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#tw violence

Next time someone calls c!Tubbo a yes man I think he should get a chance to stab them

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Meet the Stannards :p


This is Eileen Stannard! She’s the yandere and the head of the family. She’s got a bit of a cult following on the internet do to some…peculiar beliefs about darlings. She firmly believes that ‘deredere’ darlings are the purest ones and that anyone else is defective. In contrast, she preaches that darlings are, and I’m not even kidding, pieces of her God and yanderes are meant to shape these pieces accordingly. It’s still a cult though, and that means they’ve got practices in place that are…less than ideal. Particularly if you’re a darling.


This is her husband, Coty Stannard. He works for a small company doing…taxes maybe? Haven’t decided, but it’s a bit of surprise to see how much freedom his wife affords him. Then again, he’s had to suffer through a lot to earn that freedom. His wife basically worships him. Despite his relatively peaceful life, Coty is constantly terrified. He knows the only thing keeping him safe right now is that his wife is focused on the kids.


This is Rarity (Riri for short), the eldest daughter and the eldest yandere. She takes after her mother in temparment, seeming very gentle and quiet until she feels threatened. She’s currently got her eyes on a young woman who’s family works around her college. The one major difference between Riri and her mother is that Riri has no aversion to non-deredere darlings. Still in the cult though! Can’t forget that.


The eldest son and the eldest darling, this is Dignity (though he goes by Dion). Dion is a Deredere just like his father, and is definitely more of a class clown. He’s oblivious to a fault, which is why most of the family business goes completely over his head. He’s also his father’s favorite child (though Coty would never admit that).


This firecracker is Amity. She’s a darling, but unlike her siblings she is rebellious as hell. Her mother considers her to be a 'demon’ and has attempted to 'condition’ her for years. Despite everything, Amity has continued to openly proclaim her hatred for yanderes, but especially the ones in her family. It’s just too bad it won’t be enough to keep her safe. :’(


This is sibling #1 of the triplets, Acceptance (Ace for short). Ace is a yandere, and an incredibly brutal one at that. His quiet demeanor hides a loose cannon, one who has no issue with using violence to get his way- which is a sharp contrast between the others in his family, who avoid violence whenever possible. He’s also incredibly protective over his twin (triplet?) sister. If you value your life, don’t even look at her. He’s got a boyfriend (who, bless his soul, is the only person able to reliably control him).


This is Harmony! She’s the youngest darling in the family and her mother’s golden child. Harmony is just a sweet, simple girl. She’s always been spoiled rotten by the others in her family, and as such she’s been a huge target for Amity’s resentment and outbursts. Luckily (or unluckily) for her, Ace has always been there to keep her from getting hurt. It’s made it difficult for her to socialize though, as Ace generally doesn’t trust anyone around her- especially other yanderes.

I feel the need to clarify that Ace and Harmony have a normal sibling relationship because reading this back, I’ve realized it sounds a little weird.


This is Genesis, the last yandere of the family. The childish demeanor is in part due to his mother’s constant babying. Genesis was a very sickly child and for awhile it was up in the air whether he’d make it. For a yandere, he is surprisingly hesitant to act on any of his feelings. Which might make him harmless, except that his…partner (?) Teddy has no such issues, and is more than willing to do the work for the both of them. No Teddy isn’t the bear, it’s just a very funny coincidence.

(the bear’s name is Sunflower, in case you’re curious.)




Originally posted by abasketofgifs

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Yeah sure, fair warning tho, my reading list isn’t anything that life changing, it’s pretty average and I just see what I like and go with that. All/most of these are originals so I’m sorry canvas people 💔

I’ll include links to everything as well. Several of these also have really violent content (disclaimer, that’s a subjective statement and there might be some stuff that’s not marked that might be too graphic for some people and some stuff that’s marked might not even be that big a deal for others, so take my judgement with a grain of salt) so for those i will be putting ** by the beginning

im aware this is already pretty heavily featured on my blog and everyone’s already aware of it but I’m including it because I love it <3

this features a chaotic bi and a demon who are stuck as roommates. that’s all I’m gonna give away but it’s got a lot of representation and a really interesting plot, and it just finished its first season so you can binge it any time.

** this is a bit more mature than any of the other recommendations on this list, so just giving a heads up.

** this took me a while to get all the way through, and if ur interested I’d reach out to @totally-cannon-muted-quotes-blog who’s been in the fandom for a lot longer

I know absolutely nothing about shoujo and anime as a whole is pretty vague to me, so I’m not able to fully appreciate any nods to to the genre but this is comedic and bizarre and overall a pretty fun read.

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Thorin: *to Thranduil* never underestimate a dwarf.

Thranduil: It’s kind of hard when you’re basically under everything, you’re that short.

Thorin: I am so close to just breaking your knees.

Thranduil: Too bad you can’t even reach those.

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Tumblr versions:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

The final chapters (10-12) will not be posted in full on Tumblr. Please refer to Ao3 (”Korosensei Never Dies” by Rogue_Swordsmith) for the full story :3 I will reblog this post every time I post a new chapter, along with excerpts from the chapters. 

Korosensei Never Dies is a crossover involving the premise of Assassination Classroom and the characters of the Dream SMP. There are no ships, and it is not RPF. 

(ao3 link) Chapter 10 excerpt: 

      “Sam, could you move? I need to get my bombs." 
      "And what are you doing with bombs, Tubbo?” Sam asks, scowling.
      “We’re playing a prank on you, big man, so scooch." 
      "Bombs are not a safe prank!” Sam cries. 
      “How many times do I have to stop you from nearly blowing stuff up, Tubbo?? And you, Ranboo, I thought you were better than this??" 
      Ranboo wilts under the stern man’s glare. Tubbo pats Ranboo’s arm encouragingly. "We are professionals, Sam. And you only stopped me five out of the, uhh, twenty-six times I’ve actually blown stuff up.”

Chapter 11 (TBA)

Chapter 12 (TBA)

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Someone at a school near me was attacked (I would say got into a fight but he didn’t do anything) and fucking curb stomped, had a seizure, had to get taken to the hospital but HELICOPTER, and all because no one thought to call 911 or a teacher when things happened

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“Hey, what the fuck?! Anon, what are you doing? Is that for me? Shuichi? Someone else, maybe?” All of a sudden, her voice got low and deadly serious. “Tell me right now, or you’re going to be the one that gets knocked out before anything else happens,” she threatened.

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Originally posted by yuuki-ko

sfw; fem!y/n x nanami kento

tw// violence, fighting, implied abuse, gaslighting, alcohol

word count: 1947

tldr: nanami sees you and falls in love. there’s a company outing and he goes, wanting to get closer until your ex shows up and stirs trouble. nanami won’t just stand by and let it happen.

part 2 to follow eventually

Nanami doesn’t remember the last time someone made him stop. Not stop as in stop what he was doing, dead in his tracks and stop what he was doing. Certainly not. There was absolutely no way, either, that you made him do this. Absolutely not. Right…? Wrong. He was so wrong.

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“There’s nothing simple when it comes to you and I,
Always something in this everchanging life”
- Everchanging [Rise Against]

Winston has issued the recall towards rebuilding Overwatch. Angela - formerly known as “Mercy” - is captured by Talon, who are searching for any information that can stop the rise before it begins.

AO3 | | Works | Pandora Playlist

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═════ ∘◦ ꕥ ◦∘ ═════


Regarding info from THIS post

═════ ∘◦ ꕥ ◦∘ ═════

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Words: 2,140
Ao3 Version
Chapter 8 (Last)

TW: threats of violence, heavy (but short) discussions of death/murder

Quackity scowls blearily at the returning heroes. He and the other Ducklings were up the whole damn night trying to work out infiltration plans after Bad gave them the location of the laboratory and then peaced out with his team of scammers. Bad won’t be returning again, but thanks to him, the Ducklings missed the whole rescue mission.

It’s summer vacation, so everyone ought to be home anyway, but Philza promised to teach them fighting, and by the goddamned stars, Quackity is determined to make the old man follow through. 

Philza steps tiredly into the classroom. His bloodshot, baggy eyes go wide in surprise as he sees all the students gathered there. Quackity salutes him with a smirk. Ranboo hides in the shadows of the door, watching Phil with worried sulkiness. 

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I hope you don’t think of me. I hope you forget I’ve been in your house, in your mouth, leaving reminders of what I did to you under your childhood bed. I hope I get the chance to feel your abject and unbiased terror under my fingertips. under my teeth.

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Author: Hope

OC Pairing: M x F pairing, Human x Non-Human

TW: Abuse, Degradation, Violence, Weapons, Starvation mention

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My vocal range?? I’m pretty sure it’s alto

The wip I’ve worked on most is my duckondale (Will Herondale x Duck) fic.

There’s this dude, Will, he’s a demon hunter (Shadowhunter) and a demon killed his family. That demon was Robert.

No one knows what Robert looks like. Will and his bestie Jem are out hunting for Robert at night. They split up. Robert (not known to be robert at the time) approaches Will in duck form in the dark and says some threatening stuff.

Will gets into a relationship with Robert in his duck form (while knowing he’s Robert) and it’s really abusive and toxic.

Will realizes this but only after it’s too late, Robert has a hold of his soul or something like that.

Will tries to get a warlock’s help to travel back in time to fix things. He successfully goes back in time a few months earlier. It goes pretty well. He’s in a relationship with Jem (his bestie) and Tessa (new girl in town lmao)

Robert, being a demon and all, knows Will went back in time and knows the alternate timeline for some reason and plans his revenge on Will

Will, knowing Robert is plotting against him, tries to get anyone to help him kill Robert. Tessa thinks he’s joking, Jem is too sick to help because he’s going to die soon whether murdered or not. His sister thinks he’s insane, the parental figures if the group think he’s being childish, and Jessamine (a bitch) thinks he’s right but doesn’t actually care.

Will goes after Robert himself. He’s killed and his ghost is controlled by Robert. Robert goes and kills everyone but Tessa at night with his blood thirsty bill.

Tessa wakes up with Jem next to her dead and screams. She runs to go find someone but they’re all dead and there’s a message written on the wall in blood. Something really creepy that I haven’t decided yet.

Tessa is kidnapped by Robert, tortured (psychologically and physically), and used as a sex slave.

Will is forced to watch this all.

It’s all very over the top and dramatic

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Brown eyes turning impossibly cold the RK took in everything about the man before him, a scan giving him heaps of information, some from the police database, the rest from other sources. It was painfully easy to piece together exactly who this shitstain of a human was referring to. Sixty wasn’t one for excessive violence, particularly when it came to firearms, but right now he was tempted to pull out his knife and put it to use.

“If you think you can outsmart me, you’re sorely mistaken” he still had all of his combat and investigative programs. It was easy for him to collect evidence, but he  wouldn’t move forward unless Wyatt wanted him to.


If needed, he could make sure this monster could never hurt anyone again.

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Words: 2,325
Ao3 Version
Chapter 7 (Last)

Chapter 9 (Next)

TW: ((In Ranboo’s POV): dehumanization, manipulation) graphic violence, threats, minor character death

“Kids, you don’t want to come with.” Philza says in a low voice to the four teens trailing himself and Ponk.

“Yeah, you kids don’t want to get hurt, do you?” Ponk agrees. Philza was reluctant enough to take the math teacher along, but he promised Techno he would bring somebody, and Ponk might be useful merely as a shield.

Tubbo emerges from a thicket. “I’m coming with.” He smiles innocently. “I have bombs.”

“We’re coming too!” Hannah Rose jumps from behind a tree, dragging Foolish by the arm. “The bastards took Charlie!”

“Who else?” Philza sighs. There’s one more person hidden in a bush.

“Oh, that’s Fundy. He just sorta showed up and was stalking Technoblade, so we dragged him along before he could get punted.” Tubbo says.

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