn to shake his head, making no sound. I smiled weakly, turning to clean the razor as Spencer put his shirt on. "What do you want to do?" I asked quietly when I was done, looking at him again. I saw his nails dig into his palm as he stared at the ground. 
"Do you wanna watch Doctor Who?" 
Spencer was hesitant a moment, but then he sent me a nod. I smiled again, taking his hand and leading him into his living room. I sat down, sitting crisscross as I made a hand motion so he would sit too. When he did, he made sure not to touch me or sit anywhere remotely near me and I let him.
"I'm sorry." He mumbled as I turned on the show.
I took the lead and leaned into him, something I had done countless times in this setting. Spencer would usually lean his head on mine and maunder endlessly during the episode, but this time he didn't. His head only leaned on my shoulder somewhat hesitantly this time but soon I heard his breathing calm.
He had fallen asleep ten minutes into the show.
I didn't dare move him, so I moved instead. I stared at him a moment; he didn't look so sad when he was asleep. He looked almost calm and it only made my stomach churn harder. I knew his mind was whirling with all the bad moments and the pain and I didn't know how to make them shut up. 
I put a blanket over him and curled up in the armchair in the corner. I knew Spencer would have insisted on me taking his bed under normal circumstances but this time I didn't want to.
Nothing was normal anymore and I somehow knew nothing would ever be normal again.
In the morning I was woken by his hand on my shoulder. I had wanted to wake up earlier than him but I guess I was more exhausted that I thought because Spencer was leaning over me, looking healthier than he did yesterday.
"You didn't have to stay the night." He said timidly. 
I yawned, un-curling my legs and stretching them a little, "I know. I didn't want to leave you though."
"Oh," Spencer looked down at his hands, "Okay." 
We didn't talk much that day. I spent the morning cleaning up his apartment and he took another long shower. I could hear him crying. I spent the afternoon reading and he took a nap; or at least that's what he said but I heard him pacing in his room. 
When it was around dinner time, I tapped on his door, "Spence?"
"I don't want to talk." His response came quickly. 
I sighed, leaning my head on the door, "Spencer, I have Chinese takeout. Your favorite."
"No. You should leave, I'm going to ruin this too. It's already ruined."
"Is this because you kissed me? Spencer, I understand that," 
"No," Silence. "It's not only that. You don't understand. I used you. I wanted to kiss her, not you. I-It was never you, I'm sorry."
It was almost like my entire heart burst in my chest in that moment and I could only choke out a sob. I covered my mouth with my hands, sliding onto the ground.
Saline tears dampened my cheeks. I hiccuped cries, understanding that I couldn't actually do this anymore.
"I'm so sorry, please don't cry."  
I didn't answer. I couldn't answer as sobs continued to shake my body. "You knew I liked you didn't you?" I murmured.
"I did." He said quietly, "I didn't want to hurt you, y/n."  
Something stung my cheek and I pressed my hand on the skin cautiously, my palm returning stained in blood. I guessed the wound Spencer opened when he hit me, his nail scratching the skin, was bleeding again.
It was then that the pristine image I had in my mind crumbled: the innocent and the guilty blurred into one as resentment burned inside me.
I buried my head in my hands.
Morgan came on my demand and I stood in the living room, explaining, "Spencer is in his room. I put the chinese out but it most likely isn't warm anymore so I think you should put it in the microwave. I also dumped his drugs in the toilet. Don't leave him okay, promise?" 
Morgan blinked at me in confusion only it wasn't by my instructions, "Why are you leaving?"
"Morgan, just promise me?" 
He didn't pressure me, "I promise." 
I murmured a "good" and then my expression hardened, "Can you tell him this isn't his fault," I lied. It was his fault, it was all his fault, "and that I love him?"
I wasn't lying this time and that's what hurt the most. I would always love him, somewhere inside me he would haunt me. Spencer would haunt me like she would haunt him, because he was my soulmate even when I wasn't his.
I drank and I kissed around, clearing the tang of his lips from mine. I spent some time alone, mostly sobbing, and some tangled in strange sheets, even stranger limbs running over my own as I continued to silently want someone that wasn't mine. 
I think Spencer returned to work a month prior to my own return. I had cut my hair, the cliché not lost on me but I guess loving my fucking best friend had made me numb to those.
I must have seemed distant upon my return because when I was at my desk again, no one made any attempts to talk to me. I only saw them staring, unmoving and oblivious.
I sensed him enter the room. One from the sound; his clumsy walk and his crammed bag and two from the smell; he would normally bring us drinks in the morning and sometimes cookies and warm muffins.
And from Morgan's expression, I knew he had seen me.
I ignored the pain in my chest as I sensed him approach, "Hi." 
I didn't have it in me to ignore him, "Hi." I said, looking at him. He had changed in the month I hadn't seen him too. Color had returned to his cheeks and he didn't look as sad anymore. 
"How have you been?" He asked, sitting on my desk like he had done countless times. 
"Good, excuse me." I said, standing up and rushing to Penelope's office.
I couldn't handle this; talking to him like nothing happened, like he hadn't ruined us and pretending like I hadn't ruined us the moment I fell in love with him.
"You and Spencer aren't gonna be like this forever are you? You can't, it's heartbreaking. It's always been y/n and Spencer, always. It can't end like this." Penelope muttered as I spun around in her chair, biting on my lower lip.
"He's known, Penny. He's known all this time and he continued to pretend like he didn't. I don't think you understand that all those times he didn't come clean about knowing I loved him, he was breaking my heart on purpose. Allowing me to continue pining for him knowing he didn't want me. It was embarrassing and it was cruel." I said and she didn't answer, only looking at me sympathetically because what else was there to do anymore?
I was almost okay again. Almost until one late evening when Spencer conveniently decided he would ruin me again.
"I love you." He said bluntly.
"Fuck you." I instantly hissed. I spun around in my chair to look up at him, crossing my arms over my chest like some useless shield, "What the hell do you mean you love me?! You aren't allowed to love me, Spencer."
"But I do. I love you. I-I didn't know it until I lost you and fuck that sounds so stupid but it's the truth. I couldn't handle my feelings when I kissed you because I didn't lie either, y/n. I wanted it to be her, I truly did." He was standing over me until he leaned down so that we could look into each other in the eyes.
I had tears streaming down my cheeks now.
Spencer's hands raised and shook, probably thinking that would stop my tears. He seemed distressed, "No, no, but you don't understand. When I kissed you, it scared me because the moment my lips even skimmed yours I could sense it; I could sense my heart mending."
I continued to stare at him, unblinking.
"I don't want another moment without you. I want you."
"I—this is fucked up and it isn't fair and I," I paused, standing up and pausing again in front of him. If this really was the end then I didn't want to leave him without any resentments or repentants.
In some way I guess I wanted him to hurt like I had. In some childish way I wanted him to understand how much he had hurt me. 
"Spencer, as beautiful and amazing as she was, you're loving a ghost," I linked my hands so their trembling would cease. I didn't dare look at him, not even trusting that the dimly lit room of the Bureau could hide his expression, "I don't think I can or would ever compare and I won't spend my entire life living up to her. I don't want to be second to a memory." 
Suddenly I was nauseous and I looked up at him. I could see his pain in the way his body went a little limp and how the pink in his cheeks drained. It had only been six months since Maeve's murder and I all I had done was remind him that he had lost someone he loved.
I opened my mouth to apologize.
Spencer didn't look mad at me however. He was obviously hurt but he wasn't mad.
"I know." He said calmly, nodding, "I know you can't be second to Maeve," I think this was the first time I heard him say her name since she died. "And you aren't. You're you and I wouldn't want you to be someone else.
"Do you want to know the moment I fell in love with you? Because I know now. I-I can remember it so clearly and it makes so much sense I can't believe I didn't see it."
I'm sure my answer would have been no but because Spencer must have known this too, he didn't wait. As he explained himself my heart pounded louder and louder in my ears. I was pancaking, the moment he was describing was the exact same one I would have chosen to explain when I fell in love with him.
It was impossible that that Sunday evening in early January when I sat in his apartment and he taught me chess, our hands brushing, that he had the same spark ignite in his chest as I had.
I shook my head, "Spencer, that was seven years ago. Y-you would have known. I knew. Hell, you knew I loved you and you did nothing. You let me love you without doing shit."
"You don't understand y/n. How could I ruin our friendship knowing the moment I let you in, you could leave? How could I do that, huh? I'm not you; you're loving and warm and make everyone smile and I'm me."
He paused his shouting only to inhaled sharply, "Everyone leaves me and I couldn't have you leave me too." 
"Bullshit, Spence. You let her love you." I said breathlessly.
"I didn't!" He was screaming now as he wiped his tears furiously, "I didn't know her. I didn't even see her and when I did she had a fucking gun to her fucking head."
I tensed at how loud he had become and at how unnecessary my comment had been.
"I loved Maeve, I did and nothing can change that in my mind but she wasn't real. She didn't really love me. She couldn't and that meant that she couldn't leave me the same way you could. But then she did, and it was back to square one and I realized Maeve wasn't even there to begin with. All those years loving you, and these months—damnit y/n these past months have been hell without you in them. I don't know how to explain it without saying I love you."
I blinked away more tears. "I don't know what to say, Spencer." I murmured sincerely, "You—you just sprung this on me and it isn't fair―and I―"
I sensed him come closer slowly and I let him. His hand hovered over my cheek, "y/n, do you love me?" 
I was silent. How could I say no when I loved him so much it hurt, "I love you." I finally choked, "I love you more than anyone."
He smiled, his hands cupping my cheeks. His touch was so intoxicating that I smiled back as his lips pressed onto mine.
And then I couldn't think anymore as Spencer's lips overwhelmed me. Just like that last time, he tasted like tears and yearning, only the more I kissed him the more our prior kiss became a mere memory. 
Our lips disconnected a moment as my hands found his hair and his lips trailed my jaw, pulling me in closer to him, "God, I wish we had done this sooner." He said through the kisses and I captured his lips in mine again. 
While our kiss didn't feel like closure because I knew we had so much more to overcome, I also knew Spencer and I wanted to make this okay again.
I knew that much and I suddenly believed in it.
And then Spencer smiled at me and it was the most beautiful thing. His smile was beautiful in general but this time there wasn't any sadness behind his grin, or in the way his nose would scrunch, or in how his eyes would crinkle.
I could almost see the same look he used to have when speaking about her. 
It was in the way this thumb caressed my cheek. In how he spoke hushed compliments and lyrical praises in my ear and in how his smile heavily mirrored the ones I had seen a million times when it was just us in his apartment, knees touching as our laughter filled the room, that I knew while she was his happy fantasy, I was the real thing. 
Our love might be messy, splintered and sure as hell complicated, but it was real and I somehow knew it would be enough.
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suckyuubliss · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ED TRIGGER WARNING!! this is proof you can have 1,000 calories a day and still lose weight. i do crazy excersies and burn more calories than i consume heh. stay safe and hydrated babies. groomers STAY OUT.
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fairy-vee · 17 hours ago
Although I believe I'm not the first one to think of this for the villain au I don't remember seeing anyone write about this so please do tell me so I can give them credit or something (not sure how it works) .
Imagine mc going along with everyone's apologies because she still has a soft spot for them, hoping they actually changed for the best, but as soon as someone who didn't know that she was actually their 'creator' and treated them like everyone did before, she decided that she would actually not forgive them and as soon as she comes to that conclusion, while there are acolytes crying and begging for forgiveness, there is a great part of them whom is actively threatening her to say it was a joke.
I'm not sure if that makes sense at all so I'll try writing a small story with this in mind.
ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚
You heard a scream, and with the raw anger it had you could only freeze in place.
While you had forgiven the archons and their people for what they had done, your body had not, as it always trembled when near them, even near those that were not actively involved in your hunt.
And this was a reminder of that time, the time when you could only run away, hoping not to get caught, your sorrow turning vengeful as a small (but potent) seed of anger sprouted.
Snapping you out of your trance was a fist, that had come in contact with your face (a face already full of scars, some reopening with how they had still not fully healed), not doing much damage as the person that punched you did not seem to wield a weapon or join battles at all, after all, the impact had only made your face turn slightly, not make you fall to the ground by the sheer strenght as to what you remembered.
Ah, right, you now recalled why anger was even something that sprouted so fast within you.
You remember the time that running for your life was the only thing you did, you remember all their cold glares, their harsh treatment, you remember them calling you an imposter, screaming thing about you faring to impersonate their God, their Creator!
Now the rage you had decided to bury deep down had resurfaced, only this time it was stronger, it had grown stronger when ignored, waiting for a chance to come, waiting for you to snap! It urged you to kill, torture them like they tortured you, after all, it was only right to give them back what they gave you! Right?
So when you turned to face the person who made you realise you were being naive (who forgives their abuser after all?), your eyes glowed gold, the blood seeping from your wounds golden, although a manic smile appeared, whispering a small thank you, this person had helped you realise you were wrong for not wanting revenge before.
Now, you looked like a predator looking at it's pray, the man wimpered, muscles tensing as he looked absolutely tereified. He had made a mistake (at least in his opinion, not yours, you thoughthe had done good), sadly he would not be able to watch the peoples downfall, Teyvats downfall.
At least he had helped you make an important decision.
Hands grabbed your feet, stopping you from moving, sobs could be heard coming from the person below you, as they held to your feet even tighter. Steps could be heard on your left, as soon as they stopped, someone grabbed your arms harshly, holding you in place even more.
You looked at them, focusing on Venti, he looked funny, snot was all over his face! Then looking to your left you saw scaramouche, he looked angry, scratch that, he is angry, his face was slightly red, principally under his eyes, maybe he was crying?
Behind these two you could see about five more people, it would be quite cute fo see them all huddled up together, you could see two holding hands while one put their hands over their mouth, Jean, she looked like she had gotten proposed to, hmm, no, she looked like she just saw a dead body more than that!
And as said before, it would be cute, but the situation did not fit in the category of cute.
Amber and Eula were currently crying, although snot could not be seen like with Venti, they were still crying, loud sobs could be heard. They were holding hands for emotional support though! Isn't that cute? (:
The other two were glaring at you, seemingly cursing you thru their eyes, probably thinking about how ungrateful you were, not receiving their affection and even taking the lives of their people - even if it was only recent, they could not comprehend the why you went on a spree. Well what could you expect from them, Zhongli and Ei weren't as lenient as Venti was when you were announced as an imposter.
Well, they all seemed desperate, shocked, disgusted and much more! After all..
..seeing the dead bodies of everyone that you remembered harming you, piled up behind you. Obviously they'd be shocked, never would they think you'd harm them.
Well, the mangled bodies behind you were proof of what you could do, they should have expected this from you either way.
"Well, you arrived just in time! I was going to go after you at this point, what took you guys so long?" You tilted your head, a manic smile growing on your face. Their reaction was priceless!
You giggled.. there was still more people to find, you remember that some of them ran away too, oh well, the night was long, no need to worry!
Not sure if this helps make sense of what I said before. You can probably just label this as the villain!au and end it there or not.
Sorry if there were parts were the writing didn't make sense, main language is not English :')
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narcissisticdaddy · a day ago
Calling your father won’t stop me, dumb slut. Put him on speaker so he can listen to how hard I hit you.
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fuck-customers · 15 hours ago
*Death tw*
An associate died in one of our aisles a couple days ago, and the police are investigating so the aisle has been blocked off temporarily, and we've had SO MANY customers bitch at us because they couldn't get some cheap toys.
I get that it's the time for christmas shopping, but a man has died. Show some goddamn respect.
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