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#tw drugs
cowboymilf · 37 minutes ago
my good god these muscle relaxers and then i did a dab And smoked a bowl all just bc my shoulder hurts (i am a baby) i am twelve kinds of Fucked Up rn
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krypteretnetwork · 47 minutes ago
Camp NanoWrimo April 2021: Day 19
Word count: 1023 (19064 total)
    “...How about Denmark, then? I mean, if I’m close to the both of you, then I’d have to be pretty relaxed, right?” Denmark was supposed to be coming over later that day. As Alleos began putting in her piercings and applying her makeup, she couldn’t help but want Norway there so she could ask questions.
    “Dane…” he visibly shuddered a bit. While the two were indeed best friends, Denmark was still quite the character. Naturally, Alleos was aware of this, of course, but he couldn’t contain his feelings entirely.
    Turning to look at him just slightly, Alleos raised an eyebrow. “Do I act any similar to the way you do around him? I take it the two of you are rather close… and I know for a fact there’s a lot of bullying and playful jabs on both ends.”
    “Pffft…” to this, Norway actually let out the slightest hint of a laugh. “Well, of course you bully and jab at him. All of us do, you know… but yes, you do let your guard down around him. Somewhat. How do I put this…” he looked up thoughtfully, prompting Alleos to go back to getting her look set up as she waited for an answer. “Well, you tend to be quite the party animal.” Evidently, this surprised Alleos. While she could be chaotic back as an Icelandic micronation, and was still fun loving as a Finnish micronation, to be a party animal like Norway was saying was something she never saw for herself. “I will iterate that you do this to spite Sweden. He doesn’t approve of you hanging around us as often as you do… typical overprotective father. And also, the whole… benefits we discussed, but you’ve been vocal whenever you’re not down. I presume it’ll be… odd considering your circumstances now. Just know that he won’t pressure you, and that there is a genuine friendship beneath all of it.”
    As Alleos focused on her makeup again, she made and maintained mental notes of everything in her head. “Well… I guess that makes sense.” Her brows furrowed, indicating that she had another question. However, she chose to refrain from asking anything, and when asked by Norway if there was anything else she wanted to say she denied.
    Resting his hands in his lap, Norway looked up to her. “Well, then… do you feel ready to meet him?”
    This almost frustrated Alleos, and she gave him a look. “Are you implying I would have gotten ready for nothing?”
    Her tone of voice and choice of words made him smile. “That’s more of the type of attitude we’re looking for. Keep working on that, it’ll come in handy later.”
    “Alleos!” shouted an all too familiar voice. Then came an all too familiar bear hug, the Dane pretty much squeezing her. “How’ve ya been?! How’s the infection? You down to get crazy again?!”
    Admittedly Alleos was stunned from the sudden hug. Though she had been expecting it, the energy radiating from the Dane was that much more apparent now- it was quite exaggerated from what she’d recalled from the other worlds. Not to mention, the fact that she could feel the sexual energy, threw her off a bit.
    Noticing her surprise, Norway frowned and pried Denmark off of her. “Give her room to breathe, stupid,” he huffed, bonking him on the head. “She’s only just gotten the bandages off.”
    “Is that so…?” he asked, finally looking her in the eye. Then he blushed sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head. “Yeah, now that I’m actually lookin’ at ‘er, it’s real noticeable… sorry ‘bout that!” he flashed her a thumbs up, his eyes squeezed shut in embarrassment.
    “Uhh, like… it’s fine? I would appreciate some fucking warning in the future,” said the micronation. “You got what’s good, though? I really don’t feel like drinking tonight. More of a chill high kinda night, ya know?” secretly, Alleos was actually looking forward to doing some sort of drugs; something to take off the edge she’d been on ever since that one… well, death.
    “Well… only green and shrooms- the usual, y’know?” Truthfully he wasn’t the most fond of some of the harder stuff that he was aware Alleos did.
    “Uuugh, fine! Guess I’ll have to delve into my stash… again,” said Alleos, clearly exaggerating her disappointment a bit. While she wouldn’t complain about free green and shrooms, she was also a fan of her happy pills- or at least, that’s what she’d gathered from sorting through her stuff in this world.
    Raising a brow, Denmark let out a little laugh. “Jeez, uh… alright!” he knew something was off, though he couldn’t quite tell what. “I mean, happy pills are good an’ all, but we could always make brownies or somethin’... ya also said ya wanted more of a chill high, right? In that case, don’t ya think somethin’... well, more chill would be appropriate?”
    Normally, Alleos would have laughed and brushed him off, and opted to take something that wasn’t so relaxed. However, considering that she was new to this world in a sense, and aware that their relations were… a new concept to her, she actually chose to listen to his concern.
    “I mean, I guess that works for me. Also wouldn’t mind smoking a bit for a more enhanced experience…”
    Then Norway chimed in with his own idea: “Why not make some tea with some of the mushrooms, then? Just enough to make things a little more interesting…” Yes, even Norway would be in on it. Or rather, as in on it as Alleos would even be comfortable with him being.
    Judging by the brief look that flashed in her eyes, he could only guess what she was going to say next. “Uhh, maybe another time? We’re looking for something more chill tonight…” She, to, noticed the change in Norway’s demeanor now that Denmark was around. Yeah, she was a whole different character around these two, and in the name of spite for Sweden…
    Looking away almost sheepishly, Norway just nodded. “Yes, I understand. Well, how about we get to baking? Baking and getting baked, that is.”
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mayaaminmin · an hour ago
fundy just wants to be a little thief, build his fox den, automate farms, and make drugs
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bring-out-the-dead · an hour ago
found out that people with booths selling acid is exclusive to my local outdoor swap meet only
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us-smash · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
“do you want a hit off my bong young bakugo cause it looks like you could use it right now with how fucky your birthday is already going.”  luckily he had an extra one with him in the scenario that he lost the other so it would be fine, holding out the spare to the young hero in training.
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us-smash · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
“yeah no guy wants to be told that that’s like an unspoken rule to not criticize the size of our dick.” having fans going and window open as he gets comfortable to have a smoke as it was one of the tougher days to deal with aches and pains.
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lcnelyheartss · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
self para - noah jackson
today was a good day. he finally fixed things with millie, and noah feels like it could be something really special. he felt happy for the first time in weeks. so obviously he wanted to celebrate. he went home to grab his jacket and drop off his car before getting a ride to his favorite bar. noah spent the rest of the evening with a drink in his hand, sat at the bar chatting to anyone who would listen. by about ten o’clock noah was wasted, nursing his latest beer and mouthing along to the pretty venom song that had come on over the radio.
he’d been minding his business until he heard some guy arguing with the bartender. truthfully he couldn’t have pointed out what they were even talking about but the guy was being asshole. and noah hated when people were rude to service workers for no apparent reason. he stands up, carefully made his way over to the pair just in time to hear the mans last insult. “hey man, back off. there’s no reason for you to be a dick.” noah spat. he was a belligerent drunk to say the least. the man approached him, clearly angry now at noah for butting in. i don’t remember asking you for your opinion. the man shot back. by now noah is fired up and the mans retort only made him more angry. “that’s not surprising, you seem fucking stupid.” no sooner have the words left his mouth then the man is lurching towards noah and grabs him by the shirt.
noah does what he knows best and starts fighting back. it quickly turned into a brawl and before long, police officers are rushing through the doors. noah is pulled away from the man, who’s still yelling and carrying on. this wasn’t the first time noah had caused a scene in a bar. but this time was different. the man pinned it all on noah and soon one of the officers was pushing him against a wall and ordering him to stand with his hands up. it was went until the officer paused mid pat down to pull a glass pipe from his jacket that noah realized this is the same jacket he’d worn to nev’s the other night. and he never emptied his pockets.
fucking shit.
noah’s head dropped between his shoulders at the realization. this was not going to end well for him. especially because that wasn’t the only paraphernalia in his pockets. he couldn’t even focus on what the guy was saying as he pulled noah’s hands down to cuff them together. he glanced around enough to see at least three people taking photos of him. the officer asks if he has anything else on him and he tells the truth. there’s a half full bag of cocaine in his other pocket. luckily he’d taken a cab there so they didn’t search his car. that’s where his luck ran out though.
they lead him outside and noah ducked into the back seat of the police cruiser. he noticed the other guy hadn’t even been handcuffed. but at least noah got in a few good hits. worth it if you ask him. the officer spoke to him on the ride to the police station. tried to get noah to admit to throwing the first punch. he wanted a lawyer. wanted a phone call so that he could have nick call his lawyer for him. they got to the station and advised noah to call someone before they even started paperwork. so he hesitantly dialed nick’s cell phone number. he felt like he was back in middle school, calling to tell nick he was expelled. after a few rings the familiar voice echoed from the other end.
“hey, it’s noah. i need you to call my lawyer, i’m about to go to jail.”
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cowthropologist · 3 hours ago
The problem with getting a prescription for ketamine is that if I walk into my psychiatrist's office and so much as mention it in the most offhanded manner possible he will, immediately and quite correctly (lbr) be like 🚨🚒🚑 DRUG SEEKING BEHAVIOR 🚑🚒🚨 and that'll be that on that lol
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kuromi-sadgorl · 3 hours ago
about to score some more bars from my dealer im so excited
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cryssstals · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
with a frenzy I use drugs to reach the end soon
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purplecatsandhearts · 3 hours ago
Finally found my motivation, so here y'all go:
In honor of 4/20 and Kacchan's birthday, I give you
Tumblr media
A 4/20 Kacchan lol. It's already 4/20 in Japan so I'm posting it now! I hope y'all like it!💚
Hope y'all also like the color theme😏👀
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420technoblazeit · 3 hours ago
I only figure out that people aren’t their little icons after I follow them for a bit, I just realized you are not in fact sleepy techno who gives me the vibes of a middle schooler who found crack but didn’t do it like a little bitch. /lh
nonny i havent been this devestated since someone told me they think im a whiteboy teenage redditor. i absolutely would do crack fuck you. im not a pussy
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cowthropologist · 3 hours ago
re: yr ket posts, nobody knows why exactly, but ketamine is an extremely potent antidepressant, to the point where now you can go and get Prescribed Medical Ketamine now.
EXCUSE ME????????????????????? I am CLEARLY seeing the WRONG psychiatrist
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tetsusaki · 4 hours ago
AHHH STOP IM SO PROUD OF YOU, staying clean can be extremely hard so give yourself full credit and be proud of yourself :) says congrats 100x and HUGS U SO HARD !! but im genuinely so proud of you bae :)
GF GF !!! it is hard yeah but i’m glad i went though it all looking back because now i know what i absolutely won’t be touching or doing when i move out for uni 😍 in a way i’m thankful that i’ve done the worst of it now so that’s,, yeah <3 but i love you so much and i appreciate everything you’ve done for me,, I LOVE U !! <3
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lowkey-obsession · 4 hours ago
I get to have one dark and creepy ship, as a treat. (TW for drug use, codependency, etc. because like I said, this one's dark and creepy)
Had a revelation and I think I'm gonna call my s/i Drury.. Dru for short
Dru asking Jon to watch over him while he's using the nightmare drugs, make sure he doesn't hurt himself, and afterwards being pretty much like aftercare 'cause Dru is in a panicked state and Jon is calming him down, making sure he's okay and stuff
Jon self administers the drugs as well, so the reverse also happens, Dru calming him down
Dru's original interest in the drugs is for himself, to fuel horrific new nightmares as inspiration for his art. But in meeting Jon and watching him work, he's found interest in observing how others react to them, and if possible interviewing them on the details of their hallucinations
For a while on the outside they seem like a fairly normal couple, nerdy little psychologist guy and his eccentric artist boyfriend. But with the descent into madness the charade kinda falls, and they're more like those psychopaths that live down the street
Jon and Dru and kinda like, each other's worlds. The rest of the world is irrelevant. Together they navigate the world as scientists in a lab, everyone else as test subjects, playthings.
To them I believe they think of their relationship as cute and domestic, and at times it would seem so, except that their hobbies include inflicting drug induced horrors on people
The Killer Moth concepts.... hehehe... okay so I'm thinking Dru's main profession is a computer engineer or something similar, his art is his real passion however. Collaborating with Jon, they get the idea to reimagine Batman, but as a horrific creature of the night who terrorises instead of protects. Dru designs gadgets to copy Batman's, and together they create designs for a costume (which looks more dark and scary like Mothman than the colorful Killer Moth designs). And then that's part of their new MO- you bring the drugs, I'll bring the costume, let's go scare the living shit out of people
Anyway that's the concepts I've got. Yep this one is problematic and stuff but I'm enjoying the idea of having a dark ship like this... as a treat for me... we get to be creepy villains hehehe...
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tetsusaki · 4 hours ago
congratulations on staying clean mila!! i just KNOW tetsu would be proud asf
tw// alcohol mention
me and mila 🤝 stem majors and former addicts (i used to be an alcoholic back in high school)
hhhh thank you lovely !! idk how to respond to that because i wouldn’t even tell him about that part of me >+>$#+ 😞 but i’m super proud of you too, i know it’s really hard to just cut something you used to cope with out of your life like that so i’m really proud of you for getting this far and especially to the point where you can call yourself a “former” addict,, that’s a huge achievement and i’d give you the biggest hug right now if i could, keep it up and i love you !! <33
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