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#tw death
daydreamdeuce · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"You said you'd grow old with me..."
cw // lifespan angst death
Just wrestling with the concept of grief and outliving loved ones. Grief is ugly. Grief is so ugly. It's missing meals, forgetting self-care, turning to tell them something and you are alone, it's isolation and agony. It's still not being able to eat a certain food even a decade later because it hurts your heart for some reason. It's waking up from a dream of them and for a split second, you think they are still alive and they aren't. It's hating them for leaving you alone.
But it's not forever. It's not eternal. It gets easier. And no matter how much it hurts loving them is ALWAYS worth it.
-Dedicated to Shane 💕 I miss you every day. I'm so happy with my life but I miss you so much. But I'll see you again and I'll tell you so many stories. If I had the chance, I truly wouldn't change a thing. I'd meet you a million times and lose you a million. The pain would be worth it every single time. You were so amazing. I'll see you again, and I promise I won't rush. I'll take my time. I know you'll be waiting all the same and certainly won't mind. I love you still to this very day and will every day until I come home.
Grief is ugly but love is so incredibly beautiful
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relaxxattack · 2 days ago
“enderboo could kill tubbo or micheal” what if he kills for them. huh? what if he kills people who hurt tubbo? like idk just a thought
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petrichormeraki · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
"I feel so much better now."
I imagine the Boogeyman has to do a bit more than just killing to be cured, don't you? :)
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water-and-grass · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: This series contains yandere themes, reader has break downs, manipulation, drugging, & s#icide
please heed the warning before continuing
Synopsis: Just weeks before Christmas was about to roll in you found yourself duped by your landlady. The place you bought with your hard-earned money as a gift for yourself had strings attached. It was supposedly "haunted" according to the neighborhood legends normally you wouldn't think twice about those sort of things. But after too many coincidences and strange happenings you found yourself believing the tale more and more.
Money you didn't have before suddenly started appearing as well as other small things like snacks, a pebble or a feather. They were like small gifts and, at the least, you would have been glad to see them if it weren't for the flower they'd be right next to, a chrysanthemum.
You knew what that flower meant death. So why was someone giving you gifts when they were just going to kill you?
Tumblr media
You awoke with start and fright, from what you didn't know. The AC was getting unbearably chilly and your sheets couldn't warm you up anymore. For the nth time, you got up and lowered it.
The new apartment you bought had all the amenities you needed, AC, heaters, wifi, and hot water. Moving in was a breeze as it was already fully furnished, you just had to arrange your personal things and you were done. But aside from that, there was actually something more to it, something more than meets the eye.
It's supposedly "haunted" when you first heard that story you laughed. It didn't help that kids were the ones who told the story, you guessed it must've been some story told by parents to get their children to behave. At the back of your head though, the thought of it being haunted creeped you out even if you didn't want to admit it.
There was a chance it might be and you wondered about what to do if it was true. But for now, it was still very early in the morning and the sun is yet to rise. Closing your eyes you went back to sleep, as your eyelids drooped down you thought you saw something move. Ignoring it you continued your sleep.
Waking up you smiled, you felt refreshed even if kept getting up last night. The day was bright and it felt like a good start in your new home. Getting up you made yourself some coffee for energy and wondered what to cook for breakfast. Humming you decided on a dish and opened the cupboards to get the ingredients and materials.
You hear something fall turning around you see the jar of flour knocked down spilling its contents on the floor. But that fact wasn't as important as footprints from the flour were littered across the room. Your instinct told you to scream but you slapped your palm on your mouth. Your face was full of horror at the sight, eyes darting from side to side to check if someone was there but there was no one. And you didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.
You ran to get your bag and dashed out of the house. Open you went inside and turned the ignition on. You have some spare office clothes inside it and it wasn't worth it spending another minute being in a house that didn't feel safe. Driving by a nearby fast-food chain you placed an order and took it to go.
The inside of your office was cold and empty, it was still early and not many people were inside yet. Except for a few people who have stayed yesterday to complete their projects and those workaholics, there was no one. You shivered in your clothes, you had to put on your work clothes quickly. After changing in the bathroom you went inside and saw Momo.
"Momo!" you called out glad to see someone you knew. "Hi how are you, I didn't know you come here early?" She didn't reply to your greeting or question and just answered the last one with a simple nod. She seemed quite standoffish, last time you met you told her if the two of you could eat out together. She declined it quickly saying she was busy but when you went out that same day you saw her eating in a restaurant with Uraraka and Jirou.
It stung when you saw them together, she lied and left you to eat alone. You tried making friends in the office to avoid being the loner but it seemed like that was just what you were becoming.
You let out a shriek as you felt something hit your head. "Woah woah I'm sorry shhhh." turning around you saw a man with spiky black hair and cold blue eyes. His smile was a cross between mischievousness and surprise from the scream. You felt embarrassed, muttering a sorry you quickly walked past him and returned to your cubicle.
Later that afternoon
You heard the giggles and chatter of groups of people as they exited the building for lunch. You on the other hand let out a sad sigh since you knew you were going to be eating alone again. "Knock knock."
You looked and and saw the same man you embarrassed yourself in front of in the morning. He has a contrite smile and was holding two cans of coffee. "Here, I'm sorry about this morning, you were kind of zoning out and I thought it would be a good idea to whack your head with my clipboard."
Nodding you took the drink and placed it on your desk, you thanked him before returning to stare at your computer. There was no more work you needed to do but you wanted him to leave first before you go out and eat alone to avoid looking like the office loner. He stayed there though, looking at you with those bright blue eyes and a cheeky smile. "May I help you with anything else?"
"Yes, can we eat together? I don't want to eat alone." You felt your mind brighten as your muddled social problems went away at his offer. "Yes!" you answered excitedly.
You were happy but someone else wasn't. From a distance, a white silhouette was staring at you in anger.
Tumblr media
taglist: @oldestandonlygirl3 @mo0o0milk send me an ask of you want to join my taglist
reblog and comment if you want more
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baka-monarch · 2 days ago
Dirt Crawlers
Look @darkeninganon , I beat you to writing the slug thing!!!! :)
(brain just randomly started thinking of story and I just decided to write it now before I lost motivation/inspiration)
Tommy watched Dream as he pushed the door to their hole in the ground open The younger Dirt Crawler was practically bouncing with excitement. Today was the day, finally Dream was taking him out on his first hunting trip. It was the perfect day for hunting as well, since it hadn't rained for weeks and was so bright and sunny out (as Tommy could tell from the blinding light coming through their burrow door) that there was no way it would rain; so there was no risk of them drowning in a puddle or getting dragged down to suffocate in mud. It was also the afternoon by now, judging by where the sun was, which meant almost no birds out hunting at all. Yeah, now would be the perfect time to get some food.
"You remember all the rules I told you, right?" Tommy was startled out of his thoughts by his older brother's voice.
"Yeah yeah yeah, I know I know!" The teen rolled his eyes. The rules had been drilled into him ever since he was a kid, ever since their parents were still around.
"Okay, so remember that we're only hunting aphids- no attacking ants, ladybugs, termites-"
"Mantises,"-He cut off Dream's words-"slugs- yeah yeah, I know boss man! We don't fight anything that isn't an aphid!!" Tommy climbed out of the burrow with that in mind. He already knows what happens if a Dirt Crawler tries to fight anything other than an aphid, he's been told the horror stories thousands of times. Ants will swarm you if you hurt one, ladybugs can headbutt trample and eat you, termites can take a limb off with one bite, and mantises- of Prime Tommy really does NOT want to think about fucking mantises.
"I'm just making sure-" Dream added as he climbed out to stand next to Tommy, kicking their burrow door closed behind himself. "I know how adventurous you can get at times and I don't want to risk anything." The elder puts a hand on Tommy's shoulder and looks into his baby brother's eyes seriously. The world is a dangerous place for someone only half an inch tall, and he wants to make sure his baby brother is safe.
"Stop worrying so much- I'm not gonna leave your side big man." Tommy smirks into their serious gaze and gives his brother a comforting pay on the shoulder, making them sigh with relief.
"Good- because I don't know what I'd do without your annoying voice." Dream jokes with a slightly forced chuckle and ruffles the teen's curly blond hair. Tommy only groans in annoyance and pushes his hand away, which only makes Dream let out another fond chuckle. "C'mon, we don't have all afternoon!" The elder doesn't give Tommy any time to fix their hair as he grabs their hand and pulls them off into the towering grass blades.
It's a few hours later when the two brothers find themselves watching from being blades of grass as several aphids hop around on the dirt, having called off of the grass after the two tiny people had shaken their plant homes with the help of a light breeze. Dream pulls out a small sword and turns to Tommy to make sure he's holding his own sword correctly. Once the eldest is sure the time is perfect, he gives a signal with his hand and both split- Dream running in from the right and Tommy from the left, both catching the tiny bugs off guard and using that to their advantage to slice off the heads of several before they can jump out of reach.
"You did it!" Dream smiles up at Tommy who himself is smiling proudly. They were running low on food, and now with Tommy's help, they're both sure to have more than enough aphids to last them for a week or more at least. "This should be good- you, did good Toms." The green clad Dirt Crawler walks over to his brother and ruffles their hair, and this time Tommy does not complain. "Now help me bag them up-"
"Yes sir!" Tommy gives a small thumbs up and starts to fill his sprig woven bag with the dead aphids as Dream does the same. It's all fine until one of the aphid bodies gets up and starts to limp away- Tommy missed it's head. "I'll get it!" He calls over to his brother, who gives a nod of acknowledgement before Tommy chases after the aphid, knowing he can easily catch and kill it since it can't jump.
Tommy doesn't notice anything suspicious as he approaches the injured aphid. He doesn't look around at his surroundings as he gets out his sword. He doesn't look up as he stabs the bug and finally kills it. He does however scream after looking up to see where the droplet of slime had come from on his sword after landing the killing blow.
Dream snaps his head up to attention, his eyes wide with fear for his Tommy as he looks to where they'd run off to- and he almost screams as well. "IT'S A SLUG!!!!" He's quick to run over and grab Tommy's arm and start to drag the petrified teen away before they can be eaten.
Tommy doesn't hesitate to follow Dream once he snaps out of his state of fear. As they run Tommy tries not to think about the humongous slimey being of pure squishy muscle, with four eyes that stared at him with nothing but hunger, and a large gaping mouth that was opening and closing, ready to eat it's lunch with the rows upon rows of tiny razor sharp teeth that could allow the disgusting giant to swallow him whole. Tommy shivers, yeah that's going to be haunting his nightmares- oh well at least slugs are slow, so he and Dream have plenty of time to run away…. Or so he thought, before suddenly his running is slowed significantly by something making him stick to the ground. The teen looks down, and sees he's stepped into a trail of familiar slime that has him now stuck where he stands.
"Dre- Dream!?" He yells to his older brother, who also finds himself slowed by the slime trail. Dream looks at his brother sadly, and grabs their arms before desperately trying to pull Tommy free as the slug approaches at a slow orgilating crawl towards them.
"Tommy- Tommy, look at me!" Dream said, keeping his voice firm, trying to give his baby brother something to focus on. "Don't look back- don't- d- don't look behind you. Just focus on me, we're going to get out of this." At least Tommy is close enough for Dream to pull them into a hug. He lets Tommy bury their face into his chest, letting them cry as he glares up at the omnivore that had successfully hunted them down on Tommy's first aphid gathering…
"I- I'm scared…" Tommy admits quietly, something they usually would never do, but Dream can understand in this situation: getting stuck while running from a slug is certain death for any and all Dirt Crawlers.
"I know… I know, but it's going to be okay, I promise…." Dream whispers softly and weaves his fingers into Tommy's soft golden curls, something that's always calmed them down, no matter how old. He hugs his small brother close, closing his eyes so he can savor one last moment with them…
The sound is loud and disturbing to hear for the absolutely miniscule brothers, and they both open their eyes wide in surprise and fear of what happened. All that can run through Dream's head is that the slug must've been crushed by something, but what? A deer? A wolf maybe? Possibly even a skunk even if they aren't in this area? The only way to find out is to look up- and up- and up and up and up and-
"Fuck." Dream doesn't cuss often, but for this occasion it feels necessary.
"Wh- wha-" Tommy begins to ask but cuts off his own words as he feels all his breath leave him in fear, as he looks up too.
A giant. An actual giant. A person, thousands of times their size was standing right on top of where the slug had been only seconds before- and it seemed like they didn't even notice they'd crushed anything.
"Human…" Dream mutters quietly, remembering the word from a story their mom told him once before Tommy was born. Giants- humans- weren't supposed to be here. Dirt Crawlers almost never had to deal with humans… yet here one stood, having unintentionally saved the two brothers lives, and Dream realized in a moment how close they both were to that death dealing foot, and if the human hadn't seen the slug, then if they took another unfortunate step- "R- run- we need to run! Run!!" Dream shouts and starts to pull Tommy, and his brother quickly gets the message as they both pull themselves out of the slime to start running.
Dream doesn't let go of Tommy's hand the whole time as they both run as fast as they can, but it doesn't feel fast enough as every time Dream looks back the human looks just as close as they were before and- oh gods they were looking down at them. Dream pushes forward, trying to pull Tommy even faster with a feigned hope that maybe, just maybe they can at least get to the burrow in time and be safe until the human leaves-
Dream bounces back off of something hard and smooth, he can't see it but he can feel it. Tommy rushes forward to stand beside him and starts to bang on the invisible wall; it's a fruitless effort however as both know that anything used by humans is guaranteed to be too strong for either to break through. Only a few seconds later they feel gravity change and they're sliding down the wall, Dream grabs Tommy and hugs him, wanting to make sure that wherever they land his brother is safe more than anything. They eventually hit a bottom, made of another invisible wall- and as Dream looks up he meets two massive eyes, twice as big as himself, staring directly at him and his brother.
Mcyt g/t list:
@trashpumped @lorie-the-little-ghost @encaos @i-am-a-weeb @wyforyu-gaming @5unfl0writ3r @colorfulsiren @moonmwah @iwasgoingtohellanyways @echoslime @wilbur-simp @trouble-off-grid @lilsyxx @smogs-0 @hello-world-im-snow
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araekni · 2 days ago
hello! i love your blog and I just saw that your request are open again so…
war? a compilation about war and death poems?
i love your blog again 🤍
Tumblr media
Siegfried Sassoon, To Any Dead Officer
Tumblr media
Dunkirk (2017) dir. Christopher Nolan
Tumblr media
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) dir. Lewis Milestone
Tumblr media
Sabaton, The Price of a Mile
Tumblr media
George Santayana, Soliloquies in England and Later Soliloquies
Tumblr media
Wilfred Owen, Dulce et Decorum Est
Tumblr media
Arthur Miller, All My Sons
Tumblr media
Stevie Smith, Not Waving but Drowning
Tumblr media
Eric Lomax, The Railway Man / The Railway Man (2013) dir. Jonathan Teplitzky
Tumblr media
Erich Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front
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dooodle-bug · a day ago
Handaconda Creepypasta Because you asked for it.
smh smh I can’t believe yall really just did the 69 note thing- THANK YOU- but I- /lhlhlh. Still mad I missed the event. Anyways take this and go. 
I hooked up my Nintento Switch to my tv and inserted my brand new Paper Mario: The Origami King cartrage. I had recently bought it at a garage sale that my family went to a few weeks ago. I really wanted it because I heard it was a good game and I couldn’t have bought it at retail price. I felt like there was something off about the packaging, but I couldn’t care less because i got what I wanted.
Now that school was over I decided to finally test the game out. Putting it in and turning on the thing and taking out my controllers revealed to be the beginning main title screen of Origami King! It first started with Olivia doing the folding thing and the view of the castle and game logo shown. But something felt off. The music and sound effects sounded a bit strange and the colors were less bright. I passed it off as a glitch and continued playing.
The game played normally, mario went to peaches castle with luigi and the place was empty. The entire prologue of the game felt pretty normal, nothing strange or unusual at all. Then when Olly threw me out of the castle and started the true gameplay, something felt off.
 There were a few glitches mario getting stuck on stuff and being hard to control and olivia saying some weird messages mixed in with ther normal dialouge like “come”, “help”, and “us”. It was very weird, but I just thought it was some sort of localization mix up or the game getting beat up from being previously owned by someone.
Now that I think of it, when I went to pay for  the game, the guy at the table seemed concerned when I handed him the game. He said “You;re gettting that game?!” after I handed him the money, which was strange, but he was probably just a pmtok hater.
Anyways I played for what felt like huurs,  getting past the red streamer really fast (who’s boss had a orange pencil for some reasone even thoght I tought there wasn’t supposed to be)
But the weird thing was: as the game went on, it got glitier and glitier, mario being almost impossible to control, olivia saying weird and mixed up things, the battles were almost impossible, it was really weird. But I kept playing because I REALLY wanted to see the ending I loved the game so much.
Eventually, at 3 am, I managed to get past the sumo boss bros and into bowser’s castle. I know I was supposed to go to bed, but I really wanted to finish the game and know what happenes. 
For some reason my health increased to 666 hp even though before it was only 200. Oh well having a health boost was good.
The castle was messed up. Paper scrapes of paper folk were eveerywhere and sprinkled around, there were these big and creepy paper cutout dolls that moved around the rooms that i had to avoid because otherwise I would get a game over and my game would crash.
At last, I made my way to the hallway where I should be expecting the next boss: Handaconda. But it wasn’t there. Everything went quiet and scary, I didn’t know what do do. Suddenly, the handaconda popped out of nowhere and grabbed me! The boss battle started and I wasn’t ready. 
I tried to attack it, but nothing seemed to work. The game was acting super glitchy as I could barly use any attacks or move around. Then, the handaconda made its move. its flat, twisted and snake-like body raised it’s middle finger and flipped mario off, comeing out of the screen and flipping me off too. Then I died instantly
The end?
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curator-on-ao3 · 2 days ago
Lwaxana Troi is larger than life.
She’s also larger than death.
She loses a daughter, her husband, another man she is brave enough to love. Yet she remains bold, curious, caring. She keeps her sense of humor, her empathy, her bravery.
Lwaxana Troi is an icon.
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lovebug5151 · 2 days ago
@petrichormeraki i did it :3
This is a play off of an aspect of Last life that Meraki made in this post. tw for cannibalism      Watch the trigger warnings folks
Bdubs was hungry. He kept walking along, joking around with Etho but he was hungry. Etho smelled… really good, but he knew Etho would beat him if he tried. He kept mining, joking around, ignoring his hunger. Then. he heard Grian. Grian was calling down to them from the surface, and all that filled Bdubs brain for a moment was the want to feed. The need of food and death. Of green or yellow flesh.
He managed to push it aside for a moment, and called up to Grian. Joking around with both of them about the boogeyman, even as the hunger became greater. The air was filled with the smell of flesh, and Bdubs was having more and more trouble not attacking. 
Then he couldn't any more.
He lunged at Grian, quickly pushing him back, away from Etho who had bolted away when he realized Bdubs was the boogeyman. Grian lost a few precious seconds thinking that he was joking, before fear flashed across his face, and Bdubs made the final blow. Grian’s head went flying off, and Bdubs sliced his sword across his chest.
Bdubs woke a few seconds later, blood on his face. Even as he looked down at the body, at the chunk of chest in his hands, he couldn't remember the taste. He couldn't remember the smell. He dropped the chunk, and saw the body finally poof. 
Bdubs sucked in a breath before jumping down to the river to wash his face and hands of the blood. Before Etho and Grian came back. 
Somehow. Somehow he knew the others didn't know of this aspect. And he didn't want to be known as the first to fall to it.
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pindl3 · 2 days ago
Man, remember when c!dream apologists tried to say that it was reasonable for Dream to beat Tommy to death because Tommy killed his own cat
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melliohii · 2 days ago
Dear Technoblade, if you are reading this it means my plan has failed.
You are probably curious as to what plan I mean. I’m not one to discuss my intentions with most other people- far too many times that has led to a betrayal, trust is a fickle concept- but you alone are one I feel I can rely on. Please don’t prove me wrong.
I suppose it doesn’t matter much either way really; if you’re reading this that probably means I am a dead man, or a man close to death. Trust does not tend to be a concern of the damned. Or perhaps it is and I will simply learn that in time.
I don’t know what awaits beyond but for a man like me I doubt it is as comfortable as the bright clouds of an afterlife most seem to believe in. I have been told many times over that I am a monster, and monsters belong in hell to rot.
Enough on the concept of death because this is already far gloomier than I first intended and I doubt you care much to hear me mull over the concept of mortality and my own fate at that. I doubt I even care, should it have gotten to this point. In all honesty I’m terrified of death, but if you’re reading this I may have come to embrace it.
If you’re reading this it means my plan has failed.
If I stand correct, I should be in the prison by now. I hope Sam was keeping me looked after well. He’s stoic and rather rough around the edges but he promised me once before that he would keep me safe in any situation. I hope that should I be in any predicament right now that may warrant you reading this that he is safe. That whatever death I died or am dying at current is not by his hand.
Many have asked me who I built the prison for (though they tend to go on to make their own assumptions and I doubt my word bears any weight in their minds since they so desperately seek to hate me). Most think it was for Tommy but they are mistaken.
Technoablde, I have done more wrong than most on this server and though I have tried valiantly to outrun my own deeds they have stained my hands red. My dreams are haunted by the cries of the innocents I have hurt. As desperately as I have tried to ignore it; it tears me apart.
I thought that if I were to play the part of a “villain” then it would bring the rest of the server together. People love a threat that they can pile up on; it is perhaps a rather twisted display of human nature but mob mentality is a hard driving force and it can do well to unify others if they have one central threat to face.
It was not intentional at first by any means. I never meant originally to fall into the role that I have and had ever you told my past self of what I was half-forced, half-chose to let myself become he would have scoffed at you and turned away to keep living his life in blissful naivety until fate dragged him down the same path screaming.
My quarrels with L’Manberg came not from a lack of control, but an anger at the imbalance it brought with it. No longer was everyone equal as one so-called country dominated the people within it, and though they were blind to its dangers, they still existed. It was still a threat to public freedom.
I was forced by its people to become what I am. I do not blame them for that fully because I doubt it was truly intentional and I myself did little to prevent my own descent. Still, they demonised me and my drive for peace; and it was then I decided to become the so-called beast they all fear, hoping it would spark some form of cooperation between internal and external forces.
I leaned too deep into the role and I lost myself along the way. I have more regrets than I can count on both hands. Exile was one of the worst things I have done; the red stains from it spread farthest, run deepest. If you’re reading this and I am really gone; tell Tommy I am truly sorry. I’m sorry for all the pain I caused and for the fact I am too much a coward to plead for forgiveness myself. It isn’t really deserved in all honesty and if he and the others choose to hate me beyond the grave, I will not hold that against them.
The prison- being locked within- that was my plan. A feeble, cowardly attempt at retribution. I have embraced my role, I have been the villain and I played the part too well even for my own liking.
I lost myself Techno; I’m not entirely sure who I am at this point and I hope I can rediscover myself in my time away. I am going to fight Tommy soon and should all go well, he will win. I will be locked away without a key, though I hope to one day see the sun again- feel it against my skin and think that I am worthy of basking in a light so good and pure.
I hope I can change, not for myself but for the sake of everyone I have wronged as some warped sense of closure. Perhaps that is selfish of me but I cannot deny that I am a selfish man at heart. I hope you can at least forgive me for that.
I wonder how I died; if my plan truly failed and I really am gone. Maybe I escaped and was hunted down. Maybe the conditions of the cell were not what I intended. Maybe my own mind was too dark and driving a force to keep me grounded in this world. I hope it was quick, for the sake of anyone who may have bared witness. I hope it wasn’t too painful a death.
I have a lot of apologies I ought to make. To Tommy for all the pain I caused him; to George and Sapnap for how isolated I became from them; to all of L’Manberg for taking their home away. I will not say it was undeserved on part of the country, but I should not have put my once-friends through that. To Puffy and Foolish for turning away from them. To Tubbo and Ranboo for the torment I caused.
To you, for putting the pressure of this final goodbye on your shoulders because I am too paranoid to trust another soul. I’m sorry that I didn’t stay and that I let myself fall so far and dragged you into my spiral. I hope that you land safely and can live a quiet life if you so desire.
There is no real point to this and I have realised that as I’ve been writing it so I apologise for rambling on and likely wasting your time. I suppose this is a confessional of sorts. I would call it a will if I had anything to offer you, but all I possess is a rushed explanation.
I have one final request, one rather selfish and one I likely don’t deserve. Techno, if you can, keep my memory alive; not of what I am, but of who I once was. I miss him, I know many others do too. I’d rather it was him kept in their minds, in their hearts, than a beast of a man haunting their dreams.
If you’re reading this then I am probably gone or will be soon. I do not deserve your sympathy nor forgiveness, this is simply a final lament. A symphony of sorts, as ironic and unappealing as that is.
I’m still sorry, for everything; if that’s worth anything at all.
I appreciate you, Techno, more than I can say. You’re a good man and an even better friend. I don’t think I’ve ever feared missing an ally as much as I do you. Take care, for yourself. For me.
Until next time, I suppose.
Dream :)
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tears-of-demise · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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missharleenfquinzel · 15 hours ago
I received my father’s ashes today. I held the bag in my hands for a long time, trying to comprehend that this was my father at one point. He had his issues but he was a good man fundamentally. I can’t believe he’s just gone. 
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davekrtzyy · a day ago
had a dream last night that krtzyy decided to get a tumblr account, but since i have every possible version of his url hoarded, he challenged me to a fight and i got a plane down to florida but when i got there ryan krinios jumped me and beat me to death
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toflyinreverse · a day ago
Raising money for my Adoptive Brother’s Funeral Fund, Please Donate or Share this!
So, I recently lost a family friend, someone who I could arguably call my adoptive brother, to COVID. Neither my family, and his birth family, nor his close friends have the funds to pay out of pocket due to how hard Covid has hit us all and we’re already pooling together what we can spare.  I loved him a lot and, while Pat wasn't a perfect person, he was the most kind, dedicated and sweetest guy there was, and he was trying to be better for his 3 year old son. My family having to be the ones in charge of the funeral stuff, obituaries, and stuff like setting up this go fund me has been the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do, especially for someone we loved very much and was taken far to fast. I know $10,000 seems like a large, ridiculous amount to ask for but the cremation and urn costs around $2,000, a headstone and plot is $5,000, plus extra for any end of life fees and possibly a celebration of life/ the funeral itself which would hopefully fall in range of the last $2,000. Anything extra if the goal is exceeded will be used to start a scholarship or a trust fund for his son.  Anything helps and if you can’t donate, please, please reblog or spread the link around as much as you can. It would mean the world, thank you very much.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Back At The Fisher's House, Oakley has escaped the house where Millie and Wesley are fighting over Sanders sleeping over. The fighting was too much for Oakley and so she ran away to the park. She then spottted a vendor and well Oakley had to be Oakley and torture the vendor. Louis her cousin saw and and ran the other way feeling sorry for Oakley's newest vicitim. It's not like she is going to became a killer one day.
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"stop killing people goddammit! murder is wrong and bad!"
"it's only wrong and bad if you get caught, babe. and have i gotten caught yet?"
"yes!!! by me!!!"
" ... shit."
Edd doesn’t seem the slightest bit of remorseful for what he’s just done. At most, he looks kinda sad that you caught him. And nothing more.
“Alright dear, last one. I promise.” He gives you a sweet smile but you don’t return it.
You’re trying so, so hard, to not look at the body near him. It’s blood was pooling on the ground. His shoes were soaked.
“What’s the plan now? You killed someone. Now what.”
You cross your arms, still avoiding looking at the ground.
Edd’s smile turns into a large grin. “Oh don’t you worry about me, dear. I got this! You go home and I’ll join you soon.” He squats down to yank the body into his arms and his hands glow green.
You almost vomit at the sight.
“Oh! I’m so sorry, I forgot how ugly things like this look. I’ll turn around but please, go home. I promise I’ll be there soon and I can hug and kiss you without getting any of this mess on you.”
Edd gives you one last, loving, smile before you turn on your heel to rush out of there. Should you even go home?
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