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#tw dad mention
a-lil-perspective · 6 months ago
Dad!Tech = ‘Dad jokes but make it science’ like he’d tell his child “Be like a proton and stay positive.”
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just-ghost-thoughts · 5 months ago
wait its not normal for your dad to make photos of you naked???
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morcias · 9 months ago
just between them ch1
pairing: morcia
rating: all ages that can read can read
word count: 1801
category: fluff
warnings: mentions of death of a family member
this is for my other half, my amazing grace @temily​ she loved my morcia proposal hc so much that i am mashing it with another one she loved. we love the derek and the penelope. i am planning on three chapters but that will most likely change cause its me.
His mother and father had an all consuming kind of love. A love that children deserved to have in their home; one that filled every room, influenced every decision. A love that was baked into every dish, even the ones that came from the frozen food aisle. There was not one thing in his childhood home that was not saturated in the love of his mother and father. He and his sisters were of course part of that love. They were walking, talking, (sometimes back talking), and breathing proof of the love shared between his parents. 
His mother was so in love with his father and his father was even more in love with his mother. They would go back and forth almost everyday about who loved the other one more but they knew it was no use; because francine morgan would never be able to convince her husband hank that she loved him more than he loved her. No matter how many “mores” she put after her i love yous; the man was stubborn and he genuinely could not imagine a love more powerful and concrete than the love he had for his wife. He knew she loved him, he wouldn’t dare question that not even in a joke. But she was everything. She was the only thing. His children were a part of her therefore she was his earth. If only he had realized, really truly been able to grasp, that that was what she was to him; they needn’t have argued back and forth everyday about whose love was stronger, because it was simply, equal. 
This is the example of love that derek morgan and his sisters had grown up with. Gone to sleep in the same home with, eaten dinner with, walked on the same wooden floors with. There was no doubt in his mind that this love was real. He knew it was possible to have this love, his parents were not lying to him. He was a man that was born from pure love, it was in his blood. 
So when his father was ripped away from his mother, it didn’t feel real because he had only known love his entire life. That love had been the most powerful thing he had ever experienced in his young life, death should not have been able to break them apart; but it did. His mother was adamant that he not forget the love that his parents had shared, the love that created him. It took some time, but she constantly told her children stories of her and her husband and the amazing years they had. She would never allow her children to forget their father and she did her best to teach them that even though her husband was gone, love was still stronger than death.
 The fact remained though; Derek, his mother, and his siblings had gone through hell after they lost hank morgan. Derek had seen and been through absolute hell on earth before he even reached the age of 18. He hated to admit it, but his faith in the love he grew up with had weakened; if he had been completely honest, the idea that he could find the love that his parents had was one that he had lost hope in. Until he met penelope of course.
“Penelope morgan is what i have called you in my head since the day you agreed to let me take you on a real date babygirl” he told her on the phone merely two weeks after they first started dating. He knew she was not the biggest fan of marriage, and it had nothing to do with how much she loved him. 
she too had been through her fair share of hell; her birth parents had divorced when she was young, so she did not have the same feelings towards marriage that he did. For derek morgan, marriage was more than just a piece of paper, while for penelope that is all it was. In her mind, marriage did not determine the amount of love in a relationship. Still, before derek, she never knew how in love she could be. She was indescribably in love with derek morgan, and she did not need a piece of paper to prove it.
Now they had been dating for a month and neither had ever been more at peace. They were sat outside one of derek’s properties he had recently finished restoring, arms linked. Their heartbeats in sync, breathing steady with no tension in their muscles, they were at peace. They did this often, they simply existed with the other; and it was during moments like this that derek was reminded of the love he grew up with and he knew his mother’s words were true, that love was so much stronger than death. The woman next to him, was stronger than anything he had ever encountered, death and evil had nothing on her. She had come out of darkness more than once and was able to retain her softness, her kindness, her love for everything and everyone; she knew everything about him and she loved him endlessly and without hesitation. And because of that, he decided, she was his earth. Marriage was important to him, but she was everything. 
“You know d… i haven’t forgotten what you said a few weeks ago,” her voice pulled him from his thoughts, his thoughts of her. Her voice had an air seriousness and he was instantly focused on every syllable. He teased to calm his nerves and attempted to do the same for her.
“Baby im gonna need a little help here, what did i say? I hope it was something wise. Hell, im always wise. Especially when im telling you how much i love you,” god he did. He loved her. She shifted slightly so that she could look him in the eyes but still maintain their closeness. The air around them was tense, but the tension was not bad. It felt safe, but he knew this was an important moment. She continued.
“No arguments there my love,” she soothed him slightly when she responded in an oh so penelope way. Nevertheless it was important for her to tell him this. “What i was referring to, derek baby… what you said? On the phone… you said you have every intention of making me your wife,” she paused briefly, all playfulness leaving her voice and she looked like she was about to cry, but she had a smile on her face that made derek’s heart soar. When she paused he laid his hand on her cheek, she leaned into it and continued. “That took my breath away handsome, you made me speechless,” he smirked at that because they both knew that was very difficult to do, he felt a tiny bit proud. “You said you know how i feel about marriage, that im not the biggest fan and derek i… what you said, that you changed your mind about marriage… because of me i- i dont want you to think that…” she was crying now, derek wiped her tears and locked his eyes on her, barely blinking. He waited patiently for her to find her words. He would wait forever if he had to. 
She continued after a deep breath and her eyes met his dilated ones, “that meant so much to me derek. I love you so much. I love you so much derek morgan and i dont want you to think that for one second that i dont because of my complicated and i dont know stupid feelings about marriage. You called me your god given solace… you are just as much mine, baby... Im so in love with you, i can barely breathe sometimes.... My parents, i know they didn’t feel like that. They couldn’t have felt this much love for each other and gotten a divorce... I mean yeah, they loved each other but… nowhere near how much i love you. And i realize that my view of marriage is influenced by that and i dont know it just,” she had to breathe deeply once more before she could continue, “i dont want you to feel like you have to marry me out of obligation. Like you think that thats what you have to do because you love me... I dont think im even making sense.” she let out a breath of frustration at that and was confused as to why the love of her life was looking at her with a large grin on his face. When he was sure she was done talking for the moment, he started.
“Do remember the other things i said penelope baby?,” they locked eyes again and he continued, “penelope garcia you… you are it. I told you that under no circumstances will we get married unless you are ready. When you are ready babygirl, if you ever are. I told you two weeks ago, and i will tell you again… i have no issue being with penelope garcia for the rest of my life. But if i know you are ready, if you are comfortable, i will gladly prove to you that penelope garcia will stay exactly the same when she becomes penelope morgan. But only if you decide thats what you want.” he spoke in a voice so soft that if other people were there with them, only she would be able to hear. With both hands on her face now, wiping her new tears that fell as a result of his words, he added, “and baby girl… you better never think that anything i do now or in the future, whether we get married or not, is for any reason other than because i cant live without you. I will never do anything with you because i feel obligated to. My beautiful girl… its you. Its you,” he put emphasis on the word you and continued, “everything i have ever done with you, every single thing we have ever done, every one, every conversation… every kiss i give you has been because i want to. Because i want you. I want you penelope. Angel… its you.” he gave a small head nod at that and realized he was crying now. He had maybe cried happy tears once or twice in his life before he met her, now he found himself doing it weekly.
“Derek…” she cursed herself in her head because this man had, once again, rendered her speechless. “I just love you so much i- i love you,” she could only kiss him because words didnt exist at that moment. 
As he kissed her back he realized that he may be able to call her penelope morgan out loud soon, not just in his head.
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tetsou · 10 months ago
do you ever stop and take a look at the kinks your into and think: would i still like this if i had a healthy relationship with my father?
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Tumblr media
My parents, everyone
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satanshairycoochie · 5 months ago
My fath3r said I can get this haircut, and maybe the undercut
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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scrumptiousblazevillain · 6 months ago
OH god damn. Fundy is so good at acting distressed. Damn. you REALLY feel it. I remember even in early nlm days watching fundy and his daddy issues arc and going hot damn!!!! this is heartwrenching!!!! He is a reallt good actor and a lot of people look over him :(
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superstellarhere · a month ago
“be yourself, but like dont do that instead try to please everyone around you”
- my dad
wow, wise words /s
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a-lil-perspective · a month ago
Hi!! All ur Dad Batch content makes my heart so soft 🥺💕 ahh I love it!
How would Crossbuir and/or Papa Hunter react in the aftermath of them losing their temper with their kids? I know this is a bit of a sadder one, but no parent is perfect. I feel like this is more likely to happen when the kiddos are younger and yeah I just think they would feel awful seeing the kids’ scared little faces and crying and being scared
This is a great ask. I never want to imagine Papa Hunter or Cross’buir losing it with their kids ever lol so my heart hurts a lil bit. I’m actually gonna talk about all the Dadas here; what constitutes as “losing their temper” for each one and how they cope with it.
Hunter: When he loses his temper it’s actually quite catastrophic; his voice is booming and his presence is commanding and the effects are instantaneous—it’s scary, the babies start crying, they’ve only ever seen Papa soft and gentle and the look of fear that twists their sweet little faces is forever ingrained into his memory. He is a very hurt Papa in the aftermath. His first instinct is to remedy the situation immediately; damage control, in his acute distress: “Oh baby Papa’s so sorry, come here, sweetie Papa didn’t mean it, please—” He’s near tears himself. His instinct and attempts to comfort is born from desperation, he’s beyond remorseful and his profuse apologies fall on deaf ears; they’re little and they’re rattled and they just need Mama. They scamper off to go cry and find solace. Hunter likely sequesters himself away once realizing they’ve shut down. And he thinks he ruined everything. He is just… devastated. He can’t let it go. He needs lots of reassurance from Cyare that he is still a good Papa.
Wrecker: Out of all the Buire, Wrecker has lost his temper the least amount of times and in the least disastrous ways. In any case; his ill-temper is not necessarily equated to yelling. His demeanor just turns sour and he’s irked. Maybe he’s a little short with them instead of enacting his typically exuberant antics. It’s usually not enough to be tear-inducing. But he feels absolutely horrible. And Wrecker has very little artifice; he sees and calls it like it is. And so he is very quick to make amends, and he is so sincere, no bullshit—and that’s what makes it so remedying. He knows how to apologize with tact. But more than that; he owns up to his actions. Always. He will sit his girls down and tell them exactly what it is he did wrong, because it builds character - his and theirs. Sometimes if it’s really tricky waters, he’ll bring in Lula as his trusty advisor. :)
Tech: Tech undoubtedly has a short fuse and I have no doubt he can be prone to pretty severe outbursts, given the right circumstances. But I think when it comes to his exasperation with young ones, I don’t think he would go full throttle, I just think he would be very sarky and cold. And much of Tech’s disposition is already comparatively aloof—but this certain behavior is infinitely more sharp. And maybe he doesn’t realize it or that he even wronged his child, maybe he sees the frown on their face but it doesn’t quite register with him. He might even need some prompting, someone to tell him that he caused offense. When he comes to the realization, he truly feels very bad. I imagine he would hole up for awhile and absorb himself in some work until he can sort his thoughts out. This is a delicate situation.
Crosshair: Similar to the others, losing his temper doesn’t necessarily constitute as raising his voice, for Crosshair; instead, he becomes very waspish and it’s very pronounced—and hurtful. He only ever inflicted that behavior with Asher once (1). Sweet, tender Asher who thinks the world of his Buir - and always will. One day Crosshair becomes severe with him and the penitence is swift. The flicker of hurt - betrayal - across Asher’s face, the way he flinches, looks so much like his Mom’s—a look Crosshair knows all too well, a look burned into his core memory, and the implications behind it that he can never erase. And he hates himself for it. Asher rebounds quickly, his forgiveness knows no bounds, but Crosshair is just drowning. He definitively caves in on himself, he can’t even bring himself to apologize or even face his son. It’s Asher who checks on him first. He just wants to make sure his Buir is OK. :)
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thehugwizard · 2 months ago
:/ can I please have a hug, my dad’s work schedule really should not be legal dude
Oh no! *gives you a big ol bear hug*
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katzcorner · 7 months ago
hah did anyone else get manipulated by their mother into getting daddy issues when rlly your dad is a good person and she was keeping him out of your life and now you don’t know how to have a relationship with him and you have intense mommy issues now? anyone????
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just-ghost-thoughts · 5 months ago
on another note my dad is sooo angry at me for not wearing short pants djskncdklvbl
i swear he will just rip off my pants and force me to wear short pants one-day dvbcdskvbdw
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satanshairycoochie · 6 months ago
TW: Dad mention
I remember my dad once making an excuse for me not to cut my hair because "round faced people don't look good in short hair, grow it out so it looks more pretty." I wanted this (but make it more curlier):
Tumblr media
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natsueyama · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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nayrs-thoughts-13 · 2 months ago
Mmmmm I told my dad I got an 86% on a test I thought I was gonna fail n he said it was a bad grade n that it’s only a bad grade bc I’m “gifted” n that it shouldn’t be hard bc it’s a class only a year above my grade =(((((
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louieizgod · 2 months ago
Good to know my dad thinks I’m a “fucking bitch” and I’m gonna go down the wrong path and become an alcoholic and be in jail
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