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#tw near death

tubbo is the og in the canon divergence fanfic i’m writing

dude really gets stabbed by dream but stays alive out of spite and wanting to break dream’s jaw, proceeds to live on gapples he got from his enderchest while stumbling through the nether, and then uses a totem to keep himself alive after nearly collapsing at the spawn portal

or basically tubbo is just a badass in this fanfic

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me and @reedie87 put together something for my siren dmitri au. reed started it, said they didnt have anymore motivation, then i picked up the pieces and did the rest.

the fic is under the cut. have fun, dmitri simps!

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Virgil has a near death experience where he’s sure he’s going to die. In what he thinks are his last moments, he imagines the dark sides and what they might say when they find out he’s dead. He starts wish he had a better relationship with them and that things had ended differently

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what was i doing going into 2021? well. my dog sat on my face and I almost died /srs

wild how dog will just sit on u and crush AND suffocate u its fuckin CRAZY

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Almost became a Box Ghost this morning. Not quitting any time soon, lol.

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This just keeps getting worse with every word I read oh my fucking god,,

The apple guy had to hitchhike to the Olympics?? Goddamn what a fucking champ,, And then another runner almost dies from dust inhalation what tHE FUCK.

Len Tau getting chased by wild dogs is also such a wild sentence I can’t even—

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(Thank you for them!)

Baphomet stumbled into the elevator, sliding to the floor as soon as the doors closed. His stomach flared in pain when he coughed again, more red-black blood coating his hand. That wasn’t good. 

“Basement, Heaven,” Baphomet wheezed, coughing blood onto the floor. “Please,” 

The elevator preformed the request instantly. 

Baphomet sighed, he just had to hold out a little longer. 


“So, do you think Gabriel will finally get the stick out of his-what the Hell? Is that a demon?” 

Baphomet looked up at the pair of angels, and gathered enough energy to flip the bird at them. He staggered up, leaning heavily against the wall. “Fuck you too,” He wheezed, coughing again after. 

He pushed past them, almost falling to the floor once the wall’s support ended. The pair watched as the demon stumbled onward, before looking back at each other. 

“Should we go get them?” 

“Do you want to give that report to Gabriel?” 

“Not really,” 

“Me either, someone else will find him and take care of it,” 

“So you were saying?” 


Baphomet finally found Nuriel’s room after an hour of searching Heaven’s blank identical halls. He used the last of his energy to quite literally fall through the door, onto the floor behind Nuriel. 

“What in the Lord’s-” Nuriel turned and saw the half-corpse that was Baphomet. “Baph?” 

“Hey,” Baphomet whispered weakly. “How’s it?” He spat more blood onto the floor, this time black with gold specks, and only a little red. It was starting to get through his corporation. 

“Baphomet?” Nuriel rushed to Baphomet’s side, dragging him up onto her knees. “What the Hell happened?” 

“Long story,” Baphomet coughed. “Might involve me drinking some vodka that was not vodka at all,” 

“You drank holy water?” Nuriel asked, panicked. 

“My drink was swapped for holy water, some bastard demon getting a big fish out of Hell’s sea,” 

“Oh fuck,” Nuriel cursed. In a better state, Baphomet would’ve teased his friend’s out of character choice of words. But he was not in a better state, so he did not. “Do you know how to fix this?” 

“Was hoping you knew,” 

“God damn it,” Nuriel cursed again. She ran her fingers through the next spatter of blood that came up, her heart dropping as she saw how little red there was. “God damn it, Baph, God damn it,” 

“Too late, already damned,” Baphomet smiled. 

“It isn’t all the way through your corporation yet, maybe you get it out still,” 


Nuriel considered her words for a moment. “Heard of humans crashing and bleeding out?” 

“What are you getting at?” 

“If you could do something like that. Liquidize your organs, throw them up, and there wouldn’t be any holy water left besides what’s already gotten too far,” Nuriel explained. 

“Are you sure that’s my only option?” 

“Yes, I can’t fix what’s already gotten to your trueform but I can get what I can out, please, Baph, we don’t have time,” 

“Alright, alright,” Baphomet shifted up onto his elbows. “Get a bucket,” 

A bucket suddenly appeared in front of Baphomet. “This enough?”

“Let’s hope,” Baphomet went silent for a moment, then heaved, doing so until a thick mixture of organ and blood came up and out. It faintly sizzled with what holy water was in it. 

“There we are,” Nuriel soothed, running their hand through Baphomet’s hair. “It’s alright, almost done,” 

Baphomet heaved dryly after a moment, it was finished. Nuriel set the bucket aside, and held Baphomet’s head against their chest. “Good job Baph,” 

Baphomet made a sound, having no vocal cords to speak with and not enough energy to fake it. It sounded thankful though. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Nuriel picked Baphomet up and dropped him off on the bed she kept around for him. She tugged on the bottom of his shirt. “Help me out here?” 

He only made a sound in response. 

“Alright,” Nuriel snapped their fingers and his dress shirt was replaced with a loose sweater. Another snap and the blood was cleaned from his hands and mouth. “Don’t bother eating or drinking or speaking for the next few months, you have to repair your corporation so you can’t go messing with it in the process,” 

Baphomet nodded. 

“Do you feel like it’s still eating at your trueform?” Nuriel asked. 

Baphomet shook his head, smiling. “Thanks to you, no,” He signed. 

“Good,” Nuriel smiled, sitting next to Baphomet on the bed. “Was worried I was going to have to sit alone in this basement for another thousand years before I met another demon as fun as you,” 

“Ha, you care about me,” 

“Of course,” Nuriel said. “Get some sleep you idiot,” 

Baphomet smiled. “Alright,” 

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No one ever really plans for a matricide, but no one ever plans for their son turning into a maniacal monster either.

Yet here was Elizabeth, waking up covered in blood, and turning to find her wife bleeding out on the bed next to her.

“BELLADONNA!-” Elizabeth bolted out from under the covers to bring Belladonna closer to her.

Sure enough, there was a distinctly blackening sword wound.

“Bella its ok- itll be ok- stay awake for me please,” Elizabeth could hardly manage to tear herself away to get her wand, Belladonna was just barely responsive.

One wave, nothing.

Two waves, nothing.

And finally, on three, the wound sealed itself shut.

“Bella?” Elizabeth said quietly, running her fingers over Belladonna’s face.

“I’m here Liza, I’m here,” Belladonna said quietly.

“We’ve got to do something about Romulus,” Elizabeth said.

“Find Virgil, Remus can stay here with me, now go, quickly,” Belladonna said, practically shoving Elizabeth away before she could protest.

“So Roman has an evil form of himself then?” Virgil said, his fingers were tapping quite fast at the table between them.

“Yes, but it’s an easy fix, you only need two things, first, find Roman’s true self, most likely hidden in the woods, and second, you need to kiss both the sleeping form, and Romulus,” Elizabeth said, Virgil’s nose scrunched up in disgust.

“And I have to kiss Romulus, no exceptions?” Virgil replied.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Elizabeth responded. She watched as Virgil stood up to leave.

And breathed a heavy sigh of relief when she found Roman’s arms wrapped around Belladonna’s waist when she got home.


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It’s been a week and I absolutely cannot believe the last time we saw cas was That Scene and that the entire cast almost fucking died in a plane crash directly after filming it

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what is happening i an glad ure still alive that’s a kiracle???!!!!!!! i hope ur mentals r ok u knwo??

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So, so many prayers for their continued safety and yours, cyar’ika. Please, please stay inside and stay safe.

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Y e s! H a h the question didn’t say to name them >:) I won’t have to guess the tws to tag this with! >:3

I’ve almost drowned like, 3? Maybe 4 times now? So yes

I’m assuming the ‘I’ was referring to me and not you, but if it was referring to you then you can always talk to me, I won’t judge-


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TW: PTSD, Near death experience, gun, blood, night terrors, panic attacks

Ao3 Link if anyone wants it:

Summary: Brian, Jay, & Tim are hiding out. They seem to have somehow survived but if they’re alive Alex must be too. Jay and Tim are worried bout their boyfriend but Brian says doing fine. He’s lying.

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WARNINGS: drowning, near-death experience

It all happened so fast. In one moment, Din had taken you with him into the river to hide from the approaching hunters. In the next, you realized you’d lost him under the water somehow—and you found him drifting away with the current, his armor weighing him down too much for him to resist. You managed to get him to the bank but he’s still not responding—and you know what you have to do if you want any kind of a shot at saving him.

“I’m sorry,” you apologize through a panic-stricken voice to his unconscious form. “I’m sorry, I know this is still technically forbidden, but I just, Din, I must.” You tear a piece of his cape off and wring it out, wrapping it around your eyes and tapping around for his helmet. You don’t have time to think twice as you slide it off, hearing it hiss and tossing it to the side.

You let his head tilt to the side to drain of any water you can before you lay him back down completely, trying to listen for his breathing and feel a pulse. There’s no breathing and his pulse is weak.

“Stay with me, Din,” you plead, beginning to do mouth-to-mouth as you try all you can to bring him back. “Please, stay with me!”

You listen for his breath and still hear none, cursing under your breath before you repeat what you’ve done.

“Think of the kid, he needs you.” Your lip begins to wobble as it settles in, and when you listen for his breath, it still doesn’t come. “I need you.”

You breathe into him again, waiting and prayer to the Maker that you get some kind of a response.

And then, you hear him—a breath and a gurgling choke, and you lay him on his side so he can properly rid of the water in his lungs. You run a trembling hand over his back to ease it out, and you realize he’s taken your other hand tight in one of his. “You’re all right,” you try to assure him in a shaky voice, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. “I’m here.”

Din coughs a few more times, letting out a groan at the feeling of his burning lungs as he lays back down. You hear him struggling to make words as his grip on your hand tightens. “Cyar’ika,” he rasps, his voice broken from the abuse to his lungs and throat. “You… saved me.”

“Only after you saved me,” you insist, smiling at him as your free hand searches for his cheek. He guides you to it, where you brush your thumb over the soft skin.

“Is that… a blindfold?” Din’s tone is full of disbelief.

“It is, I—I know it technically still breaks the Creed, but I wanted to try to avoid as best as I could, so I made do—.”

“Take it off.”

You’re taken aback by Din’s words. “What?”

“Take the blindfold off, cyare.”

“But, Din, your Creed—.”

“My Creed won’t matter when I marry you, cyar’ika, which I—,” he pauses to cough, “—fully intend on doing. It’s all I could think about when…” he trails off, and you fill in the gap for him.

So, with a trembling hand, you lift the blindfold from your eyes, jaw dropping as you take in Din’s face for the first time. It’s pale, thanks to what he’s just been through, and littered with white scars—but it’s beautiful all the same. His dark eyes glow as if he never flirted with death just moments before, and his lips curl up into a small smile when he sees your reaction. “Din, you’re…” you can’t find the words.

“Thank you.” Din’s roughened voice is soft and quiet as he pulls you closer. “I just… need you close, cyare.”

“Forever, Din. I swear to you.” You obey and lean closer, brushing your hands over his cheeks as you lay a kiss on his forehead.

And once Din’s well enough to head back to the ship with you, your affections continue on even more—while you remain strict on making sure he’s alright in what ensues after his life-threatening incident.

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( crystal reed, 20, she/her )  welcome to reprieve, ALLISON ARGENT who is from TEEN WOLF, SEASON 5.  rumor has it they are a HUMAN/HUNTER, but only they could tell you the truth! when i close my eyes, i think of them and imagine SILVER ARROWS PIERCING SKIN, COMBAT BOOTS ON WET CEMENT AND SUNFLOWER FILEDS ON A WARM SPRING DAY.

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Like, my dad totally forgot that I almost drowned at age 4-5 and he was the sole reason why I didn’t. I fell into the deep end of the pool instead of the kiddie side where me and my sibling were supposed to be because I wanted to go over and be with my mom and then I literally watched the wall of the pool as I sunk down. I can still feel how it felt to breathe in the water. My mom swears it didn’t happen even though I know it did.

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I think we’re gonna crash the car, want a drink bro??

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The worst thing about when I had appendicitis (other than that I almost died) was that I started getting the stomach pains that got me to the hospital on my tenth birthday while at a softplay as the party. So yeah. Long near death experience that started when I turned a decade old. Nice :)) 👍👍👍👌👌👌🤜🤛👏👏👏👏😥😥

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omg bb you NEED to see it almost drowning isnt fun and i have almost like 3 times i think but its so much fun :’D

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