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#tw ed shit
starstrv · 2 months ago
dont give up. youre almost there. the change in your body wont appear suddenly, its a process and you have to respect it, but do not start binging. hunger is a friend, its a sign of progress so dont start binging
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skinnyythepooh · 9 months ago
having an ed is drinking coffee all fucking day long, fantasizing about your next shit, craving the hollow feeling of starvation, but loving food more than anyone else ever.
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tucskok2 · a month ago
I wanna be so skinny that the next time I see my friends they will be concerned about me
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thin-shit · 17 days ago
I have this "well if I'm gonna eat this I might as well binge" mentality and it sucks
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perkybae · 3 days ago
hip bones ! <3 hip bones ? :D hip bones !¡! ☆ hip bones ♡ hip bones ★ HIP BONES ♡ <3 hip bones ¡!¡ <3 HIP BONES !¡! HIP BONES ♡ HIP BONES ☆ (ꈍᴗꈍ) ♡ HIP BONES <3 hip bones <3 <3 :D ♡ H I P B O N E S ♡ hip bones !.. <3 hip bones ? :D hip bones ¡! ☆ hip bones ♡ HIP BONES ★ hip bones ♡<3 hip bones ¡!¡ <3
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l1ght-h34d3d · 22 days ago
god i really wish i were one of those effortlessly underweight/skinny people. yknow the ones who can eat 2000 calories a day but still stay skinny. the ones that get compared to a stick or whatever. i just want to look like them
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juliettecai · 4 months ago
it strikes me as somewhat uncomfortable that so many people focus on asian stories only after the events of the past couple of days. people dm me for the first time in months and asian creators get spotlighted (which is lovely), and yet it feels so performative. why? because so many of these ppl dming me and whatnot have never been interested in interacting diverse content or speaking out about the stories of poc—it’s like they’re doing this to solely gain brownie points. in a few months’ time, they won’t be doing all this anymore. they’ll go back to their silence, to not caring about asian creators. that’s what makes it performative. the stories of asian people shouldn’t be heard and spread only when they’ve been murdered and/or when their pain finally makes it onto news headlines.
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sweethearttkay · 2 months ago
18+ active ed accs
[may 2021]
haven’t been on ed tumblr in years but i’m back on my bullshit so if you’re an active 18+ ed account and you’d like a moot please like/reblog and i’ll follow you! no fatphobic accs pls and thank you ((:
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corpse-cosplay · a month ago
Eating disorders will have you thinking shit like “I wonder if my dentist will notice how much weight I lost since my last appointment”
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jackskellingtonsgirl · 22 days ago
BABY FOOD BABY FOOD BABY FOOD one container of it is only 60-90 calories, they’re SO healthy and extremely low calorie. if you get the fruit ones they taste like a smoothie (they’re really good) and they will satisfy your hunger.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ps. they’re only $0.75-$1 each!!!
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