calorieeangell · a day ago
‘But you don’t look like you have an eating disorder?’
I know be fucking patient I’ll get there.
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nutnoce · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tick² : I ate too much because I felt bad. Now I feel bad in a new flavor, sick.
Tick²: It sucks.
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littleblueberryartist · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Also bonus glitch!Emmet because of course we ended up making an au of an au that was originally crack skdndjkf
anyway the glitch au has clutched my brain in a death grip please ask me and @raindropcroptop about it
Extra concepts and sketching under the cut!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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death-will-feel-good · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
more tips to stay safe:
clean your tools!! if you don't, you risk getting an infection
always wash the blood away where you SHed, it helps cleanse out any germs that got in the wound
covering wounds is very important!!!! if not, they can irritate for longer and get infected!
NEVER pick at SH scabs, it just takes longer to heal.
please be safe, and have a good day (^_<)
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fuck-customers · 2 days ago
So fuck this guy. I picked up his call and introduced myself and he asked “Are you a transvestite?” I was completely speechless and he went “I don’t care if you are, but it’s not normal” and went on for 12 minutes about FBI and secret societies and conspiracies and how hard his life is because he’s “Just a guy trying to live a normal life”
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voidic3ntity · 2 days ago
ultimately, happiness is not meant to be chased, it is to be a fleeting glance before the vast abyss: & for all which comes from the earth shall return to the earth again, through these narrow passageways, so too, many men have walked before, nor with equal pace, nor with equal candour, & all still plunge deep into unceasing uncertainty, the flood of the great deluge; a bittersweet harmony as the apocalyptic tides turn to chaos.
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wandasnats · a day ago
where have you been?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: y/n has been missing for two years when they suddenly call the avengers compound, they’re reunited with their friends but they’re not the same person they were two years ago
warnings: kidnapping, mentions of r^pe/non-con, ptsd and trauma so *TW*
pairings: wanda/natasha x gn!reader (afab)
based off of martha marcy may marlene (my fav movie) and part one of many probably
you aren’t sure what compelled you to do this, but suddenly you were at the phone booth dialing a number you hadn’t thought to call in the past two years. anxiously looking around to ensure your safety, you wait for the monotone ringing to finally end.
“hello?” y/n takes a sharp breath. that was a voice you hadn’t heard in so long, it made your heart ache. “hello? who’s there?”
“n-nat…?” you whisper into the phone, voice wavering as you try not to cry.
“y/n? is that you? where are you?”
“i… i don’t know..” you look around, you had a vague idea but you couldn’t be 100% sure. you didn’t get out much.
“where have you been? what happened?” natasha sounded worried, it made you feel guilty. you probably left them all worried about you.
“i don’t know” you repeat, a little weaker this time. it was hard to speak with your chest feeling so tight.
“where are you?” her tone was firm, and you bit your lip.
“um… upstate i think… i… i don’t know… the catskills?”
“you’re in new york? stay where you are i’m coming to get you.” you panic, your legs shaking.
“no um… no it’s okay i should go back im sorry…” but natasha doesn’t let you go, you hear movement on the other side of the line. voices in the distance, you remember them.
“no no don’t, i’m coming to get you. just stay where you are i’ll be there as soon as i can.” her voice was firm, like it had been all those years ago. she had always treated you sternly, like a mother would to their child.
“um… okay… i…” you don’t know what else to say, and you’ve run out of time, the line going dead. you place the phone back and grab what little you had in your knapsack, trailing over to the bus station nearby where you curl up on the bench and wait.
it’s about two hours before a car pulls up in front of you, and your instinct is to run immediately, until the door opens and you realize it’s not who you thought. before you stands natasha, she looked worried, and much different than you remember. gone was her signature red hair and in it’s place, a short blonde cut.
“y/n…” natasha says, almost like she doesn’t believe it. you stand and walk over to her timidly, letting the now blonde pull you into a tight embrace. you’ve missed her strong arms and the way she smelled. you’ve missed all of it.
“oh my god…” another voice says from behind natasha and you open your eyes. you feel your lip quiver seeing who it was.
she looked older, seemingly aging more than two years since you had last seen her when she was just turning 21. “wanda…”
nat moves out of the way so wanda can hug you close, feeling you to make sure you were real. she holds you like she’s afraid if she lets go, you’ll disappear again.
“come on, let’s go home.”
home, you think, what did that even mean anymore?
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happyflappyfizzy · a day ago
“What about Autistics who very affect by Autism”
Me. You talking about me. If Autism cure made they would give me without consent because I “level 3” Autistic very affect by Autism need significant support every day. Non consent thing happen to high needs disabled all time. Cure would. I do not want cure exist.
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saige-disoder · a day ago
“i dont have an ed im being dramatic”
you literally run an ed blog
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saey707 · 2 days ago
Sentence Starters: Viktor
✿ “I don’t understand, why are you doing this?” ✿ ✿ Prompt: You fear this is the last time you will ever see Viktor again ✿
♡ champion focus: viktor / arcane! viktor  ♡ tws: character death, gore, angst  ♡ Gender-neutral reader
Author’s Note: This is perspective 1! After you finish reading this piece, consider checking out Jayce’s perspective here >:3 Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“I don’t understand,” the words clung to every fabricated piece of the Machine Herald’s perfectly-paced heart, “Viktor… Why are you doing this..?” 
The fear in your eyes as you looked up at him was not because you was afraid of him, oh no no…
What you were truly afraid of was the thought that this would be the very last time you would see him again. This was how your final moments would be spent. Eye to eye, facing one another as all the colors were a concrete black around you, back pressed against the ground. 
You focus solely on confirming this is how Viktor would remember you. Not for the bright and loving smile you only reserved for him. Not for the memories the two of you shared late nights at the academy, deep in conversation as the words wisp time so carelessly away from you, but, instead, this. 
Blood sopping down your torso, the pressure of his metallic hand that was connected to your torso only inflicting sharp stings of pain into your heart. Tear stained eyes that glossed over the once bright, hopeful look that he had, at one point, grew to adore. Your lips withered into a frown- This is how he would remember you.
“You don’t get to say my name like you used to. You knew nothing of the pain I endured,” He broke a chuckle, his masked head turning away. He couldn’t even look you in the eye. How pathetic was that?
“I always believed whatever you said. How there was much more than Piltover Academy. How we... Could have been so happy together.” Biting back his own tears, he scoffed. “My mistake.” His confession stung your already fragile heart. It burnt, it broke. 
“You are nothing, but another thing standing in my way. The last part that makes me weak.” “You cared about me…” your voice cracked, gripping onto his cold, metal arm: metal that replaced the warmth of his once frail and boney wrists. What was worse was he didn’t deny it, razor-like fingers sinking lower into your abdomen. 
“It’s not too late to stop this madness, Viktor… We can find a way… We always do- It doesn’t have to be like this!”
His golden eyes were a fluorescent sting that reflected back into your own; That, and the way his voice was muffled and transformed into an eerily distorted version of the tones you once loved. 
“No. I loved you. More than anything.” He began, the beloved angel sobbing at his spoken love letters. A confession that came two years too late. Yet, it was everything you had ever wanted to hear and more. 
“I had to do this. Because we will never be together. We were mere stepping stones for one another in becoming the people we are now…” the perfect pace of his heart wrenched at the sight of your innocent smile. Your fingers dragged across his mask, begging to see his face one last time in your moment of weakness. In your moment of death.
“I cannot look to tomorrow if I keep looking at what we could have been in the past.” he murmured, eyes sinking. 
How could you still remain the same way you were even on the brink of death? Were you not in pain? 
“Please forgive me...” He thought to himself, eyes screwing shut tightly as he failed to allow you the pleasure of seeing his pain, his weakness. He slowly moved his head up, watching your hand fall to his chin.
Instead of returning a look of anger, you smile, fingers dragging across the cape of fabric. Your fingers pull up his mask, but only to the slightest. This, Viktor could allow. 
Your fingers rested on the peak of his perfect lips. 
“I loved you too, Viktor.” 
The lithe fingers that stained his skin haunted him, tears falling from his eyes as he pulled you up into a gentle cradle, fervent sobs following as he repent. Desperation pulling at the seams of his once perfectly ticking heart as he begged for you to come back to him. 
If not, for a minute more.
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calorieeangell · 2 days ago
Them: ‘you look thinner every time I see you’
Well yeah that’s kinda the point?
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cryptid-corpse · 8 hours ago
Huge TW for SA and drugs but
The two times I've been drugged it's been by people I know and 8/9 of the times I've been sexually assaulted it's been by someone I know. once even by someone I was dating and once by a female.
Strangers aren't the only people you should be weary of. If someone you know is stepping across a line or making you uncomfortable leave and get to safety and always watch your drinks even when with people you know or at someone's house.
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dd-writes · 2 days ago
A concept: I slap your face repeatedly, backhands and forehands till your cheeks are red and your lip is busted and bleeding. I grab your chin and force you stick your tongue out as the tip of my blade dances on the pretty pink flesh, cutting and slicing till blood flows profusely. I then pull my cock out and make you suck it cos you know nothing gets me harder and hornier than watching you bleed all over my cock and tasting your own blood off it.
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0xyl0v3 · 19 hours ago
the most triggering statement ever:
“you’re not full yet ?!?!?”
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fuck-customers · 21 hours ago
Had the scare of a lifetime last night. Customer came in to ship something, approached me saying he needed a bigger box to ship what he had. Opened up the flaps of his box to reveal a fucking gun. Took me a second to realize it was just an airsoft gun but God damn was that scary. I handled it better than I thought I would but the adrenaline hit me later and it was just 🙃
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voidic3ntity · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
plunge deep into unceasing uncertainty; deep into great deluge.
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wandasnats · 7 hours ago
get out of my head
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: little bits of y/n's story are revealed but you have a sneaking suspicion you're not the only one in your mind.
warnings: abuse, implied r*pe/noncon, ptsd and trauma so *TW*
pairings: wanda/nat x gn!reader (afab)
the grass underneath you tickles your legs as the warm breeze flows through your hair. You flick the cigarette in your hand as you observe the others working in the distance. It’s a nice secluded little farm, you could definitely get used to this.
“put your cigarette out.” your friend says from beside you, putting her own out in the grass hastily.
“just do it.” you oblige, putting it out just as she did right as a man approached you. he was a lanky man, scruffy and dirtied, but he wore and welcoming smile that made your nerves ease a bit.
“that’s really not good for you.” he says to your friend, almost patronizingly, as he crouches down next to the two of you. you see her face instantly change as she nods.
“i know I’m trying.” she tells him to which he nods. he pats her knee comfortingly with a smile.
“i know you are.” then he turns his attention to you, same warm smile on his face. “you must be y/n, welcome. i’m Patrick.”
you nod and give him a smile back. “hi, thank you for having me.”
“don’t thank me. zoe here told me about your situation, i’m sorry that you’ve been abandoned by those you love. but we’re here to show you love and care, we’re a family here and you’re our newest addition.”
patrick’s words give you a comfort you don’t really understand. It’s not like you had truly been abandoned, but you still felt more accepted here for whatever reason.
“you know, you look like a marcy may.” there’s a glint in his eyes, something you can’t quite place as he renames you, unbeknownst to you.
from that day forward, you became marcy may.
you woke up in a panic, looking around you hurriedly until you were sure of your surroundings. you were in the compound, in wanda’s room, safe. you take a whiff of the blanket surrounding you, catching her scent and relaxing a bit.
you weren’t there anymore, you were safe.
you get out of bed slowly, getting dressed in one of wanda’s shirts and another pair of shorts. you had slept through lunch and into dinner and you were starting to get hungry. this is around the time you would be feeding the men, waiting for your turn to eat.
it takes some courage to get yourself down to the kitchen, especially after what you had done earlier at the pool. you weren’t quite sure why they were mad still, but you could see how confused and worried wanda had been and how angry natasha had been. her anger didn’t necessarily seem directed at you though, which soothed your nerves a little bit.
you could hear the team in the kitchen chatting amongst themselves as they ate dinner. but all that conversation stopped as soon as you stepped into the room, multiple pairs of eyes on you.
“hey y/n! have a seat we just started eating.” steve said with a charming smile, gesturing to the seat between clint and wanda. you wordlessly took your seat, clint flashing a smile and wanda patting your knee gently as you sat down.
“eat as much as you’d like.” steve tells you, but you feel nervous still, with everyone watching you. some of them like bruce couldn’t really look at you because of what had happened earlier. tony was whispering some things into pepper’s ear and you could see her surprise, probably telling her what you had done earlier. you feel shame creeping up your chest, you had clearly done something they didn’t approve of.
you focus all your energy into eating, trying to avoid any stares that come your way. after a few minutes, conversation breaks out again and you relax. you hadn’t realized but you had started to move your chair closer to wanda and farther away from clint. wanda places a warm hand on your lower back again, grounding you and tethering you to the present so you couldn’t get lost in your own thoughts.
she could tell you were spacing out, of course she could, she could read minds. she probably already knew everything and that made you feel vulnerable and open, and you didn’t like it.
you shoot out of your seat then, pushing your plate back with a clatter. suddenly everyone was watching you again. “y/n?”
natasha eyes you concerned as your breathing picks up, and you can’t handle it anymore. you bolt out of the room and to the elevator, needing to get out of there. footsteps follow behind you as you run, two pairs of them.
“y/n! wait!” wanda calls out to you, but you just keep running. she had probably read your mind and invaded your privacy.
“y/n stop!” natasha’s much more firm voice hits your ears and you feel anger surge through you. did she tell wanda to read your mind? does she know everything too?
you make it into the elevator before they finally catch you, preventing the door from closing. you curl yourself into the corner as they get in, natasha hitting the button to stop the elevator so you have nowhere to run to.
“y/n… talk to us, what is going on?” natasha’s voice is much softer, but it doesn’t quell your anger. You turn to them, tears filling your eyes.
“did you read my mind?” you spat at wanda, her eyes widening in surprise, “did you? do you already know everything? well?”
“y/n no, of course i didn’t…” she says carefully, she doesn’t know where this anger came from or why you would assume such a thing.
“wanda and i both agreed that it wouldn’t be right to do that to you, we would never want to invade your privacy y/n, we want you to come to us and talk to us.” natasha tells you, her voice is almost patronizing and it just makes you more mad.
“why are you lying to me! you’re liars! i know what you did i know you read my mind!” you shout through your sobs. you hadn’t even realized that you started to cry, but here you were, crying in front of the two female avengers.
“sweetheart, i haven’t gone into your mind. have you felt me there? have you felt my presence?” wanda asks you calmly, her eyes soft. you hadn’t felt her at all, you hadn’t felt her warmth in your mind and perhaps that is why you’re really angry.
if she knew everything, you wouldn’t have to figure it out for yourself.
you shake your head then, wiping your tears quickly but they keep streaming, your legs give out and slide down the wall of the elevator.
“i haven’t been inside your mind love, i promise you that. but i can still hear how loud it is, i can hear your pain and anger and confusion. i can feel it. please talk to us y/n, what happened?”
you let out a weak sob, you don’t know, you don’t know.
“i don’t know!” you cry out in pain, wanting it to stop and just go away. you don’t know anything anymore.
All you know is that it hurts.
“okay… okay baby it’s okay.” wanda gets down on the floor and approaches you slowly. she reaches out to hold you and when you don’t pull away, she pulls you into her arms, cradling your head.
you weep into her chest weakly, craving her touch, craving her comfort. you just want it to end. natasha looks at wanda worried, pressing the button to allow the elevator to go up to your floor.
something was seriously wrong with you, and they were determined to figure out what happened.
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cynsyllables · a day ago
Tumblr media
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diabolik-boys · 2 days ago
TW: threats
This is just everything out in the open.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I haven’t lied.  Once.  About anything.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sorry for misconstruing Dolly’s words.  But honestly.  Dolly admits to sending me hate anons with her and her friends.
Tumblr media
Messages like this calling me a liar.  That Dolly and her friends admitted to sending me.
When I first started my blog, I had a rule like this.  If I wanted AU ideas where the Sakamaki brothers were not related, and the Mukami brothers were not related.  For roleplay ideas and scenarios.
I got a death threat around the same time these other anons were sent, for “supporting incest”. They’re all “anonymous”.  How could I not think they all came from the same person or amount of people.  I deleted them all thinking they were the same person.  And if Dolly admits to sending her and her friends anons in the past, and then even those just then a few days ago, why would it be such a far stretch for assume anyone at that time sent me a death threat would be associated with Dolly or her friend group.
Back on 3/13, when I started my blog
Tumblr media
Why would I go to all the trouble of lying about getting a death threat at the start of my blog.  Trying to get a following.
for what
If I was already receiving things like this
If I got an odd other anon telling me to “kys” right in the middle of it all
Why could I not assume they were the same person
Tumblr media
I assumed it was the same people Dolly just admitted to sending me those old anons with.  Am I really that wrong for assuming after I just got told that they admitted to sending me anons with their friends in the past and then at the same time as the ones I just got a few days ago.
By that point, I wanted to warn and vent to my friends and vent about these things being sent to me.
So call me what you want.  I just laid out everything.  Dolly, I’m sorry for trying to warn and vent to my friends about you and your friends sending me hate and what I thought was a death threat from you.  If they’re not from you, then they’re not from you.  I have no way of proving that.  They’re all anonymous.
Yes, I got angry.  I used a phrase “your little stunt” because I was pissed.  Can I not be angry at someone literally outing themselves for sending me anon hate?
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calorieeangell · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hit new lw 130.6lbs nearly in 120s nearly have an ‘underweight’ bmi 🤩
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