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yb-cringe · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“Puffy- Puffy it’s okay. It’s not your fault.”
Hey so foolish died, looking at his mom, powerless for the first time- without any ability to stop what was happening or to help anyone.
And he spent his last words telling Puffy this wasn’t her fault, and gave up a life saving Eret. Needless to say, I did cry a bit.
[[dni if you sh/p m/nors // rb > likes]]
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beaskaa · 4 months ago
Warning: implied torture, scars, angst
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prison angst
Part 1 // Part 2 //
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ferry-man-sam · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
A little unfinished comic on how Hunter may have gotten his scar,, because angst,
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yeagertv · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
cw: nsfw; stalking; virginity; panty stealing; unconsensual voyeurism
Tumblr media
head empty just thinking about stalker!eren seeing you on his last day on campus as a lost freshman. ever since then he would continue to sneak onto campus, into frat parties and even your classes, sitting all the way in the back careful not to attract any attention to himself just to catch a glimpse, maybe even a whiff of you.
lucky for him you had a ground floor dorm, giving him the perfect opportunity to listen to all your conversations, and take very intimate videos of you. but every so often if he was really lucky you’d leave your window unlocked and he’d be able to sneak in to watch you sleep.  
he can’t have you, no, not yet. so he settles for licking the wet spots on your stolen panties from the night before and plucking the gum you've thrown out after class, still minty fresh.
hours of sitting outside your window really pays off when he learns your secret, the secret you've desperately tried to keep from all your boyfriends. you’re a virgin, inexperienced, amateur. they all know though, they can practically smell it emanating from your skin. how else do you think you got asked out by the quarterback? no not because of your personality. they all want to take advantage of you, use you, then drop you like a doll they don’t want to play with anymore.
that’s why eren will always protect you.
it isn’t a coincidence all these men you talk to end up with broken arms and black eyes. you think it’s you, something you did or said wrong when they block you or turn the other way when seeing you on campus.
but eren’s only protecting you when he does this. it isn’t your fault it’s their fault. they’re disgusting, vile animals. all they want is that tight virgin pussy of yours.
one day eren will be worthy enough for you, but until then he’ll keep protecting you.
Tumblr media
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shadeswift99 · 9 months ago
Rating Hermits based on whether or not I'd call them to help me hide a body
Because it's 1:00 am again and you know what that means, it's time for me to make another unhinged list and immediately pass out afterwards! (Mandatory disclaimers: personas only obviously, also I promise I did not actually kill a guy)
Mumbo: I'm not sure how he'd deal with a body but I get the feeling that if I asked him to help me hide one he'd probably have a panic attack. 0/10 not because he'd be a snitch but just because I don't want to put the poor guy through that
Grian: If I could prove it was for a good cause, this guy would 100% help me hide a body. He seems like he has experience, which might be useful. 9/10 because there is the small chance that he'll report it if he gets bored with keeping a secret
Iskall: He would absolutely help me hide a body, no questions asked, but I'd owe him big time afterwards. 8/10 because debt to the tree man scary
Tango: Realistically, he'd probably be about the same as Grian in terms of helping me if he knew I was in the right. However, this man also can't lie for shit so 6/10 not willing to get my cover blown
Impulse: Shovel shuffle. 10/10
Zedaph: There are two options here: either Zed freaks out and I'd end up wishing I hadn't put this burden on him, or he is Weirdly Calm about the whole body hiding thing. Option one I'd feel horrible about, option 2 would be terrifying. 0/10
Doc: Would take the body and tell me to "stop worrying about it". I am not at all confident that he won't use it for some form of less-than-advisible science. 4/10 might go to him in a pinch but it would make me nervous
Ren: He would check to make sure I was okay, but really I don't think he would want to implicate himself in the crime. He would probably tell me to go find someone else to help. 5/10 wouldn't rat me out but also wouldn't give much more than emotional support
False: Queen of heads, hearts, and body parts. 'Nuff said. 11/10
Stress: She would be unexpectedly, scarily calm about it. She would probably teach me how to dissolve the body in acid or something, all while reassuring me that everything was going to be fine. 9/10 great help but I'd be a little worried about how many times she's done this before
Cleo: Is this even a question? "Dealing with a dead body" is just Cleo's day-to-day life (Death? Undeath? Un-life?). Wouldn't be phased at all. 100/10
Xisuma: By the end of this interaction, I will have had at least one cup of tea, I will probably be crying, and X will have throughly convinced me to turn myself in to the authorities. -99/10 the tea and talk would be good but this is kind of the opposite of "hiding"
Bdubs: Way, way too comfortable with this. Offers to help me fake my death and change my identity along with hiding the body. 2/10 he'd be very thorough but I'd probably end up with a forged birth certificate and an unnecessary plane ticket to Russia or something
Joe: Absolute wild card. He probably doesn't trust the justice system enough to turn me in to the police, but he certainly wouldn't just help me hide a body without a good long talk about exactly what I was thinking first. Still, no clue what he would do after that. ???/10
Keralis: Ruthless capitalist with unsettling eyes? -10/10 wouldn't ask him for anything but 100/10 would pin the murder on him, seems like an easy scapegoat
Etho: Like Iskall, except instead of an unspoken agreement that I owe him something undefined, Etho would make me sign away something or other in a rather fluidly-worded contract that I am in no way comfortable with signing. He would then disappear into the night without a trace until the time came to collect his payment. -100/10 he is absolutely smarter than me and seems like a very bad person to be in debt to, no matter how good Shade-E-E's impromptu burial service might be.
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aimasup · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Artist headcanons because I care them part 2 (Click for better resolution)
First part here
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paperghastly · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Couldnt decide on the color so you get all of them
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moridoki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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glqwberries · 3 months ago
The Last Stand
overview: Bdubs and Etho are the last two left alive, but they can't bring themselves to kill one another.
note: this is about the characters and not the real people. also warning for implied violence and suicide
Bdubs sighed, rubbing at his nose with the back of his hand, trying to get off any drying blood. Tango had put up a good fight, but he was panicked, he'd never killed anyone before. Bdubs was the opposite, he'd killed many people, many times over. He knew his way around plenty of different fighting methods.
They had been fighting in plain old fisticuffs, no weapons, no armor, no potions or anything. That was part of the whole team's agreement. They had agreed to fight each other to the death, almost like a tournament bracket, but just with 4 people in total. 
The dark haired man's communicator beeped with a new chat message, followed by a more grim sound. Someone had died. So he took out the communicator, checking the death message. 
Skizzleman was slain by Etho
Bdubs ran a hand through his hair, sighing gratefully. He was glad Etho survived, just the two of them now. They ruled the whole world, no one could stop that, they were all dead, cursed to watch as the two of them spent time together, never once trying to kill one another.
At least… for two months, maybe three. They had decided to try and stay alive as best they could without any pvp usage.
Bdubs lifted his head from where it had been resting on Etho's shoulder, blinking open his eyes. Etho carded his fingers through the messy brown hair, chuckling softly. 
"Morning 'Time King'," Etho teased, pinching Bdubs's nose playfully. Bdubs made a very tired sound in response, batting at the taller man's hand.
"Shhhhuddup…" he grumbled, reaching his arms outwardly with balled fists, stretching. He brought a hand to his face to rub the sleep from his eyes, yawning.
His mind was clearing up from his sleepy haze, and he winced at the thoughts that filled his head. 
The thoughts were normal at this point, but he hated them. They'd been similar before everyone else had died, but now they were very focused, very particular. He knew they wouldn't stop.
Bdubs opened his mouth to say something, but closed it, not remembering what he even wanted to say. 
Etho. Right. He remembered now, but he didn't… He didn't want to say it. Etho's hand was still on his head, slowly playing with locks of dark chestnut hair.
"Bdubs, what's up? What's on your mind this morning?" he asked softly. It just made things worse for Bdubs. He loved Etho, he could never stomach leaving him or anything like that.
"We're getting nowhere," he finally blurted out.
"What do you mean?"
Etho was confused. That was always funny to Bdubs, he loved to confuse the other man. It felt different now, it felt… bad.
"I mean that- uh- just… Neither of us is winning and we're just trapped here until one of us is dumb and does something ridiculous- I- I love spending time with you! Don't get me wrong- but um- if one of us dies, the other wins and were free and we can go back home and just-"
"Woah- woah- Bdubs-" Etho cut him off, sitting up more, looking down at the other man who was still laying on him.
"Bdubs, I can't kill you, you know this. Neither can you, our first day here made that very clear-"
"No- no I- I know that! But um- like- I know a uh- I know a way that we can both win! If we just jump off Magical Mountain together- at the same time of course! If we do that we could- we would die at the same time and we'd both be winners and neither of us has to kill the other!" 
It was silent after that. It wasn't their normal comforting silence, it was stressful, dreadful.
"We uh- we don't- um- have to do that of course- I just… Etho, it's torture being here- we're alone here, we're trapping everyone else who was a part of this sick game here until one of us dies- we need- we should just end this-"
Etho sighed, pulling Bdubs closer to himself, hugging him.
"You're right," he said after what felt like centuries of silence, "It's selfish of us to stay here like this, to be trapping them as well as ourselves… I just… What if we don't remember one another once we get out of here?"
Bdubs hadn't thought about that beforehand but… he wanted to be out of this place.
"I think we'll remember. You remember the other game, right? You remember your outside life before this? We're gonna be able to remember each other."
It was quiet again. It still wasn't comforting, but it wasn't dreadful this time.
"Okay," Etho agreed, reluctantly, "Yeah, okay, you're… You're right about everything. Let's.. Let's do it."
So there they were. Stood atop the mountain, ruins of Scar's house behind them. They were both nervous, but they knew it had to be done.
Bdubs looked at Etho. He'd made up his mind, Etho would be the sole winner.
"Hey, Etho?"
"I'm so glad we spent this stupid game together, I've had fun being with you, as strange as it is to have fun in this game. I love you. A lot. So much, Etho. I love you so much."
Etho snorted, smiling like a dork. Bdubs was so cheesy.
"I love you too, Bdubs, you huge dork," Etho laughed, looking over at where Bdubs was… was no longer stood.
Etho's communicator beeped, followed by a grim sound.
BdoubleO100 fell from a high place
Everything was deafening, yet all too quiet.
Etho had won.
But it felt like he had lost.
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thefinalsoftboy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
okay captain puffy herself liked that first one you Gotta reblog that
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darksideofthecocoamoon · 6 months ago
Only Mine, Valentine
Tumblr media
Summary: Peter reassures himself on what’s his and only his
Pairing: soft!dark!Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: possessive and manipulative behavior, stalking, implied violence, smut, overstimulation
A/n: technically the same couple from Baby It’s Cold Outside but can be read as a standalone. Peter Parker is and will always be 18 or older in my fics.
Tumblr media
Peter loved Valentine’s Day.
He was a romantic so it was easily one of his favorite holidays. Especially now that he actually had a girlfriend to go all out for. It was a bummer that he couldn’t do everything he wanted because Y/n had to work a shift at the coffee shop. It did give Peter plenty of time to get her Valentine’s gift though. They may have only been together for like two months, but Peter knew they’d stay together. He wasn’t worried about moving too fast with Y/n. They were perfect together. Made for each other. So he got something made to reflect them belonging to one another.
He inspected the necklace again. A 14k rose gold rope chain sat daintily on the soft cushion of the box. Dangling from it was a rose gold P and a tiny heart charm. It complemented the one he had in white gold around his own neck carrying her initial and a tiny crown charm. Because she was his princess and he was her heart. Or at least that’s how he viewed it. He was ecstatic when he picked it up from the jeweler and saw them, unable to resist wearing his immediately. They were perfect. Peter closed it back and placed it down on his dresser next to a box of chocolates and a stuffed Valentine Spider-Man he saw and just had to get her even if he hadn’t told her that secret just yet.
Speaking of Spider-Man, he thought looking at the time. He had time to do a quick patrol before Y/n got off. Peter put on the suit (his necklace safely tucked inside) and launched himself out of his window.
A couple hours of petty-crime-fighting later, Peter was just about to finish up his patrol when Karen alerted him to a text from his princess.
Y/n: Hey petey! Dara was a no show 🙄 so they're asking me to stay an extra 3 hours. Is that gonna ruin any of your plans? I know you were looking forward to today 😔
Peter pouted. He had been looking forward to today. He looked around and realized he wasn’t far from her workplace. He dictated his response through Karen as he began swinging.
P: That sucks babe, but I don’t have any plans that can’t wait for another day! Stay strong babe 😘
He had really already planned to do a makeup Valentine’s Day for them anyway.
Peter landed on the building across from the coffee shop that he usually stopped at when he wanted to check in on Y/n. He sat out of sight so no one could bring attention to him as he watched his princess work.
“Karen, activate surveillance mode, trained on Y/n.”
Peter lounged casually as he observed her. He could listen to Y/n’s cute voice and watch her working hard as she switches between taking and making orders for hours, and has several times before. He chatted with Karen, commenting on some of the things people order.
“What’s a gorgeous girl like you doing working on Valentine’s Day?” The record scratched on Peter’s conversation with his AI as he zeroed in.
He heard the irritation in Y/n’s response to the nosy customer in front of her. “My job. That’ll be $9.42, sir.”
He plowed on as if he didn’t hear her. “No man to take you out tonight? I could show you a good time.”
“Sir, my plans are none of your business, but this $9.42 is.”
The man sucked his teeth and handed her a card. He walked away muttering uppity ass bitch. Y/n didn’t hear it but Peter sure as hell did. He narrowed his eyes at the man.
“Karen, keep tabs on that guy, I think he may need a visit later. He needs a lesson on manners.”
Certainly, Peter.
Two other guys had the audacity to hit on her but at least they weren’t assholes about it like the first guy was. The last one did make more of a move though. He came back up to the register and when she asked him if she could help him, he shoved a receipt with his phone number into her hand and rushed out the door before she could say anything. He looked a lot like Peter did pre-spider bite and had more confidence than he did back then. Peter would have felt for the guy if this wasn’t his girlfriend.
But it was.
It was the last straw really. Peter engaged manual text and the nanobots formed a keyboard onto the palm of his left hand. He’d specifically added the feature for times like this when he didn’t want to dictate what he wanted to text.
P: Miss you baby
He saw her look down at her phone and smile before I miss you too came across his screen.
P: Maybe you can do something for me really quick?
Y/n: Like what?
P: Wanna see how well you take instructions princess. Will you be my good girl?
Y/n: Yes.
P: Wanna see you
She sent back a quick selfie of her smiling.
P: Thats beautiful babe but not what I meant...
Y/n: Peterrrrr I’m at work
P: I know, but I thought you said you were gonna be my good girl?
Y/n: Peter…
P: Show me princess. Be good.
He saw her nudge a coworker and say she’s gonna run to the bathroom.
Then he gets three absolutely delicious pictures across his screen. Somebody bought a new lingerie set for Valentines Day.
Y/n: Am I still your good girl?
P: My best girl. My valentine ♥️
Peter’s jealousy is temporarily assuaged by her obedience. He knew exactly what would make him really feel better.
“Hey Karen, is Droney still following that guy?”
Yes, Peter. Displaying Droney’s live feed.
Peter watched as the guy from earlier walked down, honestly, the perfect street. Plenty of alleys seldom used this time of day. Peter stood and dusted himself off.
“Let’s go teach him some manners real quick.” He shot off a web and arced off into the distance.
Tumblr media
It was finally time for Y/n to get off of work and Peter met her at the coffee shop in his normal clothes to walk her to his apartment. He wore a cheesy red sweatshirt with pink hearts dotted all over it and pink laces in his converse. She giggled at his cutesy appearance. Was this really the same boy who asked her for nudes while she was on the clock not even two hours ago?
“Hello Valentine.”
“Hello Valentine. I’m so happy to see you! And so glad to be off work, ugh! My legs are killing me,” Y/n lamented dramatically.
“Aw, I’m sorry babe. Well, leave it all to your amazing boyfriend to brighten the rest of your day.” She reached out towards his hand but frowned at a spot on his thigh.
“Peter, is that blood on your jeans?”
“It’s not mine,” he reassured immediately, eyes widening for a second at his blunder before he continued. “I helped a guy with a pretty nasty nosebleed earlier. It was crazy, he just like, uh, ran right smack dab into a brick wall. It was soooo crazy...”
“Jeez! How embarrassing.”
“Yeah, I’m sure he learned a lesson,” Peter comments breezily with a small smirk. “At least the red matches my color scheme!”
She giggled. “Why are you so goofy?”
“You like me that way.”
“I like you, period.” He lit up at that. It was always nice to hear.
They ambled the short walk to his apartment, him swinging their hands between them.
Finally making it inside, Y/n put her purse down on his kitchen table and made a beeline for his bedroom. He heard the springs as she flopped on his bed.
“Ugh your bed feels like heaven after being on my feet. Oh, damn Pete can you bring me my phone out of my purse?”
He doubled back and went in her purse. And crumpled up inside… he sees the receipt. With the phone number. Peter’s jealousy returned full throttle. He reigned it in so he doesn’t accidentally crush her StarkPhone in his grip. He took a cleansing breath before walking back into the bedroom.
“You never told me how your day was babe,” he said, gently pulling her up from the bed.
She groaned. “Had one lady ask for four shots of espresso and the poor thing looked dead on her feet. She had to be having a worse day than me. Another guy came in with his daughter for a little daddy-daughter date. They were pretty cute, matching shirts and everything. Other than that pretty uneventful, just long.” As she went on, Peter gently stripped her of her clothes, article by article. She’s down to her underwear when she's finished speaking. Peter’s breath caught at the sight of her blush pink lingerie set in person rather than the pictures she sent earlier.
“That it?” Peter prompted.
Y/n raised an eyebrow at him then. She’d only just realized that his face had been completely deadpanned since he came back in with her phone.
“Yeah, that’s it.”
Peter hummed. Then he pushed her back onto the bed.
“What’s this then?” He asked, head tilted to the side as he held up the receipt. “This kinda thing just happen every day? Who’s Daniel?”
“Pete, no! It was a random customer, never even seen him before. Just shoved it into my hand and ran away! My coworkers kept teasing me about it but I threw it away. One of them must have snuck it into my purse. I did not keep it on purpose.”
“You sure that’s all it was?”
Y/n crawled to the edge of the bed, doe eyes locked on him. “Of course, Peter. I only want you. Only want to be your good girl. Your princess. Your valentine.”
Peter started to soften a bit as she reached out and ran her hands under the sweatshirt and over his abs and chest. He hummed again and backed away from her hands, ignoring her little whine. He goes to his closet and pulls out the stuffed Spider-Man, chocolates and the gift box.
Y/n squealed at the sight of the presents and Peter had to fight the smile because, yeah, he’s upset but God he’s not made of stone.
“Thank you, Peter! Oh, the Spider-Man is so cute! And I love these chocolates! You’ll have to help me eat them later. Ooo and what’s in this?”
“Open it.”
He handed her the box and set the other gifts back on his dresser. She opened it with a gasp.
“Peter it’s so pretty!” She delicately lifted the necklace out of the box. His smile fully spread across his lips then as he pulled his own matching one out of his sweatshirt. She melted further.
“Wait, how much did this cost? You got both of these? Peter, you can’t keep spending money on me like this! We’ve only been dating a couple months—.”
“I told you I don’t care about that, didn’t I? Here,” he said, taking the necklace and hooking it around her neck. It nestled below her clavicle, complimenting her lingerie beautifully.
“How do I look?” She asked, tilting her chin up and showing off her chest. Peter fingered the chain gingerly, loving seeing his initial around her neck. She looked so pretty like that. Like he’s all she sees. “Like your princess?”
Like he owns her.
Peter grabbed her by the necklace and tugged her forward. “Always.” He shoved her back again and she bounced slightly on the bed. “Think I’d like my Valentine gift now.”
“Peter, you said not to get you anything.”
“Changed my mind. Scoot up to the pillows.” As she did as she was told, Peter tucks his fingers into her panties and pulls them down her legs. He tugged off his cheesy sweatshirt and toed off his shoes before climbing onto the bed.
He ran two fingers over her already glistening opening. Y/n moaned, hips swiveling to feel more of his fingers. He obliged, running his wet digits up between her pussy lips and began circling her clit. He played with her slick folds with a practiced ease, enjoying how quickly he could rile her up. But he wasn’t altogether satisfied yet.
“Think you could use a reminder of who your valentine is, babe. What’s that letter on your chest?”
“A ‘P.’”
“And what does the P stand for?” He asked, sinking his fingers inside her dripping opening.
“Peter,” she moaned, back arching in pleasure.
“What was that?” He fucked her closer and closer to a high with his fingers.
“Peter,” she repeated, grabbing at his wrist as she tried to ride them harder.
“Can’t hear you babe. I need you louder or I’ll slow back down.” He taunted, already slowing the pace a bit.
“No, please!”
“Oh, so you can be louder? Then answer me. What’s that letter on your pretty neck stand for?”
“Good girl,” he said, grabbing her jaw with his other hand leaning in close to her ear. “It’s because you’re mine, Y/n. Don’t forget it.” He rubbed firmly against her clit with his thumb and just like that she fell apart under him. He gave her no time to recover, immediately ducking down and replacing his fingers with his tongue. Tasting her was something that had swiftly become his favorite thing to do and he indulges in it at every opportunity. He lapped at her ravenously, sucking at her clit in a way that has her spiralling again. Peter showed no signs of stopping, even after he reintroduced his fingers and threw her into a third orgasm. Vaguely, he felt the hands in his hair pushing him away instead of closer. Her feeble voice pleaded no more.
Peter grabbed both her hands and pinned them over her head in one of his. The other secured her chin.
“Princess, whose pussy is this?”
“Yours,” she panted. He nodded matter-of-factly.
“That’s right. It's mine. Are you telling me what to do with what's mine?”
“No, Peter.” Her words hardly more than a whimper from her throat.
“That's what I thought.”
He went back to devouring her oversensitive core.
“Pete, I want you inside me. Wanna come on your dick.”
“I haven’t decided if you deserve that yet. So be good and let me eat.”
Her whimpers were like music to him.
Tumblr media
The next morning, it causes a twist in his gut watching her leave his apartment for another day at work. Seeing those guys make moves on her firsthand was awful. The rollercoaster of emotions that he had felt. How heavy and oily the possessive feelings were that had settled in his chest. The weight of the knowledge that she has to keep going out every day, unwittingly tempting every male with a pulse between the ages of 15 to 40 forces itself under Peter’s ribs, other organs be damned. It’s so hard seeing her back as she leaves him for the day, but what choice does he have? It’s not like he can just kidnap her and keep her away from all—
Well there’s an idea.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yb-cringe · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A really sketchy unfinished comic i made so long ago and forgot to post (i think?) anyway c!eret doesnt remember c!foolish but his grief feels like its centuries older
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befuddled-calico-whump · 3 months ago
Riot Kings, page 14a
Tumblr media
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interdimensionalsnake · 4 months ago
Virgil: If your sad and you know it clap your hands *claps*
Janus: *claps*
Remus: *picks up Janus and hugs him* if anyone hurt my babyboy i will fucking gut you
Janus: Babe calm down what the f u c k-
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justveeing · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes losing the girl is not the only thing that can break your heart.
So I read this fic, got into angst mood for days, and @carltonlassie posted this drawing and I was just wrecked.
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rotshop · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hi i made a funny 2nd little sona guy bc im in a kin mood.
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Virgil, about to be murdered: that pre-made tombstone you got there is terribly thought out
The murderer(aka insert character here): wh- how?
Virgil: well first of all it just says "VIRGIL" on it in full caps, taking up almost the entire space on the stone
Murderer, taking out a notebook: yes...
Virgil: you've also written on it in permanent marker. I know it says permanent but it does wear away after awhile because of weather and stuff
Murder, scribbling stuff down: uh huh...
Virgil: also you don't have my birth date - death date on there
Murderer: oh, yeah, I forgot about that... what year were you born in?
Virgil: December of 2003
Murderer: Jesus Christ, you're 17?!
Virgil: yeah, you're technically killing a child
Murderer: damn... what day in December is your birthday?
Virgil: the 19th
Murder: well ok you're free to go until then, I'm not killing a kid. Just stay quiet about this until then
Virgil: find with me
Murderer: why aren't you scared of any of this?
Virgil: well honestly life's pretty boring at this point
Murderer: well that's depressing as fuck
Murderer: I'm getting you a birth/deathday cake on the 19th
Virgil: cool
Murderer: ...
Murderer: this is starting to feel more like assisted suicide than cold-blooded murder
Virgil: that's understandable
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aimasup · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Time travel shenanigans plus Fenro (Click for better resolution)
Juts gonna post this here to ease myself back onto Tumblr
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pixel3603 · 7 months ago
If anyone dislikes the 6th doctor, get ready to catch these hands
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pixelateddork · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Jigen. Control your feral monke BF.
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