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#tw swearing
anyawarrior · 16 hours ago
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just found out about the nintendo direct
[Image ID: a discord message from myself. the message reads, in all caps, "WHO AT NINTENDO WENT TO WORK INTOXICATED AS FUCK AND JUST WENT 'CHRIS FUCKING PRATT AS MARIO'". End ID]
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whobrokethisvase · 2 days ago
Remus, to Patton: You're too good for this world, pops.
Remus: But that's okay.
Remus: I'll be an asshole for both of us.
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altarmisu · 2 days ago
when grian makes his hitlist for last life i think he should get one of these bad boys. shitty voice password protected diary that he has to scream at while trying not to add "aha!" to the password because he didn't use the "aha!" when setting up the password
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and he should write exclusively in these pens because they're fun to look at and see
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apathetic-coffee · 17 hours ago
so, uh, how we feelin’ ‘bout the mario movie news?
Tumblr media
with each piece of information we get about the mario movie i fear more and more of the day this image comes into fruition
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septicake · 17 hours ago
I have no clue what to post
so, I've decided I'm going to make a big mistake
this post is free reign, go apeshit
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Error: the glass is half empty.
Blue: i think it’s half full!
Error: i think you’re full of shit
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bloodyteacakes · a day ago
Anyhow, adding onto a different point in my post. We got to talk about how the fanbase just violently remove any complexity for the Brown characters.
A lot of y'all try to completely strip Klavier's character down to being a funny, sexy brown man and characterizing him as a himbo when that's quite literally not accurate to his character whatsoever. Also yes, white people in the crowd calling a brown man who is clearly not a himbo, a himbo has racist implications. Associating darker-skinned with stupidity is racist. Moreover, portraying Godot/ Diego Armando as a 100% bad person, who is aggressive and malicious with no complexity or new ones to speak of also has some pretty nasty implications. Especially if he is the only character you do this to.
Y'all don't strip Edgeworth of his character 99% of the time. If anything y'all treat him like a delicate baby who has never done anything bad or remotely questionable at all. I love Edgeworth very much, but like the way y'all treat him in comparison to all of the other characters really highlights how the fanbase has a racism, colorism and misogyny problem.
Also the way how some of y'all had beef with klavier for having an outdated German in the English translation and having real debate over whether or not that meant he was a misogynist because of a fluke and translation is weird. The way that y'all actively try to defend some of the very bad things that Edgeworth says as being a mistranslation when you do not give that same grace to any darker skin characters we have in the franchise is all so weird and deeply racist.
Also aggressively hypersexualizing Klavier and Diego is also really weird and racist. Stop doing that, you are quite literally giving BBC and Mandingo with some of y'all's headcanons. Please express your love of or dislike of black and brown characters without being weird about it. Also for the love of everything please unpack why you see darker skin as having a correlation to stupidity, promiscuity or aggressiveness. Cuz the way y'all talked about like the few brown-skinned characters we have makes me deeply fucking uncomfortable.
Long story short, next white person I see referring to Diego or Klavier as himbos is getting hit with a rake.
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My dad just sent me a selfie of him wearing a Santa costume followed by "Who's Santa?" I'm pretty sure he's wearing it while at work how the fuck do I respond to this /pos
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notsodazzlingdaisy · 9 hours ago
school doesn't test my intelligence it tests my ability to keep calm and not slap a bitch
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levicorpusbitch · 9 hours ago
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rogers-brnes · 16 hours ago
i fucking hate fics that have past b*ock r*mlow and bucky or past b*ock r*mlow and steve like that is so fucking disgusting to me
any form of b*ock r*mlow x avenger is fucking gross
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that-one-queer-poc · a day ago
no bc why is it that poc would speak up against a form of racism on tumblr and then get a bunch of asks in their inbox like “i support the cause but not the execution you’re being so mean about it 🥺🥺”
like first of all we have a right to be mean it’s our oppression we’re gonna talk about it in the same way we’ve been treated about it
second of all why should i have to cater to a racists feelings 🤨 the whole point of them being racist is that they clearly don’t care about mine why do y’all always expect poc to walk on eggshells while being shot at when it comes to shit like this
third of all most of the time they’re not even being mean or rude they’re just pointing it out with a little scorn which is justified as seen in point 1
like just say you’re a performative activist who wants to excuse racism but make it seem like you still think blm. like you’re defending a racist right now do you realize that. you’re trying to protect a RACIST against “mean criticism” they deserve a lot fucking worse than that sarah
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the-spooky-children · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Weird ass shit like eye monsters and possible cocaine
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apathetic-coffee · 19 hours ago
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jugn00 · 6 months ago
humans: i am worthless. i cannot do anything.
also humans: *sings in the bathroom* *writes poems* *provides trees with CO2* *swims* *studies* *reads autobiographies* *proposes to their s/o* *passes a compliment* *stares at the moon* *takes shitty pictures of the sunset* *shouts fuck for no reason* FUCK! *hugs you* *talks* *doesn't like to be touched* *dances late at night* *says i love you* *says i hate you(affectionate)* :)
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noctude · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
i care foolish so much
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Why the fuck is everyone freaking out about Berdly dying in Deltarune Chap 2 I hate that bitch
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