#tw eating issues
m00n4 · a day ago
i hate having an ed and still not being the skinniest in my friend group. i feel like an unvalid fraud who doesnt even deserve to say they have an ed.
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prettythinskies-blog · a day ago
If you listen to Mitski and/or Melanie Martinez I'm gonna assume you're either depressed, gay, have an ED, or all.
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kerrenasblog · 15 hours ago
a part of me wants to lose weight in a healthy way, but the other part wants to continue this. this way is faster. and im absolutely terrified of calories and gaining weight
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xiiiiao · 2 days ago
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TW Mental Illness/ED
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bluebu11erfly · a day ago
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banditraven · 2 days ago
Three more hours until I hit my 24 hour fast. Just three…. More hours…
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(Motivate me)
🍄don’t report just block🍄
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ecstaticlonelybitch · 2 days ago
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They are enough for me to st4rve for a week! 🥺✨
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strvinggoddess · 16 hours ago
Fragile. Delicate. Dainty.
Thats what you want to be, right?
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th1nsp0o · 16 hours ago
ana tips:
-drink lots of water
-go on a walk
-stomach punches
-take a long shower
-read meanspo
-avoid mukbang videos
-dream about the day u reach your gw
-cry cause you are fat
-chew gum
-brush your teeth
-remeber that you are a pig
-think before u eat
-take vitamins
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laxativejunkie · a day ago
little miss afraid of high calorie foods 🎀
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venusrey-edblog · a day ago
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🦋❄️baby blue❄️🦋
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Tips for fasting:
-If you're a beginner learning how to fast, start with a 24-hour goal: Eat dinner, and then refrain from eating until the next night. Be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, and plan your fast for a non-training day.Eat less at the end. Build up gradually after you break your fasting to avoid feeling sick and stomach aches.
-Do not think of food. When your hungry stomach begins sending “feed me” signals to your brain, don’t let your brain dwell on the fact that you have not eaten. Say no to your stomach and turn your attention to something else.stay as busy as possible so that you won’t remember you haven’t eaten.
-Do not feast when breaking the fast. It can be extremely tempting to celebrate by consuming a huge meal after fasting. This will only leave you feeling bloated. If you want to lose weight, this will halt your weight loss journey.If you eat an unusually large meal after your fast day, you may end up feeling tired and bloated. Try easing gently back into your normal food routine instead.
-Stop eating after dinner (8 p.m. at the latest).
-Skip breakfast, enjoy your black coffee or tea, and fast until noon.
-Break your fast with a low-carb lunch.
-If you need a snack, make it light.
-Eat a healthy dinner, then start the fast again.
-Use supplements. Eating fewer calories means that your body could miss out on important nutrients. So, take supplements such as iron, calcium, vitamin B12. You can consider taking a multivitamin pill to give you all the necessary nutrients.
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st4r-grl · 2 days ago
fun fact: I've never been to McDonald's
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kerrenasblog · a day ago
my fast food safe foods
- hamburger (250 cals)
- kids size fries (110 cals)
- 4 pc chicken mcnugget happy meal (395 cals)
- 4 piece mcnugget (170 cals)
- side salad (15-20 cals)
burger king
- pancake platter (235 cals)
- hamburger (259 cals)
- apple sauce (50 cals)
- 4 pc jalepeno cheddar bites (171 cals)
red robin
- house side salad (100 cals)
- grilled chicken dip’ns (plain) (120 cals)
- mandarin oranges (30 cals)
- chicken tortilla soup (in cup) (200 cals)
taco bell
- chips & nacho cheese sauce (nachos) (220 cals)
- plain baked potato (270 cals)
- jr hamburger (250 cals)
- jr fries (210 cals)
- oven roasted turkey sandwich (160 cals)
- black forest ham sandwich (170 cals)
- black forest ham protein bowl (170 cals)
- salad w light italian dressing (20 cals)
- classic roast beef sandwich (360 cals)
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sticksandstonesblog · 2 days ago
lowkey meanspo
how have y’all been doing?? hopefully not stuffing your face full of food. if you came on here for a sign to not stuff your fucking face then here it is. DO NOT STUFF YOUR FACE WITH UNEEDED CALORIES. I’ve been doing well and been keeping a limit of 300 calories a day so if you’ve been doing well good for you!! im proud and for all the others that obviously dont want to lose weight and can’t keep their mouth shut have fun with that.. me and my mutuals stay skinny <3
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bluebu11erfly · 2 days ago
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I’m going to work today which is good cause then I barely have time to eat 🙃🦋
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banditraven · 14 hours ago
I genuinely like how it feels to not eat for a long period of time. My stomach is loose and not bloated, I feel skinnier in a way.
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