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#tw death

Somber horrible news (TW: death, animal death)

Today, we had to put Tony down. His tests showed that he was even sicker than 2 years and that even if he were to stay in the hospital, he would have to blood transfusions, which would be a huge risk. So we had to put him down. His last moments were spent with us.

Around a week ago, my grandmother’s old shih tzu dog, Kuzya, was put down as well. He was 16 years old, blind, and riddled with health issues. I was not present when he was put down.

Good bye Tony. You meant everything to me. If I was ever to make a choice, whichever one involved you was what I chose. I was preparing to help you live to your old age. I was trying my best to overcome my own challenges to take care of you. I’m going to miss you so so much. This apartment feels empty without you. I wish I had more energy to play with you more often than I did. My poor baby boy I love you so much and nothing will fill the void in my heart.

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“ it’s a paw patrol thing <3 “

“ m gonna pONCE You,,, “

“ is megalovania playin gi think its playing “

“ *unintelligeble noises follwed by * BOB ROSS !!!!! BOB ROSS BOB ROSSS “



“ im down to my final item. instant nnoodels. “

“ * high pitched * DABBABDABDABDBADBA “


“ *in full seriousness*  i’m gonna die. and my blood will be ketchup. “

“ *paw patrol theme tune* DEATH IN HELL!! DEATH IN HELL!!! ITS A PAW PATROL THING <3 ( x2 ) “

“ fine. sans ur just gonna be alone.

 and dead “

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This week my dog passed away, I’m genuinely so sad cause I love him so so so much. He was so kind and sweet and it is really hard to process the loss. I’m trying to distract myself, but sometimes it’s just really difficult. I miss seeing him all the time, hearing his little steps when he wanted to be with me, how he scratched my leg when he wanted to be held, the way he would always want to cuddle with me, I miss his snores and even the way he would bark every time someone knocked at the door. I had him for 7 years and I’m sure there won’t be a single day where I don’t miss him with all my heart.

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If I had to compare this book to a movie scene, I would compare it to the scene in Twilight where Bella sits in her room depressed and watches the months go by slowly. The books ​My Year of Rest and Relaxation​ by Ottessa Moshfegh follows a nameless character and her plan to sleep through an entire year of her life. With the help of (too many) sleeping pills and a too willing doctor, she is determined to skip a year and wake up refreshed and ready to begin her life.

This book was uncomfortable in the best kind of way. The story is disturbing and annoying and that is exactly what it was meant to do. It was refreshing and interesting to have a main character that you don’t necessarily like or root for. If you enjoy books that make you feel safe and comfy, it may be hard to stomach this one. Moshfegh often writes about terrible people but she does it so brilliantly. She highlights the parts of the world that many books tend to ignore. A book like this is a nice refresher that life isn’t always perfect and that’s normal.

I think the idea of someone being so tired of life that they decide to just sleep it off is really relatable right now. We’re all tired! The characters that interact with the narrator, such as her enabling “doctor”, her best friend that she consistently shit talks, and Trever, a toxic ex that swings back in and out of the story, perfectly highlight all of her fatal flaws and help the reader to truly peel back the thick layer covering our narrator’s true thoughts and feelings. Our main character has nauseating habits that may repulse the reader and that is exactly what it is intended to do.

This book tackled the topic of mental illnesses like depression in ways that aren’t often depicted. Where sleeping is the only thing that can make you feel productive, where shutting the whole world out sounds like a good idea. Moshfegh perfectly tapped into this mindset and it made for a book that you can’t help but fly through, trying to understand and grasp exactly what this young woman is in need of. This book took me into the hazy fog of depression and made me feel as if I had also been taking extreme doses of heavy sleeping drugs, and by that I mean that Moshfegh made it seem as if I had gone through this “year of rest and relaxation” right alongside our narrator.

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[ Questions about death ]

“One might consider the worst death to be the most gruesome one. People will squirm and shake merely at the image of someone - or something - ripping them apart piece by piece until nothing is left of them but messy chunks.

But I find the worst death the one that slowly follows you every single day, may it be by illness or being starved in the dungeon of the enemy, or any other way you could think about. To know that it will come, to know that your life will be cut short soon and to be left helpless with this knowledge I imagine to be so very heartbreaking.

What will you do with the time you have left? Who will you spend it with? And while these thoughts haunt you, they will watch you nearby and experience your soul slowly shattering, your heart whithering like a flower in the snow. And they will be there when the time has come. And only they will know when it arrives.”

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Do you ever think about people you care about dying and cry for like half an hour grieving them even though it’s not real?

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Ok uh BIGASS trigger warning for body horror, non-consentual/teen pregnancy and abortion, miscarriages, aswell as just, Me talking about alien fertilisation. I’ll be gentle but stay safe.

So. I think the main reason the “weren’t pregnant when the day started” deal was added, for some narrative reason rather than an in-universe biological reason. I have 3 theories about this, the truth can be any combination of them or none, but their are:

  1. not giving enough time for miscarriages or abortions. The babies were only there for the birth, and there was less time for accidents.
  2. To establish that the births were magical and unique to not only us, but to the people in the universe.
  3. Giving an extra reason as to why the women weren’t opposed to giving the baby away immediately. They had no emotional connection or preparation. In the long run it was a traumatic experience, and in the moment they were probably disoriented and in shock.

Now, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t an in universe explination too. I mean, the first one can count as a reason for the person who created them (probably Reginald?) aswell as the comic creator himself.

In my head, I have this vague headcanon about the red lights functioning as something like an egg, that would uhh break once they reached their destination. At that moment, the women would start giving birth.

Another possibility is that whatever it is that made the women give birth was implanted in them a while ago, and was just activated at the same time. I don’t know what that would be or how it would work because we really know close to nothing about how this world works.

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killer conclusions: a hollywood tragedy…

in the early morning hours of december 3rd, 2005, three of los angeles’ very own died tragically in a car accident. up-and-coming band, killer conclusions, were travelling home from a gig downtown when their car collided with another. they will always be remembered for their potential - they were set to break into the music scene in a big way by playing at atlas, a club in los angeles known for launching the careers of many famous bands in the past. our thoughts go out to their surviving family members.

keep dreaming like we’re gonna live forever…

we are a skeleton, 18+ supernatural rp. the plot follows a band coming back from the grave who must discover why they have returned, and what their unfinished business might be. we have eight skeletons in total, who will all play vital roles to the plot !

main coming soon…

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Goddammig I’m crying again. Why did my dog have to go? Brownee… why did you have to die? it feels so empty in this house without you…

You may have died in October, but it still hurts…


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so for school we did nanowrimo and i actually like the story I wrote so i’m posting it to tumblr :)  

This story is about a girl and a princess who grow up together, closer than sisters.  The girl wants only to be the princess’s guard so they can stay together forever.  When she gets a chance to prove herself worthy to be the princess’s sole protector, she jumps on the oppurtunity.  She and the princess leave on a journey to find a stolen treasure.  While on the journey, the girl finds out a dark secret about her past….(cliche, ik)

link to chapter 1  here :) 

Chapter 2

Wc: 2601  Tw: death, suicide, blood

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soooo my gandma died last night from covid and today my fiances doctor is making him test for covid bc we have symptoms and now im waiting for him at the hospital to be done testing so thats how my weeks been going

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Hey, friends. Important update with my personal life.

My mother has passed away, today. She was battling cancer for a while, but today she’s Gone. It’s probably gonna be tough for me for a little while.

I want to thank the people who’ve been here for me through this, you’ve all helped me so much. Thank you.

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Having already experience one of the most terrifying things he could think of, Isaiah is pretty much fearless at this point. He often wakes up in sweats after reliving flashbacks of his family’s death in his sleap, and having loved ones taken away would probably be the only thing that terrifies him to death.

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