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#tw ed mention
just-bonez-plz · 2 days ago
Safe foods<3
Blueberries[84 cals per cup]
Strawberry[4 cals each]
Celery[10 cals each]
Apple[abt 95cals each]
Orange[69 each]
Mandrins[47 cals each]
Grapes[4 cals each]
Tangerines[45 cals each]
Raisins[85 each]
Cherries[51 cals per cup]
Banana[90~120 cals each]
Lemons[17 cals each]
Kiwi[42 cals each]
Pear[102 each]
Peach[50 cals each]
Blackberries[62 per cup]
spinach[7 cals per cup raw]
Lettuce[5 cals per cup]
Carrots[50 per cup raw]
Zucchini[62 cals per cup raw]
Mushroom[2~5 cals each]
Olives[4~5 cals each]
Cucumber[16 cals per cup]
Tomato[22~33 cals each]
Califlowers[27 cals per cup]
Broccoli[31 cals per cup]
Sweet potato[114 cals per cup]
Mushroom[16 cals per cup]
Kale[33 cals per cup]
Pretzels[110 cals per bag]
Skinny pop[150 cals per bag]
Seaweed !!![abt 5 cals per leaf]
Gum[5 cals a piece]
Caramel rice cakes[50 cals each]
Salted rice cakes[35 cals each]
Yogurt ]60~130 cals each]
Puffs baby food[25 cals for 60 puffs]
Veggie straws?[130 cals per bag]
Mints[abt 5 cals]
Diet whipped cream[10 cals]
Raw honey[64 cals per tbs]
Sugar free maple syrup[0 cals]
Strawberry water[0~10 cals per bottle]
Mango water[0~10 cals per bottle]
Teas(camomile, green, ext)
Iced coffee
Unsweetened almond milk[30 cals]
Diet coke[0 cals per bottle]
Monster ultra[10 cals per can] (my personal favorite)
Coconut water[10~60 cals- depends on what brand]
Arizona diet green tea[0 cals]
Sparkling ice water [5~10 cals]
Black coffee[0 cals raw]
Hot chocolate [abt 60 per pack]
Vanilla yogurt with ½ cup of blueberries [142 cals]
Whole wheat toast[60~70 per slice] w/ jelly[50 cals per tbs]
Oatmeal w/ salt[158 cals per cup]
Eggs[54~80 cals per egg]
Cooked veggies [cals varies🧍🏽]
Fruit salad
Lettuce wrap
Soups[10-80 cals depend on ingredients]
Shrimp[7 cals per shrimp]
Skinny pasta[20 cals]
*For my besties with parents that be trying to stay on top of ur ed, if y'all eat a bunch of low cal foods during meal times y'all could convince them ur doing better and they might take a step back*
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doodleycat · 18 hours ago
Simple Tips for Burning More Calories and Boosting Metabolism!
—For Burning Calories:
Stand Up! If you are in a place where you can both sit and stand up, try standing up!! You will burn extra 10~ calories in an hour!
Take Showers! A 15 minute shower burns 60~70 calories!
Use Stairs! Climbing up and down a 33 floor apartment burns 500~ calories! It might be impossibe to climb 33 floors but actually if you calculate it, you burn 10-15~ calories each floor!
Walk! You can walk more by getting off the bus a few stops earlier/later, walking to the store instead of driving car/public transportation etc! (walking 60 minutes ≈ burning 200 - 250 calories)
Bicycle!! If you have a bicycle, definitely switch to cycling rather than driving!! it burns more calories and also eco-friendly!!
Replace Your Stuffs! My bedroom doesnt have a wardrobe because i replaced my wardrobe to the other side of my house to go and change there, you can do other simple things like that as well!!
Do Chores! Doing housework makes you burn 100~ calories depending on the work!!
Stay Active While Watching! If you like watching TV, Netflix, Anime, Youtube etc. try doing exersices while watching them! (if only i had a treadmill... i would literally run with Edward while watching Twilight series again hahahaha!!!
—For Boosting Metabolism
Drink COLD Water!
Have teas every day (especially at before going bed and waking up)
Add lemon to your liquids (i personally squeeze them on my water bottle)
Chew gum after meals!
Drink water BEFORE, AFTER AND DURING eating, this way you will feel fuller & prevent binges and constipation
Try having protein a bit more!
Eat spicy foods! (also supresses hunger!)
Sleep more! preferably more than 7 hours!! (BUT DONT STAY AWAKE AT NIGHT AND SLEEP THROUGHOUT THE DAY!!!)
Sleep in a room colder than 20 degrees Celsius / 68 Fahrenheit!
Drink coffee!
Consume more fiber! (also good for constipation)
That's all i have in my head!! I will add more if i can remember a few more tips!
note: i lost like 15 kilograms in 2 months by doing those activities.
let me know if you enjoy these tips! take care!!
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cieldeminuitt · 2 days ago
I'm surprised that when I see an anorexic person on the street I stare at her until she literally disappears from my sight. Real-life thinspiration is another level of obsession.
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skinny-tastes-best · a day ago
thinking about how i could reach my gw in no time if only i was better at restricting 😔😢
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darlineatsdust · 2 days ago
i drink my silly little coffee and i smoke my silly little cigarettes and i fight for my fucking life when i’m on the toilet
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38kgismyugw · 2 days ago
I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating I'm not eating
Reblog to not eat
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ijustwannabeskinnywtf · 20 hours ago
This is fr the best motivation 😫
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And its only a year diference-
Literal goal.
Pictures are not mine!!!! Its from @loonadollz on twt
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