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postmortemlullabies sent: “Good girl,” Emil grinned and put another pitcher in front of Shalria. “This one is apple juice, toffee syrup and lemon juice alone. The same as the alcoholic one but minus the alcohol.” She plopped down on a chair. “Doing or not doing something because someone told you so is bullshit.” She raised her teacup. “Think about it yourself, decide for yourself whether you’d like to try it out or not, follow on your own decision. Traditions and customs might hold a bit of truth in them but they hold just as much boloney.”


“I’m not a dog, Emil.” Shalria chuckled at the ‘good girl’ remark but otherwise didn’t pay it much mind, grinning back at the other woman. She was feeling good, relaxed somehow even if the first drink had tasted different from what she usually enjoyed. The apple juice made it much more palatable and easy to swallow too, downing the rest of the cup not long after trying the first few sips.

Maybe it wasn’t strong for an experienced drinker but the World Noble was already beginning to feel the effects, leaning back in her seat and resting her head against an open hand in a gesture as relaxed as she felt.

”And you’re preaching to the choir. I wouldn’t be down here with you right now if I was listening to the others like a good little noblewoman is ‘supposed’ to do. It doesn’t matter what they think, I like doing what I want and that’s going to keep happening even if they expect otherwise.” Another sip, a slight frown forming at the sharper taste of this new drink that was still apple-like but without the alcoholic content from before as Emil had just explained. The lemon juice gave it a sourness that hadn’t been present before, but was mercifully offset by the sweet notes of toffee syrup balancing the fruits.

Was it hypocritical to be talking like this? Perhaps. Shalria wanted all of the rights without the responsibilities and moreso expectations, that certain traditions and customs, as much happiness as some could bring were capable of being equally dreadful too. It was a sobering thought, the Celestial Dragon staring down at the pitcher before raising her own teacup to mirror the older woman’s actions and knocking that back too…

Damn. It was almost as strong as the first drink but tasted alright too, feeling nothing but a pleasant burn rippling down her throat and into her stomach. Shalria swallowed again. ”It’s hard when that’s all you know, though. Traditions, customs. Your world down here is very different from the one above where I come from. Some before tried making their own way down here, and… ah. Let’s just say it didn’t end well, but it was still their choice at the end of the day so what hope have I got?”

She paused mid sip, blinking as though she’d forgotten something.

                                     ”… I’ve got no idea what boloney is.”

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“Alright, we have tequila, salt, and lemon ready for us,” Hunter told the boy with the corner of his lips quirking up. He definitely needed some alcohol running in his veins after today’s exam and Isak could use some as well. “Cheers!” The blonde said before licking the salt from his hand and drinking the whole liquid of the shot in his hand before setting it on the table again to take the lemon to his mouth. “I’m not leaving until the two of us are in the same deplorable state tonight.” @isakvaltersen03​ 

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Can’t stop crying. I’ve been sober for about 48h and I’m cracking up.

It is spring break for my kids and I’m losing it… I thought th fact that I took off from work was gonna be a good opportunity.

Doesn’t look like it.

Called my dad yesterday. He told me to take little bites at a time. Give myself little challenges, an hour at a time, a day at a time. Sounds very AA to me.

Probably gonna change the name of my blog.

I don’t think I’ll be dainty any time soon.

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*feels anxious* *drinks alcohol to calm down* *feels tired* *drinks coffee to feel energized* *feels anxious*

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“take what I said as ice, alcohol, or penis idc”

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drunk conversations are so good… the honesty, the emotions, the giggling… the drunk phonecall to someone who wasn’t there but still deserved to feel our love and care for them…

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Tony: when drinking red wine, laughing can easily turn into crying. So be careful.

Stephen: really? red wine just gets me horny

Tony: *already cracking open a bottle that costs more than his life insurance* do tell

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food log !

posting early so i don’t eat more !

10oz beer: 128cal

grilled portabello mushroom: 44cal (new safe food unlocked!!!!)

fries: 145cal

total: 317cal

i am so disappointed but for eating out & in front of someone’s mother, i think i did really well.

i’ll just work it off later ig !

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Soooo I just had a fight with my grandma. She’s my dads mother and my dad is abusive 👍

She sent a text to me meant for my mom. And she blamed all of my siblings and mom’s struggles on me.

What. The. Fuck.

How dare you? I told her she was exactly like my father and she said ‘I could say the same about you’ like yeah you could but it would be a flat out lie.

How dare you?

I have a dissociative disorder. I don’t “want to be another personality”. I have fucking depression and I’m suicidal, and it’s not because I’m taking medication.

She blamed my sibling’s anger and stress on me. Because apparently I’m always the problem.

Oh yeah and she refuses to use my correct pronouns even after my MOM corrected her.

This is literally what she said:

“Your symptoms are just like mine. I had fatigue and dizziness too. So you should do what I did and go off medication.” Nevermind the fact that she’s manic and depressive and delusional. When I told her that my mom was on the medication I’m on too, she says ‘well everyone is different’.


You just said me and you were just alike without asking me my opinion and…then you said I had to be different than my mother???? That’s kinda convenient, isn’t it?

And she had the audacity to say that I was like my father. My father who refuses to pay child support, told me I am inferior because I’m AFAB, mentally, verbally, emotionally, religiously, and financially abused me.

My dad is the way he is because of her. Because they’re both literally delusional.

I’m not using that as a derogatory term either. I mean literal delusions. My grandmother thinks lizard people run the government and my dad literally has a good complex and thinks the earth is flat. Oh yeah, and my grandma is an alcoholic and my dad is a drug addict.

So, sincerely, fuck you and every blade of grass you’ve ever fucking touched. I am so fucking done with stupid ass fucking family members who think they own me and have the right to abuse me just because they ‘allowed’ me to exist.

TL;DR Family doesn’t mean shit. What matters is you and the people who rally around you to take care of you and support you no matter what. That is real family.

Anyway, sorry for the rant I had to vent.

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That’s not true. I’ve been to University and have never drunken a bit of alcohol. Mine is because I have personal problems with it but you shouldn’t assume.

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I am quite drunk so I would like to apologise before I do anything silly

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Right but in the first red hoodie stream, both George and Dream said Ponk has a habit of creating made up stories that aren’t true and then never clarifying that he made it up. So tbh, I’m just going by what George has said.

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No, I don’t know and I think it’s crossing the line to theorize.

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I’m not sure if he’s ever said he’s uncomfortable with it. I think he said he has drunk alcohol in the past and used to drink occasionally but doesn’t drink anymore but idk I could be mixed up.

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Yes, definitely. Dream has shown that he’s very uncomfortable with people joking that he drinks alcohol. So I definitely think that goes to fan fictions as well. I don’t think writers should depict him drinking alcohol or anything when he’s said he’s uncomfortable with it.

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who : @dominiquestarling

where : nai’s home

The 80′s beat of 99 Luftballoons through the speakers attached to her record player. The taste of red wine lingered on her tongue as she moved through her living room to grab another bottle from the kitchen. “More wine?” She belted over her shoulder to Dom, just loud enough to be heard over the music. She bopped her head to the beat as she danced her way into the kitchen. Nai loved this house, something she never really felt towards a residence before. She didn’t think to hard about why here compared to others, or just why at all. Introspection never sparked her interest much, or perhaps was something she avoided.

Open bottle in hand, she followed the music back into the living room. Her eyes danced across Dom’s face. The other woman existed in her past, only to grow a stronger friendship now. Dom exuded a kind of confidence Nai was drawn to. She plopped down onto her sage green couch, pouring herself another glass of wine. “Who do you think would win in a fight? You or me?” She joked lightly.

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