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#tw angst
bishonenprince · 8 minutes ago
@rollinggirlrunahika​ || [ 💀 ✝️ ⚰️ ]
Tumblr media
▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ╰┈➤He gave the girl an amused hum as he stepped closer to her not fearing being struck down at all. “But it is me! I’m Sora! Help me, I’ve fallen into the darkness! I can’t control it, please save yourself! You have to get away!” Crocodile tears formed in the corners of his eyes as he enacted a very convincing display of him struggling to fight with himself. Falling to the floor he held his head, now full out crying in utter despair. “Please, I can’t hold down the darkness any longer..please, please, please. Get away, save yourself! RUN!” Soranort was pretty content with himself inside, laughing at the pathetic girl in his mind as he writhed in what seemed to be a very hard mental battle. Surely whatever bond they had must have been so precious like any other one of his companions. Surely, they’d cry and believe him because Sora was just that kind of guy. Putting others before himself. He knew that much from the small number of memories he still had. He’d tug at the girls heartstrings, break her and ultimately laugh in her face before deciding whether or not to kill her. Perhaps he’d slowly tear her apart limb from limb. “I’m sorry- I’m sorry..I let this happen to me. Please, run. Hurry. I can’t push it down any  longer.” His hand extended towards her in what appeared to be desperation. If Soranort was good at anything, it was hitting where it hurt the most. Be it through physical combat or emotional and psychological manipulation.
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sukunasfootrest · 2 hours ago
I’m so glad your blog is getting the recognition it deserves you’re so amazing. I love your writing and the way you stylize the personality of characters into something so authentic I just gotta change the pronouns usually 🥲. Last year I realized I was trans and finding m!reader x character is pretty hard and I barely expect male trans!reader x character. If it’s not too much trouble can you write a jjk character (obsessed with Nanamin, Sukuna, and Gojo) with a male trans character where they love and accept them 🥺. Only if you’re comfortable with it it can be a just a male in general. It can be about anything too! Hope you have a great day your blog is so amazing ❤️❤️❤️
ily so much omg. i thought long and hard how to write a fic with specifically a male trans!reader, but i wasn’t sure how well i would be able to capture that specific perspective, so i’m going to go ahead with just a male reader, if that’s okay! 
i’m also combining with this ask from @will-grammer : Thank you for answering my previous ask 😊 Could I request for something featuring Nanami and a third-year male Jujutsu curse speech technique user (Inumaki's relative?) where Nanami visits him in the infirmary after he got hurt in a fight? Maybe it was his first time using his Domain Expansion and since he already used an excessive amount of cursed energy as it is, he's bedridden? Feel free to take it wherever you'd like though! Thank you.
pairing: 3rd year nanami kento x 3rd year male!reader
warnings: mentions of blood and injury
Tumblr media
Tap, tap, tap.
Nanami’s polished shoe smacks against the linoleum floors, the sound echoing in the waiting room where he has been sitting for the past three days— what’s taking Shoko so long?
He sighs as he thinks again about the last time he saw you, your eyes bright and smile wide at the fact that you were assigned to your first assignment. “Isn’t this so exciting, Kento? I get to exorcise a curse, all on my own!” Nanami had plastered on a grin of his own, but deep down, he was worried—What if you get hurt?
And here Nanami was, his worst fear coming true when you were wheeled into school on a stretcher, coughing up blood, your arms and legs splattered with the red substance.
The memory still stains his vision, the amount of crimson tainting your pretty face, your hands, your clothes...
No. Nanami scolds himself. He can’t think of you like that, or else he’ll lose himself.
The sound of a door opening interrupts his thoughts. Nanami shoots up from his seat when he sees Shoko.
“He’s fine, stable and—”
Nanami doesn’t wait to listen, pushing past her and into your room.
The blood is gone, not a trace of it on you as you lay on a bed. Your pulse echoes in the room with the machine you’re hooked up to, a soft beep, beep, beep. You seem to be asleep, eyes closed with your chest rising and falling delicately. 
Nanami takes a seat at the side of your bed, his hands shaking as he cups your face, tracing your cheeks and brushing back the hair from your forehead. You’re alive, you’re alive. Nanami doesn’t hesitate to bend down and press his lips against your brow, your hair ticking his jaw.
It comes out strained, your throat still hurting from overusing your technique. Your eyes flutter open to see a mop of blond hair and tear-filled brown eyes.
“Ken.” You try to sit up but your pulse starts beeping a bit to fast, making Nanami push you back down.
“You need to lie down. And don’t talk. You’ll hurt your throat.” He scowls as he smooths out your shirt, picking away lint that isn’t there.
“B- but K-Ken—”
“Shut up!”
Your eyes widen as Nanami stands, pacing the room with fists in his hair.
“You need to be careful! Do you know you could have died if you haven’t gotten back here so fast?”
Your boyfriend’s eyes are wide saucers, a bit crazed. It is then that you notice the bags under his eyes and how his clothes are heavily wrinkled. Has he been sleeping in his school uniform?
“And what if you didn’t make it?” Nanami is still going, now with a steady stream of tears dripping down his cheeks. “What would I do? After Yu died... I can’t do it. I can’t do it.”
You can’t breathe when he moves towards your bed again, cupping your cheeks. “I love you, do you hear me? Don’t fucking pull this shit again, alright?” It’s the first time he’s cursed in front of you, his aggression of love making your own eyes water.
“Oh... kay.” You wheeze out, letting Nanami peck a kiss to your lips before you pull him to your side on the bed. He lays down before tucking you onto his shoulder, his arm wrapping around your torso and hugging you tight.
The two of you stay there, steadily listening to the sound of your heart.
Beep, beep, beep.
Tumblr media
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amos-rng · 2 hours ago
romantic lover
Tumblr media
pairing: yandere! diluc x gn! reader
warning: angst, violence, blood, minor character death, unhealthy relationship, manipulation
summary: he seek for solace in a person who does not have one.
notes: thank you for making me reach 100+ followers, so here the first yandere fanfic i've ever made (☆▽☆) reader does not have stockholm syndrome.
art credit: ReezeL_Rose on twt
Tumblr media
his grip was tight, almost crushing your wrist as he held his rage in. you stare at him, before changing it to the man who is in front of you. pitiful as the man pushes his body away from your lover, his blood dripping down to his chin as diluc swing his leg to the man face.
he ignored you, continue to hitting the man despite your silent protest. you never wish to see this much blood, but that is what you get for being tangled with the wine tycoon.
"that's enough." once again, you hope he hear your pleas in your voice. another second in this dark hallway will make people wonder of the noises. it is best to avoid, you did not want to tarnish your reputation just because diluc couldn't held his composure.
his pupils shaking as he cast a glance to you, you were blankly staring at the dying man. looking back to diluc, a small smile crept up on your lips.
"let's go home."
home, you are home, diluc thought. to him, you are his home, a place he was freely to be himself without worrying anyone would be there to judge him, to critique each move he have done. to him, you were like a god, he worship you as you prepared him the sweet taste of solace in this world he deem as sinful.
he trailed you behind, letting you lead the way to your house to cleaned the blood off his coat. something to stop from the suspicion rising within the maids at the winery. still, you held his bloodied palm with no disgust display on your face.
truly, he sees you like a blessing. something that was sent to him as a forgiveness from the celestia for putting him in the darkest place where no light could guide him.
and then there is you, who held your hand out to him and allow him to feast upon what he craved for. peacefulness, nothing to worries is what he dreamed for after the things he have been put thru.
your finger carefully tending his wound, still he knew you did not felt the same. he knew that you are not the same person you say when you had first met. but still, it was you. no longer does he know how to differentiate between the real you or your mask.
but does it really matter when the taste of solace stay the same? stay being sweet to him even if it's actually rotten.
diluc does not care, as long as you are safe in his arm. he does not care how many mora he have to give you, to gift you the finest piece of clothing, to worship you more than barbatos himself. as long as you are here to give him faux affection, he'd welcomed it with open arms.
"diluc, learn how to keep yourself together. it would cost us a lot if they ever found out you causing unnecessary trouble. you wouldn't want to be away from me, do you?"
you sound so lovely, with your velvet voice. he truly could not get enough of you. even if it sting him, he didn't care. it sounded like pure melody, so enchanting that it trapped him into an endless loop of nothing.
"forgive me, i simply couldn't help it when he had look you with those undeserving eyes."
"apology accepted." kissing his forehead, he leaned in to your body. even if he was so close, he knew he was so far. so far from reaching to his objective, to be with you. to make you love him the way you had made him. one day, diluc just need a bit more time.
diluc was aware of it being bad, aware that what you did to him was mind game, something that you were good at. this whole deal was not about him, it was about to pleased you. you are doing this for yourself, to benefits you in the future. you admit it to him but he seem to refused it and continue to dig down to the rabbit hole.
it was his own fault, to be high off something he craved for. to grew addicted over false emotions. but archon, he enjoyed it so much. bliss coursing thru his veins, it was as if he had drink the sweetest nectar.
your fingers playing with his calloused hand, as he gaze upon your face. he admired your long eyelashes, the way your cheeks were shape and so many more. alluring, that's what you are. like a siren you persuade him to drown in the seas while you sung for his downfall, at least he could hear your voice for the last time.
you fell asleep on his shoulder, despite wielding a cryo vision, you served more warmth to him than he served to you. your hand were place on his chest as he put you on his lap, laying your head to his shoulder. he'll make sure to let you rest properly, not wanting you to feel ache in the morning.
sometimes he wish he didn't met you, because he knew he would still be sane by now. he would have dignity for himself, but he had already threw it out the second you lay your offer. something that could save him, in return he'd sell himself, his body and his soul to you.
but he never truly regret meeting you, because at least he could stay pretending that you love him. he could still hold you close like this, only in his arms.
he was no saint either, he stained his hand with blood of the people he vow to protect. he too was using you for his own good, to fill the loneliness in his heart that his family have left for him. to make him feel like a human without thinking about how it sometimes exhaust you to the core.
it's a filthy game that both of you were playing, no one is here to play safe. but why does it matter when others do the same? you and him just happen to be one of the prominent member of society.
Tumblr media
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depressedgaytoilet · 3 hours ago
Who else loves this scene:
X: This dude abused me
Y: Who? *grabs dude* This one?
X: *having a McFuckin breakdown”
Z: Please man no don’t-
Y (who’s normally very Against Murder): *brutally beats Z to death whilst cursing them to never find solace in the afterlife*
X: *whispers* Thanks bro
Y: You’re good bro *hugs*
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diverse-hearts · 4 hours ago
@frozcnhearts​ asked:
please talk to me. { Aether to Abyss-Lumine }
miscellaneous angst starters.
How could he have known that she’d have this amount of power? Even without his Gnosis, he’d been sure that he would manage to fight her off enough to at least have enough time to break whatever type of ritual it was that was being performed on the statue behind her. He’d simply wished to deal with this issue on his own, to not drag others into a fight that wasn’t theirs - to avoid Aether from having to witness a side to his sister that he wouldn’t like.
But she was much stronger than expected, darkness wrapping around him despite the wind that he used as a barrier, slowly being pushed back towards the half destroyed statue, it’s dark energy already making him feel rather ill even though he wasn’t even touching it yet. Had he really just fallen into a trap? Maybe he was a dumb as he acted at times. “Lumine! Just don’t have the full story...”, not like he could tell it even if he wanted to, the dark wind pushing against his own, the girl obviously rather set on shoving him back into the dark energy that now licked at his back. He didn’t want to hurt her. She was Aether’s sister, she was someone dear to one of his dearest friends...but if he didn’t act soon then -
“I’m sorry...”, eyes closed as he concentrated on the slight winds that resided this deep within the domain, ends of his hair glowing as he channelled the surrounding energy, the gust of wind blocked by the girl’s sword, but the following arrows hit into their target - both Lumine and Venti falling to the ground, the bard freezing as he heard the nearby voice of Aether, unable to move as Lumine took one of the arrows and stabbed the end rather close to her heart. He’d aimed for non-lethal areas on purpose! Why was she...
Tumblr media
“A...aether”, she weakly called out his name, crawling towards her twin, blood soaking the front of her dress as she fell into his arms, Venti unable to do anything but to watch the show with wide eyes. What could he say? He knew what this looked like...he knew what she was spinning this entire story to be. In attempting to protect a friend he may have just gained a new enemy.
“...I’m came...I wasn’t sure...”, Lumine closed her eyes, weakly coughing, “i’ve missed you brother...”
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sweetaspiesammy · 4 hours ago
"In hbo supernatural I feel it in my soul that sam, while feeling the intense low of demon blood withdrawals, would try to replace that high by snorting coke and popping pills #extra angst bonus points for dean thinking he did the right thing by forcing sam off of it but also knowing he fucked up bc sam is worse #and it’s so much easier for sam to get his hands on street drugs and dean can’t watch him 24/7 #and now sam’s not even helping people #he’s just destroying himself faster"
Gemma PLEASE this has so much potential omfg I need it. Now I’m thinking of what would happen if Sam overdosed on pills and how scared to death Dean would be and how much he’d blame himself for the way he forced Sam to detox from the demon blood. This is the sort of dark sad angst I love can I just have a bit.. please? Just what would happen if Sam were to od if you’re willing. I know this could be a whole fic or even series but I won’t push it too much. Either way I love this idea and your blog ❣️
First off sorry this took me a bit to get to, you’ll see why in a sec, but wow thank you!! It makes me so happy when people like the weird ideas that float around my brain 😂💕
And second, since you asked so nicely for what would happen if Sam were to OD... well... here you go... (prepare for angst)
Tw: drug overdose
When Dean walks into the motel room, Sam’s curled on his side on the floor with an empty orange bottle clutched in his fist. Sam doesn’t acknowledge him entering. He doesn’t move or say a word. Dean rushes to his side without hesitation. Dean gets a closer look as he kneels down by his unconscious brother and notices the paleness of his face right away.
Dean pushes Sam flat onto his back, panicked. As his own heart races, he feels for Sam’s pulse. It’s weak. Sam’s hardly breathing.
“Sammy?” Dean’s voice feels lodged in his throat. He smacks Sam face a little, just to jostle him. “What did you do?” Dean whispers in frustration.
Sam doesn’t answer. The empty pill bottle in his hand is answer enough.
Dean forces himself into action. He gets to his feet and pulls Sam up with him. Dean hooks his arms under Sam’s armpits and drags him towards the bathroom. It takes some effort but Dean gets himself and Sam into the tub. He doesn’t bother getting rid of their shoes or clothes. Dean doesn’t have time to waste.
The shower turns on with a nudge of the handle and Dean leans back in the tub and sits. Sam slumps back against his chest. The cold spray of the water hits Sam’s face and Dean hopes—prays—it’s enough to wake Sam up. His heart beats out of his chest against Sam’s back as he waits for Sam’s eyes to flutter open, for his body to twitch, for him to do something.
Sam remains unmoving.
Dean blames himself. If he hadn’t forced Sam off of the blood in such a cruel way, maybe—just maybe—his little brother wouldn’t have turned to such a destructive alternative. If only he had protected Sam in the first place, if he hadn’t let Sam go down such a dark path, or maybe if he had pulled him into the light sooner, this never would’ve happened. Sam wouldn’t be lying half dead in Dean’s arms if he had just taken the time to help his little brother rather than punish him.
Dean snaps from his guilt as he remembers something he saw—in some show or movie, he doesn’t remember—and decides to say screw it and gives it a shot. Dean pries Sam’s mouth open and stuffs his fingers down Sam’s throat. He’s trying to trigger Sam’s gag reflex, to get him to expel the drugs from his body.
Finally Sam reacts. He starts to sputter around Dean’s digits. Dean pulls away just as Sam spits up his stomach contents, pills and all. Dean’s never been so relieved.
Sam takes heaving breathes, trying to reclaim oxygen. Sam’s soaking wet, shivering, eyes hazy as he starts to regain an understanding of his surroundings.
“Dean?” Sam rasps out, throat obviously sore as his head lolls back against Dean’s shoulder.
“Shh, it’s okay,” Dean tells him. He brushes Sam’s wet hair from his forehead so he can look into those hazel eyes. Dean needs to see them look back at him. He needs to know that Sam is still here.
Dean nearly sobs in relief when Sam’s tired eyes meet his. “You scared me, Sammy,” he croaks out, then forced a weak smile. He wants it to be reassuring, but for himself or Sam he doesn’t know.
“Don’t act like you care,” Sam mumbles, eyes sliding shut. He’s still bitter. Maybe Dean deserves it. He never should’ve locked his brother in the panic room.
Despite his dismissive tone and words, Sam curls in on Dean. Even tucks his arms around Dean’s waist a little as he shifts around. As much as it kills him, Dean doesn’t know how to fix this. He can’t. Not right away. Instead Dean just wraps his arms around Sam as his little brother lays against his chest and tries to bring Sam some sort of comfort. Dean just hopes it’ll work.
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(( Big Trigger Warning: Heavy Angst, Violence, BPD-PTSD Co-Occurrence Symptoms Consisting Of: Dissociation, S**c*dal Thoughts, Anxiety))
The thoughts had set in long before all of this; it'd only taken so long manage his legs, to make them become unstuck from the hardwood floor of the living room, and carry him into his room, slamming the door shut. Comments like this usually never set him off so bad; it was usually an "Okay, have a nice day" and a thumbs-up before he moved on with his day. But...that one, the tone in the stranger's voice, that gross audible smirk that they held:
"Oh yeah, aren't you engaged t'that tall fucker? The one on the news for causing some fucked-up road shit?"
It was a stupid joke; it's not like they had any intention of bringing back those memories. If anything, Lloyd had been too sensitive -- Kade had already told him not to get worked up over what people said about him.
"Damn, ya'll are both fucked up, then."
So...why was the reminder just now hitting him, when his glazed-over eyes were still staring at the blank wall near his bed? Especially after his fiancé -- ...
"Fucking cowardly, sacrificing your fiancé and siblings like that."
Xavier's words rang fresh in his mind...which only made matters worse.
He could still feel the bones of the taller male's neck snapping between his fingers, could still see the light in his eyes dying as his limp body fell to the sand, only to be left there for the cops to find.
How Lloyd still held a job, let alone the trust of his peers was beyond him; he was a cold-blooded murderer, defense or not.
...Murderer...the blond hated that word; a nervous chill ran up his back at hearing it echo in his mind over and over again.
Dead...he should've died instead. It shouldn't have been Xavier...
A flash in front of his eyes of that...damn pen in Kaguya's hand...interrupted him. He caused her to hurt herself.
He caused her to hurt.
How many people had he caused pain to?
Kade leaving the house to go jogging instead of arguing after Lloyd taunted him over his hallucinations one morning. A fight with Sage over who was the worse person, causing her to have a mental breakdown over her own past.
A mother and father who he'd burdened just by existing, causing his mother to leave against her own will and a father who was already suffering in corruption to fight his own little boy.
A little brother who was so upset from being kept in the dark; an older brother who was blinded by rage when Lloyd became a threat to his only siblings.
A best friend who he left for years on-end, after being forced into this role of a hero, a friend who was left to fend for herself when her parents could fend no longer.
How many...
No more.
No more hurting anyone, no more taking up space, no more ruining anything for anybody.
No more.
No more, no more--
No more.
A sudden rush of adrenaline took over the blond, who ignored the tears streaming down his face as the realization took over:
The knives. The knives on the windowsill. They were still there.
They were still there, they were still -- no.
No, things didn't need to go that far, stop it -- would it matter? Would they care?
He put them through so much -- would it even make a difference, after everything he did?
"No more."
Lloyd stood up to head out of the bedroom, and into Kade's.
... He hesitated, his hand keeping a light grasp on the doorframe as he swallowed.
"Do it, coward."
He took another step.
"It'll be over with quick; you won't have to hurt them anymore."
He froze in his place.
...He wouldn't have to hurt them, anymore...but he'd be paining them as he left.
"It'll be temporary; they'll forget you within a matter of days."
Lloyd didn't move any further. He didn't move at all.
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monkeythefander · 6 hours ago
Tw: drawing includes blood, unsympathetic/insane Logan, and implies that murders happened.
Here’s a genderbend Logan drawing based on the song “The Ballad of Sara Berry” from 35mm: A Musical Exhibition. This drawing is also my dtiys that I’m hosting on Instagram. @thatsthat24
Tumblr media
Here’s the link to my Instagram post if you want to enter:
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shadowfurball · 7 hours ago
ooo here me out but
tricky angst where reader dies- *gets oofed*
Oh hell yeah gimme that angsttttt
But I’ll also add a little of wholesomeness in the end, since from what I know Tricky can revive anyone from the dead, as seen all those times he killed Hank just to bring him back over and over. Hope you don’t mind! ^^;
I kinda struggled with this one, I hope it’s still alright, though ^^;
Tricky was shocked by the sudden event, during a fight he was at with his s/o, they weren’t able to dodge one of the gunshots and they got shot right in the heart, which lead to an instant death.
"S/O!!!” he screamed their name and ran to them in full speed, and after that kneeling down to gently put his hand on their back to make them sit. He was panicking a lot.
“NO... NO NO NO... COME ON DON’T DO THIS SO ME...” his voice began to shake “Y-YOU CAN’T BE... NO WAY... P-PLEASE... S-S/O..?”
No response.
The grunt agent that shot s/o just stared at the clown not knowing what to do, he didn’t expect that Tricky would care about them. But he knew he fucked up when the clown glared at them in pure rage.
After Tricky beat the guy’s ass and everyone else’s as well in his demonic form, he finally remembered something.
He could have always revived them! How could he forget that??
He immediately started to do so, using his arm to lift s/o up in the air like Darth Vader and their were finally alive again.
s/o was confused, they looked at themselves at where they were shot at (yes, they remembered). But before they could even do anything, the clown ran to them and gave them a big hug.
“W-woah! What??”
After some more sobbing he finally calmed down, some small tears still in his demonic red eyes. He just couldn’t help but apologize over and over, apologizing for failing to protect his dear s/o. He really expected his lover to not forgive them, but they actually did?
He was surprised about it and couldn’t help to ask if they meant it twice, but after hearing their confirm... man, he couldn’t help but hug them tightly while thanking them over and over.
He loves them so, so much...
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fishyboywrites · 7 hours ago
Micheal does not have a good time    
Normally Ranboo would protect Micheal from any danger, no matter if it was nightmares or people. But now as hes trying to get him to join the man with the mask Micheal is scared.
Ao3: Words: 419
Michael loved his ‘parents’ alot. They kept him safe and made him happy. However one of his dads, Ranboo could be a little odd sometimes.
Most of the time Ranboo was pretty normal. He stayed with Micheal, read him stories, helped him after nightmares of a scary masked man, gave him toys and loved him. He was one of the best fathers he could ever wished for and loved him just as much as he loved Tubbo.
However sometimes Ranboo could be scary. He’d walk around with a distant look in his eyes, as if he wasnt really there. Most of the time he didnt do anything to hurt Michael except being a bit scary. But sometimes he'd speak in a warbled voice, just like the ones he heard from the tall and dangerous endermen in the nether.
And sometimes he saw Ranboo leave with sticks of dynamite or weapons in his hands. After that he dissapeared for a while and come back hours later as if   nothing happend.
But now, as he hid under a table in his bedroom as Ranboo spoke in that terrible garbled language, seemingly calling for him he was so scared. Ranboo could be scary when he was in his ‘enderwalk’ (he heard Tubbo mention it once) but mostly hed just walk around and sometimes leave and come back hours later.
But this time he had heard him talk to a strange man, the one who sounded just like the ones in his nightmares before coming inside and trying to coax him outside. And Micheal was very sure he did not want to go to the strange man, no mather what Ranboo tried to offer him in that garbled speech.
“☊⋔⍜⋏ ⋔⟟☊⊑⟒⏃⌰ ⎅⍀⟒⏃⋔ ⟟⌇⋏⏁ ⏁⊑⏃⏁ ⌇☊⏃⍀⊬! ⊑⟒'⌰⌰ ⟊⎍⌇⏁ ⏁⏃☍⟒ ☊⏃⍀⟒ ⍜⎎ ⊬⍜⎍ ⎎⍜⍀ ⏃ ⌰⟟⏁⏁⌰⟒ ⍙⊑⟟⌰⟒ ⌇⍜ ⏁⎍⏚⏚⍜ ⎅⍜⟒⌇⋏⏁ ⏁⍀⊬ ⌇⟒⏁⏁⟟⋏☌ ⍜⎎ ⏃⋏⊬ ⋏⎍☍⟒⌇ ⍜⋏ ⊑⟟⋔!’” Ranboo suddenly muttered, now in his room looking for him.
Michael hid more into himself trying to become invisible by doing so. He just wished for this to be over and have the non enderwalk Ranboo calm him down and make him some tasty drinks after a nightmare. He wanted to sit in his room and look at the paintings and be safe and-
Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder as Ranboo grabbed him and pulled him out of his room. To what the voice of the strange man in his dreams. He was so scared he just wanted to have everything back to normal and-
He suddenly heard a new voice, Tubbo? "Micheal are you ok dream escaped and Foolish said he saw him outside and-"
"Ranboo what are you doing?"
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omnivorousshipper · 7 hours ago
Can we have some Owen whump and angst please?
My time to shine 😈
Warning: chains, gags, sensory deprivation, imprisonment, kidnapping, slapping
That's the only thing Owen could register as he tried to open his eyes. They felt almost glued shut as he pried them open, only to be met with pure darkness
He tried to swallow and found his throat swollen, sharp pain racing through his throat as his muscles tried to move. Taking a deep breath, Owen had the same result
He knew this sensation. It was the same one he felt when he had an allergic reaction
Blinking his eyes, Owen tried to recall what had happened and where he possibly could be
He had been out with a few friends at a pub, already a few drinks in. Their dinner had been brought out, but once Owen finished, he could vaguely remember his body breaking out in hives and his throat swelling
So it had been an allergic reaction
Moving his head around, Owen could feel that he was on a stone floor and not a hospital bed. A heavy and cold weight settled in his stomach as he took the information in
Someone had used his nut allergy to get him away from friends and into their greedy, little hands
But who did it?
With a quiet grunt of pain, Owen slowly rolled to his side, his limbs heavy and feeling almost disconnected. It was slow going as he finally got his arms underneath him and he sat up
Even though it was still pitch black, he could feel the world swimming. Biting down on his nausea, Owen reached his hand around him
A stone wall was behind him and nothing in front of him so far. Seemed like a typical cell to him
Leaning against the wall and trying to ignore the pain, the only thing he could do was wait
He had no idea how long had passed between him waking and the sound of a door creaking open
One moment he had been sitting in darkness, the ringing in his ears getting louder as the only noise he could hear was his ragged breathing. But then the next brought in shuffling and strong hands grabbing his arms
The pain and soreness running through Owen made him sluggish as he tried to fight the hands off
"You bloody bast- Mmph!"
Cold steel was shoved into his mouth and pressed down on his tongue. A strap was fastened around his head, pinching hair and skin as it was tightened
The hands were grabbing harshly at his arms and before Owen had enough time to react, they were being chained behind his back. His hands were placed on his elbows, thick manacles wrapping around his forearms
He struggled endlessly, kicking out at his intruders, but only receiving several slaps in response
With the gag in place and his throat still hurting, Owen found himself struggling to breathe. Lightheaded, his energy sapped, Owen's body fell limp in his captors' hands
A thick, metal collar was fastened around his neck and pulled tight until Owen stumbled back against a stone wall. He heard a finally click as the chain was connected to the wall
Immediately, Owen tried to pull away and found he could only move about a foot away from the wall before being choked by the collar
Panting harshly, Owen squinted through the darkness, but it was no use. He couldn't see anything
The cell had fallen silent again, save for his harsh breathing. But suddenly, the quiet shuffle of clothes joined in. Owen could sense someone in front of him and flinched harshly when a hand grabbed his chin
"We'll be having plenty of fun with you, Shaw." A deep voice rumbled, a note of dark amusement resounding through it. Owen suppressed the shiver that ran down his spine at the voice
The sounds of footsteps leading out for the cell were the last sounds Owen heard before the door slammed shut
I hope you enjoyed friend!
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fridaymusefunk · 7 hours ago
"Hey, Puchscuomt!" Sarvy had a big grin on her face as she walked in, only for it to fade slightly. "...Puchscuomt? Are you okay dear?" - @ask-succubus-sarvy
(hi I want to comfort her JDKAK)
Tumblr media
“Eh...? Oh.. hi, Sarvente...!” She waved, her smile faltering a bit.
Tumblr media
“...No... n-nothing’s wrong...” She tried to lie, though her tone was a little messed up. “Please don’t worry...!”
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missdrarrydawn · 8 hours ago
for @drarrymicrofic prompt: caught
non-magic au tw law enforcement (just in case) tw MCD tw angst
"I'd catch a bullet for you, you know." Harry tells Draco one day, because it's true and because—well, it seems like Draco's been having doubts.
Working in law enforcement for as long as they have, going out to stop crimes and seeing so much evil in the world every day, sometimes it was hard to believe there was love at all out there.
And Harry couldn't let Draco believe he wasn't loved, because they were partners, in every sense of that word, and more.
Draco's eyes sparkle, a smile tugs at the corner of his lips at Harry's random, sudden declaration.
Harry's heart bleeds.
"You caught a fucking bullet for me Potter." Draco seethes out in the cold wind, fists clenched and eyes burning with hot tears.
The sky is barren and black as void, just like Draco's soul as he stands before the grave, alone in the cemetery at night. He's been coming here everyday since—For months.
When he looks down at Harry's headstone, the same rage consumes him each time, the same sick grief peppered fury. He always repeats the same thing, as if the words are his curse.
They are, in a way.
"You caught a fucking bullet for me Potter. Are you fucking happy now?"
The grave is silent. Draco is almost overcome with the urge to kick it.
"Fuck you." He continues to seethe instead, tears on his cheeks feeling like molten lava scorching his skin.
my 2nd time trying this out and I KNOW it's too long, and it was too long the 1st time too but i couldn't sTOP, these prompts possessed me and guided my hands on their own i'm sORRY tsksksksksksksk—
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modern-vellichor · 8 hours ago
Hey! i love your blog. i was wondering could you write a poly james,sirius, and remus fluff, where they find out about your anxiety and depression? i know your super busy and it’s totally okay if you can’t! anyways have a good day/night!
HELLO YES HAVE THIS YOURE SO NICE It's a little bit angsty at the beginning :(((
"Where's Y/N?" Sirius barked as Lily and Marlene sat down across from them.
"She's feeling unwell," Lily explained. "She might come down for lunch, but she's sleeping in today."
This happened often. You'd skip breakfast to sleep in. On those days you were always tired. Your answers were always short and you were always falling asleep, uninterested in seemingly everything. Sometimes you had to take days off, it happened more when you got stressed. And the professors never questioned it either.
It always seemed something bigger was at play when you would take days off to hide under the covers. Lily and Marlene always spoke as if they knew more. The professors were always extra nice when you were in one of your moods. But the boys never understood why.
This episode lasted longer than usual. Marlene and Lily refused to tell anyone, and the boys were becoming restless with worry. So they snuck out of potions class to creep up the stairs to your dorm.
"Honey?" Remus called through the door. He heard a muffled groan. He pushed the door open a crack to poke his head through. "Darling, it's Remus. Can I come in?"
"Can I bring James and Sirius?"
The room was dark. A single candle flickered and burned in the corner of your room. Your head peaked out from under a mass of blankets. Your face was gaunt, warm light casting harsh shadows on your features.
"My baby," Remus cooed softly He sat down on the edge of your bed, James and Sirius hovering behind him. "Look at you. What's wrong, m'love?"
"Just sick, n' tired," you whisper. You could barely keep your eyes open.
James climbed over the other two, crawling into bed behind you. He kicked back the covers a little, revealing you to them properly. You looked like hell. James pressed gently kisses to your neck and shoulder.
"Darling, tell me what's up," he commanded softly.
"Not sleeping well, James. That's all," you countered, more sternly this time.
"You can tell us," Sirius reassured. "You can trust us."
"It's nothing!" You snapped.
This was so out of character. You pushed James off of you, scurrying out of bed and hiding in Lily's instead.
"Don't talk to Sirius like that!" James defended loudly. Remus stayed quiet, you could see the cogs turning in his head. "We are trying to help you!"
"God, James! I don't want your help! I want to be left alone," you sobbed.
Remus set a firm hand on James' shoulder. James immediately calmed down. Remus towered over you. He looked down on you empathetically.
"James, she's sick. Leave her," he commanded. He had figured it out. "Aren't you, honey?"
You nodded, a little frightened, a little nervous.
"Like me? Yeah. Only you can't predict yours," James and Sirius were clueless as Remus went on.
"I get pills from the hospital wing. Drop it, I don't want to talk about it."
"It's okay."
The three boys backed into the corner of the room. They whispered quietly amongst themselves. They had obviously figured it out. Your secret that had been so well kept, only talked about by Marlene, Lily and your professors.
Remus approached first, the other two lingering in the darkened corner. He didn't say anything as he pulled you against his chest, pressing a kiss to your head.
"You get nervous too?" He asked.
"Anxious," you corrected.
James was next. All he did was mutter desperate apologies as he pressed kiss after longing kiss against your skin. Sirius watched. He had a harder time understanding. He knew how you felt, all too well. But he couldn't understand how you, someone so bright and bubbly could be suffering like that.
Eventually he got over himself, joining the three of you on Lily's bed. Tears stained your cheeks, worry painted James's. Remus look sad and happy at the same time. Sirius shot you a tight lipped smile. You kissed his cheek.
The worry faded slowly, drained from the group as your smile grew brighter. They had missed this side of you, it had been a few days since they had seen your smile.
"We love you, darling," Remus muttered.
"I love you, too."
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rywritesthings · 8 hours ago
guess i'll never get back into tss fics if i don't try!i apologize if this is ooc i haven't written a real tss fic in forever,much less did i ever really write Roman as much as i love him
TW's//blood,hanahaki, Roman X Virgil,Roman angst
Roman lightly closed his door.looking around his room.he pressed his back to the door.sliding down,pulling his knees to his chest and scrunching his eyes shut.alone at last.that was good.he felt nice to have his eyes closed,with everything that was happening it felt good.this was so prefer being alone.unlike him.
he could feel it coming up his throat
he settled his legs onto the floor,away from his face.
the petals and blood felt abhorrent coming out of his throat.the warm pink petals covered his lap and shirt.droplets and splatters of blood along with them.
it was over.he could-clean up.he got up.walking to his dresser.
by clean up he meant throwing on the Christmas sweater (maybe not a good idea,it was May)
he looked like a mess.this felt so wrong.hiding the fact he loved someone-and being a mess while doing it?horrific
maybe he should tell Virgil.maybe that would fix it.that would fix it.he couldn't hide it.he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
Roman knocked on Virgil's door.his room was silent,at least from what Roman could hear.he really didn't want to look around for him-he was tired.
thank god.he was there.
"hey-Virgil-may i come in"
"uh-sure?it's unlocked.
he turned the door handle.why was his hand shaking.he was prince Roman.he was fearless.but he was scared.
he stepped in his was was Virgil's room.
"Hey Ro-"
Virgil was laying on a beanbag with his earbuds sitting on his chest,plugged into his jacket's pocket.
Roman sat down on the floor in front of Virgil.
"Virgil..there's something I need to tell you-uhm-"
"spit it out,Princey,"
he could feel the flowers coming up his throat.he swallowed.
"Virgil I,,Virgil I'm in love with you." he finally spat it warning.just a quick confession
"i know.i know.i'm sorry.i just.i needed to tell you."
Virgil sighed
Roman knew he looked like a mess.he knew.
his throat,he could feel it again.
he coughed.taking his elbow away from his mouth,wait.oh.oh crap.
"Roman?you just coughed up blood-wait-"
Roman could see Virgil put two and two together.
Virgil sat up,extending his arms,pulling them back,then finally putting Roman into a hug.
"Roman.I love-you too.i guess.god you're such an idiot."
Virgil laughed.
"i'm right."
"i guess."
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skylessnights · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Probably what Eddie really wanted to say when he confronted his boyfriend Buck in the grocery store. 
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dashflashy-arts · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Had to draw the angst I thought of this morning about the tankdad hc. Oof. I’m so sorry
Edit: I fixed some censors and redrew the cover! Will I color the whole comic though? someday...
Read it under the cut (tw: more blood,some violence... weapons)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if you read this, thanks man. I hope I didn’t make any one of them ooc... tried my best [shrugs]
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p1nkbaby · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
— 𝖏𝖚𝖘𝖙 𝖆 𝖈𝖎𝖌𝖆𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖙𝖊 ( tw )
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— katsuki bakugou
Tumblr media
fandom: my hero academia
character(s) included: katsuki bakugou
content warning: mentions of depression. suicidal thoughts. substance abuse. angst.
synopsis: bakugou finds you drinking yourself to death after being depressed for weeks on end. he tries to cheer you up and help you see the world differently.
author’s note: please do not read this if you are triggered by any of the mentions above! i enjoy writing about mental health and substance use because these are things i have struggled with myself. please do not criticize me for my writing, just do not read it. enjoy, lovelies. <3 really out of character! got a little lazy at the end! also my first official writing piece!
Tumblr media
you brought the bottle of whiskey that was sitting in your right hand to your lips, chugging down the warm flavoring as you stared at the cigarette in your left hand. you watched as it burned. thinking to yourself how you could just set your room on fire and feel real pain again. it had been a month since you were diagnosed with major depression and you just couldn’t bare with it anymore. it was mentally draining you. at this point, you were just exhausted and hoping for a way out.
it had been two weeks since you even had a real meal. all you have been eating were just bags of chips and any other junk food you found lying on the floor of your dirty room. you haven’t left your room for three days almost and people were starting to grow worried. your hygiene went down the drain as well. there was no point in trying anymore.
you felt so stupid. how could someone not shower for as long as you? how could someone not even have the motivation to brush their teeth? yellow gunk building up on your once pearly whites. your gums were sore from the plaque build up and you wouldn’t do a damn thing about it.
you flicked the ashes from your cigarette onto the floor and glanced to your nightstand that held your prescriptions for your depression on it. you contemplated taking them all, just to see if it would do anything. sadly, you even lacked the motivation to end your own life.
you put out your cigarette and took another sip of the alcohol sitting in your hand before laying down on your back. you haven’t moved from your bed all day. your stomach hurting from the urine you’ve been holding in. you were in so much pain, but nothing mattered to you anymore.
you laid there, staring up at your ceiling as you thought about how much better the world would be without you. nobody needs you. you were pathetic.
your phone began to buzz, but you couldn’t bother to answer it. you didn’t want to speak to anyone because you felt like you were letting everyone down. you felt like a complete loser.
your phone rang again... and again. it wouldn’t stop. eventually you grew so frustrated that you chucked it at the wall. crack— you heard your phone break. oh well, you were too exhausted to deal with it. you let out a sigh as you felt your eyes burn from holding back tears. you were so stressed. so tired. so sad. you felt numb. everything was hitting you all at once.
you closed your eyes for about half an hour and that’s when you began to hear knocking at your door. you groaned, wondering who it could be. you didn’t answer. that’s when you noticed the doorknob jiggling and in came bakugou full of frustration.
“what the hell are you doing?” he questioned, concern filling his mind when he saw you lying down drunk off your ass in your filthy room.
“what are you talking about?” you mumbled, sitting up from your bed to face him, playing dumb just so you could avoid talking about what was really going on.
“don’t play stupid with me you idiot, i can see right through you!” he yelled. he took a few steps closer to your bed and looked at you with a more softer tone. “you’re drunk off your ass, aren’t you!” he gritted through his teeth. he hated seeing you like this and it felt like hell to him because he wasn’t the best with emotions which meant he could barely help you on his own.
he grabbed the bottle of alcohol from your hands and tried to dial back his tone, but it didn’t work. “why are you acting like this?” anger still hidden in his voice.
“honestly bakugou, i don’t think i’ll be around much longer...” you admitted, staring blankly ahead.
“listen to me you idiot! you’re worth so much more than you think!” he shouted, with care of course.
“if i was worth anything, then why hasn’t the world shown me it?” you let out a soft sigh, growing even more tired by the second.
“because you’re blind! stop being stubborn!” he was about to admit something that he would have never revealed if this situation wasn’t happening right now.
you look at him with confusion, waiting for him to explain what he meant by that.
“i like you, okay! i hate seeing you this way because i actually care.” he rolled his eyes, coming to sit next to you on the bed. “i want to be someone you can come to when you feel like this, okay? for fucks sake, dammit i don’t like you. i’m in love with you! now pull your head out of your ass and go get in the shower because i’m taking you out to eat some real damn food!” he stood up and walked out the door.
you sat there, completely trembling from what you had just heard. was this something you had been craving? his attention? his love? whatever it was, you wanted it. so with that, you listened to him and got ready to take a shower so the two of you could go out to eat and have a proper conversation where bakugou wasn’t shouting at you.
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miraclesabound · 9 hours ago
Once Upon A Time
Summary: Poe realizes it’s time to tell Teacher what he and BB have been through. A sequel to this ficlet by @autumnleaves1991-blog - and will make much more sense if you’ve watched Into The Woods.
Rating: Mature for language and descriptions of violence
Pairings and Characters: Modern!Poe Dameron/Teacher! Reader, past Poe Dameron/Rose Tico, BB Dameron, background Kes Dameron and Shara Bey
Warnings: HEAVY angst, flashbacks to violence and death, mental health issues, doubts about parenthood, mentions of alcohol
Tag List:  @direnightshade, @glassbxttless,  @clydesducktape,  @daydreamsofren, @finn-ray-nal-beads, @morby, @safarigirlsp, @candycanes19,  @desiraypark, @trelaney, @formerly-anonhamster, @thepilotanon, @mariesackler, @sacklerscumrag, @clumsycopy, @contesa-lui-alucard, @safarigirlsp, @millenialcatlady, @jynzandtonic, @clydesfavoritegirl, @sacklersdoll, @barbers-glimmerin-darlin, @roanniom, @in-silks-and-flesh-and-leather, @hopeamarsu, @tropicalchiaa, @cinewhore, @leatherboundbirate, @auty-ren, @mazeltovcocktail555, @foxilayde, @autumnleaves1991-blog
The kids in the production you’re directing of Into the Woods are handling it very well, but BB Dameron shines as the Baker’s Wife. You knew she was quite the talent when she auditioned, but she’s exceeded your wildest expectations, especially for only being 12. It’s a challenging musical for even the most seasoned performer, and you hope that Poe is proud of his girl.
The two of you sat together for this evening’s opening performance. You’re holding his hand, but your attention is mainly on the stage. You have plenty of notes that you want to address with the kids, and you won’t be able to remember them all if you don’t write them down. As such, you don’t see Poe slowly falling to pieces next to you during the last few scenes of the show. It isn’t until after the curtain call that you turn to him. “They really were magnificent…Poe, what’s wrong?”
He’s clearly been tearful; the lights in the auditorium are swimming in his eyes. Wiping at them with the back of his free hand, he clears his throat. “I’ll tell you later – let’s go see BB, yeah?”
“Ok.” You put your notepad in your bag, and the two of you wait by the stage door for the kids to come out. Their enthusiasm is delightful, and you smile as you see them greeted by friends and family. BB comes running over and gives her dad a hug. “How’d I do??”
“You were great, kiddo.” Poe’s smile isn’t its usual wide grin, but BB seems to know that he means his words.
“Can I go home with Natalie and her parents tonight?” she asks, referring to the girl who played Red Riding Hood. She points over her shoulder where Nat Ryder and her moms are standing. “They offered, but I know I need to check with you first.”
He nods. “It’s fine with me – just make sure you actually get some sleep.”
“I will, I promise!”
Poe takes a moment to confirm the details with Mrs. and Ms. Ryder, and the two of you wave good-night to the girls as they head out. After they leave, you turn back to Poe. “Seriously, are you ok?”
“I think so, but…can we go back to mine?” He offers his hand to walk you to his car. “I have a lot I need to tell you.”
By now, you know Poe’s house pretty well, given you’ve been sleeping with the man for about six weeks. However, unlike usual, Poe doesn’t pull you into his bedroom immediately once you cross his threshold. Instead, he brings you into his living room and pulls a decanter of whiskey and two glasses from a discreet box on an upper bookshelf. He looks at you, indicating the glasses. You nod, and he pours each of you a double measure. After you’re seated together comfortably on his couch, he asks, “What has BB said to you about her mother?”
“Not much,” you admit. “I knew that she passed a long time ago, but no details beyond that, really.”
He pulls you into his side with his free arm. “BB was only three months old when Rose died – she doesn’t have any memories of her.”
“I’m sorry,” you say, and you mean it. “I can see why the last third of the show might have been triggering.”
He nods. “More than that – in the last scene, BB looked so much like her mom, I thought I was the one seeing a ghost.”
You’re a little confused. “Had you not read the script after BB was cast? I know a lot of parents like to review the plays.”
“No, I didn’t,” he says. “I just saw that it was based on fairy tales and decided I didn’t want to spoil myself on what twists there might be.” Taking a large sip of his drink, he says, “I think I should tell you how everything happened, if you don’t mind.”
“Not at all.”
“Ok.” He allows himself a small smile. “To quote the Narrator: ‘Once upon a time…’ ”
Poe tells you everything he can remember – how he and Rose had struggled to conceive for years, and that a somewhat unconventional doctor who lived next door had finally helped them find a fertility treatment that would work. BB had been born beautiful and healthy, but then things came crashing down.
“A large storm was due to arrive here,” he explains. “Rose wasn’t comfortable staying in the house, and recommended that we set out with BB to stay with my parents in the next county. It was a good idea, but…”
“But?” you ask.
“But I insisted that we needed to make a pitstop first.” His shoulders slump. “I thought our gas was lower than it actually was, and I was having a craving for…I don’t even remember what, chips or some shit? Anyway, I asked Rose to pump the gas for the car, and I took BB with me inside the store to grab the snacks. I found my stuff, and I was at the register with the baby when I heard a gunshot.”
Your stomach drops, and you put your whiskey down so that you don’t drop it on the floor. “A robbery?” you ask quietly.
“Yeah,” he answers. “I don’t know why this guy targeted us – we never drove a flashy vehicle, and neither of us even wore wedding rings. I was still in construction back then, and Rose was a gardener.” He shakes his head. “The cashier called 911 immediately, but it was too late – the robber had taken off in our car and Rose was already gone. Even if EMS and the police weren’t delayed by the storm, it wouldn’t have made a difference.”
You move onto Poe’s lap and pull him into your arms, holding him as tightly as possible. Whatever you’d imagined, this is far beyond it, and you’re sure any words of comfort will be hollow. Instead, you ask, “Did they ever find him?”
You feel him nod against your shoulder. “Yeah, and…and that helps, knowing he’s gonna be locked away for a long time.”  His fingers tap against your back. “But for those first weeks after the funeral, I was a shell. I couldn’t come back here – Mom and Dad took us in for a while. BB was thriving, but I couldn’t claim any credit.”
“What do you mean? I’ve seen you with her, you’re one of the most involved parents I know.” You pull back just a bit so that you can look him in the face.
“I’m not a psychologist, but my dad is. He’s pretty sure I was almost completely disassociated for about thirty days. I have…” he gulps. “I honestly have no memory of that month after the burial. My folks say I was involved – I would hold BB, make sure she was fed and changed, all that – but I’ve seen photos from that time. I was gone; I can see it in my eyes. I’m lucky BB didn’t suffer for it.”
One of his curls is twisting out, and you smooth it back down with your fingers. God, he looks wrecked, and not in the good way. “But you did come back,” you tell him. “That’s what matters.”
“I know that now, yeah – but I still don’t know how I managed it. I was just…here again.” He smiles weakly. “Despite current evidence, I really am doing a lot better – got a counselor for the trial and then a full-time therapist for a few years. But… sometimes doubts still creep in.” He takes your hand and kisses the palm. “I guess I just didn’t know how deep they still went – especially when it comes to you.”
“Me?” you ask, a slight edge of panic in your voice. “Poe, if I’ve done something to hurt you, I’m so sorry – ”
“No, no,” he says, “you’ve been great – beyond great. The fact of it is, BB – she loves you.” Seeing your confusion, he says, “I don’t mean just the hero-worship that some kids get with teachers, I mean she really admires you. Even before you and I met, she would tell me all about you – that you were the kind of woman she wanted to be when she grew up. Maybe not a teacher, but someone involved in the arts. I guess just between that and watching the show tonight, I had this split second intrusive thought – would you be a better parent than I would – would she be happier having you for a mom than having me for a dad?” He shrugs. “I’m not saying it was reasonable, but when it occurred to me, I just lost it.”
“Poe…” You try to select your next words carefully. “I really care about BB too – she’s a great kid and she’s been a joy to teach. But I could never replace you, not in a hundred years. I want to be a part of her and your future if you’ll have me, but not if it’s going to drive you two apart.”
“I don’t actually believe you would,” Poe says. “I’m just saying, bear with me if I get too lost in my own head, yeah?”
“I can do that.” You kiss him deeply. “Take me to bed?”
“Of course.” His smile is cheeky again, and you won’t deny a sense of relief. “Who am I to deny Cinderella?”
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