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#tw drug use
Uh oh, it's kars horny moment againnnnnn

l i k e

anon!!! I M A G I N E!!!!

Kars brings you to his realm and he would calmingly coo at you as you cry and thrash, begging to be brought home. But, this is your new home now. There’s no need to cry. He’d maybe use some kind of aphrodisiac on you in the form on incense to calm you down.

He’ll hold you in his lap, letting your anger slowly die down as you relax in his arms. His hands would run down your body, making you shiver in the best way possible as he slowly removes your clothing bit by bit. He’ll make sure you feel v e r y loved. 

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"Try it Enid! It's called a Purple Haze! Perfect, right?"

“If you want a purple haze, you already had one lined up.” She teases, gesturing to herself. She doesn’t feel like explaining to her dear ‘nemesis’ that she could give him a lot more hallucinations than any of the drugs he took. She didn’t mind a lil weed though. “I have smoked since high school, so… gentle on the judgement, yeah?”

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Clutch (Disciples’ Daughters #1) 


Cami - or Camille as she should go by now - was born into the world of Savage Disciples MC and knows all about bikes, metal and leather cuts. But when Nate - or Nathaniel - cuts away at everything that makes her her - she has nowhere to run but home. Gauge knew the second that he met Cami that she was different from the girls who crawled into his bed - now he just has to get her away from her asshole of a fiance. 

As I continue my exploration of MC romances - I couldn’t skip this series. It had been recommended by a few other readers. I was fascinated by this story. It wasn’t necessarily my favorite tropes - but they were how the tropes were approached that I actually really enjoyed. For example - it had an accidental pregnancy. Which I usually hate. BUT it wasn’t the heroine - and there was discussion of family dynamics and infertility. And it was actually really compelling storytelling. 

But I also really liked the dynamics between Cami and Gauge. They both call each other on their bullshit and deal with real issues together and screw up and have to learn to apologize and deal with that. And I loved that. 

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Warning: Suicide, drug use, potential spoilers, violence

Title: A Little Love

Editor: xmissleti92x

Studio: iDesireMEPs

Song: Give Us a Little Love

Artist: Fallulah

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie 3, Bungaku Shoujo (film), Kokoro Connect, E.F. A Tale of Memories, Clannad After Story, Noragami, Bakemonogatari, Charlotte, ERASED, Kamisama no Memochou, Tokyo Ghoul, Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru, Death Parade, Kara no Kyoukai

Category: (Dark) Drama

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just wanted to talk about this somewhere and i didn’t want to do it on any platforms where people know me lmao

on new year’s eve (a while ago i know) i was really drunk but like happy sociable drunk and everything was great

saw some girls i knew at the club and they were like hey u wanna line of coke and i was like sure (bc impulse control and drunk) and it basically COMPLETELY sobered me up and brought me right down from my high (i guess?) from drinking. all of a sudden all i wanted to do was to go home and sleep. it was the weirdest thing and not what i was expecting it to do at all. and it gave me a headache so i was like this sucks what’s the deal why do ppl do this

i have never heard of this happening to anyone because usually people do coke when they’re drinking for an extra kind of boost or whatever but it did the exact opposite to me and it’s been bugging me ever since because what does that say about my brain

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Some random memories:

My cousin told her counselor at school that she self harmed and the counselor called the cops on the house. We lived next door at the time and my ma kept acting uppity and saying “at least the cops aren’t coming here” while I panicked cause I didn’t have the full story and thought Maddie had seriously hurt herself.

Maddie screaming and running to our house saying her dad had her mom by the throat pressed against the wall with a gun to her head.

Vague memory of panic as daddy yelled at me.

My cousin Ray (19) hitting on me when I was maybe 8. Didn’t know that’s what it was til I rememberd.

Daddy got angry with me over some school work, picked up a paperweight and threw it part my head, sending the wall. He ran out the house and Mama came over to hug me. She sat on the couch with me and hugged me and pet my hair and told me it would be ok. I tried to stop crying but couldn’t fast enough. She pushed me away and yelled “it’s not like he hit you” and stormed off to her room.

We were moving. Again. I was actually excited cause I was getting a bigger room and wasn’t sharing with my sister for once. I kept jumping and running everywhere cause I was excited. I was jumping in place when Mama yelled “STOP!” I stopped and must have looked scared cause she says “great, now I’m a bad guy”. I stayed calm the rest of the day.

I liked to spin. I would put my arms out and spin in a circle til I fell. One day I was doing this in my uncle’s driveway while he and my dad talked by the truck. Daddy looked over and said “stop doing that meggy you look like a retard”

Mama and her bf Rob were fighting. They were telling and throwing things. Rob was screaming that I was a “worthless retard stuck on her Mama’s teet” and called my mama a cheap whore. I left the house in the middle of their yelling and went to the store. I asked if the job they had offered was still available and accepted it. I got home and Mama yelled at me for leaving. I went to my room and texted my uncle, cousin, and brother, hoping someone would help cause I heard a window crash. Mama came in the room and took the phone away. When she reached for it I flinched away. She got in my face and screamed “DON’T YOU FUCKING FLINCH AWAY FROM ME I AIN’T EVER HIT YOU SO DON’T YOU FLINCH” and left slamming the door behind her. They quieted down after that and she bribed him to bed with sex and (more) alcohol. I swollowed half a bottle of sleeping meds and fell asleep.

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hi i found this idea written deep in my notes app and i definitely wrote it while high but it made me LAUGH so here you guys go this is dumb and short but so am i!!!!!!!!! not really nsfw but dicks are mentioned so read at your own risk


They were high. Not surprising, considering it was a weekend, and they were the only ones in the flat. They had spent the morning in bed, not having to worry about how loud they were, spent the afternoon cooking and making a mess of the kitchen, not having to worry about Hans yelling at them, and once they finally retired to Matteo’s room for the night, he had grinned and waved a baggy of green buds in David’s direction.

David was lying with his feet on the pillows, his head at the foot of the bed, his eyes closed and a pleased smile on his face. Matteo was sitting up with his back against the wall, his leg bent so his knee was resting on David’s legs, and he was scrolling on his phone, giggling every few minutes at a meme.

“Yo,” David said suddenly, drawing out the vowel, and Matteo snorted before looking down at him, remembering that David’s tolerance was still nowhere near his.

“What?” He asked, and watched David blink his red eyes open and try his absolute hardest to focus them on Matteo. 

“Being in a relationship is weird.” he drawled out, turning onto his side and resting his head on Matteo’s shin. 

Matteo snorted again, and locked his phone and put it down before reaching out and wrapping his hand around the part of David’s leg he could reach, asking with a raised eyebrow, “Is it?”

“Yeah,” David said, patting Matteo’s leg as if he wasn’t already paying him his full attention, “like, I could just grab your dick right now and it would be fine.”

Matteo sputtered out a surprised, “David, what?” through a laugh, and watched a lazy smile grow on David’s face as he closed his eyes again.

“I don’t know, I was just thinking about it.” he said with a half-shrug, and Matteo raised an eyebrow again.

“You were thinking about grabbing my dick?” he asked, trying to contain the giggles that were threatening to escape because David was so fucking dumb but so fucking cute when he was high.

“No,” David said, and then blinked his eyes open and looked up at Matteo, “I mean, kinda. Not on purpose.”

“Okay,” Matteo said, finally letting out a chuckle as he patted David’s leg, “feel free to grab my dick whenever you want.”

David grinned, and pressed a kiss to Matteo’s shin before saying, “I’ll definitely take you up on that.”

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Masterlist here! This is part of a series!

TW: Nonconsenting use of magic? death mention, torture referenced, PTSD, suicidal ideation to escape torture, drugs and drug addiction mentioned, food mention

Lily held on to Tristan, settled into his hug. ”I don’t need healing right away. San first.“ It’s almost automatic. "Then me.”

“Why is he more deserving?” asked Tristan, still stroking a hand over her hair.

"Because he’ll die without help. And his is worse, and more recent.” She seemed to be relaxing, though, the more he pet her.

“What if, and here’s a wild idea, you can get treated together?”

Lily seemed to consider that for a moment, then nodded. “That would be okay. As long as I could stay with him, and protect him.”

He laughed softly. Since holding her seemed to calm her, he kept it up. “Someday, he may protect you back.”

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Edison had largely flown under the radar as the quiet & buttoned-up middle son until he turned twenty-three & jet-set to Croatia without telling a soul. The months that followed can hardly be remembered. They involved six countries, copious amounts of booze, a British football star by the name of @loreleibuckley​, & the culmination of a lost adolescence. Finally acting as the inheritor of a vast fortune rather than an academic, Edison might’ve gone right on carrying on with the thin lines & women if fate didn’t have other plans.

“she was blonde.” he couldn’t remember her name for the life of him. to make matters worse he wasn’t even aware that he was still in scandinavia. “blonde? great, that narrows it down, ed.”

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how about we hurt them boys. Maybe Overhaul just went too far... his s/o just decides to end it all. Tries to. Maybe just ends up hurting herself on a daily basis. Whatever length she'll be able to go through without Overhaul doing anything about it. How far would SHE go to get back at him ? ( considering how terrifying he is i'm expecting a whole ass horror movie piece lmaoo pls write him as you always do he's great )

sorry for taking so long on this request, i really wanted to get it horrific enough for everyone’s liking :) namaste and thank you for the request!

tw suicide, suicide attempt, self harm, drug use, drug overdose

title: vulnerable

You had never seen him look so horrible.

Overhaul looked as if he hadn’t slept in days. Or eaten. Or really done much of anything. He looked like the thing he despised the most. Chisaki Kai looked sick.

That was the first time you woke up since you had decided to… decided to end it all. 

He looked at you with dull, bloodshot eyes. As if he had been crying. Chisaki Kai looked sick. And vulnerable. Sick and vulnerable. 

“Why did you do that?”

Even if you wanted to speak, your throat was too dry. 

He just stared at you. And for the first time ever, it looked like he was about to cry. You could see his jaw trembling. His eyes were glassy. Eyebrows knitted together. He leaned forward in his seat.

“I saved you.” He pulled down the mask on his face. “I was the one who had to find you. And I saved you.”

And you cried. 

You did not wish to be saved. No, not at all. You wanted to die. To escape. But you were sure that even in death, you could not escape him.

He sat in his chair and watched you cry. 

Over the course of the next few weeks, you regained your strength. Kai kept constant watch on you, and when he couldn’t, once of his henchman filled his space. 

The controlling bastard even childproofed everything. Every drawer and cabinet had a lock. The utensils were plastic. Anything that could possibly cause your harm was only to be used under his supervision and no one else’s. 

Because he could save you. He was the only one capable of saving you. 

There was only one thing that could give you semblance of escape. And those were the pills. The ones he gave you when you got too rowdy, when you started screaming in his face. He’d give you a small, paper cup of water and the tablet. And if you were good, you wouldn’t throw the water at him and smash the pill to pieces.

But if you did that, he’d be putting you to sleep the hard way. 

So you took the paper cup and the pill. It put you right to sleep. Sometimes you wouldn’t dream. Sometimes you would, about the outside world. And sometimes you’d dream of him. That was the one thing you didn’t like about the pills. 

You hoped he’d leave the bottle unattended one day. How was he going to use his Quirk to pump your stomach?

Other than the pills, there wasn’t much you could do. You stared at the wall. The ceiling. The floor. There wasn’t much to do since he locked you away from everything that could potentially hurt you. And in his eyes, even paper was too dangerous. 

It was a lonely life. So lonely that you’d wish Overhaul would use his Quirk on you. You actually missed the feeling of your skin being torn from your bones. The feeling of him pulling your veins through your fingers. 

As much as you wished for it, the man wasn’t a mind reader. He couldn’t see what was going on behind your eyes, which might have been the one power you had over him. Since he controlled everything else. 

But knowing him, he’d find a way. He always found a way.

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A collab between me and @thepoolofthedead! An AU where the Author created Night Vale, and all who live there.

This part was written by Taylor, edited by me. The next part will be by me. Enjoy, guys! We’re both pumped for this project.

Dr. Iplier watched as his companion dragged a stick through desert sand. The two had been there, off the side of an interstate, for hours. He moved to sit inside the car to escape the sun’s unbearable, scorching heat, resting his head on the dashboard to watch his companion through the windshield.

He only closed his eyes for a moment before he felt the Author’s abilities wash over him; he glanced up wearily.

The Author twitched. Whether it was from the heat or the drugs, he wasn’t certain. Sun-burned and drenched in sweat the Author stared at his sand-writing, then at the city that was beginning to materialize like a mirage through the heat waves. A cackling laugh escaped him as the town materialized before his eyes.

Definitely the heat, he thought, as his eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped to the sand.

The Author groaned as he opened his eyes, recognizing nothing. He had no idea where he was. No recollection of the ceiling above him, of the bed below him, or of the soothing voice coming from the radio. He stared in distaste at the peeling wallpaper, glad, at least, that he knew the man sitting in the chair across from him.

“You’re awake,” Edward said, stating the obvious. He waved at their surroundings. “Care to explain this?”

“How about … hotel?” Author grumbled, sitting up. He could see the gaudy pattern of eyes and stars on the wallpaper now. And the matching green– it wasn’t even a nice shade of green– carpet on the floor.

"No, you created a civilization while high on playing god, you dolt. They have a history!” Edward hissed. “You created something that shouldn’t exist in the real world!”

Author blinked. Then he blinked again, a slow grin spreading across his face. "Huh,” he said, considering this. “Neat.”

“Neat? That’s all you have to say?” Edward’s voice rose to a shout, and the Author winced as it hurt his pounding ears and his throbbing head. The doctor sighed, getting up from the chair and plunking a glass of water and a few pills onto the nightstand. "Drink some water. Take some Advil. You’re going to fix this before we go home.”

“What did I take?” Author automatically reached for the pill, almost moaning with relief as the cool water soothed his parched throat.

“If I had to guess, LSD and maybe even horse tranquilizers,” Edward shrugged as if he didn’t give a damn, but the way he raked a hand through his hair said he did. His looked to the radio, faintly playing a jazzy tune, then to the curtain covered window. Behind the curtains, the sun was setting.

They both startled as the voice on the radio suddenly returns “Listeners, I’m back, and I have just spoken with Hotel Manager and Reverend Carbine about our esteemed guests. One is even a doctor. How neat is that? A real-life doctor. No fangs, no pale glittery skin, he was even seen walking in daylight. You know listeners, other than that old Ford Escalade, I saw no phone-box, no razor scooter, no other possible way for him and his companion to have found their mysterious way into our town. Now his companion– you know, the unconscious one– is apparently an author! It takes a brave man to do such a thing. I mean– writing books! Can you believe we have such daring adventurers in our little town?”

The Author and Edward stared at each other in horror.

"No,” Edward warned, in the hope of cutting off the other before the excitement could catch up to him. He watched as the Author got up, making it halfway across the room before shaking his head, rubbing at his temples, and throwing the hotel door open.

Author stared in awe at the purple-orange sky above him. It was more beautiful than anything he could have ever thought up. Even on a good day. It also hurt his eyes to look at, and he quickly averted them, looking instead to the town.

The air was still warm even now, and the setting sun framed buildings of all colors and people of all races, casting dramatic shadows across golden sand and cracked pavement.

This would do nicely. He grinned, twisting to glance back to Edward.

Edward only crossed his arms over his chest. “We have to go back, you know. The others will be looking.

"Then go. I can find my own way back.” He turned back to the town. “How do you not think this is extraordinary? I mean, look at this place!” His eyes roamed over people milling about in the street, over hooded figures and shadowy beings, then up to the vast sky filled with stars and glowing lights. The moon hung heavy, shining silver.

“I’m sorry, but are you trying to get yourself killed? If- If Dark loses us….” Edwards’s voice jolts him from his musings.

Author nodded. “He’d have our asses.”

"We’ve been here too long already-” Edward started, only to stop when the air filled with high-pitched whining.

"I need to find a pen!” With surprising speed the Author whipped around, darting back into the room, Edward on his heels. Together they tossed the room about, frantically searching until the Author pried one from the dust bunnies under the bed. Immediately he started writing, scrawling in chicken-scratch across the note-pad left by the maid. ’The Author and the doctor find that their hotel room has mysteriously attached to Ego Inc. However, this door goes unnoticed; the Author is the only one with knowledge of the town of Nightvale.

The words immediately cemented into reality: the radio playing only static and the lights flickering dangerously as the room rewired to attach to Ego Incorporated. The door swung open once more to reveal familiar sterile-white walls and long, seemingly endless hallways.

Author pocketed the notepad and pen as he looked around, spying Edward lying unconscious on the bed. He stood, gathering the doctor into his arms and leaving. He would fix the door later.

Just as it shut behind him, a monochomatic figure manifested near the end of the hallway, signet ring gleaming in the fluorescent lighting, eyes glittering with some other source of light unknown to anyone at all.

“You’re late,” Dark said, mouth curling into a sneer.

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Patton keeping Logan away once he finds out. the withdrawal was agonizing

Patton is kinda in the right for this cause using something thats technically poison to escape your feelings isnt a very good coping mechanism but poor logan man

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ANGST POTENTIAL FOR THE CIRCUS AU- since you said Logan would be joining the circus, what could lead to /that/ is him going through withdrawal cause of the venom ^.^


The addictiveness of the venom starts to get to him and he finds himself going back to Dee for more, until Dee asks him to permanently join them in the circus, and Logan agrees

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any canon ships in the circus au?

Not really

Maybe some form of intruloceit, but mostly the three of them being cuddly fuckers cause theyre high and/or lonely

And i guess angsty/one sided anxceit?

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