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#tw: coronavirus
nfxtuated · 14 days ago
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I made another one for the tik tok gang yaaaay ✨ I was scrolling through my likes on tik tok and when I saw this I couldn’t help but think it was perfect for Andre bc of the STD part HAHAHAHA help I’m having too much fun w these
Next one will be Gigi 👀 I have something special for her and another meme idea of Gigi with A.T. - while I work on those tho I’ll also work on oc/sona interactions with A.T. I’ve been wanting to work on this week sjdjekrne
Also can I just say I’m way more happy w how this one turned out 💕 it’s the second one I’ve made but I’m more comfy w the tools that I used on this one than in the first one, so the quality of the rest of these series will be the same as this or might improve and I’m excited
Anyway this is the tik tok I used for this post
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blankspace17 · a year ago
in the midst of all of this panic and disaster, I am keeping this quote from Mr. Rogers in mind today... “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” there is still a lot of good going on in the world -doctors + nurses who are working long hours and putting themselves at risk of infection, people who are donating aid to those who are now facing unemployment, small acts of virtual kindness, etc.  
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you-are-constance · a year ago
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If the newsies can wear masks, so can you
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zebraonwheels · a year ago
Ableds' disrespect for the bodily autonomy of people with disabilities has really been highlighted for me during this pandemic. I had four (4!) people come right up and touch my wheelchair to "help" me today. I was out for a beach day and on my way back to the car. They decided that I could not possibly do so on my own, that I clearly needed many strangers to come up and attempt to push my wheelchair. Now, this is never ok. You can not just go up and try to push someone's wheelchair. It is less ok during a global pandemic when you go right into a stranger's space with no mask and then touch their mobility device. This is not helpful. It is endangering the person that you are trying to help, and yourself. Don't push people's wheelchairs without explicit consent. Do follow social distancing guidelines.
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mischiefsemimanaged · 11 days ago
I’m going to lose my fucking mind if another person says that they don’t need a mask because Covid “isn’t that bad” and “only hurts people with preexisting conditions.”
First of all, not true. Second of all, why do people with preexisting conditions not matter enough to wear a mask?
I’m so sick of disabled people being treated as worth less than someone’s comfort.
People used to get vaccinated for polio and it’s rare or serious complications was lower than Covid. What happened? Why do people not care about each other any more.
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alphacrone · a year ago
@ joe biden or who the fuck ever, i am BEGGING you to make headlights over a certain brightness level ILLEGAL PLEASE. if corona doesn’t get me, then a 4loko chugging jackass in wrap around sunglasses and a souped up F150 with unnecessarily bright LED highlights riding my ass  on the highway in the rain is certainly going to end my father’s bloodline
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make-me-imagine · 2 months ago
Me: *Watching an episode of Saving Hope*
Show: *Man gets sick after coming from Mumbai and then dies* "We think it may be Coronavirus"
Me: "...Wait a second"
*Checks date of episode airing*
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hollywoodfamerp · 4 months ago
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Hey Famers!
We just have a few things to go over: 
Firstly, we would like to remind you to please space out your photo sets, pictures, etc and not to post them back to back causing them to flood the dash. It makes it difficult to scroll through sometimes and the last thing we want to do is limit photo sets. So please just use this gentle reminder to remember this when you’re posting :)
Next is regarding our upcoming Olympic event: due to current COVID numbers the olympics have not ruled out cancelling the sporting event. If this is the case, we will be cancelling our event as well. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted!
Please like this notice so we know you’re all up to date!
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classicdecadence · 5 months ago
Tristan had never spent so long at his island home in Jamaica, the property purchased some years prior for summer vacations and to escape the biting chill of New York in the winter months. However, with a global pandemic now spreading around the world, the island had become his temporary home given the widespread cancellation of flights and global orders to self-isolate throughout. After his own initial brush with the disease, Tristan had recovered well and now spent his days managing his music label from thousands of miles away.
Naturally, working from paradise had many perks but the absolute greatest one in the eyes of the music mogul was the woman who he was locked down with. Maddie, his longtime mistress, had spent the entirety of the time in Jamaica with him and it was her figure to which Tristan’s gaze was affixed as he talked on his cell phone to one of his executives. 
‘Yeah, yeah... alright, deal with it and let me know if any problems... I have to go now,’ Tristan told the executive, all the while focusing on Maddie. Once he’d terminated the call, Tristan called out “Mads!” as a way to get her attention and beckon her over to him. 
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littlefreya · 6 months ago
How to deal with an anti-vax parent who desperately doesn't want you to get the vaccine, sends you anti-vax facebook posts daily, tells you it can make you infertile (she knows i want children in the future so she says that one a lot) also says it might kill you, and then guilts you into feeling sorry for them because "you're my child and i just want to keep you safe".
I'm basically using anon to rant because I have nobody to talk to. Lol, I'm sincerely sorry Freya for this absolute mess.
I’m sorry that you have to deal with this, I know parents can be a handful. But listen, you are an adult, right? It’s your body. There is no point explaining to her that you know better and that scientists know better.
The virus kills people as well. Many of my friends here lost their loved ones to covid. It’s not just a flu (though a flu can kill you) and we don’t know the later affects of the virus.
I suggested you get vaccinated to assure the safety of you and the people around you. 🖤
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nickjcnas · 3 months ago
I survived my first dose of the vaccine, lmaoo!!! My arm is sore as fuck, so I don’t know how often I’m going to be around because it’s hurting more than I thought it was going to be. I’ll try to be on later if I can. 💗
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satisfactoryanswer123 · 7 months ago
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And most of all...
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jimkirkachu · 8 months ago
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💙💛❤ First dose done! Now I can say Mr. Spock is pointing to my Band-Aid™ 😅
...poor little redshirt. Get your vaccine and wear your mask, buddy!!! 💙💛❤
(👕 threads: "Don't Be a Redshirt" at shirt.woot 👕)
(😷 mask: "Boldly Go" by DJKopet 😷)
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sacredslaycd · 3 months ago
Yeah so uh— that 'flu' I talked about? Turns out I have covid so that's fun. I do basically feel like I have the flu though, flu capsules, cough syrup and lockets are helping. I'm mostly lacking energy, just super tired (but trying to not sleep too much bc I hate it.)
I'm isolating for the next week so I am trying to get some stuff done on both blogs, and not die of boredom and feel sorry for myself. (or anxious or guilty or low key mad at life for not letting me have one fun thing this year without consequences.) but may be super slow!! Not sure how much plotting I'll get done bc I some brain fog rn but please send me memes and prompts and stuff? And I mean if y'all wanted to share your super cute pets with me I wouldn't say no–
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