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#tw sick
heres-the-marvel-teaan hour ago
I'm starting to get worried that tfatws is going to pretend Dr. Raynor is a good therapist, partially because, as a mental illness advocate, how therapy and mental health is presented in media is important. False guilt can be a heart breaking symptom in various mental illnesses, and it is debilitating. Lack of empathy is crushing and can make people believe this is a confirmation of their guilt. What we consume shapes the way we think whether we realize it or not, and we all need to start acknowledging this.
Also, it makes me sick to think that people on the production team of tfatws might have thought this was a good way to write therapy, as that would be a reflection of their own views.
Hopefully episode six is able to fix everything and actually complete all the story lines (remember when Zemo told the little girl Bucky and Sam were bad men?) but I'm not holding my breath.
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yellowpoet3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Drew a birthday frog for a beloved friend and thought you guys might also enjoy Him
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barmeciide5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Just wanted to give a heads up that I will, hopefully, get to those asks over the next few days. I got my second dose of the vaccine yesterday, and it took me out with a massive migraine, and then I got hit with a fever around midnight-ish. And massive muscle weakness which I did not expect at all. Just no muscle strength whatsoever for several hours. I was honestly expecting to get super sick, as in get hit with flu-like symptoms, which I suppose all of these are, but it wasn鈥檛 as intense as I thought it would be (expected super bad chills, nausea, whatnot, none of which I had). Except that I seriously needed an icepack/water, and didn鈥檛 even have the strength to sit up let alone walk downstairs so I was stuck texting my dad at 4am to see if he was awake jrhgrdfugvhjdf And like I was half out of it when he came in with it, and I remember him saying we didn鈥檛 have any icepacks, but like you know fever means you鈥檙e not paying attention to things, so he hands me something cold wrapped in a towel and I was like hooray an icepack I鈥檓 saved! Found out this morning it was a bag of frozen peas and now we鈥檙e waiting to see if they鈥檙e going to be good after being out for like a solid 10 hours fjdhgvjfdghvdvs! I鈥檓 feeling much better now, but I鈥檝e still got a tiny fever, and my body is achy/sore (for some reason my back and shoulders decided, no, forget your arm where you got the shot, we鈥檙e the problem body parts here so mainly just that sitting up for long periods hurts a little bit at the moment! Wrists are tiny bit funky because joints, but I鈥檓 thankful they鈥檙e not too bad! Mainly just my back and shoulders)! So, that鈥檚 where I鈥檝e been! Just taking it easy, and getting some rest (but, like I said, nowhere near as bad as I thought I would feel)!聽 聽 聽
Be safe, and take care of yourselves! Make sure to get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, take any medications you need, and eat lots of good food! And love on the animals in your life! 鉂わ笍聽
#| 鈽 out of time 鈽 (ooc) |#{ When my father and I eat those peas my mother is going to kill us hfhjkdgsyjhkgvjdf unless she gets to them and throws them away first }#{ We're 100% those idiots who eat things that are expired fdgjdhkds }#{ Yet when my friends try to I'm just like NO YOU CAN'T EAT THAT I WILL GET YOU A NEW ONE!!! YOU MUST BE SAFE!!! }#{ I tried to take a nice long bath this morning because baths always help me when I'm sick }#{ But the gosh darn plumbers who have been to the house twice in the past two weeks broke the drain in the tub even more#{ So my bath turned into an ice bath but I didn't want to waste the water so I took a 30min bath in freezing water with a fever like#{ the moron I am hjfdhjvhjdkbvj }#{ I mean it woke me up so at least there's that hdfjghvdfjxghjk }#{ My cat almost fell in the tub like three times because she's fascinated by running water but also HATES getting wet#{ She also almost knocked my phone in multiple times lol }#{ She woke up this morning and chose violence as repayment for staying with me the entire night and trying to hold my hand hhhdfjk }#{ She's very aware of how I'm feeling so she knew I was sick and was trying her best! I don't deserve her she's such an angel! }#{ Two weeks until I can finally get my hair cut it's been over a year I weep }#{ And two weeks from tomorrow until I can see my best friend again in person and give her the biggest hug ever!!!! }#{ Still being safe and wearing a mask and social distancing and not really going out either! }#{ Very happy to have gotten the vaccine! They may jab me with as many needles as they need to I'm used to it fjdgvhjckghvk }#{ I realize that can be misread hjdfghjvk when I say I'm used to it I both have tattoos and sew so I've been poked a lot lol }#| TW. Vaccine mention |#{ If I feel better-ish tonight might get started on those asks again as I don't like feeling unproductive }#{ But for now I'm just taking it easy and resting because I know me and I'll try to do things and make myself feel worse dfhlxvcx }#{ Could use one of my massage therapist vampires atm to fix my back hfudjugvhkdf }#{ when will I never not write a novel in the tags: never I always will I am only good at rambling dfhvkjdfx }
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thehugwizard7 hours ago
I'm having troubles eating again and everything looks disgusting
I haven't eaten anything besides plain white bread for the past couple of days and I know its bad but I can't. get anything else in my body
I know I should talk to my therapist about it but she's repeatedly told my parents about things I've told her not to tell them, and if she told them then I wouldn't get help I'd get yelled at for being ungrateful
I'm sorry for the vent I just. can I have a hug
the only thing people have told me about this when I ask for advice is to just suck it up and eat food but I genuinely feel like I'd be sick
Oh dear, thats not good, im sorry friendo *gives you a soft gentle hug*
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yoonsdraft12 hours ago
i don鈥檛 know if you鈥檝e seen those clips of jungkook having indigestion and having no appetite in his vlive several weeks ago, but i was wondering if you can put something together with that and maybe continue it after the vlive. personally i think that jungkook gets really bad indigestion and all the boys know about it. if you don鈥檛 know what i鈥檓 talking about then you can forget this.
A.N : I'm sorry this takes too long T.T i hope i got this vlive right? I remember that he even cough few times in this live ...
Ok I hope this one living up to your expectations :D thank you for the request ~ I'm sorry I couldn't fit 6 of them as caretaker T.T
TW : emeto, graphic description of vomiting.
Tumblr media
"Jungkook, eat your toast. We're gonna filming for few hours after this, you need energy", Hoseok cheerily says as the older set himself sits beside him in the kitchen, hands ruffling his blonde hair. "Mhm, don't wanna", he whined before buried his head on his arm again, feeling the cold kitchen counter against his cheek. He could feel another presence sits on his left side, "Jungkook, eat that. Is your stomach still feeling bad?"
Ah, that's Yoongi.聽Jungkook nods, slightly embarrassed of the small chaos he made last night as he keeps whined to his hyung that he's feeling bad鈥攅specially to Yoongi, since he was half-conscious climb to the older bed and ask for tummy rubs in the middle of the night. He's glad that his second-older hyung isn't the one who fussy and just naturally has a caretaker side in him.聽
"Just drink the tea then, okay? I will pack the toast for you, in case you're up to eat that later", Hoseok says and push the warm tea in front of him. Jungkook gives up and down the tea. It calms his bloated stomach鈥攎aybe his stomach is really just has trouble digesting his dinner.聽
"Are you sure you still want to do live, Kook?", Jimin looks down at the younger that laying on his laps, enjoying the gentle rubs from him since they got back to the agency from their filming. " Mhm, if I didn't do it today, I might not have found another time hyung. I missed them so much", Jungkook murmured. Jimin gonna let out another argument but failed when a staff peeking from the door, signaling to Jungkook that the room and the property are ready for live.
Jungkook slowly lifts himself and stays still for a minute, controlling his breathing because the sudden moves jostle his stomach a little bit. "Are you sure, Kook? or do you want me to go live with you?", Jimin worried voices come into his ears, makes him feel warm inside because how his hyung care about him so much. Jungkook mustered a small smile as he stands up, "It's ok hyung, I can do this. maybe talking with ARMY would distract my mind from how I feel right now. I only gonna live for an hour though. Don't worry, and didn't you have some recording with PD-nim?"
"Ah, yes i have but still..", Jimin trailed off.
"It's okay hyung. i will call you if i feel worse, okay? see you later", Jungkook hurriedly walks to their vocal practice room before his hyung come after him again.
"Um, Jungkook-ssi, i have prepared the phone along with salad and drink that you requested yesterday. Enjoy your live", the staff that walks beside him says, making him stop his walk, "What salad? I did request it?"
"Yes, you requested it yesterday to me as you told me to prepare the live. Is there a problem, Jungkook-ssi? do you want me to take it back?"
Jungkook gulped audibly, the image of the salad alone already make his stomach tighten, but it would be rude of him if he didn't eat the food that the staff already prepare and on top of that, its his request. So he just hummed a thank you and turn the live.
The live is going well, talking to his fans really could distract his mind from the uncomfortable feeling in his stomach鈥攈e even managed to eat half of his salad!聽But of course, the word "distract" means temporary.
The moment he turns off the vlive, as if his stomach knows that he's done with his "persona", it decided to flip upside down鈥 bringing a harsh wave of nausea racking his body. He hurriedly walks out of the room. He almost jumped in surprise when he bumped with Jimin that apparently went to check up on him, "Jungkook? Are you done?"
Jungkook nods quickly. He didnt have time for a small talk since the salad he push to eat earlier already crawling in the back of his throat, "Hyung ..", he choked out, "I really need to go to the bathroom I'm gonna be sick, sorry"
Jungkook didn't wait for his hyung to answer as he runs to the bathroom. Just in time for his stomach to squeezed the content inside, resulting in a stream of murky liquid splash into the toilet. He could taste the salad and his dinner yesterday lingering on his tongue, making him grimaces and heave once again.聽聽He could hear Jimin's panicked voice along with knocking on the stall door, but his stomach is taking control over his body as it keeps sending liquid after liquid through his mouth. The bowl already half-filled when he finally managed to lift his head and flushed the toilet. He turns his body quickly to open the lock so Jimin would stop knocking and goes in鈥攁ctually, he needs Jimin's warm back rub, but he didn't want to let Jimin know鈥 before his throat tightens and drives his body leaned forward to the bowl. The feeling of thick liquid slipping through his mouth is terrible but he could feel his muscle relaxed a bit as Jimin's hand going up and down on his back- not forgetting a soft comforting words the older murmured every time his body lurched forward, it really makes him feel a little bit better.
He spits the remnant of bitter saliva from his mouth before letting out a relief breathe, "I'm done hyung", his voice sounds more hoarse than he expected. Well, it's normal considering how hard his throat works to send his stomach content out.
Jimin's hand move to his head, playing with his blonde hair, "Is your stomach already feel better? You're throwing up a lot, Kook-ah. Its scares me"
Jungkook hums in content, "Yes .. but now i have no energy left hyung, 'm exhausted"
"Lets tell the hyung we're going home early, okay?"
Jungkook hasn't mustered an answer yet when another voice comes in, making the both of them jumped. "I will tell Namjoon and manager, you both just go home now. I hope you're feeling better, Kook. I will make some soup later when I get home, okay? I still have some recording left", Seokjin chimed in out of nowhere.
"Hyung what the鈥 why are you coming out of nowhere? how long have you been in there?", Jimin's voice went up one pitch-his natural reaction when he's surprised. Seokjin laughs, "Namjoon sent me to search for both of you since you are taking too long to the practice room. I was meant to go to the bathroom first before looking for you but well, I guess my instinct is right"
Jimin grunts as he stand up and guides Jungkook out from the stuffy stall, "at least make a little noise when you come in hyung. Look at Jungkook, he's pale again!"
"Yah! what are you talking about!"
Jungkook giggles weakly while rinsing his mouth and freshen his messy face鈥 getting rid of the leftover sensation of throwing up. His heart swells with a warm feeling again, looking at how Jimin and Seokjin still take a glance checking up on him while both of their mouth busy bickering with each other.聽
They are really his brother.
the vlive ;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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anythingbuttthatt13 hours ago
I was watching a YouTube video where George Floyd鈥檚 brother was discussing how he felt after winning the case, etc. In the comment section, I saw such a blatant lack of human empathy. Just in case anyone needs to be reminded,
You don鈥檛 deserve to get murdered for being a drug addict.
You don鈥檛 deserve to get murdered for committing a crime.
You don鈥檛 deserve to get murdered for not complying with police.
You don鈥檛 deserve to get murdered for any past crimes you may have committed.
I didn鈥檛 think that was so fucking hard to grasp but apparently it is. It is NOT the job of an officer to dole out death sentences. That鈥檚 the job of the courts and judges (the system is a mess but let me focus on one thing at a time).
There鈥檚 a special place in hell for all the nasty fucks who are claiming Floyd鈥檚 family is just doing this for money, or that George Floyd somehow deserved what happened to him. Y鈥檃ll make me SICK
Tumblr media
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kingandqueenwang13 hours ago
T/W: racism, police brutality
Not to put it so bluntly or haphazardly or whatever the right word is, but it feels like violent racism has become some sort of weird bet or dare. Like someone said "I bet you can't attack that elderly Asian and make it on the news" or "I dare you to treat the black community horribly hide behind a badge to get away with it." I know it's because of the wide scope of the world technology shows us, and it's a very good thing these cases are being exposed to shed light on the issue and hold offenders accountable for their actions. But I do think in juxtaposition, you can be overexposed to just how much is going on. It feels like every single racist act on earth is being caught on camera and force-fed to the people who could be effected. There's no disconnect, either. Once you know you can get jumped for your skin collar, possibly even if you don't leave the house, "staying off the internet for a while" isn't gonna help very much.
It's extremely disheartening to see that God's beautiful creation is absolutely festering with so much pure nonsensical hatred, just because we exist and look a certain way. It's actually starting to feel like if the world ended tomorrow, it'd be a relief. I sure am glad God sees the undeserving souls of mankind as worth trying to save before that day comes, because these days it is really really really hard to see why.
The saddest thing of all is that other people can cause me to struggle with wanting everyone to receive God's grace.
I know the world can't be fixed by simply being kind. Hatred and evil won't disappear. Ever. It's beyond human nature to be good. Most people willingly succumb to our sinful wicked ways without trying to be good or loving or kind. The world will be destroyed. But I pray it becomes safer at least. Safer to be black, or Asian, or an immigrant. Safer to exist. It sounds like an impossible request, but I can't just accept that it's always going to be this dangerous. I have to hope- at least hope- that it won't stay this way. That God will restore even a tiny amount of the peace and beauty that was meant to be on this earth. Maybe not by the end of my lifetime, but for those that live on after us.
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ybwme20 hours ago
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heldheart22 hours ago
鈥淗ow about making me vice president in charge of cheering you up?鈥澛(Surprise me)
February 9, 2024
Tumblr media
鈥淚鈥檓 not really in the mood for this right now, Steve.鈥 His sister countered as she cleaned up the front room of her mostly barren house before Pepper helped assist her by picking up the twins from school, and little Sasha was upstairs asleep as she was nursing a little stomach bug currently, and she shot him a glance. 鈥淚鈥檓 not certain that you can get me to cheer up or smile this time, it鈥檚 been two months almost since Tony died...and it鈥檚 only getting harder. It was supposed to get easier but it鈥檚 not, it鈥檚 harder so stop prying please. I just need to clean up before the twins get back from school and then go see if Sasha needs anything.鈥 She was thankful for the momentary distraction of her children though she was not happy that her daughter was sick, no, just glad to have a distraction in her time of grief.
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avery-song22 hours ago
Location: Angel Vet and Rescue
After spending several hours over at the hospital arguing with her mom Avery returned to work feeling mentally and physically exhausted. She tried to compose herself fully before stepping inside but it was hard to hide how she was feeling. The vet had never had much of a poker face. Seeing Asher at the front desk she smiled, weary but grateful. 鈥淭hank you so much for covering the desk. I know it isn鈥檛 your job at all. Family emergency. I owe you big time though. If there鈥檚 anything I can do for you please name it.鈥 She encouraged appreciatively
Tumblr media
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confusedhanyoa day ago
I just saw fanart on a blog with Towa and Krinmaru Kissing and other gross shit... fucking ew. i swear these people are nothing but pedo pushers and they call us crazy smh
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justanothergeekyfana day ago
A saikyo sick day part 3
Sakura had noticed that Dan Hibiki had fallen asleep. 鈥淚 guess I should get the tea ready.鈥 She said getting up and walking out of the room. As she was making him tea Sakura heard him throw up. 鈥淥h god!鈥 Said Sakura running into the room. It was worst than she had thought. Dan Hibiki had puked all over the floor and missed the bucket.
鈥淚-I-I-I鈥檓 sorry I-I tried to get it into the bucket but I couldn鈥檛!鈥 Cried Dan Hibiki in between heaving breathes. 鈥淚t鈥檚 ok I鈥檒l help you clean up.鈥 Said Sakura trying her best not to yell at him. because she knew that was the last thing he wanted to deal with. Sakura helped clean up his vomit and felt his forehead again.
鈥淵ou still feel burning hot to the touch. Poor thing hope you get better soon.鈥 She said before going. 鈥淚 think you tea鈥檚 ready. Want me to get it for you?鈥 Dan Hibiki just whimpered a little shivering as he did before coughing a bit. Sakura got up to get him the tea. Coming back into the room Sakura handed over the cup of tea to him. 鈥淗ere you go careful it鈥檚 hot.鈥 Dan dranked the tea but ended up drinking too fast and ended up choking as a result. Sakura patted his back a few times as he choked on his tea.
Finally Dan seemed like he had stopped choking only for him to go. 鈥淯m Sakura? I think I鈥檓 gonna throw up again.鈥 Hearing this Sakura quickly placed the bucket closer to him. 鈥淟et鈥檚 try to get it into the bucket this time.鈥 She said in a worried tone.
Dan Hibiki threw up into the bucket. 鈥淭heir you go! Feel any better?鈥 Said Sakura after he was done puking. 鈥淣-n-not r-r-r-really!鈥 Said Dan Hibiki before lying down on the floor. 鈥渙h dear that鈥檚 not good I鈥檒l get you some medicine to help you get better.鈥 Said Sakura tucking him in and leaving to get some rest. (To be continued)
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