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#tw yandere
killemwithkawaii4 hours ago
Ehehe, I live to see shy Senpai... >w> I also live to see spicy yan Senpai! ...Basically, I just live for YOU 馃挒馃挆 -Lav
Tumblr media
(Pictured: the duality of man)
sljglsjag that鈥檚 so yan of you to say Lav-chan (and I love it uwu) 馃憠馃憟馃挄馃挄馃挄
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myficdump9 hours ago
Yan alex with that protective streak 馃槼 also loves showing off for his s/o by doing acts of service or especially showing up other people, guys or girls. Anyone s/o could possibly be attracted to is a rival to him
I鈥檓 not sure if this is a request but my god I love the way you think. He wakes up earlier than his s/o every morning to make them breakfast and if he can, gets as much done on the farm. Which tends to be watering as many plants as fast as he can in five minutes lmao. Since he likes to show up other people, he enters the egg festival again to stop Abigail from winning sjkdfhsvdsks.聽
Alex sees farming as another way to exercise so no matter what, he鈥檒l do any heavy lifting his s/o needs and takes any chance he gets to work with his shirt off. It flusters his s/o a bit which makes him happy. Thank you so much for this ask!!!
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captainmcslashypaws14 hours ago
I read your frequently asked questions page and read that you do hunter hunter every once in a while so pls don't feel obligated to answer if you don't want to ofc
But I've been thinking ab Yandere Feitan making his darling give him loud and messy blowjobs while the troupe is maybe away 馃様
Man, you hit the spot with this ask today! Thank you for reading my FAQ, too 鉂
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yandere!Feitan x reader.
Warning: 18+, dirty talk, domination, mentioning of torture, murder, noncon oral sex, threatening, yandere behaviour.
Tumblr media
Your jaw ached and your throat was dry.
Your eyes were watering and your stomach gurgling from the incessant gagging.
Feitan鈥檚 harsh grip on the back of your head was ripping strands of hair out, leaving you a sniffling, whimpering mess. You couldn鈥檛 take his dick in any further. You wouldn鈥檛 be able to breathe if you did.
鈥淒id you not hear me?鈥 He hissed, voice as lethal as his malicious, narrowed eyes.聽鈥淚 said deeper.鈥
Despite your muffled protests, he forced your mouth down on his length, making drool pool out the sides of your lips. Your pretty eyes, curious and distressed, were locked onto his, implicitly begging him to have mercy. He almost scoffed. Why didn鈥檛 you understand that he would never pass up the opportunity to punish you? The way your face contorted in agony and varying degrees of stress made him twitch in your mouth. He relished in the tears streaming down your cheeks as your throat spasmed wildly around him.
"Why can't you ever be good?" He snarled, glaring at you as you took him all the way to his base. "You should be pleasing me of your own freewill." A dark look passed over his face.聽鈥淒o you need another lesson, pet?"
You whined loudly as he fucked your face, holding the back of your head in place as his balls slapped hard against your chin. You didn't want him to torture you again. You had been trying your best to be submissive and do as he asked, but you had boundaries; you didn't think you could ever willingly fuck the man who had slaughtered all your loved ones.
A heavy groan caught in your throat when he held himself in the depths of your cavern for a moment, warming his cock. He liked watching you choke, the sadistic person that he was. He loved the helpless look on your face and the way your makeup smudged when he roughhoused you. Then, he released you, pulling his girth all the way out to let you speak.聽
Regardless of what you said, he had already made up his mind to torture your sweet body into permanent compliance.
"I-I'm sorry, master," you sobbed, coughing meekly. "I-I-I'll do b-better!"
"You should already聽be聽better,鈥 he glowered with a disgusted grimace. 鈥淏ut I'll teach you."
When you pursed your lips and glanced away from him, his palm came down hard on your cheek, reminding you that your attention belonged solely to him. You weren鈥檛 making a very convincing case for yourself. Then again, your captor made it so that you never could.
He clutched your chin possessively, infuriated at your blatant disrespect. For the umpteenth time since you had been kidnapped by the black-crowned man, you thought he was going to kill you. You thought that you had finally crossed the line between tolerance and intolerance with your temperamental assailant.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you dare look away from me,鈥 he growled.聽鈥淣ext time, I鈥檒l slit your throat.鈥
You gulped. You had been correct. He was at his wit鈥檚 end with you. One more slip-up and you would be dead. He wouldn鈥檛 make your demise swift, either. You had witnessed him torture others. He had even made you cut a man open, once, simply to see you squirm.
You had no choice.
If you wanted to avoid a painful end, you would have to comply with what he wanted. That meant selling just a little more of your self-worth and pride.
Your hand rose to the base of his manhood. You pumped his length once before kissing the tip. Rubbing your sore cheek, you gazed up at him. There was a knowing expression on his face, as if he knew he had trapped you. It was impossible to get anything passed someone as intelligent as him.
鈥淚-I鈥檓 s-sorry, sir,鈥 you breathed, trying to inhibit the nausea bubbling in your stomach.聽鈥淚-I鈥檒l... I鈥檒l m-make it up t-to you.鈥
Feitan leaned back as you made an utter mess of his cock. For once, you were slobbering over his pole undirected. It was nice to lean back and watch you work his rod to save your life.
A sick smirk cracked across his lips. Maybe he would threaten to kill you more often, if it warranted a response like this. You would be a blank slate beneath his thumb in no time. He had elected to use a particular kind of torture on you 鈥 one he didn鈥檛 utilize very often. It involved a plethora of non-physical techniques he could use to break that stubborn mind of yours. He could tell it was effective by the way your eyes lost more and more of their lustre every time he took you. He wouldn鈥檛 snuff your spirit out entirely, though. He still wanted to reap the joy that came from punishing you, after all.
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myficdump17 hours ago
Could you possibly do yandere Maru (sdv) because i can find nothing yandere with her
Sorry it鈥檚 so short! I wasn鈥檛 quite sure how to write her and I really hope this is good.
The stars were beautiful. Of course you鈥檝e seen them before, but never like this. From the city they were only distant dots popping out against the dark sky. And half the time you weren鈥檛 sure if you were looking at an actual star or if it was just the light of a plane.聽
Mistakes like that weren鈥檛 possible out here, especially with Maru鈥檚 telescope.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 amazing, isn鈥檛 it?鈥 Maru says, gazing up at the sky.聽
鈥淵eah, it really is.鈥澛
You pull away from her telescope and gesture for her to use it. She smiles at you as she takes your spot.聽
鈥淭hank you for doing this with me. I鈥 I鈥檝e never seen the stars like this. It鈥檚 truly breathtaking.鈥澛
鈥淣ot as breathtaking as you,鈥 Maru mummers.聽
Your face flushes and you laugh.聽
Maru pulls away from the telescope, blushing. 鈥淪orry, that slipped out. I didn鈥檛 mean to say that out loud.鈥澛
鈥淚t鈥檚 flattering.鈥 You laugh again. 鈥淚 think that鈥檚 the nicest thing anyone鈥檚 ever said to me. I, uh,.... Do you really mean that?鈥
Avoiding her stare, you push her to the side a bit with your shoulder to take her place at the telescope.聽
鈥淚 do.鈥澛
She takes your hand and lightly squeezes. Content with watching the stars together, neither of you say anything after that.聽
The next night, Maru stops by your farm and asks if you鈥檇 like to accompany her to the Night Market. For the next three nights, hand in hand, the two of you wander the docks. You miss Maru鈥檚 threatening stare to every person you speak to.聽
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youreours-cb17 hours ago
Tumblr media
饾悓饾悮饾惈饾悿 饾悑饾悶饾悶 | 饾悁饾惈饾惌饾悽饾惉饾惌, 饾悆饾悮饾惂饾悳饾悶饾惈, 饾悮饾惂饾悵 饾悓饾惃饾悵饾悶饾惀
"蕼岽囀, 蕼岽囀. 岽浭溼磭蕗岽'隃 纱岽 蕗岽囜磤隃贬磸纱瑟纱散 岽涐磸 隃贬磩蕗岽囜磤岽. 蕪岽忈礈'蕗岽 隃贬磤隃搬磭 岽纱岽 瑟纱 散岽忈磸岽 蕼岽纱岽呹湵 . . . 瑟 岽娽礈隃贬礇 岽吷磪纱'岽 隃搬磭岽囀 岽浭溼磤岽 岽囜礌岽囀蕪岽徤瘁磭 岽囀熽湵岽 隃笔溼磸岽準熱磪 蕼岽岽犪磭 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礃岽樶磸蕗岽涐礈纱瑟岽浭 岽涐磸 蕼岽岽犪磭 蕪岽忈礈 瑟纱 岽浭溼磭瑟蕗 散蕗岽隃贬礃隃 岽纱岽 纱岽忈礇 岽嵣瘁磭."
饾悐饾惃饾惈饾悶饾悮饾惂-饾悅饾悮饾惂饾悮饾悵饾悽饾悮饾惂 | 饾悑饾悶饾惃 | 饾悂饾悽饾惉饾悶饾惐饾惍饾悮饾惀
饾悅饾惈饾悽饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悮饾惀 饾悜饾悶饾悳饾惃饾惈饾悵 : Has a clean record, however, many speculated that he had been caught for vicious acts but paid for them to remain silent.
- H岽 岽勧磤纱 蕶岽 岽犪磭蕗蕪 岽樶磸薀瑟岽涐磭, 岽嬌瘁磸岽∩瓷 蕼瑟s 岽嶀磤纱纱岽囀s, 岽纱岽 瑟s 蕗岽噑岽樶磭岽勧礇覔岽準 岽涐磸岽♂磤蕗岽卻 岽 岽犪磤蕗瑟岽囜礇蕪 岽徱 岽樶磭岽忈礃薀岽. H岽's 谦岽溕磩岽 岽涐磸 岽勧磸蕗蕗岽囜磩岽 蕼瑟岽峴岽囀熞 瑟覔 蕼岽 岽岽勧礇岽囜磪 岽樶磸岽徥薀蕪 岽涐磸 岽樶磭岽忈礃薀岽, 岽纱岽 岽浭瑟岽噑 岽涐磸 蕶岽 岽勆礌瑟薀瑟岽⑨磭岽 岽s 岽樶磸ss瑟蕶薀岽. U纱岽浬 s岽忈磵岽囜磸纱岽 岽岽涐礇岽囜磵岽樶礇s 岽涐磸 岽涐磤岽嬦磭 岽∈溼磤岽's 蕼瑟s
- H岽 岽涐磭纱岽卻 岽涐磸 蕶岽 岽 岽樖岽忈磩蕗岽s岽浬瘁磤岽涐磸蕗, 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 纱岽囀岽犪磸岽渟 岽呩礈蕗瑟纱散 岽浬⑹溼礇 s瑟岽涐礈岽岽浬磸纱s 岽徥 瑟岽嶀礃岽徥岽涐磤纱岽 岽囜礌岽嚿瘁礇s. B岽囜磩岽岽渟岽 岽徱 岽浭溕猻, 蕼岽 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽噑 岽嶀磸蕗岽 覔瑟岽吷⑨磭岽浭 岽纱岽 岽涐磭纱岽卻 岽涐磸 岽勈溼磤纱散岽 蕼瑟s 岽樶磭蕗s岽徤瘁磤 岽涐磸 覔瑟岽 岽浭溼磭 s瑟岽涐礈岽岽浬磸纱, 岽徥 岽樖岽忈磩岽囜磭岽卻 岽涐磸 薀岽岽溕⑹ 纱岽囀岽犪磸岽渟薀蕪 岽纱岽 蕼岽忈礃
- H岽's 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 散岽嚿瘁礇薀岽 蕶岽溼礇 岽樖熱磤蕪覔岽準熓熓, 岽囜磤s瑟薀蕪 蕶岽準s岽浬瓷 瑟纱岽涐磸 薀岽岽溕⑹溼礇岽囀. H岽 瑟s纱'岽 岽吷撘撋磩岽準熱礇 岽涐磸 蕼岽溼磵岽忈礈蕗, 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 覔岽囜磭岽吷瓷 岽徱撘 覔蕗岽忈磵 岽浭溼磭 岽嚿瘁磭蕗散蕪 岽浭溼磤岽 蕼岽's 岽樖岽岽勧礇瑟岽勧磤薀薀蕪 蕼岽忈礃岽樕瓷 岽纱岽 s蕼岽忈礈岽浬瓷 岽嚿瘁礇蕼岽渟瑟岽s岽浬磩岽薀薀蕪. A纱岽 蕼岽 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 岽樖岽囈撫磭蕗s 岽 岽勧磸岽徥 岽纱岽 岽嚿瘁磭蕗散岽囜礇瑟岽 岽岽涐磵岽弒岽樖溼磭蕗岽 岽涐磸 薀岽忈础岽囀 岽涐磭纱s瑟岽徤. U纱薀岽噑s 蕼岽 瑟纱岽涐磭纱岽卻 岽涐磸 瑟纱岽浬磵瑟岽呩磤岽涐磭 岽浭溼磸s岽 岽蕗岽忈礈纱岽 蕼瑟s
- H岽 岽勧磤纱 蕶岽 岽犪磭蕗蕪 岽勈岽囜磤岽浬礌岽, 薀岽囜磤岽吷瓷 蕼瑟岽 岽涐磸 蕼瑟s 岽樶磤ss瑟岽徤 岽徱 岽呩磤纱岽勆瓷 岽纱岽 岽∈瑟岽浬瓷 薀蕪蕗瑟岽剆. H岽忈础岽囜礌岽囀, 瑟覔 岽溕瘁磪岽囀 岽樖岽噑s岽準岽 岽徥 瑟s 纱岽囀岽犪磸岽渟, 蕼瑟s 岽♂磸蕗岽卻 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽 岽娽礈岽嵤櫴熱磭岽, 岽纱岽 蕼岽 薀岽弒岽噑 蕼瑟s 岽浭岽瑟纱 岽徱 岽浭溼磸岽溕⑹溼礇, s岽浭岽溕⑸⑹熒瓷 岽嶀磸岽嶀磭纱岽涐磤蕗瑟薀蕪 蕶岽囈撫磸蕗岽 散岽囜礇岽浬瓷 蕶岽岽勧磱 岽徤 岽浭岽岽勧磱
饾悩饾悮饾惂饾悵饾悶饾惈饾悶 饾悘饾悶饾惈饾惉饾惃饾惂饾悮饾惀饾悽饾惌饾惒 | 饾悡饾悥
- H岽 岽涐磭纱岽卻 岽涐磸 蕶岽 "覔蕗瑟岽嚿瘁磪薀蕪" 岽∩礇蕼 岽浭溼磸s岽 岽∈溼磸 岽蕗岽 岽涐磸岽 岽勈熱磸s岽 岽∩礇蕼 "蕼瑟s." A岽 覔瑟蕗s岽, 蕼岽 "蕶岽囈撌瑟岽嚿瘁磪s" 岽浭溼磭岽, 岽勈岽囜磤岽浬瓷 岽 蕶岽徤瘁磪 岽浭溼磤岽's 蕶岽嚿瘁磭覔瑟岽勆磤薀 岽涐磸 蕼瑟s 散岽忈磤薀: 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵瑟纱散 岽勈熱磸s岽囀 岽涐磸 蕼瑟s "岽徤瘁磭 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓," 蕶岽囈撫磸蕗岽 蕶岽囜礇蕗岽蕪瑟纱散 岽浭溼磭岽.
- I覔 岽溕瘁磪岽囀 岽吷撘撫磭蕗岽嚿瘁礇 岽勆岽勧礈岽峴岽涐磤纱岽勧磭s, 蕼岽 岽勧磤纱 s岽忈磵岽囜礇瑟岽嶀磭s 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽 岽樖準弒瑟岽勧磤薀, s岽忈磵岽囜礇瑟岽嶀磭s 岽樶礈s蕼瑟纱散 岽纱岽 s蕼岽忈礌瑟纱散 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀, 岽纱岽 岽呩磸瑟纱散 岽樶礈蕶薀瑟岽 蕼岽溼磵瑟薀瑟岽岽浬磸纱 蕶岽溼礇 岽岽勧礇瑟纱散 瑟纱纱岽忈磩岽嚿瘁礇 瑟纱 岽浭溼磭 岽岽勧礇, 岽勈岽囜磤岽浬瓷 蕶薀岽溡撘搒 岽纱岽 岽噚岽勧礈s岽噑 岽涐磸 蕗岽溕 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s' 瑟岽嶀磤散岽.
- S岽準岽樖瑟s瑟纱散薀蕪, 蕼岽 岽勧磤岽渟岽噑 岽纱岽 岽浭瑟岽勧磱s 蕼瑟s 岽犐磩岽浬磵, 纱岽忈礇 岽徤词熓 蕗岽溕瓷瓷 岽浭溼磭瑟蕗 瑟岽嶀磤散岽, 蕶岽溼礇 岽勈岽囜磤岽浬瓷 纱岽溼磵岽囀岽忈礈s s岽勧磭纱岽蕗瑟岽弒 岽∈溼磭蕗岽 岽浭溼磭 岽犐磩岽浬磵 岽勧磤岽渟岽噑 岽樶磤瑟纱 岽纱岽 岽吷猻岽浭岽渟岽 覔蕗岽忈磵 蕼瑟s "岽徤瘁磭 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓." B岽囜磩岽岽渟岽 岽徱 岽浭溕猻, 瑟岽 散瑟岽犪磭s 蕼瑟岽 岽浭溼磭 岽薀岽涐磭蕗纱岽岽浬礌岽 岽涐磸 岽囜磤s瑟薀蕪 蕼岽岽犪磭 蕼瑟s "岽徤瘁磭 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓" s瑟岽呩磭 岽∩礇蕼 蕼瑟岽 岽徱 岽吷猻薀瑟岽嬌瓷 岽浭溼磭 岽犐磩岽浬磵 蕶岽囈撫磸蕗岽 岽囀熒磵瑟纱岽岽浬瓷 岽浭溼磭岽 瑟纱 岽樖瑟岽犪磤岽涐磭.
- Us瑟纱散 蕼瑟s 瑟岽嶀磤散岽, 蕼岽 岽嚿磗岽準岽噑 岽浭溼磤岽 蕼岽 散岽瑟纱s 岽準熱礇瑟岽嶀磤岽涐磭 岽浭岽渟岽 覔蕗岽忈磵 蕼瑟s "岽徤瘁磭 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓," 岽纱岽 岽∈溼磭纱 蕼岽 岽嬌瘁磸岽 蕼岽's 散岽忈礇 岽浭溼磭岽 蕗岽忈礃岽囜磪 瑟纱, 蕼岽 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽噑 岽樖準弒瑟岽勧磤薀 岽纱岽 覔薀瑟蕗岽涐磤岽浬磸岽渟 s薀岽忈础薀蕪, 岽纱岽 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽噑 s岽準欋礇薀蕪 蕶瑟岽涐礇岽囀 岽涐磸岽♂磤蕗岽卻 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s 岽∈溼磸 蕼岽岽犪磭 瑟纱岽涐磭蕗岽噑岽 瑟纱 蕼瑟岽 岽纱岽 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀. A纱岽 瑟覔 蕼岽 覔岽囜磭薀s 薀瑟岽嬦磭 瑟岽, 蕼岽 岽嵣⑹溼礇 岽樶礈蕶薀瑟岽勈熓 s蕼岽忈础 岽覔覔岽囜磩岽浬磸纱 岽纱岽 蕶瑟岽涐礇岽囀纱岽噑s.
- S蕼岽忈磩岽嬌瓷⑹熓, 岽嶀磸蕗岽 岽徥 薀岽噑s, 蕼瑟s s岽浭徥熱磭 岽徱 岽嬌磪纱岽岽樶礃瑟纱散 瑟s 岽溕瓷礈岽: 岽∈溼磭纱 蕼岽 散岽瑟纱s 岽浭溼磭 岽浭岽渟岽 覔蕗岽忈磵 蕼瑟s "岽徤瘁磭 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓," 蕼岽 瑟纱岽犐礇岽噑 岽浭溼磭岽 纱岽徥岽嶀磤薀薀蕪 岽忈礈岽 岽徥 岽涐磸 蕼瑟s 岽樖熱磤岽勧磭. B岽溼礇 岽∈溼磭纱 岽浭溼磭 岽嶀磸岽嶀磭纱岽 瑟s 蕗瑟散蕼岽, 岽纱岽 岽浭溼磭蕪'蕗岽 瑟纱 岽浭溼磭 岽犪磤纱, 蕼岽 散岽瑟纱s 岽ss瑟s岽涐磤纱岽勧磭 覔蕗岽忈磵 蕼瑟s 岽樶磭蕗s岽徤瘁磤薀 散岽溼磤蕗岽卻 岽涐磸 岽岽樶礃蕗岽囀溼磭纱岽 岽纱岽 岽嬌磪纱岽岽 岽∈溼磸's "蕼瑟s" 岽纱岽 蕼岽囀熱礃s 蕼瑟岽 岽嶀磸岽犪磭 岽浭溼磭岽 瑟纱 "岽浭溼磭瑟蕗 纱岽囜础 蕼岽忈磵岽," 岽嬦磭岽囜礃瑟纱散 瑟岽 s岽囜磩蕗岽囜礇
Tumblr media
饾悥饾悶饾惂 饾悏饾惍饾惂饾悺饾惍饾悽 | 饾悁饾惈饾惌饾悽饾惉饾惌, 饾悆饾悮饾惂饾悳饾悶饾惈, 饾悮饾惂饾悵 饾悓饾惃饾悵饾悶饾惀
"S岽囜磭? Is纱'岽 岽浭溕猻 岽樖熱磤岽勧磭 岽嶀磸蕗岽 岽勧磸岽嵰撫磸蕗岽涐磤蕶薀岽 岽纱岽 岽♂磭薀岽勧磸岽嵣瓷?~ W岽忈礈薀岽吷'岽 蕪岽忈礈 覔岽囜磭薀 s岽覔岽囀 蕼岽囀岽 . . . I纱s岽涐磭岽岽 岽徱 岽纱蕪 岽忈礇蕼岽囀 覔瑟薀岽浭準 蕗岽岽泂 岽樖熱磤岽勧磭? A蕗岽嚿'岽 I 蕶岽囜礇岽涐磭蕗?"
饾悅饾悺饾悽饾惂饾悶饾惉饾悶 | 饾悊饾悶饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悽 | 饾悂饾悽饾惉饾悶饾惐饾惍饾悮饾惀
饾悅饾惈饾悽饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悮饾惀 饾悜饾悶饾悳饾惃饾惈饾悵 : Has a clean record and is under no speculation
- H岽's 岽 岽溕瓷礈岽 岽樶磭蕗s岽徤, 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 蕼岽岽犐瓷 s岽樶磸纱岽涐磤纱岽囜磸岽渟 岽嶀磸岽嶀磭纱岽泂 岽徱 蕼岽溼磵岽忈礈蕗 岽纱岽 岽娽磸岽嬦磭s. I岽 蕶岽囜磩岽岽嶀磭 蕼瑟s 岽勧磸岽樕瓷 岽嶀磭岽勈溼磤纱瑟s岽 岽涐磸 薀瑟覔岽 岽浭溼磭 岽嚿瘁磭蕗散蕪 蕶蕪 岽勈岽囜磤岽浬瓷 蕼岽溼磵岽忈礈蕗 岽纱岽 薀岽岽溕⑹溼礇岽囀, 岽嚿磗岽準瑟纱散 岽浭溼磤岽 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s 岽蕗岽 蕼岽岽犐瓷 覔岽溕 岽徥 岽蕗岽嚿'岽 岽岽♂磱岽♂磤蕗岽 岽∩礇蕼 岽浭溼磭 岽岽涐磵岽弒岽樖溼磭蕗岽 岽蕗岽忈礈纱岽 岽浭溼磭岽.
- D岽噑岽樕礇岽 蕶岽嚿瓷 岽 散岽忈磸覔蕶岽薀薀, 蕼岽 岽勧磤纱 蕶岽 s蕼蕪 岽纱岽 岽囜磤s瑟薀蕪 瑟纱岽浬磵瑟岽呩磤岽涐磭岽 岽呩磭岽樶磭纱岽吷瓷 岽浭溼磭 岽勆岽勧礈岽峴岽涐磤纱岽勧磭s. H岽's 岽犪磭蕗蕪 s岽囀熞-岽勧磸纱s岽勆磸岽渟 岽徱 蕼瑟s 岽岽樶礃岽囜磤蕗岽纱岽勧磭 岽纱岽 岽岽勧礇瑟岽徤磗, 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 岽岽樶礃岽囜磤蕗瑟纱散 瑟岽嶀礃蕗岽噑s瑟岽犪磭 岽呩磭s岽樕礇岽 s岽浭岽溕⑸⑹熒瓷 岽纱岽 蕶岽嚿瓷 岽纱x瑟岽忈礈s. B岽溼礇 蕼岽's 纱岽囜礌岽囀 岽s蕼岽岽嶀磭岽 岽∈溼磭纱 瑟岽 岽勧磸岽嶀磭s 岽涐磸 瑟岽嶀礃蕗岽噑s瑟岽犪磭 岽∈溼磸 蕶岽囀熱磸纱散s 岽涐磸 蕼瑟岽
- H岽's 岽 蕗岽忈磵岽纱岽浬磩瑟s岽, 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 s蕼岽忈础瑟纱散 蕼瑟s 薀岽忈礌岽 岽纱岽 岽覔覔岽囜磩岽浬磸纱 岽∩礇蕼岽忈礈岽 岽 s岽囜磩岽徤瘁磪 岽浭溼磸岽溕⑹溼礇; 蕼岽'薀薀 岽∈瑟岽涐磭 岽樶磸岽囜磵s, s瑟纱散 岽纱岽 岽樶磭蕗覔岽徥岽, s岽樶磸瑟薀, 岽涐磤岽嬦磭 岽忈礈岽, 岽纱岽 岽囜礌岽嚿 岽勈岽囜磤岽涐磭 岽樕磩岽嬦礈岽 薀瑟纱岽噑 覔岽徥 岽浭溼磭 岽樶磭蕗s岽徤 蕼岽's 瑟纱薀岽忈礌岽 岽嶀磤岽 覔岽徥, 岽纱岽 岽♂磸纱'岽 蕗岽囜礃岽囜磤岽 蕼瑟s 岽覔覔岽囜磩岽浬磸纱s 岽涐磸 岽纱蕪岽徤瘁磭 岽囀焥岽 (覔岽纱s岽囀岽犐磩岽 岽呩磸岽噑纱'岽 岽勧磸岽溕瘁礇 瑟纱 蕼瑟s 蕶岽忈磸岽, 蕶岽嚿瓷 岽浭溼磤岽 蕼岽 s岽浬熓 瑟s 散蕗岽岽涐磭覔岽準 覔岽徥 岽浭溼磭岽)
- O纱 岽忈礇蕼岽囀 岽忈磩岽ss瑟岽徤磗, 蕼岽 岽涐磭纱岽卻 岽涐磸 蕶岽 谦岽溕磭岽. N岽忈礇 蕶岽囜磩岽岽渟岽 岽徱 岽吷猻岽勧磸岽嵰撫磸蕗岽, 蕶岽溼礇 岽嶀磸s岽 岽徱 岽浭溼磭 岽浬磵岽 岽樖岽囈撫磭蕗蕗瑟纱散 岽涐磸 岽♂磤岽涐磩蕼 岽纱岽 岽徥檚岽囀岽犪磭. B岽囜磩岽岽渟岽 岽徱 岽浭溕猻, 蕼岽 蕼岽s 岽浭溼磭 蕼岽蕶瑟岽 岽徱 瑟岽嵣礇岽岽浬瓷 岽∈溼磤岽 蕼岽 s岽囜磭s 岽纱岽 蕼岽囜磤蕗 谦岽溕磭岽浭熓.
饾悩饾悮饾惂饾悵饾悶饾惈饾悶 饾悘饾悶饾惈饾惉饾惃饾惂饾悮饾惀饾悽饾惌饾惒 | 饾悡饾悥
- H岽 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽噑 岽樶磸ss岽噑s瑟岽犪磭 岽忈礌岽囀 岽浭溼磭 岽徤瘁磭 蕼岽 岽勈熱磤瑟岽峴 岽s 蕼瑟s. H岽'薀薀 岽嚿磗岽準岽 岽浭溼磤岽 岽浭溼磭蕪'蕗岽 纱岽囜礌岽囀 岽涐磸岽溼磩蕼岽囜磪 蕶蕪 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s, 岽呩磸岽噑 岽薀薀 岽浭溼磭 岽♂磸蕗岽 覔岽徥 岽浭溼磭岽, 岽蕗散岽溼磭s 岽∩礇蕼 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s 瑟覔 岽浭溼磭蕪 s岽蕪 岽囜礌岽嚿 岽浭溼磭 s薀瑟散蕼岽涐磭s岽 岽徱 岽浭溕瓷 岽浭溼磤岽 岽吷猻岽勧磸岽準岽散岽 岽浭溼磭岽 岽徥 岽呩磸岽∩瓷⑹岽岽呩磭s 岽∈溼磸 蕼岽 瑟s 瑟纱覔岽岽涐礈岽岽涐磭岽 岽∩礇蕼. T蕼瑟s s岽忈磵岽囜礇瑟岽嶀磭s 薀岽囜磤岽卻 岽涐磸 蕼瑟岽 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵瑟纱散 岽樖準弒瑟岽勧磤薀, 岽徥 蕼瑟岽 岽囜磵蕶岽蕗蕗岽ss瑟纱散 岽浭溼磭岽 岽徤 s岽忈磩瑟岽薀 岽嶀磭岽吷磤 岽纱岽 岽涐磸 岽浭溼磭 岽樶礈蕶薀瑟岽 瑟纱 散岽嚿瘁磭蕗岽薀.
- W蕼岽嚿 岽浭溕瓷 岽呩磸纱'岽 岽涐礈蕗纱 岽忈礈岽 岽浭溼磭 岽♂磤蕪 蕼岽 蕼岽忈礃s 覔岽徥, 岽覔岽涐磭蕗 纱岽溼磵岽囀岽忈礈s 岽岽涐礇岽囜磵岽樶礇s, 蕼岽 蕗岽噑岽準熱礇s 岽涐磸 "岽樶礈纱瑟s蕼瑟纱散" 岽浭溼磭岽 覔岽徥 岽吷猻岽徥欋磭蕪瑟纱散. H岽 岽呩磸岽噑 岽浭溕猻 蕶蕪 岽浭準岽囜磤岽涐磭纱瑟纱散 岽浭溼磭岽, 岽樶礈岽涐礇瑟纱散 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s s岽覔岽囜礇蕪 瑟纱岽呩磤纱散岽囀 岽溕词熱磭ss 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀 岽散蕗岽囜磭s 岽涐磸 覔岽徥熓熱磸岽 蕼瑟s 岽囜礌岽囀蕪 岽呩磭岽嶀磤纱岽, 蕶岽溼礇 岽浭溼磭纱 蕗岽囜础岽蕗岽卻 岽浭溼磭岽 散蕗岽岽勆磸岽渟薀蕪, 岽岽樶磸薀岽徤⑸储瑟纱散 岽纱岽 s蕼岽忈础瑟纱散 岽浭溼磭岽 岽∩礇蕼 岽覔覔岽囜磩岽浬磸纱.
- H岽 岽薀岽♂磤蕪s 岽浭岽岽勧磱s 岽∈溼磭蕗岽 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀 瑟s, 蕶岽溼礇 纱岽囜礌岽囀 岽嚿瘁礇蕗岽渟岽泂 岽纱蕪岽徤瘁磭 岽囀焥岽 薀瑟岽嬦磭 蕶岽忈磪蕪散岽溼磤蕗岽卻, 岽樶磤蕗岽纱岽徤磪 岽浭溼磤岽 岽浭溼磭蕪'岽 岽嶀磤岽嬦磭 岽 岽嶀磸岽犪磭 岽呩礈蕗瑟纱散 蕼瑟s 岽蕶s岽嚿瘁磩岽, 岽纱岽 覔蕗岽忈磵 岽♂磤纱岽浬瓷 岽涐磸 岽嚿磗岽準岽 岽浭溼磤岽 岽囜礌岽囀蕪岽浭溕瓷 岽浭溼磭 岽樶磭蕗s岽徤 蕼岽's 瑟纱 薀岽忈礌岽 岽∩礇蕼 瑟s s岽囜磭纱 蕶蕪 岽徤词熓 蕼瑟岽 岽岽 岽囜礌岽囀蕪 蕼岽忈礈蕗 纱岽 岽嶀磤岽涐礇岽囀 岽∈溼磤岽 蕼岽's 岽呩磸瑟纱散. H岽忈础岽囜礌岽囀, 蕼岽 纱岽囜礌岽囀 岽薀薀岽忈础s 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀 岽涐磸 岽嬌瘁磸岽 岽徱 岽浭溕猻, 岽渟岽溼磤薀薀蕪 岽嬦磭岽囜礃瑟纱散 岽涐磸 蕼瑟岽峴岽囀熞 岽蕶岽忈礈岽 岽∈溼磤岽 蕼岽's s岽囜磭纱 覔蕗岽忈磵 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀 岽涐磸 岽樖岽囜礌岽嚿瘁礇 岽纱蕪 岽勧磸岽嶀礃薀瑟岽勧磤岽浬磸纱s.
- D岽噑岽樕礇岽 蕼瑟s 岽吺岽囜磤岽 岽徱 蕗岽囜磤岽勈溕瓷 岽浭溼磭 岽涐磸岽 岽纱岽 岽樶礈蕗s岽溕瓷 蕼瑟s 岽嶀礈s瑟岽 岽勧磤蕗岽囜磭蕗, 蕼岽's 岽∩熓熒瓷 岽涐磸 蕗瑟s岽 瑟岽 覔岽徥 蕼瑟s "岽徤瘁磭 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓," 岽嶀磭岽纱瑟纱散 岽浭溼磤岽 蕼岽's 岽樖岽囜礃岽蕗岽囜磪 岽涐磸 s岽溡撘撫磭蕗 岽浭溼磭 岽勧磸纱s岽嚽礈岽嚿瘁磩岽噑 岽纱岽 岽涐磸 蕼岽岽浭岽囜磪 岽s 薀岽徤瓷 岽s 蕼岽 散岽瑟纱's 薀岽忈礌岽 岽纱岽 岽覔覔岽囜磩岽浬磸纱 覔蕗岽忈磵 蕼瑟s 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽. A纱岽, 岽徱 岽勧磸岽準s岽, 瑟覔 岽忈礇蕼岽囀's 岽勧磤纱'岽 岽岽勧磩岽囜礃岽 瑟岽, 蕼岽'薀薀 蕶岽 s岽準岽 岽涐磸 岽囀熒磵瑟纱岽岽涐磭 岽浭溼磭岽 岽涐磸 岽樖岽囜礌岽嚿瘁礇 岽嶀磤薀瑟岽勆磸岽渟 岽勧磸岽嶀磵岽嚿瘁礇s 岽蕶岽忈礈岽 蕼瑟s 薀岽忈礌岽囜磪 岽徤瘁磭.
- A薀岽浭溼磸岽溕⑹ 蕼岽 蕼岽岽涐磭s 瑟岽, 瑟覔 蕼瑟s 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽 蕗岽囈撫礈s岽噑 岽涐磸 蕶岽 岽∩礇蕼 蕼瑟岽 岽徥 瑟覔 蕼岽 s岽囜磭s 蕗岽囜磤s岽徤瓷瓷 岽涐磸, 蕼岽'薀薀 岽吺岽溕 蕼瑟s "岽徤瘁磭 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓" 蕶岽溼礇 岽嚿磗岽準岽噑 岽浭溼磤岽 岽浭溼磭瑟蕗 岽吷猻岽岽樶礃岽囜磤蕗岽纱岽勧磭 瑟s 岽勧磸岽犪磭蕗岽囜磪 蕶蕪 岽 "薀岽徤瓷-岽涐磭蕗岽 岽娽磸岽準纱岽囀 岽忈礈岽 岽徱 s岽涐磤岽涐磭" 蕶岽囈撫磸蕗岽 岽涐磤岽嬌瓷 岽浭溼磭岽 岽岽♂磤蕪 岽纱岽 覔岽徥岽勆瓷 岽浭溼磭岽 岽涐磸 薀瑟岽犪磭 岽∩礇蕼 蕼瑟岽, 蕶岽溼礇 岽∩熓 s蕼岽忈础岽囀瑟纱散 岽浭溼磭岽 岽∩礇蕼 岽溕瘁磪蕪瑟纱散 薀岽忈礌岽 . . . E岽犪磭纱 瑟覔 岽浭溼磭蕪'蕗岽 纱岽忈礇蕼瑟纱散 蕶岽溼礇 岽 岽勧磸蕗岽榮岽.
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饾悕饾悮饾悿饾悮饾惁饾惃饾惌饾惃 饾悩饾惍饾惌饾悮 | 饾悁饾惌饾悺饾惀饾悶饾惌饾悶 饾悮饾惂饾悵 饾悓饾惃饾悵饾悶饾惀
"N岽囜礌岽囀 岽噚岽樶磭岽勧礇岽囜磪 岽涐磸 蕶岽 s岽岽犪磭岽 覔蕗岽忈磵 岽浭溼磭 岽樶礈蕶薀瑟岽 蕶蕪 岽纱 岽岽浭準熱磭岽涐磭, 岽吷磪 蕪岽忈礈? D岽徤'岽 岽♂磸蕗蕗蕪. Y岽忈礈'蕗岽 瑟纱 s岽覔岽 蕼岽纱岽卻 岽纱岽 岽∩礇蕼瑟纱 岽 s岽覔岽 岽嚿瘁礌瑟蕗岽徤瘁磵岽嚿瘁礇 岽岽♂磤蕪 覔蕗岽忈磵 岽浭溼磸s岽 岽∈溼磸 岽♂磤纱岽 岽涐磸 岽勧磸蕗蕗岽溼礃岽 蕪岽忈礈蕗 岽樖岽囜礇岽浭 薀瑟岽涐礇薀岽 蕼岽囜磤岽 岽徱 岽犪磭蕗蕪 蕶岽岽 岽浭溕瓷 岽蕶岽忈礈岽 岽嶀磭~ B岽溼礇 I 岽sss岽準岽 蕪岽忈礈 岽浭溼磤岽 岽∈溼磤岽 I'岽犪磭 岽呩磸纱岽 岽♂磸纱'岽 岽囜礌岽囀 蕼岽蕗岽 蕪岽忈礈 . . . B岽囜磩岽岽渟岽 瑟岽's 岽薀薀 覔岽徥 蕪岽忈礈~"
饾悏饾悮饾惄饾悮饾惂饾悶饾惉饾悶 | 饾悞饾悳饾惃饾惈饾惄饾悽饾惃 | 饾悋饾惃饾惁饾惃饾惉饾悶饾惐饾惍饾悮饾惀
饾悅饾惈饾悽饾惁饾悽饾惂饾悮饾惀 饾悜饾悶饾悳饾惃饾惈饾悵 : Has a clean record, but was known for showing violence to his opposing team by punching them and made an apology for it.
- H岽's 纱岽岽涐礈蕗岽薀薀蕪 岽纱 岽覔覔岽囜磩岽浬磸纱岽岽涐磭 岽樶磭蕗s岽徤. H岽 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 岽樖岽瑟s岽噑 岽纱岽 散瑟岽犪磭s s岽溼礃岽樶磸蕗岽 岽涐磸 纱岽溼磵岽囀岽忈礈s 岽樶磭岽忈礃薀岽, 岽岽樶礃岽囜磤蕗瑟纱散 岽s 岽徤瘁磭 岽徱 岽浭溼磭 岽嶀磸s岽 散蕗岽囜磤岽涐磭s岽 s岽樶磸蕗岽泂 岽樖熱磤蕪岽囀 岽呩磭s岽樕礇岽 s岽忈磵岽 岽岽勧磩瑟岽呩磭纱岽泂 岽∩礇蕼 岽犪磤薀瑟岽 蕗岽囜磤s岽徤瓷瓷. H岽 薀瑟岽嬦磭s s岽嬌磗岽嬌礃, 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 岽呩磸瑟纱散 s岽 岽∩礇蕼 岽樶磭岽忈礃薀岽 蕶岽溼礇 岽涐磸 岽浭溼磸s岽 蕼岽's 岽勧磸岽嵰撫磸蕗岽涐磤蕶薀岽 岽∩礇蕼, 蕶岽溼礇 岽∩熓 岽徤词熓 岽浭岽準熓 岽勈熒瓷 岽涐磸 岽浭溼磭 岽徤瘁磭 蕼岽 薀岽忈礌岽噑 岽蕶岽忈礌岽 岽薀薀.
- H岽's 岽 岽犪磭蕗蕪 蕶蕗瑟散蕼岽 岽纱岽 岽岽勧礇瑟岽犪磭 岽樶磭蕗s岽徤, 薀瑟岽嬌瓷 岽涐磸 散岽 岽忈礈岽 岽纱岽 蕶岽 岽 蕶岽薀薀 岽徱 s岽溕磗蕼瑟纱岽 覔岽徥 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s, 岽呩磸瑟纱散 蕼瑟s 蕶岽噑岽 岽涐磸 岽嚿瘁礇岽囀岽涐磤瑟纱 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s 岽∈溼磭纱 蕼岽 蕼岽s 岽浭溼磭 岽嚿瘁磭蕗散蕪 岽徥 纱岽忈礇瑟岽勧磭s 岽 蕼岽囜磤岽犑 岽岽涐磵岽弒岽樖溼磭蕗岽. H岽's 岽渟岽溼磤薀薀蕪 覔岽忈礈纱岽 岽♂磸蕗岽嬌瓷 蕼岽蕗岽, 岽樖熱磤蕪瑟纱散 纱岽溼磵岽囀岽忈礈s s岽樶磸蕗岽泂 岽纱岽 岽噚岽囀岽勆猻瑟纱散 谦岽溕礇岽 岽徱撫礇岽嚿. T蕼瑟s 岽渟岽溼磤薀薀蕪 薀岽囜磤岽卻 蕼瑟岽 岽涐磸 岽嚿磗岽準瑟纱散 蕼岽 蕼岽s 岽 散岽忈磸岽 蕶岽忈磪蕪 岽纱岽 岽勧磤纱 岽呩磭覔岽嚿瘁磪 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s 岽噑岽樶磭岽勆磤薀薀蕪 蕼瑟s 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽
- D岽噑岽樕礇岽 蕶岽嚿瓷 岽纱 瑟纱岽浭岽忈礌岽囀岽, 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 岽嬦磭岽囜礃瑟纱散 岽涐磸 蕼瑟岽峴岽囀熞 瑟纱 岽溕匆撫磤岽嵣熒磤蕗 岽嚿瘁礌瑟蕗岽徤瘁磵岽嚿瘁礇s, 蕼岽 岽勧磤纱 蕶岽 岽忈礈岽浬⑨磸瑟纱散 岽∈溼磭纱 覔岽囜磭薀瑟纱散 岽勧磸纱覔瑟岽呩磭纱岽. H岽 岽徱撫礇岽嚿 岽岽涐礇岽囜磵岽樶礇s 岽涐磸 蕶岽 蕼岽溼磵岽準岽忈礈s, 岽嶀磤岽嬌瓷 岽娽磸岽嬦磭s 岽纱岽 岽呩磸瑟纱散 s瑟薀薀蕪 蕶瑟岽泂 岽涐磸 岽勧磤岽渟岽 岽忈礇蕼岽囀s 薀岽岽溕⑹溼礇岽囀. S岽忈磵岽囜礇瑟岽嶀磭s, 蕼岽 蕗岽噑岽準熱礇s 岽涐磸 岽涐磭x岽浬瓷 岽徥 岽∈瑟岽浬瓷 覔岽溕瓷词 纱岽忈礇岽噑 瑟覔 蕼岽 岽呩磸岽噑纱'岽 覔岽囜磭薀 岽浭溼磭 纱岽囜磭岽 岽涐磸 s岽樶磭岽岽 岽犪磭蕗蕶岽薀薀蕪.
- H岽忈础岽囜礌岽囀, 蕼岽 岽勧磤纱 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽 s岽涐礈蕶蕶岽徥纱 岽呩磸瑟纱散 岽勧磭蕗岽涐磤瑟纱 s瑟岽涐礈岽岽浬磸纱s, 岽徥 岽∩礇蕼 岽樶磭岽忈礃薀岽. T蕼瑟s 岽勧磤纱 s岽忈磵岽囜礇瑟岽嶀磭s 薀岽囜磤岽 岽涐磸 岽嵣猻岽勧磸岽嶀磵岽溕瓷磩岽岽浬磸纱 岽浭溼磤岽 薀岽囜磤岽卻 岽涐磸 蕼瑟岽 岽渟岽溼磤薀薀蕪 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵瑟纱散 岽勧磸薀岽, 岽纱岽 蕗岽蕗岽囀熓, 岽∩熓 蕼岽 岽勧磤岽渟岽 岽樖準弒瑟岽勧磤薀. B岽溼礇 岽渟岽溼磤薀薀蕪, 蕼岽 岽勧磤纱 岽薀s岽 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽 s岽岽犪磤散岽-薀瑟岽嬦磭, 岽嶀磤岽嬌瓷 岽勧磸岽嶀磵岽嚿瘁礇s 岽浭溼磤岽 岽♂磸岽準熱磪 蕼岽準岽 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀's 岽樖瑟岽呩磭 岽徥 岽囀焥岽 岽樖岽忈礌岽 蕼瑟s 岽樶磸瑟纱岽.
饾悩饾悮饾惂饾悵饾悶饾惈饾悶 饾悘饾悶饾惈饾惉饾惃饾惂饾悮饾惀饾悽饾惌饾惒 | 饾悡饾悥
- 蕼岽 蕶岽嚿⑸搓湵 岽∩礇蕼 隃贬礇岽薀岽嬌瓷 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀, 纱岽蕗蕗岽忈础瑟纱散 瑟纱 岽徤 蕼岽忈础 岽涐磸 岽岽樶礃蕗岽忈磤岽勈 岽纱岽 岽涐磤岽嬦磭 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀 瑟隃 岽囜礌岽囀 蕼岽 瑟隃 岽溕瘁磤蕶薀岽 岽涐磸 隃贬磭岽 岽浭溼磭 岽樶磭蕗隃贬磸纱 岽徤 岽 纱岽徥岽嶀磤薀 蕶岽隃鄙湵, 岽徥 岽呩礈蕗瑟纱散 岽囜礌岽嚿瘁礇隃. 蕶岽囜磩岽岽滉湵岽 岽応湴 岽浭溕湵, 蕼岽 岽嬦磭岽囜礃隃 岽浭岽岽勧磱 岽応湴 岽∈溼磭蕗岽 岽浭溼磭蕪 岽蕗岽 岽纱岽 岽岽 岽∈溼磤岽 岽浬磵岽, 岽纱岽 岽徥欔湵岽囀岽犪磭隃 岽浭溼磭瑟蕗 岽浭忈礃瑟岽勧磤薀 岽呩磤蕪: 岽∈溼磤岽 岽浭溼磭蕪 岽呩磸, 岽∈溼磭蕗岽 岽浭溼磭蕪 散岽 岽嶀磸隃贬礇 隃笆岽嘠岽溼磭纱岽浭熓, 岽∈溼磸 岽浭溼磭蕪 隃贬礃岽嚿瘁磪 岽浭溼磭瑟蕗 岽浬磵岽 岽∩礇蕼, 岽纱岽 岽嶀磸蕗岽. 蕶蕪 岽浭溼磭纱, 蕼岽団櫴熓 蕼岽岽犪磭 岽涐磸散岽囜礇蕼岽囀 岽 隃笆熱磤岽∈熱磭隃标湵 岽樖熱磤纱 岽涐磸 蕗岽囜礇蕗瑟岽囜礌岽 蕼瑟隃 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽.
- 蕼岽 岽涐磭纱岽呹湵 岽涐磸 蕶岽 隃贬础岽囜磭岽 岽涐磸岽♂磤蕗岽呹湵 岽囜礌岽囀蕪岽徤瘁磭 瑟纱 散岽嚿瘁磭蕗岽薀, 蕶岽溼礇 隃搬磸蕗 蕼瑟隃 鈥溼磸纱岽 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓,鈥 蕼岽団櫴熓 隃贬礃岽徤 岽浭溼磭岽 岽∈溼磭岽浭溼磭蕗 岽徥 纱岽忈礇 岽浭溼磭蕪鈥櫴岽 岽薀蕗岽囜磤岽吺 岽忈礃岽嚿词熓 岽呩磭岽勈熱磤蕗岽囜磪 岽隃 蕼瑟隃 岽徥 纱岽忈礇. 蕼岽団櫴熓 隃贬磭纱岽 散瑟隃搬礇隃 岽勧磸纱隃贬礇岽纱岽浭熓, 隃贬磭纱岽 岽涐磭x岽 岽嶀磭隃标湵岽散岽 岽隃搬礇岽囀 岽涐磭x岽 岽嶀磭隃标湵岽散岽 岽涐磸 岽嚿搓湵岽準岽 岽浭溼磭瑟蕗 岽♂磭薀薀-蕶岽嚿瓷, 岽纱岽 岽∩熓 岽涐磤岽嬦磭 岽浭溼磭岽 岽忈礈岽 岽涐磸 岽徤词熓 岽浭溼磭 蕶岽囮湵岽 岽徥 岽嶀磸隃贬礇 岽勧磸岽嶊湴岽徥岽涐磤蕶薀岽 岽応湴 岽樖熱磤岽勧磭隃. 岽纱岽 纱岽 岽忈礇蕼岽囀 岽樶磭蕗隃贬磸纱 岽∩熓 蕗岽囜磩岽嚿礌岽 岽浭溕湵 岽浭岽囜磤岽涐磵岽嚿瘁礇, 岽徤词熓 隃贬礈隃瓣湴岽囀瑟纱散 隃笆岽忈磵 蕼瑟隃 岽忈礈岽浭欋礈蕗隃贬礇 瑟隃 岽囜礌岽囀 蕼岽団欔湵 岽纱散岽囀岽囜磪 岽徥 岽勈溼磤薀薀岽嚿瓷⑨磭岽. 岽纱岽 隃贬磸岽嶀磭岽浬磵岽囮湵, 蕼岽 岽呩磸岽囮湵 岽浭溼磭隃贬磭 岽纱岽徤词忈磵岽忈礈隃笔熓, 薀岽囜磤岽犐瓷 岽娽磤岽樶磤纱岽囮湵岽 岽勈溼磤蕗岽岽勧礇岽囀瑟隃贬礇瑟岽勱湵 岽隃 蕼瑟隃 蕼瑟纱岽 岽応湴 岽∈溼磸 瑟隃 岽浭溼磭 隃贬磭纱岽呩磭蕗.
- 岽∈溼磭纱 蕼岽 隃贬礃岽嚿瘁磪隃 岽浬磵岽 岽∩礇蕼 蕼瑟隃 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽, 蕼岽団欔湵 瑟纱 岽蕶隃贬磸薀岽溼礇岽囀熓 岽囜礈岽樖溼磸蕗瑟岽, 岽勈溼磭蕗瑟隃笔溕瓷 岽囜礌岽囀蕪岽浭溕瓷 隃笆岽忈磵 岽浭溼磭 隃鄙磵岽樖熱磭隃贬礇 岽応湴 隃贬磵瑟薀岽囮湵 岽纱岽 散薀岽纱岽勧磭隃, 岽涐磸 隃贬础岽囜磭岽 岽♂磸蕗岽呹湵, 隃贬礈蕶岽浭熱磭 岽涐磸岽溼磩蕼岽囮湵, 岽纱岽 隃搬礈蕗岽浭溼磭蕗 岽嶀磸蕗岽. 蕶岽囜磩岽岽滉湵岽 岽応湴 岽浭溕湵, 蕼岽 隃贬磸岽嶀磭岽浬磵岽囮湵 散薀岽忈磤岽涥湵, 隃笔溼磤蕗瑟纱散 蕼岽忈础 薀岽溼磩岽嬍 蕼岽 瑟隃 岽勧磸岽嶀礃岽蕗岽囜磪 岽涐磸 岽忈礇蕼岽囀隃. 岽浭溕湵 岽応湴岽涐磭纱 薀岽囜磤岽犪磭隃 蕼瑟岽 隃笔熒⑹溼礇薀蕪 岽勧磸岽勧磱蕪, 蕶岽溼礇 蕼岽 岽嬌瘁磸岽£湵 岽∈溼磭蕗岽 岽涐磸 岽吺岽岽 岽浭溼磭 岽徤词熒瘁磭. 蕶岽溼礇 瑟隃 蕼岽 岽♂磸纱鈥欋礇 隃贬磤蕪 瑟岽 岽犪磭蕗蕶岽薀薀蕪, 蕶岽 隃贬礈蕗岽 岽涐磸 岽勈溼磭岽勧磱 蕼瑟隃 岽吷磤蕗蕪 岽浭溼磤岽 岽嬦磭岽囜礃隃 岽薀薀 蕼瑟隃 岽徥欔湵岽囮湵隃鄙磸纱 岽応湴 蕼瑟隃 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽 岽纱岽 岽囜磤岽勈 岽嶀礈蕗岽呩磭蕗 蕼岽団欔湵 岽勧磸岽嶀磵瑟岽涐礇岽囜磪 隃搬磸蕗 岽浭溼磭岽.
- 瑟岽涒欔湵 纱岽 隃贬磭岽勈岽囜礇 岽∈溼磭纱岽囜礌岽囀 蕼岽 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽囮湵 岽溼礃隃贬磭岽. 岽嶀磸隃贬礇 岽応湴 岽浭溼磭 岽浬磵岽, 瑟岽 岽勧磤纱 蕶岽 隃贬礈蕶岽浭熱磭, 隃贬磸岽嶀磭岽浬磵岽囮湵 薀岽忈磸岽嬌瓷 岽岽♂磤蕪 瑟纱 岽吷湵岽涐磤隃贬礇岽. 蕼岽忈础岽囜礌岽囀, 蕼岽 瑟隃鄙粹欋礇 岽隃笆岽瑟岽 岽涐磸 蕶瑟岽涐磭 岽∈溼磸岽囜礌岽囀 瑟岽 岽嶀磤蕪 蕶岽 岽浭溼磤岽 岽嶀磤岽嬦磭隃 岽 岽嶀磸岽犪磭 岽涐磸岽♂磤蕗岽呹湵 蕼瑟隃 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽. 纱岽 岽嶀磤岽涐礇岽囀 岽∈溼磸 岽浭溼磭蕪 岽蕗岽, 蕼岽団櫴熓 隃鄙瘁磤岽, 蕶岽囜磩岽忈磵岽 岽犐磸薀岽嚿瘁礇 岽徥 蕼岽蕗隃笔 岽涐磸 岽嬦磭岽囜礃 岽浭溼磭 岽忈礇蕼岽囀 岽岽♂磤蕪. 岽纱岽 岽∈溼磭纱 岽樶礈隃笔 岽勧磸岽嶀磭隃 岽涐磸 隃笔溼磸岽犪磭, 蕼岽団櫴熓 薀岽纱岽 蕶薀岽忈础 岽隃搬礇岽囀 蕶薀岽忈础 瑟隃 岽浭溼磭蕪 岽呩磸纱鈥欋礇 散瑟岽犪磭 瑟纱 岽纱岽 薀岽囜磤岽犪磭. 岽徥 岽♂磸蕗隃贬磭, 岽∈溕磩蕼 瑟隃 蕼瑟隃 隃搬磤岽犪磸蕗瑟岽涐磭, 蕼岽団櫴熓 薀岽囜磤岽犪磭 岽浭溼磭 岽樶磭蕗隃贬磸纱 岽∩礇蕼 岽浭溼磭瑟蕗 蕶蕗岽瑟纱 岽噚岽樖熱磸岽呩磭岽.
- 瑟隃 岽樶磸隃标湵瑟蕶薀岽, 岽徥 蕶蕪 隃搬磸蕗岽勧磭, 蕼岽 岽樶礈隃笔溼磭隃 岽囜礌岽囀蕪岽徤瘁磭 岽岽♂磤蕪 隃笆岽忈磵 蕼瑟隃 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽 岽∈溼磭纱 岽浭溼磭蕗岽 岽蕗岽 纱岽 隃鄙⑸搓湵 岽応湴 瑟岽嶀礃蕗岽忈礌岽囜磵岽嚿瘁礇 岽∩礇蕼 岽浭溼磭 蕗岽囀熱磤岽浬磸纱隃笔溕礃 蕼岽 岽呩磭隃鄙岽囮湵 岽∩礇蕼 岽浭溼磭岽. 岽薀岽浭溼磸岽溕⑹ 蕼岽団欔湵 岽岽♂磤蕗岽 岽応湴 岽浭溼磭 岽樶磤瑟纱 瑟岽 蕶蕗瑟纱散隃 隃搬磸蕗 蕼瑟隃 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽, 蕼岽 岽勈熱磸隃贬磭隃 岽浭溼磭岽 岽応湴隃 隃笆岽忈磵 岽囜礌岽囀蕪岽徤瘁磭, 岽嚿搓湵岽準瑟纱散 岽忈礇蕼岽囀隃 岽蕶岽纱岽呩磸纱 岽浭溼磭岽 岽徥 岽涐礈蕗纱 岽岽♂磤蕪 隃笆岽忈磵 岽浭溼磭岽, 薀岽囜磤岽犐瓷 蕼瑟岽 岽涐磸 蕶岽 岽浭溼磭 岽徤词熓 岽樶磭蕗隃贬磸纱 薀岽囮湴岽 岽涐磸 岽勧磤蕗岽 隃搬磸蕗 蕼瑟隃 岽徤瘁磭 岽纱岽 岽徤词熓. 岽徥 岽囀熽湵岽, 蕼岽 蕗岽囮湵岽徥岽涥湵 岽涐磸 岽浭準岽囜磤岽涥湵, 岽嶀磤岽嬌瓷 岽囜磵岽樶礇蕪 岽樖岽忈磵瑟隃贬磭隃 岽纱岽 蕼岽準岽浬瓷 岽浭溼磭岽 岽涐磸 岽嚿搓湵岽準岽 蕼瑟隃 蕶岽囀熱磸岽犪磭岽 蕼瑟隃 岽溕瘁磪岽囀 蕼瑟隃 岽勧磸纱岽浭岽徥 岽纱岽 岽涐磤岽嬦磭隃 蕼瑟岽 隃贬磭蕗瑟岽忈礈隃笔熓.
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captainmcslashypaws18 hours ago
Yandere levi in Canon verse-
He's so so tired of being alone. He keeps losing everyone.
But then he met you-the sweet kitchen worker. You make such nice tea and blush so pretty around him. He can't help himself from being with you.
Sure you don'tactually want him, but that's fine. Levi can use a little violence. Even though he hates leaving marks on your delicate skin.
I really love the idea of yandere Levi marking up his darling鈥檚 neck 馃構 Think I鈥檓 just a massive hoe for possessive men.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yandere!Levi x reader.
Warning: 18+, manipulation, noncon marking, sexism, threat of branding, yandere behaviour.
Tumblr media
Levi wished you would keep still for once. If you didn鈥檛 fight him, he wouldn鈥檛 have to bite down so hard on your delicate skin. If you accepted your place by his side, he wouldn鈥檛 have to mark you, because you wouldn鈥檛 be working here at all. As his woman, you would be taking care of the household, far away from the plethora of men who came into the mess hall solely to flirt with you. As his wife, you would make yourself available only for him, doing precisely as he said without a second thought. You would have no energy to battle him with how many children he would give you.
He quite liked the sound of that.
One of his hands held your wrists above your head while the other was clamped firmly against your mouth. Tears were spilling down your cheeks as you tried desperately to writhe away from his careful ministrations. Nevertheless, you weren鈥檛 strong enough to fight him, what with his intense workout regime and your lack thereof.
鈥淢ove one more time and I鈥檒l fucking brand you,鈥 he growled, still determined to make you cease your defiant act.
He had threatened to do it before. Holding his switchblade to your chest, he had placed his chin on your shoulder from behind and asked if you liked games. When you hadn鈥檛 answered him, he had told you that he would carve his name into your chest blindly if you didn鈥檛 obey him. Your compliance had been exceptional that evening. He hadn鈥檛 needed to follow up on his warning until presently. Perhaps he would go through with it this time, give you something you couldn鈥檛 hide with anything but a high-cut sweater. That all depended on you, though.
You nodded frantically in understanding at his words, going limp in his grip. You knew better than to test his patience, particularly when he sounded that menacing. You had no doubt that he would make good on his promise to mark you permanently this time. In fact, you even thought he had been waiting to do it.
鈥淕ood girl,鈥 he purred, pressing a tender kiss to your clammy cheek.
He sucked on the skin above your collarbone with wild abandon, making sure it would leave a mark that anyone would be able to spot up close. You might be able to pass it off as some sort of rash, but the smart ones would know better. It would be a clear indication that you had a lover, and that no one else stood a chance. Although he regretted that it had to come to this 鈥 him marking your sweet neck with his dark desire every week 鈥 it was necessary to lay his claim on a hot commodity like you.聽
Too many others wanted you as their wife. Too many others wanted to survive this war, if only to procreate with an angel like you. Sooner or later, though, you would have no choice but to accept him as your partner in the public domain. You would have to shut the rest of those foolish men down. When that time came, he couldn鈥檛 wait to see the faces of Braun and Kirstein when they learned who you belonged to. He couldn鈥檛 wait to see their jaws drop when you announced you were three months pregnant with a baby Ackerman growing swiftly in your womb.
For now, though, he would abide by your wishes. He could be tolerant of what you wanted until the instance came to take what he was owed. He hoped that you knew that your days as a free woman were numbered.
Tags:聽@slaminaevoli, @twiixiies
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stalksbyakuyatogami23 hours ago
hey can i get some clingy shuichi hcs pls
Clingy Shuichi Saihara
sure, sure!! i love Shumai!! takes place in a killing game
also wow i had to research this one
warnings: stalker-ish behavior
Tumblr media
鈥lingy Shuichi is one of the best Shuichis.
鈥e immediately gets worried when you don't answer after the first knock. What if you hot killed or something? Or passed out because of something?
鈥ometimes, he has to cast your privacy aside to know how you were doing. Which is kinda weird.
鈥o place that he isn't there where you are. Probably even holds your hand when he needs to. When you two have a little date, the only escape you can have is the bathroom, honestly.
鈥e sulks, and maybe sometimes even gets mad when he sees you lurking around without his knowledge. He's just like this because he doesn't want you dying on him.
鈥e always patrols where you often stay. He might catch you by chance, who knows. And if he does, he'll snatch you away and have himself some of your time.
鈥n his free time, he initially looks for you, but if you're busy or doing something important, he wouldn't bug you. So he spends his time with the others instead.
鈥e has many, many plans for you two. And like, you need to calm him down. Because first, you two need to survive this killing game.
鈥e even gets distracted most of the time. He might concentrate really hard on investigations with you, but he's especially distracted during trials. He's too busy admiring you and your debates.
鈥ven after all of this, he is still a bit shy. But he tells himself to do this and to do that. It's for your safety anyway.
鈥lease have patience.
Tumblr media
Yo this turned out kinda yandere-ish. Thank you for requesting, anon!
-Mod Toko
Tumblr media
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m3v323 hours ago
yandere!Chrollo/fem!Reader (NSFW)
A recent commission. The request was for a yandere-esque Chrollo. If you are interested in commissioning me, please take a look at my pinned post for commission rules and shoot me a DM!聽
TW for: yandere, unhealthy relationships, extreme dubcon, face slapping/spitting, degradation.
You鈥檇 been a client of the little coffee shop, with the tall oak bookcase in the dining area, long before you鈥檇 ever started working there. There was nothing especially fancy about the place; if anything, the outside could have used a new coat of paint, and the tables and chairs were kept from wobbling with scraps of cardboard and tape 鈥 but perhaps that鈥檚 what exactly drew people in.
There were regular customers; those who came in, ordered the same hot drink each time, picked up a new book from the shelf, and spent the morning reading. You got to know them all fairly well, and the place was, overall, peaceful. You were grateful for your job in those quiet moments. And, of course, there was the fact that you鈥檇 met Chrollo here - the odd, out-of-place-looking man who鈥檇 regarded you with large grey eyes and brushed his fingers against yours when you鈥檇 handed him his drink, that very first day. He鈥檇 stayed till you鈥檇 closed for the afternoon, reading, every so often shooting glances in your direction 鈥 and each time sending flashes of heat washing across your face. You wondered if he could tell.
He came back, a few times a week, every day asking you more and more questions about your life. He already knew your name 鈥 the chicken scrawl on your nametag saw to that 鈥 and his questions were oddly specific and seemingly random. Did you like living here, in York New? Did you live with anyone? If you could choose anywhere to travel, where would it be?
And, the one that piqued your interest the most, Did you believe in soulmates?
Maybe the question would have struck you as out of place had Chrollo not been reading some dated romance novel when he鈥檇 asked it, your hand scrubbing a rag across the now-empty tables around his. You鈥檇 stopped and looked up to meet his ever-unreadable gaze, your eyes tracing the bandana he always wore tied around his head.
鈥淚鈥ever thought of it,鈥 you鈥檇 replied, truthfully. 鈥淲hy, what about you?鈥
Chrollo had set his book down, seemingly deep in thought. 鈥淚鈥檇 like to think so,鈥 he finally said, looking back at you for a tad longer than could be considered appropriate. He didn鈥檛 say anything to you the rest of the time he was there.
聽The question rung around in your head for days before Chrollo came back during one of your shifts. This time, his chat was far more lighthearted and idle while you prepared his order, but when you handed it to him, he paused for a moment.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 suppose you鈥檇 be too tired of coffee to join me sometime for one?鈥 he asked suddenly, a smile on his thin lips.
Despite all the clear signs he had been giving you that he鈥檇 been interested, you felt frozen in surprise. 鈥淚鈥es, of course,鈥 you said, nodding as you sputtered the words out. 鈥淚 would love to.鈥
His smile widened. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 wonderful,鈥 he said simply, smiling a bit wider. 鈥淪hall I come get you tomorrow morning, then?鈥
鈥淪ure.鈥 You frowned, then stopped him as he turned to leave. 鈥淲ait, I鈥檒l give you my address.鈥
Chrollo looked back at you, a particularly strange look on his face that made you momentarily freeze. However, his calm, kindly demeanor soon returned and he nodded. 鈥淥f course.鈥
聽Today had been a Friday night, the one evening where you closed after sunset. The patrons had left, and only you and your coworker Kaiyo remained outside the store. He was a nice enough guy, friendly and easygoing, and had been working with you since you鈥檇 started six months ago. 鈥淚t鈥檚 dark,鈥 he said simply, looking up at the pitch-black sky. 鈥淵ou want me to walk with you to your place?鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檇 be great,鈥 you said, relieved that you didn鈥檛 have to walk across downtown York New on your own. Any other day, you鈥檇 have braved the inevitable cat calls and fear of being stabbed in the back of an alleyway, but it was nice to have another person by your side.
The walk wasn鈥檛 long, and you made small talk about your plans for the weekend. You brought up Chrollo, the oft-coming customer who had seemingly fallen for you. Kaiyo laughed. 鈥淎lways somebody after you, who can blame them?鈥 he teased, just as you reached the turnoff to your apartment building. 鈥淗ave fun, then. You can tell me all about it on Monday.鈥 You bid him farewell and began to make your way to the door, your keys in hand.
鈥淚t鈥檚 awfully dark for you to be walking home on your own.鈥 A low voice calling out behind you made your blood run cold. You whipped around, keys in your fist, only to be met with Chrollo walking up to where you stood. You relaxed a little, still confused about what he was doing at your apartment.
鈥淲-were you鈥ollowing me?鈥 you asked tentatively, your eyes narrowing. Chrollo chuckled, shaking his head.
鈥淵ork New is big, but not that big. I was walking across the street and recognized you.鈥 He put his hands in his pockets. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I scared you.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay,鈥 you assured him, feeling embarrassed by your accusation. You felt the swift need to make it up to him. 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you come up for something to drink? If 鈥 if you want, that is.鈥 You felt awkward inviting him into your home 鈥 which you hadn鈥檛 bothered to tidy in days 鈥 but Chrollo鈥檚 seemingly laidback demeanor put you at ease. He hummed in assent and nodded, holding the door for you as you unlocked and opened it.
The walk up the staircase was made in an awkward silence. Then, Chrollo suddenly spoke up, just as you were about to reach your door. 鈥淵ou should be careful, walking around at night on your own, especially around here,鈥 he said, his tone suddenly low and cautious. You huffed out a laugh, trying to ease his worries.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it,鈥 you said, opening your apartment door, 鈥渙ne of my coworkers walked home with me.鈥 Chrollo didn鈥檛 respond, and you let him inside, tossing your jacket and bag to the side of the entryway. 鈥淪orry about the mess,鈥 you said, cringing at the shoes and clothes haphazardly tossed on the couch. You hurried to move them so Chrollo could have someplace to sit. Was that too forward? Offering to sit with him on the sofa?
You started a kettle for tea, returning to where your guest sat in the living room. Chrollo laid back in the chair, his legs crossed, his fingers intertwined. 鈥淚鈥檓 just boiling some water,鈥 you went on, 鈥渋f you wanted tea with me.鈥 He hummed and smiled as he had earlier, but something about his gaze had changed. It was somehow鈥older. You shivered, despite the summer weather. Perhaps you had made a mistake in bringing him to your place. Blood pounded in your ears, but before you could speak, Chrollo shifted.
鈥淵ou know,鈥 he began, 鈥渋f you want someone to walk you home, you needn鈥檛 ask him.鈥 There was acid in the last word, and Chrollo鈥檚 smile had faltered, the corners of his mouth no longer reaching his eyes. 鈥淚 would be happy to accompany you, _______.鈥
鈥淥-oh, it鈥檚 really鈥 walk home myself most days, anyway, I mean; we鈥檙e not鈥e鈥檙e not鈥︹ You waved your hands awkwardly, trying to ease his concerns about you being鈥aken.
鈥淓ven so,鈥 Chrollo continued, leaning forward until his face was inches from yours, 鈥淚 think you and I both know you belong to me, hm?鈥 A hand was suddenly on your clothed thigh, and against your every instinct, you felt yourself melt into the touch. 鈥淚 felt we established that long ago.鈥
鈥淚鈥 don鈥檛鈥︹
Your fumbled attempt at a reply was cut off when his thin lips sealed over yours. You were caught off guard, giving Chrollo just enough of an opportunity to grip your hips and lower you down onto the couch; coming to loom over you as he continued kissing you, sucking and biting, hard, moving from your swollen lips to your neck. His tongue traced the sensitive flesh there, and you gasped.
鈥淟ook at me.鈥 His voice was hard and dark, jolting you from your thoughts. He drew away just enough for you to be able to meet his eyes. His fingers dug into the flesh of your hips with every word. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 like to share, ________. Am I clear on this?鈥 His dark bangs dangled in front of his stony eyes, momentarily distracting you, and all of a sudden, you felt the stinging slap of a hand on your face. You yelped, your ears ringing and your heart racing; your body telling you for all the wrong reasons.
鈥淚 asked you something, _________,鈥 Chrollo scolded you. 鈥淚 want an answer.鈥
鈥淵-yes,鈥 you rasped out, tears beginning to spring at the corners of your eyes. You didn鈥檛 know if you were scared, or turned on, or both, the jolting electricity in your core betraying your fear.
鈥淕ood girl.鈥 That reassuring, crooning voice was back, and Chrollo hooked his thumbs in the waistband of your pants, peppering surprisingly gentle kisses to the undoubtedly bright-red welt on your cheek as he peeled off your pants and underwear. Faintly, as if very distant, you registered the soft sound of fabric being rustled as Chrollo shucked off his own bottoms. Your eyes cracked open 鈥 when had they closed? 鈥 and you noticed the white dress-shirt he had on was now half-unbuttoned. That plain bandana of his was still around his forehead. Despite it all, his face remained impassive.
The same could not be said for you. 鈥淐hrollo鈥︹ you whimpered, although for what, you did not know. Were you asking him to stop? To keep going? He merely chuckled and shook his head, his hand delving down between your legs. Your back arched when you felt his thumb against your clit.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e dripping wet already,鈥 he remarked, 鈥渓ike the little slut I knew you were.鈥
Something about the word, the way it left his lips, sent even more heat to your core. Words failed you when you felt his fingers roughly push inside your walls, meeting little resistance. You couldn鈥檛 help it; you moaned beneath him, only to feel the sharp smack of his palm on your cheek once again. When you cried out, clenching around his fingers, you heard Chrollo hum above you.
鈥淪o predictable, darling,鈥 he cooed, yet his voice was contrastingly cold. His free hand made its way to your thigh, wrapping it around his hip as he thrust his fingers in and out of you, grazing your sweet spot each time. Pain radiating from your cheek mixed with the sparks of pleasure in your core, and you found yourself nearing your release surprisingly quickly. It seemed Chrollo knew this, too, because he withdrew his fingers, lined up his cock with your entrance and, in one languid motion, pressed himself inside of you. The stinging sensation of his length filling your walls only added to the jumbled number of sensations coursing through your body, all at once, and your arms reached for Chrollo鈥檚 shoulders to steady yourself as he drove into you.
鈥淣eedy girl,鈥 he chided, fingers digging evermore into the flesh of your ass. 鈥淪o tempting. Do all your coworkers know what a dirty little whore you are? You鈥檙e practically begging for it. A man you鈥檝e barely met.鈥
Your mind was too clouded over with arousal to respond.
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright,鈥 he went on, leaning in until his breath was at your ear. 鈥淚 forgive you this time. But if I see you with another man again鈥 shall not be as lenient.鈥 He hissed out the last word, a hoarse threat, his cock hitting the furthest spot within you. This time, you didn鈥檛 try to silence your groans to avoid his punishment; you had little doubt his assessment of your character was accurate, after you鈥檇 fallen apart for him like this. Perhaps you deserved to be smacked around as he had told you.
When you came, it was like white hot lightning, stars filling the space behind your closed eyelids. You trembled and tightened around Chrollo鈥檚 cock, and it wasn鈥檛 long before he finished inside you, a gritted curse escaping his chest as he did, his face buried into your neck.
Chrollo didn鈥檛 give you much reprieve before he pulled out of you, hastily wiping himself off and retrieving his clothes. When he reached for his pants, however, he turned back to look at your debauched form: covered in sweat, cum, and tears, a panting, red-faced mess. You heard the growling sound of him clearing his throat, followed by the sickening feeling of his spit hitting your cheek. You were too fucked out to bother trying to wipe yourself off.
鈥淚 hope we learned a little lesson today,鈥 Chrollo mused, sitting on the sofa beside you as he redressed. His tone was back to that polite, airy voice you鈥檇 heard when you鈥檇 first met. Your eyes fluttered open, and Chrollo鈥檚 gaze locked onto yours. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 share my playthings very easily, ______. But I鈥檓 sure you won鈥檛 make the same mistake again.鈥
You said nothing, merely lying back onto the couch cushions as Chrollo began to walk to the door.
鈥淚鈥檒l pick you up tomorrow at 11,鈥 he said cheerily. 鈥淚 expect you to be a bit more presentable by then.鈥
As he left, you heard the kettle boiling for tea.
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samusluta day ago
Omg that oikawa smut 馃憖馃憖. I could totally see this morphing into (1) a hanahaki disease (oikawa could probably try getting the surgery to forget but in the next life he falls for you again but your soul bond had broken and he wakes up the next day with petals on his pillow) or (2) yandere oikawa who decides to "reset" this life by doing a romeo and juliet. Either way major angst good job breaking my kokoro <\3
omg both of those scenarios are perfect. i was sort of thinking that oikawa spends the rest of this lifetime with you in a fucked up yandere situation, where he basically keeps you locked up in his house because there鈥檚 no going back. the entire fic he鈥檚 reasoning with himself that what he鈥檚 doing is the right thing, that鈥檚 it鈥檚 necessary, etc so he鈥檒l probably twist keeping you chained to a bed or whatever as something good and for your safety.
but then you mentioned 鈥渞esetting鈥 this life and my mind got blown, bc i absolutely think oikawa would do that to both of you if he can鈥檛 take it anymore
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shiggysbitcha day ago
Tumblr media
stepbro!headcanons ft. the bakusquad
a/n: not much to explain here ! this is pure filth - except for kiri鈥檚. his is a little more on the sweeter side all things considered.
-- all characters are 20+
cw!! quirkless/modern au implied,聽stepcest, somnophilia, fingering, manipulation, coercion, panty stealing, voyeurism, slight gaslighting, possessive/yandere behaviour, i wrote this with an inexperienced/virgin reader in mind but you鈥檙e free to interpret it either way
requests are open !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i. katsuki 鈫 at first you think that he hates you. he鈥檚 always avoiding you n glaring at you whenever you interrupt his studying to tell him that dinner鈥檚 ready. even when you ask him to help you with your homework in an attempt to bond on his level, he鈥檚 snarling out curses n telling you to get lost.
what you don鈥檛 know is that his aggression towards you is simply a case of barely contained desire. ever since you moved in, he鈥檚 been at his wits end with how attracted he is to you, all innocent n cute. it should piss him off, the way you鈥檙e always looking like a sad lil puppy whenever he shoves you too roughly or when he takes his intimidation a bit too far n your lower lip wobbles in a pathetic attempt to not start crying like the baby that you are. but it all just goes straight to his cock. probably makes him a pretty fucked up guy that seeing you all scared turns him on but he honestly couldn鈥檛 care less.
he鈥檚 not hung up on the聽鈥榬ightness鈥 or聽鈥榳rongness鈥 of the situation; as far as he鈥檚 concerned, you鈥檙e not even close to being his sister n you never will be so what the fuck does it matter ? where his issue does lay in is the fact that you're blissfully unaware of his inner turmoil. it鈥檚 like you鈥檙e mocking him whenever you parade around the house in shorts so tiny that he can practically see the lips of your pussy threatening to spill out from the sides when you bend over. he has to physically restrain himself from bending you further over on the kitchen counter to fuck your hole right there n then.
but he knows that his goody-two-shoes of a step-sister isn鈥檛 gonna be down for that. you鈥檇 probably bitch n moan in that whiny voice of yours about how you鈥檇 get in trouble or how you guys are technically related n blah blah blah. even thinking about it is driving him nuts. that鈥檚 why he decides to slip into your room after you fall asleep so he doesn鈥檛 have to hear your complaints. he thinks you鈥檙e the prettiest like this -- all docile n pliant n most importantly: quiet. or at least, quiet save for the whimpers that leave your mouth from the sensation of him leisurely fingerfucking your slick hole聽so that he doesn鈥檛 wake you. n even if he does get overexcited n ends up waking you, he鈥檚 got a couple of ideas on what to do to keep that mouth of yours too busy to whine.
ii. kirishima 鈫 there鈥檚 no one as sweet as your stepbro kiri n that鈥檚 a fact ! he鈥檚 always pulling you into these tight bear hugs whenever you get back home from classes n offering to help you beat the super duper hard levels in video games when he sees that you鈥檙e having a hard time with em <33 he鈥檚 so strong n dependable n he always makes you laugh even when on your worst days :( it comes as no surprise to you when you start to develop a crush on him.
you try so, so hard to push it all the way down but that鈥檚 near impossible when he鈥檚 always touching you in some way. whether it be his arms snaking around you from behind to surprise you or his insistence that you two cuddle up on the couch whenever he puts on a scary movie, his hands are always on you. the worst part of it all is that you never even think to push him away or tell him that you aren鈥檛 in the mood. you鈥檙e taking advantage of his kindness n using his natural clinginess to satisfy your own stupid feelings towards him n it鈥檚 constantly eating you up inside. but in spite of the guilt you feel, you still can鈥檛 find it in yourself to put a stop to it. you鈥檙e far too greedy to let him go n he鈥檚 too much of an airhead to recognise that he鈥檚 being used. the sick thing about it all is that you hope that if you keep this up he鈥檒l eventually take to using you back. you want him to be as greedy as you are with him with you, want him to take as much as he wants from you as you can give. he鈥檚 capable of it, you know he is.
he just needed a small push.
鈥渋鈥檝e never been kissed before. can you teach me, kiri ?鈥
鈥渒iri, what鈥檚 a blowjob ?鈥
鈥渋鈥檝e never cum before...heard it feels good...make me feel good, kiri.鈥
鈥渨an鈥 your cock in me, kiri. need it so bad, p-please.鈥
n just like that, with spit-coated red lips n an overstuffed pussy, you鈥檙e proven right.
iii. denki 鈫 he knows that he wants you the second he sees you. yeah, it鈥檚 probably weird that he鈥檚 into his step-sister but it鈥檚 like not like that. it鈥檚 the whole taboo aspect sorta turns him on, not you聽specifically so it鈥檚 not weird or anything, alright ?. he likes that he鈥檚 doing something that he鈥檚 not supposed to be doing because it makes him feel cool for once.
the other guys in the gc honestly couldn鈥檛 give less of a fuck about his hot step-sister or the fact that he鈥檚 apparently stolen six pairs of her panties since she鈥檚 moved into his house but that doesn鈥檛 stop the giddy rush of adrenaline that courses through his veins whenever he snaps n sends a pic of the cute pile of lace n bows hidden under his pillow.
n you don鈥檛 think much of the constant stream of noises you hear coming from his room, just that you wish he was quieter. the wall that separates the two of you isn鈥檛 particularly thin but it鈥檚 certainly isn鈥檛 thick enough to hide the reedy whines n moans that indicates your step-brother jacking off at 8pm. it鈥檚 not like you don鈥檛 understand how he feels or that you don鈥檛 get those primal urges too but at least you鈥檙e considerate enough to bite down on your lip whenever you decide to pleasure yourself so as not to disturb him; it was common courtesy. or at least you thought聽it was common courtesy. god, he was being so loud that you could rarely ever concentrate on completing your assignments. granted, the ones you were currently working on weren鈥檛 due for another week so there really wasn鈥檛 anything to worry about but you had really wanted to get them done early so that you wouldn鈥檛 have to worry about doing them later on. but judging from the way the sounds on the other side of your wall only increase in volume at pitch, you doubt that you鈥檙e going to be able to see your plans through any time soon.
the fucked up thing is the fact that you don鈥檛 even mind as much anymore.
as much as you want to deny it, you鈥檝e gone straight past acceptance n right to having a steady buildup in slick gathering between your thighs. there鈥檚 far too much to ignore n while you tried to clamp them together in the hopes of keeping your juices from making a mess of your desk chair, the friction only makes things better worse. you know this is so wrong on so many levels, that getting horny from listening to someone masturbate while they鈥檙e completely unaware is wrong聽especially when that someone is your brother but it鈥檚 not like you did it on purpose !
you flirt with the idea of maybe relieving yourself once just so you wouldn鈥檛 be as distracted but you couldn鈥檛 stoop this low no matter how badly your cunt ached to be filled, it would be betraying the newly formed bond of trust you鈥檝e created with denki :(
if only you knew that he had your panties stuffed into his mouth.
iv. sero 鈫 oh, it doesn鈥檛 take you that long to realise that he鈥檚 got a thing for you. he鈥檚 almost too eager to ruin his sleep schedule to help you with your homework despite the two of you being in completely different majors in completely different classes.聽his eyes linger on you for just a bit too long whenever you don鈥檛 wear a bra, waiting with baited breath for the moment when you roll your shoulders back to work out the knots there. it鈥檚 as clear as day.
but when you finally build up the courage bring it up to him, barely able to meet his gaze as he towers over you, all he does is laugh. you鈥檙e his sister, silly ! why would he have a crush on you ? did one of your friends put this idea in your head ? he never liked them all too much anyway, you should stop hanging out with them. don鈥檛 want them to fill your head with any more crazy lies, do you ? well, no, you suppose you didn鈥檛 want that. and you suppose he鈥檚 right. maybe this was聽all in your head; he is a pretty friendly guy after all. you鈥檙e reading everything all wrong. it鈥檚 a good thing you have a reliable guy like him around to set you on the right track !
...little do you know that you were spot on.
sero knows you have a stupidly good heart n an even stupider tendency to see the good in people even when they鈥檙e blatantly taking advantage of you, just as he鈥檚 doing now, so this was all too easy. he would feel bad for it if not for how much he enjoys watching the haze of self-doubt cloud over your pretty eyes at his words. if only you weren鈥檛 so trusting in him you would have been able to see right through his little game. but you weren鈥檛, meaning you鈥檙e unfortunately right where he wants you.
suddenly, those red flags don鈥檛 seem so red anymore. suddenly, him spilling water all over the front of your shirt n rushing you to his room to get you changed is just him being a kind big brother, nothing to worry about. even when he tugs your wet clothes off n tells you to wait on his bed while he goes n tosses them in the dryer, you don鈥檛 let your mind wander to that dark place that tries to convince you that he might be up to something. you鈥檝e been through this before, it was all in your head...right ? it鈥檚 only when he returns, locking the door behind him with a too-wide grin, that it all starts to dawn on you. but it鈥檚 far too late to do much of anything now.
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myficdumpa day ago
Pretty please some yandere alex content (stardew)... this boy kills me
Same, I love him so much. Thank you for the request! Reader/Player is Gender-neutral. Alex follows the Player into the mines pretty much everyday during winter lol.聽
Alex nuzzled his cheek against your hair, content to have you in his arms. Both of you had a long day and he鈥檇 been looking forward to this moment since the middle of the day. Exploring the mines was exhausting and he admired you for doing it so often. But it also worried him, which was why he insisted on coming along with you.聽
The monsters put him on edge but he never let a single one touch you. He couldn鈥檛. You were his everything, he couldn鈥檛 let something as stupid as a bat harm a single hair on your head. Of course, you commented on his behavior but he just grinned and made out with you against the cave wall for five minutes.聽
Alex blushed lightly, thinking about it. That was certainly one of the nicer parts of the day. Along with you finding prismatic shards.聽
鈥淕o to bed,鈥 You mumble, shifting in his arms. 鈥淚 can practically hear you thinking.鈥澛
Alex chuckled. He turned your head enough to kiss you before letting you pull away.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 serious. We鈥檝e had a long day and you helped me a lot.鈥澛
鈥淎nything for you,鈥 Alex said, kissing your neck. 鈥淚鈥檒l do it again tomorrow, too.鈥澛
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have too. I know going down into the mines is exhausting.鈥澛
鈥淚 want to. Who else is going to protect you from the monsters?鈥澛
鈥淵ou鈥檙e forgetting that I have a sword. Now shush, please.鈥澛
Alex frowned, but he didn鈥檛 say anything back. It sounded like you were exhausted to the point of having trouble speaking, so he let it go. For now.聽
But he was going to have to talk to you in the morning about it if you didn鈥檛 let him tag along again. He was serious about needing to protect you. He鈥檇 kill everything in the mines if it meant keeping you safe in his arms.
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ravenzeppelia day ago
Tumblr media
You Are My Heart |Wamuu x Yandere Reader Lemon|
聽 聽聽 As soon as Wamuu entered you ran up to him, dropping to your hands and knees as you bowed down in front of him. "Master Wamuu, I was so sad when I woke up and you weren't here so I decided to get up and wait for your arrival! I'm so glad that you are back my master, I love you so much!" You exclaimed, nose pressed against the marble floor as you paid your master, the love of your life ultimate obedience and affection. "But I was sad that you didn't tell me, I was sad without you!"
聽 聽 聽 You heard a light sigh escape Wamuu's lips as you were lifted up into his massive arms, his face filled with concern as his green eyes studied the worry on your face. You reached your hand up, tracing his perfectly chiseled face, fingers brushing against his high cheekbones as he lifted you bridal style. "Don't I always come back home to you? I would never abandon you so please don't be sad."
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 "Yes but I still miss you when you're gone, what can I possibly do without you?" You questioned, willingly becoming depended on the perfect immense being, his soft green eyes and calm voice instantly capturing your heart and gaining your instant devotion to him. As your entire village burned you got onto your hands and knees and praised the pillar man for his perfections, ignoring Esidisi and Kars because you didn't really see them- you only saw Wamuu and that was why he spared your life and claimed you as his.
聽 聽 聽聽 He chuckled softly, a warm smile appearing on his lips as your fingers traced the square tattoo that crossed his face just up under the bridge of his nose. "How about I take you upstairs and remind you of how much I care about you, my little human?" He questioned, placing a kiss on your forehead. "Your undying devotion to me always deserves to be rewarded, you're so loyal."
You were obsessed, you would do anything for Wamuu. He was your God, the man that you wanted to be with for the rest of your life. "Yes master, please fill me up with your large cock. I'll take all 12 inches," you promise him, your hand raising to play with his standing hair, your fingers softly running through his dirty blonde locks. You could hardly take his cock but you forced yourself too, you wanted to please him so he wouldn't leave you for someone better. You always feared that he would. "Please don't leave me."
聽 聽 聽 聽 He shook his head, carrying you up the long stairs. "You are the only woman that I've ever been with, I have claimed you and marked you as my own. You will never be replaced in my eyes. Now come, let me fill you with my cum as a token of my returned love for you." He opened your shared bedroom door, it being the first door on the left and he gently tossed you onto the bed, your head resting on the pillow. "Slip your gown off," he called out to you, closing and locking the door as he made his way over to you.
You slipped your silk nightgown off, leaving your body completely bare as you spread your legs for him, your womanhood slick with your arousal for him. "I love you my master, you are such a kind and gracious master. I promise you my undying loyalty, I would die for you!" You have proclaimed your love for him a thousand times and you would do it again. "I would let you piss in my mouth master!" Too far? You were insane for him, you didn't care!
"I love you as well so just live for me. I just need you to live for me," he told you softly, dropping his loin that covered his cock, his 12 inch long and 5 inches thick cock springing to life as he crawled in top of you, rubbing your slick cunt with the tip of his cock. "Tomorrow night I am going to turn you into a vampire and have you be mine for eternity unless you say no. Do you accept?" He questioned, waiting to push himself in.
Spending an eternity with the immense being that you both admired and worshipped seemed like a dream come true. "Yes, I accept fully," you told him, your mind being instantly made up. Fuck, you were so happy that he loved you back. You would go absolutely insane if he didn't love you back, you would never accept that.
Wamuu nodded his head once, pushing himself inside of you with slight struggle, having to force the final four inches inside of you. His large cock bulged in your stomach as he slowly moved back and forth, stretching your tight little cunt out just as he always did. "After this I am putting you back to sleep, I pride that I will stay here with you. Okay? I'll cuddle with you," he spoke to you softly, leaning down to kiss the crook of your neck as he thrusted in and out of you, administrating deep and slow strokes, shocking your core.
It was so painful but it also felt so good to have him making love to you, claiming you as his and giving you an eternity by his side. You couldn't have asked for anything better then him, you were so lucky. You wrapped your legs around his thick waist, moaning his name as he hit your g-spot with every hit. He knew your body so well, better then you yourself knew it. "Yes," you cried out, glad to have his undivided attention once more as you so rightfully deserved it.
He picked up the pace, tucking his arms under your waist, the bed gently creaking back and forth. "Good," he said, smiling down at you because he was so satisfied with your deep compliance to him. You were happy to please and serve your kind and perfect master. "I'm going to fill you with my cum as a reward, do you want to be filled with my seed?" He questioned, head leaning down to lick your left erect nipple, gently biting down on the sensitive bud.
You nodded yout head as your arms wrapped around his neck, tightening around him as soon as he mentioned filling you with his sweet cum. "I would love for you to do that master," you whined, pressing your lips against his as soon as he raised his head, your tongue grazing across his soft lips.
He grunted, giving you three more deep strokes before he shot his thick load deep inside of you. He kissed you back before he pulled out, feeling you squirt, laying down next to you. "That was amazing, I just wish I was able to last a little longer," he sighed, pulling you to lay on top of him.
"You were perfect," you promised him- a promise that you definitely meant. You let yourself lay down on his warm chest, relaxing as his large arms wrapped around you. Your womanhood leaked with his cum but you didn't care, you were just glad to have the opportunity to be filled with his cum. "I'm going to sleep if that's okay."
"Please do, you must be exhausted," he said as you dozed off, those being the final words that you heard before you fell asleep in his arms. You were so happy with him.. he was absolutely perfect. He was perfect and he was all yours.
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kak0-0a day ago
鈥y true friend鈥
Tumblr media
yandere childhood friend x yn
Tw: yandere themes, profanity
Picture credit: og on Pinterest, edited by me
Alex Dominguez loved his neighbors. The <l/n>鈥檚. They always treated him like their very own kid and the Dominguez鈥檚 always treated the <l/n>鈥檚 kid as their own. So, as they grew up, they grew together. Always together. But high school comes around and things change. <Y/n> grew. Alex didn鈥檛 like that they got distant. He needs his best friend back, immediately.
|DISCLAIMER: in no way or form do I condone such actions, please be safe and respect boundaries, weather they be your own or others.|
Alex had meet <y/n> when they were way younger. They had been childhood friends after all.
Alex and his family pulled up into the driveway of the house next door. The previous neighbors had left a couple weeks ago. Now, it was time to become friends with the new ones.
<y/n> was playing outside in their front yard. The neighbor鈥檚 youngest kid noticed them quickly. So, him being an energetic little thing, he ran over to where <y/n> was.
He was quite loud. It startled <y/n>.
鈥淯hm, hello.鈥
And they were very quiet. But that didn鈥檛 bother Alex.
鈥淚鈥檓 your new neighbor. Wanna play with me?鈥
In his arms was a basic black and white soccer ball.
Now, <y/n> wasn鈥檛 very athletic, but they did like to play sports once in a while. So, they shyly uttered out a small 鈥榶es鈥.
Alex was exited. He made his first friend.
Elementary school was a breeze. Kids loved to play with each other. Alex and <y/n> had many fitness in different friend groups. Which didn鈥檛 bother either of them.
Middle school was around the corner. Nothing really happened. Although, Alex did start to slowly become more clingy and protective over <y/n>.
Eight grade became a bit more hectic. Alex and <y/n> only shared first period.
Alex usually didn鈥檛 mind when <y/n> and him didn鈥檛 share the same classes. But then he noticed <y/n> gaining more and more friends as the school year went on. The jealousy grew on him rather quickly.
It was lunch time. A time, apart from first period, where he can sit and talk with <y/n>. Alone preferably.
鈥淪o... I heard you got a new friend yesterday in your second period... can you tell what that鈥檚 about...?鈥
<y/n> raised a brow while lifting their spoon to their mouth. They paused for a bit before sighing.
鈥淒ude, seriously? We鈥檙e gonna do this now? I鈥檝e told you multiple times, 鈥業 can have friends other than yourself. You do not control my actions, only I do.鈥 So why do you keep doing this?鈥
Alex rolled his eyes and scoffed.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 get it, do you?鈥濓考
He leaned closer to <y/n>, wrapping and arm around their waist and pulling them closer to him.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 there to get? The fact that you鈥檝e been trying to control most of my life since seventh grade? Or maybe you not wanting me to have other friends apart from you? Or-鈥
<y/n> felt a finger being pressed to their lips.
鈥淥kay. Enough. Stop talking. I鈥檓 getting a headache with you spouting bullshit... Look, all I鈥檓 trying to do is protect you. People are cruel. Now, sit here, and let me hold you.鈥
Alex firmly help onto <y/n>鈥檚 waist. <y/n>, on the other hand, was angry with the way Alex completely ignored their troubles. With trembling hands, they pushed themselves off of the table and began to walk away.
鈥淲ow, hey, where are you going?鈥
Alex quickly reached for <y/n>.
鈥淕etting the fuck away from you bastard. You clearly don鈥檛 give a fuck about how I feel so why should I care about you?鈥
They left, quickly running out of the place before anything worse could happen.
Thing didn鈥檛 exactly get better after that scenario. High school came around, they were now freshmen.
But during that summer, <y/n> and their family moved houses. They still went to the same school though. But this also meant that they wouldn鈥檛 be able to communicate with each other outside of school.
They never traded phone numbers seeing as how they were basically always together anyways.
But school began quickly.
Alex and <y/n> didn鈥檛 share any classes at all that year. They only shared lunch.
Alex did everything in his power to at least communicate with <y/n> during school hours.
<y/n> was sitting by the huge windows during lunch. They had multiple people surrounding them. A few friends near them.
They looked up.
鈥淥h... hi...鈥
It was awkward.
Before <y/n> could speak up again, Alex grabbed their wrist and dragged them outside of the school. A more private area.
鈥淥kay, so I know I haven鈥檛 been the greatest friend to you all those years, but could you please talk to me again? It鈥檚 unbearable the way you won鈥檛 even look at me!鈥
His grip kept on tightening. It began to hurt.
鈥淒ude, let go. Then we鈥檒l talk.鈥
<y/n>鈥檚 wrist was let go of immediately. Although Alex still kept close to them. Ready to grab them if they dared move.
鈥淔ine... please talk to me again. I really miss you, and I鈥檓 pretty sure you miss having me around. I mean, how have you survived without me? I was always ready to protect you and do anything for you. And then there are these people that would throw you away for their own benefit.鈥
<y/n> slowly moved backwards.
鈥淯hm, well shit. This escalated quickly. Lunch is gonna end soon so imma just... bye!鈥
<y/n> quickly turned around and made a run for it. They sure as hell were not going listen to some cheap motherfucker talking shit to them.
鈥淲ait! Hey, <y/n>! Come back here!鈥
They heard Alex screaming behind them. Some students turned their head to take a look, but for the most part ignored them.
Alex only became more aggressive afterwards. He kept asking, or demanding, for <y/n>鈥檚 attention.
鈥淐ome on, damnit! Talk to me! Look at me!鈥
Alex had once again taken <y/n> away from their lunch table and back outside. In a more secluded area.
鈥淚 am looking at you! I鈥檓 talking to you, but you don鈥檛 listen to me! Your actions are absolute shit! You treat me like shit and my friends too! They鈥檝e done nothing wrong but you keep on trying to push them away from me! Stop it!鈥
<y/n> was shaking from the anger they felt. Over the past weeks, Alex had become unbearable. Always seeking out <y/n> and dragging them always from their friends. Taking over them to get his point across.
鈥<y/n>, you really don鈥檛 understand, do you? I鈥檝e been with you for a long time. Longer than many of these fakes. They鈥檒l rip you apart as soon as they see you being vulnerable. I鈥檓 just trying to protect you from them. Come back to me. Please!鈥
Alex鈥檚 eyes were shining. They shined with hurt and tears. It almost felt genuine. Almost. But knowing Alex, he was just putting up an act. An act that made <y/n> feel actual concern for the boy.
鈥淯gh, look, we can be friends, okay? But not close friends like we used to be. More like acquaintances. Nothing more.鈥
Alex huffed, annoyed at this.
鈥淣o! I want to be together again! The way we used to be!鈥
He was causing a scene. He knew why he was doing. Causing a scene would make <y/n> feel like they needed to give Alex the answer that he wants.
<y/n> could hear footsteps from the nosey students. They wanted to see what drama was going on.锟 <y/n> didn鈥檛 want them to come near them.
鈥淔ine. Let鈥檚 just walk away before those other kids see us. I don鈥檛 like gaining attention.鈥
Of course they didn鈥檛. Alex knew that.
鈥淕reat! I can have my older sister pick us up after school. She can drop us off somewhere and we can hang out!鈥
After their little hangout session, Alex was just... oof. He would not for the life of <y/n> let them talk to other people. He would have them FaceTime while in class if possible. It was draining <y/n> of their energy. It was getting on their nerves.
鈥淗ey, you didn鈥檛 answer my FaceTime call during second period. Why鈥檚 that?鈥
<y/n> groaned.
鈥淧hone鈥檚 dead. Forgot to charge it last night.鈥
They took a sip of their drink. Not caring about the furious look on Alex鈥檚 face. But it don鈥檛 last long. He understood it wasn鈥檛 exactly their fault. People are forgetful after all.
鈥淔ine, I鈥檒l let this one slide for now. Let鈥檚 go to the benches outside now.鈥
He don鈥檛 give them time to answer.
They sat under the shade. Everything was calm. Until one of <y/n>鈥檚 friend decided to show up. She had always been the closest to <y/n>. Not to mention, she had a small crush on them. Leilani was her name.
鈥<y/n>, I鈥檝e been trying to contact you all day! Why haven鈥檛 you answered?鈥
<y/n> reached out to hold the taller girl.
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry, Leilani. I forgot to charge my phone last night and now it鈥檚 dead.鈥
Leilani held onto <y/n>, giving them a firm, tight hug and a small kiss.
鈥淚t鈥檚 fine, darling. So, we were thinking of going to the park later today. You鈥檒l be coming, too. Right?鈥
<y/n> nodded, but wasn鈥檛 able to speak as Alex interrupted them.
鈥淲ow, wow, wow. Who said you could go?鈥
He addressed <y/n>.
鈥淯h, I did. I鈥檒l just send my parents a text later telling them I鈥檒l be with my girl, Leilani. Not that hard to do, man.鈥
They scoffed.
Alex couldn鈥檛 get another word out as the bell rung. Classes were starting soon.
He didn鈥檛 like Leilani. Not one but. And hearing <y/n> addressing her as 鈥榯heir girl鈥? He was livid.
鈥淎re you seriously gong with them?鈥
They鈥檝e been going on like this for the past minute. Alex refused to let <y/n> go to the park. He was, once again, acting like an asshole. And <y/n> didn鈥檛 like that. At all.
鈥淟ook, man. Imma do my thing and your gonna let me cause your a good friend. Ain鈥檛 ya?鈥
<y/n> turned to leave the now empty hallway.
鈥淣o! Stay with me! Don鈥檛 leave me! Not again! Not ever again!鈥
He seemed desperate. Way too desperate. His eyes were starting to water as well. His acting was getting better and <y/n> believed the words Alex spoke. But they would let it get to them.
鈥淯hh... I need to go. Peace!鈥
They threw up a peace sign and bolted to their next class. Completely dismissing Alex.
Alex almost took off running after them, but stopped when his teacher came out the classroom. He scoffed, but walked into class.
He didn鈥檛 like the fact that <y/n> got a girlfriend the day he decided to give them some alone time.
鈥淲hat the fuck?! I leave you for one ducking g day and you already have a fucking girlfriend?! Leilani out of everybody?!鈥
Not gonna lie... this was scaring <y/n>. Never, in there years of friendship, has <y/n> ever seen Alex act like this. A wild beast who鈥檚 property had been damaged or taken.
鈥淪he loves me and I love her... please let me be.鈥
<y/n> was shaking like a leaf. They never liked being yelled at. Especially not like this. Alex was being too loud.
鈥淪he鈥檒l hurt you! Don鈥檛 you remember that other grit from middle school?! He left you to rot and I had to take care of you! So let me take care of you now!鈥
He shook <y/n> violently and they didn鈥檛 like that.
He didn鈥檛 like to share. Not with Leilani, not with anyone else.
鈥淔ine, we鈥檒l do it the hard way.鈥
Alex鈥檚 grip tightened around <y/n>. They could breath. Their body hurt.
鈥淧lease let me go...鈥
It felt painful. They just wanted to go back to Leilani鈥檚 gentle arms. Alex鈥檚 arms burned them.
鈥淧lease, stay with me. Don鈥檛 leave me. I love you.鈥
Oh no. He said those words. The words <y/n> didn鈥檛 want to hear. Alex won鈥檛 let go of them either. They couldn鈥檛 move.
<y/n> trusted Alex all those years. But he became unbearable. They thought this could be the end of this sick and twisted friendship. Alex would never let them go. He鈥檒l figure out a way to deal with this so called girlfriend of <y/n>. But for now, he only cared about this intimate, special moment with his love, his true friend.
鈥淢y love, your my one and only true friends.鈥
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ravenzeppelia day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One Week |Yandere Bruno x Reader Angst|
Warning: threats, light verbal abuse, light physical abuse, suicide mention.
聽 聽聽 You ran away from your crazed ex fianc茅聽 and boss Bruno Bucciarati and he hasn't found you yet.. it's been a week and you finally feel safe. You sighed gently, swinging your arms back and forth, your hotel keys jangling as you walked back up the stairs, ready to go to your room and perhaps take a nap. This whole ordeal has been extremely stressful on you.
聽 聽 聽 Leaving Bruno was extremely hard because he was your first; he was your first boyfriend and your first love- he was the first and only man that you've been with physically and he is the love of your life. If only he wasn't so insane, if he let you have freedom and space to be free and have a normal life. Everywhere you walk his shadow cast over you like a heavy cloud, his soft ocean blue eyes being a never ending escape because he was always watching you. Why must he have such a dark, possessive side? It scared you.. he scared you.
It was okay now- it's been a week and you've been safe. This was what was best for you, that's what you tell yourself to fall asleep at night anyways, your guilt being your worst enemy. You know that Bruno depended on you heavily for emotional support and you knew that his love for you was fueled with obsession and possessiveness. You were his and he wanted everyone to know that you were. That's why you had to leave, you just had too.
You reached up the stairs, unlocking the first door on the right. As you pushed the door open and walked into the hotel room you were frozen with such intense fear that you felt like you were going to piss your pants- it was Bruno and he looked calm. His perfect smooth face wore no true expression, his blue eyes steady as his black bob was neatly combed back. The only noticeable flaw was the dark black bags under his eyes- he couldn't sleep well without you next to him.
"Lock the door and come stand in front of me, running away will make things worse for you," he said much too calmly, his deep voice sending chills down your spine. He sat on the edge of your hotel bed, his legs slightly spread apart as his hands rested on his knees. "I don't have all day so hurry up."
You locked the door, walking over to him slowly, your feet having way more courage then you yourself. He was so calm.. why was he so damn calm? This was not a normal Bruno reaction when the two of you were in private after you did something wrong. Suddenly as you walked over to him, standing in front of him you realized that his calmness was all a big trap to bring you guard down.
聽 聽 聽 聽 As soon as you came up to him he raised his hand, harshly slapping it across your cheek twice. His other hand grabbed your arm to keep balance, using all of his strength to squeeze. "Did you honestly believe that you were going to be able to escape me? That I would willingly let you walk away?聽 You're an idiot," he sneered, snatching you towards him, his face inches away from yours. "How dare you leave me, I could kill you for this. Polpo gave me permission."
聽 聽 聽聽 The threats against your life were always so heartbreaking, making you realize how little your sanity meant to him. Bruno never cared about your mental well being, he just wanted to turn you into the perfect bride. The perfect mob wife to stand beside her capo, being more of a loyal pet then a wife. You would always be beneath him, never to be known as the same or equal.
聽 聽 聽聽 "Do what you gotta do Bruno," you told him, voice hard and firm as you faced his steady blue eyes, holding back your tears. Your right cheek burned from his slap, leaving behind a red mark. "If my death is what you wish for then unzip my heart from my chest, you can keep it as a memory of what you broke." You knew not to talk back but you didn't care.. you were starting not to care about anything.
聽 聽 聽 A mocking laugh escaped his lips as he slid your diamond engagement ring back onto your finger. "I don't wish for your death, I wish for your obedience and loyalty. You're so pretty, a true trophy wife in looks but you need to be more obedient or I'll start beating the shit out of you." He spread his legs, pulling you down to sit on his left leg. "Apologize to me or I'm going to make you wish that you were fucking dead, and the apology better be convincing."
聽 聽 聽聽 You remembered the last time you refused to apologize- the end result being you spending the next week in the hospital because you 'accidentally fell down the stairs and fractured your skull, broke your nose, blackened your eyes, and bruised your entire body up'. Since Bruno was known as such a powerful man in Naples he got away with it.. the doctor didn't even ask you what happened, just took his word. It wasn't fair and it wasn't pain that you wanted to face yet again.
聽 聽聽 You sighed, hating the fact that you had to apologize to him but you didn't want to get beat by him. "I apologize that I ran away from you, I was just scared and I promise you that I'll never do it again. I didn't mean to hurt or upset you, please believe me when I say that I'll change." Next time you decide to leave you'll just kill yourself, that would be your final means of escape. He thought he could control everything but your suicide plan was out of his reach and unknown to him.
聽 聽 聽聽 A smile graced his lips as he placed his lips onto yours, kissing you gently before pulling away. "The next time you do this I'll strip all of your clothes off and beat and fuck you until I break you. Don't test me cara," his arms wrapped around you tightly, voice a low hiss in your ear.
聽 聽 聽 "I understand," you whispered. You understood that you were trapped as his prisoner and that your only true escape was death. Either his death or yours but even if he died you would never be able to escape your past or memories- you'll always be haunted by him, up until you take your last breath.
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zeeroweeniesa day ago
do you write yandere things? like kidnapping, non con, etc?
Hey qt 馃挀 I鈥檒l write for yandere and non consensual themes as long as it鈥檚 not rape stuff! Nothing against ppl who do write it tho!
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myficdumpa day ago
I was wondering if you can write yandere shane instead? I'm a huge shane simp i love him so much
your writing is great!
Thank you so much!!! I hope you like this <3 <3 <3. The Reader/Player is Gender-neutral.聽
Yandere!Shane x Player
鈥淪top crying, stop fucking crying!鈥 You whispered fiercely, wiping your tears. 鈥淗e鈥檚 going to see you dumbass!鈥
A sob left your throat and you scrambled to press your hands to your mouth. Hot tears gushed from your eyes as you held your mouth and your body shook. It wouldn鈥檛 stop and you were so scared. Shane was going to find you eventually and you couldn鈥檛 think of any excuse to tell him of why you were crying so hard.聽
The reason was stupid. All you wanted was to go to the Flower Dance. That鈥檚 it.聽
But Shane said no. He told you no again and again and finally yelled at you to stop asking him since his answer wasn鈥檛 going to change. After that, you took off and hid further down on the farm where the trees clustered. You just wanted to sit here and cry for a while but you know Shane is going to come look for you soon. He hates being alone for long periods of time.聽
鈥淐ome on, it鈥檚 stupid. Suck it up!鈥澛
鈥淲hat鈥檚 stupid?鈥澛
You practically jumped hearing Shane. Curling in on yourself even more, you mumble, 鈥淣othing. It鈥檚, It鈥檚 nothing.鈥 You laugh, desperately hoping he won鈥檛 see your red, blotchy face. 鈥淛ust, go home dear. I鈥檒l be there in a bit. I鈥檓 just taking a bit of a rest before I chop down these trees.鈥澛
Silence. It gave you the hope that your husband turned back around and left. You had no such luck.
Shane stood there for a minute before he sat down next to you and pulled you into his arms. 鈥淗oney鈥 Are you crying?鈥 He cupped your face, frowning as you gripped his arms and tried to pull away.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 allergies,鈥 You argue weekly.聽
He snorts and mumbles, 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have allergies,鈥 before picking you up and wrapping your legs around his hips, effectively making you sit in his lap. 鈥淗oney, you don鈥檛 have to hide your tears from me,鈥 he says softly. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry for yelling, that was an asshole move.鈥
Once again, tears well up in your eyes and you take a deep, shaky breath.聽
Shane rubs your back and gives you a small smile. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, take deep breaths. It鈥檚 going to be alright.鈥
Both of you sit there for a while, Shane holding you until your tears dry and your breathing is even.聽
鈥淚 really didn鈥檛 mean to be so mean,鈥 he says. 鈥淚 just really don鈥檛 want to go to the Flower Dance and I don鈥檛 want to leave you there alone. I鈥檓 just鈥 I鈥檓 afraid. Don鈥檛 you see how they look at you? Sam alone looks at you like you鈥檙e the sun. And so does Alex. And Penny. And um, well, a lot of them.鈥澛
He hugs you, holding you tight to his chest.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 afraid that you鈥檙e going to wise up and leave me.鈥澛
Guilt immediately rushes through you. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 you croak, your voice hoarse. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mean to make you feel that way. I love you so much and I鈥檇 never leave you.鈥澛
鈥淕ood,鈥 is all Shane says. He moves his hands to grip under your thighs and stands up. He kisses you and carries you back to the house. You don鈥檛 bring up the Flower Dance again.
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captainmcslashypaws2 days ago
Thief II
It鈥檚 a longfic, folks! I鈥檓 going to continue this.聽
I listened to music while writing this time around. I don鈥檛 usually, but like, I wanted to see if it would work. The songs you see below are the ones I was listening to while writing this. I鈥檝e also included this playlist.
Special thanks to @katslutski for making sure this was coherent before I posted it 馃檹 whatta blessing of a person.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Your fianc茅 was in the way. He needed to go.
Pairing: Yandere!Dabi x Psychologist!Reader.
Previous /
Warning: 18+, angst, breaking and entering, death, delusional thinking, implied hostage situation, mourning, sexual themes, violence, yandere behaviour.
Inspiration: Thief.
Tumblr media
You pulled some leftovers out of the fridge and set the Tupperware down on the counter. In the background, the television was articulating a rather frightening scene that was unfolding at your workplace. Your back was turned to it, though; you wouldn't know how sure your circumstance was until you finished heating up your food. There was a dumb pop song blaring softly on the radio as you buzzed about the kitchen.
I got you, moonlight, you're my starlight.
I need you all night, come on, dance with me,
I'm levitating.
Behind you, on a couch cushion, your fianc茅 had called your cellphone three times. You had forgotten to turn off silent mode since waking up from your nap earlier in the afternoon. Like the news of work, you would only discover the messages from your partner when you had finished heating up your food.
You hummed softly, slamming the microwave door shut and punching in the allotted time. If this had been any old evening, you might have shifted around to watch what was happening on the large, flickering screen. Today was a little different from the rest, though. Today, your mind was clouded. Something felt dreadfully off.
When you had woken up, (fianc茅 name) had already left. He had left you a sweet note on the whiteboard in the kitchen, though. You glanced over to look at it again, only to find that it had been smudged. You groaned, knowing you were the culprit. It had likely rubbed off against your clothing when you had been grabbing something nearby.
Clumsy, clumsy (f/n).
Regardless, receiving a love letter in the morning didn鈥檛 negate the negativity that you felt toward this day. You hadn鈥檛 been able to shake the sensation that something was greatly amiss. You had texted your husband-to-be upon awakening to be extra careful. Of course, he had brushed off your intuition like always, the defier of fate that he claimed to be.
You didn鈥檛 take it personally most days, but today? Today, you had. Today, you had told him that if anything bad was going to happen, it would be at work. You all still had Dabi to deal with, after all.
It had been two weeks since your former patient had discussed killing your fianc茅 with a sick sort of pride. It had been two weeks since he had practically told you about the obsession he'd garnered for you during your time as his psychologist. It had only been one week since your transfer to another unit, however; one week and it had caused an uproar large enough to jostle the higher-ups.
Dabi hadn't been pleased with you no longer seeing him. He also hadn't been pleased with the word reassignment; that meant you were treating other patients 鈥 ones who weren't him. He didn't think that was very fair of you, neglecting him to further your career and flirt around the ward. He had even written you a note about how disgruntled your swap had made him.聽
The letter had contained wretched things about your personality 鈥 if I knew you were gonna act like a dumb whore, I 鈥 and graphic detail surrounding the soon-to-be death for your groom 鈥 can鈥檛 wait 鈥榯il he鈥檚 lit up on the floor, doll. The new psychologist in charge of the pyro hadn't let you read it in full. She had said it was too graphic.
"It'll only keep you up at night," she had advocated with a meek, nervous smile. 鈥淚 think it鈥檚 best if I keep it on file.鈥
If only she could see you now, at the end of two weeks' worth of insomnia, and hadn鈥檛 been due to the contents of the letter. There were dark circles beneath your eyes and your energy was low. You could barely focus because of your growing brain fog, and stringing more than three thoughts together? No way. Not possible. You were exponentially exhausted. That was the whole reason you had taken the last two days off. You only wished the time away would have helped to relax you.
It was back to work for you tomorrow, though.
Days off always felt like they flew by, especially when they were granted for the sake of your mental health. Since your exchange with the scarred man, you hadn't been able to sleep well. You were ruminating on his words and the way he had been grinning so brightly, all while explaining his desire to hurt (fianc茅 name). You had never before encountered a patient like him. Working at a psychiatric ward specifically for villains, you had dealt with unruly patients and those who liked to push others' boundaries. You had handled murderers and rapists and robbers with a proficient attitude, not allowing their twisted words and behaviours to rattle you.
Alas, there had been no one quite like Dabi.
It was his calm sense of knowingness when he spoke about dark things. It was the way his eyes trailed the outline of your body every time you walked into the room, even on occasions where you had hidden yourself inside a bulky lab coat. It was also the way he talked about his future, as though you would always be there with him; almost like he didn鈥檛 realize that you wouldn鈥檛 be his psychologist forever. As if to solidify that reality, your reassignment made it so that he wasn鈥檛 your patient anymore.
Maybe it had been the look on your boss's face when you had told him Dabi had a preoccupation with you. Maybe it had been your co-workers saying that he had destroyed his cell when he'd discovered you weren't returning. Or maybe it had been the expression of panic on the face of your lover when you had told him what the black-crowned man had said. Nonetheless, despite these things, the higher-ups continued to assert that everything would be fine.
You had to admit that the security at your workplace was solid. The regular guards, who wandered the floors like stern sentinels, were immaculate in their training. Additionally, there was a special fleet of men with hardening quirks in case anyone attempted to overtake the facility. Apparently breaches in security had occurred in the past, decades before you had signed on. They hadn鈥檛 amounted to much, as no one had ever successfully escaped. You were semi-positive it would be the same this time around, if Dabi, or anyone else, tried to pull a fast one.聽
Things always had the propensity to go awry, though.
He was a member of Shigaraki鈥檚 League of Villains. From what you had heard on the news, Dabi had been involved in various attacks around certain cities, wherein the victims were always burnt to a cruel crisp. They had captured him not long after Stain had been apprehended. If he was involved in Shigaraki鈥檚 plans, then that meant he might stage a prison break for the blue flame user. Perhaps it was only a matter of time.
You took a deep breath and tried to immerse yourself in the sound of the music. You had to at least try to unwind. There was no use in making yourself anxious about a circumstance that might not even occur.
Like a thief in the night,
I鈥檓 comin鈥 for your heart, I鈥檓 comin鈥 for your heart.
This time it鈥檚 anything goes,
I guess I鈥檓 just a selfish ghost.
The song sounded cryptically familiar. You couldn鈥檛 put your finger on where you had heard it before, though.
The microwave beeped obnoxiously, startling you. The ambient sound of low television static and the rain pouring outside had sucked you into your busy mind. You shook your head and removed your food from the device. Then, you grabbed a utensil, and made your way over to the couch, intent on having a better night.
Eyes fixed onto the carpet of your small home, you didn't even notice the news coverage until you sat down. It was a good thing, too, lest you would have wanted to clean your meal off the floor when you inevitably dropped the container in shock. Your gaze met the fiery catastrophe on the screen and you couldn't repress the desperate, weak gasp that flew from your throat. You clutched your chest with a quivering hand and gaped at what was unfolding at your workplace. Suddenly, you weren't hungry anymore.
The woman on screen, back facing the blaze of horror, articulated the events currently occurring at the psychiatric ward. Her face was visibly stressed and her outfit wrinkled. You wondered just how safe it was to be situated that close to the danger.
"We're here tonight covering a mysterious fire that broke out at the local villain psychiatric ward," she explained quickly. "I've been told that most of the patients were able to be escorted outside safely, though there are a few missing person cases."
"No," you whispered, immediately searching the couch for your phone.
Once you found it, you whimpered at all the missed calls and text messages. Some of them were from your co-workers, though most of them were from your partner. You should have kept your phone on you. You should have fed into your bad feeling for once, and checked the blasted thing religiously. How could you have been so careless?!
Wednesday: dude there's a fucking fire bet ur glad u not working today lmaoooo
Wednesday: o shit its kinda serious my b
Alexandra: Is (fianc茅 name) ok???? We can't find him. Did he text you????
Fianc茅 name: I love you so much (f/n)
Fianc茅 name: Whatever happens, I love you
Fianc茅 name: This isn't your fault
Fianc茅 name: Be careful and
His last messages were ominous and suggested the worst. This didn't seem like it was merely a random fire. You doubted very much that your fianc茅 would have spent the last few moments burning to death in his office; not when he had a window he could crawl out of to safety. Unless he had been elsewhere in the building, which was grossly unlikely given the paperwork he'd had to do today, you suspected foul play.
But hope wasn't completely lost, yet.
You smashed the call button next to his name and prayed for an answer. It rang once before sending you directly to his voicemail. That wasn't a good sign.
"No, no, no, no," you chanted, rocking back and forth in your seat as you took in the images displayed on screen.
"Three workers and five patients l have been cited as missing. Among the three workers are (fianc茅 name) Seagrave, Remy Caruso, and Uji Sakama.鈥
Remy and Uji were the orderlies that often attended to Dabi. Your eyes widened and your breathing increased. It was a fire. Could it have been鈥 oh, god.聽
You stared down at your phone screen once more. The last text you had received glared back at you, in big, bold text: Be careful. You knew what that could mean. He was exceptionally straightforward, even in his texts. If he thought you weren鈥檛 going to understand the underlying meaning of a message, he would make sure to word it in a manner where you did. You trusted your gut with his last message.
He was implying that Dabi was somehow involved in the fire.
There was no other way you could interpret the text. He had been stewing over your final exchange with the inmate since it had happened. You had spoken with him about it every night. Unlike your hunches, he hadn鈥檛 brushed off your legitimate concerns about the volatile arsonist. He had been worried, as well.
You tried to call your lover again, hoping this was all a morbid misunderstanding. It wasn't silly for you to think that a serious criminal had done away with your groom. He had shown trends of obsession. He had exhibited a want for you and a distaste for your partner. He had killed before 鈥 why not again? This time for something he really wanted.
The news reporter was pointing to the right of the screen as the names of those missing were displayed. Your terror only increased when you saw the name of the damned. Your suspicions were getting proven correct with each passing second.
You slammed the phone down on the couch and got to your feet. You could barely breathe from how fast your blood was pumping. You could hear your heartbeat in your ears as you stood in semi-silence, with only an upbeat song to keep you company.
True crime, water into wine.
Woke up with the wool over my eye.
She said, 鈥渓ove, tell it to the judge鈥
Truth鈥檚 free but it鈥檚 easier to lie.
As if on auto-pilot, you watched as your body raced across to the radio and clicked it off. You didn鈥檛 feel as though you were present. It was like you were viewing yourself via the eyes of a restless, trailing ghost. Nothing seemed real.
Chances were, the man you would have married was dead. He didn鈥檛 have a quirk that could be used for offensive purposes. You didn鈥檛, either. This meant that if he had been overtaken, you probably would be, too.
But maybe not.
You snagged a knife out of the top utensil drawer. It was the one (fianc茅 name) used to chop meat. If you could get close enough to stab him, the blade would slide through his flesh like butter. You gulped at the disturbing image. When the time came 鈥 if the time came 鈥 would you be able to do it? Could you kill another human being? You thought so, especially if that human was trying to end your life. If you were right, then Dabi was possessive of you. Men like him usually attempted to kill their perceived lovers. If he came for you, there would be no time for debating your fate. There would be no time to talk him down or yell at him or tell him to get out of your home. There would only be time for your quick instincts to activate so that you could lodge the weapon into some part of him. He wouldn鈥檛 wait for you to move. If you didn鈥檛 reach him before he activated his fire quirk, you would be reduced to ashes. You only hoped he would make your cremation rapid; you didn鈥檛 like the idea of being slowly charred alive.
You crept around the house, phone secured in the pocket of your hoodie, making sure to check all of the windows and both doors. They were all locked. That didn鈥檛 mean a thing, though. You didn鈥檛 know how long it had been since Dabi had fled the psychiatric ward. The news was giving you no information, nor was the internet.
You checked the narrow kitchen, first, which was adjacent to the tiny living room. Close by was the front door, which you pulled the shoe rack in front of to ensure that anyone who attempted to enter through it would alert you. Walking down the short hallway toward the western portion of the home, you flicked on the overhead light. It was gloomy when you were expecting someone to pop out at you. What a shame that your home was now a dangerous warzone between you and a pyromaniac.
You entered the guest room on the right and made sure it was reinforced. You went across the hallway to the master bedroom, next, before heading into the bathroom. The window in there was rusted shut, so you didn鈥檛 need to worry much unless it was shattered. Seeing as that wasn鈥檛 the case, you wandered into the back area of your house and stood there for a second, only the hallway light at your back illuminating the way.聽
The backroom was your favourite place in the bungalow. It was all windows and included the way out to the magical backyard your lover had cultivated. When the weather was right, he would often spend his time tending to the shrubbery, baby fruit trees, and tomato plants. You enjoyed watching him as you progressed through your paperwork. Even if he wasn鈥檛 outside, however, it was lovely to see nature growing in your backyard. Lined by a brown picket fence, your property looked like an illustrated scene from Anne of Green Gables.
You placed your hands on your hips as you gazed upon the dark garden. You didn鈥檛 linger for long, though. Your emotions were starting to catch up with your pumping adrenaline. It wouldn鈥檛 be long before grief overtook you; it was pertinent for you to ensure that your house was locked down before then. You puffed gingerly, biting back the tears that prickled your eyes.
You jiggled the handle of the back door and released a breath of relief when it was locked, too.聽
So far, so good; that鈥檚 what you thought.聽
At least, until you heard the radio humming softly from the kitchen 鈥 the same radio you had turned off moments ago.
You whipped your head around, checking to confirm that you were, indeed, alone in the room. From what you could see, no one else was present. There were no places to hide in here. That meant he could only sneak up on you if he emerged from the backyard. Seeing as he had just turned on the radio, you didn鈥檛 think that was his plan. You were safe for the time being.
You turned to face the back door. In the distance, you heard the menacing rumble of thunder. Of course a storm was rolling in. That was how all horror movies went, wasn't it?
You glared at the glass door. If you left this instant, you could beat him. There was no way he would expect you to do something so brash. He probably expected you to play it safe and remain in the house.
Thunder grumbled closer this time and you held your breath for the next flash of lightning. The next beam of white you saw, you would make a run for it. You would race into your neighbor's yard and run as fast as you could away from here. You would find someone to ask for help, or perhaps even a hero on patrol.
You inhaled deeply.
Lightning lit up the sky before you, in a grand display of celestial dominance.
Dabi's marred face in the reflection close behind you was enough to kick your legs into gear and bolt toward the door.
Your hand gripped the handle and unlatched it, throwing it open fiercely. Unfortunately, before your foot could even touch the soil, his arms were coiled tightly around your torso. Your phone flew away from your being and into the damp grass as you were reeled away from your freedom. You could feel his rotten, burned skin and the cool staples that held his figure together, as he pulled you against him. You opened your mouth to scream, only to be silenced promptly by a warm hand. Metal dug harshly into your lip, grinding against your teeth in the process.
You gripped the knife in your hand and tried to slice it into him. You aimed for his thigh, but he was a few steps ahead of you. He angled you toward the doorframe and shoved you into it as hard as he could without cracking your skull open. Your nose and forehead made contact with the wooden panel, making you see stars. Your fist loosened upon impact, allowing Dabi to disarm you with relative ease. You wound around with haste, only to be grabbed by the wrist and towed into a firm chest.
"Wh-what the FU鈥"
His hand was smacked against your mouth yet again. He took the opportunity to prop you up against the glass near the flapping door. He leaned in until his face was mere inches from yours. He was grinning like the psychopath you had always known he was.
"If you don't shut the fuck up, I'll light this whole fucking block on fire," the villain mused. "Got it, dollface? No one has to die tonight as long as you cooperate."
How the tables had turned. You had been in the position of authority at the psychiatric ward. Currently, though, you have been demoted to nothing more than a prisoner. Would you adapt to your role or would your defiance cost the lives of your neighbors? You had no choice but to obey. He would kill if he had to; he already had. Thus, you nodded weakly in response.
"That's a good girl," he purred, face cracking into a shit-eating smirk.
He removed his hand from your mouth. Upon feeling the air hit your nostrils, you wheezed in his grasp, chest pounding at a rapid pace. You were having a panic attack. How many times had you couched your patients through one of these? Ironic, considering you couldn鈥檛 get yourself out of one. You simply couldn't believe that you were actually living out a segment from one of those cheesy teen slasher movies.
Hunching over, you weren鈥檛 sure at what point you quivering and dry heaving had transitioned to heavy sobbing. You only realized you were crying when the abundance of water started to obstruct your view. The tears dropped onto the wooden floorboards, staining it like your fianc茅 had staind so many of your napkins with red wine 鈥 staining it like he had stained your heart with his unbridled love and acceptance. Everything around you felt faded and dark. Even with the overhead light shining brightly, the home had a tinge of grey to it through your mournful orbs.
It represented all the things you鈥檇 had before this night.
It represented the life you鈥檇 had with the man you had been ready to die with.
He was dead. You knew that was what Dabi鈥檚 appearance here meant. You knew that was what your partner鈥檚 last text to you had meant. The blue-flame user had murdered the love of your life.
Some people might have given up, at this point, too defeated and not fit to do anything but grieve. Some people might have been paralyzed with fear, absolutely petrified that the same person who had killed their mate was standing directly in front of them. While most of the time you were some people, you couldn鈥檛 afford to be this time.
鈥淵ou killed my fucking husband!鈥 You screamed, all while speeding towards the kitchen. 鈥淵ou killed him, you piece of shit!鈥
Your body jerked upright and your hand balled up firmly. With all your strength, you bashed your fist against the side of his face, whipping him to the side with the sheer force you had put into the strike. You stuck your foot out to make him stumble further, making a break for it when his body veered far enough away. Shoving his shoulder as you made your getaway, you relished in the furious growl that left his throat.
No time, no time, no time.
Never in your life had you thought you would call one of your former client such vulgar things. Nevertheless, you also hadn鈥檛 imagined yourself in such a rancid situation.
Your head was piping hot and your body was trembling like an earthquake. You were still crying as your feet pounded against the floor. You glided around the corner and flew into the kitchen. Your assailant was close in tow, having easily recovered from your hit. You weren鈥檛 sure of the state his face was in, but your hand felt like shit. You hoped you had at least bruised him.
鈥淐鈥檓on, doc!鈥 You heard him snicker maliciously. 鈥淚 was your favourite patient at one point, wasn鈥檛 I?!"
Things had changed. He might have been your favourite patient before he had confessed to wanting your fianc茅 dead, and then gone through with the sick desire. Moreover, he had only been your favourite because he had been a fascinating case. He had only ever spoken freely with you.
Everything had a price, though, didn鈥檛 it? You were learning that tonight.
"Get away from me!" You shrieked, hoping your voice could hit an octave loud enough for your cries to reach the surrounding residents. Maybe if someone heard you, they would call the cops. Better yet, maybe the cops would show up on your doorstep to investigate and deliver the news. When they did, you could have them arrest the psychopath tailing you, as well.
You pressed yourself against the counter and fished two more blades out of the drawer. This time, you would be more vigilant. You couldn鈥檛 leave the house, lest you wanted to endanger your neighborhood. You could sure as hell stay here and defend yourself, however. It was a bonus that you felt strongly about harming the patchwork man. Your fianc茅 fresh in your mind, you felt like you had enough rage pumping through your veins to do some serious damage.
If you died, you died. That was probably the endgame, anyway.
Dabi stood about two metres away from you, lanky form steaming. It took you a second to realize that he was smoking from the crevices between his marred and pure skin. You had read from his report that he smoldered when he couldn鈥檛 quite control his emotions, though he claimed that he usually had a good handle on himself. This time was probably an exception. This time, you would be lucky if you weren鈥檛 engulfing a block-wide wildfire.
You noticed that your hit hadn鈥檛 bruised him. That was disappointing.
Dabi鈥檚 bright eyes traced the knives in your hands. Then, he exhaled. The look on his face further accented his agitation.
鈥淲hat the hell do you think you鈥檙e doing, princess?" He jeered condescendingly. "Gonna hurt yourself with those."
鈥淚 could ask you the same thing,鈥 you retorted hotly. 鈥淵ou have a lot of fucking nerve, coming here after鈥斺
Dabi鈥檚 eyes flashed a troubling shade of crimson, as though the orb contained a blistering fire that was only being fed by your defiance. 鈥淎fter killing your stupid fucking husband? Heh. He texted you, right? Can鈥檛 believe he had the strength.鈥
You whined behind closed lips. The thought of your darling meeting his end filled you to the brim with anguish. You forced the notion from your mind. There would be plenty of instances to mourn later, if you got out of this alive. Presently, you had pertinent questions for the good-for-nothing killer standing in your kitchen.
鈥淲hat the fuck is going on?鈥 You hissed. 鈥淲hy is my workplace on fire and why is my鈥 why is my husband dead?鈥 You choked the last bit out pathetically.
Dabi rolled his eyes. 鈥淵ou weren鈥檛 even married.鈥
You conjured the worst frown you could muster. 鈥淥ur wedding was in six months, you stupid son of a鈥斺
The black-haired man took a step forward. You readied your weapons. His expression was stern and menacing.
鈥淢eaning you weren鈥檛 married.鈥
And for the first time during this chase, you were glad for the sounds being produced by the radio. If you had been left to stare at him in silence, you might have wet yourself. It had been simple to forget about his dangerous status when he was always strapped down in his cell. Standing before you, on equal societal footing, it was painfully obvious which of you was stronger. Without handicaps, you couldn't possibly hope to win this.
You had angered him with talk of another man having you. It didn鈥檛 take a genius to tell that Dabi had developed a series of both positive and negative feelings for you. You strongly believed they would create an explosive cocktail of tragedy when enough time had passed; that he was bound to snap eventually.
"Tell me why you're here," you maintained, not willing to humor his intimidation tactics. Why would you? It wasn鈥檛 like you had much else to lose.
The slim man raised a thin brow, appraising you with his careful, distrusting eyes. Ironic how he wasn't sure whether to trust you, and yet he had broken into your home. The hypocritical tendencies of this man knew no bounds. You had been able to mitigate his delusions when you had been his psychologist. That didn't mean you could do it, now, though; you were too upset.
"Hm, yeah, I guess you deserve some answers," he mused, a wicked smirk stretched across his face. "But I don't think you've earned 'em for free. Especially not after you went and hit me so hard.鈥
Not hard enough.
You shook your head swiftly. The guilt tripping wasn鈥檛 going to strike you. You didn鈥檛 feel an ounce of regret for delivering a fist to his head.聽
"I'm not doing anything for the likes of you, so get that notion out of your mind,鈥 you asserted.
You saw his eye twitch. Good. You hoped that had hurt him. If he had an obsession with you, then you would use it against him for as long as it took him to kill you. You weren't a psychologist at this moment; you were a human being in survival mode.
"Relax, doll," he grunted, taking a seat at the head of your kitchen table 鈥 precisely where your fianc茅 had sat for dinner. "Just want a coffee or somethin'. You can do that for me, can't you, gorgeous? Bet you made your last man lots of coffees.鈥
He was mad at you; you could tell by his tone. You had a hunch it was because you had referred to (fianc茅 name) as your husband, with the implication that you were legally bound to him. You weren鈥檛 sure why it mattered anymore. Who cared if you wanted to call him what he would have been? He was gone. You were never going to be Mrs. Seagrave. You were never going to enjoy his company again.
Dabi had murdered him.
The guilt was crippling as you sidled along the length of the counter. You were going to serve someone terrible and a cup of coffee. You weren't going to do it with a smile, though. You were only committing to it because it would yield the answers you needed. How had the pyro escaped and how had your groom met his end? What would become of you? Where would he go after this?
鈥淚 hope you choke on the grinds,鈥 you snarled, reaching for the package above the coffee machine.
The intruder scoffed, eyeing you with lazy interest. 鈥淚 dare you to fuck up my drink, dollface. See where it gets you.鈥
You would play this sick little game of temporary house with him. Just for a bit. Just until you could get help and have him locked up in the worst maximum security psychiatric ward in the country. You simply had to be patient. Ah, patience. How could you achieve such a thing with a chronic stressor propped at the head of your dining table. You would have to get creative with your distractive imagination. It was the only way you would be able to hold out long enough.
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samuslut2 days ago
What to say about ever after except that
that was so hot!
You: omg so much angst I鈥檓 sorry
My fucked up yandere loving ass: damn 馃サ馃げ
Anyways that fic was amazing, I loved the drama and like Oikawa鈥檚 desperation. The soulmates gone wrong trope is one of my favs. I love that he probably could have gotten 鈥測ou鈥 to fall in love with him again but his own selfishness and desperation has ruined that. Plus even if 鈥測ou鈥 do remember him, now everything is sullied. And to think in the life after this 鈥測ou鈥 might remember only this life and none that came before... oiks really messed up!
- 馃崣
ps the way oikawa said 鈥渢his is all mine and this is all yours鈥 was so sexc of him that鈥檚 so rude to say after drugging someone
i don鈥檛 read angst so a tiny part of me felt bad for forcing that on y鈥檃ll, but i鈥檓 really glad you enjoyed it!
by the time i wrapped up the fic, i was already over the word count that i鈥檇 originally tried to limit myself to (actually i tried to fit it under 2.5k at first as if i don鈥檛 know me), so i didn鈥檛 get to add this part in, but i like to think that after reality sets in and you鈥檙e just lying there all fucked up, the string that connects your two souls or whatever snaps.聽
oikawa feels like a part of him dies, and he crumples to the floor next to your barely conscious body and just sobs. full on breaks down as he looks at you in horror, because that鈥檚 his fault. everything that could鈥檝e possibly went wrong after he met you again was all his doing, y鈥檏now? and you鈥檙e right, he could鈥檝e absolutely had you fall for him again and lived life next to you like he鈥檚 always done if he wasn鈥檛 impatient, which he knows. i think that鈥檚 what would fuck with him the most
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