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#tw: blood

I was listening to Mass by Phoria and I was hit with memories of this documentary I was watching about this unfortunate situation. Also didn’t help that I had read some ZK fics with them having trouble conceiving.

*Content Warning *

-> Blood & implied miscarriage.


I inheritantly believe that Zutara would flourish as parents to an organically conceived child AND an adopted child (I will probably end up drawing a steambaby in the near future).

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Hughie reached up and felt the edge of the knife that was lodged in his ribs and could almost feel where the tip of the knife exited from his back. Butcher grabbed the hand that was fumbling with the knife handle and brought Hughie’s knuckles to his lips, “don’t worry bought that now.”

Hughie dies for awhile. Butcher freaks out. AO3

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“Where do you think you are right now?”

He heard a voice echoed through his ears with only the important question getting through. Shin struggled opening his eyesーhis vision hazy with only a grayness in sight. The place smelled like an old warehouse of some sort, of tin cans, of metal. The male got up as though he had just gotten out of bed, there was soreness all over. The side of his mouth painted with red and tasted metallic, of blood. He wasn’t sure either and wanted to ask the same question himself. Perhaps, just perhaps, he had ended up in a strange place, memory, and time again. An ability awakened on its own for as far as he could remember.

He looked around and finally saw the man who questioned and watched him got up, “I don’t know. Honestly, ” Shin observed the place, his hand fumbled for his gun beneath his suit, just in case, this man is dangerous. “And who might you be?”

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