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#tw racism
footyleclerc · 2 days ago
As someone who’s still trying to unlearn all the offensive words/behaviour I heard growing up, somehow your latest post feels a bit personal to me as I feel my effort is recognised so thank you very much. Like for the (my native language’s) version of r words, I know it as a curse words before understanding its literal meaning (and it’s in short form so took me sometime to find out the full form). It really takes effort to unlearn all these things. And till today I’m still in shock to find out that some daily words’ origin is actually discriminative. I don’t think this learning process will ever stop to be honest but it’s nice to have some validation (I know it’s not for me personally but I’ll take it anyway🙈). Anyway thanks again ❤️
hey anon, I don't think you realise how personal this was to me too!
language and cultural differences can cause misunderstandings between people. not everyone has access to the English language and not everyone understands the repercussions of what they say in another language or culture due to the differences. people are bound to make mistakes, and that's okay. we're only human. it's learning why you've done something wrong and correcting yourself that truly defines you as a person.
in my country, what the west will consider racial slurs are often used as nicknames. there's casual racism in the society and none of us see anything wrong with it until we are shown how the outside world perceives us. I grew up in an environment because of which I had to unlearn SO many things cause they were rightfully seen as racist. Indian society has the knack of glorifying fairer skin, and as someone who wasn't the ideal fair girl, it's been tough. it's taken time to learn it but now that I have, for me beauty has no colour. everyone is beautiful in their own lil way.
this is not an excuse to what Max said or Charles did, but it's hard to suddenly change something you have seen as right your whole life. especially growing up in countries where English isn't the native language you don't realise what's offensive. they're young and learning. they're avoiding repeating their errors and that's progress. learning and unlearning is a process and the effort is something that should ALWAYS be appreciated.
I'm super proud of you anon!! if you're learning and trying to be better, that's what makes you a good person :) all your efforts are valid and appreciated!
the post.
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myachillesheel · 6 months ago
CPD just killed a fifteen year old child.
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crayyola · 6 months ago
Good Omens, also, got very minimal backlash even for being a complete twist on the Christian mythos and even including what is very arguably a same-gender romance between an angel and a demon and a ton of other very ‘blasphemous’ shit. You know why that show didn’t get as much backlash from conservatives as a 3 minute music video by a musician? Exactly, because the main two actors were white and the book was written by a white man.
 Lil Nas X getting backlash for his song is absolutely about race bc I’ve seen so many retellings and manglings of Christian belief that got off mostly scott free from religious fanatics, because they weren’t made by PoC.
EDIT: I only now learned at the time of editing this that Neil Gaiman, the writer of Good Omens, is Jewish and says that GO was affected by his beliefs and thus I was wrong when I called it Christian mythos. Please don't reblog the version without this addition because this distinction is important and I'm sorry for not getting it right when I wrote this post.
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tapedeck-archive · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
[ID: Tweet from monicayk97 reads, "honestly i'm just fucking done and tired with it all. i'm angry that i know the white supremacist shooter's name before the names of the asian women. i'm angry that it's working class asians that are targeted and people wanna erase us all as wealthy. i'm just fucking angry" end ID]
some places to donate (compiled by monica):
advancing justice (atlanta, GA local org)
stopaapihate (aapi women-led)
'i'm ready' movement (aapi women-led)
asian prisoner support committee
apienc (for queer and trans asian people)
source tweet. (edit: includes other orgs to donate to, as well as some additional comments/corrections to original tweet)
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transgentleman-luke · a month ago
Since I'm still shadowbanned here's a reminder that the way race works in the US is not always how it works in Europe. And I get that might sound scary at first but for all you people complaining that US schools never taught you anything (ours didn't either) listen up.
The way I've seen people in the US, even US poc, talk about marginalisation in Europe is astoundingly ignorant. It honestly sounds like some of you are in this bubble where you can just apply the US model to anything and call it quits. Even outright lying about stuff that could be easily disproved with a Google search.
This post is mainly about three communities in Europe, but when you look at a cultural map of Europe you'll see a lot of diversity. Firstly though, we've gotta put behind the terms black and white for now. Because while that is relevant for discussing race, it is a little different in Europe and very crucially so.
So, in Europe there are groups of people know as GRT (G*psy, Romani, Travellers). They varyingly claim and do not claim the g slur. It's honestly best to ask them what they want to be called. GRT peoples originated in India a long long time ago and migrated around Europe. They belong to an Indo-European culture (their languages are also Indo-European because of this). This means that many GRT people may appear white, and many of them will appear a lot darker skinned. European history is actually more racist if anything, as it has a lot of *must be this skin tone to be considered white* going on. Which means people that Americans would call white *in America* may actually be disqualified with racism in Europe. This is important to note, as the context is different. A GRT person the US may enjoy being perceived as white, but that doesn't undo any systematic racism against GRT people going on. Like my post on the UK losing the right to protest said, this law is targeted at GRT people, criminalising their camps.
Also in Europe is a country called Bosnia, which has large ethnic groups of Bosnians in it. (Note I say ethnic groups, because as you'll see genocides displace people a lot). My heart goes out to the Bosnians. On the surface they might look like generally white Eastern European/ Balkans people. But that *you must be this white to enter* racism comes up again and many Bosnians aren't considered white by some Europeans. It's especially worsened by the dominant religion of Bosnians being Islam. The Bosnians faced a genocide from Serbia. Thousands of mainly men and boys were lied to, killed and driven out of their homes. If you want more in depth information, look it up.
And a third group in Europe is the Sami peoples of Finland. The Sami are, in US terms, indigenous tribal groups living in Northern Finland. They were displaced by the Finnic peoples who moved in and then the Russians. The Sami, living so high in Northern Europe are quite pale skinned. Would undoubtedly pass as white in the US. But they have been subjected to racism and anti indigenous laws, culture eradication by the Finns and Russians. They were considered a separate race that needed getting rid of. And the dominant forces in Europe were all too eager to do that.
Honorable mentions include:
-The Irish as treated by the British (always be wary of 'the Irish are black claims) but the truth of it is the UK would treat the Irish as a separate race and did horrific damage to their population and culture (see: no dogs, no blacks, no Irish signs).
-Antisemitism sometimes having a racial edge towards all Jewish people in Europe, no matter their skin colour.
- Variously, and depending on what nation is the antagonist, a lot of Mediterranean countries have been considered 'not white enough' as justification for war and prejudice.
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froggybagels · 6 months ago
having a warrant is not a death sentence. running is not a death sentence. resisting is not a death sentence. fighting back is not a death sentence.
if you were tried for these things in court, you would not be sentenced to the death penalty, would you? of course not.
so why is it okay to justify the murder of black people at the hands of police because they might have been doing these things??
the answer is, it’s not.
in the end, it doesn’t fucking MATTER if daunte wright had a warrant out. it doesn’t matter if he ran, if he resisted, if he struggled.
he was murdered. plain and simple.
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violetsandshrikes · a year ago
The Miꞌkmaq people are facing hostility and threats in Eastern Canada over the right to fish to sustain themselves. 
This has included:
“In response to Mi’kmaq fishers setting up 150 out of their 350 allowed traps, non-Indigenous fishers gathered at the wharf in Digby to protest.”
“One of the ways Nova Scotian fishers have found it appropriate to protest Mi’kmaq harvesting practices has been to chase down boats and fire flares directly at them. There have also been attempts to ram small boats with much larger vessels.”
Two people being arrested and charged with assault.
“Lobster traps in St. Mary’s Bay were vandalized, their lines were cut, and the traps were left on the shore.”
“Some fishers have posted calls on social media to reimplement the Canadian residential school system, and for other harsh treatment of Indigenous peoples and their children.” 
A lobster boat belonging to a Mi’kmaq fisher has been destroyed by a suspicious fire at a wharf in southwestern Nova Scotia.
These people have the right to sustainably fish on their own land and support their livelihoods. Megan Bailey, professor at Dalhousie University’s Marine Affairs program, an expert, has said that there is no conservation concern as has otherwise been claimed. “The scale of the livelihood fishery as it exists right now with 350 traps is not a conservation concern.”
Ways you can support the Mi’kmaq people (both on this front + other issues):
Treaty Truckhouse Legal Fund - Grassroots Grandmothers, Mi'kmaw Rights Holders and others continue to stand united as water protectors of the Shubenacadie River in the Sipekne'katik District of Mi'kma'ki, where Alton Gas intends to dump salt brine equivalent to 3000 tonnes of hard salt every day.
Another donation link is here, or e-transfers can be sent to 
Support for our Eskasoni Mi’kmaq Fishers - Supplying resources for the fishers to continue the battle to have access to moderate livelihood fishery.
Mi’kmaq Fishers: To show support you can donate funds via e-transfer to the following emails with the message “donation”:
If you have any useful additions, please let me know, and I will add anything that I find. Also please spread this around, awareness is also important so that these issues do not fly under the radar and get a pass.
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dreamhunter-enthusiast · 6 months ago
Why is nobody talking about the Indianapolis shooting? Four of the victims were Sikh and the facility targeted was well known for its high Sikh population. The intent of the shooter has not been confirmed yet, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is heavily traumatising for the Punjabi and Sikh community. I hate that I’m finding out about this nearly 20 hours later. This is incredibly heartbreaking, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.
Articles explaining the situation:
1. Overview with emphasis on Sikh victims
2. General report on the incident
3. Anti Sikh discrimination in the US (1) (2)
verified GoFundMe for the victims via @brownvampire
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shalimarrgardens · 10 months ago
Instead of reblogging another french girl style aesthetic post, consider,
"Since 2004, students in France are banned from wearing the hijab to school. Mothers who are hijabi can’t come on field trips as chaperones with their children. French students are only allowed to wear it in university.
In 2011, France became the first country in Europe to ban the niqab. Those who wore it in public ran the risk of being fined. President Nicolas Sarkozy said that veils oppress women, and that they were not welcome in France. Emmanuel Macron, France’s progressive darling and current president, was quoted saying that he would like to make an “Islam of France,” a proposition both insulting and full of insinuations that Islam is something that needs to be fixed.
If seen wearing a niqab, the penalty is 150 euro or in the U.S., 217 dollars. As of 2015, 1546 fines were doled out.
In 2016, France started deliberating banning “burkinis,” hijabi-friendly swimwear, in its beaches and seaside resorts. The law was later overruled by France’s top administrative court.
Last year, French brand Decathlon wanted to start selling a sports hijab in their stores. They already had them on store floors in Morocco, but planned to bring them to France. Politicians and the French part of social media were quick to express their discontent, some even speaking of boycotting the store. Decathlon decided not to sell the sport hijabs in their stores.
Simply put, France does not like the hijab.
We all know this. Before we think of France’s culture, its monuments, its soccer team, we think of the government’s oppression of Muslims and other minorities."
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poetry2fish · 25 days ago
“ahaha hiiii guys omg ❤️ so my question is for jared! why, in the wake of the BLM protests and family separation at the border, did you think the most important story to tell was one of encouraging empathy for cops and justifying police brutality—specifically featuring the texas rangers whose history is steeped in anti black and anti indigenous racism? 😊”
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twilight-af · 6 months ago
The most accurate part of Twilight is the white people not following their end of the treaty
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mayalopez · 3 months ago
leah williams has been outright racist for a very long time but white x-fans have been able to excuse her racism because of her writing gay characters. her “apology” for creating a japanese character who was named a thousand rats and having her turn into a giant rat was absolute bullshit in the first place. people called it ignorance, not maliciousness because they wanted to keep supporting her and even now after hearing about what happened to david in x-factor i’m seeing people defend her or making the situation all about tommy when that should be the lowest of concerns right now. she was violently racist and homophobia towards a black queer character and she will be getting to write another highly anticipated book this fall (the trial of magneto). i encourage everyone AFTER TOMORROW’S ISSUE has been released to 1. not buy it 2. be vocal about how fucked up it was on twitter and other platforms where people could see 3. email to tell them that this issue was racist and homophobic and that she should not be writing for marvel anymore
this could do nothing considering it’s marvel lol but writers and creators have said that emailing does make a difference
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lilhawkeye3 · 6 months ago
Hi can y’all stop calling us “blacks,” we’re Black people. Y’all out here saying “blacks” and I’m looking around wondering what I did to end up in the 60s
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violetsandshrikes · 9 months ago
Since I haven’t seen anyone talking about it yet, a black woman, Chizam Berlinda was surrounded and assaulted by a MAGA rally in downtown LA. (TW for the link: it includes the full story, and also photographs of what happened some of which are graphic and distressing.)
She currently has a gofundme me here. Alternatively, her cashapp is $Chizam25
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nibeul · 4 months ago
so you don’t think fetishization is a bad thing
alright. I’m tired, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve refilled for tea, and I wanna talk about this because it’s seriously not clicking for some people. if you’re one of the various people hate reading my blog, buckle up. 
to preface, I’m gonna link y’all to this post of mine (featuring an RB from @clonehub as well because I think it should be read with their addition) which talks about fetishizing of clones in reader content. here’s another post which is a bit older where I talk about fiction’s impact on reality, and lastly a post on clone fetishization in general. it isn’t necessary to read all these to understand what I’m getting at, but I recommend giving them a glance over anyway. 
one last thing, I’m going to breaking this down through my own experiences with fetishization in order to ultimately compare it to how I see the fandom treating clones right now. this is not to say all BIPOC experiences are the same. the point of me doing this is to show how I am seeing my encounters with fetishization/sexualization reflected in the clone fandom and why that’s really bad. this post, however, can be applied to other instances of fetishization, particularly with anime and k-pop too. anyway, I’ve put enough of a disclaimer, lemme get into the bulk of things. 
the Western World has a long history of painting Asian women as objects of sexual temptation in fiction; Austin Powers, Kill Bill, Madame Butterfly, Memoirs of a Geisha, Harry Potter, etc, all of these have examples of this. Asian women are painted as seductive, alien, sexual objects, and they use their sexual appeal in order to get what they want. Or they’re the token love interest who doesn’t do anything more than sit pretty while the heroine switches from one girl to the next. I was eight maybe when I went as Cho Chang for Halloween because everyone told me I looked like her. I was nine when an old man tugged at my jumper and told me I’d grow up to look just like Lucy Liu. “I’ll be waiting for you then” he told me. I was ten when a boy six, seven years older than I was told me he liked my slanted eyes and tried to kiss me. 
anime started gaining popularity in the Western world around ehhh the 1990s give or take. Japanese culture was turned into a trend for white people to wear and take off whenever they got bored of it, and Asian women... well they got the bottom of the barrel. it didn’t—and still doesn’t—matter if you were Japanese or not. “real life anime girlfriend” this, “real life anime girlfriend” that. everyone talking about how pretty Japanese women are on a Korean girl’s post. the fandoms quite literally fueling into this obsession with Asians and how we look, how we dress, how we speak. being called a ch/nk was bad enough, but then they start to call me “tr/p”. they call me “anime girl”, "waifu”, they call me all sorts of things, things I didn’t know the definition for when I was ten, eleven. their fandoms encouraged it—to them, we are like toys to be played with and discarded at whim. 
and then k-pop is popular now. k-pop and k-dramas, neither of which are inherently meant for sexualization, especially not in the way some anime shows are. suddenly it is not just the men, but it is the white women too who are jumping onto my culture. they are calling these idols “baby boy”, “smol bean”, “innocent”, they are saying things like “I want a Korean boyfriend!” I stopped dating non-BIPOC once K-pop really hit mainstream because it is always a game of “do they want me or do they just like me because I am Asian?” I have lost count of the friends and even strangers who speak about how partners have only liked them because of their East Asian features. I have listened to friends cry over the phone because of how they were used. they view us as interchangeable—they view us as all the same. and that does not even get into how South/South East and Western Asians are treated. look at how Vietnamese women are shown in media, for example—they are ridiculed and painted as prostitutes. that is only the surface level.
being seen as an object isn’t a compliment. being stripped of my autonomy and personality isn’t a compliment. being harassed isn’t a compliment. being infantilized isn’t a compliment. 
when you look at this, you have to realize that it isn’t just some executives making the decisions to portray us that way. these fandoms fuel into it. with things like K-pop, the fandoms are the driving force. they are the ones making fan art and fan fiction. they are the ones making posts about how they want an Asian partner (and when they say this, we know they mean East Asian. they don’t even view anything outside of China, Korea, and Japan as Asia more often than not), they are the ones talking about their “smol bean uwu biases”, their “babies”. they are the ones commenting ridiculously sexual things under posts that should have nothing to do with that. 
so then you look at the clone fandom. you see the people who talk about how hot it is to see MOC (or well, men who are supposed to be of color but have been ridiculously whitewashed) in literal slave collars. you have a drawing of a clone literally just standing there and your first thought is to call him “thicc” when that is not even the correct usage of the word. you make arguments like “well some Maori” are lightskinned! as if the clones come from multiple people, not just one, brown man. there are people who refer to their skin tone using food comparisons, then there are people who assign them all the same personality with absolutely no nuance. you have people calling themselves “clone trash” or “clone simps” [edit b/c the link didn’t work the first time for some reason, post is again from clonehub] (again, not even correct usage). you have people calling them “smol beans” and “babies” or you have people seeing them as brute, dominant, alpha males because “they’re commanders, all commanders are like that!” you write and draw without thinking for a second about how damaging your shit can be. 
why is it so hard to recognize that fandom spaces endorse this? why is it so hard to recognize that corporations have target audiences that clearly aren’t people like me? why is it so hard to recognize that if you are white, you are privileged, regardless of whether you are a woman or not because people will always see your race first? why is it so hard to avoid feeding into racism when BIPOC like myself are literally giving you the resources?
being a creator doesn’t absolve you of being racist. I’m a creator who draws and writes. I can take a couple seconds out of my day to think critically about what I’m putting out there. I can take a couple seconds to think about fandom racism and how it’s perpetuated by other creators who draw and/or write just like me. I can think about how violently racist so much of Star Wars is, and how so many fans contribute to that because they would rather keep in their safe bubble than actually think about the consequences of their actions. I’ve lived through the consequences of those actions from others. this isn’t a pity party—this is me putting it as bluntly as possible because I know firsthand what that does to people, not just myself. and this isn’t some “fandom police” or “purity culture” thing either, this is me telling you to shut the fuck up. and listen. 
BIPOC, feel free to add whatever. white people, just reblog and stay quiet. please. 
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bonocedes · 3 months ago
This whole "I don't see color" shit really infuriates me. It's a literal erasure of other person's identity and culture. If you have to force yourself to ignore someone's skin color to see them as a human being - you're racist.
"Skin color doesn't matter to me" well it should. Equality doesn't mean ignoring the differences between us and pretending we're somehow the same when we aren't. Equality means acknowledging the fact that we're different, that we have different skin colors and different cultures, and treating everyone in the same way regardless.
Erasure doesn't mean tolerance. Taking away a huge part of other person's upbringing, something that makes them who they are, is still racist, even if you don't mean wrong.
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theskepticalwitch · 2 months ago
Hi, couple things, just watched a vid on the History Channel and I have a lot of feelings I need to share to my fellow spiritual people.
1. Ancient Aliens is hella racist.
2. Calling gods from BIPOC cultures misinterpretations of aliens is racist.
3. Calling any pagan gods misinterpretations of aliens is insulting to pagan religion/spirituality.
4. Ancient people were actually really smart and did amazing things, so don't deny their intelligence because white people didn't make the pyramids.
5. I hate what the history channel has become and I need a second to breathe.
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