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apostate-in-an-alcove · 11 hours ago
Terfs calling trans rights activism a cult makes me skeptical that they even know or understand what a cult actually is in the first place.
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datsderbunnyblog · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I thought they’d at least have enough sense to crawl back under the rock from whence they came. Alas, I overestimated them. Fuck terfs.
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thetraumatrain · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Friendly reminder that Contrapoints has some not so great takes on non-sex-repulsed asexual folks, non-binary and non-dysphoria trans people, and bisexual people.
In case this needs explanation:
-lots of people who don’t experience sexual attraction to others still enjoy sexual pleasure
-non-binary, two-spirit, non-dysphoric, and other trans people who don’t fit in the typical cookie cutter idea of “transgender” have been around for ages
-bi people in a “straight” relationship are still bisexual. Pan people in a “straight” relationship are still Pan. If you’re gay and for some reason you end up in a “straight” relationship through repression or abuse then you are still gay.
It’s not that hard to respect other people.
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iron-fifty-nine · 5 months ago
Just making sure this is very fucking clear
Tumblr media
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notquitetwilight · a year ago
British terfs saying they’d never take advice from Irish feminists (whose feminism has been recognisably trans-inclusive) because Ireland has only recently gained abortion rights is an absolutely worms-for-brains take. Imagine thinking it’s an own to scold feminists for recently winning rights they had to fight tooth and nail for as opposed to simply, idk, being born with them???? The abortion rights campaign in Ireland was a grassroots-led movement in which trans and non-binary people played a huge role and while abortion accessibility might have taken us decades to achieve thanks to Ireland’s cultural and financial dependence on the Catholic Church — which, by the way, is a direct result of British colonialism — it is something we’ll go down in history for achieving from the ground up. And once we did achieve it, we immediately began looking at how we could help bring abortion accessibility to Northern Ireland — you know, the six counties of Ireland that are still part of the UK, which British feminists conveniently forgot about and left in the dust once they got abortion rights for themselves 50 years ago??? But sure let punching down on trans people be the great feminist debate of your time, what a shining example of feminism you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway trans and non-binary folks of Ireland, you’ve always had a special place in Irish feminism and therefore Irish society and no coloniser take is ever gonna change that. And trans and non-binary folks of the UK, I’m sorry your mainstream feminism repeatedly spits in your face — you deserve so much better. Whenever Covid pisses off and leaves us alone, come over for a drink with your Irish pals and sisters ❤️
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Fun fact: if you're a TERF you're a bad person!
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queerism1969 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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thearsonsystem · 3 months ago
If you are trans, under the trans umbrella, a trans ally or even a decent human being please dont scroll! User tetraterezi has been reblogging posts especially mogai, xenogender, and trans related posts and reponding with a hard to read picture where the easiest thing to see is “people may call you a TERF if” and when able to read the picture it has a bunch of terf idology. She has also been disrespecting dnis, spreading lies, and misgendering people. Please block her and reblog this to get the word out!!! BE SAFE! My asks and dms are open if you need to talk! - nix
Tumblr media
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gaygardevore · 3 months ago
Terfs are just angry because they couldn't handle they/them pussy
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neurodivergent-noodle · a month ago
to the person who said she thought “there must be something inherently wrong with men”… (she meant AMAB people, but was a trans-exclusionist so…)
no. nope. not at all.
neuroscience has disproven the idea of “male brain” vs “female brain” time and time again. the only difference is the average size of the AMAB brain, but that is white matter, and doesn’t correlate with brain functioning.
any other differences come about due to socialisation.
AMAB people are more likely to be exposed to toys that help them learn things like spatial awareness and pattern recognition, which then helps them in STEM later down the line.
AFAB people are more likely to be exposed to toys that help them learn things like creativity, caring behaviours, and social bonding, which then helps them in arts, as well as care-based careers later down the line.
AMAB people are encouraged to be loud and discouraged from showing emotion, and AFAB people are taught the opposite.
endocrinologists have proven that there’s very little link between testosterone and bad behaviour. not only that, it’s not uncommon for AFAB folk to have high testosterone levels, and this doesn’t seem to cause aggression in them. similarly, some AMAB folk have low testosterone.
there’s nothing inherently wrong with AMAB people. it’s not biological. it’s not inevitable that a man will be a bad person. the issue is societal ideals that frame masculinity as being violent. society pressures men to be violent and toxic and bad, but individual men can make individual choices.
it’s a slippery slope to say that being AMAB or being masculine automatically leads to violence and hatred of women. because then… then… it would be pointless trying to teach men how to be better. the whole of feminism would be pointless if it was inevitable that men are going to hurt women.
what kind of mental gymnastics are these people doing that they think it’s feminist to say biologists are wrong, men are just made to be evil?
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lady-wildflower · a month ago
See, Rowling is pulling some very deliberate bullshit in her most recent TERF-dump. By positing her transphobia as ‘if you disagree you support rapists,’ she gives herself a very easy angle to punch back with, without actually addressing what the issue with what she supports is.
Nobody is saying that rapist trans women aren’t rapists. Nobody is saying that. But the fundamental truth is that if a trans woman rapes someone, she’s still a trans woman. We don’t want that ignored, why the fuck would we? Unlike TERFs, we don’t think we’re angels who can do no wrong. Because the other fundamental truth here is that just because someone’s awful doesn’t mean they’re not trans and doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to self-ID. What she is supporting is the idea that one’s own identity is a privilege given by cis people that can be revoked at any time if they decide they don’t like you, or like she does in her very first TERF-manifesto, if they decide you’re not the right kind of trans. What she is also supporting is the idea that rapists should be stripped of their legal rights, and attacking the rights of a marginalized group in the same stroke. No, we don’t support rapists, nor will we ever support rapists. But the fact is that criminals of all strokes must still have rights, because a government that says they shouldn’t have rights is a government immediately inclined to jail its political opposition and strip them of their rights, and we have a word for that. It’s fascism.
No, I don’t support rapists in any way. But fundamentally, any convicted criminal must have rights, no matter how icky and wrong it feels to say a rapist has rights, because if the state can take away your rights for one crime, it can take them away for any crime it likes. Rowling promoting this instance of revoking rights based on criminality (as assessed by the state for good or for bad) is completely in line with a rise in nationalist and fascist stances in the UK, which literally introduced legislation that will allow their government to revoke citizenship without warning, even to people born in the UK, and deport them to the country of their parents’ origin. Criminals and prisoners must have rights and standards to their treatment, otherwise you live in a fascist state.
Rowling’s bullshit promotes the idea that trans women are men the moment we fall out of line, be that for a rape conviction or for, again as she posits in her first essay, not being the right kind of trans for her, and anything inbetween. She promotes the idea that one’s identity is a courtesy she should be allowed to revoke at any time. Does this TERFstain understand that cis women are just as capable of rape as trans women? No, because her position is based on the idea that women are fluffly little fairies who can do no wrong, which is frankly an insult to women both cis and trans.
Yes, trans women can be rapists. Trans men can be rapists. Nonbinary people can be rapists. So can cis women and cis men. At no point have we ever pretended we are incapable of criminality and abhorrent behaviour, and at no point would Rowling ever link the gender of a cis woman rapist to their crime. In fact, I’m fairly sure she’d ignore it if the rapist was a cis woman, because it doesn’t fit her TERF worldview. But the fundamental issue here is the precedent of revoking our rights as a population because of it, and the fact that cis TERFs like Rowling want to paint the picture that criminals among us are criminals because they are like us. It is identical to the bigoted idea that lesbians want to rape women, that gay men want to rape men, because they are homosexual.
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robotic-poet · a month ago
Since jk Rowling discourse is apparently a thing again, let me remind everyone that whatever you choose, that money spent on Harry Potter, whatever franchise it is, a fraction goes to her. Who has spent and continues to spend money on groups and policies that not only make the lives of trans people harder, but also and less secure.
Let me also remind you that JK Rowling's presence online and in pop culture is one of the biggest reasons she's still this influencing over public opinion.
Let me also remind you that JK Rowling herself has proudly said that she considers the promotion of her work online to be a support for her ideas. She has claimed that most of the Harry Potter fan base shares her views.
I am not telling anyone what to do. But this is the truth and the facts are that in this case we can't separate the art from the author.
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sphyrnestuff · a month ago
adding on to the last post i reblogged and yes ive been reblogging lots of anti jkr posts lately, but something ive noticed esp w non-uk ppl online is that they dont quite comprehend the influence jkr has had here and the current state of trans healthcare and legislation in the uk, or really how deep the terf rhetoric goes
for example, earlier this year there were protests against scottish gov plans to let ppl self identify gender wise - the gender recognition reform act. the terfs were against it naturally, with their usual shit, about how ANYONE could suddenly decide 2 id as a woman. what all the protesting terfs failed to acknowledge was that even w the planned self id system, it would still take 6 months to legally change ur gender from start to finish at a minimum, including at least 3 months of living as ur preferred gender before u applied (down from previously being a 2 year process). the proposed changes meant that u wouldnt need like a medical diagnosis to make the change. but like. it still takes a long fucking time
ANYWAYS BASICALLY. my point is. the number of posts decrying jkr arent just fandom ppl complaining online about a ~problematic creator but rather trying to highlight that she is someone with a lot of influence, she funnels her money towards transphobic causes, she is put on a pedestal by terf campaigners in the uk etc and it is all having a detrimental impact on the lives of myself and other trans ppl in the uk. to ppl in the us and elsewhere, u may go "shes just saying stupid shit on twitter, ignore her" but if ur trans in the uk. its hard to do that.
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angelofdumpsterfires · a month ago
Anyways reminder that while violent transphobia (especially against trans women) is a pillar of TERFism it’s not the only one, the others are more subtle and you should beware of them
(Note, when I say “women” or “men” I am referring to what a TERF considers to be each as TERFs are notorious for misgendering all folks across as the gender spectrum)
TERFs are anti-sex work believing it to be in support of the patriarchy and a betrayal of womanhood or claiming it to be dangerous or done only in desperation. (bullshit by the way, all work is selling your body you are no better than someone who does that literally, I am anti work, but that means all work)
Tumblr media
TERFs do not believe in intersectionality. TERFs believe that all problems in the world fundamentally trace back to sexism, misogyny and who they deem “men” this is why a majority of TERFs are white, because they don’t believe systemic issues that affect them can be linked to racism, queerphobia and discrimination against indigenous folks
TERFs believe that women are inherently “pure” and men are inherently “evil” and corrupt, those posts about being attracted to men being “embarrassing” or “disgusting”? TERF ideology. TERFs have a tendency to fetishise/idealise lesbian relationships as being inherently better, purer and non-abusive, while framing relationships with men as inherently toxic and abusive. They believe a woman is better than a man inherently by virtue of being a woman. (Also there’s a lot of Biphobia bc “how can you love good woman and bad man??”)
TERFs are straight up racist. They base all their points on white ideals of feminity, if you have “too much” body hair or naturally high testosterone levels they will consider you less than even if you are cis. There’s more to be said but I feel as a white person i would rather amplify the voices of those actually affected by this side of TERFism (trans people of colour please feel free to add on)
TERFs are infamous for hating trans women but they also do harmful shit against nonbinary and transmasc people, posts like “cis men 🤮 trans men 😍” are a classic example of this because by separating cis and trans men by their desirability you are making it clear that you don’t view trans men as real men.
A similar phenomenon can be seen in their treatment of nonbinary folks, they like to view nonbinary folks as “woman lite” or “man trying to be special” forcing a gender binary on people who actively defy that binary, and assigning “ohh they’re just confused” or “predator” to them respectively (this ties into their “woman good man bad ideals”) this is because they don’t respect the identities of nonbinary folks
It should also be noted that there’s also hate against trans men in TERF rhetoric also presents as:
“the trans agenda is corrupting our girls”
“women are so oppressed that they pretend to be men”
“trans men are betraying their gender”
Among others.
I am by no means an expert and there are many more harmful ideals that they express and encourage but I feel it is necessary for me to spread this information to help scope them out and also to prevent reblogging TERF ideology that is more subtle (please do correct me or add on if you have more personal experience)
Anyways TERF is an oxymoron bc feminism is about all protecting and elevating all women
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uquiz-database · a month ago
Do not interact with this blog if you are a terf, radfem, or associate and reblog from such people.
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hotcousin · a month ago
Tumblr media
ashnikko says fuck terfs 💗
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Trans women are women
Trans men are men
TERFs are dumbasses
Don't be one of them
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terfs need to learn that there's a difference between pedophilic beauty standards and taking care of your personal hygeine
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neurobivergent · 4 months ago
Daily reminder that terf/radfem ideals are inherently based on the colonial white supremacist history of trans erasure. K thx bye
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over-thinkinglife · 7 months ago
Terfs are (largely) just cis white women who don’t feel oppressed enough.
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