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#tw food mention
snowe-zolynn-rogers · 16 hours ago
Patton: Virgil?
Virgil: *stops kissing Remus*
Virgil: *shoves Remus off of him off his bed*
Virgil: Yeah, Dad?
Patton: I’ll pretend I didn’t see that. Logan wants your help cooking dinner because I’m not allowed to cook anymore.
Remus, on the floor: Ow.
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callmecheri · 10 hours ago
my bf looks at pretty skinny girls all the time.. i guess that’s my daily meanspo
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chilewithcarnage · 21 hours ago
mutual aid for me + my family
hey yall, im making a new post since my last one last traction. My family going through some financial hardships these last couple of weeks. my sister’s job is paying her late again and she has a lot of bills due currently (student loans, cell phone, etc.) Im the main provider for groceries in our household since im the only one with snap benefits. As mentioned in my last post, my snap has been empty for awhile and won’t reup until the the 26th. We’re running low on essentials and pet food. My nana has multiple myeloma and the only thing she can bring herself to eat after chemo is fish and fresh fruit (which we’re out of currently). We’re asking for $400 total ($100 for groceries/pet food; $300 for her bills). Please spread this and help if you can.
my paypal/ her paypal
my cashapp
my venmo: @Ari-McDonald890
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fr4gilebunny · 17 hours ago
I love oversized clothes but when I wear them I just look fat so the day I finally look skinny in an oversized sweater is the day I can die happy
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sandersidess · 2 years ago
Kidnapper, on the phone: We have your son.
Virgil: I don’t have a son.
Kidnapper: Then who just asked for chocolate milk with a silly straw and made us cut the crusts off his PB&J?
Virgil: Oh, God.
Kidnapper: What?
Virgil: You have my husband!
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incorrectbatfam · a year ago
Tim: *is sick*
Damian: *dumps a stack of paper in front of him*
Tim: Homework.
Damian: It's my way of saying "get well soon".
Tim: You know, chocolate says that even better.
Damian: I did all your assignments. All you have to do is sign your name.
Tim: Chocolate means nothing to me.
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sandersidess · 2 years ago
Joan, placing a marshmallow on the table: You can have THIS after you finish editing
Thomas: I'm 29! You can't motivate me with snacks!
Joan, taking the marshmallow back: You're right, you're far too old for that sort of thing.
Thomas: H-hang on a second, I never said I didn't WANT it-
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incorrectbatfam · a year ago
Tim: Power move: put the FBI agent watching you through a series of endurance tests. Stay awake for seventy-two hours. Put obscene images over your webcam. Chew gum really loudly next to your mic. They may have wiretaps but by God they won't have peace.
Jason: And most importantly, keep calling them FBI agents. That's what'll really grind on those NSA agents' nerves.
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