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#tw religious mention

my fingers are inherently sinful as they pull my flesh, render me skin from bone. there is no way to scrub the dirt and grime from me, no beautiful eden waters for me to bathe in for I would only destroy it in my search for validation. I am dirty. I am unforgivable. I am a liar and a cheat. I am sinful and I will rot within the dirt with no one to mourn me.

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What the fuck happened to me to make me want to carve crosses on my skin? There’s no point of carving it there, I was born in sin. I was always told that God has love for all his children but now I know it’s a lie..There’s no such thing as a kind and loving God.

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CW//Religion (going to tag it but just in case)!!! 

I really think that saying that government should be secular, that we should abolish abusive institutions of religion, and that we should respect atheists regardless of what background they come from, and that religious people, especially those from persecuted groups or whose religion is important to their culture should be respected and allowed to practice aren’t contradictory or mutually exclusive statements?? I just…. Think that this should be easily understood? Like. Aaagh, I don’t know. This is probably just me being stupid. u_u  

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Wolf Predator x Reader

Gender Neutral Reader 

You accidentally befriend Wolf. An AvP Requiem Fix it fic if you will.

Also I didn’t beta read this & I wrote it on my phone so like, if theres a bunch of issues you know why lmao

It had almost been a full week since you had been kicked out of your house. You had decided to come clean to your parents about how you truly felt and the things you had been doing and they did not take too kindly to this. Being far from the perfect Christian child they wanted they simply threw you out with only the clothes on your back and the things in your pockets. 

You had been lucky enough to couch surf at some friends houses for the first few nights but now your luck had run out. Now you found yourself trudging through the sewer system in one of the larger tunnels that ran under the city. You had gotten a tip that a group of homeless people often stayed down here during the colder nights and if you wanted any long term chance of living on the streets you would need to get in with them. 

You had little more than the light from your lighter to illuminate your path. The already pitch black darkness only seemed more menacing with each scuffle coming from within it. You knew better than to be put off though. As nothing down here could truly hurt you. Or at least, this is what you thought. 

The tunnel you had been traveling through eventually came to an end. Opening into a rotunda, where multiple tunnels came to an intersection. You were still a few meters away from the true end of the tunnel when you heard strange inhuman sounds. Then came the gunfire and screams. 

You couldn’t help the startled jump as you drove down trying to hunker against the side of the tunnel. You could see the large silhouettes of some creatures ahead of you. It was clear that they were fighting. It was also clear that one was losing. 

Massive black snake like monsters swarmed after a more humanoid but still oddly reptilian creature. It was outfitted in some kind of armor that seemed to be doing little good as one of the black serpents sunk its teeth into his leg. You wanted to look away, you wanted to turn and run. Yet something in you compelled you to stay, it made you want to help your fellow underdog. 

Crouching, you rushed forward to the edge of the tunnel following the pathway to stay out of the sewage. A piece of copper piping was laying propped up against the flooring of the sewer. The perfect way for you to make a distraction. 

Your plan was to get the attention of the monsters saving the other and allowing them to escape possibly killing you in the process. But in the end you would rather die knowing you saved another life than to not try at all. 

Taking the pipe in both hands you slammed it into the metal wall beside you. The reverberating Tang was more than enough to garner their interest but not their attention as the largest of the serpents continued its assault on the now struggling humanoid. 

Without thinking you blindly charged forward and brought the pipe down as hard as you could on the serpents back hearing a satisfying crack as it hissed in pain turning now to face you. You acted on instinct as you turned your grip and swung the pipe like a bat striking the monster across the face knocking it away from you. The other smaller monsters that had been lurking in the shadows watching you took this opportunity to lunge. 

Dropping to your knees in the filthy sewage you braced the pipe against the floor and using the creature’s own momentum against it. It leaped directly onto you and appropriately directly onto the tapered end of the pipe driving it into its chest. Green blood leaked out from the wound as the pipe hissed and you stumbled back as it ate through it like acid and finally cracked. 

Just as you fumbled to get away from the dying serpent. The other smaller one darted out to attack you from behind. You had no idea this was even happening until you saw a ball of white hot energy fly past you and incinerate the creature. 

You couldn’t help your ragged breath as you looked back to the humanoid. The largest of the monsters had vanished during your fight most likely fleeing back to the surface. Leaving you and the reptilian humanoid remaining. They stood before you now and in the moonlight you could make out their visage. 

A large mask covered their face. They were gauntlets and some kind of full body fish netting. Multiple gadgets covered their wrist and belt. They easily towered over you. The emotionless eyes of the mask glaring down at you as you suddenly realized that this had been a very very stupid thing to do. 

Your moment of terrified silence was broken when you heard distant screaming and the cries of that monster. 

All in a moment an object was being thrust into your hands and you were pulled to your feet. As you looked down and processed that a much too large spear had been placed into your hand, the creature strode a few paces away from you before quite literally punching through the ground above you. 

You stared in stunned horror for a moment before you watched the monster clamber out. When you slowly approached you could see that he was standing there looking back towards you expectantly. 

You couldn’t help but yelp as you were once again manhandled being hoisted up by your forearm. 

Before you could even question what was happening your accidentally acquired partner was leading you away towards the town. 


You had been following Wolf, what you had nicknamed the lone hunter, all over town chasing down this alien as you have come to understand. Your chase has led you all over town and now finally to the hospital where it seemed to be making its final stand against the two of you. It had always managed to slip away at the last moment in your previous interactions though this time you were certain you would not allow it to escape. 

As you made your way through the hospital you tried your best to ignore the trail of carnage that was left in its wake. Soon enough you found yourself outside on the rooftop of the hospital. You were surrounded by people from the town that had somehow found their way here as well as a swarm of aliens. You couldn’t tell which was worse as stray gunfire threatened to off you just as much as the aliens stalking you in the shadows. 

Wolf had the predalien busy for most of the fight as you and the other towns folk focused on picking off the rest of the swarm. Things eventually came to a head as the once formidable swarm of aliens now dwindled in number and the townsfolk were clambering into the helicopter as it prepared for take off. Wolf though was nowhere to be seen. 

The only sign you had of his position was the deep roar that sounded out through the worsening rainfall. Stumbling over the slick roofing you forced yourself to move as fast as you could in the direction you heard the fighting. With the spear gripped tightly in your hand you could see just vaguely through the veil of rain that Wolf was pinned with his back to the wall. 

Panicking you did the only thing you could think of in that split second. Smashing the blunt side of the spear against the exposed air conditioning unit you screamed out towards the predalien in a means to draw its attention towards you. 

In all honesty, you had done this as a desperate attempt to draw it away from Wolf not expecting it to actually work. You felt your heart stutter in your chest as suddenly the predalien was charging at you roaring over the thunder of the storm. You screamed now this time in true terror as you threw the spear at it. 

The spear sailed cleanly over its shoulder clattering somewhere beyond it as the predalien now leaped for you. With nowhere to run you ducked back and forced yourself between the air conditioning unit and the wall of the hospital. You were able to squeeze down just out of the predalien initially swipe as it now tore at the metal of the unit to get to you. 

As you stared up at the hideous beast you honestly hoped this would not be the end of you. Everything had just seemed to be getting interesting for you. 

Closing your eyes you held your breath as you prepared for pain as the top panel of the unit was torn away exposing you to the predalien. Though just as you feared your end was upon you it was the aliens screams that filled the air and not yours. You were yanked back as the aliens blood splattered the ground where you had stood moments before eating holes through the flooring. 

The alien staggered a moment before collapsing into a pool of its own acidic blood. A spear protruding from the carapace of its skull. Wolf was standing behind you, his hand still firmly on your upper arm as he stared down at the body of the alien. 

You felt as if you didn’t have time to do so much as catch your breath. Wolf was already moving, ushering you to follow him as he pressed buttons on his wrist thingy. You all but ran after him, his strides normally dwarfing your own but now his hurried step left you behind. 

You stopped and watched him feeling more than a little frustrated as to why now he had a sense of urgency. Wolf all but yanked his mask up off the floor before pointing at you forcefully and motioning hurriedly for you to follow. 

Though obviously you were not moving fast enough for him as he doubled back and threw your soaking wet form over his shoulder. You feel like you didn’t protest as much as you really should have as you watched Wolf take what looked to be a step straight off the edge of the building. Though instead of plummeting to your death, his feet found surface on something you just had yet to have seen. 

Your eyes widened in shock as a spaceship materialized around you. Wolf dropped you down in a much too large chair as he sat down in a matching one to your left. The dash in front of you lit up in an array of switches, dials and buttons. Wolf hit something and suddenly the view of your hometown from the front window slipped away and transformed into the night sky. All in the matter of a night your life up until that point disappeared. Leading you to where you were now. Sitting in the pilot’s chair of an alien spacecraft with an alien you accidentally befriended soaked to the bone. 

So much for being the perfect Christian child huh?

If you enjoyed please leave a like and reblog! Thank you so much <3 

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Hi everyone I’d just like to clarify with my new bio and all, yes I am now a Satanist. Don’t panic though because it isn’t the egotistical pricks you may be thinking (LaVey) of but rather the Non-theistic Temple of Satan. I wanted to be sure to give a little update on that and say that I am a-okay with any questions y'all may have and can feel free to ask them if you feel comfortable.

This has been a big step for me, rejecting the idea that I need to worship some mighty divine being, and feels like a breath of fresh air as I heal from what I can only describe as religious trauma.

I still practice spirituality, but it’s much more of an exploration of self than a worship of any gods.

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I used to go to curtch somtimes, my aunt wantted to bring me and my sister there and my dad was okay with it if we where. I don’t believe in God anymore tho becase when I was 9-10 I heard the words “only a man and a women” and my small little brain was like “well fuck that guy” and stopped going. My aunt was very sality about it.

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ok not to be h*rny on main but imagine the slasher of your choice (i’m thinking of brahms or billy lenz rn) in a whole like,,, catholic priest outfit (cassock?) with the white collar and all like 🥴 i’ll tell you my sins 🥴

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I’ll be honest, even though I didn’t grow up religious I still feel religious guilt for the things that I am. Like, I’m gay and trans so I’m constantly having to fight for my right to exist as is, but the fear that comes with it weighs down on me constantly. I don’t believe heaven exists, but I want to go, but I can’t because of what I am, but it shouldn’t matter what I am because heaven doesn’t exist anyways, and then the cycle repeats. Fucking sucks, man.

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Me, opens tumblr and sees someone repeatedly bashing religion: yikes.

Seriously guys, bashing religions is a dick thing to do. Unless it’s a cult like Scientology.

Just because I believe in God, doesn’t mean I am homophobic, or that I’m gonna shove it down your throat. And I am most certainly NOT going to bash your religion!!! You can be an atheist, you can be a satanist, you can be a Buddhist, I don’t give a fuck, but I will NEVER EVER bash your religion. What you believe in is NO ONES business. If someone gives you hell for what you believe in, fuck them.

Please think about how you might be effecting others.


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It started in my dream. A disembodied voice, invisible, but it filled all my other senses. Fear hit deep within my soul as it spoke. It told me: “You are mine” and I knew what that meant. My body was to be changed. As God made man in his image, this creature would remake me in it’s own despicable form.

I woke up, early in the morning. I tried to convince myself it was all a fantasy, but I knew better. As soon as I had thought of the inevitability, my body seared with pain.

My teeth all sharpened, my canines elongated into fangs. I didn’t have time to anticipate this, to open my mouth even an inch, so they all punctured through my gums. The metallic taste of blood filled my palate. My ears felt as if they were ripping and tearing, moving on their own. They changed, reformed, pointed. My human form was being forever changed. My lips tore, a terrible sensation of tearing flesh filled my face, even as they healed into their new form, curved up into an eternal smile. My nose flattened and changed. I grew a tail. I knew I would never be able to see myself in the mirror, but this new horrific form.

I am no longer human. I’m something else. I first thought of myself as lesser than humans, but now I see the truth. I’m the next stage. I serve as a view into the next steps into human evolution. I am more, I am better, I am pure, I am  nekomusume. And soon, so shall you be.

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B turned to look at their friend, who was lost deep in thought.

“Whatcha thinking about?” They asked, rolling over to look up at the stars.

“They died protecting me and,” A paused, “They’ll never know…”

“Never know what?” B questioned, “That you loved them? Because let me tell you bud, you aren’t very subtle.”

A laughed. A grin made its way on their face, before they shook their head.

“No,” They said. “They never got to see the outcome of their sacrifice. They’ll never know that they saved me, ya know?”

“Mm, I like to think they know. Whether they’re in Valhalla or just limbo or if Zeus or Jesus told them, I like to think they know,” B shrugged, tracing a constellation. “Besides, it’s gotta count for something, right? I’m sure whatever big guy, or lady, that’s up there took saving a life into consideration…”

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