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#tw ableism

April 8: What are some misconceptions/stereotypes about autism that you hate?
-functioning labels
-allistics thinking that they know more about autism/the autistic experience than an autistic person
-the implications that we’re less than human/alien because we think differently
-only boys/kids have autism
-autism is caused by vaccines
-people thinking I’m using autism as an excuse for things

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are... are people not aware that lilo is like six years old?

EXACTLY SHE COMES FROM A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY AND LOST BOTH OF HER PARENTS– N SHES NOT EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND HER SITUATION!! of COURSE she’s gonna lash out at the world sometimes. i hate it when ppl here think they’re cool and woke to hate on children!! lilos just a confused kid with a hard life leave her alone

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my mom keeps calling my special interests (adhd) obsessions (ocd) and i think she thinks they're a bad thing? i really like talking about them because i have a lot of thoughts and emotions but my parents constantly tell me to be in the real world and it sucks? i just wanna talk about the stuff i'm passionate about but since it's fiction, my parents sorta disregard my passion. :{ (sorry 4 vent)

That sucks!! There’s nothing wrong with having special interests! Although like anything it can reach a level where it negatively impacts your life having spins is a really nice thing!! And fiction is a pretty common spin! Death note was a major special interest for me when I was 14-16!

I think there’s a disregard for special interests when they aren’t “useful” or “productive” which sucks and misses the point of them!

If your parents won’t listen then try finding people online with similar interests to talk to! Chances are there’s lots of people equally passionate about your interests!

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It’s rare that I find someone I can confide in that understands

1.) What having a life altering disability is like.

2.) The way capitalism has constantly shit on you and convinced people you’re a moocher.

3.) People thinking that you have to be struggling every second of every day in order to be “really disabled”. And lastly,

4.) If you’re not a working disabled who’s in constant pain and still has a job that keeps the well oiled capitalist machine running despite your physical/mental health being on the line then you’re one of the “bad ones”, a moocher.

But hey, at least when I die early I get an article written about me. That’s something.

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TW: mention of suicide, abortion dialogue, ableism:

I’m definitely feeling in a weird funk right now. Yesterday I made a snarky comment on a facebook friend’s post because it was a whole bunch of (cis) men talking about abortion. I was just going to leave it at that until they kept going so I, the fool that I am, decided to engage. 

It ended up with me bowing out after being respectful in my debate and saying none of us were going to change anyone’s opinions. Then 4 hours later a guy who I had blocked 4 years ago for making gross graphic comments about how he wanted to hang himself because of my “liberal stupidity” somehow got shown what I said. 

This guy replied to my comments and said that I was incredibly selfish and basically sociopathic. He got some girl to tag me (again, 4 hours after I left the conversation) with a screenshot of what he said. 

I dunno why it cut me so deep but it really hurt but on top of that…I hate that it did. I’m feeling torn in a lot of ways because I feel like shit and really hurt someone would say that, but I’m also frustrated because I know that’s my own bigotry too because being a sociopath is a lack of empathy due to trauma. Lack of empathy isn’t necessarily a bad thing and so I’m just frustrated with my own response to this. 

So I’m one, hurt by what he said, and two beating myself up because I’m recognizing I have ableist bigotry. GAH.

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You've said you're chronically ill, but what exactly is your diagnosis?

Folks, we have here a sticky wicket.

Some people on the internet will just ask things because hey we’re all friends here, and generally within this community, that’s how I see it.

But in Public, In General? It is considered very personal to ask someone for their medical details. The Disabled community in particular and especially the Chronically Ill community, as people who are perpetually gaslit and doubted, can be very touchy about this rather sore subject.

So, Asker, since you’re on my blog, you’re probably one of the lovely people who reads this stuff I write, and are therefore friendly, I hope. I realize the odds are very high you’re just curious and meant no harm. I’m not offended, but I want you and others to know that unless you’re sure of them not taking offense, you shouldn’t ask people this without being rather close and even then it can be a toughie.

I have Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” To call this disease “fatigue” is to call a tsunami a bit of a ripple. Only some people who have this end up with the severe form and it can range from jobless/housebound/occasionally-bedbound like me, all the way to people on full life support because they haven’t got the energy to breathe.  Check out  MEAction for more info about ME. The biggest thing you can do for people with ME or any invisible illness is Believe Us. We’re not “lazy”, we’re fighting our bodies just to live.

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when u were like “I go to the best school in my city” at some point (can’t remember when, it’s your only accomplishment so I guess it was a few times) I was all “lmao diversity!!” bc I don’t think you’re smart enough to get in anywhere? they were just like “ahh we need a token retarded fag” and then there you were

…….. Autism isn’t indicated on my IEP only being gifted and I didn’t tell my school I was bi. In fact, I attend a school with a core value of social justice integrated into the program. But nice try. I think your only accomplishment is being an ableist and homophobic bigot.

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