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#tw alchohol

this is a fic i’m working on w/ @obliviousintelligence 
tis a modern au + dadschlatt


School is shit.

I don’t want to be horribly pessimistic, but I sometimes think I’m just alone. I guess you’d know how I’d feel if your dad is passed out drunk at 4AM, again.

Is that a bit selfish of me to think?

No, no, it can’t be selfish of me to want to get away from everyone else. (While also staying with everyone else.)

Though, now that I think about it, it does sound a bit self-centered.




Sometimes I think of being a leader. A just leader, one that everyone loves and cherishes for being kind and loyal. A timeline where I can make some sort of impact, where I can be something.

It sounds nice.

Maybe it could happen, one day.

A life where I’m not called odd for once. Somewhere where my dad doesn’t peer over my shoulder with alcohol reeking from his breath.

Somewhere where I could get away from reality, I guess.

Sometimes I get dreams, most about this particular daydream of mine. The others teeter between the lines of what counts as a dream, though, seeing as the vast amounts of memories I have from the nights where I actually sleep are terrible and I’d rather forget them.

I used to scream when they’d get bad.

I learned to not.

I wake up, my hair disheveled and oddly different than it did yesterday.

The smell of coffee and alcohol immediately hit me like a truck as I come to. It’s a familiar combination- with them being basically the only two things my dad drinks. I used to like the smell of coffee, though. It was warm and happy; the scent made me feel safe.

It doesn’t anymore, though. The only thing coffee signals now is that I can’t talk to my dad or something… bad will happen.

Alcohol was never a good smell (or taste) for me. It always reeked of bad intentions and blurry thoughts, with every step and breath being an unseeable action that crashes and clunks into pieces of furniture and glass bottles.

It was lonely.

That might go for my dad as well, I guess. He was never prepared for me- he tells me that I had wrecked all his plans.

I got a cut on one of the glass shards from a bottle once.

I was sitting on the floor of his room, laying against the wall with my leg propped up, so he could take care of it.

I carefully walk through our cluttered apartment, and try not to wake my dad.

“Y’know, Tubbo… you ever think about, uh, runnin’?” His voice was slightly slurred; I could tell that he was a bit drunk.

He doesn’t, fortunately. He drank a lot yesterday, for reasons that I don’t think I’ll ever know.

“N-No. Haven’t thought about it.”

It’s a new story every time: another job application turned down, another glare from some time old frenemy that always kept cropping up, another fucking girl that he used to date in high school- really, the list goes on.

“You sure?” He tended to tower over me, when he’d slouch. It’d be like some sort of shadow looming over yourself, backed up against a wall.

I think he’s just trying to find reasons to drink at this point.

“Can’t say I have.” I let out a nervous laugh.

I slide the blanket over his body, and rest him facing up on the couch.

“I once got a box, Tubbo. A box ‘n a pen ‘n some… instructions.” I didn’t like where it was going at the time, but it’s not like I could do anything about it. He continued, “I was going to put you in that box,” He laughed, he fucking laughed, “‘N leave you there. You ever want to do that?”

While I’m doing that, I also pick up a few empty bottles and put them at the end table.

“N… no. No, D-”

There’s no one to really worry about him besides me.


“No, Schlatt.”

We’re (see: I’m) alone in this apartment.

After grabbing a spare notebook or two, I dash to the exit. Upon leaving, I say a quick “Bye, dad,” then rush out the door.

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ehdjdhdjdbd y’all I found this cool-ass picrew here where you come up with drinks here’s mine


idk about y’all but I would totally drink this.

anyways I got the idea to make ones for my main DR self, Michi! Later I’m going to do ones inspired by all of them! Feel free to do this yourself and to tag people you wanna see do it, personally I’m tagging @realityshiftingandblogging bc why not-


Here’s Michi’s drink :) y’all have fun!

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i can understand getting inebriated and like mentioning that once or twice but if youre constantly talking about getting drunk like all the time and makes that the only point of conversation it can be SUPER annoying lol 

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ivy: come on now, i wasn’t that drunk.

carmen: you tried to color my face with a highlighter because you said i was important.

ivy, tearing up: but you are!

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“Hmm, one drink is fine, yeah? Yeah! I’ll jus’ have a drink mixed with some soda.” Huh, moonshine? It’ll probably be fine with the soda.

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i’m playing beer pong via zoom with my friends and its just amazing

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i have almost half a bottle of wine in my system and i have drawn so many logans

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I don’t know if anyones pointed it out before but um when president/evil morty makes his victory speach in the end of s3e7 I wonder if its intentionally significant in any way that he drinks alchohol. Because, I personally can’t remember any scenes where Morty drinks alchohol out of his own desire.

And, technically, still haven’t considering that we never actually see President Morty actually consume any of it.

Obviously, substance abuse has been a big theme throughout all of the series. So I think it seems like a big deal to see this guy seem to responsibly-ish indulge in a small amount of alcohol… though there is the possibility that this morty is a raging alcoholic or on his way to becoming one. We don’t know much about the lad… other than that he is best boy.


Just look at this fucking shot, y'all. The reflections and everything!

Lemme just pull up another screenshot real quick



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what's the worst decision you've made while you were drunk?
i don't mean to brag but i don't even need to be drunk to make really bad decisions
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i wanna make you feel like a six year old.

i wanna take you back to the times where we could play in the yard, before we learned of all the world’s evils, when we screamed cause we just loved the earth we lived on.

i wanna take you back to only using the mirror for summoning ghosts and laughing when it didn’t work, to when ‘success’ was a word we didn’t know yet and ‘money’ was the green papers we used in our games of pretend.

i wanna take you back to giggles and dinasours, to when we could kiss each other without complications, to when we knew all the words to the lullabys, to when we could smile and grin and forget.

i wanna take you back, before the self hate settled in, before we got called slurs, before drugs and alchohol was something we knew about, before we watched the news and knew of the world’s evils.

i wanna make you feel like a six year old.

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I’m crying because I love you so much, and I’m literally not built to feel this. You created a new feeling in me.

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( trigger warnings // alcohol, intoxication )

seungjun can’t help his soft little giggle as he flops over hyunjun’s lap, cheeks flushed pink and his blond hair all messy, tousled. he’s definitely tipsy, verging almost on the edge of being drunk, at the point where his giggles are irrepressible and everything is far too funny, even when it’s not funny at all. 

maybe it’s just the stress of finals being over that makes him feel so free. it feels nice to be so relaxed, after all the cram studying that had made him feel like his brain was on the verge of shutting down, and now that he has nothing to do, the vacation looming ahead, he almost doesn’t know what to do. 

the movie playing in the background is something he’d stopped paying attention to long ago. instead, he reaches out to poke hyunjun’s cheek, dizzily sitting up again and swaying a bit. oof. definitely more than just tipsy, he thinks happily to himself, wondering why the older’s cheek looks so soft. he pokes it again, rather clumsy in his intoxicated state.

“hyung.” he says seriously, though his lips are curved up and his dimples are showing. “the movie is so funny!” the movie. that he’s not paying attention to at all. alright then, seungjun

                         — the story of ahn hyunjun and lee seungjun // { @hyvnsung }

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