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#tw omegaverse
dilf-uc · 20 hours ago
my fav: bokuto
reason: ...... are we shocked besties it's his fat fucking heart (and balls)
hi syd !!! >=) you’re definitely an omega <3 and i’m pretty sure you know already it lfnajxbrbdb we are not shocked =0
bokuto is the definition of your protective and possessive alpha!! he’s also so attached in the relationship which furthers adds onto his protectiveness and this close need for his omega. goes crazy if he’s not with you most of the time. also he’s perfect when describing ruts because he’s so needy and <3 yeah, his breeder balls <3 mf knots so much <3 wants to breed his omega 24/7 <3
tell me your beloved fave and one sentence about why you love them and i’ll determine who’s the alpha and the omega in the relationship <3
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maespriggan · 3 months ago
alpha dabi recapturing his omega? mm god such a hot thot!
It is 🤤
18+, minors dni // branding (threatened), dirty talk, marking, noncon (implied), omegaverse, yandere
Tumblr media
Imagine thinking you've escaped from your possessive, scary alpha, only to be found within the first half hour of your escape. Imagine how angry he would be, that you broke out of the apartment while he was out. You made him feel like a fool for trusting you enough to leave you unbound while he was gone. He should have known better, though; you were an unruly omega from the start.
He had put off marking your pretty body with his bonding print, but now? Now, he's going to ensure everyone knows who you belong to. He can’t wait until he gets you back to the apartment. He’s going to sink his teeth into the base of your neck as he ruts deep into your core. He’s going to make you scream his name — his birth name, not Dabi. In fact, he doesn’t know if he’s going to make it back to your faux safe haven. His dick is tugging too painfully against his jeans. He might have to take you here, in this filthy alleyway. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? His nasty little whore. 
He can smell your arousal from his words. He knows you’re nearing your heat, too. Wouldn’t it feel good to cum all over your alpha’s fat cock? Wouldn’t it feel liberating to give in and let him have all of you? Yeah, he bets it would.
It doesn’t matter that you never wanted a mate. He wants you. Sooner or later, you’ll want him, too. Now, are you going to get on your hands and knees like a good girl, or does he have to burn you?
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captainmcslashypaws · 6 months ago
I couldn't resist going overboard on this ask. We needed some flushed out, possessive, alpha Levi smut 👏
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: You're set to mate with Erwin, but Levi wants you to be his. On your wedding night to the blonde, Levi fucks you in your dress and leaves his mark. This way, no one else will claim you.
Pairing: Yandere!Alpha!Mafia!Levi x reader. Alpha!Mafia!Erwin x reader.
Warning: 18+, dirty talk, dubcon, edging, omegaverse, yandere behaviour.
Inspiration: Pressure.
Tumblr media
Levi waited until you walked by the door next to the basement stairs, a bottle of Erwin’s finest wines in your shaking hands. The blonde’s associates had been fools, sending you to fetch your own liquor without an escort. Who knew what sort of alpha was waiting to claim you in the dark depths of the commander’s lower level? He had enough enemies for that to happen. The black-crowned man clicked his tongue at their incompetence. Nonetheless, it was because of their neglectful attitudes — perhaps a result of their overconfident leader — that he was able to get you alone.
He supposed he would send them each a thank you letter in the mail, simply to rub it in that their clumsiness resulted in the loss of Smith’s beautiful omega bride. Alas, the Family Head probably wouldn’t keep them alive after he discovered your disappearance.
Today was supposed to be a happy time for the Smith Family. Their leader was to be married. That meant future heirs. That meant a stronger family. That meant a stronger mafia organization.
Being a member of the Ackerman Family, he was allied with the blonde. Therefore, anything that benefited the Smiths, also benefited the Ackermans. If anything, his growth in power and influence should have been a positive thing. Had he been wedding anyone else, it might have been. But he was marrying you, after Levi had seen you first. To the short man, it was a great, bitter betrayal.
You had worked at the local tea shop, which was a less obvious front for your family's horrendous workings. You were the niece of the man who led the (l/n) Family, a mafia who specialized in black market trading. Your brewing skills were sub-par and you didn’t have many dealings with your uncle’s business, but your small talk? Masterful. He had been hooked upon the second visit.
You minded your business, but you still knew how to talk to him. You kept to yourself and held back from being too personal, but you still knew how to be genuine. You were a breath of fresh air. His cock had been hard every time he left your establishment, as if begging him to claim you. Of course, being the careful criminal that he was, Levi had spent too much time mulling over the decision. This had resulted in him losing you to Erwin. Only one day after he had resolved to take you for himself, he had heard the news of your marriage, and to the bulky bastard, of all people.
It would have been heartbreaking, had Levi not been struck with rage.
He had taken it as a personal attack because, in reality, wasn't it? The blonde had known of his attraction to you; they had discussed it during casual banter before a meeting. He had known of Levi's growing feelings. He had known of his plan to claim you. Thus, it didn’t make an ounce of sense as to why Erwin Smith, who could have had anyone he wanted, had chosen you.
Well, the blonde ought to have left you be. Had he, then you wouldn’t have had to be swiped away from his devilish clutches. You wouldn’t have had to be frightened for a fraction of an instant, when he leapt from the darkness of the basement in a moment and captured you. That was fine, though. You would get over your terror when you saw who had snatched you, just as Erwin would get over losing his bride-to-be.
Marking you was long overdue, anyways.
You were getting closer to his hiding spot. It would only be a matter of seconds, now. You were adorned in the exact dress you would have been wedded in later today. Your hair and makeup were done, and you appeared as though you were a model. He hadn’t planned to have you like this — as if you were his bride — but he wasn’t complaining. You looked radiant.
As soon as you passed by his hiding spot, a pair of arms shot out. One wrapped around your torso, while his other hand covered your mouth. The wine bottle smashed to the floor, though he doubted that anyone had heard the glass shatter. Your attendants were on the upper floor, and everyone else was too busy bustling around in preparation for your wedding day.
You struggled in his grip, thrashing your body in an attempt to wriggle away. You were s bright young lady. Your eyes were locked onto the shovel in the corner. If he released you, there was no doubt that you would make a dash for it.
"You never cease to surprise me, brat," he muttered through gritted teeth.
He didn’t waste any more time reeling you into the room and slamming the door shut behind him. He felt your tears puddle atop the side of his hand and grimaced. You probably thought that you were about to be executed by an enemy of your future husband. Little did you know, he was here to set you free from your fate. He didn't think you wanted to marry Erwin; you were merely doing it out or loyalty to your family.
The kingpin let go of your form as soon as he locked the door. Not before whispering a quick, "if you scream, I'll kill anyone who comes to find you," however. It chilled you how nonchalant he was about harming others. As such, you conceded. If you didn’t, you knew he would make good on his promise. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t do so quietly.
"You've got some nerve!" You seethed, whipping around to face your assailant. "I—"
Your mouth ran dry.
It was Levi Ackerman, the man you served tea to at your family's shop. The man who had quality banter and a good, straightforward sense of humor. Why was he manhandling you like this? Surely, he didn't mean to kill you; the Ackerman Family were allied with the Smiths.
"What...?" You murmured vacantly, furrowing your brows.
Levi sighed. He didn't have much time before someone came looking for you. He would have preferred spending a few hours speaking at length about this before claiming you, but he simply couldn't afford to. He had to make sure you were marked before your ceremony.
"I need you to trust me," he said.
You shook your head and took a few steps back. Your heels hit the back wall in no time. There was no other exit aside from battling your way past him, and of course there wasn't; that was why he had chosen to capture you here. He had known that you would be reluctant at first.
"Wh-what are you doing?" You inquired anxiously. "What's wrong? You can't just tell me to trust you without reason."
You prayed that this was some kind of misunderstanding. He couldn't be planning on doing what you thought he was doing. You knew him better than that. Even having only met him a handful of times, you were a good judge of character. You knew he wasn't the type to do things without just cause, or to hurt those who didn’t quite deserve it.
"Levi!" You prompted angrily, when he only stared at you in response. “I’m getting married in an h—”
"You won't be marrying that blonde bastard today," he replied darkly.
“What?!” You hissed. “What are you talking about, of course I—“
He pressed a finger to your lips. You didn’t know why you obeyed. It wasn’t like he had covered your mouth. Maybe it was just his dominant, alpha nature, which made your knees wobble and your entire being go frigid whenever he was in close proximity. You were a naturally submissive omega, after all. It didn’t take much for you to buckle.
“Good girl,” he praised your obedience gingerly, a mischievous glint in his steely eyes. “As I was saying — Erwin won’t want a bride who’s been marked by another.”
Your eyes nearly bulged out of your skull. You'd had no idea that Levi was attracted to you. He had treated you the same as anyone else. This news was equally as shocking as the news that he also wanted to have sex with you. Right here. In the basement. In your wedding dress. With your future husband waiting for you upstairs.
"Okay, we need to talk about this," you breathed meekly, trying to remain calm. "I can't—"
In seconds, he had you pressed up against the wall, both of your wrists in his hand. You yelped, but didn’t scream for help. You weren’t sure why. You might have been able to get a good wail in before he silenced you. Oddly enough, you didn’t really want to have anyone interrupt what this peculiar, dangerous man wanted to do with you.
You wanted to speak with him about this. You wanted him to tell you what was going on, and why he had decided to steal you away from Erwin. Whether it was mere alpha jealousy, you wanted to know his reasoning behind claiming you in the stead of another. Moreover, you wanted to know what such an alliance would mean for your Family.
“Levi,” you started, again, lower lip trembling. “I-I don’t get what’s happening.”
“Keep that mouth of yours shut, omega,” he growled with authority. “Unless you’re begging me to go harder, I don’t want to fucking hear it.”
With that, you were spun around and bent over the nearest old tabletop. He had chosen a storage room specifically because it had a plethora of objects for him to breed you on. It wasn’t the most romantic way for an alpha to break in his omega, but it would have to do. He hiked up your wedding dress and chuckled when he saw the bejeweled garter wrapped tightly around your thigh.
“You were planning to give him a show tonight,” he hummed observantly. “If you were mine, I’d take it off with my teeth.”
And he would; at his own wedding, in due time. It was a shame that he had to rush your first time together, otherwise he might have taken the liberty to be passionate rather than feral. His alpha instincts were coming on strong, though. He wasn’t sure he would be able to refrain from being a little rough with you. You were his mate. He had to ensure that you were fucked stupid and stuffed with his cum. That was your purpose.
“Levi,” you whined, face heating up as pleasure started to course through your veins. “Aah, please...”
You didn’t know what you were begging for, however. Was it for him to stop or was it for him to continue?
Your body was hot. Your mind was frying. Your nose was overwhelmed by his scent. Everything was making it difficult to think straight. You knew that you shouldn’t have been enjoying his ministrations, but what choice did you have? You had always thought the mafia leader was quite handsome. You hadn’t made a move because he came across as so stern and stoic at all times. How were you to know how he felt about you when he was calling you a brat all the time?
Well, you knew now, when you had a husband-to-be lurking on the upper floor, waiting to wed you. Did it matter, though, when you were on full display for another — one who was sure to satisfy you more?
Levi rubbed the tip of his manhood against your moist, clenching opening. "You have no idea how long I've wanted this. You made my ruts unbearable, you cock tease of a fucking woman."
You felt his head slip past your entrance, stretching your walls to make way for the rest of him. The ridges of his mushroom cap caressed your gummy passage, rubbing past all of your sensitive spots as the rest of his length worked to stuff you full. The pull of your muscles made your clit twitch with excitement, and when he bottomed out inside you, striking a spot you weren’t minutely aware of until now, you couldn’t help how your eyes lulled back in bliss.
Never before had anyone made you feel this good, and he hadn’t even started thrusting, yet. You were engaged to another man, but could your alpha-to-be fuck you quite like this? You were skeptical. Levi was a rare breed of man. There was something about his penis that made it fit inside you like a glove.
Your thighs shook as he held himself there, basking in how your pussy contracted around his girth, begging to drain his big balls of all their excess cum. He had known it would feel good to finally take you. He hadn’t expected it to feel this good, though. He mumbled a sharp curse beneath his breath, as he brought his hand to your mouth. Delivering a harsh, swallow thrust to your cervix, he chuckled cruelly when you whimpered pathetically.
“Open up, brat,” he demanded, index finger tracing your lower lip.
You did as you were told, letting your jaw drop to allow his digits entry. He stuffed his middle and index inside, which you began to lick and suck instantaneously.
“Good girl,” he purred lightly, giving you an extra hard thrust as a reward.
His other set of fingers entangled themselves in your locks, yanking your head back viciously, as he began his movements. His dick prodded your back wall with every hit, making you squirm from the fine mixture of pain and pleasure. He gritted his teeth when you tightened, trying to coax an orgasm out of him before he was ready. He was on a strict schedule, but he had allotted enough time to fuck the life out of you.
“You’re meant to be mine,” he snarled, shoving his digits further into your moist cavern. “That bastard Erwin knew it.”
You cried out in retort, barely listening to a word he said. All you could do was pant and whine for your rightful alpha. When her placed his mark above your collarbone, you even welcomed it. It was because you were a simple creature; all you needed to survive was to follow your instincts. When a strong potential mate came along, your body responded accordingly.
It wasn’t your fault that Erwin paled in comparison to Levi.
“A-alpha,” you blabbered against his fingers. “Fleashe (please).”
Levi smirked. It seemed as though you were starting to understand who you belonged to around here. It wasn’t his associate — it was him. He could appreciate an obedient mate.
“I'm your alpha, am I?" He mocked with a grunt. "I get to make your stomach swell with my shitty kids?"
It was an odd way of putting it, but he was correct. You wanted him to impregnate you. You wanted him to make you his, to claim you once and for all by spilling his delicious seed inside you. You were ruined for Erwin, regardless, with another man's mark on your skin. Why not invest in Levi all the way, like you were meant to?
"Eevi, fleashe (Levi, please)," you slurred, voice higher than usual from the budding pressure in the pit of your belly. "Fuck me."
Your body went slack when he picked up the pace and glowered a slew of profanities when his cock pulsated painfully. He was getting close. Only a little longer, and he would paint your inner walls white with his cum.
"You're mine, omega," he murmured grimly. "All fucking mine."
He ripped his hand out of your mouth in favor of using both hands to hold your hips steady ad he drilled into you. You gasped and clawed at the desk, stammering praise for the man who owned your body.
"All yours, alpha!" You wheezed, almost completely out of breath. "All yours, Levi!"
It was what he had wanted to hear you utter upon his first instance meeting you, and it sounded so sincere and beautiful flowing off your lips. He had dreamed about this moment. He had fantasized about hearing you tell him how much you wanted him and how much you loved him. Those would come in time. Acknowledgement of your possession was a good start, however.
Levi growled ferally when he felt himself expand at the base of his cock. He lodged himself as deep as he could inside your sopping wet cunt and let his knot form. You squealed desperately, wanting to cum so badly when he stretched you out even further. You wouldn't, though; not this time. He had to make you needy enough for later, when he took you over and over again in the comfort of his own bed. He didn't want to satisfy that pussy of yours just yet.
His balls clenched when he spilled his juices inside you. Fingertips leaving tender bruises on your hips and lower back, he couldn't stop himself from releasing a shallow, animalistic groan. It felt good to take what he wanted. He deserved it, didn't he? He had done a great deal for the community, and he had lost both family and friends because of it. It was only right for him to obtain some form of happiness in return for his sacrifices.
You were his prize, his gift of perseverance. 
He wanted nothing more than your compliance and devotion; there was no other thing in existence that could have fulfilled him more than finally having you.
Erwin Smith could suck a fat one.
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lemonpeter · a month ago
Fill for @starkerfestivals Summer Bingo: possessive Tony fill
Fill for @peterparkerbingo: boy p*ssy
I’ve been working on this for a few days and I’m happy to finally share it lol I hope everyone enjoys ❤️
Warnings: SIM!Tony, violence (at the beginning), minor character de*th, manipulation, dub-con (extremis), nff, d*ddy k*nk, omegaverse, the word p*ssy, oral
“Daddy, he didn’t mean it,” Peter pleaded, fists gripped tightly in Tony’s shirt.
He should have scolded him for creasing the fabric. But he wasn’t going to say a single cross word to his baby until the issue at hand was resolved. 
“He touched you, darling. His filthy hands were on my perfect boy. He knew exactly what he was doing.” Tony saw red. No one laid hands on his boy except him. 
Especially not some mangy alpha that worked for him. But fortunately, the employee in question was about to be terminated. 
“Don’t kill him, daddy.” Peter sniffled, eyes rimmed with red.
It didn’t matter how long he was with Tony, he never quite got used to the ease in which his daddy took the lives of others. Although usually his concern was a bit more...subdued. His Extremis must have been wearing off. 
“Listen to your boy, Stark.” Quentin Beck. He had often toed the line and tested Tony’s limits. Annoying. But this was way too far. 
Tony sniffed, looking down at the man. “You thought you could just touch him and get away with it? Not suffer any consequences?” He stalked closer. “You thought wrong, Beck. And it’ll be the last time that you do so.”
Peter squeezed his eyes shut and pressed his face against Tony’s side. He didn’t want to see it happen. And it was going to happen, he knew it. Beck had broken Tony’s most serious rule.
He could already hear the gauntlets firing up. The low hum reverberated in his bones, making him tremble even harder than he had been before. 
It wasn’t until then that Beck decided that it was time to start begging. Because Tony wasn’t kidding around.
Although his begging didn’t exactly include an apology.
“Stark, c’mon, I won’t do it again. I just couldn’t help it, you know? Look at him. He walks around like that and you expect us to be able to control ourselves?”
Tony’s eyes flashed and it was over. Wrong thing to say.
A sob pulled itself from Peter as he heard Beck’s body hit the floor. The acrid burning of flesh met his nose and he gagged, hiding his face against Tony again as he cried. 
“It was what needed to be done, baby,” Tony murmured, like he was soothing him. Like he hadn’t just committed an atrocity. 
The endo-sym gauntlets retracted and he pulled Peter up to him, gathering him against his chest. “He can’t touch you again, baby. And he’ll be an example for anyone else who dares to look at you.” No one else had been so bold yet. But he knew that they thought about it. And who wouldn’t? His Peter was absolutely perfect. 
And no one else could have him. 
“Let’s go home, hmm?” Tony pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead. “We’ll go home, someone will come pick him up, it’ll be like none of this even happened. Just like it should be.” 
He’d pull out all the stops. Run a luxurious bath with all the amenities, order in Peter’s favorite special-occasion foods, lay him out in bed and take him apart with just his mouth. His boy would be quick to forget what had happened that afternoon. 
And an extra dose of Extremis wouldn’t hurt either. 
The suit fit itself around him again, silver sliding over his body until he was encased in the protective shell. He lifted Peter gently, holding him carefully in his arms. “It’ll be alright. You’re safe now.”
Peter hadn’t spoken to him since he killed Beck. His usual constant chatter was absent, making the trip home uncomfortable.
So the older man decided that he wouldn’t waste any time in making things better for his omega.
Tony placed the rose petals in the bath, placing one on Peter’s knee and smiling at him. 
Peter kept his gaze on the water, not saying a word. 
Not what he wanted. Tony sighed softly, sitting up to grab the oils for the water. All while trying to decide how big of a dose Peter would need to get back to normal. He had a feeling that it would be bigger than he initially expected. 
His boy was usually so sweet. So lively, so responsive for him. 
He was always a bit shaken up when Tony killed someone. But it was never a complete shutdown like this. Before Extremis, maybe it would have been the same result. But he was stronger, less susceptible to such emotions. He was supposed to just…be who Tony wanted him to be. 
But something was wrong. 
But he could fix it. It wasn’t anything that an extra dose couldn’t fix. 
He sighed. He’d just have to act like things were normal until he could calculate and get the dose to fix him. 
“Let me wash his touch off of you, omega. I can still smell his disgusting scent on you.” He scowled. But that would be remedied soon. The mix of scented products, the washing, and his own heavy scenting of the boy would drown it out soon enough. 
Peter still didn’t open his mouth, but he responded with a slight nod. Progress, at least. 
Tony took the cloth and gently slid it over the omega’s body. Over his shoulders, extra attention to the mating mark on his neck, down his lithe chest. He imagined that he could tangibly see the grime from the other alpha washing away. 
It helped calm him slightly. Although it still shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place. 
At least he’d made it clear that he was serious. As if there had been any real doubt before. Beck was just always going to toe the lines, no matter how serious. His men would know for sure now that bad things happened to people who touched his boy. Crossing that line was unforgivable. 
It wouldn’t be happening again. 
He wished that he could make Beck pay all over again for doing this to his baby. 
“I feel sick, daddy,” Peter whispered. 
It wasn’t good, but at least it was progress. 
“I’m sorry, ‘mega. Wanna tell me what you’re thinking about?”
He was pretty sure that he knew how much to give him now. It was now only a matter of getting him to relax enough and getting him out of the bath. He could have the correct dose administered in seconds. 
The omega sniffled. “He was nice to me, daddy. He wanted to be my friend.”
Tony frowned. Friends. Peter used to go on and on about it before he’d gotten conditioned. Apparently it was still something that he wanted. Unfortunate. 
“He wanted to manipulate you, baby. He was a gross, predatory alpha who wanted to get your trust so that he could take you.”
It sounded familiar. But he didn’t dwell on it for long.
Peter whined a little, looking at the dark red petals drifting in the water. “Do you think so? I just...wanted someone to talk to.”
Blue eyes flashed, lightning on the horizon of a storm. “You have me, Peter. You don’t need anyone but your alpha. Right?”
The omega huffed a gentle sigh. “Yes.”
Tony told himself that he couldn’t get mad. Not at his baby. Not when he was in such a shaky mindset. But he was drifting dangerously close to disobedient territory.
“Yes, what, Peter?”
“Yes, daddy.” Slight attitude in his voice.
Okay, he needed to be dosed. As soon as possible. 
“Let’s get you out of the tub, hmm? Can you pull the plug? I’ll be right back.” Tony tried to keep calm. 
“Okay, alpha.” Peter pulled the plug of the tub, staring into the water again.
Tony left the bathroom to grab his phone, immediately making his way back to his omega again. He pulled up Extremis 3.0, finding Peter’s stats.
He hadn’t had a strong dose in a while. That had to be the culprit of his shocking attitude.
The adjustment was quick, all he had to do was set Peter’s implant to deliver an immediate, upped dose. 
He didn’t send it until he was helping the omega dry off. 
Then he could see the exact moment that the extremis took effect. 
Peter’s eyes took on a rosy hue for a moment before going back to his natural dark chocolate color. 
And he visibly relaxed, reaching out for Tony. “Daddy.”
“Yes, baby?” Tony gave him a smile. That was much better. 
“I need you to touch me,” he whined. “I still feel his hands on me.” 
There. That was what he wanted. 
Tony cooed, his hands gently resting on Peter’s hips. “Get in bed for me, then show me where he touched you, baby. And I’ll fix it. All you’ll feel is your daddy.”
The younger man smiled up at him. “Okay, daddy.”
It wasn’t long before he was laid out in the bed. He wasn’t the most patient when he wanted something. And the alpha loved that about him (most of the time). 
He moved his hands over his stomach, making eye contact with Tony. 
“Did he touch your pretty tummy, baby?”
A nod. “Yeah.”
Tony growled softly, eyes not leaving him. Maybe this would be harder than he thought. “Okay, baby. Show me where else.”
Peter’s hands slid lower, onto his thick thighs. He spread his fingers wide, taking up as much room as possible. Beck’s hands were a lot bigger than his. 
Tony watched every movement of his hands, feeling angrier with every new place. 
He wished that Beck could pay again and again for what he’d done. He shouldn’t get away with touching Tony’s omega. 
He tried to shake himself out of it, looking at Peter again when he started moving his hand again. 
Then Peter moved his hand between his legs, spreading his pussy lips to show Tony how wet he was. 
And the alpha raised an eyebrow. “Did he touch you here, baby?” The rage was clear in his voice. 
Peter just smiled at him. “No. But I want you to touch me there.” He dipped a finger inside, making a show for Tony over how he was already dripping. 
Tony’s temper cooled and he chuckled. “Of course you do. I’m sorry, baby.” He moved closer to him, one large hand on his thigh. 
The omega purred, whimpering when Tony started pushing two fingers into him. His daddy’s fingers were so much bigger than his. 
“I thought I was making you feel better, hmm? If he didn’t touch this pretty pussy then why am I?” 
“Because I want you to.” Peter gasped a little as the fingers moved. “I’m so empty, daddy, I need you.”
The alpha looked over him, humming low. “You got all empty feeling telling me where he touched you?” His voice took on a tinge of annoyance. 
“No, daddy.” Peter pouted. “I got all empty feeling because of the way you were looking at me.”
Tony relaxed. Then he grinned. “Oh.” That was much better. 
He moved his fingers for a moment more before pulling them out, much to the upset of his omega. 
“Why did you stop?” 
The little diva almost worked himself up to tears. Tony just laughed. “Because I have something else in mind.” 
Peter watched him, a little upset, but curious. And he gasped softly when the alpha started moving down the bed to get between his legs. 
Tony knew that people assumed that he was a selfish lover. And he deserved to be, he thought. He was superior, gods shouldn’t have to please anyone else. 
But he wasn’t selfish. He gave his baby what he needed. And he truly enjoyed worshipping between Peter’s legs. 
Peter whined a little, thighs resting on either side of Tony’s head. “Please, daddy, I need you.”
The alpha hummed, his tongue tracing up and down the lips of his omega’s pussy. He didn’t go inside, not yet. He just teased, so close to where Peter wanted him. 
Peter’s hips bucked forward slightly, trying in vain to get Tony’s tongue exactly where he wanted it. He was so needy, his clit throbbing with every close pass of his alpha’s tongue. 
“Please!” He whined loudly. 
Tony chuckled, the tip of his tongue gently flicking over the omega’s clit. “So demanding, hush. I know what you need and I’ll give it to you. But you have to be patient.” 
The omega whined again, but relaxed slightly when there was finally some attention on his clit. 
He rocked his hips slightly, chasing that sensation. He didn’t want to lose it now that he had it. 
But what he really wanted was to be filled. 
And little by little, Tony obliged. He slowly pushed his tongue inside of the omega. It wasn’t nearly as big as his fingers or his cock, but it still felt good. And it was able to move in ways that the others couldn’t. 
And slowly, the alpha began moving it in a reflection of what he’d be doing later, fucking into his omega. 
Slick dripped down his chin with every miniature thrust. Peter always slicked so much, but the amount seemed more abundant when he was being eaten out. 
Tony wouldn’t complain. He could always replace sheets, clothes, anything. Nothing that was ruined mattered much. What mattered was his omega’s pleasure. 
He kept his tongue moving gently, drinking in the moment and Peter’s taste. He slowly brought up one hand, two fingers starting to move in tight circles on the omega’s clit. 
Peter moaned, the sound sweet and loud. He wasn’t one to hide his sounds. And Tony loved it. 
The young man had already gotten so worked up. Seeing the possessive light in his alpha’s eyes did that to him. They both knew that he wouldn’t be lasting very long. Not that he usually did anyways. 
Tony picked up his pace, his free hand gripping his omega’s thigh that was swung over his shoulder. Hopefully there would be light bruises there for days to come. Everyone would see them in the sinfully short shorts and revealing lingerie that his baby liked to wear around. 
He got so lost in thought that he almost missed how the omega began tightening around his tongue, tense and wound up as he approached his end. But the fact snapped him back to reality and just made him get rougher, determined to make his boy cum. 
Peter cried out, hips bucking as Tony tongue-fucked him relentlessly. “I’m gonna- I’m gonna cum, daddy!”
Tony didn’t stop, fingers rubbing at his clit quickly while his tongue curled up. He rubbed against the omega’s sensitive spot, tongue nudging insistently against it. 
“Daddy!” Peter’s hips rocked quickly before he was releasing. He clenched down hard around Tony’s tongue, muscles fluttering as he came. 
A fresh gush of slick flooded out and the alpha eagerly lapped it all up. 
The omega went lax against the bed, still twitching as he continued to ride out his high. 
Tony slowly pulled away once he was sure that Peter was finished, chin soaked in slick. His beard was glistening and he knew that he’d smell like his omega for a long time. 
Peter did grabby hands towards the alpha, trying to get him to come up to him. 
And it worked, Tony getting into the bed to hold his baby. “Better?”
The omega sighed happily. “I love you.” 
And that was exactly what he wanted to hear. 
“I love you too, baby.” Tony kissed his forehead. 
All they needed was a little artificial obedience and things were perfect again. Just as they should be. He’d make sure that things didn’t get that far ever again.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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b0ba-chan · 5 months ago
alpha atsumu watching you struggle to sit on his cock. he loves seeing you mewl and whine because you can’t fit his big knot inside your little cunt. after a while of seeing you struggle, he’ll be nice enough to rub your clit and spread your legs wider to see how he’s stretched you out
atsumu x reader
cw explicit content, omegaverse, degradation, knotting, size kink, breeding kink
Tumblr media
he thinks it’s absolutely adorable how you tell him that you can take his cock on your own, not needing him to force his way in.
he’s not that big! you can do it!
but you seem to take for granted how atsumu is the one always taking charge. you’re always his little pillow princess, taking all your energy to take his cock in your small cunt.
the way your thighs shake as you slip his thick tip past the first ring of muscle. your eyes are already rolled back, tongue lolled out with drool dribbling off the tip. the blonde has his hands behind his head, cooing soft encouraging words for you.
“go ahead, baby. you said you can take it.”
“don’t you want my knot to pump you full of my pups? get on with it.”
“alpha.” you whine pitifully as you sit barely halfway. sweat glistens over your chest, already prepared to sit all the way on his knot. taking a glance down, you see so much to go before you sit all the way on the swollen base.
the stretch was already unbearable, nails clawing into the chest below you. it was as if he was already kissing at your cervix as pain and pleasure shoot up your spine. small crescents form on atsumu’s chest under your hands, letting him coo at your struggle. his hands come to hold your hips for support and feeling your weight ease into his palms.
“little omega couldn’t do it on her own?” he coos and takes one hand to spread your cunt. the calloused finger finds their ways to your clit and gently rub on the sensitive nub. your whole body tenses for a second before relaxing, allowing you to slide down on his dick at a faster pace. finally, his filled knot was pressed against your soaking entrance.
your face was washed over with serenity as soft mewls constantly pour past your lips. you finally found the comfort of being filled by your alpha. it wasn’t until the man under you thrust his hips up to send you into a flurry of squeals.
“cmon now. we’re not done until i’ve gotten you well stuffed. it’s only the beginning, pathetic omega.”
Tumblr media
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minkmousesworld · 3 months ago
TW yandere / unhealthy behaviour, dubcon, drug for premature estrus
⌞ᴛʜᴇʏ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ, ʙᴜᴛ⌝
𝔲𝔫𝔦𝔳𝔢𝔯𝔰𝔢: modern au, omegaverse au, yandere au
𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰: poly relationship, marking, obsessive & possessive behavior, isolation, estrous (heat/rut), drug for premature estrus
⚠ breeding, dubcon (giving; receiving), estrous (heat/rut), penetration (giving)
𝔡𝔞𝔯𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔤(𝔰): ω! Kyojuro Rengoku, ω! Giyuu Tomioka, α! Reader
Tumblr media
They love you, but Giyuu sometimes loves you too much; he tries to be around all the time, clings to you silently and looks like a lost puppy when you are not around. Kyojuro tells you that it's okay, Giyuu is just a very tenacious omega, but when they squeeze you from both sides, you're not sure if it's just their thirst for touch.
They love you, but Kyojuro reacts irritably whenever someone takes up your time for too long. After all, he also needs attention; yes, it may have been only five minutes, but in those five minutes you could have discussed so many things, while now you are doing very strange things. Maybe he should leave you alone?
They love you, but Giyuu tries to leave you at home in any way, just not to communicate with others, and it's hard for you to say "no" to him, because your instincts are screaming for you to take care of your partner; Kyojuro only agrees with Giyuu, offering you more interesting activities, and you, in the end, spend time at home together, in a warm nest with your mates, but you are not sure whether the decision to "stay at home" was your decision.
They love you, but Giyuu whines when you want to go outside; and although Kyojuro reassures him that everything will be fine and he will accompany you, you can't help but feel disappointed. Kyojuro reassures you that Giyuu has just experienced a lot, and he does not want to lose you too, you are the most important person in his life. Kyojuro dutifully accompanies you, and you don't really mind his company, although you send a couple of messages to Giyuu — just to make sure that he is okay.
They love you, but they are against your long conversations with other omegas and betas; if they are not relatives, then they are rivals, and they must be removed in any way until you decide to leave them for others. No one can leave your relationship, even you.
They love you, but Kyojuro begs you to breed him, swearing that he will give you strong puppies when he rides you, and Giyuu kisses you, purring, gently holding your hand. You are not quite sure that you want to have puppies, but your partners definitely want them, and it's hard for you to refuse them, especially when Kyojuro purrs and holds your hands while Giyuu wraps his arms around you and presses you to his chest.
And when you realize that it's still not enough for you, that you are intoxicated by the smells of your partners, although their estrus is still far away, Giyuu timidly smiles at you and allows you to press yourself to the bed while Kyojuro purrs next to you. After all, they would like to have puppies with you.
They love you, but they use their smell to evoke the right emotions in you. And although you understand this perfectly well, you do not resist, because your smell also affects them. And just as they force you to stay alone with them, so you force them to be submissively soft; although none of you are really forced.
You love them, but when they get too out of control, you leave enough bites on their neck and shoulders for them to obey. It doesn't matter if they have started acting up again and trying to control you, or are talking to an unfamiliar alpha, bites will definitely help you tame them and remind you who they belong to.
After all, they are your mates.
Tumblr media
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chaotic-jjk-fiction · 7 months ago
congrats on 900 bby!!! how do we feel about yandere alpha!megumi and prompt 6 he just wants his darling omega to be safe ❤️
Don’t know if this was really yandere, but I tried lol. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS ONLY MY SECOND MEGUMI PIECE? I love him, but I’ve just never gotten any requests for him really, or had any fic inspirations. 
#6: “This is exactly why you aren’t allowed to go out alone! ESPECIALLY IN HEAT!”
TW: Omegaverse, Yandere, Kidnaping, Reader goes into heat in public, Sleezy alpha
Tumblr media
You had limited freedoms in your life. Each one of them you worked hard to earn though. Megumi worked on a points type of system you had soon learned after your kidnapping. If you were good, you got awarded points, the more points you had, the more freedoms. You weren’t going to lie, it had been very motivating to you to earn more rights, even if it meant being compliant to him. You currently were in a phase where you could leave the house on your own as long as it was approved by Megumi and you carried the little phone he gave you. It only allowed you to call him and Gojo, but it also allowed Megumi to track you. Today you had been cooking dinner while he was gone. You had taken up cooking during your time being kept for it was a good way to pass the hours, plus Megumi approved of it as an acceptable skill any good omega should have. As you were cooking you realized that you were missing an ingredient, you pondered for a moment, would Megumi mind if you dashed out to the corner store quickly? You decided to shoot him a text to let him know you were going out, but that it wasn’t worth interrupting him. Once the message was sent you went on your merry way to the store. Your heat was near, but you didn’t really think about that as you walked along. You made your way to the vegetables, picking up the scallions you had forgotten, but as you made your way to pay, the junk food aisle caught your eye. You had been craving something junckie, anything junkie. Your pre-heat always made you feel like this. You figured it couldn’t hurt if you indulged your desire, and you dipped into the aisle. As you poured over the chips and candy, a familiar heat started building up in your abdomen. Fuck. Your heat had started. You took a deep breath, sweat already starting to form on your forehead. You reached for your phone, your brain telling you to contact Megumi right away, but before you could hit the call button a strange alpha cornered you against the shelf. “Is that you smelling so sweet omega?” You panicked, the slick starting to pool in your panties and your brain clouded with thoughts of Megumi. You were losing your ability to think straight and fast. Luckily it was at that moment the stranger, whose hand started to touch you, was ripped away from you, and you can face to face with your Alpha. His scent was angry and violent like he was ready to kill your assailant, but the scent of you in heat overpowered his scenes and he was brought back to you. He growled one last warning at the alpha before scooping you up in his arms and taking you home. You had been reduced to a mewling mess in his arms, your heath now in full swing, but he couldn’t help but scold you still. “This is exactly why you aren’t allowed to go out alone! ESPECIALLY IN HEAT!”
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doinmybesthere · 2 days ago
Alpha!bakugo 1000% continues humping you after he’s knotted you:(( it’s overstimulating for both of you but he’s got his belly pressed to your ass and his chest to your shoulders, forearms barely holding him above you as his hips rut deeper and deeper into yours🥺 eyelids fluttering, mouth open with needy pants and whines, you’re so small beneath him because he’s a big alpha, extra big, 6’7 at least cause he’s the meanest biggest alpha around:(( and he’s so obsessed with forcing his knot deeper, fucking his cum into your womb cause his instincts tell him to mark you, claim you, breed you nd make you fat with his pups so everyone knows you’re his:((
And he just keeps going, keeps humping and rutting and keeps knotting your for a good half hour, your body jerking and your puffy clit catching on the duvet beneath you and you cum again and he all but collapses over you, one hand pressing your lower back into a deep arch so it’s easier for him to straddle your hips and grind deeper, harder:((
“S’good, s’good girl, gotta make it - make sure it takes, gotta make sure they know you’re mine, my puppy, no one else’s - gonna make sure they smell how deep my cum is, that they can - ngh- tell I’ve marked you on the inside cause you’re fuckin - fuck - mine - my pup my fuckin omega,”
so i've had this ask open for like 45 minutes, that's not a bit, thinking what could i possibly say?? to this?? skl;adgh HELP sdl;akgh YOUVE KILLED ME IM DEAD
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dilf-uc · 22 days ago
it’s the way y’all think sending hate on anonymous affects me. please lmfao. *rests arm on table seductively* i’m an alpha.
i’m an alpha because i’m my biggest hater and biggest fan. nice try. you can’t outdo the doer. peasant.
i’m an alpha because i look at my writing, talk shit about it, and still post it.
i’m an alpha because i do the bare minimum and have all these omegas at their knees. you thot. get in line.
i’m an alpha because i come on here, write something you don’t like, and then leave my pheromones behind and log out. that’s me.
i’m an alpha cuz i’m good at hiding the fact i don’t know what i’m talking about rn. that’s me. i reek of alpha energy.
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maespriggan · 3 months ago
Imagine if one day Dabi was calling reader his girl/woman/bitch/slut/whore whatever, but the reader snaps and says, “I’M NOT YOURS! Never have been and never will! You don’t own me!”
18+, minors dni // brat taming, forced pregnancy (implied), noncon (implied), omegaverse, yandere
Regular Dabi would probably be content to let her go, seeing as she's so adamant. Not before saying he could do much better than her, though, just to try and save face.
Yandere Dabi, though, is a different beast. That's where the brat taming would come in. By the end of it, she would never deny him again. Her mind would be too broken. She would both fear and desire him.
And alpha Dabi is just as bad. He wouldn't let her go no matter what. She doesn't like him? Tough shit. She's his mate. She can't change that, even as much as she tries to. It would be best if she just accepted it, lest he have to instill lesson upon lesson into her. A bonding mark might help, too. Maybe knocking her up with his kid.
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captainmcslashypaws · 9 months ago
Omega reader cries to her levi, who is her recently discovered alpha. She doesn't want to be with him, she just wants to work and be Independant. But Levi doesn't care. Only thing he wants is to breed his sweet omega.
She maybe cries to him after they have a nice, hot session together. And he je literally just responds by taking her again
This is dark and I'm in a depressive mood, so you know I had to do this 😏
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha!Levi x reader.
Warning: 18+, breeding kink, dark themes, kidnapping, noncon, omegaverse, yandere behaviour.
Tumblr media
“We don’t have to do this,” she whispered, nestled tightly within the warm, secure embrace of her alpha. “We can go against instinct.”
Levi sighed heavily. He could understand why so many omegas thought like his mate; it was because they were at the bottom of the societal chain. Alphas stood supreme, and betas were somewhere in the middle, but omegas? They had fewer rights and were often treated as little more than breeders. It was all biological, of course. No one had anything against omegas, as a type of person. Alphas and omegas were simply meant to mate, and someone had to be the one who was mated. Since alphas exuded dominance across most realms of existence, it only made sense that the submissive omegas were used as their presiding mates saw fit.
Still, he could see why it appeared to be inherently unfair.
He pulled the young woman on his chest closer, playing with the tips of her hair. She wanted him to go against his instincts and let her free. This wasn’t the first time she had proposed such a thing since he had claimed her, weeks prior. The trouble was, he didn’t want to neglect impulses when it came to her. Her scent was intoxicating and the way she spoke lit his loins on fire. She was sweet and beautiful, smart and calculative. The best part? She knew how to brew a good cup of tea.
He didn’t want to let his precious omega go.
“You’re mine,” he said lowly, pressing a chaste kiss to her head. “Whether you like it or not.”
If he hadn’t come along and snatched her up, someone else would have, in due time. They wouldn’t have been as good a match for her. She would have disliked them more than she claimed to dislike him. He knew she was adjusting to her new life by his side, but he had a difficult time determining why she hadn’t thought of such a thing. It wasn’t like she had promised herself to anyone else. What was wrong with him reaping a reward before some waste bin of an alpha did? Hopefully, she would comprehend this fact with time.
“Levi,” she sobbed like the hopeless thing she was, a few stray tears dripping onto his bare chest.
He clicked his tongue at her dramatic display. In the deepest, most domineering voice he could muster, he issued a command to his omega, “stop it, (f/n).”
Immediately, her body froze up beneath him, and her mouth clamped shut. That was the final time she cried for the next few days, too nervous to disobey the man who would ruthlessly breed her until she was filled to the brim with his knot. It was good to know that all it took was striking a little bit of fear into his darling. He would surely utilize this technique a lot in the future.
Wordlessly, he rolled on top of her, cock already erect at the prospect of demanding things of his mate. He smirked down at her as she bit her lip and spread her legs for his entry. She could be so good when she wanted to be.
“We’re not leaving this bed until I’m sure I’ve stuffed this pussy enough to get you pregnant,” he growled, prodding her entrance with his tip. “Do you understand?”
“Y-yes, Levi,” she muttered, inhaling sharply when he sheathed himself halfway.
He brought his hand up to grip her chin, watching a flurry of emotions wash across her face, as he began his assault. She couldn’t deny that it quelled the heat between her thighs.
“That’s not how you address me, is it, brat?” And he was pounding into her tightness, hitting a spot that made her see bright flashes of white.
“Y-yes! Yes, alpha!” She screamed, fingers gripping the bedsheets beneath her.
It was going to be a long night of this. He aimed to leave her full and sore by the time morning came.
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angrelysimpping · 14 days ago
What are ways different ways (possessive) Alpha!LIs would show their ownership of the PC? Either big gestures or smaller details.
Constantly play wrestling with you as an excuse to make sure you smell like them. Drags you into their lap when watching TV in the morning, possibly nipping at your scent gland a bit as they hold you. Always hovering near you when there's a visitor on the farm. Sometimes incurages the animals to destroy your clothes so you have to wear their's.
Gives you something of theirs to wear when at events. Something small, inconspicuous, yet elegant and radiating Avery's scent. They don't want anyone at the events they take you to think you're up for grabs. Avery's hesitant about marking you, so they'll do whatever they can to make sure only the most foolhardy would try to claim they didn't know you were with Avery.
As they start to trust you more, they'll take the collar they initially put on you off. They've got you a much nicer collar, one that allows them to access your scent gland easily and has Eden's name in big letters. If you have to go into town, they're making sure their mating bite is nice and prominent before you can leave.
Clingy. They know that they're not the most intimidating alpha, that people around school won't respect the fact that you're Kylar's. So, they take every opportunity to make sure you smell like them. Unless their jealousy is running high, they're too timid to mark you outside of sex. Has broken into your room to to rub themself on your clothes. Multiple times.
The most relaxed, possibly because they live with you. Likes to walk you to and from school, scenting you at the school gates before giving you a quick kiss of hello or goodbye. Will sometimes ask to mark you outside of sex if their confidence is low.
Cuddling up against you while reading. Asks if they can scent you multiple times throughout the day. Wants you to wear one of their hair ties either in your own hair or around your wrist. Draws a heart next to their mating mark. Corrupt Sydney is more likely to ask to "freshen up" their mark.
Making sure you smell like them as all times. Usually by licking you or rubbing their cum on you, but sometimes by making you wear their clothing. Tries to bite you every time they see you. You're better off presenting your neck to them every time you see them, otherwise they'll get creative with where they place their bites.
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b0ba-chan · 5 months ago
suna noncon claiming u as his mate
suna x reader
cw mature content, omegaverse, scenting, noncon, biting
Tumblr media
the whole ejp team have never pushed you out of your comfort zone. being their manager, they respected your boundaries and knew to keep you close during big games. obviously there has to be a fair amount of alphas in this career path; tall men loom over one another as they try and one up each other off and on the court.
rintarou seemed to be the closest one to you both physically and relationship wise. he always seem the most attentive to your critiques, listening to what you had to saw while keeping close to your body. it wasn’t uncomfortable at all, it seemed so natural.
it also seemed like he was scenting you on accident, his smell always wafting over you and sending you in a relaxed state. it was just so easy to be around him.
but it was a shock when suna’s rut triggers out of nowhere.
it already felt heavy in the gym but it wasn’t too alarming. you work independently in the stock room, looking for equipment as the men all stretch out for the day. the tense aura started to loom over you as you start to grab the handle of the volleyball cart.
strong arms wrap around your middle as a familiar scent wafts over your, making you knees buckle and fall limp in the arms. you felt the alpha tighten his grip to press his chest to your back. his scent was overwhelming making your cunt leak but your voice whimpering out for it to stop.
“why so scared? you never seemed to hate when i scent you, dear omega.” the familiar voice perks up as his tongue laps at the scent gland on the back of your neck. you shiver and turn to face rintarou, dilated pupils staring into your own.
you part your lips to protest but immediately shutting you up when teeth graze over the gland. tears bubble in your eyes as he nips on the sensitive skin.
how has nobody found you yet? is no one worried?
“my omega and only mine.” his growl comes deep from his chest as he reaches around to cover your mouth, biting down to mark you as his.
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seita · 5 months ago
ok we don't discuss omegaverse what i'm saying is......protective doting alpha bokuto <3
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chaotic-jjk-fiction · 7 months ago
Congrats on 900 followers. Your writing is god-tier and you deserve that many followers. For the a/b/o, how about Yandere Alpha Gojo with an omega female reader. With number 1, which is "Ne, you know you're not supposed to wander off without your collar." Thank you!
Heyyyyyyyy..... I’d like to request an omega verse with Geto with the promp “you know you aren’t supposed to wonder off w/o your collar”
I hope you guys don’t mind I combined both of these into on yandere alpha mess.
#1:  “Ne~ You know you aren’t supposed to be wandering off without your collar!”
TW: Yandere, Omegaverse, Kidnaping, Loss of consciousness 
Tumblr media
You couldn’t believe you had finally made it out of the little hell hole they had been keeping you in. It wasn’t necessarily normal for alphas to kidnap omegas they wanted, but it also wasn’t really frowned upon, especially for such high-ranking alphas. So when Gojo and Getou had taken you, no one had really batted an eye. You had tried desperately to escape their clutches many times, but they were always one step ahead of you. Today was special, they had both been called out unexpectedly to defeat some curse, and you had taken advantage of their rushed departure, for you realized that they didn’t arm the door. You were free. You ran as far as you could, not even bothering to take anything with you, you could worry about that later, for now all that mattered was making it as far away as you could. You burst out laughing through your panting, you still couldn’t believe you had made it away from the alphas who had held you. It was worth running the mile or more until you felt like you could transition to walking. You had paused once again to catch your breath at a crosswalk when you felt two very familiar presences behind you, and the scent of Gojo and Getou tickled your nose. 
“Ne~ You know you aren’t supposed to be wandering off without your collar!” The voice of Gojo scolding you as if you were a toddler who had wandered off, confirmed your worst fear. They were standing right behind you. “How will other alphas know to keep their hands off you if you don’t have the collar we bought you on?” Gojo continued. You flinched as a hand was set on your shoulder, and reluctantly turned to face them. It was Getou who had placed his hand on your shoulder, and Gojo stood next to him looking oddly giddy.  
“You worried us when we got home and didn’t find you where we left you.” Gojo pouted. You knew your smell was betraying the front of indifference you were putting on. Both of the alphas, and really everyone around you, could smell your burned scent. You knew they were going to drag you back to their shared lodgings to once again seal you away. Both of them moved to surround you, Gojo popping up behind you, making your heart jolt. Getou remained in front of you. 
“See you in a few hours omega,” Gojo whispered in your ear as his hand came in contact with one of your pressure points, effectively knocking you out. Getou caught you as you fell forward, scooping you up into his arms and carrying you bridal style. He sighed as he watched your sleeping face, one day you would stop being so reckless and accept that they were just two loving alphas, he had confidence in that.    
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lemonpeter · 3 days ago
🧡Day 15: Ritual🧡
I reread the first omegaverse fic I ever read (still unfinished cri) and this happened lol I hope y’all enjoy 🧡
Tagging: @pantastic-peach @momothequeenblog @sarcastich @starkerhead @romannticparker @winterthal
Warnings: omegaverse, m@ting ritual, public s*x, biting
Tony smiled lazily as he looked over his sweet omega.
Or who was soon to be his omega, at least.
It was the time that they’d been waiting for. Ever since they’d decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. That was the hard part, navigating the relationship and being sure that they wanted to be together.
The bonding was the easy part.
They’d invited their packs and other friends to the ceremony and it was nearly time.
Peter looked gorgeous, wrapped in white lace with a small bouquet of orchids clutched in his hands. He was nervous, but not because he was bonding with Tony. He was just nervous for everyone seeing.
Tony smoothed his hands down his own thighs, watching his omega-to-be closely. “You’re okay,” he mouthed to him. “I love you.”
The omega smiled a little, instantly relaxing with the reassurance.
He glanced around the room, seeing their friends chatting among themselves while they waited. His heart thudded in his chest as he thought about what was going to happen again.
He looked over himself, taking in the thin fabric that covered him. He knew that everyone could easily see anything that they wanted to.
Although that was almost the point, wasn’t it.
The room hushed as the ceremony started. Peter and Tony were snuggled up to each other as soon as they were allowed, listening to the officiant for the right time.
“…now, the alpha and omega may solidify their bond with a mating bite.”
The officiant was still talking, explaining the aftermath and how the rest of the ceremony was to go. But the couple was paying no attention to him, they were in their own world.
“Are you ready?” Tony whispered, lips ghosting over the soft bonding gland on his partner’s neck.
“Yes. Please, alpha, bond me.” Peter closed his eyes, gasping when he felt teeth. Then he whined loudly when Tony bit down, gripping the alpha’s arm tightly.
It really hurt. But he was finally Tony’s.
He vaguely heard his alpha tell him to match the mark, clumsily finding his gland and biting down. It was way weaker than Tony’s bite, but it would still leave a mark and form a bond. That was all that mattered.
The alpha flinched a little, but didn’t make a sound.
Their audience cheered, whooping and shouting their congratulations.
“As I mentioned before, the couple has chosen to consummate their bond here. If anyone wishes to leave now, they may.” The officiant looked at the couple, guiding them to an area on the floor.
It was little more than a mattress on the floor to begin with, but Peter had built up a nest around it for a more comfortable and personal feel.
Tony took Peter’s hand, leading him to the nest and gently laying him down. “Just pretend it’s only us here,” he whispered. “Just you and me.”
The omega nodded, cheeks flushed. He wasn’t sure that he could pretend that, but he could try.
It was a big thing. A bit unconventional, but that was how they liked it. It was a ritual in itself for the head alpha to have his omega for the first time in the presence of his pack.
It just didn’t typically follow the actual mating ceremony. But they liked doing things differently.
Tony’s hands slid over Peter’s hips, playing with the lace that covered him. “You look incredible in this,” he whispered.
One hand trailed down between the omega’s legs, feeling until he found the open spot in the lace. Made specially for this exact event.
“Already wet for me,” the alpha teased lightly.
Peter closed his eyes, blushing darker. “Can’t help it, alpha.”
All eyes were on the couple as they came together, joined as one for the first time as mates.
Nothing could have been more perfect.
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