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anas-royaltyy · 2 days ago
Skinny Girl Rules:
“ɴᴏᴛ ᴍʏ ᴛᴇxᴛ. Cʀᴇᴅɪᴛ ɢᴏᴇs ᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ʀɪɢʜᴛғᴜʟ ᴏᴡɴᴇʀ”
1. Always keep a good posture, it burns more
calories and looks a lot better
2. No soda (not even diet) just drink water instead,
trust me, it's much better
3. No white bread
4. No sweets
5. When you order a salad, always ask them to skip
the dressing or oils
6. Multivitamins. Daily.
7. Keep your macronutrients balanced, or else
you'll be skinny fat
8. Massage legs every night to stimulate blood
flow and fat burning
9. There are exercises you can literally do in bed so
you have no excuse
10. Every morning drink warm water, or other detox
drinks like lemon water, to boost your
metabolism. Green tea is your best friend
11. Always. Take. The. Stairs.
12. Don't you ever purge. That's not pretty
13. Don't rush with losing weight, if you get too
extreme you'll do more harm than good. Remember, champions weren’t made overnight either.
14. If you feel like binging, fill yourself with water, if
it doesn't help, look up:
"gross expired food"
15. Before eating something, look at thinspo
16. Always share your food with others- the less
calories the better
17. Don't break your fasts unless extremely
necessary, you need to take this seriously
18. Don't restrict too low, you aren't built different
19. Always check how much sugar there is in a
product- even stuff like almond milk
20. Get. enough. sleep. It is a priority
21. Never ever skip skincare
22. Do hair masks from time to time, pretty girls have
shiny hair
23. Keep your room clean, it burns calories too
24. Don't ruin your body just because you like the
taste of something - get a grip
25. Don't get cocky just because you lost some
weight, you can gain it back in an instant with
that attitude
26. Don't lie about your bmi or weight online, you're
lying to yourself too and makes you indulge in
cheating more often
27. Uncounted calories go in your thighs
28. Yoga to release stress- cortisol prevents weight
29. No eating after 7 pm
30. Try to eat as much fiber! Oatmeal and chickpeas
are underrated
31. Watching and repeating workouts on youtube
makes you feel less lonely and is actually kinda
fun (always trust the korean ladies)
32. No ana coaches, they're creepy. All of them.
You'll end up lying to them and ditching them-
which will result in becoming prone to overeating
33. Don't be stupid, don't eat cotton, lax or diet
pills, you can easily lose weight without that shit
34. Watch your sodium intake, it increases appetite
35. Don't forget about hunger supressants like
apple cider vinegar and cinnammon, they're
actually a life saver
36. Eat your fruits and veggies
37. Make your workouts feel fun, a big mistake is to
use exercise as a punishment
38. Do your research before believing everything
tumblr says, potatoes have a lot of fiber and you
shouldn't avoid them, ice cold baths don't work
39. Cold showers do work, but you need to do this
gradually, firstly shower with lukewarm water
and then every time make it slightly colder, pro
tip: it feels less cold after a workout
40. Stop watching Supersize vs Superskinny, it's a
really bad influence
41. We both know damn well your thinspo doesn't
look like that because of subliminals
42. Too much apple cider vinegar damages your
teeth, and coffee makes them yellow
43. Cut your food into small bites, eating is boring
isn't it? Good. You're eating to live, not living to
44. Never reward yourself with food. Food is the
45. Jumping rope, skating, cycling, dancing,
swimming, playing volleyball and other sports
games, are all quick and fun ways to burn fat
46. Make sure your gum is sugar-free
47. Do not chew gum while you're working out, it's
48. Lowkey i recommend deleting tik tok,, nothing
on that app is truly useful information and ed tik
tok is crap, it's much easier to stop
procastinating when you don't have it installed
49. The secret to weight loss is creating habits and
sticking to them, but remember - one habit at a
50. Oh you're too ashamed to post your body
checks? Then maybe you shouldn't eat that
51. Going to bed on an empty stomach feels sooo
good and it makes you sleep better anyway
52. Remember, when you'll get skinny you'll be so
happy and proud to show off your cute petite
53. Romanticizing your ed really helps, imagine
you're a french model or a fairy, music in the
theme of your scenario helps a lot
54. Notice how you were feeling before hanging out
with someone, and then how you're feeling after
you're with them, are they bad for you? Cut them
off, you don't need the extra stress
55. Your stomach growling is just fat crying
56. Don't get too obssesed with finding ana tips,
once you know the basics, which i covered here,
all you gotta do is- just don't eat,, literally
57. Thinking burns calories so don't feel guilty about
sitting and reading
58. Don't drink too much water when you're fastig, it
causes your brain to shrink
59. Baby stop manifesting and start actually doing
shit to lose weight
60. If you struggle with sleep, try jogging 8-4 hours
before bedtime, it helps fix your circadian rythm,
there is yoga for that too.
61. The app EatThisMuch plans your meals
according to your preferred calorie intake,
making sure the macronutrients aren't
neglected. The app Life is for fasting and it really
helps with motivation, i feel accomplished when i
reach the heavy ketosis stage ♻️
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starvinggvamp · 2 days ago
the fact that i see the people that like my posts often as friends is 😰😰 i know we’ve never talked but we’re besties now okay
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skinnytinyghost · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨Good morning ana✨
I’ve had a few messages in my inbox from some beautiful people and I just want to let you guys know that my dm’s are always open if you want a chat, advice or someone to talk to, i also appreciate those of you that message me to tell me you care/and or are worried about me and I just want to thank you all so much for being so kind🖤
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mentlevi · 2 days ago
I am still that ugly girl that everyone used to make fun of because of her body and her looks….
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myl8str8w · a day ago
hey, can u pro4nas start romanticizing being bloated bc you haven't taken a shit then being so excited when u have diarrhea after a week bc maybe you'll drop a pound?
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❗Don't forget to eat daily vitamin supplements❗
It helps your body to get some nutrients when you have unhealthy food habits (like we do). But it also helps prevent some of the hair loss you experience while restricting your calorie intake
Take care of yourselves!
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starvinggvamp · 2 days ago
my child is completely fine
your child is scared of fucking bananas
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You loved that taste didn't you? Yeah we can tell... Now you either gotta love burning all these calories or being fat for the rest of your life. Get your shit together.
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