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#tw swearing

i’m still baffled that hugh jackman didn’t drink water to prepare for jean valjean, the most vocally challenging role in the show, but all anyone ever talks about is how bad russell crowe was

like sure, russell crowe had to sing like the same three notes in stars and didn’t manage to hit it once, but hugh jackman didn’t fucking drink water. he literally sounded like his vocal cords were made of sandpaper in the soliloquy

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might go nonverbal at school tomorrow, and the day after that, and for the rest of my fucking school life until i move out of this hellhole <333

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my prof said they’d be open til midnight but they closed at 11:3o and now i finished ththe othe rone but its 11:57 and i cant aacees the fucking last assignment ughhhhh no thanku

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puffy writing out ‘fuck the egg’ using the broken bits of the eggpire’s base?

chef’s kiss. love to see it. i adore her

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The year before last I went to a sleepaway camp, you know as one who doesn’t like being at home does. The first text I sent when I got back was just a picture of me flipping off the camera and the actual text was “I lived bitch”

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I just got called a spicy little middle schooler, spicy my ass I’ll eat a bitches kneecaps 

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dude i don’t make sense

like, me

me doesn’t make sense, the way that i am

my parents buy me things, ask me if i want something, if it’s expensive it doesn’t matter, they’ll buy it or help me get some money

but i never fucking ask for things, i hate it

i hate asking for things, for a glass of water, i won’t fucking ask for a piano

they’ve always told me that i only have to ask for permission to use the bathroom in someone else’s house, but i ask in my house

they’ve always told me that when everyone is eating i can start eating, but i need to ask, i need to hear someone saying that i can start eating


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Who the fuck are these people, I don’t fucking know, I’ve had a phone number for coming up on 3 years now and I have like none of my families numbers, they are gonna be pissed

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George: *slamming his head into the table*
George: I. Just. Dont. Get. It.

Fred: *shaking his finger and tutting*
Fred: when I was your age this shit was easy

George: you’re two minutes older!

Fred: which means I’m two minutes wiser little brother

*Not mine -

Idk if you think this is funny

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here’s my entry for the newsies discord writing challenge #2! the prompt i used was “are you upset with me?”


ship: ralbert

trigger warnings: like 1 or 2 swear words

read on ao3:


Seeing Albert calm and quiet wasn’t necessarily rare, despite him being one of the more chaotic newsies at the lodge. Even he had his limits.

But seeing Albert ignore his boyfriend, who’s been his best friend for nearly ten years, was unusual.

No one knew what sparked it, not even Race. Most people assumed that they had a fight, those weren’t uncommon in the lodge, but then they saw the confusion on Race’s face and crossed that possibility off of the list.

It started when Race reached his arms out for a hug after the bell rang, as he did every day, and Albert just brushed by him. He was never big on physical touch, so nobody was truly surprised at first. But the redhead didn’t even say a word to Race, leaving him confused and worried.

It went on like this the entire day. Albert wasn’t talking to anyone. The most interaction he’d have with another newsie would be a nod of acknowledgement. Nobody was sure what was going on, but they gave him space.

It affected Race the most. The blonde was left without an explanation as to why his best friend - his boyfriend - was ignoring him. His mind ran over all the things that he could’ve possibly done wrong. Was he being too loud at lunch the other day? Did he say something that he didn’t know would hurt him? Race got quieter and quieter as the days went by, which was extremely unusual for him.

Albert slowly started to interact more with the other boys, never explaining why he went silent all of the sudden. He still stayed away from Race for the most part. This turn of events took a huge toll on Race. There would be days he could barely get out of bed.

Eventually, he got fed up with it. All of his sadness and confusion turned to anger and frustration. He needed an explanation, whether Albert would like it or not. He tracked down the slightly older boy one day after selling.

“Albert.” His voice was stern, and he wasn’t using a nickname like he always did. This caught Albert off guard, but he kept calm.

“What’s up Racer?” He asked. Bad idea.

Race exploded. “What’s up? You’ve been ignorin’ me for nearly a week without an explanation and all you have to say is “what’s up?” Are you serious?” Race’s arms flew around him as he yelled. His face was red, and you could almost see steam coming out of his ears.

Race never yelled. That was the first thing Albert noticed. He never yelled at one of his fellow newsies like this. It was here that Albert realized how badly he had fucked up. Race was hurt.

“Race I-”

“No! I don’t want your shitty apology! I want an explanation!” Race’s voice broke. He was clearly on the verge of tears.

“Race…” God. What did he say? Could he fix this? “I just…I needed…” The blonde crossed his arms and tapped his foot impatiently as Albert fumbled over his words. Finally, he took a deep breath, avoiding eye contact with Race.

“I was ignoring you ‘cause I ain’t good enough for ya.” Albert admitted. Race’s expression immediately softened, all of his anger seemingly forgotten. “I thought It’d be best to distance myself so ya wouldn’t have to bother getting rid of me yourself.”


“It would be better for me to just remove myself from the picture so you don’t gotta, right?”

Race looked at his shoes, trying to keep tears from escaping. Before he knew it, he was running towards Albert, wrapping him in a huge hug. That’s when the tears came. The redhead seemed shocked at first, but soon wrapped his found around his boyfriend’s slender body, resting his chin on the top of Race’s head.

“Sorry. Didn’t think you’d actually be upset.”

“Of course I would be!” Race slightly pulled away, looking Albert in the eyes. “You’ve been my best friend for nearly a decade and my boyfriend for half a year, of course I’d be upset if you left!” Albert wiped a few tears from his boyfriend’s wet cheeks.

“I guess I thought you were fakin’ it. Ya feelings for me.”

“I would never! I love you Albie. Really. I dunno what I’d do without ya.” Race wrapped his arms around Albert’s neck, bringing their faces closer together until the tips of their noses were touching.

“Are you upset with me?” Albert gently asked, moving his hand to cup Race’s cheek.

“Not anymore.”

They stayed there for a few moments before they heard the doors of the lodge open and the familiar noises of the rowdy boys that followed. They gently chuckled, exchanging a quick kiss before heading into the main room, where a few newsies were already setting up a poker game.

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i think the only way people remember me is “ohh its that horny gay guy, they barely fucking post wow”

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I hear people say that Tommy’s death today was lame and boring.

But like, that shit was genuinely terrifying if you think about it.

They were arguing and hitting each other, both insulting the shit out of each other, when suddenly Dream starts beating Tommy to the brink of his life and Tommy is literally saying “STOP” & “NO” repeatedly up until he died.

Imagine being in Tommy’s place, being beaten to death by your abuser

What part of that is lame or boring?

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