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#tw food mention

Day 27: how to you deal with being around food?

Um I’m okay being around food. I just have so many thoughts running through my head 100 mph. I especially have more intrusive thoughts if I over eat.

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Where There’s Smoke

Chapter 5

Co-written with @sebthesnipe

Inspired by @easy-meta-knight

First / Previous / AO3


After Logan took his hand, Virgil fell into an ease he hadn’t felt in a very long time.

He munched on his sandwich as Logan kept telling him more stories about the stars. Some he knew, some he did not, but all of it sounded fresh and new with Logan’s voice doing the telling.

At exactly 5:15pm, Logan suggested that they head out so that Virgil would be precisely on time for Gavyn’s drop off.

At 5:25pm, after patting Remy on the shoulder to say goodbye (and to wake him up for the rest of his shift), they went back to the parking garage to meet their new cab driver to take them back to their houses. The stars must have truly been aligned, because traffic was shockingly minimal and the new cabbie was much more conscious of the road rules than the previous one.

On the ride, when Logan initiated hand contact, Virgil once again took it and both men settled into a simple quietude as they watched the world go by out the windows.

It’s like he’s taken care of everything, Virgil thought to himself.

For once, it felt like everything was going his way.

Then, at exactly 5:50pm, just as the cab was reaching his house, he saw a bright yellow sports car parked outside his house and two figures sitting on his stoop.

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We are low key broke bc of my mental health care so we’re straight up eating rice a roni and pasta roni constantly and like, sure. I’m here for it. It’s tasty. But like, f*** Walmart for making so much money off people in these kinds of situations. We’re just feeding us two for $1-2 per meal but I imagine that Walmart pays like a tenth of that to get the product.

Anyway I don’t like capitalism, eat the rich.

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i think my absolute favorite thing about my girl florence pugh is how much of a foodie she is

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also you’re a really great and nice person.

Anon you are so sweet! I’m glad to hear you’re in the recovery process love, and I wish you the best <3

That list was based around something specific that happened to me today with a coworker but you’re right, not commenting on eating habits should be common courtesy too. Also not telling someone they need to eat more or less when literally no one asked.

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I got some chorizo and queso fresco at the 99cents store and made lil quesadillas with it for dinner. Sooooo good!!!

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  • bad puns and finger guns
  • cuffing your jeans and tucking in your shirt
  • the only two kinds of shoes you own are docs and converse
  • You either take your coffee black or with a ton of milk and sugar
  • being good at flirting with someone, but if they flirt back, losing all functionality
  • repressed childhood trauma and gifted kid syndrome
  • adhd
  • You: Girls are hot
    You: Guys are hot
    You: Enbies are hot
    You: Why is everyone hot
    Your aroace friend, sick of your bullshit: Global warming
  • being permanently indecisive about your hairstyle, so just sticking with the good ol’ bisexual bob
  • liking harry potter when you were younger but then getting sick of it
  • one singular bracelet that you wear at all times. you either forget how you got it, or it’s a very special gift from your best friend
  • dipping your tater tots in a chocolate milkshake at one of those cute 24 hour diners
  • being an art major, english major, or going to medical school
  • you weren’t considered a “bad kid” but you were rebellious and hated rules
  • school librarians either hated you or loved you
  • wanting a leather jacket but not owning one because they’re expensive and you’re a broke bisexual
  • chipped nails
  • an inability to sit properly in chairs
  • coconut syndrome (tough exterior that hides anything soft like vulnerabilities)
  • green day 
  • queen
  • outer space
  • claiming random things as bi culture
  • that inexplicable feeling of nostalgia and homesickness when you see a mushroom 
  • liking multiple genders and still being single
  • gay people calling you straight and straight people calling you gay
  • calling yourself gay because it’s an umbrella term but you get annoyed when other people do it because of bisexual erasure
  • simping for the entire cast of your favorite show or movie 
  • “I’m a lesbian. Wait no. I’m trans. No. Gay?? Non binary. Pansexual. Ace. Fuck everything”

Sincerely, a certified bisexual

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Good character traits: I won’t complain with any food I am given unless asked to complain

Character flaw: I have been know to eat food that has gone bad because I really couldn’t tell

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I mean it makes sense that restaurant food costs a lot, but we all deserve to earn more money and be able to afford it sometimes. I wont mind prices going up if the servers got living wage out of it, but then i would also love to make more than minimum wage :D

also olive garden endless salad is top tier

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(excluding Alfred)

He’s a vegan, that’s literally all he eats – Damian












Would die before touching a cauliflower – Carrie

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i guess everyone has different standards for sure. i find anything pricier than fast food expensive

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the rudy and bob show

there are these two people in my class. let’s name them rudy and bob.

at my school we could choose where we wanted to eat lunch ie. we could eat in either the cafeteria downstairs or in a classroom. 

most of the popular (read: snobby) kids would eat in the cafeteria, so that left us weird shits in the classroom.

rudy and bob got really bored one day, because without the popular kids, there wasn’t a lot of drama. so they decided to do something.

one day, they walk up to the front of the class and write on the whiteboard: THE RUDY AND BOB SHOW!!!

basically what they did was reenact music videos of songs, including singing and background dancers and shit, with two people.

they even accepted music video requests. so one day, someone obviously requested senorita.

if you haven’t watched the music vid, it’s really sensual and stuff.


so, on that fateful day, we all left our lunches at our desks, circled up our chairs, and watched this go down. 

it was honestly one of the funniest things i’ve ever seen.

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