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#tw: excessive periods

Jocat laughed as Bell continued to struggle to lick his elbow.

“Like the infinite horizon, it eludes my grasp,” he said, his arm still pinned as far back as he could push it. Jocat paused in his giggling when he heard a familiar laugh - Pau’s.

“Is that who I think it is..?” Jocat wondered aloud, running towards the forest with Bell right behind him. They slowed and hid behind a bush, watching as Pau seemed to struggle and gasp. Suddenly, her body seemed to seize and she dropped onto her knees. A bright blue seemed to glow from her eyes. 

“Egassem sdrawkcab, egassem sdawkcab - “

“Is she just chanting ‘backwards message’ backwards?” Jocat muttered, gasping silently when the world seemed to turn black and white. Time itself slowed and stopped, with the exception of the surrounding witnesses. 

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*vibrates intensely* u dont have 2 tell me twice

kyle is gay. i dont give a fuck abt that nicole stuff in the beginning of the show it is STRONGLY IMPLIED he is gay and im gonna hold onto that and never let go

stan is bi bc im a dumb ass kinnie and need 2 self project

wendy doesnt wanna put a label on her sexuality/romanticity but she is neither cis nor het. she just sees it as “i love who i love, and i am who i am.” she still uses she/her pronouns but will also occasionally use they/them

gregory is gay because like.. look at the way he dresses. that’s not the way a cishet dresses.

damien is homoflexible but often pushes away and represses the part of him thats mlm because of his Incredible Daddy Issues ™, he doesn’t wanna turn out to be just like his dad, so he’ll cling onto the VERY occasional girl crushes and use it as proof that he can’t possibly be gay like his father

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