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#tw alcohol
lilpinkdevil · a day ago
i just wanna be used.
i wanna drink a little too much and fall asleep, only to be awoken by a big fat cock sliding into my already soaked pussy. i wanna be told that i’m just a set of holes to be used for others’ pleasure. i want all of my anxieties to slip away as i’m overcome with pleasure.
use my tight little hole to satisfy your animalistic instincts, tell me i’m such a good girl for taking your cock so well. edge me for hours and make me beg for release. laugh at me when i do beg. force your little whore to take your cock for hours until you’re satisfied. fill every single one of my holes with your hot cum, mark me as yours. please.
i need to be used.. fuck.
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scummy-simp · a day ago
lunar resonance.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: pet-shop owner!chifuyu x fem!demon!reader; strangers to lovers genre: n-sfw, DNI unless you are 20+ (I will block all ageless/minor/empty blogs too); hurt with comfort, sprinkling of fluff, smut / p-with-minimal-p synopsis: Two sides of one foil meet and heal each other under the moon. wc: ~8.8k words 🥴
tw/cw: reader is a demon, but it's kind of a loose term (basically not of human race, but you can imagine reader to be whatever you want), possible brief tense changes, usage of alcohol and cigarettes, no particular power dynamic (soft sex tho!), petnames, cunnilingus, fingering, hair pulling, riding, missionary, holding your neck as leverage, praising, hints with mentions of gagging (reader bites down on something but can still speak), overstimulation, squirting, dacryphilia, minor spitting, creampie, pillow talk
Written for @katsuhera's Saviour Collab 💗
We did a lot of exploration for this piece, so my brain is a lil fried rn
Tumblr media
It’s starting to get predictable:
Predictable days that are constantly riddled terribly with looming clouds and a growing, obsidian aura that swallows him whole.
It’s not his fault he doesn’t know about the literal darkness that shrouds his head and shoulders like a crowned-veil. It’s so thick that you can scoop it up in your palms before it sieves through the cracks of your fingers, pooling at your feet in a viscous puddle.
More and more of your days are being filled with watching him from the shallow water basin in your library. His life is mundane; he does the same things over and over again, thinks the same things over and over again, but who are you to truly judge? Look at you. You let your curiosity morph into concern at some point, watching the waters swirl with Chifuyu Matsuno.
Propping your elbow onto the stone-ledge, silver goblet feeling foreign in your hand, you stare… well, longingly you suppose. He occupies your attention most of the time when you’re not thinking of the faction wars that carry on outside of your castle. You’ve watched leaders decimate each other, your previous leader being one of them, and it seems like a lifetime ago when you had accepted the duties to take over your clan as their new leader. Waging a stalemate is silly; equally as foolish as finding yourself constantly coming back to this alcove to evade your reality.
Your reflection stares back at you.
Red eyes bore back into red eyes; pretty, maybe even captivating, but oh-so hollow. Deciding you no longer want to see your melancholic expression, you wave your free-hand over the water. You sigh at your favourite human appearing, his image shimmering on the surface.
The air around him is heavy and he’s coughing, causing your lips to curl downward, your frown deepening. His aura has gotten awfully worse and you bite your lip, watching him get ready to sleep, a light-pink colour dusting his cheeks. Fingers dip into the image of his head, the ripples distorting it as it oscillates outwards. His black furry companion curls up in a ball in the nook where his neck meets his shoulder and you watch him snuggle deeper into the warmth.
You take a swig of your drink the moment you think about being closer to him, letting the bitter nectar dull your inhibitions.
Slipping away is tempting.
A violent coughing-fit breaks you out of your thoughts and you look down, furrowing your brows. Even the feline is disrupted from slumber, unravelling from their curl and opting to nudge their head against his rosy cheek. He’s mumbling incoherent reassurances to his cat and it squeezes your heart.
You empty your cup and decide, fuck it, visiting the human world wouldn’t hurt anybody else more than it hurts you.
Peke J’s ears perk up at the sudden movement in Chifuyu’s mirror before huddling itself beside the sleepy man. Their tail whips against his arms, ears flattening at the sight of your leg that enters his home first through the mirror, tip-toeing on to his hardwood floor. The cat hisses at you and you quickly duck away at the sound of his grumbling, “What are you hissing at, hm?”
Slurred words remind you of the reason why you’re even here in the first place. You scoot up beside the sofa bed, holding your breath as you look at the object of your affections.
He’s real, beyond a reflection, with a beating heart and pretty soul.
His lashes curtain the tops of his cheeks and black curls stick to his forehead. Wishing you could have been admiring him in any other circumstance, you frown, brushing his bangs away so his skin can cool comfortably. Those fingers are careful, dragging lightly across his skin as if he’d break. His eyes flutter open for a brief moment before quickly falling shut once more, “Who are you?” surprisingly, he’s not alarmed at the extra presence in his home.
There’s a plethora of answers you could say, but all of them would be untrue.
You’re a demon that’s stuck in a stupid war, and when you’re not strategizing, you sit by the tepid waters wishing your infatuation flits away with every passing moment. You’re a moth to his light, a light that constantly wavers and dims.
Your voice is soft and caresses him, “I’m here to ease the wrinkle in your heart. You’ll forget about me when you wake up.”
The urge to question–maybe even fight–your words leave him when a few more cold fingers ghost on to his forehead. He exhales at the temperature difference while you fall into a comfortable silence, taking a moment to concentrate. There’s a turbulent breeze that blows above him and the pain that numbs his body moves towards his forehead though, not long enough to rest there. It’s pulled out of him and the vision beneath his closed eyelids darken even further.
A smoky ball condenses below your hand and you see the sparks of lightning within. It’s a tempest created from negative emotions; a vile vehemence that you commonly see in humans.
Your free hand comes up and pulls at some of the pressurized-aura, the ball reducing to just over half its size before you squeeze, the glossy sphere shattering in your grasp. There’s still a sheen of sweat on his skin, but his breathing seems to have stabilized, his eyebrows relaxing.
The bed dips and you realize Peke J is purring, bumping their head into your forearm. You smile and thread your fingers in their fur on their head, indulging in petting them for the first time. “I won’t leave until I deem him alright.”
You scuffle around his home, finding a face towel and wetting it before returning back to his side. Combing his hair out of the way some more, you place it on top of his forehead, smoothing the damp fabric down. Mimicking the way Peke J curls up beside him, you rest your head on top of your folded-arms and stare at his sleepy face, “Feel better, Chifuyu…”
The whisper of his name is sweet on your tongue.
Sometimes you forget how he flows so easily into your mind. Like a slow, lazy stream of consciousness, Chifuyu enters your thoughts, taking its shape behind closed, slumbering-lids and reaching all the nooks and crannies of your brain.
You’re consumed by his existence, even if he doesn’t know of yours.
By the time the citrine rays hit his window, you’re already gone from his apartment and from his memory.
It’s commonplace to be swatted at by his feline friend, leathery toe beans pressing his cheek in an attempt to wake him. “I know, I know.” he grumbles, shifting out of his slumber into wakefulness. A few meows has him opening his eyes and sitting up, cracking his neck as well, releasing the tension from his overnight comatose state.
There’s a lingering atmosphere, like something happened while he was sleeping, but he chalks it up to a bad day and heavy dreams.
Mornings are always a blur as he gets ready for his day. His friend, and pet-shop co-owner, is poor at cooking, so Chifiuyu decides to bring him lunch every day too. Most of his time with the sunrise is occupied with making food, honestly, for his cat and himself and Kazutora.
He never leaves the house without saying goodbye to Baji on his way out the door, dusting his portrait off before putting his shoes on.
With feet that feel lighter than air, the walk is brisk–almost pleasant–to work, greeting the other store owners whom he shares the street with. His store’s tubby cat always greets him with rubs at the door, an indication of ‘I’m hungry, feed me human.’ Chifuyu whistles and the cat follows him towards the break room, round eyes watching him place the handmade bentos into the fridge before taking out some cat food.
“Someone’s happy today,” Kazutora’s voice causes him to yelp, almost dropping the cat’s dish, “Got a hot date or something?” both of them know that Chifuyu’s dating app collects dust in the corner of his home screen.
Kazutora finger combs his streaked-hair into a messy ponytail before tying it up into a messy bun, catching a glimpse of Chifuyu’s head-shake. He snickers and offers, “I’m going on a group date this weekend, wanna join?”
Companionship is a strange concept to Chifuyu. Delinquency taught him brotherhood, that they’re all strung on the same web and together, they keep the structure together. If one loses their grip, chances are the rest of them can still hold out, wait until they’re patched up, all better and good to go again. Their bonds are deeply-rooted and it’s all that truly makes sense to him.
He grunts a response as he places the food bowl on to the ground, straightening his posture out, “Maybe.” The brown tabby eats like the food will disappear from his bowl at any moment.
Chifuyu thinks the idea of coming home to a busy kitchen and an already-fed Peke J seems nice. He thinks there’s an appeal in sharing a meal and a laugh with someone, exchanging spaces in their hearts where they can freely fall for each other. There’s fondness in the thought of a partner who also curls up to him too.
Tending XJ Land isn’t hard, only tedious. Maintaining the fish tanks is the hardest part aside from keeping the Rescues! board neat and tidy and updated. Kazutora likes it when the fish nibble on his fingers sometimes, so Chifuyu lets him take care of them while he stays on phone duty meeting with the coordinators of the adoption program.
They make a good team, and so, by 7 p.m. he abandons the thought of a companion once more.
It’s snowing by the time they part ways at the front door. His toes are a little too cold by the time he reaches the front gates of his apartment complex, an empty greeting that’s even colder when he opens the door to his dark apartment. Peke J’s sharp mewl cuts the silence, and he chuckles, “I’m home,” at least purrs greet him back, he guesses.
His evening always consists of burning incense for Baji before lighting a cigarette for himself, sitting on the floor halfway through the open balcony door.
A tentative thumb hovers over the dating app.
It wouldn’t hurt to spark a few conversations, right?
Every time he swipes his fingers, he tries imagining what it would be like to meet them in person. Would they laugh at his jokes? Would they like animals as much as he does? What if they don’t like video games and manga as much as he does?
Cigarette smoke hazes the space around him, his thumb ceasing movement. Empty-sounding notifications start blowing up his phone, but he locks it instead and places his phone screen-side down. A hand runs through his hair and he gets hit with a wave of déjà vu. He thumbs through the strands that hang in front of his forehead, feeling his chest burn up with unknown longing.
There’s a voice out there that makes the flowers in his heart bloom and a touch that mimics the way petals sway in the breeze.
Tumblr media
The war that wages on outside of your stained-glass windows is an endless loop.
You sigh, resting your head against your desk. The Underworld offers an unpleasant view. It’s practically grey on grey: hazy skies that’s filled with ashen-dust and a white, cracked ground from the lack of moisture. It’s your view, always has been, for centuries, and sometimes you think it’s an echo of your heart: barren. Filling the Underworld with flora or other useless things would prove to you that maybe the Elders are right. You are naïve, too naïve to be an opposing leader.
Factions want more land to expand their troops, more power, more authority, more of anything their hands can grab onto. They think brute force speaks at much louder volumes–a language they only know how to converse in–and you watch as clan numbers whittle away. There is no such need for violence; you suggest a game of chess to resolve issues, but the guffaw you receive is mocking as they turn their backs to you.
Lifting your cheek causes you to realize the map of the Underworld sticks to your cheek. You rub the spot, looking down at the coloured-markings of where your borders fall. You still maintain a modest portion of land, though you know it’s only a matter of time before they’ll try to stake their claim too.
A barely-audible knock pulls you away and you exhale a brief, “Come in.”
“A message for you, Lady,” you smile at your assistant and the demon almost winces at the kindness in your gestures, “Shall I leave it here?”
You stand up and with long strides, you hold your palm out to them, “Thank you for delivering the message,” it drops into your hand, the scroll weighty and cool to the touch, even against your own natural temperature, “I wish you a splendid evening.”
With a light click of the door, you open the scroll, unravelling the cloth ties carefully before immediately recognizing the handwriting belonging to another faction leader: The Herald.
You will meet with me at the next blood moon. I will come alone and so will you.
So much for any forewarning because that’s tonight.
The Herald isn’t much for trickery, a surprisingly pure soul even amongst your races. You’ve never personally met him, and it makes you slightly nervous.
Where your plot of land meets the Herald’s, there stands a tree with no leaves. Its wood is stiff and does well in desert-terrain, unmoving and stubborn, even as the ground continuously cleaves. What’s normally ashy white is tinted in a crimson glow tonight, the blood moon rising high and lending your marks a reddish glow too. It’s the only thing you can truly appreciate about the Underworld, how close you are to the moon, so close that you can almost see all the craters and its freckles.
The Herald stands beside the tree, back facing you, looking out into the dry, empty horizon.
“To what I owe the pleasure of seeing you tonight, Herald?” you stop until you’re about a few footsteps away from him, clasping your hands behind your back. He wears a large hat with a silk cover that veils his appearance, but he’s clad in his warrior gear, ready to fight at all times.
He turns around, slightly bowing his head, “Thank you for seeing me,” mirroring your stance, he also takes a step forward, “I apologize for the late notice, I sent the note before checking the calendar.”
You flick your hand, smiling at where you think his face would be, “You’re alright. Please, tell me why you have summoned my presence.”
The knowledge that the Herald shares with you isn’t a surprise to you, but you can’t refrain from the concern that seeps into your skin.
The Herald, the Desolator, and the Neoteric make up the other counterparts of your sector of the Underworld. The four of you were brought here to create a balance, two sides of the same moon. The Herald and yourself are the reasoning and peaceful counterparts, the face of the moon that reflects the sun. But with the ever-changing leadership, the Desolator and the Neoteric have grown sick of being outshined by the both of you, craving absolute destruction and chaos instead.
While you toddle about, the both of them have formed an alliance that could only end in devastation. There’s certainty in the Herald’s voice that has your blood dropping in temperature.
There’s only one question he leaves you with: “Are you proposing an alliance of our own?”
It’d be a lie to say you haven’t thought about it previously, but your hesitation holds you back.
“I am… Will you join me?”
Will you join him? The lull in your conversation makes you nervous, thoughts flitting to your buzzing-mind that maybe this is a trap. Will the Herald trap you like this? It’s not really his style of strategizing because he’s not one for underhanded movements.
Wiping your clammy palms on to your robes, you tilt your head to one side, “Is there something you want in return?”
He immediately returns, “You have been visiting a human, have you not?” it’s not a tone of accusation, but a fact, a statement, “You’re watching over someone as if you are anything but a demon.”
The Herald knows much more than you think.
His words make your body flush from embarrassment, feeling the accusation of your identity being questioned.
But, the next set of words catch you off guard: “It’s alright. No matter what the outcome of our foolish war is, I ask of you to continue looking after the human.”
Tumblr media
Chifuyu feels a little silly, almost out of place, sitting amongst some old friends and strangers. Don’t get him wrong; it’s good to see Mitsuya and Hakkai, appreciative that they’ve pulled themselves away from their busy schedules to join the ‘XJ Land’ owners in their antics. It’s all in good fun anyway, thinking that at the very least, he’ll make some new friends.
The other four strangers are kind, and Chifuyu immediately senses the attraction one of them has for him. As soon as they leave the table, Mitsuya nudges Chifuyu’s upper arm with his elbow, “So, you think you’ll leave with at least a phone number tonight?”
The chuckle that escapes from his purple-haired friend is nostalgic, a gentle ember that makes Chifuyu’s heart cozy, eliciting a smile of his own, “Maybe. They’re kind, but I’m not sure what I’m looking for yet.”
The pet-shop owner isn’t considered a good liar by any means, but he hopes that his appearance is buyable.
Mitsuya shrugs, holding his glass to his lips, “No one knows what they’re looking for till it drops right in front of them.” The twinkle in his eye is… hopeful? Chifuyu hates when Mitsuya speaks in poems: too omniscient and not enough direction. He ruffles the top of his undercut, grinning cheekily, knowingly.
They come back and the group of adults play a few rounds of drinking games, reminding him of his low tolerance. It’s like he’s swimming in his head–or maybe, he’s swimming in the open right now?
He wishes his vision is blurry enough to not see Kazutora bringing someone home with him, or not watch Mitsuya and Hakkai walk to the station shoulder-to-shoulder because they live together. Chifuyu convinces himself that Peke J is enough too to return home for.
With goggled-vision, a submerged soul, and slurred words, he somehow reassures them that the cold air will sober him on his walk home alone.
It’s another night of incense and cigarettes and a black puffball keeping his lap warm as he smokes his thoughts out his balcony door. Fingertips touch his forehead and it dunks him in another velour wave, the thought of you on the tip of his brain. Who are you? Who could he possibly be thinking about? Why are you hidden beneath shadows, face blurred out with static noise?
Sadly, it’s another answer-less night of loneliness with only the moon keeping the tops of his shoulders company. It’s just… another night.
He’s hit with drowsiness, like he’s being drained of his energy, his body feverish and his mind spinning. Resting his head against the frame is a mistake because he immediately shuts his eyes and dozes off.
Warning bells chime loudly when you set foot in your library, and before you know it, your entrance through his mirror is frantic, almost tumbling into the low table littered with bills and unopened letters. Quite frankly, you’re panicked, just barely catching a glimpse of the waterfall of black above his head, the darkness so opaque it leaks on to his shoulders too. Peke J leaps off his lap and meows at you, “Hello, Peke J, I shall pet you later, okay? Let’s get Chifuyu to safety first.”
You pluck the cigarette out of his fingertips, smooshing it into the ashtray. Pulling his body into yours, you manage to close the balcony door before backing into the comfort of his home, taking a seat on the floor, leaning against his sofa bed for support.
Tucking his head under your jaw, you place one hand over his heart and breathe out deeply, watching a cloud of obsidian form on top of your hand. You wince as it brushes against the surface of your knuckles, practically searing your skin, but you don’t mind: you’ll shoulder that pain if you need to.
His body feels cold against yours and you pull him closer to you, trying to maintain your focus as the sphere starts condensing. Waving your free hand around it, it shrinks into another fragile ball similar to the first one, although much bigger in size this time, cracking till it crumbles into dust. His body visibly relaxes.
Rubbing your palms over his arm and back, you try your best to heat his body up, “I’m sorry, I was late,” you mumble into his hair, readjusting him. He slightly moves, nosing into the crook of your neck, an electric shock igniting a flame under your skin.
“You’re warm…” Chifuyu’s lips hit your skin, mumbling into it. Arms slither around your waist, “Will you stay for a bit longer this time?”
The realization of his remembering is overwhelmed with your own question: Will you?
With tepid rays that shine through his translucent home, something in his soul tells him it’s you again, the one with the calm spirit and a tone that reminds him of waves that lazily crash into his shore. He smiles into your neck, “I liked your voice… Can you talk some more?”
How could you say no?
So he listens to you talk about things that don’t make sense. That you come from a world void of anything else other than your own kind. Plant and animal life both don’t exist where you’re from, and so Earth is a sanctuary of your own. You tell him it’s filled with colours you’ve only seen in tomes. Earth is lively. You tell him it’s loud, but you don’t mind it because you’re usually locked away by yourself in deafening silence for days on end.
“You feel emotions like us,” nimble fingers play with the fabric of your robes, “Do you feel loneliness too?”
The question stings your heart, like pouring salt into an open wound. It’s barely a whisper that spills from you: “...Yes, but it’s okay.”
It takes a liar to know another one. Unconvinced, he shifts upwards and tucks your head next to his cheek. The sudden affection soothes the astringency in your chest, and he holds you like that for what seems like forever. He thinks you’re warm, but you know it’s no longer true with the flame that’s rekindled in his heart. Fingers tangle in your hair, pressing you closer into him, afraid to let you slip away.
Whispering candy into your ears, you melt indefinitely in his embrace, “I know you’ve been looking out for me… Thank you,” you clutch on to his shirt as he murmurs, “Can I remember you this time?”
A single red string tugs at the hearts that tangle, and with every little movement from the plucks and strums, it hurts you in ways you can't comprehend.
Squeezing your eyes shut, you take the route that somehow hurts you the most. You find your voice and say, “Sleep,” Chifuyu tries his hardest to ingrain the tranquility of your voice and the comfort of your palm on his cheek as slumber consumes his mind. You offer satisfaction with the last words he hears, “Maybe we will meet again.”
His body slacks and you peel his heat away and usher him under his covers. His breathing is steady once more, his expression is peaceful, and you forget about what’s happening in your Underworld.
It is lonely leading a faction where you feel like you don't belong.
They think you’re too soft: your blood is red too, but it’s not brutal enough, not tyrannical enough, not hungry enough. You’re not enough. Your army serves you out of loyalty to the name, but if you could have tossed your own stars, you would not have chosen such a position of solitude.
With your head hanging low, you exchange Chifuyu’s shattered-darkness with a piece of your heart, and trudge back towards your reflection.
A few days pass, but the unsettledness is a relentless internal tsunami.
The full moon has come; you’re sharing tea with the Herald who bears news to you. His words are naked, never sugar-coated. The tea is no longer hot by the time you have the need to drink it.
The moon sits high as he details that there are plans for the destruction of your sector, your home.
The semantics are simple enough: the Desolator and the Neoteric are ripping an opening in your world that’s supposed to flood your home in miasmic gas so thick, that even the lunar rays won’t be able to shine through to the ground. Travelling to another sector is an option, but you both know that won’t end well for either of you or your clans.
Thoughts are running rampant in your mind, but there’s really only one clear one. You place your cup down, “You will stay along with my faction,” his cup is hidden behind his veil, though you know he’s stopped drinking from it.
You know you’re strong enough to put an end to their plan, it will cost you your ties in the Underworld.
The sip he takes is long, pensive, and he mirrors you, setting his cup down too, “You are sealing their portal?”
His words come out more as an affirmation than a question, but the meaning that lies beneath your insinuation is clear, “Yes, it is my duty to lead my clan to survival; that is my victory.”
There’s a storm and you’re the eye of it, watching everything spin around you until it’s all a blur.
It’s dark, it’s cloudy, it’s smoky, and all you can do is shut your eyes tightly, hoping the grey will pass. You feel nothingness and pain at the same time; hot and cold while simultaneously being somewhere and nowhere at all. The marks that adorn your skin are starting to glow and you can see the light that seeps through the crack of your eyelids. It’s like you’re being drained, and although you should feel like an empty shell, you don’t. You’re in turmoil, but it’s left behind as soon as you tumble through murky waters, emerging through the hurricane of emotions, losing consciousness.
There’s a swatting at your face and your eyes fly open, eyes focusing on a familiar black cat.
You wince, shielding your eyes from the setting-sun, turning away from the window to look at your surroundings. A glimpse at the mirror surprises you. It's no longer reflective, and it dawns on you; what’s done is done.
The apartment is coated in a yolky-glow that reminds you of the blood moon. You can finally look at the mismatched furniture he owns and all the pictures that decorate his walls and fridge in sentiment. There’s a shelf too that’s filled with books, but they’re not leather-bound like yours and instead are glossy, decorated in letters of funky shapes and colours. Chifuyu’s bed is neatly made, pajamas thrown haphazardly across the mattress.
It’s strangely empty without Chifuyu.
Sitting in his favourite spot, you decide to watch the way the sun disappears behind the horizon, Peke J curled up on your lap like a blanket. The grapefruit in the sky has you shutting your eyes, filling your mind with acidic dreams.
He thinks it strange when his apartment’s cold, but even stranger that his cat doesn’t greet him at the door. He opens his mouth, about to call for the black furball, but immediately presses his lips together, noticing a figure seated in the space of his open balcony door.
He quietly drops his bag and jacket down, careful to avoid the creaky spots in his floor, and makes his way over. Air gets caught in his throat when he clearly sees you.
Small breaths puff out of parted-lips, your lashes damp, and the tops of your cheeks are wet with tears that have pooled there, a small gasp escaping his lips.
The sound stirs you awake, eyes fluttering open, revealing bright ruby eyes. Silence falls between you two and you’re struggling to come to the realization that it’s your first time looking at a fully-conscious Chifuyu.
There’s a tugging in his heart, and it’s as if there’s an invisible thread that pulls his heart closer to yours. Everything about him is gentle: he leans down and swipes your cheeks with his sleeves, mumbling, “You must be cold, let me get you something else to wear,” he ushers you back inside and changes you into his clothing, wrapping you in his scent.
It’s impossible to fight the blush that rises to his cheeks, seeing the fabric swallow your form up. Distracting himself, he turns around and mumbles, “You need socks.”
Your hand is small on his shoulder as you hold yourself steady. Callused fingers slide the fabric up your ankles before standing up straight, “I-” His eyes dart away nervously, his cheeks still brushed with pink, “You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, but I want you to know that I know you.”
A smile stretches on your lips after a few moments of silence, your chest filling with liquid heat, and he forgets how to function, “I want to sit outside again, with you, if that’s okay.”
Butterflies erupt in his chest at the sound of your voice. Their fluttering-wings shoot tingles throughout his body and he feels them skim the tips of his toes and fingers, wiggling the missing pieces into the holes in his heart.
He’s seated with his back against the railing while you’re slumped against the door, sitting across from him, a blanket spread over the both of you. Cigarette smoke wafts towards you, and although it’s not the most pleasant thing to smell, you think it smells characteristically like Chifuyu. He’s curious at the way Peke J automatically takes a seat on your lap instead, and you card your fingers through the fluffy, black fur. There’s a small curl of your lips on your face and he listens to you coo at Peke J; he deems your smile contagious too.
The sun has long disappeared to the other side of Earth. The moon looks tiny on this planet, but you can actually see the star-speckled sky and suddenly, things don’t seem so bad. You observe the man in front of you noticing the storm that brews around his head is almost no longer there. You can clearly see the way the biting-wind tousles his locks, observing the busy traffic a few blocks away. You’re so close to him, so close you can see the way his own set of stars shimmer in an ocean of green.
The silence is appreciated as you collect your thoughts.
The glow of the moon drowns your skin in an iridescence. You wear peace like a second skin, looking up into the sky, eyes fluttering shut against the cool air, bathing in the presence of Earth’s lunar rays.
The air is much more wet here than it is in the Underworld and you can almost feel the way the rays cling to you. You can sense eyes boring holes into your face and you chuckle, “What are you looking at?” the serenity in your voice convinces him that what he hears in his dreams are in fact real, that you’re right beside him, “The moon looks gorgeous above us tonight.”
It’s you, it’s always been you.
Peke J leaves at the sudden sound of Chifuyu clearing his throat, ashing his cigarette. Your leg brushes against his when leaning forward, tilting your head to anticipate his reply. He scratches the back of his head, “There’s something else more beautiful than that,” he thinks you look like a confused owl, your head tilting the other way. Before you can question him, he blurts, “I- Y-You’re breathtaking.”
Your cheeks become awfully hot, not anticipating that answer, “I beg to differ, but thank you,” it’s much colder without Peke J heating your lap, “...Tell me, Chifuyu, what else does your heart feel when you’re with me?”
His mouth opens before closing again, repeating the motion a few times. After some internal deliberation, there’s a new determination in his eyes, “Would you like to sit closer while I explain it?” you nod and he pulls you into him, wrapping the blanket around you both. You’re secure in his arms, laughing at the way he nuzzles his face in your hair, and it feels so right.
Chifuyu is completely toasted from outside in, and realizing it’s hopeless to try and steady the thrumming in his chest, he murmurs into your hair, “A good friend told me that you don’t know you’re missing something till it’s right in front of you,” he’s sure you can feel his heartbeat on your back, “There is no other feeling in this world that can describe it–” he inhales deeply, and you twist around to look behind you, waiting for his next set of words: “–That you complete me.”
The blindfold of thick clouds dissipate and your heart takes a dive in his devotion. It swells at the change, making space for something long forgotten, making space for the man that wouldn’t let you go.
Fingers start gingerly carding through your hair and you unconsciously lean into the intimacy, “Every time you leave, I lose a part of me,” his thumb has trailed down, stroking your cheek, tucking stray wisps of hair behind your ear, “Please, will you stay?”
The sweet strum of his words against the strings of your heart have you falling apart. He treats you like you’re the one that can break at any given moment. Within his glasshouse, you gift him with budding flowers and fruit and in return, you know he’ll be the one to pick up the pieces and give them new life in his crystalline heart.
You’re enough; you belong.
He lets go of the breath he’s holding when he sees you nod, grinning so wide that he thinks his cheeks will burst, but the golden rays leak into your chest too. The flora you long for settles itself in the crevices of your heart. It’s overwhelming, he knows, and he rests his forehead against yours, anchoring you. He whispers so quietly, you almost don’t catch him, “...Can I kiss you?”
The question shuts your thinking down, a whisper of ‘Yes,’ leaving your lips.
It’s less than a moment before his lips tenderly capture yours.
The magma that you’ve tried to suppress beneath sediments of self-doubt bursts forward. It’s a languid eruption; it pours out slowly till it replaces hesitancy. You’ve never felt more sure in your life, never felt more certain that this is where your heart is supposed to be kept, within Chifuyu’s grasp.
His movements remind you of the way you used to watch him from your leather-bound sanctuary. Longing laces the pants you exhale together and your hands find their way to the front of his sweater, fisting the material. He kisses you like he’s missed you, and maybe in many ways he has. Broad hands tug you by your waist to spin you around, and you fully sit on his lap, wanting to close the gap between your bodies. Love letters pour from his lips in an unspoken language.
A thumb pushes into your chin in a silent question for more; can I have more of you?
You oblige in a heartbeat and part your lips and let him commit you to his mind so that even if he tries, he can’t forget you. It’s a leisure exploration; he takes his time to remember the way you taste like candy, or the way your tongue’s timid when it swipes against his, or the way you hiccup when he nibbles on your plush bottom lip.
Blunt nails drag up your thighs and you let out a whimper he greedily swallows up. You slightly push away, and his hand that was on your chin flies to the space below your ear, keeping you still as he nips at your neck instead. The arousal that’s pooling towards your lower abdomen has you leaking and every little jerk your body makes causes your slick folds to slide against each other, “C-Chifuyu!”
Both hands come up to cradle your face, pressing your forehead against his, “For once,” he swallows thickly, your palm sliding over his chest, feeling the way it leaps at your touch like it’ll spill his secrets to you, “Let me take care of you? Please?”
The desperation in his voice corsets your heart, and the words are bleeding out of the cinched-heartbeat, “Take care of me, please.”
There’s no warning; you yelp and scramble to throw your arms around his neck, Chifuyu standing up and lifting you, making sure your legs are snug around him before he makes his way to his bed. It has him whispering a sugary, ‘Won’t let you fall, Princess.’ and it takes all of your power to not let yourself ignite on the spot.
Placing you on the bed, he pins your laced-hands above your head and dives in to kiss you again, and again, and again, with a newfound ferocity. It’s sloppy this time, less reserved and much more hungry. Teeth clash, tongues roam and the kiss becomes messy. He nudges your legs apart with his knees, forcing them to wrap around his waist instead. His lips pull away, feathering a trail of bites across your jaw, before marking you below your ear.
Even you’re not prepared for the moan you make, the sound surprising you both, as he creates friction between his hardening cock and your syrupy cunt. He returns a moan of his own into your ear, grinding into you, smearing your wetness around. Letting go of your hands, he stops his movements and throws his sweater off. You know you look dumb with your jaw dropping at his dips and bulges of muscle, a silver chain dangling around his neck, brushing the tops of his collar bones.
Your eyes scramble to look away, your cheeks overheating, “Don’t get shy… Keep your eyes on me, my pretty girl.” with enough courage, your eyes lock back onto his. Fingers delicately slither up your thighs, scraping at the soft fabric of your pants, eyes raking at the sight of you beneath him. His fingers dip into the waistband, and he slides everything off, your breath catching in your throat at him freeing your drooling cunt, “Gonna make you feel good.”
He shifts you upwards to make room for him settling between your thighs. He leaves a garden of purple flowers between your thighs, caught up in the sweet taste of your skin. Your scent is heady, hazing his mind as his lips near your cunt. There’s a glossy layer of your slick coating the outer lips and Chifuyu’s tongue eagerly darts out, lightly licking you up. Hips rut into the mattress to satiate him for a moment to collect himself, “Shit, you taste so good.”
You squirm at the velvet sensation of his tongue, “Mmm-!” he wants to hear more and gives you a few more kitten licks, eyes falling shut when your hands fly into his hair. The wet muscle is searing against your puffy skin, gingerly prying your folds apart before running a slow strip towards your entrance. Lips enclose your swollen folds in shallow kisses and saccharine sucks, and you whine, “M-More, Chifuyu…” it’s as if he doesn’t hear you; he continues to peck up the fat of your pussy and your fingers instinctively drag through his undercut before fisting the top of his hair, grinding your cunt into his face.
Pulling away, he chuckles, and you can see the way your wetness coats his chin. Fingers catch it between his lips, his eyes closing as he savours your taste. He pulls the clean digits out with a plop! before lifting your legs by the back of your thighs, “Hold your legs for me.”
Looking at you spreading your pussy open for him has his cock twitching in his pants, a sharp inhale escaping his lips at the constraint. Before you can even grasp the backs of your knees properly, he’s delving into your cunt again, this time massaging your clit with a flat tongue and broad strokes, pulling a moan out of you too. Fingers prod at your entrance and as two slowly enter you, he turns his licks back to sloppy kisses, adding slight suction to your clit. Your senses are shifted into overdrive, waves of ecstasy pulsing through your body. He lets you get used to his fingers, curiously stroking your walls before switching to a shallow rhythm, “F-Fuck, Chifuyu, hahh…” you’re panting, your legs slowly slipping out of your grip.
“Feel good, Princess?” the pet name shoots straight to your pussy again and Chifuyu groans, “The way you got so tight just now… Can’t wait to have you around my cock.”
The vulgarity adds fuel to the firepit in your abdomen. Lips enclose your clit again, your toes mirroring the way he curls his fingers against your spongy upper wall, your knees meeting each other, ridges practically sucking his fingers in deeper. A free hand pushes on to the back of your thigh to keep it from dropping, nails digging crescent moons into your skin, speeding up the pumping of his digits. His tongue fits and flicks the bottom edge of your clit, the sensation driving your coil to constrict quickly. Your walls are starting to sporadically constrict around his fingers, feeling the coolness of his chain bumping into your scorching skin.
“I-I’m gonna–” His groans are muted by your cunt as he nudges another finger in and stuffs you full, stroking your g-spot. Everything’s so slippery, your pussy coated with your cream and Chifuyu’s spit, hearing him slurp at your clit, every lick sending your body in another tremor, “–Gonna cum!” the pressure is so great, you shut your eyes and let yourself free-fall, watching a galaxy bloom in the darkness. He still loves your soft voice, but he’s hooked on the way you sound now, mewling a honeyed ‘Fuyu…’ The clutch you have on his hair is so iron-like, you know his scalp will be sore once you let go. Your shallow breaths meld into cute little whines, legs trembling while he continues to lazily finger you through your high, finishing his meal with kitten licks.
Easing his digits out of you, you wince at the emptiness, letting go of your legs. You watch him lick his fingers clean from your slick; the sight’s lewd, but the sounds are even lewder.
The weight on the bed shifts as you sit up, and from beneath his lashes, Chifuyu watches your hand wrap around his wrist, plucking his fingers out of his lips and guiding them into yours. He hisses, your tongue swirling around his knuckles to taste yourself and dragging upwards till his fingers slide out. You kiss his fingertips, “Can I pleasure you too?”
The blush is brilliant against his cheeks with the way you look up at him with doe eyes, and he tucks his lower lip between his teeth, “I want you to, but–” your palm against his clothed-bulge elicits a hiccup out of him, “–I really want to fuck you right now.”
You help each other to take off the remainder of your clothing. It’s the first time he sees the swirly-markings on your skin and Chifuyu can see himself tracing over them on a lazy Sunday morning. The centre of them start at your sternum and spiral outwards all over your body, glowing a faint rose-quartz colour. You steer him away from his thoughts, seating him at the edge of his sofa bed, clambering onto his lap.
Familiar fingers comb through his bangs and he smiles against your lips, “You thought I’d forget about you, but I don’t think my heart would’ve let you go.”
You kiss his cheek and your eyelashes flutter against his face, your whisper loud against his skin, “I secretly hoped you wouldn’t.”
He leans back on to his palms, watching you curl your fist around his heavy cock. It’s pretty, glossy and flushed to the tip, and you haven’t realized you were drooling till a bead of saliva hits the tip of his cock. A hiss interrupts his laugh, and you decide you like that, dropping another bead and watching it slowly dribble down, Chifuyu gifting you a cute whimper. Your middle finger smears it down the prominent vein on the left side of his cock, causing his cock to twitch.
Another poison-less hiss, “D-Don’t tease, please?”
He can hardly stay mad at your giggle, “Sorry, you make the prettiest sounds.”
With barely any time to react, you line his cock against your gooey entrance and slowly sit yourself on his cock. You both moan, ridges sliding over him to accommodate the delicious stretching. You’re so unbearably hot around him, walls so soft and wet and– “Fuuuck, s-so fucking tight around me, haahh…”
Shifting forward, you grip onto his shoulders to lift your hips up till only the tip remains inside, slowly lowering back onto him, cock head nudging against your g-spot. You shiver and mewl, beginning a rhythm that has you plummeting once more.
Your tits look so plush as they bounce in front of his face, so he leans his head forward and captures a nipple between his lips, twirling his tongue around it till it pebbles in his mouth. You whimper, a hand burying into his scalp, tugging his face closer to your chest. Silken strands of slick slip down his cock, dripping onto his swollen sac.
“I–ahh–can’t help myself,” he adjusts his position, spreading his legs wider as his hands grip at your hips, “Let me help you, Princess.”
You want to protest, but he digs his heels into the floor to meet your hips with his, the words dying on your tongue, feeling his tip brush against your cervix. It’s so wet, almost too wet, and you’re not sure who’s dribbling against who anymore. The squelching is just as loud as your moans and pants; a thought that crosses your mind forces a giggle out of you.
“Hm? What’s so funny?” you hear the amusement in his voice.
You slow your pace a bit, leaning down to rest your forehead against his, “Sorry, I was thinking that Peke J must be hiding because of how loud we are.”
The grin Chifuyu throws at you is mischievous, his hold on your hips tightening, flipping your positions, pinning you down with one of your legs in his palm. He steals a kiss from you, fluffy and chaste, murmuring against your lips, “Peke J will get used to it,” a new swell of arousal crashes into you as he growls, “Because I’m gonna fuck you good for all that lost time.”
The new angle sends electric buzzes with every dizzying ram at the rapid pace he sets. Brush after stroke, his cock head hits you so perfectly, filling you completely that you feel like you’re fading out of consciousness. Humid pants hit the expanse of your neck and chest, pummeling his way into your gummy heat, your walls squeezing him firmly.
Black hairs tickle your neck as he nips at your collarbone. The coolness of his damp chain puddles on your sternum and Chifuyu watches in awe the way your markings gradient from a deep crimson red to a petal pink. Your hips meet his too, one of your ankles digging into his lower back, skin sticking to skin, your pussy lips gripping on to him with every plunge.
Body peeling away from you, a hand comes up to firmly hold you by the base of your neck. The tears that balance precariously under feathery lashes slowly roll down the sides of your face, brows wrinkled together in pleasure as he pushes your leg closer to your shoulder. You blink the blurriness away, fresh crystals tumbling off round cheeks, meeting the gaze he has on you. Through bubblegum pink lenses, his heart swells at the way you’re writhing beneath him, panting, ‘more!’
Sweat glistens on his body, hair sticking to his temples, picking up speed, bed squeaking and hitting against the wall as he feels your cunt spasming; you’re close. The fingers around your neck curl slightly tighter, “Gonna cum again f’me?”
You try your best to nod through the haze of ecstasy, but you’re utterly drunk on the way his cock drags against your walls.
His chuckle dips in intensity, low and taunting as he lets go of your leg, taking one of your hands to pin it above your head, “My cock feel too good?” he shifts forward, his chain hitting your plump bottom lip, “Make you forget how to speak?”
Lips slightly part and you curl your tongue on his chain to take it into your mouth, clamping the sweet metal between your teeth, staring up at him with clumped-lashes. He groans at the action, thinking about the other thousand ways he could have you gagged, tangling his fingers in between your smaller ones, “Good fucking girl.” You keen at the praise, his fingers travelling from your neck all the way down to your clit, rubbing barely-there circles into it, “Cum on my cock, I know you want to.”
The feather-like touches and his taunt shoves you straight over the edge, “ ’M cumming–” a squeal erupts from your throat as you let go. A nebula forms within the galaxy you have created, squeezing your eyes shut underneath the kaleidoscope of colours. Your back arches off the bed, chest pressing against him, walls gushing and fluttering around him.
To think Chifuyu would slow down to let you catch up was the single most-foolish thought you’ve had.
He continues to plow through your high, skin slapping skin at a hellish-speed in an attempt to chase his own high. Your walls try to constrict his movement, but he bullies his way through. Two fingers slide on to either side of your clit and with light pressure, he pinches it between them, massaging it. The motion sends another orgasm bubbling underneath the overstimulation, your nails digging into his back as he continues to split you in half. With his chain still in your mouth, you whine, “W-Wait– s’too much, I–” your babbling becomes choked up, a new wetness squirting out of you, spilling onto his cock and hand.
Chifuyu snarls into your skin, “So fucking messy, and all f’me?” he groans at your string of mewls pouring into his ear, pussy dripping all over him, heightening his sensitivity, “Shit, you’re gonna make me cum.”
The chain hinders your speaking, but you sound so cute when you plead, “Wan’ your cum, please?”
He’s so unbelievably hard inside you, balls heavy and about to burst. Veins slip so wonderfully across your pillowy walls, so warm and inviting, and all his, “Ahh, fuck!” the thought has him reeling and with one final deep thrust, hot white ropes paint your walls, slightly slumping against your body as he finishes with a few more light strokes. Your fingers thread stray hairs away from his ear and you nibble at it, humming pleased-noises.
Rolling into the space beside you once he’s come to, he pulls you on to his chest. You rest your ear against his heart beat, the thumps lulling you into a sleepy state. A gentle voice breaks the post-coital silence, “Will you still be here when I wake up?”
Chifuyu doesn’t like his moment of vulnerability, but does he really have you? Will you drift off before he knows it? His fingers dimple your skin as he pulls you closer, “Will you make me forget about you again?”
“...Chifuyu,” lifting your head up, you look directly into his eyes, still feeling surreal even with his skin beneath your fingertips, “I will be here tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that,” he’s quiet when you reach up to kiss his forehead, nosing constellations into his cheek.
With a heart that knocks wildly against his, you promise him, “Like the moon that illuminates your darkest nights, I’ll be here.”
Tumblr media
tagging: @tokyoredlightdistrict @asilentshout ...@chosofty 👀 (because her art always inspires me), @hisoknen @myeternalyearning @suyaluvs
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funky-immortal-guy · 2 days ago
Hmmmmm. What's the point of getting drunk if you can't remember it afterwards? Maybe drink some water?
Yea il get some water after this sip. Maybe. Perhaps.
And my wine is for my enjoyment. I don't forget. My mind doesn't work like that anymore. Hah. I can't forget. 963 fucking keeps everything I see.
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anyshapebutsquare · 10 hours ago
Me: I’m just gonna have one glass of wine because I’m working tomorrow.
Me after 1st glass of wine: it’s not even 6pm yet I can have another.
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rox-and-prose · 9 months ago
Okay so since I'm in a mood to actually tell it, does anyone want to hear the story of the most questionable vodka I've ever had?
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## ft. suna rinataro, miya atsumu, hajime iwaizumi
## a/n. i had an idea for bokuto too but this was getting long :”( another time??
## warning(s). use of “princess” in iwa’s part
[masterlist - 002]
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO chuckled as he pinches the screen of his phone to zoom in, capturing you swaying aimlessly and singing cheesy teenage songs into the neighbourhood that was well past asleep.
“hey! i thod i told you to shtop follow me.” you slurred, pointing an accusatory finger at suna. earlier, suna had half your body lugged onto his as he tried to drag you out of the bar. instead of accepting the help of your boyfriend, you heaved yourself off of him, taking off in the opposite direction to scuttle away from the “stranger”.
“well, then who is going to make sure you get home safe?”
face immediately lighting up, you fished your phone out of your pocked to flash your home-screen to suna, showing him your wallpaper which was a photo of the two of you snuggled together. “my boyfwen! he ish sooooo cute! isn’t he so handsome? hup-up, don’t say anything. he is my rinnie.”
suna was happy that he at least got the chance to capture that moment — you shoving the phone to his face to boast about him, talking about how he has made you feel safe and constantly assured that he loves you with his entire being. it still has not settled upon you that you were boasting about your boyfriend to your very own boyfriend until suna seized your wrist, pulling you into his chest as firm arms wrapped around your body to pull you closer.
you were about to raise your knee up to fight back until his familiar smell wafted into your nose. your rin. looking up to his eyes that were gleaming under the light of the street lamp, the two of you basked in the moment of togetherness as warmth flowed between the two of you.
Tumblr media
“dun….don’t come near me! i have a boyfriend.” you stretched your arms out of you, creating a barrier between you and MIYA ATSUMU, the said “boyfriend” that was trying to help you.
atsumu found it adorable that you were trying to fend him off in your drunken state. as your arms were stretched out in front of you, it wobbled due to the shifting lightness flowing through your body, your eyes half-lidded and face flushed. although your words say one thing, your body implies the other by betraying you as your legs gave out under you.
swooping in to catch your inebriated body, atsumu chided you for drinking too much. no matter how strict his tone sounds, his soft fingers that were brushing your strands of your hair to the sides almost made you smile as the simple action screamed his love for you.
never forgetting your protests, you raised your small hands that now formed little fists as you attempted to punch atsumu, making punching sound effects as you jabbed the air between the two of you. “s-square square up, bitch.”
“woah, woah there. calm down, baby. what-what if i get hurt?” atsumu’s arms crossed over his chest in an attempt to protect himself.
“then don’t touch me because my boyfriend will hurt you even more.” you shimmied out of his arms, landing onto the floor with a soft thud and a yelp of pain. atsumu did not know what to feel then. was he supposed to feel rejected? honoured? or offended?
as you stuck your tongue out at him before you stumbled away to find your boyfriend, atsumu found what he felt. dumbfounded. absolutely dumbfounded at the way you were trying to fight your own boyfriend because of your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
HAJIME IWAIZUMI winced at the sting that pelleting down on his back — turns out it was your fists beating at away at his back. who could blame you? in your drunken state, you thought that you were being carried away on the back of an absolute stranger.
“p-put me down!” your whines were muffled as your face was buried in the crook of the man’s neck. slowly, your resolve started breaking away once you got comfortable hanging onto iwaizumi’s back.
“sorry princess, you’re way too drunk to walk on your own.” iwaizumi paused in his tracks to pull you onto his back securely, arms firmly hooking under your knees.
you let out a small humph as you buried your face once again in his neck. restlessness soon got the best of you as your hands started roaming to his cheeks, pinching and squeezing at the softness. sighing wistfully, playing with the “stranger” made you realise that you miss your hajime.
“haji would sooo kill us if he sees this. so please?”
iwaizumi immediately stopped in his tracks at your words, arms releasing from under your knees to set you down. he can’t believe that you did not realise that it was him, your boyfriend, who was piggybacking you home.
“uh wooooooh…big scary man angwyy.” you slurred, turning your back to run away from iwaizumi who was glowering at you.
“fuckin’ hell, y/n. can’t you recognise me?”
squinting your eyes, your thoughts still can’t seem to fathom the image before you. appearance and details of the stranger started overwhelming you but beyond your foggy state of mind, you could somewhat make out the spiky tips of the person’s hair. “h-haji? when did you get here?”
just how much alcohol did you drink? shaking his head, hajime spun on his heel to continue making his way to your shared home, leaving you desperately apologising and calling him back. god, you were a handful but iwaizumi would never trade you for anything else in this world.
Tumblr media
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bluexiao · a month ago
#let’s get you home, darling
—where you’ve been drinking alcohol recently and you’re flirty when you drink
THEMES. hurt/comfort, flirting, light suggestive on scara’s part. very fluffy on some parts (esp zhongli’s i swear)
WARNINGS. alcohol. implications of reader using alcohol as their coping mechanism for their problems. implications of being tipsy or drunk. minors and everyone else, do not be like reader (unless your drinking is supervised by a guardian)
NOTES. this is actually from a request from @rinkahayamisupremacy thank you for the request and i hope you’ll like it :)) the angst is not that much visible so this is mostly comfort or flirting. i might post this late tonight because i’m outside for most of today. i hope you’ll enjoy reading! i made this as general as possible so that it would be more convenient for everyone. i hope you don’t mind!
Tumblr media
When ALBEDO first saw you, he knew immediately that you were intoxicated. You’ve been like this recently and the truth was? He’s probably one of the reasons why. At least, in his conclusion. He’d been noticing that you get like this whenever he would be out for most of the days and despite already knowing you would, it’s not like it’s something he could control. Nor did he think he could control you for your actions since he, at the very least, was responsible for such actions of yours.
Already knowing you were at Angel’s Share, his feet drag him to the pub even though he had been journeying for almost a day from Dragonspine. Diluc, who was on the counter as you and Kaeya were laughing at something together, sends him a look. He just knows that the other was judging him for not taking care of you but it’s not like it’s the alchemist’s responsibility to please the man as well. He’s there for you and you alone.
“Darling? Let’s go home, shall we?” he smiles softly at you, and for some reason, his chest crumpled upon seeing your face lit up all of a sudden at the sight of him.
“Bedo!~ You’re finally here! You missed me, didn’t you? Didn’t you?~” you wrapped your arms around his neck and if he didn’t know the reason why you were drinking at that moment, he would have been flustered at your actions. Instead, though, he keeps up his smile as he says,
“Of course I did, how about we get out of here first, don’t you think?”
By the time you both came home, he already prepared your needs for tomorrow morning, knowing how difficult it will be after a night of drinking. He’s a very patient and knowledgeable man, he just hopes that he could think of a solution to not be away from you for you to drink like this again.
CHILDE has this saddened look on his eyes the moment he saw you—a look he rarely shows in front of others, but upon seeing you like this, it was difficult not to show his true self upon the light.
“Childe?! Baby is that you?!” you say up from your seat and leaps onto him, arms and legs wrapped on his frame. He also wraps his arms around you and lets you cling unto him, even if there may be eyes everywhere, actually. He buries his head by your neck and he could immediately smell the scent of alcohol on you, but it doesn’t matter.
“Yes it’d me baby, why are you drinking here? You should have invoted me, y’know?”
He’s quite protective so he’ll want to be there when you’re having drinking sessions. And if you’re flirty with him, he does the same and would actually be glad that you could still recognize him despite your state.
Unliek popular belief, he may not drink whenever you’re drinking—depends if you force him to, but he won’t drink too much so he could take you both home.
DILUC frowns upon seeing you down another glass, “You’ve almost finished the whole bottle, Y/n…” he frowns visibly, shoulders slumped. He’s terribly concerned not only about your emotions but more so your health. He, above everyone else, knows the consequences of drinking too much alcohol and he most likely will not tolerate you if you ask for one more bottle.
“Oh come on, darling, don’t you love me anymore?” you pouted, even so far as taking a hold of his arms and wrapping your own around them. Apparently, this is one of your tactics to get him to give in to you, but along with the embarrassment of being seen like this and his concern for you, he still doesn’t let in of course.
“This is for the best, my love,” he says softly, maybe for others not to hear or as a sign for him to remain calm despite the circumstances. He’s pretty soft though, he’ll be one of those who’ll be very gentle with you and he has lots of patience, as he had seen many drunks already in all of his life.
GOROU has been busy these days but he already knew you were drinking these past few nights since he can smell it from you whenever he snuggles on your body when he comes home. He confronts you about it even if it was the first time but you still smelled like you drank alcohol the next few days.
“Honey?” he stays that night, not slipping out of the bed during the morning to attend to his job in his worry for you. After all, he already told the others that he may not be able to since he wanted to see why you get drunk at night.
He may be one of those who will know that you have a problem deep inside and he’ll do whatever it takes for him to be able to help you as much as he can.
When you’re in your drunk state, he will be flustered when you try to make a move on him that he finds it hard to talk to you, thus he gives up and just merely awaits for you to be sober in the morning.
He’s actually one of the most compassionate of all, so he knows how to take care of you all throughout the night.
KAEYA is with you when you drink, obviously. Actually, don’t be surprised if he’s the one who asked you to drink it all away.
He flirts with you, all the same, it actually amuses him how you could keep up even with your current state.
He’s absolutely good at wagering with you. You wouldn’t know he was trying to get you to stop drinking and come home early because he was sly about it. “How about this? The first one to get the other flustered will win the bet.”
Of course, he wins in the end because he’s obviously not intoxicated and will be able to control his feelings in an instant, not unlike you who had a couple of drinks already--he’ll actually pretend that he’s drinking but he only does a couple of sips and that’s it.
KAZUHA is fond of ale, of course, he and the rest of the crew were. But when they realized that you were drinking more than you possibly could or should, he tries to stop you modestly. He may actually flirt with you once you start to, calling him “Hey pretty boy,” but the moment he does the same, you will suddenly jerk, as if you remembered something.
“Wait, I have a boyfriend… I’m sorry if I lead you on,”
He chuckles at your claims and will act and say that he is just a mere stranger, willing to help you for the night. It’s amusing that you couldn’t recognize him but still recall your relationship with him all at the same time. However, he is still there to take care of you and make sure that you won’t be having too much for your health.
SCARAMOUCHE scoffs but it was visible in his eyes that you were going through something—not that he knows about it or he should pry on it. Your business is yours alone, but he sure do care about your health—I mean… he cares about how you’d act in front of others! Yeah! His subordinates knows that you’re his significant other so of course you should act properly, at the very least… yes, that’s it.
“Hey… let’s get you back home, you look pathetic,” he insults, but apparently that was not enough to tick you off for you made a comeback at him.
“You’re just trying to get me to your tent, I know you, Scara… why? Too excited for tonight?” you joked, even having the guts of winking right at him, obviously trying to embarrass him in front of his subordinates and still quite stubborn to get away from your drink.
“Tsk, if that’s what you think…” he suddenly hoists you up on your feet and drags you with him, not minding if you were stumbling because he could not care less, “then alright, it seems you’re looking for a punishment, after all,”
He smirks when you instantly turn silent on your way back to his tent. He was just trying to actually get you out of there to prevent further embarrassment, don’t worry.
THOMA finds you in one of the pubs of Inazuma City. He frowns upon the sight and was already by your side, bargaining for you to come home with him. He will try absolutely anything.
“Y/n, how about a drinking challenge? If I win, I’d get to take you home early, yeah?”
“Whattt? But I am engaged! See? I won’t go home with you!” you show off the ring that he himself gave you when he proposed to you. THOMA’s chest swells in pride and softness at your actions but he came there to get you, and after that stunt of yours, he’ll do absolutely anything to win against you.
“But babe… this is me! Oh, never mind. Alright, if I win, I’ll take you to your fiance so that he could take care of you, deal?”
Now it is no surprise that VENTI comes by Angel’s Share every once in a while especially after he had you—meaning, he didn’t go every night just like before. Imagine his shock when he sees you drowning on bottles without stop one night to the point that Diluc was actually the one who called for him to go and pick you up—and the redhead is now sending him a look as if saying he should pay your tab now that he came for you.
The bard merely chuckles to the man behind the counter as he then approaches you, “So this is where you’ve been, windblume!”
Above most, he may have a lot of difficulties convincing you to come back home because not only were you trying to flirt with him but he’s also usually the one who’s in your position before this very moment. It’s new to him.
“Venti, baby, now I understand why you always drink alcohol!”
In the end, he’ll be successful though. He can also carry you back home because obviously, he can use his Anemo abilities—ehem, Barbatos, a little help please?—to do so.
He’s also having a difficult time when he gets home because he’s still getting flustered by your flirtiness with him, but he can actually deflect them back… at times. He didn’t know you’re like this when you’re drunk, he can’t say he’s not amused, but he definitely would want to know why you’re drinking these past few days.
“XIAO~” you called onto him and of course, he came instantly. He was still guarded, but with the way your voice sounded, he was prepared to discard his spear and see your drunk form. You’re like this every once in awhile but he’s still not used to your character.
Actually, he’s probably the only one who doesn’t have a single clue how to take care of you, especially if you’re flirty with him.
“Baby… why so far? Come’re sit with me, yeah?” you tap on the space beside you and he actually obeys you, but he’s stiff the entire time. He knows about intoxicated humans but of course, as someone who never had an actual social life, it’s impossible for him to handle you on his own. He may even ask others how to do so but he’s usually hesitant, not wanting them to know about the situation.
If you do open up to him about your problems, he actually had no idea that you were having such, although the next time you do the same, he’ll actually be more relaxed and lets you indulge in alcohol unless you already had too much.
“Darling, I think you’ve had enough of this alcohol, hm?” ZHONGLI calmly says as he smiles at you and makes eye contact, all the while trying to slowly take away the third bottle that you were trying to finish. He had been there the entire time and he can’t say it’s pleasing to his eyes for you to drown yourself in alcohol, he knows someone like that, but he couldn’t blame you as well. If it is already a part of you, he won’t try to reprimand you, unless it is very detrimental to your health. He will listen to your rants as you drink alcohol and will only give you advice in the morning when you’re sober. For now, he has to take care of you and for him to lend his ears for you as you do the same to him any other day. It’s endearing, actually, how he could sense the truthfulness in your emotions whilst you’re intoxicated. After all, he’s not a mortal and these are things that humans do when they have problems most of the time, it seems.
If you try to make moves on him, it’s alluring for him and he chuckles wholeheartedly at each of them, yet nothing can ever make this man flustered… unless you’re really bold in your drunk flirting statements. No matter how hard you try, this man is a rock--no pun intended.
“Stay here on the bed for a while, let me brew you some tea for tomorrow,” he says, but when you follow him on the kitchen and hug him from behind while he does what he has to do, he won’t reprimand you and it’ll actually make him break a smile and reward you with a soft kiss on the forehead afterward.
“Thank you for waiting for me, dearest.”
Tumblr media
MORE NOTES. i’m actually really REALLY sleepy so i’m sorry if you felt that this was rushed. i’m like one hour late from my normal posting sched because i just came home and i’m really tired since we were outside for a long time. i hope you guys understand~ if i made any mistake i’ll be rereading this tomorrow morning when i wake up dw!
TAGLIST (send an ask to be added~)
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artofjae · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
“The talking may be there but the listening.. is another story.”
Anyways here is some bitter Logan ft. Wine 🍷
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dilf-uc · 2 months ago
ok so we were at a party and he went and the corner and there was a table in the corner, he put me on the table and just secretly fucked me…. LMAO then he brought me to the couch and fucked me again… <3
GASP ?????? sorry but i had a train of thought …
Tumblr media
warnings » nsfw. minors dni. brat!tamer sakusa + fem!reader. mention of public + unprotected sex, exhibitionism, degradation, dacryphylia, slight brat taming, brief mention of drugging, being fucked in front of the msby boys ! aka sakusa’s brats <3
Tumblr media
SAKUSA would only do that if you pissed him off though i feel like. but you purposely riled him up during the party. i wonder what you did… did you grind against atsumu to rile him up on purpose? did you sit in bokuto’s lap across the couch and that riled him up? did you perhaps trust hinata with your drink more than him? or perhaps you leaned a little to close to meian and felt up his biceps, you know how good the team has been playing recently and so well that they deserved a proper team party like this; to celebrate their hard work in the season.
you’re only making them happy here. it’s kinda … kinda like you were their manager and you’re just doing your job.
are you though? simply their manager? speaking of, was your relationship with sakusa public? or was it kept a secret from others? is that why you had fun teasing him like that? because nobody knows? because the sweet msby boys have no knowledge about who on the team is screwing you behind their backs but having your own eyes roll behind your head like they wouldn’t even know.
but perhaps that’s not it. perhaps your relationship was not public but the team maybe knows, they know who’s screwing you but perhaps they’re having their own fun at the party that they can’t help but want to rile up sakusa too… he’s always such a downer, upset half the time and doesn’t take a fucking joke. and if they’re gonna let you act like this with them at the party just to see him crack; then they’d say they really know their teammate by now.
and yet sakusa proves their point after all, purposely with what you’re doing he can’t help but do just that. leaning on bokuto when you’re sitting in his lap as he chats up other people; plush chest pressing against his abs whispering something in his ear to make him giggle is what causes him to break. you’ve done enough.
“everybody get the fuck out.” sakusa’s deep voice suddenly seethes through the music and vibrates into your daring cunt. your hands clutch bokuto’s shoulder suddenly when he announces like that but rest assured, that’s not what you should be intimidated by.
well… it only makes sense, the party is held at his own mansion after all.
some of his teammates stand up in questioning to also accompany the other attendees who begin to leave and he suddenly chuckles in a sinister manner.
“hah— not you, brats.” he makes eye contact with all his teammates. “especially not you.”
and perhaps in the end that’s how you ended up bended over his large marble table with all the drinks on it spilled, being fucked like the attention seeking slut you are.
“it’s what you wanted, huh?” sakusa grunts in your ear, chin gripping yours to face him from behind. “fuckin’ love putting on a show for these brats. proving like you’re some good for nothing manager. how do you feel about me putting on a show, using you like the real fuckin’ show star you are?”
your cunt and his slick cum dripping onto the floor and the msby boys laughing in agreement every time you whine and cry out for their precious omi-omi, cocks twitching in their expensive pants at the hellish and lewd sight.
“did you enjoy tormenting me in front of these brats? you filthy fucking thing.” sakusa pulls your hair back and you cry out at the pain.
“‘m sorry, omi!” you sob against the marble table, tears staining your cheeks and only making him chuckle; hardening further within you.
“yeah! she’s sorry, omi— c’mon give her a break…” atsumu whines with a mocking smirk. “give ‘er to me. take a break omi… ya know ya want to—!”
“shut the fuck up, pisshead.” sakusa groans, turning back to you sobbing and atsumu whining even more. “i’m tryin’ to teach her a fucking lesson.”
“can we at least fucking touch ourselves? please, kiyoomi—?” bokuto suddenly asked and sakusa grunts out a no.
bokuto wanting to fucking sob because he’s not allowed to touch himself; he’s feeling his pre-cum seep through his pants. atsumu whining and groaning everytime sakusa spills inside you. meian simply wants to use you; hinata wishing he spiked your drink with something so he could take you home.
“well you got what you wanted,” he says, and you’re simply unable hold onto the marble table, legs giving out and he simply pulls you back up against it like it’s no problem. “dancin’ against pisshead over there and making him like a bitch in heat— what about the rest huh? bokuto here wants you too. want me to let him have his turn but have his way with you worse than me? he’ll have to whether he likes it or not.”
you’re crying out and you’re unable to form coherent sentences each time; you don’t understand what he’s even saying. having his way with you worse?
“you’re not the only brat i need to teach a lesson; he needs to learn to put a slut like you in her place.”
well, they got the point, bokuto nods to himself as he gnaws at his bottom lip. atsumu wants his chance, hinata isn’t saying anything because wants to learn from them and form sakusa-san who he doesn’t want to disappoint or ever be a brat for. meian’s the fucking captain, but he’s certainly enjoying this. they all got the point.
… but did you?
“you know fuckin’ what…” sakusa pulls out of you with a groan and swings you over his shoulder with ease, walking over to bokuto on the couch who’s eyes widen as he throws you on the couch. “i’ll have you brats learn now. starting with you.”
“come on, bokuto— teach her a fuckin’ lesson, hah?you wanted to a second ago.”
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touyasdoll · 2 months ago
So, picking BNHA characters that come to mind…
That tipping point with their crush. What’s the one thing crush could say/do that would have them like, “Okay, that’s it. I have to make them mine.”?
Oooh I love this!! 💕
Pairings: Bakugou x reader, Kirishima x reader, Dabi x reader, Izuku x reader
Warnings: some mildly suggestive content, alcohol,
Tumblr media
He didn’t mean to do it, but he snapped at you one day while you were out grabbing lunch with the rest of your friends
He kicked himself immediately after and he would have understood if you rushed off or screamed back in his face
But you did neither
Instead, you just look him in the eyes and ask calmly, “Are you done?”
And he seems to have forgotten how to use his words for a moment. He just nods and looks away from you, effectively shut down as you return to your conversation with Denki, who’s looking between the two of you in awe, now firmly convinced you’re some kind of Bakugou whisperer
But he steals glances at you, resting his chin in his palm as he realizes that maybe you’re exactly what he needs
He’s been denying his attraction to you for months now, but after that interaction? He simply can’t. There’s just something he finds so hot about a woman who can put him back in his place when he flies off the handle like that, even if he’d never admit that aloud.
He’s such a nice guy. Literally the sweetest, everyone knows that. It’s just fact at this point.
So he’s initially drawn to you because of how kind you are and even more intrigued when he realizes how shy you can be.
And being the good guy that he is, he’s always going out of his way to spend time with you. To offer to grab lunch with you or to stay and keep you company at the agency when you’ve gotta stay late.
He just wants you to know that you can always count on him, because he’s your friend.
He’s shocked when you invite him out for drinks after a particularly late evening in the office, but of course he obliges. He’s eager to spend some time with you away from work.
He’s even more shocked when after only one drink, your hand starts crawling up his knee, your voice dropping to a low whisper to ask him what his plans are for the rest of the evening.
He’s blushing like a fool, stuttering in his response to say that he has none, but he’s down for anything.
He’s hooked when you say that you’d like to show him your apartment and maybe a few new stretches you’ve learned, you know, just exercise tips between pals.
He’s broken. He gets it. He owns it.
Doesn’t stop him from rolling up to your apartment when he feels particularly lonely. He’s not gonna bare his soul or anything, he just wants some company.
In the form of being tangled up in bed with you. No words. No emotions. No attachments.
Until you start sharing cute little things about yourself with him. Your hobbies, guilty pleasures, your hopes and dreams.
He never interrupts you. Never tells you to shut up. He doesn’t want you to. He’s content just to listen to you speak. The sound of your voice soothes him.
Lately, he’s started falling asleep beside you. Crashing at your place overnight. He’s usually gone by morning, but today he overslept.
He instinctively feels for you in the bed, shooting up when he can’t find your warmth beneath the sheets.
Then he hears you and smells something delicious coming from the kitchen, so he gets up and comes out to find you fixing breakfast.
He feels something that he doesn’t recognize, an emotion that’s long since been a forgotten memory to him when you smile over your shoulder and say, “Hey, handsome. How do you like your eggs?”
That’s when he knew he was in trouble.
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chjroptera · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
daisies for you, michael
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anonbeadraws · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Illustration commission for @borgevino of their dnd PC’s spending a little down time at Sevryn’s bar 🍺  ✨commission info in source link below✨
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chicoree · 5 months ago
when he comes to me, i drip for him
Tumblr media
Pairing: Eren x Reader
Warnings: MINORS DNI 18+ aged up characters, tw dubcon (under the influence), tw alcohol, college/university AU, spit, slight daddy kink, impact play, oral (m & f receiving), deep-throating/face-fucking, cumeating, fingering, friends to lovers, slight dacryphilia, slight humiliation, slight degradation
A/N: You can thank Amy Winehouse for this fic. Honestly. For some reason listening to these songs got the inspo going for this ‘banter + sm*t’ I’m so fond of. Also, I know Eren has a pretty drastic personality shift in s4, so think of this Eren as like s4 Eren before he runs off to Marley, after he macks on Historia’s hand.
Thank you to @oneblonded @india-katsuki @stopisa for betaing!!
WC: 9.8K
Tumblr media
“There you are.”
The hoodie sleeve is soft along your neck, the material worn from time and use. It smells like fabric softener and cigarette smoke; like pine and the barest hint of tequila. It’s warm, it’s familiar, and it’s—
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend?”
—so unwanted right now.
You smile as sweetly as you can, trying and failing to dislodge the arm draped around your shoulders. “He’s not my boyfriend.”
The hand around your shoulder squeezes a little, tight, affectionate, and annoying.
“I was looking everywhere for you.” Eren glances up, makes eye contact with the nice, cute English major—Kevin? Kyle? Karlos? Karlos! —you were talking to a minute ago like he just noticed he was there. “Sorry, my bad. I’m Eren.”
They shake hands in the way men do, Eren’s arm still around your shoulders, the misunderstanding still hanging in the air.
“He’s not your boyfriend,” Karlos repeats slowly, looking back and forth between the two of you, eyes sliding from your vigorously nodding head to Eren’s easy smile. “Then—”
“Mind if I steal her for a bit?” Eren tips his head, knocks it against you own. It’s not a question even though he’s phrased it like one, and you know this because you can see the hope dimming in Karlos’s eyes, can see the interest in you draining with every passing second. “Won’t be too long.”
“Yeah, man. Go for it.” Karlos’s smile is forced, confused—defeated. He nods at you and walks away, ignoring your splutters that you were sorry and is he sure he doesn’t want your number?
You take in three quick breaths, trying to keep the irritation clawing at your chest at bay. “Eren.”
“What do you mean ‘what’?” You gesture in Karlos’s general direction, peeking through the window and wilting a little when you see him talking to Historia, his face bright, looking at her the way he’d just been looking at you not that long ago. “I was talking to him!”
“Why?” He has the nerve to actually look confused, like you told him you were planning on eloping with Karlos instead.
“Why?” You flounder for words, trying not to shrink beneath the intensity of his eyes. “Because I—” Why, exactly, is it so difficult to tell him you were planning on fucking the sweet, kind of gangly man you’d been talking to? “Because I was planning sleeping somewhere else tonight.”
You can’t help but wince at your words, fighting the urge to roll your eyes at how incredibly...vanilla you sound. You’re no stranger to one night stands, and tonight it seemed like a good idea to seek one out, especially after you’d seen Eren getting a little too close to a pretty redhead in the kitchen. The thought of sleeping on his godawful lumpy couch, pillow shoved over your ears while you hear him fucking someone into his mattress makes your stomach twist.
It’s always an awful blend of disgust and envy when you hear the steady smack of the headboard, the muffled moans of whoever he’s got beneath him, wishing maybe just a little bit that it was you.
He’s oblivious to your inner turmoil, to the way you’re trying to push the memory of him sweaty and shirtless, sweatpants hung low on his hips whenever he goes to grab him and his bedmate partner some water. It’s a blessing and a curse that he has to pass the living room to get to the kitchen, that he has a habit of leaving the stove light on, the faint yellow glow illuminating the firm curve of his muscular back, of his luscious ass when he heads back to his room.
“You’re comin’ home with me though.”
You choke on your drink, dragging your eyes from the dip of his collarbone up to his eyes, frowning at the cheeky expression on his face.
“You—don’t say shit like that.”
“Why not? It’s true.” He punctuates his words with a drink, foam clinging to his upper lip before he licks it away. “You always crash on my couch.”
“Yeah, well I was kinda planning on not doing that tonight.”
His brow furrows, and you wait for the light bulb to turn on, maybe a little amused in spite of your annoyance. “You never wanna take my bed. I’m always sayin’ you should but—aw, no, c’mon. Seriously?” He points at Karlos through the window, ignoring your hiss that that’s rude. “With that guy?”
“Maybe? Yes?” You bristle at his expression, jabbing a finger in his chest. “I don’t wanna see that look on your face; you’ve done way worse than me.”
“Yeah, but…that guy?” He ignores your mutter of his name is Karlos in favour of following you when you walk to the far end of the porch. The air outside is still a little chilly, the warmth of early summer dissipating quickly once the sun goes down. The breeze helps to alleviate the heat in your cheeks for a bare moment, right before he’s crowding you up against the side of the house again. “You could do way better.”
It’s your turn to take a long drink, wincing at the cloying sweetness of the punch as you stare down the street. “Really? How, huh? How am I supposed to ‘do better’ when you’re sabotaging—”
“I’m not sabotaging you—”
“Ooh, I was looking everywhere for you. Ooh can I steal her for a bit?” You turn to bat your lashes at him, and he barely suppresses a snort, the corner of his mouth twitching up.
“You should be thankin’ me for doing you a favour.”
You take another sip, resisting the urge to scoff. “A favour? Really? I should be thanking you for keeping me from getting laid?”
The railing creaks when he leans against it, eyes trained on your face, waiting for you to look at him, sighing when you don’t. “I told you: you can do better than that guy.”
“What’s wrong with him exactly?”
You glance at Eren from the corner of your eye, grinning at the furrow in his brow. “No, go on. Enlighten me. In the two seconds you saw him—”
“It was more than two seconds—”
“—what made you think he wasn’t good enough?”
“I don’t know! He’s just…weird. He looks weird!”
“That’s shallow, Eren.”
“It’s not, okay he looks like he eats the roach—”
“Okay, okay fine he doesn’t look like he does that. He’s just—” Eren sighs. “You can do better.”
“Better.” You level him with a flat look, crossing your arms. “Better how.”
“What do you mean better how.”
“Like with who. Who do you think is good enough for me?”
There’s a weighty silence that hangs between the two of you, and for a minute you worry you’ve overstepped, that you’ve given yourself up, that he’s going to read you like a book. Then he groans, trailing off into a half-hearted chuckle. “Seriously? You’re asking me to set you up?”
“Well, since you’re apparently the expert here, I figured you’d have some idea of—”
“Yeah, yeah.” Eren smooths back his hair, watching a few sorry moths fluttering about the porchlight, their tiny wings flapping furiously as they bump against the glass. He purses his lips, taking the question uncharacteristically seriously. It’s a little out of the ordinary, you suppose. No matter the parade of girls you’ve nodded awkwardly and tiredly at, the two of you never really discuss your sex life. “…Connie? Nah…I…uh…”
“I’m waiting.”
The moth shadows dart across the light, flickering patterns slipping along the angles of his face, painting the sharp cut of his cheekbones, the narrow slope of his nose with sunset gold and liquid silver.
Why does he always insist on you coming back home with him? You’ve never really contested it. All your excuses, your no it’s okays and you go...enjoy or whatevers ending with his hand gripping your wrist, tugging you insistently towards the Uber, no matter how pissed off his hook-up looks.
“Armin?” He presses his lips together, eyes narrowing a little, making the face you know he makes when he’s trying not to laugh; when he knows he’s speaking complete and utter bullshit, but he has to see it through for the sake of his pride.
“Armin Arlert.”
“You know another Armin?”
You pause, give him a second to take it back, then pinch at the bridge of your nose when he doesn’t. “Armin ‘I’m desperately in love with Annie Leonhart and I’m about two days or two years away from actually asking her out’ Arlert? That one?”
The corners of Eren’s lips wobble suspiciously, and it takes him a moment to say, “Yeah. That’s the one.”
You’re fighting back your own wide grin, looking down at the contents of your drink as you run your thumb along the ridge of your cup. “Good to know. Well.” You down the rest of the overly warm jungle juice, wincing at the sharp taste of alcohol sitting beneath the syrup. “Guess I gotta go shoot my shot.”
It’s a joke; you both know it’s a joke, which is why the alarm that crosses Eren’s face doesn’t make an iota of sense. A hand slaps the side of the house beside you to box you in, a cloud of fabric softener following in its wake. “Here? Now?”
“Yeah—” Your attempt to slip past the other way is foiled by another arm, the cheap beer Eren’s holding splashing out to fleck your shoulder. “Gotta make good on this once in a lifetime Eren approved dick appointment—”
His eyes narrow, the corners of his lips curling up. “Funny.”
“You think so, huh? I dunno why since you’re the one that suggested it.”
His face is unreadable, serious in its intensity, making the smile slip from your lips as you fight the urge to look away. His eyes trail along your face, tracing every feature slowly, carefully, lingering on your mouth before he meets your gaze once more.
“When’re you gonna stop playing games?” His voice is low, making your heart pick up as you try to flatten yourself against the house a little more.
“When am I—” You furrow your brow, tilting your head up to look at him, head thumping against the siding once you realize he’s subtly shifting forward, eating up the space between you. The smell of beer and something stronger that lingers around him falls to the wayside as you soak in the brilliant jade green of his eyes, the deep colour shot through with lighter veins of sage and juniper. “What games, Jaeger?”
His smile gets a little wider, the tip of his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth, the stray strands of his hair tickling against yours as he shifts forward just a little more. “You nervous right now?”
Yes. “No. I’m not—” You clear your throat, ignoring his breathless chuckle at the way your voice cracked. Why is he so pretty? Why is he so stupid? Why are you so stupid? Of all the people you want to tumble into bed with, it has to be Eren Jaeger— “I’m not nervous.”
“You only call me Jaeger when you’re nervous.”
“That’s not true.”
“Last summer. Paradis beach.” He tilts his head to the side, and angles his mouth above yours. You can feel the heat radiating off of him, the puff of every breath across your lips. You let your eyes flutter shut just a moment longer than normal as you swallow nervously. Where…where are you supposed to look, exactly? In his eyes? At the way he’s practically smouldering from beneath the thick line of his lashes? At the way he has that stupidly mischievous smirk on his face right now? “Caught you watching me take my shirt off. You called me Jaeger then.”
You freeze like a deer in headlights, mouth running on autopilot even as you feel your face warm. “To keep your ego in check.”
Eren’s laughter is low, gravelly, rumbling through his chest as he slides a hand behind your neck, careful not to tug on your hair as he cups it, thumb stroking slow along the sensitive skin there. “Caught you uh…staring at my dick too when I got out of the water.”
“I was not,” you hiss automatically, bracing your hands against his chest supposedly to push him away, but your fingers, traitorous and weak, end up tangling in the front of his shirt instead. You can feel him, all firm muscle underneath his clothing, warm and solid, heart pounding loud and quick beneath your palms. You’re lying; you know you’re lying and he knows you’re lying, but you don’t know if you’re ready to indulge in the implications of that.
“No?” A thigh slips between yours; his hips pin you in place.
“I was—” It’s hard trying to think when he’s licking his lips like that, the quick flash of his tongue making your legs clench involuntarily around his own. In all honesty the truth doesn’t sound too bad; it sounds a whole lot better than what he’s suggesting, but anything in the general realm of admitting you were watching the slide of the water streaming down his abs is too embarrassing to admit out loud. Especially when it was paired with the thought of how it’d feel to let your hands follow the same path, hook into his swimming trunks, tug them down and off...
“You were…?” he prompts, lips grazing yours, making your whole brain short circuit as you suck in a quick little breath. It hits like a lightning strike; it feels like electricity zipping through your body, making every hair stand straight, sending a ripple of goosebumps along your skin. His lips are soft, they’re warm, and you know…you know deep in your heart that he’s a good kisser, that he’s the type to make you feel like you’re floating on air, that will send tingles shooting from your head to your toes, and you want—
“Heeeeeeyyyyy I was—oh shit, didn’t expect—” Connie grins, sloppy and absolutely wasted as he shoves the cowboy hat a little further back on his head, swaying from side to side as he points a wayward finger your way. His eyebrows wiggle up his face so high they almost disappear under the brim of his hat. “Were you guys about to fuck?”
The sigh Eren heaves is long and tense, the muscle in his jaw clenching.
“No, ‘cause like. Good for you. But also, dude…the front porch? We have a semi-dece bathroom upstairs nobody’s puked in yet—”
“Yeah, I uh…” You gently push Eren away, patting at his chest, trying not to let your hands linger too long, “…I think I’ll pass on that.” You can’t look him in the eye when you step around him, keeping focused on Connie, deliberately ignoring the slack-mouthed look he’s giving both of you as he scratches at the top of the cowboy hat. “There any more jungle juice left?”
“What? Yeah—yeah! Of course! It’s…” Connie sweeps a hand in the general vicinity of the from door, flapping it in the direction of the kitchen deep inside the frat house. “Somewhere. In there.” His eyes flicker behind you, losing a little bit of their glassiness as he pales minutely. “Let me—actually, let me go check that for you?”
You arch an eyebrow. “Are you asking me or telling me?”
He doesn’t respond, just does a precarious twirl before stumbling back towards the entrance, bouncing off the doorframe a few times for good measure before he manages to get back inside, the screen door slapping shut behind him. You heave a sigh, tension ebbing from your body as you stare dejectedly at your empty cup.
You don’t know it, but Eren’s face is positively murderous right now, cup crushed in his hand as he tries to settle his nerves; tries to resist reigniting the spark between you; tries to resist dragging you upstairs to the ‘semi-dece bathroom’ to finish your conversation and then some.
“So…” You half-glance over your shoulder at Eren, still too nervous to fully look him in the eye. The moths are still flittering recklessly around the porchlight, too stubborn to know when to call it quits. “You wanna go back inside? Grab another drink?”
The porch creaks beneath his feet as he walks towards you, and you brace yourself for the stilted conversation, for the crooked smile he’s going to give you as the two of you sweep whatever that was just minutes ago under the rug. For him to go back to the party and find another girl to fuck in his bed, for him to drag you back to his apartment to squirm on his couch, thighs rubbing together as you strain to pick up the deep grunts beneath the high-pitched moans.
His hand brushes yours, rough and calloused, to tug the cup from your fingers and toss it on the porch.
“Wh—hey, Eren—”
His eyes burn bright as he towers over you, jaw set, lips curved upwards. “I thought we were leaving.”
…shit. You almost lose your cool, your knees buckling ever so slightly before you drag what little is left of your composure back together.
“Were we, Jaeger?” He doesn’t respond, but his grin gets a little bigger, a little smugger, and you flush with embarrassment when he quietly mouths Jaeger, eyes twinkling while you stare stupidly at his lips. “…fuck.”
“C’mon.” Carefully wraps a hand around your wrist, fingers sliding into your palm as he searches your face. You still can’t really look him in the eye, more focused on staring at the soft pout of his mouth, the low collar of his tee. He slips his hand a little lower, interlaces his fingers with yours one by one slowly, loosely, giving you the time to pull away. Your hand squeezes a little tighter; his smile gets a little fiercer. “Let’s go.”
It’s strange getting into a car with just him, strange sitting on opposite ends of the back seat without a third body in the middle, draped across his chest. It’s like an insurmountable obstacle, the swathe of nylon between your bodies, between your leg and his hand. You can’t stop peeking at it, can’t stop measuring the distance between it and your thigh. He notices eventually; it’s not like you were being subtle by any means, but it still makes you flush when he laughs under his breath, seatbelt clicking undone as he slides across the seat to press you to the door.
It’s Eren, you have to remind yourself, taking shallow little breaths, trying not to tense too much when his hand squeezes above your knee. It feels good to have the weight of his touch on your body, feels even better when it creeps up a little higher, his pinky sliding up towards the seam of your pants.
“You wish,” you whisper—whisper, because that’s all you can manage right now with your heart in your throat—your nails digging into his forearm when he dares to drift his hand even higher. “Eren.”
You sneak a peek at the rearview mirror, lowering your hackles somewhat when you don’t catch the driver’s eye. The hand leaves your leg to wrap around your shoulders, to draw you closer to the warm, hard body beside you, to press your ear to his lips as he murmurs, “Why’re you so nervous?”
He’s such a little shit. You can hear the smile in his voice as he squeezes at your shoulder again.
“Would you feel better if you pretend I’m Karlos?”
You pinch at the back of his hand and he yelps, laughing when you turn your head to glare at him, only to be stopped by the warm brush of his mouth, the slow slide of his lips grazing yours. It’s easy to forget you’re not alone when he kisses you, coaxing your mouth open with a dextrous tongue, his one hand squeezing at your thigh to pull a quiet gasp from you as the other slides to the curve of your neck.
The car jerks to a stop and you part slowly from Eren, blinking rapidly as you try to reattach your head to your shoulders. His eyes are bright even in the dim light of the car, flecked with gold from the streetlamp outside as he looks at you with molten desire. It’s dizzying being on the receiving end of his attention, amplified by the feeling niggling at the back of your mind that he’s looked at you like this’re sure of it—
“You ready?” He slips from the car, hand tucked in his pocket as he braces his other arm along the edge of the door. It takes a moment for you to uncurl your limbs, to work feeling back into your wobbly legs, to not think too much into the way he extends a hand to help you out, his thumb running along the back of yours.
You stumble into his chest like the cover of a bad harlequin cover, and cling to him like a lifeline as you soak in the feeling of his body.
Waiting for Eren to open the door isn’t a new sight by any means, but the implications of what’s about to happen has you filled with nervous excitement, making you feel like you’re shaking in your shoes. It’s hard trying to pinpoint when exactly friendly affection tipped over to desire, the shift so gradual that one night you could be laughing with him over some stupid movie, and then the next morning wake up curled beside him on the couch, wet between the thighs from unconsciously grinding against his leg all night.
He’s always so insufferable those mornings, always lingering a little too close, letting his hand drift a little too low, stretching while trying to catch your eye, rucking up his shirt to scratch at his stomach… You blink, hesitating when he steps inside. Eren lingers in the doorway, nodding his head towards the rest of his apartment, towards the couch you’ve called your bed far too many times to count.
Has he…
You step inside unthinkingly, toeing off your shoes, following force of habit as you drape your purse on the squashy armchair he’d thrifted with Jean. You stare down at the floral print, tracing the edge of a stain from a particularly violent round of King’s Cup.
Has he thought about this before? Has he thought about you before?
You aren’t given much longer to mull it over, his body pressing up against yours, trapping you between the rough acrylic of the chair and the soft cotton of his shirt. The blossoming peonies and forget-me-nots look dull in contrast to the wink of his silver rings, his hands crushing petals beneath his palms as his breath ghosts your ear.
“What’re you doing all the way over here?”
“What do you…” You forget yourself, forget everything except the graze of his hands slipping your jacket off, baring your shoulders to the hot press of his mouth. “What do you mean?”
Eren tugs the jacket off you, tossing it onto the armchair to join your bag. His hands slide up your chest to cup at your tits, fingers grazing along the underside as he slots his hips against yours, lets you feel the swell of his half-hard cock against your ass. “Thought you wanted to sleep on the couch.”
You groan, rolling your eyes, fighting past the arousal building in your belly. “Listen, you little shit—”
“What?” He turns you around, pins you back against the armchair with his cock again, eyes gleaming at the way you gasp. “Am I wrong?”
His hands tickle up your shirt, his palms dragging along the sensitive skin of your stomach as he hitches the fabric up high…a little higher… It doesn’t take long before that’s gone too, dropped to the ground in favour of him thumbing at your bra, sliding his fingers along the band as they dance toward the clasp.
“What happened to all that attitude?” he murmurs, swallowing your indignant protest with his mouth against yours. You want to snipe back, but it’s hard trying to formulate a response when he’s biting and sucking at your lower lip so insistently. You part your lips without thinking, letting him do something with his tongue that leaves you lightheaded and clinging desperately to his shirt.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” he breathes, yelping when you bite harshly at his lip, his eyes wide as he touches a finger to it.
“Stop being a dick, Jaeger,” you pant. Not your best, but you can’t be bothered to try when you’re pushing his hoodie off at the same time, nails skimming along the firm set of his shoulders and squeezing at his arms.
“Jaeger,” he breathes, laughing under his breath, following you when you deliberately turn your face away from him. “Aw, c’mon, it’s kinda cute—”
“I’m not trying to be cute—” Your bra sags between your bodies, the clasp undone, the straps slipping off your shoulders as he hums, satisfied. It too is lost to his living room, his eyes too busy staring greedily at your chest to care when it lands atop his monstera plant.
“You are cute.” He thumbs at your nipples, watching them perk up beneath his touch. He dips his fingers down, toys with the button of your pants as he looks up at you from under his lashes. “But you’re pretty fuckin’ hot too.”
It’s enough to stun you silent, that and the feeling of him kissing and licking along the line of your neck, pulling high-little ah ah ahs from you as he shoves your pants down, taking your underwear with them. It’s hard trying to kick them off when he’s kissing you so intensely, practically devouring you as you struggling with the material caught around your ankles. He slips a leg between yours, grinds your cunt against his thigh as he steps on the offending piece of clothing, a big palm sweeping along the back of each thigh to pull your feet free.
“Good?” he pants against your mouth, not bothering to wait for a reply as the two of you stumble over to the couch, the edge of it catching the back of your knees before he lays you down. He fits himself between your legs quickly, spreading them with his body, cool air tickling along your slick folds.
“Fuck.” He stares at you, palms hovering above your body like he doesn’t really believe you’re real, like he’s afraid if he touches you you’ll turn to dust and crumble away. “It’s better than I imagined.”
“Than you—” Your nails dig into your palms. So…then he has thought about you before. “Than you imagined?”
“Yeah.” He grins, boyish and devilish at the way you squirm beneath him. “What, you interested? Wanna hear about all the dirty thoughts I had about you? I can show you too, y’know.”
You don’t school your face back into nonchalance quick enough and he practically purrs when he says, “You’d like that, huh? Hearing about how I thought about you bent over this couch, sitting on my cock? About all the times I’ve thought about fucking you dumb, making you suck my cock, cumming on your tits…”
His hand drifts upwards to pinch at your nipples, rolling them between his fingers before he paws at your chest.
“So fuckin’ hot,” he murmurs more to himself than to you, watching the way they bounce when he smacks at them, the way you whimper and bow off the couch. “I could just…”
He trails off, bending in favour of speaking, mouthing at your tits, suck slow bruises along the skin as you cry out.
“Fuck, I’ve thought about this for ages,” he confesses, cupping both breasts, sliding his tongue sloppy from one to the other. “Always wanted ‘em in my mouth, wanted to make you…heh.”
His breath washes hot along your skin and then he bites down, hard enough to sting, tongue soothing the mark when you squeak out his name. He groans, the noise vibrating through your chest. “Yeah, just like that—”
He does it again, relishing your noises, humping his clothed cock against your core with every high-pitched squeal that spills from your mouth.
“Can’t—I can’t wait any longer,” he confesses, kissing his way down to your hips, tongue dipping in your bellybutton to make you squirm. When he’s at your cunt he takes in a deep breath, eyes fixed on it, hungry, awestruck as he slowly sits back up. “Look at that.”
He sounds reverent trailing his hand down your side, squeezing at your waist before he pets his palm over your belly to settle just above your pussy. His fingers graze your folds and you flinch, propping yourself up on your elbows.
“Wait, Eren, your rings.” He raises his hand, gives his ring and middle fingers a conspicuous wiggle. They’re bare, devoid of any jewelry, and the lascivious way he pokes his tongue between his teeth at you as you huff and look away. “Oh god.”
“I’m good.”
Burying your face in your hands seems like an excellent course of action as you contemplate everything that’s lead you to this moment. “I’m regretting this already.”
“Are you?” He pets his knuckles along your slit, chucking at the way you press your hips into the sensation, chasing the slide of his fingers. “You look pretty wet down here.”
It’s such a simple statement, but it still has your core clenching, your breath caught in your throat as you watch him slick up his hand. He pushes past your entrance, giving his fingers a playful wiggle, curling them to graze along your g-spot as he chuckles.
“Pretty fuckin’ wet…” He groans as he watches your glistening juices smearing along the rest of his hand as your walls tremble, squeezing him tight. “Fuck. Can’t wait to get my cock in you.”
“Eren—” The slight stretch of his fingers, long, thick, and dextrous inside you has you canting your hips towards him, squeaking every single time he brushes that spongey spot inside you. It feels good, feels better than you could’ve imagined, than you have imagined on the few nights you gave in to your daydreams about him. He’s taking his time though, slowly pulling them out, slowly pushing them in, pressing along every inch of your walls to really make you feel it, to really make you soak in the fact that it’s him between your legs, him working you open. “M-more.”
“More? You’re real greedy.” He withdraws his hand just to smack lightly at your clit, chuckling when you arch and moan; he’s watching you the whole while, eyes dark and pupils blown wide, lashes sweeping along his cheek as he turns his attention to your desperately spasming hole. “Look at that,” he murmurs, sinking to his belly to toy with your folds, spreading them and slicking his hand through them as his breath puffs warm along the inside of your thighs. “Can’t wait to ruin you.”
He spits on your cunt without warning, cheeks hollowing out once more as he watches the thick slide of his saliva mixing with the rest of your essence. You mumble something incoherent and throw an arm over your eyes, face overheating as you try to wrap you mind around Eren spitting down there, Eren making you wetter, sloppier…
There’s another glob of spit drooled on your pussy, tickling along your clit moments before he laps at the bud with his tongue, humming contentedly as he tastes you.
“You taste real sweet,” he murmurs, and you can feel his smile pressed up between your legs as he laps at you a little more. “I think I could die happy here.”
“Don’t joke around about stuff like that,” you hiss, trying your best to stay petulant, trying your best to keep from letting you know just how sinfully talented he is with his tongue.
“I’m not jokin’.” There’s another obscene slurp as he seals his mouth around your folds, tongue curling between them, lightly grazing at your dripping entrance. It stokes the fire in your belly feeling the tip of his tongue tickle at the edge of your hole, flirting with the idea of slipping inside your walls or sweeping back up to your throbbing clit. “Your pussy tastes like heaven.”
It’s a lewd sight, him between your legs. The intensity in his gaze leaves you breathless, the perfect pout of his lips more pronounced when he sucks on your clit, tiny little pulses that have you rutting up against his mouth. You lift a shaking hand, chest drawing tight as you place it over his eyes, tossing your head back when he gives a deft twist of his wrist.
“D-don’t look at me like that!”
“Like what?” His laughter vibrates through you, making you squirm, making you gush a little wetter. “How am I lookin’ at you?”
Like…like he wants to eat you alive. Like he’s trying to memorize every single expression on your face. Like it is a dream come true, a fantasy brought to life, a golden opportunity for him to act upon every heady, lust-filled thought he’s ever had about you. But you can’t say that to him, not without feeling a little too conceited, not without feeling the warm twist of something else, something a little pricklier in your belly.
There’s another wet slurp of his lips as he pulls away, an equally wet smack as he taps at your clit again, watching with open interest at the way your pussy clenches around his fingers. At some point during his relentless ministrations your hand had shifted to his hair, struggling to card through what had escaped from his bun.
When you tug a little more insistently at his hair he groans, dragging himself away from the sweet taste of your cunt, face slick with your juices. “What.”
“If—” You swallow hard, trying not to focus too hard on the way his tongue slides out to tickle obscenely at your clit. “If you keep going, I’m gonna cum.”
“Isn’t that the point?” Another purposeful lick, another press of his face between your thighs until you tug on his hair again. “C’mon—”
“I wanna cum when you fuck me.”
Oh, that gets his attention. Eren freezes, looking positively starstruck before he rises and tugs his shirt off, revealing a broad, well-muscled expanse of skin, the dark hair trailing down his abs to his pants making your mouth water. His thumbs hook teasingly in the low-slung waistband of his pants, the rest of his fingers splaying towards the single button and flimsy zipper keeping him from you. He preens when he sees the way you’re staring intently at the bulge along his thigh.
“You want it?”
He clicks his tongue, stilling your hands midair. “Hands off ‘til I say.”
Heat pools in your cunt when you obey, shifting on the couch to face him better, your toes curling in the carpet. He moves purposefully, trailing his fingers along the rough denim of his jeans, nimble fingers undoing the button just to pinch at the zipper, dragging the tab down slow as molasses. You curl your fingers into fists as you follow his happy trail, framed on either side by the sharp v-cut of his obliques, by the flaps of his pants, leading to a dark patch of neatly trimmed hair that has you sighing dreamily. He’s not wearing any underwear, and that knowledge burns hot in your core.
The pants tug down, revealing the thick swell of his cock, the shaft flush and full pressed against his thigh. It springs up once it’s free and your mouth goes dry at the sight between his legs, at the hard, leaking cock slapping up against his abs as he smirks down at you.
“Like what you see?” He fists himself loosely, languidly, guiding your eyes up the tan shaft to the perfect pink head, precum dribbling onto his finger when he gives himself a tight squeeze.
“I—” You watch his hand descend now, watching the way the soft skin tugs taut, watch the slick trail of your cum spreading along it down to the base, onto the balls as he cups them in his palm. He hisses when he squeezes them gently, cock jumping at the sensation. You blink dumbly. “Yeah. Y-yeah.”
He shifts forward when you sit up, tongue wetting his lips as he watches you brace your hands along his thighs, nose a scant few inches from his dick, lips parted so cutely he kind of wants to fuck into your mouth without warning.
“Yeah?” His hand draws back up, keeping that same painfully slow pace just to watch the way you’re looking at him so intently, throat bobbing as you swallow. “You want a taste?”
Cautiously you reach a hand up to him, gaze flicking up to meet his, like you’re shy, like you’re asking for permission. He looks at you a little headier, a little hungrier as you chew on your lip.
“’S not gonna bite.”
You know that, but the gruff way he says it has you shivering instead of sulking, has your mouth filling with saliva as you wrap your hand around his cock, stacking your fist above his. He’s heavy and thick in your palm, hotter to the touch than you thought he would be. There’s the barest hitch in his breath and you fight back the urge to smile, fixated instead on the slow bead of precum slipping from the slit. The tip of your tongue snakes out to lap at it, and he swears, low and growled.
“Quit being a tease.”
But Eren, you want to say, that’s half the fun.
A part of you wants to say it, just to see what he’ll do, just to see if he’ll snap and fuck into your throat hard and fast, to see if he’ll make you choke on his cock, but the other half... You want to take your time…want to spend just as long worshiping the veiny shaft and hefty balls as he did the still aching slit between your legs. You settle for blinking innocently up at him, the haze in your eyes and the tip pushing at your lips ruining the illusion. You know exactly what you’re doing when you slip the head onto your tongue, when you flick at the frenulum and suckle a little harder to pull another shiver from his body.
“Shit, keep doing that…” He cups your face, stroking his thumb along the curve of your cheek, trailing it down to flit along the line of your lips stretching around him. He licks at his lower lip, tongue poking out as he watches you sink down a little further onto his cock, swallowing with every inch that fills your mouth. “Such a pretty fuckin’ cocksucker.”
The moan you let out is involuntary, heat flushing through your body, warming your chest and your pussy as you let him buck a little bit into your mouth.
“You like that, huh? Like hearin’ about how good you look swallowing my cock?” You let out another muffled whine and he chokes out another laugh, his hand leaving your face to drag down his, hovering over his mouth as his eyes shine bright. “Oh fuck, y’look good like this.”
Your own hand drifts down to settle between your thighs, sliding slippery and crude along your clit, spreading the juices you know are soaking into the couch with every passing second. You can’t help the weak whimper the feeling pulls from you, the skittering pleasure as you rub at your puffy bundle of nerves. It feels good, the heft of his dick in your mouth, the feel of him feeding you a little more every time, your lips bumping along his fingers as you swallow obediently. You’re caught in the haze of sensations, eyes slipping closed more and more with every gentle thrust he gives that you hardly even notice the head hitting the back of your throat. You just hum happily, ripping another gravelly groan from Eren as he pulls his hips back.
“Fuck, keep it—keep it open for me,” he hisses, drawing out completely, hands tugging at his balls as he stares the thick strings of spit and precum trailing from your mouth to his dick. You do as he says, squirming your hips from side to side, filling the spaces between his every breath, between your panting with the lewd click click click of your slick catching along your fingers. “You like me fuckin’ your mouth, huh?”
“Uh-huh.” Your throat works to swallow the saliva pooling along your tongue as you tilt your head back.
“You do?” Eren trails his free hand down your arm, lazily stroking his cock again as he dips his fingers past yours, hissing at the mess he finds smeared along your inner thighs. “You’re messy as fuck down here, huh?”
It’s not hard to make out the strain in his voice, not hard to see the way his cock twitches when he lifts his hand to see your arousal coating his fingers. He sucks them clean, smiling slyly when he sees the way you’re watching his tongue slide along every knuckle until they’re glistening with his spit instead. “What? You want a taste?”
He doesn’t give you a chance to reply, just gently pushes your hand out of the way to slot his fingers back inside you, reaching deeper than you’d been able, curling inside your walls as he pulls more slick out.
“Go on.” He holds his hand before your face, your wetness leaking over his knuckles, coating the rings on his other fingers and make you grow hot with embarrassment. “Clean me up.”
It’s easier not to think too hard about the humiliation that melts into arousal, to not think about how your hands are shaking from anticipation rather than trepidation when you grab at his wrist. It’s easier to just watch the way his eyes widen, to watch the jump of muscle in his jaw when you lave your tongue along the delicate tendons of his hand, along the rings warmed from his skin and yours, along the rough pads of his fingers as you do as you’re told.
His smile is tense, taut around the edges; he inhales shakily when you slide his fingers into his mouth and suck gently on them. “You listen real well…such an obedient slut.”
…god. The low gravel of his voice, the way he manages to put so much affection—so much desire—into a name that would normally make you bristle and hiss…it has you moaning a little, has you rubbing your thighs together. He reefs his fingers from your mouth in favour of pinching at your face, cheeks hollowing out again, lips pursing, the slow line of drool slipping from his tongue to yours as you pant and wriggle in his hold. It feels good swallowing it; it fuels that part of you that feels so warm, so wanted right now. The part that flutters every single time he looks at you with something akin to pride, to satisfaction.
“Eren.” You sound so needy, so breathy, so plaintive it makes you shiver a little. “Please.”
“What, you want my cock again?” He chuckles but obliges anyway, tapping the sticky head along your mouth, sliding it along your lips before he feeds it to you bit by bit. “Didn’t take long to fuck the attitude out of you, huh?”
You can’t pout at him with your mouth full so you settle for sucking a little harder than before, eyes narrowing as he makes a punched-out sound. His deep groan melts into a laugh as he taps at your cheek, hips pressing forward until he’s stretching your throat out, until he feels you gagging and swallowing desperately around his dick.
“Not—fuck—yet, huh? ‘S okay…ah just like that.” Your nose grazes the trimmed patch of hair at the base of his cock, drool slicking your lips as your eyes start to water. He looks like a dream above you, looking for all intents and purposes like he’s in pain, but the weight of his hand along the back of your neck, the growl rumbling from his chest says differently. “I got time—fuck—”
He pulls back then thrusts his hips forward again; this time his cock slides into your throat without trouble, this time the press of it makes you leak onto the couch a little more. Eren sets an easy rhythm, not too fast not too slow, but he goes deep every single time, makes sure he can feel the squeeze of your throat, makes sure you can hear every filthy, cracked swear he lets out in between telling you you’re being so good for him, doing so good, feel so fucking good. On the next one you dare to let your tongue slip out, the tip licking sloppy down towards his balls and the reaction is instantaneous.
“F-fuck.” He yanks you off his cock with a tight hand, the other flying to the base, squeezing hard, his balls drawing tight to his body as he hisses. “You’re dangerous,” he gasps, trying to calm his breathing, trying to still his twitching cock. “Real fuckin’ dangerous.”
“What, too much for you?” Your voice is raspy, husky, filled with lust and what little sass you’ve managed to pull from deep inside you.
“You wanna talk about too much?” He has you flipped over in a flash your arms draped long the back of the couch as you peek over your shoulder.
There’s a smack to your ass that has you choking on your next words, your legs sliding a little as he braces a foot on the couch. His hands dig into your ass, long fingers squeezing rough and hard at the tender flesh. His cock bumps up against your entrance, blunt and hard, making you leak a little more.
“What, you chickenin’ out on me now?” He meets your eyes and chews on his lip for a moment, slicking his shaft through your folds, gathering your juices to slather onto his cock. “Say the word and I’ll stop.”
You can’t—you can’t when he’s so close to where you want him, where you need him. God, you feel so empty right now, the ache between your thighs muddling your brain, making you squirm back towards him.
“Fuck.” He spanks you again, the sting of his rings feeling better than it should, trailing fire straight to your cunt. “Or I can be nice.” He bends towards you, slots his cock more fully against your pussy to draw you into a long, lingering kiss. “I can fuck you nice and easy if you want.”
It’s tempting, if you’re being honest; tempting and terrifying. The thought of him wrapping you in his arms, the thought of seeing the sliver of softness in his eyes blooming more fully, of drowning in it—it’s too much for right now. You tuck your face into your shoulder, hoping he can’t feel the heat radiating from your cheeks.
“I thought you were gonna fuck the attitude out of me.”
He doesn’t speak; he doesn’t have to when he’s slamming his hips against yours, sitting balls deep inside you with one swift thrust, tearing a garbled mess of his name from your throat as you collapse against the back of the couch.
“Don’t tell me you’re giving up already,” he laughs, voice tight, spitting the words out through gritted teeth as he watches his dick slip from your grasping pussy, just to shove it back inside you. “Nn ‘s fuckin’ tight, huh? Guess I didn’t—shit—fuck you open enough—”
Every single time you gather your jumbled thoughts together he’s fucking back into you, the stretch of his cock rendering you stupid. It takes a moment for you to realize you’re drooling, mouth hanging open as you let out cry after cry of his name.
“’S too much!”
“Yeah?” He braces his arms on either side of your head, shoving his hips against yours, grinding deep inside your pussy, forearms flexing as he bends to hover by your ear. “What happened to all that t-talk before, huh? What happened to all that attitude?”
His knuckles turn white as he fucks into you a little faster, still just as hard, still just as deep, still making you feel every single inch of him sliding out and sliding in, splitting you open.
“Thought you wanted it. Thought you wanted my cock—shit.” Eren gives a mean roll of his hips, catching something inside you that has you crying out, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes when you squeeze them shut. He lets out a low, delirious chuckle at the sight, nipping at the curve of your ear. “You’re cryin’? You’re really—nn—cryin’ right now?”
“’S too much—” you squeak out, even as your back arches to shimmy your hips impossibly closer to his, even as the tight coil in your core gets a little bigger, a little tenser. If he grazed your clit you’d cum in second; if he just keeps fucking that spot inside you… You feel like you’re on the verge of losing your mind, the center of your universe narrowed down to the thick slide of his cock inside you.
And then it’s gone.
“W-what?” Your pussy flutters around nothing, your hand pausing partway down your body, fingers grazing just above your clit. “Where—”
When you turn around to look at him his face is unreadable, a flicker of relief crossing his face before it settles back into the same aloof mask. His cock, white and creamy with your arousal stands tall and proud between his legs.
“You said it was too much.” The corner of his mouth twitches up in spite of himself, his hand squeezing and jiggling at one ass cheek as he watches you squirm.
“That—I wasn’t—”
“What?” His eyebrows drift upwards, sly and smug, his crooked smile growing a little bigger. “You were lying?” He shifts back a bit when you try to press back against him. “You still want my cock, huh?”
Humiliation burns deep and warm in your chest. “Yeah…I—”
“How much?”
How…how much? Your mind is going a mile a minute and coming up blank. You can’t think long enough with him so close—
You watch as he tugs his hair loose, combing through it, sighing in relief at the feeling of his fingers massaging at his scalp. He’s so pretty. It’s not fair, honestly, and the way he looks so smug right now, watching you watch him…
You slip your hand between your legs, shivering when you brush along your clit, fingers spreading your folds apart to show him your clenching hole. You have to bury your face back into the couch, sacrificing the sight of his eyes growing wide for the sake of your sanity, for the sake of ignoring the way you’re dripping around your fingers when you feel the prickling weight of his stare.
“Fill me up, Eren, please?”
“O-oh god.” You don’t have long to relish the desperate edge to his voice, not when he’s fucking back into you again, fast and hard, short little thrusts that bury him deep inside your needy cunt, that have his balls slapping loud and harsh along your clit. “Fuck, this little pussy’s so fuckin’ tight. You’re makin’ me feel so good…”
“Fuck—fuck—” All you can do is cling to the couch while he’s fucking you, listening to the slap of his skin against yours, the smack of his palm on your ass. “Eren, I—” He doesn’t wait for you to finish, just slips his hand between your legs to roll and pinch at your clit with practiced precision, pulling a loud mewl from you. “H-harder—"
“You want it?” he pants, gravelly, strained, fucking into you faster, harder, watching the way your ass ripples with every thrust. “Yeah, you do. Oh shit, take my fuckin’ cock—yeah, that’s right.””
He abandons your clit in favour of grabbing at the back of the couch with both hands, rocking the back of it up against the wall, dull little thuds in time with the way he’s rutting into you, fast and sloppy. It gets him deeper, has you sobbing into the couch, has you tossing your head back to look at him through teary eyes, stumbling over the syllables of his name as he growls.
“Gonna fuck you so good—gonna fuck you stupid—f-fuck.” Eren grabs at your pussy, possessive, desperate, massaging your clit between his fingers as he swears, as he tries to flick the hair falling in front of his eyes out of the way. “’S mine. This little­—ah—sweet little pussy’s mine—”
You clench around him, the idea of being owned, of being his filling you with warmth, with need, amplifying the waves of knife-sharp satisfaction building inside you. You tip your head back to meet his gaze, eyes heavy-lidded with lust as you purr, “’S yours, daddy.”
“Ohhh I—fuck—”
Distantly, you know you should be making fun of him for cumming just like that, should be teasing him for cumming just from you calling him daddy, but he looks so good when he’s painting your walls white, stuffing you full of his seed. You want to memorize every part of his face, the way his eyebrows draw up, the wet shine of his mouth, the way his cheekbones are glistening with sweat, catching the light as he lets out a loud groan of your name. His breathing is ragged, chest heaving as his hips stutter against yours, fucking himself through his orgasm.
“Shit.” He watches the thick drag of his cum on his shaft when he pulls out, watches it squelch obscenely along your folds when he thrusts back in. “Oh, fuck you took daddy’s cock so well.”
You can’t help clenching around him, dragging another long hiss from him as his lips quirk upwards, his tongue, wet and pink poking out as his eyes flicker up to meet yours.
“Look at you…stuffed full of daddy’s cum.” You let out a weak moan this time, hips swiveling from side to side, clit throbbing with want when he grazes his thumb along it. “You hear that? Hear how fuckin’ messy you are now?”
The lewd squelch of him still rutting against you has your mind going haywire, consuming it with the desperate urge to cum around his cock, still sitting hard and throbbing inside you.
“That’s not what you were callin’ me before.”
Fuck…fuck why is it so embarrassing now? Why is it so hard to say now? Now, when he’s the one that came just from hearing it. When he’s the one that filled you up, when he’s the one that—
“C’mon, say it again.” Eren pinches at your clit, still smiling at you, laughing when your eyes dart away. “You’re getting all shy on me now? Say it for me, baby…say it and daddy’ll let you cum.”
His groan when your walls flutter around him again sends a ripple of courage surging through you, has you bravely meeting his eye, biting your lip when he gives a tight circle along your clit.
“Daddy—” His smirk is wobbly, heavy with desire, punctuated with the wet grind of his hips against yours. “Daddy, make me cum—”
He flips you easily. The slide of his cum dripping down towards your ass only lasts the five seconds it takes for him to kneel between your legs, to pry your folds apart, to stare at the sight of it drooling from your poor little hole before he laps at it with his tongue. Eren’s not bothering keeping quiet, making sure you can hear every single moan as he cleans you up, as every single squelch of his tongue wiggling between your folds, every firm suck to your clit.
“Want you to cum,” he mumbles against your thigh, slipping his fingers inside you, eyes fixed on the sight of his seed squishing between your folds. “Want you to cum for me.” His tongue flicks along your clit, circling it quickly once, twice, “Want you to cum for daddy.”
You couldn’t stop your orgasm if you tried, the rush of it slamming through you so quick you almost forget how to breathe. He keeps you hovering there, keeps you floating in a warm, electrifying cloud of pleasure as he sucks on your clit, as he moans and whispers that you look so good, you’re doing so good for daddy, fingers fucking into you the whole while.
“E-Eren—s-stop ‘s too much—” you choke out, hands scrabbling at his head, pushing him away from your jolting body, from your sensitive clit. He gives a mean little curl of his fingers anyway, biting lightly at your thigh and you squeal.
“So.” He pops his fingers in his mouth, licking them clean, eyes fluttering at the taste of the two of you mixed together. His hand is wet when it grabs at you, tugging you up to fit against his chest just so he can lay the two of you back down. He sweeps his other hand along your face, pushing back the damp hairs clinging to your skin, wiping away the sheen of sweet. “Daddy, huh?”
“Don’t, just—don’t,” you mumble, burying your face in his chest, breathing him in, relishing the feeling of him warm and bare beneath you, his long legs tangled with yours.
“I’m not trying to be mean,” he promises, flicking at your forehead and immediately negating his words. “It’s just interesting.”
“And that’s my cue to go to bed.” You’re tugged against his chest with a yelp, held fast by one strong arm that doesn’t budge no matter how much you squirm. “What’re you doing?”
“What?” He feigns innocence even as the corners of his mouth curl up. “I thought you wanted to sleep on the couch.”
“Fuck you, Jaeger.”
“Nah, not Jaeger.” His other arm wraps a little tighter around your waist as he palms at your ass, rolling it in his hand, drinking in the way your lashes flutter traitorously. “It’s daddy. Remember?”
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luvbub · 4 months ago
HI! i loved you post about 'piking up their drunk s/o' 🍺can you do another part with 'Kageyama, Futakuchi, Kenma and Sugawara?' Please and thank you. 🥺
picking up their drunk s/o part two
Tumblr media
feat. Kageyama, Futakuchi, Kenma, Sugawara
♡ warning: mentions of alcohol
♡ a/n: timeskip, also I almost didn’t finish this but like I might as well HAHA, here are more drunk antics, ALSO wow futakuchi makes an appearance
♡ part one
Tumblr media
listen Kageyama hardly went out, and when he did he hardly drinks
so he never could have anticipated that you would go out and drink so much
he was at home, watching volleyball as per usual when he got a call from you
and the first thing he notices was how slurred your voice was
“Tooooooobio. I love you” you cooed to him
and while this did make him blush, he was certainly concerned for you
“I- Y/n are you drunk?” he asks, and while you deny it, he hears your friends in the background calling you a liar and telling him that you are in fact drunk
“NO TOBIO I’M COMPLETELY FINE DON’T LISTEN TO THEM” you screech into the phone, hanging up immediately
Kageyama sighs, and grabs a jacket and his keys before leaving to the restaurant you said you were at
when he pulled up to the restaurant he saw you sitting in front with your friends, completely slumped over
the first thing he did was throw a jacket over you to keep warm
and in one swift motion, he scooped you into his arms, walking back to his car
“hmm? oh Tobio, it’s you. hi!” you groggily greet your boyfriend. even though you were energetic earlier, sometime while waiting it all came crashing down on you and you became lethargic
“dummy” Kageyama mutters underneath his breath, and he smiled when he saw you pouting upon hearing
“what would have happened if I listened to you and didn’t come pick you up?” he asks, setting you down in the passenger seat
“I would’ve crawled home” you giggle, as tired as you were, that didn’t stop your sass
Kageyama rolls his eyes at you, but he can’t help but smile at how cute you were
when he drives you home, he has to help you get out of the car and into the house- an easy feat once he realizes he can just carry you
and you bet he’s not leaving your side until you’re sober enough to be on your own
even when you insist that you’re fine, he still keeps an eye on you, bringing you water
such an attentive boyfriend, we love to see it
honestly, usually you were the one who had to pick up your drunk boyfriend from his outings
but this time he was home, and you were the one who had gone out with your friends
and when Futakuchi got a slew of messages from you, all of them seemingly incoherent and riddled with typos, he couldn’t help but feel amused
you, his darling little s/o who would scold him for getting too drunk, found yourself in his shoes
before he could text back, you gave him a call
“oh? is someone a bit drunk?” he said into the phone, teasing you
“Kennnnnji, I think I’m lost” you say, and your boyfriend nearly drops his phone
“what?” he asks you, quickly getting up and trying to find his keys to go out to find you
he knew that the bar you went to wasn’t that far from home, but how the heck did you still manage to get lost
just how drunk were you?
“I thought I could walk home by myself but then I got really tired and my head hurts and I don’t know where I am” you whine
but you recount passing by a small playground, so Futakuchi was able to have some sort of approximation as to where you could be
“okay baby, can you just stay on the phone with me, I’ll pick you up soon!” he says, slipping on his shoes
he ran out of the house, and when he got to the sidewalk he started making his way to where you could be
which wasn’t that far
actually you were sitting on the curb, in front of the neighbor’s house
Futakuchi quietly hangs up the phone and watches as you panic
“KENJI?” you screech when you realize that the call had ended
your boyfriend chuckles, watching you scramble to call him again, but he walks closer, plucking your phone out of your hands
“hEY GIVE THAT- oh. Kenji!!” you cheer upon seeing your boyfriend’s face
he helped you up, and the two of you walked back home
“geez Y/n, even I’m not this chaotic when I’m drunk” he teases, but he was honestly relieved that you were just safe and sound
when the two of you get home, he doesn’t let you out of his sight, and caters to your every need
and he has a brief moment of contemplation wondering if this is what you experience when he goes out
because if that’s the case then he sure as heck needs to make it up to you
Kenma was streaming the night you decided to go out with your friends
his chat teased him about how awestruck he was when he saw you all dressed up to go out, but even they had to admit you looked nice
hours later, you were still out and he was still streaming
as he was playing, he noticed a donation that had popped onto his screen
“hi kenma it’s y/n I'm watching your stream at the bar hehe” it read
then another one appeared
“u are very cute I'm so lucky to be dating u omg”
Kenma couldn’t stop blushing at how brazen you were being, and then you sent another donation
“hehehe ur cute when ur blushing”
soon the donations stopped, and he shook his head hat how even when you were out with your friends, you still wanted to watch his streams
but 10 minutes later he notices his phone light up
he expected it to be a call from you, but to his surprise it was your friend calling
which worried him, what happened in the last 10 minutes that you couldn’t call him yourself?
he frantically picked up the phone, hoping that something didn’t happen to you
“hey sorry, Y/n’s phone died. but uhhhhhh yeah they’re kinda drunk now... do you think you can come pick them up?” they ask, and Kenma quickly agreed
he looked at his stream, he really didn’t want to stop, but you were a higher priority
“alright everybody, I’m gonna end the stream now! I might start one again after picking up Y/n, but no promises.” he says, saying his goodbyes and ending the stream
Kenma quickly made his way out of the house, heading to the bar you were at to pick you up
you were outside with your friends, and when you saw the familiar car your eyes lightened up
Kenma stepped out of the car to walk you
“wait I thought you were streaming!” you asked, a bit more sober than you were earlier
“ended it so I could pick you up” he answered, fastening your seat belt for you
you felt insanely guilty about that- maybe it was your drunken stupor that enhanced your feelings but you certainly didn’t want to feel like any sort of inconvenience for your boyfriend
but he picked up on your mood and quickly presses a kiss to your forehead
“trust me Y/n, being with you beats out streaming any day, alright?” he reassures
and when the two of you get home, he doesn’t start his stream again, instead he dedicates the time to care for you
he’s actually hanging out and catching up with Daichi, Asahi, Kiyoko, and Tanaka
he’s their designated driver tonight (as is Tanaka)
Sugawara also knows that you’re out with your friends, and he as the upmost trust that whatever you’re doing, you’re staying completely safe, right?
that is, until he got a call from you, seemingly out of nowhere
“Y/n, is something wrong?” he asks, worried. normally you would give him little text updates of your night, so a call might have meant something more serious occurred
“hi baby” you giggled, and your boyfriend just knew you were drunk
“uhhh so everyone’s drunk, including our designated driver.......and everyone’s having their s/o’s pick them up......” you explain and you hear Sugawara sigh on the phone
and as soon as you heard that you started to panic
“wait I’m sorry, I know you’re out with your friends right now. I’ll try asking for a ride home don’t worry!!” you suggest, but Sugawara shuts down that idea immediately
“no I’m not upset Y/n please. I’m just surprised that everyone’s drunk is all. It’s not that big of a deal with me, now where are you at?” he asks
you tell him the name of the restaurant you were at and his eyebrows furrow at the same
Sugawara sits up, scanning the restaurant he was in, and sure enough in the opposite corner, he saw you and your friends
your friends were slowly making their leave out of the restaurant, and soon enough you were the only one left
“got it, see you in a bit” he replies, hanging up the phone
and within seconds you saw your boyfriend at your table
“I- WOW how did you get here so quickly!!” you exclaim, amazed at his abilities. you quickly cling onto your boyfriend, hugging him as he leads you back to his table
“oh sHIT, the whole gang’s here!!” you cry out upon seeing his friends
and his friends, who were also all drunk (besides Tanaka) also marbled at how quickly Sugawara was able to pick you up
you continued your night with your boyfriend and his friends, and Sugawara made sure you were hydrated and eating something throughout the night
and when the night was over, after he had dropped off Daichi and Asahi off at their places, he drove you home
he definitely gave you a piggy back ride all the way until he reached your bedroom, and the entire time you were babbling about how amazing he was for picking you up so fast
and sure he blushes as all of your compliments and sweet words, but you bet he’ll make fun of you in the morning
1K notes · View notes