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#tw ed talk
notcalii · 9 days ago
Reason #1 I want to be skinny
So sweats and pjs slope off my hipbones in that specific way
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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notsoskinny1 · 7 days ago
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I did this during class this morning
pls follow my meme page on Instagram @cracchead.rat
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tauruswhore111 · 3 days ago
someone on ed tik tok just said, “would you still eat excessively if the weight you gained as a result were permanent?”, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I wish I had heard that so long ago wtf
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tropicalfield · 9 days ago
ed-things nobody talks about
(some things I experienced when my ed was really bad when I was 16-17. It’s not all fun and it’s not like the cute thinspo-posts you see here everyday)
hiding food in your pockets, shoes, socks... while eating with others
forgetting that you were hiding the food in these places (oh the smell)
friends, family ... finding the food you were hiding
trowing away the food someone you loved gave you
making people cry and constantly worry about you
being upset when people give you the bigger portion (do they think you eat that much????)
being upset when people give you the smaller portion (do they think you are fat and that you should eat less????)
drinking to much water before a doctors weight in so you feel like you are peeing your pants
the pain after the laxatives kick in
being afraid to put chapstick on (because you know, it’s made out of fat lol)
not going out with frieds, because there is food everywhere (you will regret it later, because everyone went clubbing and now that you are healthy they are not into that anymore, aka missing out your youth)
freezing when people around you wear a bikini
not being able to get pregnant, although you recovered
heartproblems, although recovered
struggling with hormone-production, although you recovered
having bad teeth, although you recovered
having problems with your bones, although you recovered
having problems with your nails and hair, although recovered
the need to take medication your whole life because of a few years of having an ed
loosing your sexdrive
being afraid to fall asleep and never wake up again
not being able to stop, even if you want to
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get-yr-sh-t-ogether · a year ago
Banana strawberry nice cream🍌🍓🍌🍓🍌🍓
<150 cals the whole thing (the bowl in the pic is 1/2)
Tumblr media
1 ripe banana (cut into pieces and frozen) 100
strawberries (frozen, I put 4 but you can add as much as you want or even otheer frozen berries) 20
50gr greek yoghurt (i used 0% fat) 27
Stevia or other sweetner (to taste) 0
Vanilla (to taste) 0
A tiny tiny bit of salt (optional actually)
Put the fruits in a blender and start blending. At first, because they're solid frozen, it's just gonna start cutting them into really small pieces. At that point add some of the yoghurt and continue stopping after a while to clean the edges, add more yoghurt and the rest of the ingredients. You're gonna need to stop it for a couple of times and it will start coming together after a while. Taste test for sweetener and adjust if needed (a couple of tsp should be fine, you can even skip it if the banana is ripe and sweet enough) and when it looks creamy enough, like the pic, it's ready!
Eat it as is or with you favorite toppings like fruit, nuts, granola, nut butter etc. You can even add some cocoa powder but i enjoy it more like that. (Topping calories not calculated here). You can eat the whole thing but i share it with my sister. The calories depend on the size of your fruits but i just roughly calculated.
EDIT: Totally miscalculated the calories at first and overrated everything idk why😂 but yeah for 1 medium banana,4 good sized strawberries and 0% yog. it's 150 but I'd add a few more strawberries they're so low cal and delicious, that's just what i had
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idontfeelenough · a month ago
morning routine
look at your weight
go on tumblr
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