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#tw ed thoughts
blueheroinchicana · 2 days ago
Relblog if....
You know what the wrist thing means
You drink excessive amounts water
You stay if your room all the time to avoid food
You've had your scale taken
Your trying to stop purging
You've seen to the bone
You do yoga or pilates
Your close to your gw
You love Christmas but are scared of the foods
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wanttodiexox · 2 days ago
when ur wide hips give you an hourglass figure but also make u look fat and have thick thighs :(
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veightlossvici · a day ago
idk i just feel like sayin this out loud:
eds are not only created by social media. it's not only young girls lookin at photos online and wanting to fit into unrealistic standards.
eds are more than saying: lemme starve myself to death real quick so that i look like this model i saw online.
starvation means control, power, being superior, making own decisions, always being successful, always being able too choose and to achieve.
As simple as it is -controlling your nutritional intake- it is yet so addicting because you can cope so many things by starving, weighing yourself, tracking everything...
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bonnielovesdietcoke · a day ago
pro ana quotes from old tumblr
“just remember in 20 seconds the food will be gone,the taste will be over,and all that will be left is regret. just like last time.”
“always leave the table feeling like you could’ve eaten more”
“chemicals over calories for me, thanks.”
“remember fat lasts longer than flavour”
“remember how it felt the first time you started losing weight? don’t let that feeling get taken away from you, keep going.”
“don’t eat anything today that you’ll regret tomorrow.”
“your body and cravings don’t control you, you control them.”
“you won’t regret getting skinny and not eating, you’ll regret overeating and getting fat.”
and the classic “skip dinner wake up thinner.”
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nyast4rve · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
it was meant to say “still have a lot of time “ lmk if you want the fixed version
Tumblr media
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scared-skinny24 · a day ago
Tumblr media
^^ Pre-op
I love how my thighs gap is just BARELY there yet I’ve come all this way 🤦‍♀️
Maybe one day I’ll be someone’s thinspo but I sure as hell ain’t yet 😂😛 22+ lbs to go BABYYYY
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