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I’m so fucking useless

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I would make a very loud and public post containing all my mothers secret family recipes to spite her but she never taught me them because she didn’t trust me, her eldest daughter who lived with her for 20 years, to not talk to my friends about it…. anyway that’s why I’m a little fucked up

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[Image description: A digital comic. It begins with a woman obscured by her long hair. Her hands are pulling away from her chest and black blood is being pulled with them. The sentence next to her says “ you pull apart my chest hoping to find the emptiness beneath”. Below, there’s a panel filled with dandelions - there’s hair draped over it and also a hand, suggesting it to be the woman’s chest. Next to it, it says “instead you are faced with a garden”. Underneath, there’s a fully black heart shape beneath a dandelion. The sentence around it says “my heart is filled with dandelions”. The sentence after is “love does not grow here. And finally, there’s a drawing of a hand clutching a cluster of dandelions with black blood dripping from it. The final line is "and yet, it beats”.]

I’m slightly late, but happy aro awareness week <3

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Title: Purple Haze Fills Your Vision (and questions fill your mind)

Summary: Purpled dreams of his past and delves too deep into something he was coded to never find.

!WARNING! mentions of blood, descriptions of blood, implied abuse


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“time fixes everything” “you just have to give it time, let things play out” “everything will be fine, just give it time”


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lmfao so recently i’ve seen the (recent) aftermath of a irl murder AND a man k word himself with a shotgun to the head……i don’t even go lookin for these situations they come find ME and i am NOT happy abt it 😀

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Fairly Obvious

When i wasn’t yet aware of my own eating disorder, i used to run around, telling everybody about how i love supersize vs superskinny. No one suspected an ed AT ALL.

Now that I am aware of my ed, I could NEVER tell anyone about my obsession with this show. How did no one suspect an ed when it is so painfully obvious to me now?

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I need a new Ana buddy 🥺

Over 15 at least.

I need to lose about 15kg/33lbs

Instagram or snap :)

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I just read the newest fic from @isthatbloodonhisshirt : Google Doc: TILADH!

Obviously it was amazing!!! She always gives us amazing works!

I swear this isn’t a sob story, but I have to say it. I used to keep a list like that for my ex. She never appreciated it and I never felt even an inch of that loyalty back.

So I love seeing this story where both parties are equally invested and clearly head over heels for each other! And then Derek writes a note back and my heart melted! I love this new story so much that I can barely express it in words!!


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some rules for myself 🪨

  • drink at least 2l water a day
  • try to walk 8-10 thousand steps
  • workout 5 days a week (try more)
  • drink a cup of green tea before going to bed
  • try to eat 800 cals on weekdays and 1000 cals on weekends (you don’t want to ruin your metabolism)
  • sleep +7 hours never less
  • don’t snack after dinner
  • count those mf calories
  • don’t weight yourself in the evening
  • if youre eating out try to eat the healthiest
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today’s in: why do i hate myself, why do i feel like i don’t have an identity and why the hell do i still tell myself im okay?

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day four

my greatest fear is my hair falling out because i love my hair LMFAO. its one of the only things i love about my physical appearance. also my organs shutting down 😝

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Tw: links to things mentioning DC and talk of CSA and other dark things.

Courtesy of: @ghostnebula and @g00pygirl

Education on DC. I’ve seen many sfw/vanilla content blogs that don’t support DC and are trying to educate others on DC but have no education on it so here’s a link.

Also another one:

Also yall sound so dumb like “yall are gross and disgusting because……” I don’t think about them like that in real life and i write like this to cope with things I’ve been through and how I’ve been treat and how people who’ve done these terrible things to me betrayed my trust and did this to me, not because i think it’s “hot” or “sexy”. Some may see it that way but I and many other DC creators don’t so fuck off and educate yourself because I’m gonna keep writing what I write until I feel the slightest bit better and don’t wanna kill my self anymore you fucking ignorant, cinnamon stick built bitches.

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