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doubleca5t · a day ago
kill yourself ugly male
not what your mom said last night
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grassbreads · 2 days ago
I cannot stop thinking about Wei Wuxian and how. like. blatantly suicidal he is when Wen Chao throws him into the Burial Mounds. We really truly do not talk about this enough.
Wei Wuxian talks about how losing his golden core breaks Jiang Cheng, because JC sees himself as having nothing to live for but rebuilding his clan and getting revenge against the Wens, and so without the power to do that, his life is nothing. It's not worth living. But the thing is, Wei Wuxian feels the exact same way after the transfer. He directly thinks, when Wen Chao threatens to kill him, that dying "won't be any worse than living." A life without power is not better than death to him, because he can never again seek to do anything meaningful or great. He is nearly as torn apart by the loss of his core as Jiang Cheng was.
Then the Wens show up, and in his desperation for the power to enact revenge, Wei Wuxian welcomes his own death with open arms. He thinks of the fact that he might come back as a ferocious ghost to enact his revenge, and he feels "an unparalleled thrill," because nothing matters to him anymore but somehow regaining the ability to enact violence against Wen Zhuliu, Wang Lingjiao, and Wen Chao, even if it means his own death.
And I know that it's different in different adaptations, but in the book, Wei Wuxian has never actually controlled/harnessed resentful energy before he's tossed into the Burial Mounds. He's interested in learning, and he might have some ideas on how to try, but I think the fact he learns when he does is important. He needs the Burial Mounds' surplus of resentful energy, and he needs desperation as the impetus to try demonic cultivation in the first place, but beyond that, I think the suicidal fury of his mindset when he's thrown down by Wen Chao is absolutely vital.
The Wei Wuxian that's tossed into the Burial Mounds wants to die, and he's purposely filling himself up with as much hatred and resentment as possible. He actively wants to become a fierce ghost. And I'd argue that it's this state of mind, this empathy and parallel to the bodies and monsters around him, that enables him to unlock the secret of demonic cultivation.
Who better to learn to understand the undead than a man that's already halfway to becoming one?
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transfaguette · an hour ago
"look how much I care about trans women (by telling trans men to kill themselves)" isn't a very good defense to be quite honest with you
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wu-sisyphus-gang · 2 days ago
Jaune: The military taught me confidence.
Weiss: How so? You had that fake confidence Beacon freshman year.
Jaune: Beacon freshman year I never had the confidence to step in front of a bus.
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maggutzzzzzzz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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suncaptor · 2 days ago
everyone who has thought or written about Sam finding out about holy oil and burning himself alive to try to avoid Lucifer bringing him back to life... you GET it. you get it.
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pain-isnt-n33ded · 4 hours ago
"suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem" please stop, i get that suicide sucks but this is not a temporary problem, this is a chronic condition that sets up shop in my brain and tries it's damn hardest to kill me every day. i will most likely die by suicide and that's not me being negative or making self fulfilling profices,this is just the reality of my situation. it's a reality i tell everyone that gets close to me so that they can decide then and there if it's worth the trouble. so please stop telling me this, when i do kill myself it was not out of my own volition, it was my illness that ive batted my entire live taking it.
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wubbelwubbwubb · 2 days ago
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But I couldn’t do it. After all I’d convinced myself I was ready to do. I made myself watch, when my parents - I could not do the slightest thing my House expected of me. Not even then. You’re not the only one who couldn’t die.
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nartothelar · a month ago
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the aftermath
sequel to this
this was made primarily because, in regards to the events of the last comic, to anyone looking on, it would look as though emmet threw himself onto the tracks willingly. and with ingo gone and emmet’s smile slipping as the days drag on, no one would suspect otherwise
“ingo”: emmet. emmet. are you awake?
emmet: ingo!
elesa: I’m not ingo. emmet. It’s just me. The doctor said you were fine.
emmet: hm
elesa: just exhaustion and a few bruises
emmet: hm
elesa: what happened back at the station emmet?
emmet: ...I have not been sleeping lately. I did not perform safety checks. and so I fell asleep near the platform
emmet: I saw the light of the oncoming train. how am I...
elesa: it was archeops. he came out of his ball and managed to pull you back just in time. it was a close though.
emmet: archie huh?
elesa: very close
elesa: so you fell asleep. ok, ok.
emmet: you seem oddly relieved. why?
elesa: oh! I-it’s nothing. don’t worry!
emmet: tell me
elesa: you scared me back there, em. ingo been missing for months
emmet: yes he has
elesa: I try to visit whenever I can but I know I’m not enough. I can tell, hell everyone at station can tell. you’ve been spiraling. when I first saw the footage, how you stared at the tracks, how you lurched forward. I thought... that maybe his disappearance might have become too much for you to handle...
emmet: that is ridiculous elesa. I must be there to greet Ingo when he returns. I will stay on this track. I will not derail. however long it takes
elesa:...yeah. however long it takes
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fossilaquifer · a month ago
9 To 5 || Severance
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funnytwittertweets · a year ago
Tumblr media
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moldyhay · 20 days ago
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pog-juice · 20 days ago
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The way I speed ran to make this
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mrgaretcarter · 9 months ago
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visit-ba-sing-se · a year ago
idk who needs to hear this but there is literally nothing that would be “too small” or “too insignificant” to stay alive for. You think birds are cute? Go for another day to see more of them jump around in the snow. You like hot chocolate? Wake up tomorrow to make yourself another cup. You are really into that one (objectively kinda crappy) series? Go until next Wednesday when the new episode airs. You do not always need a great purpose. If you have a small thing that can take you to the next morning? That thing is great. That thing is enough. Go get that thing. 
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mothercoyote · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Let’s be the bad guys!
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smiledog15578 · 7 months ago
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I remember making this doodle a while back but never posted it due to the fear of not having doc ock team up with Peter (at the time it was just in theory) but now I can
Btw this is a reference to that one breaking bad post I found hilarious
🐙Reblogs are appreciated!🕷
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sangriazouis · a year ago
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attached are also numbers for worldwide suicide hotlines. please reach out for help if you’re feeling hopeless.
or text HOME to 741741 (USA and Canada)
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nartothelar · a month ago
Lol now you just got us wondering who, or what, is possessing Emmet and why. And since Ingo has just exposed that he /knows/ how they might use the fact that they ARE controlling Emmet to keep Ingos mouth shut.
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a warning
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xmaruu11 · 5 months ago
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Happy Together Forever
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