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#tw suicide
ms-demeanor · 2 days ago
This post has kind of graphic descriptions of minors killing themselves. Warning.
So when I was a junior in high school there was a kid (we'll call him Alex) in the English class that I TA'd for who stood on the train tracks behind the school and waited for the train to hit him while his friends watched. I went to prom with a kid from my D&D group who had been held back by his friends as he watched his best friend get hit by a train. The whole thing was nasty in a really visceral way. Alex's mom had killed herself a week prior. Alex had told his friends that he was going to visit his mom. He had a suicide note in his backpack and he waited on the tracks for the train that came just a few minutes before first period - there were probably close to a hundred people watching when he got hit.
Ten years before that, another kid rolled up a towel, put it down on the tracks to keep the metal from burning his skin, and put his headphones on. He waited on the tracks behind the school until the train came. That kid was my friend's older brother. That was a lot quieter. There were no helicopters hovering over a full campus, he killed himself in the summer.
A few years after I graduated, it happened again. That kid stopped his car on the tracks.
A few years after that, there was another kid killed on the tracks between the high school and the park - there's some doubt about what happened. It may have been an accident, he was walking home and wearing headphones, it's not clear.
The community college I'm going to is four miles away from these train tracks.
It has been almost ten years since the last time a kid was killed on the tracks.
Which means I have no idea how to feel about the fact that the assigned reading in my lit class this week is about a high school student who decides that he can't cope with reality and kills himself on a set of train tracks, I just know that I feel SOMETHING about it.
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rrandomtthings · a day ago
Tw// suicide
Bkdk AU where Deku did take a swan dive and died, but now he is stuck to Katsuki for all of Katsukis life. Throughout time, Katsuki learns to regret how he treated Deku as the two grow to form some sort of relationship. The consequence though is that neither of them are able to touch each other until Bakugou dies
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winchesterwitch07 · 2 days ago
In the past few weeks, three students have committed suicide after receiving their NEET results in South India.
Don't ever tell me that things are fine, or better now, or any other bullshit because kids are killing themselves over test results
I have friends that are so overwhelmed by everything that they hate themselves for never 'being enough'. They're constantly
Our country has had the highest recorded number of student suicides for years now
And as I grow older I notice just how stressed everyone is
I have friends that are studying every second they get, they skip meals and turn away those that care about them, they can't breathe
I have friends that are so overwhelmed that they constantly hate themselves for never 'being enough'. They're constantly trying to live up to expectations, they can't breathe
I have friends with learning disabilities whose parents and teachers don't give them the hell they need, they're called lazy. They are under so much pressure and have so much on their plate, they can't breathe
So don't you dare say things are good, don't you dare say that students these days are lazy
Not when there's people, kids, so stressed they feel like there's no other way out. Not when any morning now I could wake up and see a familiar face on the news.
Not when a child has to speak up because the people with the power to make changes don't care
Don't you dare
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maevesamy · a day ago
list of fictional couples that have to become canon otherwise i’ll kill myself:
1.none. life is a gift from god and i understand my life can’t revolve around fictional characters and their relationships.
2. viv x jackson
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suncaptor · a day ago
Cain, desperately wanting to die upon hearing Abaddon was dead and Dean still hadn't come by to stab him: FINE. I'll genocide 1/10th the planet THAT will draw his attention 🙄🙄
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patchwork-rambles · 12 hours ago
Next up on Youtooz's list: A figure of Exile Arc c!Tommy About to Step Off His Dirt Tower and Kill Himself! Fun collectible! /j
(In all seriousness, I understand why the c!Wilbur youtooz is what it is because him pressing the button and committing assisted suicide is a big part of his character and is very memorable. Not actually mad or anything about it. I just personally do find it a little weird and off-putting, and even if I could bring myself to support youtooz knowing their sordid history... I'd just never buy it lmao. Would be rather awkward to have a figure depicting the suicide of a man in a cartoonish style on the shelf next to the other youtooz where everyone is Happy And Cutesy and Just Chilling. Like. It reminds me a bit of the Laura Palmer Funko Pop hsfhgsdjghdhdhd)
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transmascissues · a day ago
just got my first unalive-baiting ask 😍 imagine telling a transmasc person they should unalive themselves because they dared to speak and then saying their oppression isn't real immediately after, the cognitive dissonance is ASTOUNDING folks
if that anon sees this: i dare you to actually think critically about why you had such a violent reaction to the things i talk about, because - believe it or not - that's actually NOT a normal or healthy reaction to have to someone you disagree with
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visit-ba-sing-se · 7 months ago
idk who needs to hear this but there is literally nothing that would be “too small” or “too insignificant” to stay alive for. You think birds are cute? Go for another day to see more of them jump around in the snow. You like hot chocolate? Wake up tomorrow to make yourself another cup. You are really into that one (objectively kinda crappy) series? Go until next Wednesday when the new episode airs. You do not always need a great purpose. If you have a small thing that can take you to the next morning? That thing is great. That thing is enough. Go get that thing. 
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sangriazouis · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
attached are also numbers for worldwide suicide hotlines. please reach out for help if you’re feeling hopeless.
or text HOME to 741741 (USA and Canada)
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screamydreamy · 3 months ago
There's a post going around about "the guy who tried to kill Reagan is out of prison and singing love songs on youtube"
The post is kind of ridiculous and funny out of context but its kind critical to know that this guy was Jodie Foster's stalker, who became obsessed with her after seeing her in Taxi Driver at the age of twelve. He began stalking her and trying to make contact while she was at university. He didn't try to kill Reagan out of some based political ideology or whatever, but because he thought the notoriety would impress Jodie Foster, he originally planned on commiting suicide in front of her.
Whether he was released because he's been successfully rehabilitated or not i dont think is relevant, he did this for fame and admiration from a young woman who was traumatised by what he did, it's the same shit that school shooters do. he doesn't deserve attention or respect.
it's not "king shit" or "based," he was a fucking creep.
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nolongerangels · 8 months ago
"my child is fine" your child wanted to kill herself at 11 years old
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iris-main · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Hey what the fuck
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