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#tw food mention

usually gnocchi w rosé sauce or avocado toast. i’m not like… particularly healthy because i’m under a lot of stress and don’t have time to cook super healthy meals

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Janus: *pouting because Roman and Virgil are arguing too loudly for him to defuse the situation*

Logan: *hands him coffee* Get ready for the fistfight. My bets are on Roman.

Janus: Hell, no, Virgil would win. He’s fight or flight! Fight is in his base function! 50 on Virgil.

Logan: Then 50 on Roman.

Remus, eating popcorn: 50 on a tie. I’d love to see these idiots knock each other out.

Patton, sipping his hot cocoa: I’ll bet you all 50 they both start crying in about five minutes because they start picking at insecurities.

Patton, five minutes later: Pay up, you three. You losers owe me 50 each.

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Color: dark blue and amber

Book: every last word

Movie: the outsiders

Character: I can’t even choose one from my current fandom, let alone In general

Podcast: I don’t listen to podcasts

Animal: mice

Season: autumn

Food: Mac and cheese

Game: among us probably? At least rn it is

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please tell me about what youtube channels you follow that have 200k or less subscribers, i’m really into finding new smaller channels recently. it’s really a different experience and the creator has usually a much more direct contact with the viewers, and in a lot of cases i feel there’s just more honesty in smaller channels? idk, you tell me:) i can share mine if you’re interested:

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