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#tw matricide

No one ever really plans for a matricide, but no one ever plans for their son turning into a maniacal monster either.

Yet here was Elizabeth, waking up covered in blood, and turning to find her wife bleeding out on the bed next to her.

“BELLADONNA!-” Elizabeth bolted out from under the covers to bring Belladonna closer to her.

Sure enough, there was a distinctly blackening sword wound.

“Bella its ok- itll be ok- stay awake for me please,” Elizabeth could hardly manage to tear herself away to get her wand, Belladonna was just barely responsive.

One wave, nothing.

Two waves, nothing.

And finally, on three, the wound sealed itself shut.

“Bella?” Elizabeth said quietly, running her fingers over Belladonna’s face.

“I’m here Liza, I’m here,” Belladonna said quietly.

“We’ve got to do something about Romulus,” Elizabeth said.

“Find Virgil, Remus can stay here with me, now go, quickly,” Belladonna said, practically shoving Elizabeth away before she could protest.

“So Roman has an evil form of himself then?” Virgil said, his fingers were tapping quite fast at the table between them.

“Yes, but it’s an easy fix, you only need two things, first, find Roman’s true self, most likely hidden in the woods, and second, you need to kiss both the sleeping form, and Romulus,” Elizabeth said, Virgil’s nose scrunched up in disgust.

“And I have to kiss Romulus, no exceptions?” Virgil replied.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Elizabeth responded. She watched as Virgil stood up to leave.

And breathed a heavy sigh of relief when she found Roman’s arms wrapped around Belladonna’s waist when she got home.


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                                                HOMERIC  EPITHETS  


so  epithets  are  a  huge  part  of  epic  poetry,  and  although  nowadays  it’s  largely  agreed  that  they  are  used  for  metrical  purposes  in  helping  the  poet  fit  character’s  names  into  the  metre  rather  than  the  more  literary purpose  of  building  the  story,  i  still  believe they’re  an  important  part  in  my  characterisation  of  elektra,  whilst  also  helping  to  add  an  epic  feel  to  my  writing.  and  so  i’ve  decided  to  focus  on  some  important  epithets  for  elektra.

  • elektra,  daughter  of  agamemnon.  this  epithet  is  perhaps  the  most  important  of  elektra’s  epithet’s,  for  not  only  is  it  a  modification  of  her  father’s  own,  son  of  atreus,  epithet  (  alongside  similar  renditions  for  all  homeric  heroes  )  and  thus emphasises  elektra’s  heroic  status  and  lineage.  but  the  emphasis  on  agamemnon,  instead  of  daughter  of  clytmnestra,  that  would  arguably  be  more  fitting  for  a  female  character  highlights  where  elektra’s  loyalties  lie.  she  idolises  her  father,  and  hates  her  mother  for  her  role  in  his  death  and  i  feel  this  epithet  helps  emphasise  that.
  • elektra,  shepherd  of  the  people.  another  of  her  father’s  epithet  and  one  more  unique  to  him  (  i  don’t  believe  he’s  the  only  hero  who  has  it  but  the  only  other  i  can  think  of  is  hector  )  it  highlights  the  importance  of  elektra’s  city  and  people  to  her  and  her  desire  to  reinstate  her  brother  as  the  rightful  ruler  of  mycenae  and  restore  a  peaceful  and  prosperous  reign  to  her  people
  • much  enduring  elektra.  this  is  actually  one  of  odysseus’  epithets  but  i  believe  it  equally  fits  elektra.  it  highlights  the  torment  she’s  been  through,  from  her  sister’s  death  to  her  father’s,  her  mother’s  abandonment  of  her children  for  her  adulterous  partner  aegisthus,  her  marriage  to  a  farmer  robbing  her  and  any  children  of  their  title  and  her  and  orestes  pursuit  from  the  furies.

other  epithet’s  i  like:  cunning  elektra,  noble  elektra,  lion-hearted  elektra.

i  largely  dislike  typical  feminine  epithets  such   as  laughter loving  aphrodite, fair cheeked  and  fair  haired  briseis,  long dressed  helen,  etc.  as  i  feel  elektra  largely  rejected  the  feminine  epic  role  with  the  killing  of  her  mother.  however,  these  may  be  used  if  i  feel  the  situation  calls  for  it.

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