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#tw implied injury
ttaswell · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
a bit hard to swim with your lungs full of everything but air, isn’t it?
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bonus cooldown playlist:
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dreamsclock · a month ago
would you like an extra layer of sad? what if c!dream never actually knew when his birthday was? c!sam decided a certain day was his birthday for him once he found out dream didn't know. :)
tw // suicidal thoughts, torture, implied injuries + aftermath of torture, guilt
“You don’t have a birthday?” Sam asks one crisp summer morning, eyebrows raising in surprise. “Why not?”
Dream laughs, shrugging good naturedly. “I mean, I have one,” he points out, “I just don’t know it.”
He nudged Sam’s shoulder with a grin.
“Why don’t you give me one?”
Sam takes a moment to consider, and then, turning to his friend, gives him a firm nod. “Today,” he decides, with all the authority of a sixteen year old, “today is your birthday, if you don’t know yours.”
Dream beams at him. “Do I get cake?”
(“Finished,” Quackity tells him, voice lilting as he heads towards the exit without a backward glance, “you might wanna give him a potion or two, he was being squirmy today. See you tomorrow, Sam.”
“See you,” Sam says, and tries to pretend his throat isn’t tight. When he gets to the cell, it’s impossible to ignore, though. It’s almost as impossible to remember his role. “…Prisoner? Can you hear me?”
The prisoner doesn’t respond. Sam crouches down beside him, forces a potion down his throat, bit by bit, watches coherence slowly flicker back into Dream’s eyes and face. Distress is the first emotion he can manage.
“Let me die,” the prisoner rasps, and Sam’s heart shatters, “please, Sammy.”
Sam straightens up, heads towards the lava with netherite where his heart should be.
He tells himself he’s keeping Dream alive for his birthday — it’s what the old Dream, the survivor, manhunt-hardened, Dream would have wanted, after all — but he knows it’s a lie.)
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twisted-whimsies · 10 months ago
I'm interested in the dangerous guy list. What if their darling says yes to their confession or claim on them? Will the darling's life from them on be better or worse? Which of the guys will try to be 'kinder' in their treatment towards them?
⚠ Warnings : Unhealthy relationships;Yandere themes,
Malleus: He doesn't really want to hurt his darling. He really just wants them to reciprocate his love, and if they do so they'd live a life of luxury, smothered in love. You'd have some freedom.
Vil: Don't get him wrong, he's still gonna mold his darling. But he'll be gentler this time. He does adore them after all, so they'll give them nothing but the best of everything. No freedom tho, really. But he's much gentler, will not let his guard down but you'll see his eyes soften whenever you give into him.
Rook: again, he's a patient man. A romantic. He won't hurt his darling at all if they behave. Lavish them with love, praises and gifts!
Jamil : Will be wary. But he's a really gentle lover unprovoked. Especially if youove him back. He'll eventually melt into your arms.
Azul: He's be in cloud 9 if darling accepts his confession. He'd be much more kinder. In fact, if he wasn't so clingy and jealous all the time he'd be the perfect boyfriend!
Leona : All he wants is affection. The love he deserves. Love him. Pet his hair. He'd be much more kinder to you. Again, like the other boys, he'd lavish you with everything you'd want, but not force it on you if you don't want it(don't like gold? OK, then. Don't like going to parades, OK then. Don't like going to galas. OK, you too can nap together.)
Cater : Just... Just give into him. He's actually pretty nice and he'll treat you kindly if you do so. He doesn't like the fuss, so when you accept him willingly you'd get a good Cater.
Trey: this guys is the epitome of a perfect boyfriend. He's sweet. He's attentive and caring. So when you reciprocate his feelings he'd be extra all of that.
Ace: reciprocate his feelings and you'd see a new side of Ace. Maybe a little shy on new things, but that's because he's very very inlove with you. Your relationship would be normal as any other. He'd be perceptive of your needs and it's really like being in a relationship with your best friend.
The people still would be dangerous despite the circumstances is
Lilia : He's glad you like him back. But he still delights in seeing your different expressions. So he'll still do whatever he wants. Still very very dangerous. He's like ticking time bomb. Or a roulette,you never know what comes next.
Jade : You don't know if he loves you or he wants to play with you. I mean if you behave he might go light on you, but like Lilia, he adores your expressions. Be it fear or otherwise.
Floyd: He'll squeeze you whether you like it or not. Doesn't mind hurting you as long as he could show his affections for you. Which is to say, a lot.
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gtschnickschnack · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more borrower Elias! He starts really getting sick of the humans and one of his plans works too well
part 1 here
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gphaunting · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh BOY rlly low quality comic before the big event which I’m definitely not ready for:) I have no idea what I’ll do if c!Tommy or c!Tubbo permanently die/leave the smp; I’m gonna be so lost. This comic is essentially an idea i had where tommy goes to fight dream alone so Tubbo can live peacefully and he gives techno back his axe to make things right(& so he knows they were rlly friends)bc those r the last two ppl he was rlly close with and cared for:’D But he knows he’s got no chance against dream, so he’s effectively just playing into his hands— pls ignore the fact the hands r drawn all wrong in this comic lmao
//roleplaying! Remember not too take stuff too seriously:)
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dreamsclock · 4 months ago
crack au where dream and wilburs big plan goes like this: wilbur has been doing nothing but play card games for nine years in the afterlife, dream is an emotionally repressed bastard with a brilliant poker face and the skill to fight if things go south - and quackity is building vegas
naturally, they work together to rob the server blind
- dr3 on twt, i haven’t figured out my tumblr yet lol
dr3,,, DR3,,, this has been giving me such brainrot for the longest time and combines all my favourite characters to write in one incredible scenario,,, this is Peak ,,, the comedy and villainy,,, i’m in love with this au PLS
it’s tagged as -> vegas team au because i’ll probably write more for this soon !!
warnings: blood, trauma, implications of abuse, starvation mention, capitalism, manipulation, injuries/wounds, mental deterioration, dissociation
“So let me get this straight,” Quackity says, slow, suspicious, “you want to work together.”
He eyes his two new potential allies like one might a crocodile and its equally violent owner, and can’t help but feel doubt squeeze his chest. Both of them look like they’ve been through hell - well, he supposes it’s not far from the truth - and he’s not sure how they’re even still standing. Dream sways on his feet, shadows under his eyes more prominent than ever, and even Wilbur’s perfect smile is marred from the blood trickling out of gashes on his face. Breaking Dream out of prison, Quackity gathers, had been harder than they’d expected.
“We do!” Wilbur agrees cheerfully, arm looped around Dream casually. “I think it would be incredibly beneficial for the three of us - each of us have a skill or quality the others lack. Together, we could really get this server in shape.”
Quackity arches an eyebrow. “What skills and qualities would they be?”
“Well, naturally, I’m the charismatic one.” Wilbur lifts his free hand when Quackity goes to interrupt, smile never wavering. “Yes, I know you’re also charismatic, but people also think you’re unhinged.”
“You’re the one who blew up your own fucking country.”
Wilbur rolls his eyes. “I know, but I succeeded. You tried to kill Technoblade - who, needless to say, is still alive and on all three lives, unlike you, sorry not sorry.”
Affronted, gritting his teeth at the reminder, Quackity scowls. “Go on, then.”
“And we have you,” Wilbur presses on, flattery oozing into his voice - Quackity can sense it a mile off, but it’s still hard not to preen - “you’re resourceful, Big Q. You’re good at business and you’re cunning and you’ve built a whole fucking country and kept it lucrative. Dream and I had something of a struggle keeping our countries in one piece, if you remember correctly.”
Quackity snorts. “Yeah, I remember. And...” His eyes travel to Dream, who looks to be a thousand miles away, whose eyes are faded and unfocused, who really, Quackity thinks, has looked a hell of a lot better and more stable. “What about him?”
“Well, right now, he’s currently walking around on a shattered leg, two broken ribs, no hunger bars, seven days worth of sleep deprivation and a concussion,” Wilbur explains, bright when Quackity goes pale, “not to mention the bucketloads of trauma and mental illness. I honestly don’t know how he’s still standing. I know I sure as hell wouldn’t be. Turns out he’s got quite a good poker face, wouldn’t you say?”
Quackity stares at Dream. “Jesus Christ.”
“I say we’d make a great team.” Wilbur leans closer, grinning. “You’ve got the country and business side of things, I’ve got the charisma and stability - or, well, apparent stability - and Dream has the best fucking poker face I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, he killed eight zombies on the way here while taking hardly any damage. I reckon you need us both.”
“And what do you get out of this?” Quackity asks, because he’s not naïve, and he’s proven correct when Wilbur chuckles in delight and approval. “You’re not just doing this out of the kindness of your hearts.”
Wilbur nods in agreement, eyes sharp as a knife. “Well, we want protection,” he says, like it’s obvious, maybe it is, “we want shelter from the rest of the server and we could do with being a part of a country like yours for the time being. Dream needs somewhere to recover and rest, I need somewhere to lay low for a while, and, well...”
He trails off for a moment, before resuming.
“Well, Big Q, if I’m going to be entirely up front with you, I played card games in the Void for nine straight years, and frankly, I’ve grown fond of them. And what better way than gambling to destroy the server?”
Quackity can’t help amusement curling into his smirk. “You’re fucked up, Wilbur Soot. You’re a fucked up man.”
Wilbur grins. “So you’re on board?”
“Yes, I’m on board, Jesus,” Quackity agrees, running a hand over his face and glancing around, “let’s get you two inside before anyone fuckin’ sees.”
Dream offers him an empty smile that makes his skin crawl. “I don’t suppose you have any health potions, do you?” He asks, like he’s asking about the weather rather than asking for assistance for his crippling health. “I’m on half a heart.”
Quackity winces. “Half a-- yeah, man, we got some health potions. But- I’m gonna need you guys to sign a contract or two first.” Because he’s not an idiot, Wilbur and Dream aren’t idiots, and he doesn’t trust them as far as he can throw them.
“Brilliant!” Wilbur looks pleased. “I have a contract too. Great minds think alike, ey, Quackity?”
Great minds indeed. Quackity rolls his eyes, turning his back and beginning to head in the direction of Vegas. Wilbur hums low under his breath, and begins to follow, with Dream following behind him silently. “This is gonna be the death of me,” he murmurs.
“Or the start of something beautiful,” Wilbur says, something sinister in his voice, “the SMP won’t know what hit them.”
“I’ll be praying for them.” Quackity pauses, turning to Wilbur in bemusement. “You died, right? Does God exist?”
Dream speaks up, voice hoarse. “I’m basically God. I brought him back, you know.” He giggles, and Wilbur looks delighted. “I’m God, Wilbur.”
“Dream is the closest thing to God we have,” Wilbur says, and Quackity can’t help but feel horrified at that thought, “so prayer is pretty much useless.”
“Right,” Quackity says, mildly regretting his decision already, because teaming with a manipulative dead man and a shattered man who thinks he’s God can’t in any world be a good thing, “right, yeah, okay. Does God want a golden apple while we’re signing contracts.”
“If you’ve got one,” Dream says brightly, and Quackity prepares himself for a long couple of months of this team. This is going to go perfect, or it’s going to be the death of them all. Either way, at the very least: things will definitely be interesting.
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thecitythatdoesntsleep · a month ago
can we get some caretaker and vampire whumpee fluff please?
Tumblr media
(Tw/Tags: blood, blood drinking, implied/referenced injury, implied starvation, slavery (vampire), whump, caretaker fluff.)
Put under a cut for dash cleanliness.
"Whumpee! I'm home!" Caretaker announced, coming through the entrance of the house and pulling their keys out of the knob-lock.
As always, vampire knelt on the floor in the entryway and had their head hanging on their shoulders in consistent submission.
Something was wrong this time, though and Caretaker knew immediately by the discoloration of their skin. They were pale, more than the ashen haze of vampirism and a boney shoulder that peeked out of an oversized shirt was giving it away.
"Whumpee? Sweetheart?" They usually greeted them, said something, called them 'Master'. So when nothing came from their voice, it was worrisome.
Caretaker made their way a bit deeper into the house and let their bag settle on the floor, knees meeting the hardwood floor in a graceful movement. It was how they normally greeted vampire, deciding if they couldn't break the habit of them kneeling, that they would level with them however they could.
Gentle, warm hands came to lift the vampires face and when they did, their brows furrowed in concern and turbulence. Whumpee had a ghastly pigment to their complexion and cheeks were hollowed, eyes sunken in. They'd been crying, dewy skin fostered just below their eyes.
"Whumpee," Caretaker's arm wrapped around their shoulders and their weakened body crumbled back in their arms with little reservation. "You've gone too long.. It's not healthy."
Tears pushed out of the crevices of their eyes and as soon as Caretaker had gotten so close to them, their natural iris tones had deepened to their brightest color. A whimper tore from their throats, stiffening body aching even as they were held. Response to the thirst that had currently immobilized them.
"I left you blood this morning, did you not get a chance to drink it..?" Caretaker asked in puzzled confusion but soon lingered sight to the bloody, cut-up hand that laid limply against their own chest.
Vampire must have accidentally spilled the glass, maybe it had been too hot out of the microwave and they'd dropped it. So they tried to clean it up and hurt themselves in the process, only leaving them that much more thirsty. Eventually to the point where they couldn't manage to move anymore.
"I'm so sorry sweetheart..." Caretaker mumbled in remorse, "I'm sorry I was gone for so long."
They picked vampire up in their arms and carried them through the house until they reached a bed, carefully laying them down on the soft sheets. Gentle hands adjusted their head and kept them from rag-dolling in an uncomfortable position.
"You can have some more, I'll get you some, okay?" Caretaker minded, brushing sweet strands away from their face and out of vampires eyes.
They couldn't believe how generous Caretaker always was. Even after they had broken something of theirs, thrown their blood on the ground like an ungrateful piglet. They didn't deserve more blood, they didn't deserve to be laying in Caretakers bed and getting their head pet so tenderly. Vampire had spit in their new Masters face and they deserved punishment of the highest severity for doing all those terrible things.
When Caretaker left, they tried to move with all their might, lips clamping down on a pained whimper when they rolled onto their side. They had to get up, they needed to clean up the mess Caretaker was going to see and punish them for. With all they had done, they would be lucky if they had any bones left unbroken and they thought they kind of deserved it at this point.
Even with tiny, quieted cries of agony, vampire managed to make it to the edge of the bed and a final shift had them tumbling to the floor in a messy thud.
Caretaker had just made it to the kitchen and to their suspected horror, what they had thought had happened, happened. Blood was congealing on the floor in a puddle and glass was sticking out of it in the center of the splash. A dustpan was off to the side and chunks of stained glass had been collected into it, even more red having caused tiny drips around the cleaning vessel.
Which meant they'd left whumpee to starve all day, depending on when it had happened and then they hurt themselves trying to clean it up. Caretaker knew that only had to make the poor thing even thirstier, watching it dry on the ground and not being able to collect it in fear of broken glass.
No sooner had the mess been cleaned up and Caretaker had grabbed up a plastic cup, did they hear a thump in the adjacent room and it turned them on heel. They rushed in the room just in time to catch Whumpee on the floor in a spread, tears dripping down their cheeks and lips leaking blood from trying to move themselves around.
"Whumpee!" Caretaker exclaimed in panic and unintentionally scared them, limbs losing power and forcing them to face-plant back onto the carpet.
Gratuitous apologies sputtered from Caretaker and they once again collected vampire as best they could. As soon as they were back on the plush mattress, Caretaker crawled into the bed with them this time.
"Do you think you could make me really, really happy and drink for me? Will you do that for me, angel?" Caretaker asked and watched the vampire give a tiny nod in their next push of subtle tears.
Arms had pulled vampire close and cradled them, much like one would a fussy child to calm it down. Caretaker guided their head towards their own neck and gave idle pets through the vampires hair. Digits brushed back the longer strands and when Caretaker heard dry lips part with a pained breath, they knew vampire was adamantly fighting their natural need.
"It's okay Whumpee... I'm giving you an order to drink." It felt so harsh, to say the words and to know that they would manipulate the poor vampires psyche. However Caretaker couldn't help it, time was of the essence and if it took breaking down and outright ordering then it had to be done. Whatever it took to make sure that vampire was healthy and out of such crippling pain.
It worked though, vampires mouth opened a bit wider and the stinging pain of the initial bite radiated through Caretakers body. They suppressed a shudder of discomfort, steeling themselves to not react at all by now, it always made vampire so hesitant and timid if they did.
"Good Whumpee, you're so good." A soft, whispered praise as Caretaker held them close to them and worked fingers through their hair, tracing along their skull. The pull of suction against their neck was nothing new but excited them, in the sense that they knew how badly vampire needed it. They would feel so good soon and be out of pain and thirst.
More soothing whispers of approval and adoration filled the vampires ears, Caretaker holding them like they were precious. Which to them, vampire very much was.
When the being in their arms finished their meager meal and pulled back, there was a smile on the edges of Caretakers face. Their lips and their eyes were always so soft when they looked at vampire.
"How do you feel?" Caretaker asked, not having let go of the hold on vampire just yet, enjoying the feeling of their tremors coming to an end.
"B-Better.." The life that came back into vampire was like water to a dying plant. Their skin colored back to their normal pigment and the whites of their eyes brightened; voice meek but able to project itself past moistened chords. "I-I'm sorry Caretaker.."
"You don't have to apologize, whumpee," Caretaker insisted, the hand that had been cradling vampires head moving to cup their cheek. They pressed a gentle kiss to a clammy forehead and for a moment, they swore they saw the faint edge of a smile on vampires lips. A tiny twitch in their lip-line. "If anything, I'm sorry I left it in a glass like that- I was in a rush and I was careless."
But to vampire, Caretaker was no where near careless. They'd lost count of how many times they'd drank from them. Not once had they hurt them, lashed out, caused them pain in any fashion.
They allowed the pet to sleep with them, they didn't mind if they cried or had noisy nightmares. They comforted vampire, every chance they got and kissed their forehead or cheeks when they left the house; no matter how long they would be gone.
Caretaker was anything but careless, vampire thought.
Thanks, this was actually really cute to write. I hope it fits the fluffy spot, in this dark, magical city. Feel free to send more requests, my box is always open.
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gphaunting · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
A VERY quick drawing of the boys getting to celebrate after the event today! My heart is so full, the ending to the finale was so perfect and fulfilling I loved it. The boys can finally be happy, and I’m rlly hoping c!Tommy gets to start making up with ppl👀 and I hope c!Tubbo’s next arc lets him recover from all that bc boy was he wayy too accepting of death:’D
/roleplaying! & this is not ship art!
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bnha-ramblings · a year ago
Tumblr media
Yoooo this is the same thing All Might does at Kamino with the pointing so that scene hurts like 80% more now...
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popfizzles · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
we found our first woodland mansion a while ago; and there was some. super suspicious jail rooms.
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