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#tw covid
calcium-cat · 2 days ago
Hey calcium, my friend just tested positive for covid, and your blog has really helped to keep my spirits up. Thank you so much! Since this started off on a pretty sad note, I also wanted to add that all of the submissions to the contest so far have looked amazing! To everyone who submitted, I applaud your artistic ability and your confidence. Just sticking art on the web can be hard sometimes.
Oh no, I'm so sorry your friend is dealing with that, I hope they recover from it quickly! And I hope you stay safe and well too during this stressful time.
As for the DTIYS, I couldn't agree with you more! Everybody has created such lovely art so far, and I truly love every single one. You all should be very proud of yourselves!
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bamsara · 8 months ago
the overwhelming grief of losing an entire year to sickness, violence and pandemic fatigue is settling in so id like to remind everyone that: you are not a failure, yes there is still a happy future for you, and wearing a mask is very sexy
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doctorhoe · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
did this age like fine wine or spoiled milk I literally can't tell
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edrec · a year ago
if one more nonamerican calls americans unclean or stupid or some shit for dying of rona when our government is actively trying to murder the most vulnerable of our population by using them as expendable cogs in their minimumwage fueled capitalistic machine im going to turn into one of those bugs bunny w gun memes
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homo-sex-shoe-whale · 6 months ago
The South region of Brazil - the wealthy region - reported more deaths than births in the month of March.
I can't describe to you guys how heavy I feel. Over 4.2k Brazilian people are dying per day from covid now. That's just under 200 deaths less than the highest death toll reported by the US. But we have only 2/3 of the US population- we're outnumbered by over 100 million people. We shouldn't be catching up to the US like this. We've already surpassed their record weekly death toll by over 3k. It's just a matter of time before the daily death toll surpasses that of the US.
Meanwhile, the government has stopped reporting a vaccination chronogram and over 100 million of the 138 million vaccines we purchased will only arrive during the third trimester of the year. Most of them arriving near the end of August and September. It feels like everyone else is forgetting the pandemic when my country is living the absolute worst moment of it right now. And there's no sign of it coming to an end because our government has just abandoned us- Brazilian people are dying at such an unprecedented rate and it feels like no one is doing anything about it.
If not even our own government is doing anything, we sure as hell don't expect anyone else to step in. We're a third world country, and who tf wants to do charity right now when they're focused on vaccinating their own people?
My father is a lung surgeon, working in the frontlines of one of São Paulo's largest hospitals. São Paulo is the largest city of Brazil and is ultimately the hotspot of covid. We've reported over 1k deaths just in SP quite a few times. It's where I live too. São Paulo is my home. People from all over the country come here to receive medical treatment as most of the top hospitals in Brazil are a subway ride from my apartment.
My father is a chipper dude. He has a pretty happy-go-lucky attitude most of the time but I haven't seen it in a while. Every day he comes home quiet. Somber. He lost patients that day just like he did every day prior. He doesn't feel like there's an ending in sight because no one does. His hospital is running out of medications to intubate patients, so even when he knows how to help, sometimes he just can't. And he works in one of the best private hospitals in the country- this shouldn't be happening. He's supervising 18 covid patients in the ICU and he doesn't expect any of them to come out alive.
If rich people are dying like this in Brazil, it's because we've truly been abandoned.
But my father did travel to help with the pandemic too. When Manaus - the city where the Brazil variant originated - became the new covid hotspot earlier this year, he travelled there to help save a woman. She was in her early 30s. Pregnant. Her family had already lost 14 people due to covid.
Before my father entered the hospital in Manaus, what he saw outside was just as scarring as what he saw inside. People carrying their dying loved ones in tears and begging him to let them into the hospital. People crying out for oxygen- the hospital barely had any. There were oxygen shortages for covid patients. Some lucky people had managed to score small tanks and were giving their loved ones oxygen out on the sidewalk.
My father did everything he could but his Manaus patient didn't make it. They had to pull the plug on her because she'd been in the ICU for too long and someone else needed her spot. She left behind her husband, an 8 year old son, her mother, and her sister. Everyone else in the family had already died from covid.
So when I tell you that I feel heavy, I mean it with all the sincerity in the world. I mean that this is the largest collective trauma I'll ever live through. I mean that I lost a part of my father that I loved so much because he's living through a nightmare that no one can imagine.
I mean that I feel like my government has abandoned my country and that we are going to pay the price with blood. A lot of it.
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modmad · a month ago
TPoH: further delays possible
bad news lads- I still have a fever and now a suspected lung infection due to this cold :/ I may have to take next week off as well, much as it pains me to admit. going to get a covid test but I sincerely am hoping it’s just a cold that went apeshit on me
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yesmadamepresident · 6 months ago
My mom has covid and so she is quarantined in the bedroom and my dad is on the living room couch where he’s been sleeping for three nights.
And on their separate TVs on opposite sides of a thin-enough wall they are watching The Empire Strikes Back.
Now, I can hear dad laughing.
Now, they are both asking “Who’s scruffy-looking?” in perfect synchrony with each other and Harrison Ford.
Now, I am going to get my Mom’s laptop where she has left it outside her room for me to borrow.
The door is open and she is far enough away inside so I stop to ask - is the movie good?
Have you seen it before?
She laughs.
Now, I am back in my room with the laptop and my dad is whistling along to the theme and laughing again at lines he has heard a thousand times before
Now, he is shouting something at one of the characters, loud enough that I can hear it from here and so can Mom through the thin-enough walls.
Now, I am thinking, this is it. This is what love is.
Now, it is time for me to do some schoolwork.
I can hear the blasters from the other room.
Now, I am closing the laptop, and heading into the living room to watch the movie.
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tayorswift · a month ago
not justin bieber, the bitch who partied all during covid, saying ‘this covid thing sucks but at least we have music’ like motherfucker people died shut the fuck up
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dauntless-sakura · 4 months ago
What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that the new surge in speculation about the origins of COVID-19 is going to cause a surge in racism.
We’ve gotten enough shit for COVID-19 already. It’s not our fault. Chances are, the whole “lab virus” conspiracy is just speculative bullshit. We didn’t ask for this.
We didn’t fucking ask for this, whatever happened, it wasn’t our fault. Please don’t spread conspiracies, they help absolutely nobody.
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thehottestmess · 6 months ago
Hey guys, i just wanted to come on here and rant about the covid situation in india for a bit and provide a resource also.
So, it's pretty obvious that the situation in India is absolutely appalling. There's a LOT of posts by other people, even on my own dash that explain the situation far better than i do, so please go check them out if you haven't already, but there's one particular thing i wanna talk about.
It's the fact that a lot of high-school students, around ages 15-18 are coming together and doing a LOT of work to help spread information and resources about contacts and suppliers of oxygen, remdesivir, testing centers, and things like that. I'm in a whatsapp group like this myself and i know just how much work these people are doing so that they can spread the CORRECT information. And while what they're doing is good, its just so SAD to see literal CHILDREN. TEENAGERS. STUDENTS MY AGE. having to step up and do the jobs that adults and especially our "leaders" are supposed to be doing. It is so frustrating and maddening to see the desperation and the necessity that is driving this. They're spending hours a day calling people, collecting different resources and suppliers, verifying these suppliers, contacting offices and corporations and businesses to see if they can provide any help. I'm so glad that we are stepping up to do what we must, but i am simultaneously fuming at everyone who's allowed the situation to escalate to this extent.
I'm sharing a link to an instagram page that has a linktree for a lot of resources in TAMIL NADU, especially around CHENNAI. From what i know, it's run by highschoolers but it's info is pretty up to date and good. Its an insta link but it's public so you don't even need an account the resources are free to check. PLEASE do share even if you don't live around Tamil Nadu, it's so important to get this to as many people as we can.
This is the link for the page
Normally I don't care about how many notes i get but this is possibly my most important post yet so I'm tagging some ppl, moots or no doesn't matter. (No pressure or obligation of course, you don't have to, but if you want to,please share it)
@justa-pipedream @cirishere @klutzyfox @the-stars-love-me @catsandcrabs @ladysminou @whythefuckdoiexist @scintillatea @persephcned @mydogisgaytoo @ohboyimadeactivate @fluffyblanketssupreme @ginasholtsoundboard @notsofabulouslife07
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space-bones-official · 5 months ago
Today, I had to explain to a bunch of 11 year olds why wearing a mask was important and for the safety of the immunocompromised, and they just laughed at me. Usually after something like this, I'd make a big long post about why it's important, but instead, I'll say this:
If you wore a mask today while out in public/with other people without being asked or complaining, thank you.
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My mom just said "stop doing that or I'll put you down as male on the test results" referring to reporting a negative COVID test and it was the weirdest mild threat ever I
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raceweek · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hoping he gets the support for his health he needs with what he’s going through<3
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y’all I am so excited for dashcon!!!! It’s only in 15 days and I’m already having trouble sleeping!
I am a little worried about flying to chicago since it’ll be my first flight since covid started, but I am fully vaxxed and will wear a mask.
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savnofilter · 7 months ago
Please bring attention to this because I haven’t seen it enough or at all until I searched for specific tags. If you enjoy anime, kpop, asian culture, cuisine, use products from countries that are in Asia (and you more than likely do) you need to listen and speak about this. I've seen this around a few times on TikTok and I’ve spent way too long staying silent on this. There has been a rise in racial attacks against the Asian American community recently, but this is not the first time and it will not stop any time soon.
Since March 2019, asians have been under attack because of the political divide that COVID-19 had stirred. America has had a very long history of denying, abusing and discriminating against minorities, and the Asian community is no exclusion from this treatment. Many innocent people from even as young as children have been subjected to bullying, street attacks and murder simply because of the portrayal that the media have given the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community. More recently, this has recently been affecting the ederly people in said communities. People are being attacked no matter the victims ethnicity or nationality.
This is a reminder since a lot of people are putting the blame on black people, since the upscale of violence recently started from those individuals, we do not support any of these harmful actions. This is not a war of Black vs. Asian, it is a much bigger issue of bigotry and xenophobia than this. There have been many more acts against Asians from other races as well. The black community will stand for any minority group there is today as we feel the same pain you do. No black person would encourage this behavior of unprovoked attacks against Asians. 
Another thing to note is do not click bait serious issues like this. Just saw this tiktok properly explaining why by @/notsebina. Although there is good intent to have people listen, this could be really harmful too. There's not much to worry about on the Tumblr platform doing this, but it is important to highlight if you want to spread awareness properly.
Now, what can you do? Spread awareness, share, and educate. Do boost Asian voices, and help them have a platform to share. Do not spread videos/images of people being harmed as it can be triggering to people from the community. Here are some sources, organizations, petitions and donations to help the AAPI community today.
How to report a crime. | How to help someone who is being attacked. | How to generally fight against harassment.
Tumblr media
Learn more about the attacks from (not limited to) Nawpawf, 18Mr, AsianResource, and Stupski. Learn more and read up on these articles by Airbnb, RollingStone and the global list of attacks against Asians since 2019 on Wikipedia.
The National Council of Asian Pacific Americans [link]
Advancing Justice (Asian Law Caucus) [link]
Act to Change [link]
Gofundme; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ll-sofia-ll · 6 months ago
India officially has the second worst COVID outbreak in the world. Unofficially, it is probably the worst. There were 2.33 lakh cases reported in 24 hours on 16th April. This does not take into account, all the people who are not getting tested, all the people who cannot get tested because there aren’t enough testing kits available. It is suggested that the actual number of cases could be more than 25 times the stated number. The number of deaths stand at more than 174,000 for now, with more than a 1000 people dying every day, and these numbers are also heavily underestimated. During this time, the government has approved the organization of the Kumbh Mela, where 3.5 million Hindu devotees have gathered, and are bathing in the Ganga. Confirmed cases at the Mela are at 1700. Along with this, elections are being held in West Bengal, where there are massive rallies being conducted, where no covid norms are being followed at all. There aren’t enough beds. We are in a shortage situation where we shall have to import medical oxygen. There are reports of there not being enough space in cemeteries and crematoriums to bury or burn bodies. Migrant workers who had finally returned to the cities, hoping that they could find work again, are once again at the risk of the same apathy and cruelty they suffered at the hands of the Govt a year ago. The situation is dire, and the Govt does not care about whether people live or die.
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doinmybesthere · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hi everyone - i'll be taking a little pull back from being online, I'm really only posting about it so no one worries. more details under the cut but TLDR - family stuff and also my brains being bad
just know if you send me an ask or dm and i dont respond this is whats up
tw - covid, respiratory issues, frank discussion of mental health, family members being ill/injured
so my grandmother came off of a ventilator for covid went home and tripped, breaking several bones in her spine the same day my mom stepped on broken glass and is on crutches while the infection in her foot heals. that'll require a lot of my free time.
my family is kind of a mess, but somehow im the most stable member of it, lol, so um, i just gotta step up and care for them. i hope you have a nice sunday <3 i've got a queue running and im unsure when i'll be back more regularly.
be kind to yourselves <3
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enbies-and-felonies · a month ago
okay saying it now, but if you are against vaccinations and/or encourage other people not to get them (including spreading misinformation about vaccinations and esp. covid) i do not want you on my blog. i do not want you following me. this is NOT a safe place for you or anyone else who contributes to the anti-vax movement
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