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only-tiktoks · a day ago
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saekogun · 4 days ago
goodmorning. thinking about reader being the tsaristas darling today and how the tsaritsa totally uses them as a bargaining chip for the harbingers, as in whoever does xyz mission gets to spend extra quality time with her beloved darling.
also thinking about the tsaristas darling preferring whichever harbinger gives them the most freedom when they're with them... just a little thought.
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evansbby · 4 days ago
What about being a camping trip with the family and Ari finds a way to sabotage your tent so in the middle of the night he has an excuse to get in your tent and take advantage of you, while your family and friends sleep near by in different tents.
Everyone wakes well rested and you’re in a half collapsed tent, cum seeping out of your holes, hair a mess, limbs tangled in your sleeping bag with clothes scattered all over the place.
Oooh, like going on a camping trip with your family and your dad’s best friend!Ari and his family 🫣 (he has a wife) and of course he sneakily sabotages your tent so then he can tell his wife in the middle of the night that he’s gonna go help you ‘fix’ it (she’s too sleepy so she accepts this feeble excuse). And then of course, dbf!Ari gets into your tent, into your sleeping bag even, and just humps and ruts against you, wanting to feel your little body against his, one hand clamped over your mouth bc you keep whimpering and moaning (you can’t believe it, you always had a crush on Ari… but he was married and older so you never said anything). Anyways, he makes you cum😵‍💫 and then tells you to say “thank you daddy” which you do, before he returns to his wife and pretends nothing happened.
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kimikuya · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐏𝚨𝚰𝐑𝚰𝚴𝐆. eren jaeger x afab reader x jean kirstein | 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝚴𝐓. 0.6k | 𝐂𝐎𝚴𝐓𝚬𝚴𝐓𝐒. college au, threesome, armin’s girlfriend!reader, cheating, gagging, vaginal sex, mentions of anal sex, unprotected sex, breeding, oral sex (male receiving), creampie | 𝚨𝐔𝐓𝚮𝐎𝐑'𝐒 𝚴𝐎𝐓𝚬. i'm back from the dead hi guys here’s a little treat :)
Tumblr media
you aren’t entirely sure how long the three of you have been at this. the sun was out earlier, shining through the frat house’s windows and showering you in faint golden rays that, according to jean, made you look even more beautiful while his cock was plunging in-and-out of your ass. sometime between him and eren swapping places and becoming reintroduced to eren’s rougher style of sex, the moon consumed the bright light and replaced it with its faint stars.
“holy shit, i think i’m about to cum again.” jean breathlessly sighs whilst his hips continue to thrust forwards and backwards. your face is buried alive by the hair on his pelvis every other second and you’re trying your best to do anything but choke on his cock - however, eren has other plans for you. 
“she’s holding back, kirstein.” you hear him scoff from behind you, and his hand slithers from your hip dips to the back of your head. forcefully eren yanks you towards him, making sure that you’re still able to continue pleasuring jean, and sends a sinful smirk your way. “is our pretty baby tired? we’re not nearly finished with you yet, honey. you’ve gotta hold out a little bit longer, m’kay?”
you struggle to nod your head amidst shoving jean’s thick cock deeper down your throat. there are tears threatening to fall from the corners of your eyes, endlessly wishing to drop down onto the hardwood floor beneath you that is most certainly going to leave bruises on your naked knees after the three of you finally call it quits for the time being. however, you don’t know when that time will come - or if it’s ever going to come. you’re just enjoying your ability to pleasure your boyfriend’s two closest friends - the two friends that armin holds near and dear to his heart - jean kirstein and eren jaeger. 
he’d just left the house earlier in the evening. armin had kissed you on the forehead and bid you goodbye as he got into his small car and headed off to his parents’ house for the weekend - to which your current partners used to their advantage as they practically ripped your clothes off the minute his license plate disappeared over the hill. 
“goddammit right there.” jean moans aloud. there’s sweat gleaming off of his face, nestled between the hairs on his chin, and adding to the steam of the already foggy kitchen. at his command, you begin to suck harder - ensuring that every inch of him is being slathered in your tongue - just to hear his sweet groans grow louder and louder. “—fuck.”
the veins of his cock slide against your inner-cheeks, working at their fastest speed as eren competes at a rapid pace. 
this is the first time you’ve been in this situation with jean, never once being reckless enough to fuck the taller man - but your connection with eren is a completely different story. since the beginning of your intimate relationship with armin, eren had always caught your eye. sure you love your boyfriend and wouldn’t trade him for the world, but if you’re being honest you initially flirted with armin to get closer to his best friend. the same best friend who’s currently balls deep in your cunt. 
“gonna cum inside you, baby.” eren murmurs with a rasp to his voice. he’s always refused to use condoms when sleeping with you - something about the thrill of armin finding out after an accidental pregnancy on eren’s part - and you know that he’s somewhat sick in the head, but for some odd reason his red flags only appear green in your lust-filled eyes. “—fill you up and let armin find out the hard way.”
“you ready for us, darling?” the man in front of you looks down with hooded eyes after nodding at his partner-in-crime. “because we’re not holding anything back.”
“this is our little secret, right?”
Tumblr media
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incorrectbatfam · 13 days ago
Why is anon so obsessed with people cheating... Like go read those canon comics if you want that not in MY batfamily
If that's what they're into I won't judge 🤷‍♀️
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dozingdracula · 15 days ago
Having a plaything apply numbing cream before they fuck their significant other because you only want her to enjoy sex with you.
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killemwithkawaii · 17 days ago
As big of a jerk Travis can be, I like to think he hates people who cheat on their partners.
Well, adultery IS a sin (and also a dick move) soooo ✝✅
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touyasdoll · 19 days ago
if I stumble upon any more Hawks cheating angst bullshit on tiktok I am personally destroying the site myself
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seakicker · 19 days ago
OH HOLY SHIT EWS LMFAO I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABT THAT REMEMBER THE LITTLE FANCLUB FOR IVAN (was that his name???? i dunno the og husband that got cucked)
YESSSS AHHHHGHDHDHDH PEOPLE FELT SO BAD FOR HIM AND WERE LIKE BASICALLY BEGGING FOR ME TO THROW HIM A BONE and then i just turned around and wrote another post bullying him kskajaksjsk
legend has it that, to this day, he and reader still haven’t had their first time together lol
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ickyism · 23 days ago
wife stealer arlecchino...
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mikuenthusiast · 23 days ago
hey sorry i haven’t been posting lately!! i got my phone taken away!!! but i kind of have it now but i won’t be as active!! also i didn’t get to talk to my bf for abt a week and now he has a new gf!!!
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borderlinereminders · 24 days ago
sometimes when i split on my partner i get the urge to leave them or to cheat on them and its really annoying bc i know i love them and i would never do that when im feeling more rational, but when i have a really bad splitting episode that intrusive thought always bothers me and pushes me to act on that urge. i probably should go to therapy for this but for now, is there any advice on how to minimize these thoughts?? please dont judge me, i will never cheat on my partner, but sometimes these feelings and thoughts just pop up and they scare me
Hi anon,
First of all, absolutely no judgement here. Intrusive thoughts are called intrusive for a reason.
In my opinion, I find that accepting the thoughts instead of trying to suppress them helps. When I try to fight them, it makes them more distressing/loud.
When I get intrusive thoughts, I go "okay, that's an intrusive thought". It's important to recognize that's all it is. An intrusive thought. For me, this can help take the power of the intrusive thought away. By reminding myself it's nothing more than I thought, I can help ease my anxiety that I'm going to act on the thought.
If accepting it isn't something you want to try, I also recommend trying some DBT skills like One-Mindful. (This is the act of focusing on one thing at a time. This is being fully present in the moment with your focus on only one thing. This may help in drawing your attention to something else to ride it out.) You could also try grounding to calm yourself.
If the thoughts are genuinely urges, I recommend reading this post I wrote on Urge Surfing. (I don't say "genuinely" to invalidate you, but it's actually really possible that intrusive thoughts are not urges/impulses but that's our anxiety manifesting that we might accidentally do the thing we don't want to do.)
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criadne · 27 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
amélie duarte, a reincarnation of ariadne, was born in bilbao, spain in 1939 to a french mother and spanish father. despite the early years of her life was steeped in chaos and tragedy, losing her mother as a toddler. her father established a good business and the luck of the duarte family changed when she was eight years old. she spent most of her life as a socialite. amélie was the definition of sunshine, overcoming the hardships of her early childhood with relatively ease. she eventually ended up marrying a professional football player in her mid-twenties and had three children with him. unfortunately, tragedy returned to her life as her husband died on the pitch, and after his death, she discovered that he had been having an affair for years. she also lost her eldest child to illness. amélie never returned to her sunny self again after those two earth-shattering tragedies. her life was spent living through the highest highs and the lowest lows.
faceclaim: michelle keegan (from the mini-series, tina and bobby).
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starker-oasis · 28 days ago
can u imagine tony getting married to pepper and his friend throw him this trashy ass bachelor party where they hire strippers and one of the strippers just happens to be the alluring peter parker
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reddeavth · a month ago
Rebel’s not a mattress. What’s wrong with enjoying sex? Nothing. Also, let Bunny be happy with her husband. You people are sick. 
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glitteryfoxsoul · a month ago
You can't trick me anymore. Go ahead and talk yourself in circles, I see it all clearly as if it's written on your face.
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only-tiktoks · a month ago
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