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#tw cursing

Guys, guys. Imagine a guitar stream ft wilbur & george? Yeah? YEAH???? THEN THEY SING AND SHIT AAAAAA

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Brain: Go read that one fic you read a few months ago you don’t remember the name, plot, or author of, and the vague notion of a scene you barely recall being the only trace of it you can remember, along with that you liked it, who the characters were, and the pairing

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I’m bored so y’all get Billy on the street quotes as the gang

Tw // cursing

Steve: have you gotten your madona tickets yet?

Pony: hell no

Steve: why?

Pony: cause I can’t afford them

Steve: why not?

Pony: because I live in New York, I’m gonna be 15, and I have no health insurance

Steve: I didn’t ask for your whole life story

Pony: tough shit

Steve: oh fuck you

- - -

Darry: for a dollar name a movie

Two: uhhhh radio shack

Darry: what? That’s a store?

- - -

Steve: for a dollar name 3 white people

Dally: three white people? Can be dead or alive

Steve: yes

Dally: Elvis…..

Steve: ok one

Dally: umm michael Jackson

Steve: he was not white

Dally: oh I’m sorry

Steve: oh god

- - -

Dally: I’d love a Chinese witch

Sylvia: me too

Dally: oh ok and are you straight or gay?

Sylvia: I’m a lesbian

Dally: YES!! Chinese lesbian witch!!!!! Crazy witch Asians!!!!

- - -

Two Bit: TOM HARDY!!

Darry: AHHHH

- - -

Pony: for a dollar, elton John or elton from clueless

Johnny: elton John




- - -

Dally: here’s a mother fucking pumpkin. Take it. Take it.

- - -

Steve: for a dollar, name something that scares you

Pony: you

Steve: yes!

- - -

Dally: for a dollar name a skin color

Johnny: a skin color?

Dally: yes

Johnny: me?

Dally: what’s the color?

Johnny: yellow

Dally: oh


Dally: oh. Ok.

- - -

Darry: are you a squirrel or a chipmunk?

Two: I’m a chipmunk bitch

- - - 

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How many more times do I have to FUCKING ask.


Hurry up, I’m getting weird stares!

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Janus: I mean, it was Roman’s idea, I just made it better!

Roman: Are you fucking with me?

Janus: No, I’m asexual. Why would I want to fuck with anyone?

Roman: My apologies, anyway. What the fuck, Janus, leaving me out again!?

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Wait, the city was named “Mizu” doesn’t that mean water in japanese? Did they fucking name an underwater city water??

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dream smp, making all of fundys accomplishments seem unnecessary: oh my god, uh i didnt even mean to do that

c!fundy: oh its fine dont worry about it

yipblr and yiptwt: not its not fine WHAT THE FUCK!?

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holy shit. holy FUCKING HSIT THAT WAS AMAZING. like damn karl: a) got my motivation sky high b) spent hours upon hours working on this c) made everyone cry and d) added himself in the lore and made angst while doing it

this man needs an award or some shit

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oh fuck its dreams room

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Almost didn’t answer this because fuck JKR.

Uhhh… okay?

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What is this, my art class?

My dream house could be two things.

One, me living out my gay, cottagecore fantasies with my partners.

Or two, one of those big as frick castles where a secluded asshole undoubtedly lives.

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Me looking at the skins before the stream starts:

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I used to stay up watching streams sometimes I still do and not doing homework or being tired at work and it’s not fun. I will always encourage people to go to bed because sleep is more important then watching streams. 

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tfw your friend gets suicidal right after you said you didn’t want to dox a fucking 14yr old for calling you a hoe 😐

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Note: This is just a little fic before we get back into Tiny Galaxies :D The fic also has the entire lyrics of Achilles Come Down in it.

Genre: ANGST. Specifically Roman Angst

Ship: None

TW: Cursing, death, sympathetic Remus, falling, self-doubt/deprecation..??, crying

Let us know if we missed anything!

Word Count: 467

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