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#tw drug mention
dilfosaur · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
‪AU where scion hanzo gets sent to the future and is annoying‬
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dualityofcastiel · 4 months ago
Here’s a recap of the Mark Sheppard panel (i might have missed things though)
Mark talking about how it was difficult to work with all the different writers interpretations of Crowley and still keep it Crowley
Mark’s been sober 31 years but 2020 made him want to drink or shoot heroin
Mark loved the season 8 finale and crowley being injected with human blood. he thinks the finale’s one of the best thing they’ve done.
Mark said that the ’polite anwer’ to the question what is the thing that he wanted Crowley to do but never made it to the show, is that in the end of s12 he made a t-shirt of it and raised a lot of money to charity
He liked that Crowley was the smartest character in the show
He admired Crowley’s percistance
He loved when the made Crowley’s ring tone baby got back and dean’s caller id not moose
He doesn’t know what he learnt from crowley
Rowena is not Crowley’s mom but Fergus’ mom ’make of that what you will’
The most difficult scene to shoot was the one where Jensen had to say the zorro mask line and kept breaking
The Dean thing was ’a weird bromance’.
Sam thing was always an antagonist thing
He spent most time with Misha and he found the realtionship between Cas adn Crowley was interesting. It was interesting (said twice lol). And he wonders how he learnt nothing during all those years.
Mark thinks everybody associates Crowley with the song mister crowley thanks to Robb
He likes fanart and thinks it’s lovely
Villains are characters with a slightly different moral compass
When somebody tells him to describe spn in five words he always gos with ’a baby in a trenchcoat’ because of Misha
His favourite scene with Crowley and Rowena was the bus station scene
Favourite Crowley line: ’where’s your moose?’
He was supposed to do one episode and 8 years later he was still there
He didnt like crowley in s11 and 12 when asked what was his favourite change in crowley. s12 was ’pointless’
He thinks Chuck didn’t write Crowley’s death.
If Crowley had lived would he have been able to find love? He can’t answer but REALLY likes the question
S8 his favourite. Wow he really likes s8. It was the best stuff they ever did together. it’s the best example of ’what Supernatural really is.’
The most painful thing is to work with people with horrible fake accents.
And man he was speeding through those questions.
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wooteena · 11 months ago
rating mcyt-ers based on how much i would trust them to hold my drink:
eret: 11/10 feminist bi king. i trust him with not only my drink, but my entire being.
georgenotfound: 7/10 would trust him to hold it but i feel like he would forget it wasnt his or give it to dream
dream: 3/10 would take the drink from george and chug it
wilbur soot 10/10. hes untrustworthy, being the dirty crime boy but i have too much brainrot <3
tommyinnit 2/10 a minor and would most defiantly try drink it
jschlatt -1/10 NO TRUST he would do something to it or just give it away
sapnap 10/10 has said on stream that hed hold your drink. literally perfect drink holding material
skeppy 4/10 wouldnt drug me but would put like a dissolving agent in it as a ‘prank’
bbh 12/10 full trust. a father figure
technoblade 9/10 would find the most efficient way to kill anyone who comes near but the video explaining how he did it would take four months to come out. -1 point for being a tryhard </3
ph1lza 12/10 i suddenly have two dads.
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incorrect-she-ra · a year ago
Entrapta, at Starbucks: Can I get a venti latte with, uhh, nine espresso shots.
Catra, next in line: Jesus Christ just do cocaine.
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incorrectbatfam · a year ago
Jason: Just learned that a dentist a block away from here was arrested for dealing drugs.
Jason: Shows you how wrong you can be about people.
Jason: I had been going to him for ten years.
Jason: Never knew he was a dentist.
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doodleraz · 5 months ago
ykno.w what. glass animals was onto something when they went "all our music is going to sound like it was made specifically for dionysus' mentally ill stoner children". more music needs to sound like that
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ladyfarona · a year ago
Was looking up German names to call original characters and... I was not expecting this.
Tumblr media
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