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#tw: yandere
pon-ee · a year ago
Tumblr media
I also held a giveaway on Twitter… and oh boi when they asked me for Yandere Levi…. I was living 
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itsmeohmyo · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anon *insert you’re goddamn right gif* you’re right and you should say it 
I have a whole elaborate plot for this and if I was more confident I'd post fanfics but alas...Some background : Set after the Secret ends ● Saeran lives with Saeyoung but cannot stand him ● MC never chose any route even though she liked 707 (she didn’t want to add to his list of problems and made peace with that decision) ●707 has feelings for MC ™  ● Despite his brother back with him he still feels lonelier than ever then add stress & obsession...and BOOM! Yandere!Saeyoung is in business 
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tomurasprincess · a year ago
Hawks with quote 12 😳😳😳😳 Please and thank you!!
Pairing: Hawks x Reader Prompt: If you don’t kiss me, I’ll slit your fucking throat. Warnings: Noncon, manipulation, coercion, yandere
Tumblr media
“Keigo, we’re through.” The words you’ve been dreading to say finally leave your mouth. You stand and wait for his response, watching him closely for his reaction. But you’re surprised when you see nothing. No shock, no sadness, no anger. He just keeps smiling at you as if you said nothing at all.
“Good joke, babe,” he waves the words off as if they’re nothing. “Where do you want to eat tonight? I’m taking you out, my treat.”
“Did you even hear me?” You gape at him, wondering if he truly didn’t understand what you meant or if he’s just playing dumb as he sometimes does. “We’re done. I can’t take this anymore, you’re too controlling. Too possessive. It’s not healthy.”
The only way you know that he heard you at all is how his eyes narrow slightly, grow dark in a way that you have seen before but never fails to make your blood run cold.
He gives you a cold smile. “I heard you just fine, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh, I get it, would you rather eat in?”
Of all the ways you imagined this breakup going, this was the last thing you expected. The refusal to even acknowledge the words you’re saying. “Keigo, I really don’t think you understand. I am breaking up -”
He’s on you before you even finish your sentence, moving so fast that you barely see him. He slams you into the wall roughly as he brings his face close to yours. “You’re the one who doesn’t understand. There is no breaking up. We’re not done, and we’ll never be done.”
You squirm a bit in his hold, knowing he’s stronger than you but needing to test it anyway.  His grip is like iron, with no give to it. There is no way you’re getting away unless he allows you to.
“You’re scaring me,” you whisper as you look up into his eyes. You shiver at the coldness you see there, the extreme lack of emotion as he stares at you as if you were nothing more than an object. “Please, just let me go.”
“Let you go so that you can leave me? I don’t think so, little bird.” He moves to kiss you but you quickly turn your head away, leaving him to kiss your jawline instead.
He lets out a snarl as he pushes you harder against the wall, blunt nails digging into your hips hard enough to bruise. “If you don’t kiss me, I’ll slit your fucking throat.” You let out a small, terrified gasp at his words as you begin to tremble. You have never seen him like this before, never heard him threaten you even as his actions have grown more and more possessive.
So when he leans in this time, you open your mouth, unsure if he really would carry out his threat or not. It’s not a kiss of love or even passion. It’s a kiss of sheer dominance as he forces his tongue into your mouth, biting and nipping at your lips. When he pulls away, drool is dripping down the side of your mouth that he eagerly licks up.
He turns you away from him, pushing you face first against the wall as he lifts your skirt up and pushes your panties to the side. “In fact, if you try to leave me at all, I’ll slit your fucking throat.” Before you can even move, he’s forcing his hard cock into your barely wet pussy. You let out a wail of pain at feeling him violate you with no preparation, but that doesn’t stop him. He simply chuckles and keeps making small thrusts inside of you, pushing himself slowly into you inch by agonizing inch.
You’re already crying as he completely sheathes himself inside of you, balls pressing against your clit. “You made me do this, you know,” he grunts out as he slowly pulls himself back out. His absence gives you a chance to relax, until he thrusts his cock all the way back into you in one fluid movement. You scream as your nails dig into the wall, the pain almost blinding. “I had a nice night out planned for us,” he pants, “but you had to go and ruin things, didn’t you little bird?”
“But I’m not entirely a bastard.” He reaches around to rub your clit as he begins to set a slow but hard pace inside of you. “Be a good girl and I’ll forget all about this.” The pressure of his fingers against your aching clit and his balls smacking against you has you getting wet despite yourself, whining as you feel his cock drag along your inner walls. “God, you little slut,” he smacks your ass roughly. “This is a punishment, you’re not supposed to be enjoying it.”
His hips pick up the pace, balls slapping roughly against your clit. You can barely manage to hold yourself up against the wall, the pressure inside of you building as you begin to reach the edge. He rubs tight circles on  your clit as the lewd noises of him pounding into your soaked cunt fill the room. The pressure inside of you is about to burst as you push backwards into him to meet his thrusts. You’re so fucking close, just one more thrust -
You let out a deep whine from the back of your throat as he removes his fingers from your clit and pulls out of you. You hear him groan as he rubs himself to orgasm, feeling hot ropes of cum coating your folds and dripping down your legs. “Bad girls don’t get to cum, do they?” He snickers as he moves your panties and skirt back into place. 
“Now, we’re going to have that nice night out with my cum dripping from that sloppy pussy of yours. And you’re never going to talk about leaving again, do you understand?” You give a silent nod, unable to make any words come out. He grins. “See? I knew you could be my good little bird.”
Tags: @league-of-thots, @thewheezingwyvern, @animewh0re, @dee-madwriter, @lildreamer93, @yaoyorozuwrites, @redbeanteax, @kittygonyan, @bat-eclecticwolfbouquet-love, @daedaep69, @heyybrittannia, @groovydreamertrash, @hisoknen, @chou-maitresse, @shoutogepi, @togasknifes, @kingtamakimurder, @1-800-callmekatsuki
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solarisensun · a year ago
Endearing (2)
Tendou Satori x Reader
Tumblr media
Tendou Satori is your endearing senpari ready to help you take care of your every need
Pt 1 - Pt 2
Its recommended you read pt 1 of this fic before reading this one :) Here it is! The long awaited sequel to endearing! This monster is 4k words long so enjoy hehe
Warnings : *NSFW*, *smut*, “dubcon”, Tendou kinda feels bad for his actions but not really at the same time, hes also a fucing genius
»»————- ✼ ————-««
The two of you - oddly enough, settled into a comfortable routine.
His impromptu stay in your room led to a second stay, then another, and another. He claimed that it was payment, for his ‘free’ tutoring (Ushijima was apparently a heavy snorer). By now, your room is littered with traces of his existence with yours.
Tendou’s various books shoved haphazardly on the shelf between yours, his red hoodie - the exact same shade of his crimson hair and bold words SHONEN JUMP emblazoned on the back, hanging on your bed post. Instead of the usual one, you now had two unwashed coffee mugs balanced precariously on the ever-growing stack of papers.
Perhaps the most awkward thing was how he still insisted on sleeping together, even after you begged, threatened, whined. The redhead could be adamantly stubborn when he wanted to.
It wasn’t that you disliked it. He was warm, a personal furnace that warded off any chill, despite his lanky figure, Tendou was a surprisingly good cuddler. Plus, he always smelled good, a hint of sandalwood musk and undertones of his laundry detergent that never failed to lull you into a deep slumber.
But still, you were getting extremely frustrated.
Having Tendou as your new roommate meant that you didn’t have a single ounce of privacy left to relieve yourself of your other…. Sexual needs.
To be fair, every woman had her urges. You hadn’t been able to touch yourself in nearly a week, even when Tendon wasn’t in the room, the thought of him suddenly barging in was crushingly embarrassing. Not that you didn’t savour the idea….
With a heavy sigh, you ran a tired hand through your wet hair as droplets of water soaked into the welcome mat in front of your door. The faint light of your room could be seen shining through the crack under the door. That probably meant that Tendou was in your room already. You had handed him your keys earlier so he could come and go as he pleased.
It was locked. You frowned as you wiggled the knob, faint music (?) could be heard from beyond the door that made you press you ear on the door out of curiosity. The song was crooning inaudible lyrics in an upbeat rhythm, the noise of you jangling the doorknob seemed to have alerted Tendou as you heard distinct shuffling of his footsteps padding to the door.
The music volume is lowered with a loud snap and you can only assume that it was his laptop as you hear him shout across. “I’ll be there in a sec.” There is a heavy grunt to be heard and more shuffling as you lean against the wall. Your wet hair was beginning to stick to your shirt, turning the material a shade darker when the coldness seeps past it to soak your skin with a sheen of chill that makes you shudder.
Finally, you hear the familiar click of the lock, the door swings open to show Tendou, his hair was oddly dishevelled, plastered to the sides of his cheek. “Your back from your jog early” Tendou said, his voice is a pitch higher and slightly breathless as he raises a hand to comb through his hair. The movement causes his shirt to rise up and you catch a silver of his taunt stomach before snapping your eyes back to his face in an effort to quell the sudden heat blossoming across your face. The effects of your frustration were beginning to surface.
“It started raining. What were you doing?” You ask, brushing back his figure to grab your towel as you sink on the bed.
“Nothing,” he hums in reply, scooping up his laptop to take a seat opposite you, folding his legs into a cross legged position.
Through the curtain of your hair you shoot him raised eyebrow. “Nothing?”
He raises his hand in a mockery of shock, “What did you think I was doing?”
“I don’t know,” you toss the towel away and prop your head in your hands. “I heard some kind music.”
Tendon blinks, an easy grin growing on his face at your bewildered expression. “Yes, I was listening to music.” He leans backwards on the chair, causing it to creak dangerously in response. “Ya know, I’ve been under so much stress lately with applications and stuff so music! Helps me relax.”
His reply earns him a pillow in the face. Him? Stressed? With his grades and volleyball record, any top-notch university in Japan would be a fool to reject his application.
“You are a horrible liar you know that?”
Tendou laughs, slouching further into the chair as he traces the rim of the mug absentmindedly with a single nimble finger. It was a habit you noticed; the way his fingers often fluttered around restlessly as if having a life of their own whenever he was seated. “I wouldn’t say I’m a horrible liar,” he shoots back. “I think my lying skills are more than decent.”
“That’s not something to be proud of.”
Perhaps it was the growing frustration, or the fact that he was outright lying to your face. Or you were simply just curious. Without warning, you lunge for his laptop.
There is a shocked yell when you collide against him, knocking him off the chair as your fingers close around the edge, but before you get a firm grip, Tendon yanks it out of your grip. Undeterred, you reach for it again, with your speed and Tendou’s reflexes – it seemed like equal ground.
Which wasn’t equal at all.
Tendon was still built like a 6-foot professional athlete.
You were a whole foot shorter.
In the blink of an eye, Tendon had placed the laptop out of reach as his hands encircle around your wrists to catch them firmly against his chest. The both of you are panting heavily amidst the silence, legs entangled on the ground as your body is propped on his, your breaths mingle in soft puffs before he breaks the silence.
“What. Was that?”
You let out an indistinguishable growl of defeat, “Let me go.” You mutter, even in your ears you sounded awfully petulant, like a child denied of candy.
Tendou quirks an eyebrow upwards, amusement dancing in his eyes at your sudden change in attitude. “Something is bothering you right?” He had noticed of course, the way your usually even temper fray at its ends, your footwork in volleyball getting messed up at the slightest distractions. Already, he had a culprit in mind. But he needed you to confess your troubles.
“What is it?” He presses, pulling you closer to him. It was always a delight he savoured, to watch your face turn red from the close proximity. “Come on,” Tendou croons. You attempt to yank your wrists away but with his iron grip, its useless. Added with the weight of his legs on yours, there was no way out of this one unless Tendou got what he wanted. It was so easy to forget the hidden strength that lined his lanky frame.
You open your mouth, ready to spin a lie on the tip of your tongue. As if sensing your thoughts, Tendou cranes his neck upwards. “Don’t lie to your senpai hmm? You know you can’t fool me.”
Gods, he’s close. His nose nearly brushing yours, you can see your own wide-eyed reflection in his orbs. Tendou’s hair is in a soft arc around his face, his eyes glittering like a cat, you sucked in a startled breath as you tore your gaze away from his. Still, you could feel the weight of his stare on the side of your cheek when he shifts you closer to his torso. It brings back unbidden memories of the first night.
“Its nothing,” you scowl, your shirt had ridden up, and you can feel the muscles of his flat, hard stomach through his top against your bare skin. You flushed even deeper, a stark contrast to the frown on your heated face. Who do you think your fooling? Its painfully obvious that you want him and likewise.
But he need to hear you say it. After the last time, his selfish desire had evolved, he wanted you to want him too.
“Don’t be like this,” He inches closer with a singsong; his hands are warm on your wrists, his breath soft in your ear. You could feel everywhere his bare skin seemed to sear itself on you. It was horribly distracting
“I-I want…” You squeak, too embarrassed to finish your sentence as you buried your face into the crook of his shoulder. One hand lets go of yours to tilt your chin upwards in a gentle motion. Tendou, Tendou Satori with his easy grins and childish remarks, had never looked at you like that. The desire, predatory, consuming look that made your heart patter unevenly in your chest and heat floods between your legs. It was as if he was burning to swallow you whole.
It was too much.
You moved on your own, pressing on his chest to meet his lips. For a moment, Tendou seemed to be taken back by your boldness, slight surprise flashing across his features, but it doesn’t take long for his fingers to wind themselves through your hair. He was careful, gentle, opening your mouth with his own.
Everything else seemed to melt away, the only thing that remained were his lips, so soft yet addictively invading all your senses. Tendou groaned, a throaty sound tumbling out his lips as he pulls you closer to deepen the kiss. The warmth of your breath was a dizzying invitation, the taste of you on his tongue so delicious that he could get drunk on it forever. He claimed your mouth again, the original gentleness replaced by a heightened intensity that made your toes curl.
“Tendou,” you breathed, when he reluctantly pulls away, the need for oxygen is a sore ache in both your lungs.
His arms tighten around your body at the roll of his name, you made it sound exotic, like a jewel shining in the mud. “Oh princess, you have no idea how long I’ve dreamt of kissing you this way.”
For some unknown reason, he’s hesitant. There was a sort of fragile vulnerability in the atmosphere, all his previous bravery faded in comparison to the way you were looking at him with your large expressive eyes. He didn’t want to sneak around anymore, Tendou Satori wanted you - the entire of you. To savour his name rolling off your lips, to feel you glowing against him under the sun. To be able to hold your hand in the hallways and capture that gorgeous smile he had first seen on court.
“Tendou” you repeat, cutting away his line of thought. “Can we…?” When the words fail, your cool hands sliding beneath his shirt provide the answer. He shudders but makes no move to stop you when you push his shirt off, revealing his sculpted body, all taunt lines of hard muscle. His hand moves down your cheek, across your shoulder and side, stroking your body in a single long caress that ended at your hip where he stopped. His pale chest rose and fell, the hand on your hip tightened. You could hear your own breathing, as shallow as low tide.
You shift downwards, your cunt coming in contact with his arousal and Tendou sucks in a harsh breath. Experimentally, you roll your hips downwards, grinding on his erection. “Stop that,” an edge of strained warning in the redhead’s voice as props himself upright, guiding you to the bed. His touch alone sent electrifying sparks surging through your nerves. This was really happening.
Your shirt and shorts are discarded, tossed to some corner of your room you couldn’t be bothered to check. Tendou copies your movements, a sly hand sneaking to rub you through your panties. The effect is astounding, your hips bucking upwards in response as he pins your hips down to still you. Fuck, he had forgotten how good you felt. Your heat on his fingers, the familiar feminine scent wafting over that made his cock pulse to attention.
Already, he could feel your juices gathering, staining your panties when he yanks them down to your ankles. You whimper at the sudden intrusion, fingers twisted against the sheets when Tendou strokes your folds. With the way he’s staring at your most intimate places, it only serves for you to get even more turned on.
His other hand snakes up to cup your breasts. Fuck, you were heavenly, just as smooth as he remembers. Maybe even better. Your unbidden whimpers like music on his ears when he pinches one nipple between his fingers, rolling it with his thumb and you arc into his touch, head pressing against the pillow. It was almost too much, his fingers still prodding at your entrance before he finally slips a single digit into your velvety walls. His stimulation is done with practised ease, a simple flick yet causing your body to be overwhelmed by pleasure and euphoria.
You whine at the sudden loss when he draws them out. His fingers are glistening, utterly drenched by your fluids under the fluorescent lights. Instead he sticks two fingers in his own mouth, trailing a tongue to coat them in his saliva before entering you again. Its sinfully hot, the heated gaze paired with the smack of his lips together in a lewd pop that makes your cunt clench pitifully around empty air.
Tendou can’t help the pride swelling in him when your gaze tracks his tongue, the way your insides feel so unholy good as he sinks his fingers into you again, making sure to curl his long fingers in you that he just knows drives you crazy with pleasure. You squirm and buck, only to be stilled by his authorative hand on your inner thigh.
Ah, with how his fingers are brushing against the sweet spot in you again and again, he never missed it each time. You’re getting ridiculously wet, each movement earning a lewd noise escaping your pouty lips as he drives his fingers in you with the full force of his arm to set a relentless pace. With the messed up look on your cute face, Tendou wants to make you cum, he’s dying to make you cum all over his fingers again. But this is a golden opportunity, the chance to feel your hot walls clenching around something else than his fingers. You seem to have the same thoughts.
Too impatient to endure anymore frustrated teasing, your fingers scrabble at the hem of his boxers and Tendou chuckles at your actions, the familiar teasing lilt entering his voice again. “Impatient princess?” You give him an unamused glare but Tendou’s smile merely broadens. To him, you resembled a spiteful little kitten. Of course, that meant he portrayed the role of a big bad wolf.
He aids your rushed movements, freeing his throbbing cock from the painful restraints of his sweatpants. Immediately, he strokes himself in lazy glides, the slick on his fingers from your earlier arousal makes it far too easy to relieve some of the ache of his erection. Though the sight of your naked body sprawled before his gaze like a treasured delicacy only serves to have him more aroused at every passing moment. He wished he could record this moment.
You don’t even bother to hide your stare when his cock is revealed. He’s long – thick, beaded with precum and totally erect against his abdomen, would it even fit in you? It looked like it would split you in half. Tendou doesn’t miss the fleeting look in your eye, he can’t help but panic. His hands shooting out with their own will to ensnare your body in a bruising grip that makes you gasp at the sudden change of his demeanour.
You can’t change your mind. Please don’t.
There is a hint of unsteadiness in your voice when he brushes the tip on your slick folds. “Tendou maybe—” You don’t manage finish your sentence.
He sinks himself in with a single long stroke and fresh tears well up. “Ohh,” Tendou lets out a low hiss but your reaction is an exact opposite. He’s big, too big, already you could feel the tip of his cock pressing against your cervix, it felt like it would go even further, every throbbing vein could be felt against your walls when he pulses. The way he’s practically stretching you apart as you splutter for air is painful.
“Shhhh,” Tendou pushes your hair back to tuck the silky strands behind your ear so he can get a clear view of your face, he knew that he had been too hasty, the stuttered gasps escaping your mouth are proof. It takes everything in him not to move, he has to stop himself from rocking his hips forward, letting you adjust to his girth and length. From the way your eyes were becoming wet and glossy, it’s clear that you hadn’t been fully ready for him. But you were about to change your mind! He can’t let that happen, can he? “Relax princess, I’ll be slow.”
A promise he’s darn close to breaking, its absolute torture. The pleasurable yet frustrating way your walls suck him in each time, as if refusing to let him leave when he moves the slightest bit. But he is your senpai isn’t he? He wants to make this first time enjoyable for the both of you. Tendou latches on to the idea, using it to battle the overwhelming urge to ram himself into your small frame.
You whimper in response and Tendou leans forward over your body, bracing himself as he pushes himself in even further, he loves it, the way your tight hole sucks him in whole. He presses a tender kiss on both your cheeks, tasting the slight salt of sweat on them. Then he’s moving, just the slightest thrust that has you digging your nails into his biceps. Tendou growls, your walls contract around him at the animalistic sound. You are so fucking tight, so tight that he really has to make an effort to pull himself out before going in. Each stroke is bearable now, but still causing an uncomfortable sting when Tendou pushes himself in again and you wince at the feeling.
Its then his thumb seeks out your puffy clit. The sudden wave of pleasure is undeniable, you moan, fingers slipping for purchase on the sheets and Tendou takes the chance to snap his hips forward. His thumb continues its ministrations, rubbing circles that make the pain fade away with each languid thrust when you begin to loosen up. “You like that right?” He grounds out through gritted teeth, finally, he begins to move, really move, placing the beginnings of raw power behind each snap of his pelvis to enter your soaked and warm cunt. You don’t reply, sinking your teeth on your bottom lip in slight defiance.
“Use your words princess,” Tendou goads, partly to hear your tinkling voice and partly to hopefully distract you from the ache. He’s still moving in you with controlled movements as his voice becomes more strained. “Yes,” you manage to squeeze out an answer, not wanting him to stop the way he’s rolling your clit between his fingers because it feels amazing. A part of you wants to stay mad at how he took you just now, but the friction of his cock combined with the way he’s rubbing your clit makes it extremely difficult to think through the heavy haze of pleasure.
You feel your leg being hooked up over his shoulder in a position that feels oddly familiar, your other leg is wrapped around his waist. As if you had been in this sort of intimate position before…. Even the way he’s stimulating with your clit is astounding, as if he had mapped out your body on the back of his hand.
It feels amazing, to have you actually responding to him. You are so much more sensitive and responsive, each flutter of your cunt around his moving cock urges him on faster and harder as it drives him to the edge. He had never thought such a dizzying sensation was even possible. Even when being ravaged by his cock, you looked absolutely divine, your pink lips gaped open in a silent cry and your perky breasts bouncing tantalizingly with each movement. It’s a near picture perfection of a  Renaissance painting, with the light glistening amidst your unshed tears though clashed by the sound of his skin slapping against yours. The sheer loudness of the sound alone drowns out both your ragged gasps.
Tendou sheaths himself in as deep as he can go, he can’t seem to focus. Should he look at the way your cunt is swallowing his cock up until only his balls are visible? Or should he look at your face? Your beautiful face scrunched up in pleasure and ecstasy. He’s gleefully proud, after all he was the one eliciting such responses from you.
He feels it, your cries getting significantly louder  when you approach the edge and Tendou blinks the sweat out of his lashes. He wants to see it, wants to see your beautiful face come undone under the bright sunlight, he wants – needs to memorise every miniscule detail that he had missed before.
“Tendou, I’m – close!” Tendou becomes rougher at your words, as if you had flipped an invisible switch within him. Flicking and rubbing your tormented clit to bring about your orgasm. The reins of his originally controlled movements are lost as Tendou gets increasingly sloppier, totally overcome with the feeling of you around his cock, your soft skin brushing his chest at each tremble, the feeling of your plush thighs underneath his splayed fingers. “Senpai!” The cherry that tops the cake.
Your eyes roll backwards as stars seem to explode across your vision, he can feel it, the sensation of your whole-body wracking in quivers and your leg goes slack on his shoulder. Your walls tighten even further, something he thought was impossible. Fuck, fuck its nearly too much, your cunt clutching around his greedy cock, so warm and wet – slicked by your flowing juices.
Your fingers slide from the sheets to grasp his arms, its difficult to get a good grip, with all the sweat tracing across his skin as he continues to pound you into the bed. The bed is beginning to produce a creaking sound under Tendou’s force. 
He can’t muster a proper response to your cries, too buzzed out to reply in full sentences. He abandons your clit; both of his large hands grip your hips as he slams you down to meet his cock in utter sync with his thrust. It earns him another hoarse cry from your already sensitive body and Tendou feels himself cum. Everything seems to go blank for a brief moment, his hot ropes erupting in your cunt as he shudders out his own orgasm.
Its impossibly good, to feel himself emptying everything in your cunt with a loud grunt. Suddenly, all his previous bouts of masturbation seem to pale greatly in comparison to this. This gratifying, earth shattering orgasm that has him gasping for every breath as he descends from his high.
You can feel him go soft and he pulls out, sharp crimson eyes transfixed by the milky line connecting the head of his cock to your trembling cunt before it breaks off to join the sticky mess on the bed. You can only lay there, too tired to clean up. He can’t seem to help himself, using a thumb to push his leaking cum back into your abused cunt and you finally stir to life, whining a weak protest, thighs closing together in an effort to seal him out.
“How was that?” Tendou asks, his voice brimming with fervour and giddy excitement and you feel his warmth settling by your side as he drapes a lazy arm around your waist to pull you closer. His arm around you was familiar. The two of you fit together, as always, your head under his chin, your spine against the hard muscles of his chest, your legs entwined around his.
You remain quiet. Still mulling over the uncertainty of your relationship with your endearing senpai. He hadn’t even bothered to use protection! It was a relief that you were on a regular pill, there was a sense of startling clarity descending over your post orgasm haze now, the hints of his irregular behaviour were beginning to pop up.
Still, a stubborn part of you refused to believe the nagging suspicion. Tendou? He was always there for you, adjusting your position in volleyball practice, helping you with homework until the dead of night as he explained the same equation for the tenth time without a thread of impatience in his voice, his comforting arms around your sleeping body. He wouldn’t be who you thought he actually was right?
Even worse, could he have been planning this the whole time? Now now, your getting too far ahead of yourself. Tendou Satori is just an ordinary ordinary guess monster, though with a little luck and push, anything is possible.....
Tendou is unaffected by your sullen silence as he chuckles, his breath raising goose bumps on your skin. “Don’t tell me you didn’t like it.” You can hear the truimphant beam in his voice. 
“What were you watching on your laptop?”
He presses his lips on the side of your cheek, admiring the slight flush still visible on your face. “Nothing, just a bunch of….videos.”
Videos that he no longer needed. You were real now, dare he said that you even loved him? Nothing else mattered anymore. Of course, you never have to know about the videos. Everything he had done before was in the past now, whatever that happened should remain buried.
Don’t you think he’s the best?
Masterlist <—- other similar works in BNHA & HQ
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pon-ee · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Avatar of Envy is very possessive ok. He’s a chompy boi.
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tomurasprincess · a year ago
Call of the Void (Kirishima x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: You are a captive of pirates who have taken everything from you, your family and home included. You don’t think things can get any worse. But when you meet a friendly mermaid, you think your luck might be about to change. Until you realize just how wrong you are.
Pairing: Kirishima x Reader Rating: E+ Warnings: dubcon, coercion, manipulation, breeding, oviposition talk (but no actual eggs), brief thoughts of suicide, yandere   Word Count: 2k+ Note: I really wanted to do Kirishima again since I’ve only written him once, and then my mind naturally went to pervy!Kiri mermaid. This is the result, hope you like it!
Tumblr media
You gaze at the ocean from the bow of the boat in despair, unsure how you got into this position. Just two days ago, your home had been raided and pillaged by pirates. You watched your family be murdered, your house burned down, and then the pirate captain himself had taken notice of you. He had decided to take you as spoils of his plunder, and you had been dragged kicking and screaming onto this vessel.
Although he had yet to touch you, you knew it was only a matter of time. You stare harder at the ocean as you consider launching yourself off the boat. You would die, yes, but you would spare yourself so much humiliation. So much pain.  You had nothing left anymore, so what was the use of staying so the murderer of your family could violate you?
You had all but decided to go through with it, to throw yourself off the side, when you saw it. A beautiful red fin, glittering below the surface. It was iridescent, almost blinding when the light hit it. As you watch it, you see it moving. It must be a fish, you think, but it is unlike any fish you had ever read about. And then you see something break the surface of the water. You do a double-take. It was someone, not something.
It is a man. Or what is almost a man. He is handsome, with red hair and what looks like red eyes, and a small scar above one eye. He has a cheeky grin and is naked from his top half up. You realize with a shock that fins meet the human skin of his torso, leading to the curve of the tail you saw.
"Hey cutie," he laughs as you gape at him.  It was a joyous, beautiful laugh that you wouldn't mind hearing if the circumstances were different. Instead you find yourself asking the question running through your mind. "What - what are you," you whisper in awe. You realize your words may be too quiet as you try to avoid alerting the pirates, but he seems to hear you anyway.
"Haven't you ever seen a mermaid, cutie?"
You blink at the pet name before your mind even catches up to the word mermaid. "I didn't think mermaids were real!"
He flicks his tail, splashing water just short of you as he grins at your shocked expression. "Well we are. You might know that, if you were more of a seasoned sailor."
He sees your expression and his face falls too. But you're not, are you? A tear runs down your face as you shake your head.
"N-n-no, I'm not. But I've read stories where you drag people into the depths of the ocean."
You see an intense hurt look in his eyes as he shakes his head sadly. "There are so many lies told about us, people who hate us because they don't understand."
You feel instant guilt at the fact that you insulted his species, and you apologize immediately. "You're right, I'm sorry. I was just surprised to see that mermaids are real."
His smile instantly returns. "It's okay! It must be shocking to you, to see one of us in person." He stares at you for a little longer, almost too long as you shift around uncomfortably.
"So what's going on?  You can tell me, and I might be able to help."
"There is no way you can help. My family is dead and I was taken by pirates. Unless you can fix that, there is nothing you can do."
"I am so sorry, cutie. You're right, and there is nothing I can do about that." You're surprised to see the deep grief in his eyes, as if it was his own parents who were killed. "But there is something that I can do." At this, he swims closer to the boat. You can't help but notice how truly gorgeous he is.
"How, how can you help me? I have lost everything," you hiss out more fiercely than you intended to.
"The pirates are holding you against your will, aren't you?"
"I mean - yes," you struggle not to cry as you say the next words. "The pirate leader, he intends - that is to say -"
"Shh cutie, it's okay," he coos at you gently, humming something that instantly calms you with the sheer beauty of it. "You don't have to say any more, I understand. What kind of man would I be if I didn't help out a woman in need?"
You briefly consider mentioning that he is not technically a man as far as you're aware, but you bite your tongue. You stare at him with hope in your eyes. "How can you help me? And would you?"
"Oh, I would never forgive myself if I didn't help you." At that, you hear an edge in his voice that you can't place, but it's gone as soon as it came. "I can't do it right now though, too many people nearby."
You glance around and see a few people here and there, milling around and doing their assigned tasks on the ship. Fortunately, they ignore you completely "And just what would you do?"
"Oh, sweetie, I'm a mermaid.  I can swim you back to land somewhere, away from these pirates. It won't make up for what you've lost, but at least you would be free?"
You think on your options for another few seconds. He has a point. Here, you are facing nothing but abuse, torture, and most likely painful death. With his help, you can at least be free. Free to properly grieve your family and start over again in their memory.
"Okay then, -" you trail off as you realize you don't know his name. He catches your meaning, however, and volunteers the information before you can ask.
"Okay, Kirishima, I would love for you to help me."
If you were more observant, you might have noticed the look of dark possession that crosses his face for just a second. The look of victory. But you aren't, so it goes unnoticed. Unremarked upon.
You agreed to meet at the same spot after the moon rises, and you can safely sneak away. Now you stand here, looking out into the ocean and waiting for your hero. The fact that your hero isn't human crosses your mind before being dismissed. It was humans who put you into this position, after all.
You are beginning to panic when he doesn't show up quickly, thinking that this was a last cruel joke from the universe. Dangling hope in front of you, only to take it away at the last possible minute. But your patience is rewarded when you see the waters begin to ripple. The mermaid Kirishima pokes his head above the water, chucking happily when he sees the sheer joy on your face.
"Did you think I wouldn't show?"
"I - may have briefly considered it, yes." Before your statement can hurt him, you quickly add, "but not because of you! I was just afraid this was some dream, that it would be pulled away from me at the last minute."
"No dream, I only want to help you. Do you trust me, cutie?"
You hesitate for a second as you consider the fact that you know nothing about this man. No, not man. This mermaid. The only stories you have honestly heard about them are horrifying. Tales of predators that drag unsuspecting sailors, pirates, and shipwreck victims alike underwater as they force them to drown. Nobody knows what happens to them after that, but the suspicion is that they are eaten.
Are you crazy, you think to yourself, you surely must be to consider taking a risk such as this. You are about to back away from the whole plan when you hear the same humming from earlier. The song is so agonizingly beautiful, calling to mind every happy memory you had with your family while they were alive. You feel yourself slightly swaying to the song with a blissful look on your face. When the song finally ends, you're left feeling empty and desperately wanting to hear it again.
You open your eyes to see Kirishima, much closer than he was before and staring up at you expectantly from the water. Almost disturbingly close. You wonder how fast he can truly move in the water, and he was so far away just moments ago ---
"Now cutie, you can trust me," he coaxes you gently. Something about the situation is off, you realize this, but your mind is slightly foggy and you can't quite figure out what. Maybe something about the look on his face as you stare into his eyes, the desperation, the darkness, oh god the madness you should not be doing this stop this now stop stop stop stop ----
The humming begins again and abruptly ends, and you can no longer remember what you were thinking. "Of course I can trust you," you smile at him. His smile widens, so disturbingly wide that you can see his mouth full of razor sharp teeth. You shudder at the thought of being bitten by those, unsure whether it is desire or fear.
"Now jump into the water, sweetheart," he motions you with one hand. "I promise I'll catch you," he growls, "I will catch you and never let you go."
Before you can even think about what you're doing, you find yourself hiking up your skirts as you climb over the railing and leap. You fall for barely any time before you're wrapped in the cold embrace of the mermaid. The shock of the cold water has you shivering and gasping for air.
He coos in your ear as he runs his hands up and down your body. You feel fear crawl up your spine at his behavior, but that fear is nothing compared to the sheer terror you feel when he drags you under the water.
You thrash against him as you feel your skirts weighing you down, pulling you further into the deep. But then you notice one thing you hadn't before, something he had kept below the water. Claws. He has human hands, yes, but the fingers have long, sharp looking claws on every single finger. You try to scream as he flexes them, but your mouth and nose only fill with water. This is it, you think, you are going to die from your own stupidity. He is going to rip into you with those claws or he is going to drown you, it doesn't matter either way because you're dead.
But when the claws come down, you feel no pain. Instead, you feel lighter, and as you open an eye you see that he ripped your long skirts off of you. You watch them float down, down, down, until they disappear entirely into the black. You feel much lighter, much less likely to sink straight to the bottom. But you do not have time to feel relief when you realize you are running out of air. All you can smell, all you can taste, is salt water surrounding you. Your eyes go wide and you kick and thrash in the mermaid's grip.
He simply smirks as he presses his lips on yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth as you try to gasp for air that is simply not to be found. You feel something sweet being forced into your mouth, some sort of slightly sticky and bitter substance that you can't place the taste of. But all of a sudden you feel yourself able to breath normally. Did he give me something to help me breathe underwater, you question? Maybe he is not so bad after all, and you panicked over nothing at all.
But as he drags you down further into the deep, you realize you were right all along. You are going to die, if not by drowning, then by being devoured by this mermaid. Maybe this is for the best, you think, as you have nothing left in this world to hold on to. The water gets colder and colder, darker and darker, until you can see nothing at all. Your eyes close for what you're sure must be the last time.
But when they open again, you realize that you are somehow still alive. You are in what looks like an underwater cavern the likes of which you cannot imagine. It is a massive space with walls that look like they glimmer in the dark and occasional wading pools carved into the ground. There is even what seems to be a natural hot tub, with water that bubbles and churns. The entire area looks to be clean, with no moss anywhere to be found. It is cold, however, and you find yourself shivering.
You glance around and finally see him. Kirishima, the mermaid that dragged you here. You stand up quickly, meaning to walk right over to him and ask him the meaning of this, only for you to sway and collapse. But somehow the mermaid is right there to catch you as he gently lays you back down on the ground.
"Oh cutie, don't strain yourself," he runs a cold wet hand through your hair. "I know this is all surprising to you."
"This is - what the hell is this? You said you'd save me! Take me to land!"
"Did I?" He acts genuinely shocked by this. "I'm sorry, I don't remember saying I'd take you to land, I said I'd save you."
You stare at him in incomprehension. You don't - you thought that he -
But as you think back, you remember that he only promised to save you. He said that he COULD take you to land, not that he would. You feel panic begin to rise as he wraps strong arms around you and pins you to the cold, wet ground.
"What are you doing?!"
"Shhh, cutie," his hand runs down your neck, sliding all the way down your body. You see him strike out with a claw, and you brace yourself for the pain. But he merely swipes your dress down the middle, and he yanks it off of you to expose you to his hungry gaze. You're trembling now, the cave is so cold and you are so afraid.
"Don't be afraid, I would never hurt you. But I think you owe me a little something for saving you, don't you?"
"I don't owe you anything," you furiously shake your head, "you're the reason I'm in this cave at all!"
"I just couldn't leave you with those pirates," the sadness in his voice sounds so genuine. "I wouldn't be any sort of man if I had let them hurt such a beautiful creature." He runs his hands down your chest, reaching out to tweak a nipple that was already hard from the cold in the cave. "Would you have preferred that I leave you with them?" His other hand trails lower to cup your sex through your panties that still remain on. "I could always take you back if that's what you want."
"No! No please no, don't take me back, I can't -" Your voice comes out panicked, your words tumbling over each other in your haste to get them out. He gently shushes you as he runs his clawed fingers through your hair.
"I mean, if you truly don't want to be here with me," he says quietly, "I know people think I'm a monster. It's okay, really," his voice breaks a little bit at the final word, and you feel your heart twinge a little with pain at the apparent despair. But you don't notice his evil smirk when you briefly shut your eyes, his amusement that he has you right where he wants you.
"I - no, you're right. I don't want to go back to them. You saved me from them, and you've been so kind and I am being such a brat."
"Oh it's okay, sweetheart," he begins to place hot kisses on your neck as he trails lower and lower. "You can make it up to me by letting me make you feel good, cutie." He stops his descent down your body to take a nipple into his mouth, and you let out a small noise as he grazes his teeth along the underside of it. He releases it with a little pop before moving lower, stopping at the line of your panties. He pulls them off with a single rip, the sound echoing through the vast space that you're currently trapped.
He wastes no time spreading your folds open with one hand, staring at you with open desire. "God, you have such a pretty pussy," he groans as he leans in to give an experimental lick. He groans even louder as he gets a taste of you in his mouth, and he begins to lap at your pussy like a man starved. "You fucking taste even better, cutie," he stops briefly to say before attaching himself to your clit. Your gasps fill the space, the sudden pressure feeling almost too much, too intense. He slips a finger inside of you as he curves it upwards while licking tight circles around your clit. "So tight too," he begins to move his finger inside of you as your walls try to push his finger back out. "Sweetheart, are you a virgin?"
You let out an audible whimper, your face flushing red, and he laughs outright at the sight. "God, you are," he wets his other finger with your juices as he begins to slide it inside of you to stretch you out even further. "I really fucking lucked out finding you, didn't I?" He sucks at your clit again, grazing his teeth gently across as he curves both fingers to hit that spongy spot inside of you. You feel the waves of pleasure rising up, and you squirm to try and relieve some of the intensity.  
But Kirishima merely holds you in place, forcing his fingers deeper inside of you as he forces you to feel the pleasure. Your orgasm hits you hard and suddenly as you gush around the fingers still moving inside of you.
"Such a good girl for me," he whispers as he pulls back from you. You're embarrassed to see his fingers and mouth glistening with your juices, and even more embarrassed when he licks his fingers clean, as if you're the best meal he has ever tasted. He settles himself firmly in between your legs when you finally come to your senses and cry out for him to stop.
"NO, you can't do this!" He looks slightly startled at that outburst, before the crushed expression comes back. "I'm human, and you're a - you're a mermaid! This is crazy, how will this even work?"
"Oh!" His expression perks back up. "If that's what you're concerned about, then I'd be happy to show you." He reaches down to stroke against a slightly discolored spot on his tail as you see something emerge. It both looks like a human cock, but it also doesn't, as it is the same dazzling red as his tail. You see that there are bumps and ridges all the way up the length of him, and its girth is enormous.
The sheer size frightens you, but the thought of that being inside you sends pulses of desire straight to your core in addition to the fear. You try to close your legs but Kirishima being settled in between them prevents you from closing them. "Shh, cutie, it's okay," he coos at you, running two fingers up your soaked folds as his thumb massages your sensitive clit. "You're going to be a good girl for me, aren't you?"
The hope in his eyes makes you hesitate with your denial, and you nod your head slightly. He seems so earnest, so sweet, that you find yourself unable to do anything but agree with him. And the ray of sunshine that is his smile when you agree makes you feel warm, like you've done something good. Like you really are his good girl.
He brings his cock to your dripping entrance, rubbing his length from the top to the bottom to lubricate himself with your juices. "Now this might sting a bit, but I promise it'll feel good, baby girl. Just be patient with me, yeah?"
You nod enthusiastically, but you're not prepared for the stretch as he begins to push inside you. He is so girthy, and you are still a virgin unused to this feeling. You whine and try to jerk away, only for Kiri to dig into your hips with his claws, drawing a bit of blood that you feel trickle down your legs. "Hold still and it won't feel as bad, I promise."
He thankfully goes slow, but you can feel every bump and ridge as they press against your walls. You moan as one of the larger ones get stuck against the soft, spongy spot inside of you, and you find your body unexpectedly being tossed into an orgasm as you watch your fluids squirt against his torso. "F-f-fuck, that's a good girl," he groans, "you're being so good for me."
You whine as his cock continues to push against your over sensitive walls, letting out a deep groan that is followed by Kiri's as he bottoms out inside of you. He presses up to your cervix, and it feels like you have never been so stretched out. You feel so incredibly full, and you realize that you never want to feel anything else. When you push back against his cock, he realizes that you're ready for more and begins to slowly pull his cock entirely out of you. You have no idea what he intends, and you whine at feeling so empty as he gazes at your gaping hole that still flutters around nothing.
"Your cunt looks so gorgeous like this, sweetheart," he marvels as he's able to easily slip four fingers inside of you. "Spread wide open for me, taking my cock so well," he groans out as he lines up with your entrance again. He slams fully inside of you with one sharp thrust of his hips, and your answering scream echoes across the cavern. He sets a fast pace inside of you, gripping your hips with claws that continue to dig bloody furrows into your skin. But the pain only centers you as you gasp and moan, sweat dripping down your body even with the coolness of the cave.
"Fuck, shit, oh god," he chants, "I'm going to fill this sloppy cunt of yours, gonna breed you, fill you up my eggs. God you're going to look even more beautiful when you're all swollen with my young." His already fast, hard strokes become even more punishing as he loses all sense of rhythm inside of you, choosing instead to rut against you like an animal.
Breeding? Eggs? No no no, that doesn't sound right, that wasn't what you agreed on at all, you have to get out of this situation before he does something irreversible. You try to plant your feet against the ground, to push yourself out from under him, only for him to lean down and hum something directly into your ear.
Your body stills as you listen to the song and realize you don't want to resist. He saved you after all, and he must be so lonely down in this dark cave, all by himself. Would it be so bad if you allow him to do what he wants, allow him to pump you full of eggs? No, of course, it wouldn't be so bad, wouldn't be so unreasonable. You give him a blissful smile that he instantly returns.
You wrap your arms around his back, digging your heels into where his human upper half blends into the scales of his fish tail. You urge him on to fuck you harder, to fuck you faster, every minute that you're not filled with his cum is utter agony. The scales right above where his cock is buried inside you rubs against your clit with every thrust, the sharp sensation driving you mad.
"Please, Kirishima, oh shit, don't stop," you plead with him. "It feels so good, you feel so good."
"Fuck cutie, that's it, you'll be my good little girl, yeah? Let me fill you up cum?"
"Yes, yes yes, please, fill me up, I want it so bad." You feel yourself building up to another orgasm, the most intense you have felt so far. You can feel him begin to twitch inside you, signaling that he's nearing his end. He puts a hand behind your neck as he raises you to his mouth, his sharp looking teeth bared and looking ready to rip you open.
The thought of him sinking those into you has you squealing and he lets out a grunt as his teeth penetrate the delicate skin of your neck. You hear a pop as they bury themselves fully inside. Blood pours down your front, dripping onto the hard ground below. The feeling of the hard, unyielding teeth inside your neck throws you into another blissful orgasm, and you find yourself screaming your release out to the rest of the cavern.
But that's when you feel something entering your bloodstream, something burning hot that causes you to stiffen up. The pounding of your heart has your blood pumping so fast that it takes no time for the venom to run through your system. This time your screams are not of pleasure, agony wracking your whole body as you seize up.
Kirishima grunts as his twitching cock finally floods your pussy with hot ropes of cum, continuing to thrust through both of your orgasms. You let out a loud whine as the cum just won't stop filling you up, leaking out around the cock still buried deep inside of you. You feel so full of cum and so in pain that you can do nothing but lay there, twitching and weak, left to do nothing but take whatever he gives you.
The sensation finally becomes too intense for Kirishima, and he has to pull out abruptly. "Look at this greedy cunt," he whispers in awe, "trying to keep all of my cum inside you. Such a good girl you are."
He reaches down to take two fingers to push the cum back inside that had slipped out from your gaping cunt.  You whimper in pain, rolling back and forth to try and stop the fire burning through your veins. You feel so hot, sweat pouring down your face and body. Your mind is still foggy but not as much as it was before, and your thoughts come together to ask one single question. "What did you do to me?!"
He lifts you into his arms as he nuzzles your cheek. "Oh sweetheart, it's okay," he cups your face with one clawed hand, careful not to slice you open with it. "To bear my young, you have to be - changed, I suppose is the term. Just a little bit."
"It hurts Kiri, it hurts so bad." Tears are running down your face as your body twitches and seizes up. "Please make it stop."
He shushes you again with a heated kiss. "I promise it will be okay, and when it's over, you can be a happy mother to beautiful children. Don't you want that?" That horrible, beautiful humming starts again as your eyes roll back into your head.
"Yes, yes, yes," you chant, "I want to be a mother."
The humming intensifies. "Then just go to sleep, cutie. It will all be over when you wake up."
You feel yourself moving to obey his command, eyelids fluttering closed. The pain feels less now, distant, as if it's happening to someone else. Cold lips place kisses on your heated forehead as Kirishima sings quietly.
"I knew you would be perfect when I first saw you. Get some sleep while the changes happen, and when you wake up - when you wake up, we can truly begin."
~~~~ Tags: @thewheezingwyvern, @dee-madwriter, @lildreamer93, @katsukisprincess, @yaoyorozuwrites, @redbeanteax, @kittygonyan, @bat-eclecticwolfbouquet-love, @daedaep69, @heyybrittannia, @mimikaras, @groovydreamertrash, @hisoknen, @chou-maitresse, @shoutogepi,  @togasknifes​, @sunniebunnie20​, @knifeewifee​, @sadistiks​, @kingtamakimurder​, @cutesuki--bakugou​
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meguyuji · 6 months ago
Can I request on how do you think the haikyuu boys would react when their s/O decided to be a brat and faked a hickey on her for Sakusa, Ushijima, Tendou, Suna, and Kita? Maybe add some spice too 👀
hickey prank.
— ft: sakusa, ushijima, tendou, suna, kita. | tw: hickey, suggestive, anger/annoyance, possessive behaviour, hair-pulling, swearing, yandere themes.
— a/n: i apologise that this took longer to get to than usual, but i do hope you enjoy! attempted to add genuine spice, let’s see how well that went.
© unloviing — do not plagiarise or repost.
[ k. sakusa. ] — when you first enter the room, he doesn’t notice it, perhaps because your hair is curtaining it, but he treats you as usual; pulls you into his arms and rocks you back and forth. even asks you about your day, and you reply truthfully as usual, however, you start making subtle motions to allow your hair to be pushed to the side and expose your neck. it takes a while, but the purple bruise comes into sakusa’s line of vision and you can see the way his brow instantly furrows, grip on you tightening as he roughly pulled your hair back and dipped his head to get a better view. he’s frustrated, mad enough to scowl and tell you, “is this what we’re fucking doing now?” until he presses on the bruise and realises it stains his thumb, to which his brow quirks up, and cheeks flush a dark pink. “damn, ‘yoomi, it was a prank,” you laughed and kissed his lips, squeaking meekly when he settled his large hands on your ass and nuzzled his face into your neck. “don’t do that to me, y/n. thought i lost you.”
[ w. ushijima. ] — this man is attentive, so he notices it quite early on and takes it on himself to lean towards you with a quirked brow and brush your hair to the side, despite your whining and complaining about how there’s nothing to see! he nods at that, but doesn’t appear to be listening entirely, only focused on the purplish-red bruise that stained your pretty neck. how did you get that? the last time you two had sex, he wasn’t anywhere near your neck. that was a repetitive thought in his mind as he glanced up at you and asked, “did another man do this to you? or a woman?” his voice was an octave lower than usual, tongue poking the inside of his cheek as he awaited your answer. he watched as you put on a façade of guilt and remorse, which only frustrated him further, until he had enough and swiped at the mark, humming with acknowledgment as he flashed you the stain of makeup now on his thumb. “and your reason for this?” he sounded so monotone that you couldn’t help but crack up and pat his chest. “all for jokes, ‘toshi.”
[ s. tendou. ] — you almost feel scared to play a prank on tendou, because he usually returns it tenfold, but you try your best to keep your head high and spirits up as you plop down beside him on the couch, pressing your lips together when his arm reached around your shoulders, his long and bandaged fingers playing with your hair. he notices the mark on your neck when you crane it to reach over the table for a snack, and he’s quick to grab your throat and guide your face to look at him. “pretty. not mine though,” he states with a small chuckle, pressing his fingers on your neck in a slightly possessive and demanding manner. there was a dark look in his eyes, one that suggested almost murderous intents, but you waved your hands and showed him that it was simply just makeup before he got any bad ideas. “oh,” he gleamed, grinning, “that’s good then.”
[ r. suna. ] — really relaxed and laid back when you take a seat beside him, so he doesn’t notice until you start moving around and exposing your neck, to which he’s confused at upon first noticing, but it slowly turns into a confliction of emotions when he spots the hickey on your neck. it’s big, purple and evident, features he usually would adore if it was his markings, but it wasn’t his. it looked faint, like it had been done in a rush. “whas’ that?” he stared directly into your eyes, awaiting your answer with slight worry. “it’s a hickey,” you stated, to which he nodded. “that much is clear enough. it’s not mine though.” you had to suppress whatever laughter bubbled up in your throat. “that’s because it’s fake, rin’. i thought you out of all people would assume that. plus, your hickies are way darker!”
[ s. kita. ] — this man has witnessed you applying your makeup, so he’s not new to the image of colourful eye shadow. that’s why he’s very quick to identify that the hickey is a fake, even brushes it off with his thumb calmly. so calmly that actually, it intimidates you just a bit. yeah, there’s no getting past kita, sorry. maybe if you try convincing him, he’ll spare you a cute pout, but other than that, he knows what’s up. doesn’t scold you for it, just kisses your forehead and smiles, “clever, but not enough, y/n.”
— HAIKYUU GENERAL TAGLIST (OPEN): @velvetfireworks @donteathecake @kure-san @satansassbutt @azumane-kun @admiringlove @sugawara-sweetheart @thebakuhoes
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itsmeohmyo · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“I’ll be back soon MC ~ don’t go anywhere lolol”⚠️
More Yandere!Saeyoung because I can’t help myself. Even if he needs to leave you at home he’ll be watching you nevertheless 📹
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astaroth1357 · 8 months ago
Yandere Demon Dating Game!!
Pick your sweet, sweet poison today!
Congratulations!! You, dear reader, have the exclusive opportunity to select a lover straight from the upper echelon of Hell! We've rounded up nine fantastic demon suitors all ready to take your hand for their own, completely stress free and with no awkward courtship! There is just one catch though, they already love you quite a bit… in their own demonic way. 
Please, browse our eagerly awaiting bachelors to your heart's content! Once you've made your choice, CLICK BELOW THE CUT to see who your new love gets to be!
Warning: Yandere Behavior, Possessive Behavior, Probably Some Implied Violence
All behavior described is for the purpose of fantasy and this is in no way an endorsement of performing any of this in real life!
Bachelor #1
Bachelor #1 could compare you to the moon and the stars but in his eyes not even those could compare to your radiance. You are the most precious being in existence and he’ll do everything in his considerable power to see your every need met! There’s not a thing between Heaven and Hell that he can’t provide for you and he’ll do so happily. You are, quite simply, his world.
But being a person’s everything can have some drawbacks… Bachelor #1 will only feel comfortable if he knows that you’re his. Really and truly in every way possible, and he’s not very used to rejection… at all. You won’t be able to overpower nor escape him, even if you could get some distance between you it’ll never last... Best resign yourself completely because he’ll own every part of you that he wants to... body and soul.
Bachelor #2
Bachelor #2 cherishes every bit of you and all that you stand for as someone truly without no equal. He’ll turn to you first on his rainy days and he’ll want to show you off on his sunny. He’ll never get enough of being with or worshipping you and only you. Flaws and insecurities be damned! He will love you with a depth that could rival the sea and a strength that even God couldn't break. He’d challenge anyone to try.
They’d all fail, of course. Bachelor #2 will know the most about you, even things you thought he never could… because he’s been following your every move. If he can’t be attached to your hip, then he’ll tail you like a shadow, keeping details meticulously stashed away in his mind.... Unfortunately, if you speak to anyone else that means he’ll know right away, and he’ll make it very clear how much he hates you giving your attention away so freely...
Bachelor #3
Bachelor #3's love is as pure and true as a fairytale. He wants nothing more than to shield you from all the horrors of the world, human or demon, and he's loyal to a fault. Truly, you could not be in safer hands. He'll do almost anything that you ask without complaint just to see you happy… He does so love to see your smile...
Now, Bachelor #3 would never hurt you, in fact, he’ll make sure that nothing ever will. Your smile is all he cares about and he’ll guard it with his life. So best keep that smile up because he won’t care to listen if he ever finds you sad. If you’re upset, then he’s upset, but he’ll express that through Pure. Destruction. It doesn’t matter who hurt you, you don’t get to stop him. You don’t get to argue. So just keep sitting and smiling for everyone else’s sake… Because if you’re smiling then you must be happy… right?
Bachelor #4
Bachelor #4 only wants you to see the best of him as he’d like to see the best of you! He sees within you more than just kindness, but a genuine potential to be everything he’s ever wanted. He loves you from the depths of his soul and he believes that you can do this! Though he may not say it, in his dreams, the two of you will be together forever. Happy and content no matter what life throws at you… but some things just take… adjusting.
Bachelor #4 wants only the best for you, you know? His words may sound harsh but he means well. He may lose his temper once in a while, but that’s just to make a point. He’d never hurt you, truly he’s never! But how else is he going to make you remember how much you need him? What about when you don’t listen?? Honestly, that independent streak of yours is going to have to go… Just follow the rules, love, please… This is all for you, you know?
Bachelor #5
Bachelor #5 wishes to discover all that he can about you, your every hope, dream, and interest. To him, you’ll be an endless fascination meant for his enjoyment alone. He’ll find every way he can to make you laugh or smile at a feverish pace and commit them to memory like it's etched in stone. He’ll never get enough of drinking in your reactions, truly you are a work of art!
But by every reaction, we mean every single one... Bachelor #5 wants to see it all, the good, the bad, and the genuinely harrowing. He’ll know your every hope as well as your every fear and will soak it in with delight all the same. It’s not his fault, love, really. When everything about you is just so captivating, how can he ever hope to look away? You’re strong enough to give him what he wants… aren’t you?
Bachelor #6
Bachelor #6 may love you quietly but make no mistake, the sheer intensity of his feelings are practically unrivaled by any other option before you today. He won’t be satisfied until you’re both seen as one whole, a package deal that no one would ever think to break. Life with him can be filled with nothing but softness and bliss, light touches and impassioned words, until the worlds fall down around you…
To clarify, the keyword here is “can.” Bachelor #6 will make one thing very clear, you are a package deal and that’s how you’ll stay. Where you go, he goes. If he doesn’t want to go, then you stay. Plain and simple. If you want to go, you stay. If others die, you stay. If the world ends, you stay. Even if it kills you, you stay. So why not just enjoy the bliss while it lasts?
Bachelor #7
Bachelor #7 wants only the best for you because he knows it’s what you most deserve. For anyone to catch his eye quite like you have, then you must be just that special and he’ll seek out every opportunity he can to make your life much sweeter. In essence, he’ll take care of you better than anyone else ever could, including yourself, and he’ll take pleasure in making sure that your every need is met. You’ll want for nothing that you can have…
But you’ll never have your freedom back. Bachelor #7 sees no reason for you to be without him (however would you survive?) so he has it all planned out for you. You’ll be in the lap of luxury, the pinnacle of comfort, truly your new home is a magnificent gilded cage. He’ll treat you gently so long as you do the same for him. But even the nicest cages can be covered and forgotten if the owner so chooses… No matter how pretty their pet sings.
Bachelor #8
Bachelor #8 lives in worlds one can only dream of and yet you’re by far the best thing he could ever ask for. Try as he might, he can’t think of anything that really compares to you. Your magnificence is beyond the description of even the most skilled of poets… Truthfully, he hardly can stop thinking about you. You take up so much space in his mind that he can scarcely imagine his life without you in it...
So… he doesn’t. Bachelor #8 genuinely believes that you're the happiest couple in existence. Not, “you will be.” You are. And to his credit, his love is sweet and true even if he sees things slightly… obtuse. You won’t be able to reason with him because he buried logic a long time ago… He loves you and you love him, even if he gets upset, you love him. Even if he hurts someone… you love him. Don’t you?
Bachelor #9
Bachelor #9’s devotion to you will never be in question. He’s given himself to you wholeheartedly and would be thrilled if you were to do the same for him. He’s more than willing to throw everything aside for you and that’s not an honor he offers to anyone. Just know that he'll always be there to protect you and he'll do anything to prove his love to you… whether you know it or not.
And there's a good deal you won't know. Bachelor #9 will come across as the most heroic of the bunch, a true lifesaver, but don't be fooled. He isn't saving you from anything. Or, well he is but he’s behind the danger to start with. Not that you'll never know it mid-rescue, tucked up within his arms… you'll never feel safe without him. He'll make sure of that.
When you've selected your fine Bachelor of choice click the cut to see what lucky man you're taking home!
Bachelor #1: Diavolo
Aiming high aren’t we, reader? Congratulations, you’ve chosen the Prince of Hell! Being with Lord Diavolo will be a bit of a roller coaster so we hope you’re prepared. For as much as he has to offer he’s a little… demanding at times. Keeping up with a princely schedule will do that to a person. Just enjoy you gold and your gems when you can… you certainly won’t be getting much rest, that’s for sure.
Bachelor #2: Asmodeus 
So you’ve selected Asmodeus? Excellent choice, reader! Really, he’s among the safer options on this list as long as you don’t mind giving up some of your privacy. Well, okay all of your privacy but what’s yours is his and everything about you is his now. Please don’t get too upset, he’ll be nice! Just remember to keep those eyes where they belong, right~?
Bachelor #3: Beelzebub
It looks like you’ve chosen the ever-loyal Beelzebub! Wonderful selection, reader, clearly you care deeply about your own safety. We suppose the same can’t be said for anyone else, but hey? What’s a few black eyes and broken bones between friends? You can always stand to lose some family, can’t you? It’s all in the name of love after all.
Bachelor #4: Lucifer
Well, well reader, you’ve selected the eldest brother, Lucifer! You’ll be delighted to know that your new beloved will treat you as dearly as he would his own heart… so long as you follow his instructions and listen to his "advice." Even dogs can follow basic commands, so you can too… can't you?
Bachelor #5: Satan
Fantastic choice, reader! We're certain that you and Satan will make quite the happy couple! ...most of the time. He is a curious fellow and may need to "test" your limits from time to time but it's only because he adores you so much. No worries, it'll all be over soon… but then again, what is "soon" to a demon?
Bachelor #6: Belphegor 
Congratulations, dear reader, it seems you've picked the seventh brother, Belphegor! You can expect to spend long hours lazing with this dreamy demon, he'll want nothing more than to be around you… and he'll growl if you try to leave. Always remember, he'll make sure you stay in his bed one way or another...
Bachelor #7: Barbatos 
Very good choice, reader, picking the butler himself means you must obviously have some classy tastes. You really won't have to worry about much but… do you handle isolation well? Best hope so, he's a busy man and, frankly, you won't be going anywhere anymore.
Bachelor #8: Leviathan
Looking to make Leviathan's dreams of bliss a reality, are you? What a commendable endeavor, reader! We respect your choice. Though don't worry, you'll live up to his expectations. You don't get a say in the matter.
Bachelor #9: Mammon
A bit of a White Knight chaser, are you? Well your life won't be lacking excitement with Mammon! Back alley gangs, run away trains, suspicious fires, you name it and he'll be there for you. We're sure you'll be fine, you're in Mammon's hands! His very… "capable" hands. Why be concerned?
Did you make the right choice? 
Check out my Masterlist for other stuff I've posted.
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tomurasprincess · a year ago
Hello! Can I get 26 and 15 for the yandere prompts with Shigaraki 💕
Pairing: Shigaraki x Reader Rating: Explicit + Quote: I’m trying to help! You had a problem, and I fixed it! Word: Aphrodisiac Warnings: dubcon, forced drugging, overstimulation, yandere
Prompt Masterlist
Tumblr media
“The fuck do you mean, you’ve never gotten off before?” Dabi’s too loud voice rang out in the cramped space the League of Villains were currently using as a hideout. 
“Not so loud,” you hiss at the man, glancing around to see if anyone overheard. Toga glances in your direction, but makes no sign of hearing exactly what was said as she turns back to continue her talk with Twice. Shigaraki and Spinner continue to be engrossed in their game as they argue with each other about the current meta. You breathe a sigh of relief that’s quickly interrupted by Dabi chuckling.
“Worried the rest of them will hear your little problem? Or just Shigaraki?” 
Your cheeks become hot as you quickly turn away from Dabi, refusing to answer the question. “Just forget I said anything, Dabi.” 
You really don’t know why you told him anything. You had been drinking all night, trying to calm yourself down after a bad day, when Dabi came over to strike up a conversation. You should have refused, but everyone else was busy and you were bored. Now it’s coming to bite you in the ass.
“Oh, did I guess right? Do you have a crush on the boss? Rather get off with his hands instead of your own?” 
You let out an annoyed huff at Dabi’s prodding, trying not to rise to the bait. He just wants to get under your skin, as per usual. Ever since you joined the League, he didn’t feel like you belonged there and he’s never been shy about wanting to torment you.
Dabi pauses in his questioning for a second before a truly malicious grin comes across his face. “Which set of hands would you prefer? 
“Dabi, shut the fuck up,” you try to sound intimidating, but you know you fail when Dabi’s grin only gets wider. 
“I could always help instead, you know.” His voice has taken on a deep, seductive tone as he leans in just a bit closer to you. “Bet dust boy over there doesn’t even know where a clit is.”   
You slide off the barstool you were sitting on too quickly, stumbling a bit as you turn to walk away before anyone takes notice of this conversation. But as you whirl around, you come face to face with your boss.
“Is there a problem here,” he looks between you and Dabi with an edge in his voice that you can’t quite place.
“No, no problem, just going to my room,” you quickly manage to get out as you move to walk around Shigaraki. But the man grabs your arm, roughly enough that you feel sure you’ll find finger shaped bruises on your arm by the morning. You feel a sudden prick of pain as he pulls away, but when you glance down, you see no wound and no blood. You must have just brushed against something as he was pulling away, you think to yourself. 
But as you enter the hallway leading to your room. You hear Dabi’s laughter rising above the din of the room as he makes some comment to Shigaraki that you can’t hear, and Shigaraki’s eyes follow your every movement until you disappear from view.
By the time you get to your room, you feel horribly sick. Your skin is hot to the touch, sweat dripping down your body.  The room seems to spin and jerk around, leaving you feeling off balance. And even worse, the throbbing of your pussy won’t seem to stop. You can feel wetness running down your leg as you rub your legs together to try and get some friction against the ache.
You don’t know what’s happening, but you do know that you need to get inside your room and lock the door for a bit. To not come out until whatever this is passes. You strip out of your shirt and pants on the way to the bed, and are about to lie down when you hear knocking on your bedroom door. 
“Open this door.” A commanding voice rings out from the other side.
Shigaraki. Of course it’s Shigaraki. At the worst possible time, too. 
“I’m sorry, I’m not feeling great! Can you come back later?”
“You can open this door right now or I can decay it. Your choice.”
You suck in a sharp breath as a shot of fear runs up your spine. You know his words are serious. Shigaraki doesn’t make threats that he won’t follow up on. You quickly step into your pants, sliding into your shirt as you make your way to the door and unlock it.
The door instantly flies open as your boss steps into the room, closing the door behind him and locking it. You feel another flash of fear as you wonder why he’s locking the door.
“What were you talking about with Dabi, earlier?” His tone seems casual, but you hear the underlying menace in his tone, although you can’t figure out why he sounds like that over such a mundane question.
“I mean, we were just talking,” you stammer as he begins to stalk towards you, resembling every bit the predator he truly is. You’ve seen him on a battlefield and know what he’s capable of. It makes your aching pussy gush even more, your panties uncomfortably wet as you barely stop yourself from moaning and grinding yourself against something. “Please, I really don’t feel great, can’t you just - “
“Oh, I think I can make you feel so much better.” His voice has gotten lower, more seductive as he looks at you as if he already knows exactly what your problem is. Before you can even make a noise, he grabs you and pushes you down on the bed as his hands work at your clothes. You let out a strangled noise in the back of your throat as you try to scoot away from him.
“Stand still and let me help you,” he growls at you, decaying your pants when they prove too difficult to maneuver you out of. He shoves your legs apart with one hand before diving down in between your legs, nose prodding at your heat as a wave of arousal hits you. He breathes in your scent, moaning loudly as he slips your panties aside to get a taste of you. 
“Fuck, you’re so wet for me, aren’t you?” He slides a finger easily inside you, adding in another one when he realizes that he’s able to. Fuck, the stimulation feels amazing and you don’t want him to ever quit. Your hips push back against his fingers as you seek more of the sensations overwhelming you, sensations you’ve never really felt before.
You had experimented with touching yourself, of course. But nothing ever really felt good enough to get you off like you’ve heard other people doing. You had accepted it as simply a fact of life, yet another thing that you could never have. But then he sucks your clit into his mouth, massaging the aching bead with his tongue, and you realize how wrong you were. You cum so suddenly that you all you can manage is a squeak from the back of your throat, body seizing up as waves of pleasure overtake you. 
But Shigaraki doesn’t stop there. He continues to work his fingers inside of you, extending and intensifying your orgasm as his tongue lashes against your throbbing clit. Your second orgasm follows quickly after, and finally Shigaraki pulls away. You flush with embarrassment as you see his chin is glistening with your juices, and then get even more heated when you see him wipe them off with a finger before licking his finger clean.
“I - I don’t know what’s happening,” you whine, arousal continuing to burn through your veins.  You have never felt like this before and you just know something must be wrong. “Something is - “
“There’s nothing wrong,” he whispers, his cock prodding gently at your entrance. “That hormone shot is working perfectly.” You don’t even remember when he took his pants off, but he did. The fog in your mind is doing a good job of making it hard for you to think, but you’re trying to find the words to ask the question in your mind when it hits you. The pinch you felt in your arm when you walked past him.
“You - you bastard! You drugged me, didn’t you?” You accuse him in a loud tone, but the anger in your voice is diminished somewhat by the fact that you keep trying to impale yourself on his cock. Your body is still so keyed up, so hot and needy, that you can barely form coherent words.
“I heard what you talked about with Dabi. I know what he said to you,” Shigaraki’s voice comes out in a harsh snarl. “I’m trying to help! You had a problem, and I fixed it!” As he finishes his sentence, he impales you on his cock with one sharp thrust. You let out a sharp gasp as your walls clench down around his length, throwing you into another orgasm because of how sensitive everything feels.
“Ohh - fuck,” you whimper as you throw your head back, toes curling as you ride out the wave of your third orgasm ever. “Please, don’t stop,” you plead with him, realizing that you don’t care at the moment that he drugged you. “It feels so good, Shigaraki.”
He chuckles as he grips your hips and begins to move. “Tomura,” he whispers as he covers your mouth with his own, giving you a passionate kiss that leaves your head spinning. “Call me Tomura.”
He shifts his angle a bit as he finds a spot inside of you that has you seeing stars. Your pussy won’t stop clenching down on the cock that’s pounding into you. Your other orgasms have made you so sensitive, so tight, that you can feel every ridge and vein as his cock drags against your walls. “Tomura,” you manage to shout, “I’m going to - “
“Then do it,” he growls at you, picking up his pace as the lewd noises of skin slapping against skin fill the room. “Cum all over my cock.” 
You let out a wail as you reach your peak for the last time, seeing white as waves and waves of ecstasy flood your body.  Tomura groans as his pace stutters inside of you, ropes of cum filling up your still pulsing pussy. You go completely limp in his arms, too exhausted to even care that he just came inside of you with no protection. 
He moves a bit, intending to shift himself into a more comfortable position, but he freezes when he hears you let out a soft whimper. You settle yourself firmly into his side, nuzzling your face against his chest as you shiver and try to come down from your high.
He lets out a soft chuckle at your sudden submissiveness, grinning when your breathing evens out and he realizes that you passed out in his arms. Whether it was from exhaustion or the after-effects of what was racing through your system, he really didn’t care. The drug had worked perfectly, and you were exactly where you belonged.
He gives a long-suffering sigh. He supposes he really will have to thank Dabi for it later. 
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
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rocorambles · 9 months ago
Pairing: Akaashi x Reader
Genre/Warnings: NSFW, Yandere, Toxic Relationships, Manipulation, Non-Con/Dub-Con, Forced Impregnation
Prompt: “I told you to stay still”
Summary: The perfect couple always has children. Multiple children. A full family. A house full of laughter and home-cooked meals. And you two are the epitome of a perfect couple. So why are you still so hesitant about taking the next big step?
Author’s Note: This is my contribution for my HQ Discord Server’s NSFW collaboration. There are so many talented writers on the server and I highly encourage you to check out the collaboration masterlist here to see how everyone decided to run with this spicy prompt. (Masterlist goes live Tuesday 6th October 11:00pm U.K. time!) 
Akaashi’s always been an overthinker. He can admit that. He knows it’s a flaw he’s always had and could never seem to shake off. But just because he realizes it doesn’t mean he does anything about it. And the overwhelming pressure he places on himself in everything he does only fuels the suffocating thoughts until they’re screaming in his head. Unfortunately for you, his sweet darling wife, that only means terrible things for you and suddenly every move you make is alarming, every word you say is suspicious, every breath you take painstakingly monitored. 
Akaashi just wants to be the perfect husband, the perfect lover, the perfect provider. He wants the two of you to be the perfect happily married couple, to live the perfect domestic life. So after years of playing house, of devoting all his attention and love on you, of spoiling you rotten with everything you could possibly want, when you tell him you aren’t ready to have children yet, he feels his cool facade slip and the incessant thoughts begin to drown him. 
The perfect couple always has children. Multiple children. A full family. A house full of laughter and home-cooked meals. And you two are the epitome of a perfect couple. So why are you still so hesitant about taking the next big step? Are you tired of him? Do you not want to have kids with him? Are you planning on leaving him? 
You nervously shift from foot to foot, intimidated by the chaos you see in blue eyes and you tentatively reach out to your husband, trying to understand what’s wrong, but you sigh in relief as he jolts at your touch, staring blankly at you before setting his face back to its usual serene countenance, slightly smiling at you as he nods in understanding and affectionately kisses your forehead. This is the Akaashi you’d fallen in love with and you happily sigh as you wrap your arms around his waist, letting yourself be rocked in his arms in a warm embrace, ignorant of how his face hardens as soon as his chin is tucked above your head, eyes thoughtful, mind scheming. 
It takes some coaxing, some patient conversations during your most vulnerable moments when you were still groggily rubbing the sleep out of your eyes or yawning as you lay your head on the pillow to sleep at night, but he finally gets his answers and he smiles in endearment as you worry about whether or not you’re ready to be a mom. Would you even be a good mom? Oh. He’s sure you’re going to be the perfect mother and he makes a mental note to prove that to you until you see it for yourself, but he’s grateful for the darkness that hides his grimace when you go on to talk about how you also want to focus on your career for now. It’s not that Akaashi is against women working. He doesn’t hate how happy and fulfilled you feel as you ramble on and on about work, about your coworkers, about your salary and title. He just thinks you’d be even more perfect as his pretty little housewife and he quietly plans and strategizes as your breathing gets heavier and heavier until you’re fast asleep besides him on your shared bed. 
He waits until your chest rises and falls in even rhythms before reaching over for your phone. You’ve always been so trusting, probably too trusting of him, but that works in his favor now as he flawlessly types in your password and dives into your alarms and work emails. A swipe there, a deletion here. He meticulously combs through your phone turning off your alarms, deleting important meetings, getting rid of urgent emails waiting for your response before he quietly places your phone on the nightside table by you, pleased with his work and he closes his own eyes, a small smile on his face as he peacefully sleeps. 
Luckily, he leaves for work much earlier than you, so he’s out the door before you can even realize the messy day you’re about to have and he can’t be blamed for not waking you up when your alarm doesn’t go off. He patiently waits and waits, glancing at his phone every now and then, waiting for the onslaught of panicked and distressing texts he knows you’ll send his way as your day gets progressively worse and worse. And sure enough, his phone vibrates over and over again as you send a flurry of texts steeped in negative emotions and like the perfect husband he is, he sends the consoling and comforting notes you need. And when you call, crying and sobbing about being yelled at, about how awful at your job you are, he’s there to soothe you. 
“Don’t cry, love. It’s not your fault. You’re an amazing woman. Maybe this just isn’t the right job for you or the right company for you.” 
He plants the seeds of doubt in your mind and you let them be watered by the sweet suggestions he sprinkles on you. And with just a few more flicks of his wrist in the middle of the night when you’re asleep, ignorant of your phone being used without your knowledge, and a little bit of time, you’re finally fired and he’s there, rushing back home to wrap you in his arms. But he smiles when instead of being distraught, you merely sit there quietly as you tuck yourself against him. 
“Maybe this just wasn’t the right job for me, Keiji.”
He encourages you to take some time off from the workforce. You had worked so hard for so long. You deserve a break. And you mindlessly nod along to his silky voice. Relaxing does sound nice. You had thrown yourself into your job so much that you’d forgotten what it was like to have so much free time and you begin to excitedly ponder what hobbies you could pick up to fill the days, what projects around the house you could finally get done.    
Akaashi sighs when his alarm goes off the next morning, but he sits up in confusion when the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the air and he blearily turns to your side of the bed, freezing when he finds it empty. But his groggy mind begins to put two and two together and he rushes towards the kitchen where he feels like his heart might burst at the sight of you humming, an apron daintily wrapped around you as you pour a generous amount of dark caffeine in his favorite mug. And he can’t stop himself from closing the distance between you as he tenderly wraps you in his arms, turning you around until you’re face to face as he captures your lips in a good morning kiss. He wants every morning to be like this, he thinks, as he mentally captures the image of you smiling and waving goodbye to him from the apartment door. The perfect loving wife seeing her husband off.
You spend your long days at home tidying up the house, decorating spaces in the house you’d always wanted to spruce up but never had time to before, spending hours in the kitchen cooking and baking everything you’d always wanted to try. It’s nice to fall into a domestic rhythm with Akaashi and work is far from your mind as you cheerily greet your husband when he comes home, as the two of you pleasantly chat while he eats the piping hot delicious meal you’ve prepared for him, as he hand feeds you the brownies you had made as the two of you sit on the couch and watch a show together.
But as time goes on, you find yourself twiddling your thumbs a bit with just a little too much idle time on your hand now that the interior of the apartment is exactly up to your dream standards of cleanliness and decor. And you can’t help but wonder how nice it would be to have a small child running about the place, keeping you company while Akaashi is away at work. You freeze when the thought crosses your mind and your brows furrow in confusion. Where had that thought come from? You’d never wanted kids before. And yet...You quickly shove that fleeting idea to the back of your mind as you refold laundry that had already been handled, throwing yourself into anything that could distract you from the strange desires plaguing your mind. 
Little do you know how much Akaashi has influenced you in the time you’ve been stuck at home. Little do you know that the daily evening walks he takes you on after dinner are always purposefully done around the nearby children parks. Little do you know that the little comments and remarks he makes about how adorable that child is, how silly this child is aren’t as offhand as you think. They’re strategically strung together words just for you and he slightly smiles when he sees them weaving through your mind as your eyes soften and a longing smile begins to tug at your lips when you turn to look at what he’s talking about. Little do you know that it’s no accident when the two of you go shopping and find yourselves passing aisles of children’s toys and clothing. And Akaashi feels his chest tighten with affection when you unconsciously skim your fingers over the tiny shoes and onesies, asking him for his opinions. 
“Aren’t these cute, Keiji?” 
And he nods his head as he reaches down to hold your hand, interlacing his fingers with yours as you continue perusing. 
He knows he almost has you right where he wants you. He can almost see the cogs turning in your head, see you imagining a life with him and a family...your own little family. It’s time for the final step and he secretly keeps tabs on the convenient period tracking app you have on your phone waiting and waiting until your next ovulation period and when it comes, you squeal in surprise when he impatiently whisks you off to your shared bedroom and presses you down onto the bed as soon as he steps into the house after work. 
His movements are so hurried, so rough, so unlike how Akaashi normally is, but you eagerly reciprocate, excited to see this side of your husband and you’re a moaning, writhing mess as he bites and sucks every inch of your skin, a trail of red skin following in his wake as he marks up your neck, collarbones, and breasts. You’re already dripping wet by the time he finally reaches down to rub your clit and slip his fingers inside of you and your hips buck up into his touch, urging him for more. Your head is swirling with lust and you whine when he briefly slips away to guide the tip of his cock against your leaking hole and you shudder in desire when you feel him running his tip along your slit. But even in your dazed state, you feel yourself hesitate a bit when you see that he isn’t using a condom. 
“Keiji, I’m ovulating. You need to use a cond- AH!”
You’re cut off as he slides his cock inside of you, your slick walls greedily sucking him in with little resistance and you try to muster up the words to repeat yourself, but you can’t articulate anything as he leans down to suck a perky nipple as he begins to thrust in and out of you in a sensual, but thorough pattern, making sure you can feel every inch of him rubbing against your clenching walls, making sure you can feel him sink balls deep inside of him, making sure you can feel him stimulate the spongy spot inside of you that has you seeing stars. And you give up, trusting that he’d at least pull out before he cums, and you lose yourself to the feeling of being so used and filled, feeling the coil in your stomach grow tighter and tighter, and when blue eyes gaze down at you and he hungrily leans down to capture your lips in a searing kiss, you fall over the edge, your pleasured wails swallowed by your husband’s lips as he chases his own end. 
You lay there in mind numbing bliss as he continues to sink in and out of your tight heat, letting out little mewls of overstimulation, but when you feel the erratic rhythm of his thrusts and you see the telltale look on his face as he closes his eyes that indicate he’s close and he makes no attempt to pull out, you weakly shake his shoulders, squirming and wriggling your body from underneath him as you try to pull away. 
“K-Keiji, NGH you can cum on me. Okay? AH B-but, you can’t cum inside me.” 
You scream when large hands roughly grab your waist in a bruising grip and forcefully pull you down until he’s fully inside you once again. 
“Stay still.” 
You whimper, trying to be good for him, but anxiety is beginning to cloud your pleasure and you struggle once again, pleading with him and telling him you don’t want to get pregnant. But you keen when that only spurs him on to fuck you rougher, harder, deeper and your eyes roll back as you try to register the almost painful overstimulation you’re going through. 
“I told you to stay still.” 
And this time you do stay still, unable to do anything else but lay there like a good obedient wife as he pistons in and out of you, your mouth open in a persistent silent scream as your hands desperately scramble to find purchase in the rumpled bed sheets and you brokenly moan when he finally shoves inside of you with one final thrust and your stomach feels hot as spurts of liquid spill inside of you.
You’re in shock as he stays buried inside of you, trapping your body with his as he lays down on top of you, nuzzling and kissing the crook of your neck as he keeps his cum inside of you and you’re not sure how much time passes as you just lay there, mind blank as you try to come to terms with what had just happened. But when you feel his cock begin to twitch and harden inside of you once more, you frantically try to push him away from you, try to separate yourself from him. 
“Keiji, stop it! I need to go get Plan B or something. I-” 
Your mind is a chaotic swirl as you try to figure out next steps to avoid this unwanted pregnancy and you think you might throw up at the idea of being pregnant, having a child, all so suddenly, so fast. 
You’re not ready. You’re not ready. You’re not ready. 
Your thoughts are shattered to pieces when you’re shoved back down onto the mattress and you loudly wail when Akaashi begins an unforgiving pace once again, brutally slamming his hips into yours, his cum acting as lubrication, making it easier for him to plow into you and take you over and over again. And the last coherent thought you have is that you were such a fool to not realize just how much stronger, how much larger Akaashi is compared to you as your attempts to shake him off are easily ignored by the man above you. 
You don’t know how much time has passed. It feels like an eternity and you’re not sure how you’re still conscious as Akaashi breeds you over and over again. Your mouth is open in a persistent silent scream, your eyes are rolled so far back in your head you can barely see, tears and drool mar your face. Everything feels so good, too good, and you can’t stop sobbing from the overwhelming pleasure you feel as Akaashi keeps on spilling load after load of sticky white liquid inside of you and you curl into Akaashi’s body instinctively for comfort when he sinks down on top of you, exhaustion finally catching up with him. And the two of you just lay there, chests heaving as you both heavily pant, his flaccid cock still buried inside of you, plugging his cum inside of you. And even though you want to yell at him, to be angry at him for forcing this on you, you’re so spent, head empty of anything except for Akaashi that you let yourself be maneuvered until you’re both on your sides, facing each other, your lower bodies still intimately connected. 
You let out a little whimper when you feel a large hand gently stroke your cum-filled stomach, but you can feel your face and body grow hot when his other hand gently nudges your chin up to look at him and you see the look of pure love and adoration in his eyes. 
“You’re going to look so beautiful with your belly bulging with my children, our children.” 
You let out a breathy gasp when he teasingly fondles one of your pebbled nipples and palms your fleshy mound. 
“You’re going to look so beautiful when these swell up with milk. I wonder if our children would be willing to share some with their father.” 
Sweet word after word spills from his lips and you listlessly lay there listening to him go on and on, painting a picture of what your future lives together would look like, and before you can catch yourself from falling deeper into his trap, your mind betrays you and images flash across your vision and you unconsciously draw even nearer to Akaashi, cuddling into his body affectionately as picture perfect scenes of you braiding a little girl’s hair while Akaashi teaches a little boy how to play volleyball flicker across your imagination. And when Akaashi feels you gently place your hand on top of his hand that’s still cradling your stomach practically sloshing with the amount of liquid he’s gifted you with tonight, he knows he’s got you hook, line, and sinker. 
That night the two of you fall asleep, dreaming about the perfect life you’re going to have together.
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shoutogepi · a year ago
Scream for Me
Kaminari Denki
word count : 5.7k
[ ✘ (nsfw 18+) ]  
themes : villain!denki, yandere!denki, implied stalking/obsession, DUBCON, coercion, quirk use… denki has a tongue piercing
bio : It’s been two years since your hero best friend fell off the face of the earth, and since then, he’s resurfaced as a prominent villain. You don’t want anything to do with him. So naturally, he comes to you.  
author’s note : this is for bnha bookclub’s bingo event, for which i can now cross off the “hero turned villain” slot ;) once again this fic contains DUBCON so please beware before you continue… also so sorry if denks is OOC in this— i am aware that in canon he does not have a mean bone in his body 
side note: this fic is dedicated to @fanfic-me-up​ , the beautiful bday queen! she deserves the best, so please wish her a happy birthday! also, a great big thanks to @hawks-senseis​ and @boom-bakugou​ for beta’ing <3
also available on AO3 here
   ─── ・°* ゚✧:* • 。゚:*・☽・*: 。゚•*:✧ ゚*°・ ───
🄳eep bass rattles your bones as you step around the glowing dance floor, drunken bodies bumping into your sides carelessly. It’s some electronic song pumping through the speakers and causing your ears to buzz, your tongue sliding over your lip as you make your way back to your tabe. The group you’re with barely even notices your return, your adventure proving victorious as you harbor a sweating glass in each hand. The fruity concoction initially tastes sweet on your tongue, the burn of the alcohol bleeding in afterwards and making your face twist in a bitter scowl. So much for the bartender’s lame attempt at flirting— his promise of “you won’t be able to taste the vodka at all!” falling flat.
Your flavor of the night throws back a shot from the table, the sticky glass clinking loudly as he slams it down. He’s cute enough— your classic type: tall and slender, a sleeve decorating his tan arm with swirls of ink, dark hair hanging over his bright eyes, and pink lip adorned with a silver ring. In your opinion, he’s the hottest of his group, which had joined your pack of girls nearly as soon as you’d entered the threshold.
Yet for some reason, you find yourself restless as he grinds against you, his hands firm atop your hips. Maybe he isn’t as hot as you think… or maybe you’re not trying to score tonight. Ha, as if that could ever be the case. Maybe you’re not drunk enough, or maybe you need to top off with something better than alcohol. Rolling your neck, you place your head on his shoulder, his hands immediately gliding up your torso to pull you closer against him. You can feel his semi through his jeans, and the recognition of it makes you smirk, closing your mascara-framed eyes and allowing him to sway you to the beat.
And you try to enjoy it— you really do.
But still, there’s something off.
There’s this itchy feeling of dread crawling across your skin, spreading over your body and seizing your heart with an icy fist. The poor muscle starts to beat furiously against its sudden confines, your eyes opening and moving to survey your surroundings— feeling like prey about to meet its certain fate.
That’s when you see him.
He’s right by the exit of the club, illuminated by the harsh fluorescent glow of the neon signs on the wall. Physically speaking, you can’t see much of him— he’s all the way across the room in a crowded, dinghy club— barely enough light for you to see his face. And yet, those haunting, golden eyes pierce straight into you. You freeze, bottom lip allowing gravity to take it prisoner, your breath caught midway in your shriveling lungs. The guy you’re dancing with doesn’t seem to notice, only pressing his hips harder into your ass.
It feels like you’re ripping roots from the earth as your feet move on their own accord, first one trembling step— then two. Now that you’re level with him on the main dance floor, he’s swallowed up into the tangling sea of shadowy limbs. You try to push your way over to the exit, but by the time you stumble out of the crowd, he’s nowhere to be found.
Whatever kind of buzz you had previously felt is instantly cut short. Trepidation oozes into your veins, chilling your bones and sending shivers all the way to your toes. On one hand, you want to believe in yourself— you’re sure that you’d seen him— but on the other hand, dismissing the sighting of the man would be much easier to do. And you hadn’t seen him in front of you in two years… the thought makes your chest feel tight, torn and bleeding with discomfort.
You miss him so much.
But even if you could see him again, he’s not the same boy you adored anymore… no, that would be impossible. And he could never be here, in this club, either. It might not be the best part of town, but it’s still a bustling spot in the city night life. There’s no way someone with his level of fame could just show up to a popular club like this on a Friday night, undetected.
So you write it off— take the easy way out. You’re drunk, there’s a lot of people here, and you were probably just looking for a reason to get off that guy at the table. That’s all it can be; your mind playing tricks on you. Of course, you hadn’t seen him.
That would be ridiculous.
It’s no surprise you feel sick to your stomach at the very idea of seeing him. Whether it’s because your stomach is filled to the brim with butterflies, or because your body feels shocked— as if his electricity crawls across your skin and makes your hairs stand on end— you’re not sure. Making your way to the back of the club, you somehow find the hallway void of a bathroom line. Never had you been graced with such a blessing, and you quickly make your way toward the door, giddy to be able to have a moment to yourself.
Once you’re inside the room, you take a moment to examine yourself in the mirror. Your hands planted on the countertop, you lean in close, eyes searching your reflection for anything that could be off. You still just don’t feel right, and you’re not sure why. The walls are colored in a dark turquoise hue, the black marble counter opaque and matching the dark stalls behind you. Fingers fidgeting for something to do, you pluck the lipstick out of your comically small purse, lining your lips before blotting the color with a paper towel.
A low wolf whistle splices the still air of the lavatory, echoing lowly on the tiled walls.
Every cell in your body is frozen, your gaze trained on a pair of yellow, slitted eyes over your shoulder. He’s slipping out of one of the stalls, taking his time as he crosses the room only to turn the lock on the door. Your heart starts to beat again at the realization that he’s really here, and that he’s just sealed the two of you in together.
Escape is the only thing on your mind right now, your eyes darting between the door, the vents on the ceiling, and the window that looks just a bit too small for you to wiggle through. Fear begins to bubble into your bloodstream, burning you with its sheer cold, like dry ice on naked skin.
“Cat got your tongue?”
His voice is just like it was before he disappeared, but all signs of his playful, positive attitude are absent. Instead, he sounds almost bored… and there’s this tone to his inflection that feels like cough syrup— thick and sticky, leaving a rancid taste at the back of your tongue.
He keeps his distance from you, content to just watch your gaze in the reflection before you. You can’t help but look at him; too terrified that if you look away, he’ll be gone and then there’s no denying you’re crazy. You’ll have to get checked into an asylum or something, because you’re certified insane— nevermind if you’re imagining him— you can’t help but think he looks good. Really good.
Dressed in black from head to toe, he looks like he’s one with the shadows of the night. Even his hair is black now, raven strands perfectly framing his handsome face. The yellow streak in his hair is in the shape of a lightning bolt, colors inverse of what they used to be, when he was a peppy blonde. But those days are long over now, and the snakebite piercings adorning his full lower lip draw you in, much to your dismay. He looks damn good in his distressed jeans, the leather jacket sitting just right on his shoulders. And just like the last time you’d seen him, a tight, black choker sits perfectly on his throat.
“What, hmm? Nothin’ to say, sunshine?” Oh, that name. The term he had so affectionately coined you when you were still just classmates. When you were his best friend.
It takes a moment for you to think, and another for you to actually force the words out of your mouth. “What are you doing here, Denki?” You sound totally breathless, and it’s partly because you are— you’re completely shocked that he’s here, with you, in some nightclub bathroom. The balls he has to be out in public right now…
“And I thought you’d be happy to see me,” he says, lips curled into a displeased frown, and those big, golden eyes trailing up and down your body, assessing you in the same manner you had him. But he doesn’t stare; he’s already looked at you for plenty long. He’s over just simply looking at you. “It’s so good to hear your voice, Y/N.”
You don’t know what to say to him. After two years of Kaminari Denki dropping off the face of the earth, and more recently appearing on Japan’s ‘Most Wanted’ list instead, he’s come to you out of the blue. How did he know where to find you tonight? Does he have someone watching you? Is he… Does he still have those feelings that he used to pretend didn’t exist?
“Why are you here?” You try again, whispering, like anyone will be able to hear you over the thumping bass outside. But Denki hears you, leisurely stalking over to you.
Whipping around, your trembling fingers grab onto the edge of the countertop. You’ve read the articles, heard the news. You know the things he’s done. The terrible, unspeakable things.
Denki stops a step away from you, tongue glazing over his lip as his eyes rake over your front. A flash of metal between his lips catches your eye, glimmering in the harsh overhead lights before it’s gone.
“To see you, of course.”
He’s close now, and you can see that he’s taller, broader— more muscular than before, even underneath his jacket. His physique distracts you from his words for a moment, softening the devastating blow of fear. Your widening eyes jump up to lock with his, his gaze casting a sinister gleam over your rapidly-heating cheeks.
Denki closes the distance between you, gripping onto the side of the counter and leaning down to hang his face in front of yours. He smells slightly like smoke, stale cologne wafting onto you as his hips gently meet yours, trapping you against the sink behind you. His belt buckle presses onto your stomach, digging into you as he takes a deep breath beside your neck. You’re paralyzed beneath him, sucking in a small gasp as his fingers trace over the bottom of your spine, tingles shooting through you.
“Did you miss me? Because I missed you,” he murmurs against your throat, the cool gold of his earring dragging on your jaw. “So fucking much.”
His fingers trail to the back of your hips, palms landing on your dress as he squeezes your waist and pulls you closer to him. Your chests bump together, your cleavage pressing onto his front. Your hands fly up to push his shoulders, hating how your feelings clash against each other, turmoil brewing in your stomach. “Let me go,” you plead, spine stiffening as his fingers knead at you.
Denki chuckles, nipping at your skin and trailing the tip of his tongue along the column on your throat. “That’s not how this works, sunshine.” He pulls back to drop his gaze to your lips before his honeyed eyes swallow yours again. Wicked intent swirls in those caramel irises, tendrils of terror snagging tight around your throat. And yet, some small, sick part of you feels safe, feels comfortable in front of him— as if he’s the same guy who would stay up all night long with you just to play the latest video game, or do something crazy like make cupcakes or drive to the beach at four in the morning. As if you don’t know what he’s done since the last time you’ve seen him.
At the recollection of those unspeakable deeds, you whimper, heavy tears pooling along your lower lashes. “I’ll scream,” you threaten, though it doesn’t come out sounding like much of a threat.
A wide smirk curls the corners of his lips, that tongue jewelry making another brief appearance as he opens his mouth and leans into you. “You think anyone’s gonna hear us?” A dark brow rises on his forehead, amusement washed over his sharp features. “You’ll scream when I tell you to.”
Heat surges through your stomach at his crude suggestion, your body betraying you as his hands slide underneath your dress, his bare palms cupping your ass and distributing a confident squeeze. His fingers inch in between your legs, reaching out to ghost over your pussy through your thin, sheer thong.
The tough girl act proving fruitless, you decide to switch tactics. “Please, Denki, I don’t want to—”
“Why are you so fuckin’ wet, then?” He growls, fingertips pressing against your slit harder. He brings one hand before you, forcing you to look at the strands of slick that stretch between his fingers. Your face heats up, cheeks aflame with embarrassment. How could your body be so turned on right now, and your feelings so conflicted? The tension inside of you only worsens when he dips the fingers into his mouth, making a show of his pierced tongue stroking against them.
Finally his lips crash against yours, desire bursting inside of you and leaking into every corner of your body. You can’t move, can’t think, with his lips on you, moulding and pushing onto yours like waves in the restless sea. There’s passion behind his caress, a motive squandered and swept underneath the rug for far too long. He’s wanted you since high school, and now, he can finally have you.
“Please,” you beg quietly as you pull away, digits curling into the collar of his jacket, your lip trembling and a tear shooting down your face, “Denki, you’re scaring me.”
“Aw, cutie— no need to be scared,” Denki replies, rubbing the soaked front of your underwear as he smothers your neck with the gentlest kisses. “I’m the same old, lovable goof as before. Your Denki, your sparky. Well, one thing has changed… I waited for so long trying to think of something, anything that could make you realize how good I would treat you. I wasted so much time just playing my part as your best friend, a shoulder for you to cry on while your worthless boyfriends would betray you. It took me a while before I figured it out though—” he pauses for dramatic effect, leaning in so your lips brush “—that you love being treated bad.”
You’re speechless as his mouth conquers yours again, his tongue surprisingly sweet as it slides into your mouth with practiced ease. Your body is frozen solid for one whole second before your dignity withers and dies right before your very eyes, your thighs clenching together on either side of his intruding hand. His lips pull into a smirk, rough hands gathering the backs of your thighs before he sets your ass on the edge of the counter. It should be embarrassing how easily he peels your legs apart to stand between them, the heat leaking from his hard, jean-clad cock onto the inside of your thigh.
Noticing your stubborn hesitance, he sighs lowly as he takes his lips from yours, issuing a shockingly pleasant kiss to your cheek. “Don’t worry, sunshine,” he says, hand landing on your jaw to steer your gaze directly into his. For the first time tonight, you feel like you see the faintest glimpse of him. The real him, the one you loved and laughed and cried with. He’s sincere. “I’m not gonna hurt you. I promise. Unless… you’re into that?”
Your hand sails through the air automatically, an ingrained, pre-programmed response to his naughty suggestion. Only it doesn’t quite reach its target, for Denki’s strong grip keeps your wrist from moving any further. With a click of the tongue and a curt, unamused glance, he shoves your wrist back, pinning it against the cold mirror behind you. His other arm wraps tight around your waist, your bodies flush against each other.
“Bad girl. You gonna make me hold you down the whole time? That’s no fun,” he admonishes in your ear, hand scooping your ass through your dress and pressing you up against him. His erection digs into your thigh, hot and hard against your shivering skin, even through his jeans. “C’mon baby, m’gonna make you feel so good.”
You had sobered up at the sight of him, but now a new kind of intoxication sweeps through you, knocking you off your metaphorical feet and throwing you into the deep end of a sticky, ambrosial pool of desire. There’s no way you can say that you’d never thought of Denki ravaging you— you’d thought plenty about it, actually— but you’d never pictured it going quite like this. Even so, you can’t deny that his new look looks especially good in him, and as he’d previously pointed out, your body was more than happy to entertain him.
So you give in.
You only tilt your head back the slightest bit, and Denki’s already descending down onto you, starving tongue greedily slithering down your front. A hand tugs down the front of your dress, his lips wandering over the tops of your tits in your bra. Teeth dragging the silky material down, he groans as your bare chest is exposed, nuzzling a cheek against you as he begins to suck and nip at your flesh. The cool metal of his piercing beside the wet heat of his tongue washing over your nipples makes you moan, your free hand slapping over your mouth in mortification. But Denki only moans back, the lustful noise making your cunt twitch, longing for his attention.
Eager to please, he lets go of your wrist, maneuvering you in his hands so he can easily slide your thong to the side. His thumb dips into your entrance, gathering your abundant slick before it floats north, circling your pulsing clit. He swears against your tits, tongue still tracing your areola diligently as a fingertip begins to prod at your drooling hole. You can’t help but whine aloud, your head knocking back and your spine bending to press yourself into his caress. It’s wrong to be into this, you know this, and yet his tongue, his touch, his kiss— it overpowers all logic, your brain turning a blind eye as your body eats up every ounce of attention he offers.
You’re rewarded for your behavior when a slender finger slides into you, then another. The two digits begin to pump into you, curling as they disappear into your pussy, brushing deep inside of you. Denki trails his mouth back to yours, tongues tangling in a furious mess. Your fingers card through his inky locks, nails scraping his scalp as you grapple onto him. Your legs fold around his waist, hips rolling as he fucks his fingers into you tirelessly.
“Fuck, you’re so hot like this,” he groans, marigold eyes fixed on his digits slipping in and out of your dripping cunt. He sucks in a quick breath when your fingers find his belt, unfastening it and ripping down his fly. “Impatient?” he teases as you undo his pants, the dark denim falling along with his boxers.
Your mouth waters at the sight of his cock, standing tall and proud as it pops out of its confines. There’s a thatch of blonde hair at the base of him, the very tip glistening with a swollen bead of pre. Hesitation long gone, you bring a hand to your mouth, allowing the thick saliva from the back of your throat to pool in your palm before you guide it back to him. Denki moans as your wet hand wraps around his throbbing length, squeezing just tight enough to feel how hard he really is. Slowly, you jerk him off, both your mouths parted as you pant, eyes boring into each other. His fingers thrust in turn with your fist, the squelching sound bouncing off the tiled walls.
It feels like your body is on fire, every movement of his hand stoking the flames, and you can only watch, helpless, as the inferno grows larger and livelier. There’s a small pressure forming in your stomach, your slick pouring out around him. You can’t contain your moans any longer, your arm curling around his neck to draw him close before your teeth take the skin of his neck hostage. Your noises of pleasure are hushed as they fall onto his throat, your lipstick smearing on the pale expanse of it.
Denki’s hips begin to move in accord with your hand, movements free and effortless as they greet your slippery fist. His cock is hot and swollen on your palm, veins bulging and rubbing against you. It’s only a matter of time before he’s had enough teasing, taking his fingers from you and swatting away your hand. He pants as he lines up the head of his cock with your glistening cunt, breath uneven. And then he’s pushing into you, stretching your silky walls wonderfully, burying himself inside you to the hilt.
You cry out when his hips bump yours, struggling to keep your half-lidded eyes open. Cheeks feeling hotter than ever, you wrap your other arm around his neck, pussy fluttering around his big cock as you adjust to his size. Surprisingly, Denki starts off slow, gently rocking his hips into yours. He sighs as his lips find yours again, the cold jewelry from his piercings foreign but welcome against your heated skin. He distracts you with his tongue as it slides between your lips, reaching out to greet yours. His fingers knead at your tits, your nipple trapped between his thumb and forefinger. The tingling sensations fluster you as his thrusts start to become deeper, harder— each one gracing your sensitive walls with a rub of his thick veins. His tempo begins to hasten, cock pushing into your scorching, dripping heat just as quick as it retreats. The pair of you are moaning, gasping for breath, too lost in each others’ bodies to bother with worrying about being caught.
“Does that feel good? You like it when I stuff you with my cock, sunshine?” Denki purrs, tugging at your nipple between his fingers. His teeth ghost over your bottom lip, hips slapping loudly against yours as he continues his attack on your cunt. He groans loudly when your walls tremble around him, clenching down as he finds a new angle that allows him better access to your most intimate spots. “Fuck, your pussy fits me so perfectly, so wet and tight… Made just for me.”
Even though his sentiment should be concerning, you find yourself more turned on than ever, your submission leaking out and mixing with the lust surging through your body to create a cocktail of desire stronger than anything you’ve ever felt. Unadulterated moans float out of your parted lips, raw pleasure shooting into you as the head of his cock pounds into your g-spot. Your shaking legs spread on their own volition, welcoming him inside as deep as possible. Gasping his name, your hands slip underneath the hem of his shirt, exploring his warm skin and the taut muscles hidden below. “D-Denki! Oh, fuck!”
Denki growls beside your ear, the sound primal and heated. His pace continues, relentless, as he lets his hands fall from your tits, opting to clutch onto a thigh and hold you open for him instead. “You dunno how long— oh, fuck yes— nngh, you dunno how long I’ve been dreaming about this, Y/N. Y-You, moaning my name like the filthy little slut you are. My slut, my girl… My sunshine— shit!”
You whimper as he pulls out of you abruptly, his fingertips digging into the flesh of your thigh. His wet cock jerks against your pussy, which twitches in response, as if calling out for him and begging for his return. You pull at his hips, desperate for him to be inside of you again, wanting— no, needing for him to stretch you full.
He catches his breath pretty quick, letting out a low chuckle at your impatience. “Got a little too close there… this pussy is even better than I thought it’d be,” he explains, gathering you in his arms and placing you on your feet. He turns you around, pushing your back so you lay nearly flat, bent over the counter. Cock gliding against your slick folds, he evens his breathing as his thumbs pull your cunt apart, golden eyes settling on your twitching hole. Playful as always, he rubs the tip of his length over your entrance, not quite pushing hard enough to actually penetrate you. You watch him in the mirror before you, seemingly entranced in his own show.
“D-Denki,” you swallow your pride, restless to be stimulated again. At the sound of his name leaving your wanton lips, his eyes flicker up to meet yours in the reflection, filled with curiosity and mischief. “Please, put it back in… I… I need you, Denki.” You whisper the words, and it’s honestly a miracle that he hears your plea, for the club music still pounds through the thin door. The embarrassment is overwhelming, forcing you to close your eyes. You can’t bear to meet his gaze, shame coursing through you. Here you are, being ravaged by your ex-best friend, now turned villain, in a nightclub bathroom… begging for his cock, like a whore.
The feeling of his length pressing into your dripping heat shakes you from your shameful thoughts, eyes flying open to meet his caramel gaze again. “Don’t worry, sunshine,” Denki coos, leaning down to press a kiss to your cheek, “I need you, too.”
You can’t fathom any response, his thick length filling you to the brim as his hips jostle yours, completely inside. The stretch is superb with this new angle, the veins on his cock so deliciously stimulating your snug, velvet walls. He draws back, only to snap forward quickly, your legs quivering at the bliss that emanates from the wonderful stretch he provides. His words have a sinfully pleasurable effect on you, a shiver spreading over your form, and your spine bending, ass pressing into him even more.
Denki hums as he begins to hasten the tempo, soft smacks filling the stuffy air inside the room. His cock glides into you easily, lubricated by your copious arousal as you pulse around him. Your ass jiggles as he begins to swing his hips harder, drilling into your slobbering cunt with renewed passion. Rough hands clutch onto either of your arms, holding his own arms straight as he uses the new grip on you to further his momentum.
Stars dance before your eyes, his cock hammering into your most sensitive area. The position he has you in provides just the right angle for him to assault your g-spot, your jaw unhinging as a string of high-pitched moans tumbles from your throat. Tears gather at the corners of your eyes, rolling down your face and spattering against the dirty mirror as he continues to pound into you mercilessly. You try to form the words to warn him you’re about to cum, but you can’t think, let alone speak.
But it seems he doesn’t need your warning, for Denki analyzes your lewd expression in the reflection, a smirk pulling at his lips. “Go on, do it. C’mon sunshine, you can do it. Cum for me, fuck, cum with my cock stretching out your sloppy little hole,” he orders, still slamming into you ruthlessly. “I wanna hear you when you cum, lemme hear that pretty voice of yours— scream for me.”
You hate that his filthy words have such power, but that doesn’t deter your cunt from wringing snug around him, the coil in your stomach compressing tighter and tighter until your vision turns white and your body goes rigid. Waves of euphoria crash over you, sucking you into the sea of pleasure. Your lungs burn as you scream out, pure ecstasy zipping through your every limb. Denki has to stop thrusting, his grip digging into your skin as he struggles to keep his own orgasm at bay. Your pussy constricting around him has him losing his breath, teeth descending onto his bottom lip as he tries not to cum.
Finally your cunt stops seizing, your body relaxing onto the countertop. Your mind is totally hazed, filled with an electrifying fog of post-orgasm bliss. But Denki’s quick to snap you out of it, picking up right where he left off and sending his cock surging into your tender heat. Once again you’re thrown into the vicious throes of pleasure, his cock the only thing you’re able to focus on as it drives into your slippery, gummy walls with ease.
His hands flying to latch onto your waist, he holds onto you tightly as his eyes find yours in the mirror, his orbs meeting your barely-open ones. That same spring is gaining pressure in his own stomach, the moans slipping out of him as good an indicator as any that he’s getting close. Fisting your hair, he pulls you upright, his slender fingers slipping from your tresses to lace around your throat. “Mmmm, m’close baby,” he pants, his hot breath fanning against your ear.
He begins to kiss at your jaw, littering it in affectionate nips and licks. Moving one of your legs so your knee rests on the counter, he pistons into you, hand wandering down to press against your stomach, the tips of his fingers just reaching your clit. Your body stiffens at the sudden stimulation, the bundle of nerves having been forgotten since his cock speared into you. Yet he rubs at it attentively now, fingers dipping down to where his cock draws in and out of you to gather excess slick before he continues.
“Ohhhh, fuck,” Denki grunts, his fingers tightening slightly around your neck. You can still breathe, but the feeling of his hand flush against your throat sends heat to your core, your pussy clutching onto his cock in desperation. “Gonna paint the inside of this sweet little cunt white… fill you up with my cum, nice and full.”
Icy fear trickles into your veins at the premise of him unloading into you, nothing to stop his seed from fertilizing you. “N-Not inside, Denki,” you beg hoarsely, your voice meek and mild, still recovering from your screams. But he doesn’t seem to hear you, or at least, he doesn’t acknowledge you— only continuing his ministrations on your clit and the vicious onslaught of his cock sheathing inside of you. “Please,” you whimper, your arms reaching behind your head to touch him, one hand landing in his silky hair and the other on his shoulder.
“Yeah, that’s right. Beg for my cum… Mmm, love it when you say my name like that, sunshine,” he moans, too wrapped up in his own pleasure to heed your words. Or perhaps he chooses to ignore them, his pace morphing into ragged, unmeasured thrusts, and his hips jerking as he loses himself in your tight, wet heat. “Take it, Y/N— every last fucking drop’s for you,” he whispers in your ear, eyes closed and lashes fluttering on your jaw. He groans as his orgasm tears into him, electricity from his quirk bursting through his body. The energy flows into you, shockwaves seizing over your body as the lightning rolls off of him. Somehow, even though he’s howling out in his own ecstasy, he manages to direct the electric current to the fingers that toy with your clit, sending another orgasm hurtling toward you like a bus with no brakes on the freeway. The static zips through you, quivering your bones and making your body melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. Your cunt milks his cock well, your climax making your walls contract and clamp around him. Searing ropes of his sticky seed land deep inside of you, his cock gushing and emptying his load into your tender heat.
Once the overwhelming pleasure has subsided, your body falls slack in his arms, slightly twitching in recoil from the surge of electricity. Denki coos at you as he catches his own breath, nuzzling into your neck and littering your skin with kisses. He whispers sweet nothings to you as you come back to reality, still subdued from the all-consuming ecstasy that had taken hold of you entirely just moments ago. Slowly he slips out of you, careful to slide your panties back in place to catch his load as it starts to leak out of your aching hole. Moving your leg off the countertop, he turns you around, smiling happily as he fixes your smudged makeup and frazzled hair. Your body is too weak to try to fight him, so you let him hold you against his lithe form as he fixes your dress, covering your ravaged body as best as he can. He takes a moment to rub off the lipstick stains from his skin, buckling his belt before those marigold eyes find yours once again.
“Finally, you’re mine,” he muses, yellow eyes glinting at you under the harsh, fluorescent lighting of the dirty bathroom. He tilts his head as he cups your chin, angling you to look into his intoxicating gaze. “Oh sunshine… what fun we’ll have together.”
   ─── ・°* ゚✧:* • 。゚:*・☽・*: 。゚•*:✧ ゚*°・ ───
yayyy my first denki fic :D also my first time writing villain/yandere stuff too... so please be sure to lemme know if you enjoyed!
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solarisensun · a year ago
Delusional Fool (1)
Yandere! Bokuto Koutarou x Reader 
Tumblr media
Request by anon : could i request some non con yandere!bokuto with a breeding kink?
- I split this into TWO parts, will include the kink in the next part! This was pretty dark at first but i lightened it up just a lil bit :) This is my first time writing a full length about bjs like ahhh I promise the next part will be proper ‘smut’ 
Warnings : Yandere themes, NSFW “noncon”, “smut”, blackmail mentions. All characters are aged up +18+ 
Fukurodani’s ace has a massive crush on you, its a pity you don’t feel the same way. 
Pt 1 | Pt 2 
Bokuto Koutarou had always tried his best to look on the bright side.
You don’t want to sit with him in lunch? Its fine, he’ll just sit with Akaashi instead. He gets a good view of your animated talks with your friends from this angle anyway. 
The way your face just lights up and your bento box on the table tips precariously when you brush against it, too caught up in telling the story to notice, he just wished you would talk to him that way…. You laugh, a melodic chime that reminded him of summertime. He nearly drops everything right there and then just to scoop you in a hug.
You aren’t there to watch the volleyball match? No worries! He will just drop the recordings in your locker, they are mostly highlights of his best spikes and serves. You’ll appreciate it right? He even slipped a small letter alongside that proclaims his feelings!
Imagine his surprise when he finds the same unopened letter and recordings arranged in a neat pile on his desk. Your neat handwriting looped on an extra piece of paper, “Don’t send me anymore messages.” Bokuto reads your note again, again, and again.  Each time his eyes scan over your words, no, it’s a personal  heartfelt message, the giddy grin grows broader.
Suddenly it all made perfect sense, the same clarity that settles over whenever he gets a good view of a clean spike and set from Akaashi that blows past a 3-man block. Along with the thrilling rush of exhilaration, the sense like he’s standing on top of the entire world.
You were simply too shy to come near him!
He isn’t worried in the slightest bit, the two of you are practically fated to end up together anyway. I mean, it’s no coincidence that your favourite number is 4 or how do you explain the fact that your profile picture on social media is an adorable illustration of a small grey owl right?
Sure there’s the glaring issue that concerns the fact that the two of you had barely talked throughout the three years of high school except for the one time where the two of you were paired up for a Chemistry project (he remembers every single detail about that particular project). But as Akaashi had said when he asked him for advice – baby steps, he already knew everything there was to learn about you.
It was time to take things to the next step.
“You are not thinking straight.” You blurt out before you can stop yourself.
Bokuto doesn’t even waver at your cold tone. He knows the signs, the tinge of red painting your cheeks, the way your flinching away from his approaching figure. The harsh slam of the door swinging shut makes you jump even higher. Why were you being so shy?
It had taken him a lot of hard-earned work to track down your daily schedule. How you always swam for 2 hours in the school’s pool everyday. How the swim team would hand you the key for you to lock up after the first hour, leaving you alone, alone in the large gym. Fukurodani is a sprawling school, the size of the academy alone would swallow your screams into silence.
The both of you know it. The fact makes your heart pound uncomfortably against your ribs.
By now, he has all but cornered you against the wall. The uneven ridges dig almost painfully into your back, but there’s no escape, trapped between the cement and Bokuto. You knew him in an instant. Scratch that, who didn’t? The ace and captain of the famous volleyball team, a gifted athlete on the bright path of going pro already. A national favourite spiker.
As far as you could remember, he always just seemed to be there. Lingering at the corner of your eye, lining up behind you in the cafeteria, sitting on a nearby table in the library. It was hard to ignore him, his mere presence seemed to swallow up a whole room, paired with his boisterous laughter, his sunny smiles or exaggerated reactions. You thought it was normal, you shared a handful of his classes after all, but aside from the occasional exchange of murmured greetings, you had never gotten to know Bokuto to a personal level. They had said he was friendly, comical, a popular student amongst the school campus.
You’d be bluffing if you claim to have never fantasized about him before. He was handsome, cute, paired with the elite star athlete status? He was an embodiment of the type of guy every girl had once gushed about in sleepovers or in gossip circles.
But now, his firm chest brushing your trembling body, both of his hands on either side of your face. He didn’t look friendly, nor comical. In fact he seems….menacingly larger, even taller than you had once remembered. You didn’t like the weird glint in his eye.
Bokuto beams. “I like you!” You flinch at his loud voice, he didn’t seem to notice, continuing on. “I’ve been watching you for so long ya know, I can’t even go for a whole minute without thinking about you!” He chuckles like it’s the funniest thing in the world.
It’s not.  
“Man I was so sad when you kept rejecting my advances.”
Advances? The countless notes in your locker, the spam of messages across all your social media, the heavy weight of his stare across the room. It was undoubtedly flattering at first, until the messages stopped being a bunch silly words and evolved into something terrifying that made you steer clear of his path every time you saw Bokuto.
“But its fine! Your just shy, aren’t you? I don’t blame you,” Bokuto pats you on the shoulder, a move that’s clearly meant to be comforting but the weight of his hand alone jostles your whole body. “After all I’m the ace, its fine if you don’t warm up immediately. People tend to be intimidated by me.” He laughs at his words.
Up close, you are even more stunning. The little details he couldn’t quite catch before when he looked at you from a distance, your sweeping lashes and the elegant curve of your cheekbones are highlighted under his sharp gaze. Bokuto could feel his heart skip  a beat when he imagined you smiling at him. Gosh, he’s beginning to regret not doing this sooner. He had worked so hard for this, there’s no way he’s letting you out of his grasp. Not until you accept his confession of course.
“Hey,” Bokuto smiles, revealing equal rows of neat gleaming teeth under the fluorescent lights. “Why are you so quiet? I always see you talking to your friends.”
This was normal right?  Bokuto was well known across campus for his childish and straightforward…actions. All you had to do was act rationally, how many times had you seen Akaashi calm him down? Just reason with him, everything will be fine.
“Bokuto,” you force a smile, hoping he doesn’t see how strained it is. “I really appreciate your… gifts,” Bokuto beams proudly at your word. “but I think there’s a miscommunication here.” You lift a hand to gesture between the small space of both your bodies. “I-I can’t return your feelings.”
There, you said it. Finally. The words seemed to have lifted an invisible weight of your shoulders as you let out a sharp exhale of relief. Tomorrow, you would look back at this and joke about it with your friends. Maybe even ‘brag’ that the Fukurodani ace confessed his love to you. But right now, all you wanted to do was to get out of this locker room, away from him, pretend like this never happened.
Bokuto looks at you with those unnerving golden eyes, his steely gaze is just a second too long when he cocks his head to the side. The broad grin is still plastered on his face as he takes a large step closer, forcing you to tilt your head back in order to meet his eyes. “I didn’t know you like to make jokes.” He said, arching his light eyebrows.
“It’s not a joke,” something inside you snaps at his tone, swift anger overtaking the fear and pity as you knocked his hands away. “Stop being delusional Bokuto.”
This time, his smile falters.
Before you can brush past him, his left hand shoots out, pinning you against the wall as you let out a yelp of both pain and surprise. “Get your hands off me—” A strong grip on your chin silences the next words, not tight enough to hurt but certainly tight enough that it makes you writhe uncomfortably. Bokuto is still smiling, but something darker – glinting like broken glass has replaced the once childish edge in it.
“Stop being so stubborn,” he chides, two fingers shoving themselves into your gaped mouth as he swirls your tongue between the digits. Drool is beginning to trickle down the sides of your mouth but Bokuto doesn’t seem to care, looking at your pooling saliva with mild interest. Your hands flutter up to yank at his unmoving wrist but it’s useless. You can’t move the slightest bit, can’t even speak. The sheer strength of his single arm was dominating your entire body.
“I’ve waited so long for this.” His tone is almost pleading. There is the rustle of clothing and out of the corner of your eye you see him yanking his sweatpants down to the knees. His probing fingers abandon your mouth to tangle themselves within your hair, with your mouth now free, you begin to splutter, the incoherent words spilling out your mouth in a panicked wave. “Wait, Bokuto we can—”
“Shhhhh,” Bokuto cuts through your rambling and he’s shoving—forcing you down, at least being caring enough to make sure that you don’t bang your knees against the tiled floor. It’s hard to move your head with his commanding grip pressing you down but you try, really try to struggle for all its worth.
He’s looming over you, a tall, unmoving pillar that keeps you hopelessly ensnared against the cool floor. You try not to look at his unsheathed cock – a failed task when it’s right in front of you, the length smacking against his pelvis as he adjusts himself to position his cock in front of your mouth. He’s significantly larger than your previous partners, a hefty length and girth that made your jaw clench just from looking at it. At least he smells good, a hint of fresh deodorant wafts over your nose and his tufts of hair are all neatly trimmed back.
“It’s all your fault,” he whines, snapping your attention back to his face. “I keep thinking about you alllllll the time” Bokuto drawls out his words with a childlike lilt.  “I can’t even get myself off now unless I imagine about you.” He confesses bashfully (as bashful one can get with their cock hanging out), Bokuto is already half hard as he gives himself a few loose pumps, now utterly stiff and throbbing red with pearly precum. His prominent size alone makes you recoil, but he wasn’t having any of it.
Tears begin to well up at the corner of your eyes, the wetness clinging loosely to your lashes as you blinked rapidly in an attempt to bat them away. Your reeling mind couldn’t even settle on the right words to stop him, delay this, whatever that was going to happen.
Why was this happening? How could he do this? You should have thought twice than to lash out earlier, should have read the situation a little bit better. Not to mention the fact that he was clearly crazy or delusional, probably an unhealthy mixture of both. 
Of course, who on earth would even suspect that he was capable of such lecherous acts? Definitely not Bokuto, he would be the last person anyone would even consider, with his cheery smiles and irreproachable eyes. A perfect mask.
“Open up,” Bokuto rubs the tip teasingly on your lips, you can feel his precum bead against your pressed lips and your tears begin to fall freely at the touch. His free hand reaches down to thumb your tears away with a feather light caress that’s almost loving, but betrayed by the harsh grip on your head. You let out a small whimper and shake your head fervently, trying to plead with him, anything. Bokuto pouts at your defiance, a small frown that furrows across his forehead and his stiff fingers loosens. You nearly sigh in relief at the release.
It’s then you hear it, the tell-tale sound of a camera shutter. Not once, not twice, but multiple times when Bokuto clicks the button.
Immediately, your panicked gaze flies up to see his phone, angled in his hand as he snaps yet another picture. “If you don’t open,” Bokuto flips the phone over to show you the bright screen, its cracked all over but you see the picture as clear as day. The image is undeniably you, your tear stained face, widened eyes in such a pitiful, pathetic look and most of all, Bokuto’s impressive shaft that takes up half of the image. The picture clearly wouldn’t put him in any harm, not with your kneeling form being the main subject. “I’ll send it to your friends, what would they think about you if they see this picture?” His voice is even, calm, as if he had just made a statement about the weather instead of ruining your entire life.
For a tense moment, Bokuto holds his breath, praying that you would take the bait. He’s not gonna lie, the hate burning in your trembling gaze hurts, but heck, he’s waited too long for this to end right here.
You open your mouth.
Bokuto lets out a throaty groan at the contact of your tongue on the tip of his cockhead, pushing his hips forward so that you take in more of his length. Of course, he makes extra care to be gentle, not forcing you to take his cock entirely at once but certainly not letting you back away either.
Its horribly addicting, the warm feeling of your mouth on his throbbing cock. He can feel your tongue tracing the bulging veins on the underside of his hefty cock, a feeling that he could probably never get sick of even if you did it a thousand times.
Well, it’s not he had envisioned the first time for the both of you to turn out this way but it’s too late to back out now. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, he can always ask for forgiveness later. Everyone seemed to forgive him no matter what anyway (especially his teammates). Bokuto’s eyes flutter shut, his knees nearly buckling at the euphoric sensation.
Gosh you are even much better than he had ever imagined. All the late-night sessions of touching himself to the thought of your body were taking life right now.
“You look so pretty,” Bokuto coaxes, unable to stop the feverish words of praise when he ruts his powerful hips forward. “My cock looks so damned-ngh- good in your mouth. Feels crazy good too” The abrupt silence of the empty locker room is now filled with the lewd sounds of his stuttered grunts and the sloppy slick of your mouth against his cock. To be honest? It only making him more turned on at the sound.
He’s never letting you go now, not with the way you’re taking in more and more of his cock into your irresistible wet heat at each slight yet forceful push. Bokuto thrusts again, his cock finally hits the back of your throat and immediately, your panicked hands are pushing against his thighs. He barely notices, the light battering of your palms are nothing compared to the dizzyingly pleasurable sensation of your mouth twitching around him when you begin to gag. The phone in his loose grip clatters to the floor, undoubtedly earning another crack on the screen but he doesn’t care. Not with your mouth around his arousal, it’s his ultimate fantasy come true.
You let loose an involuntary mewl when he pulls your head up to the tip before easing you down again. The sound from your mouth ellicits pleasurable vibrations up the length of his cock, causing Bokuto’s fingers tighten their taunt grip on your scalp so that he can hold you steady when he repeats the motion, guiding your head with ease. You feel used, nothing but his sex toy for him to get off on. “That’s it baby, just like that ah.” He lets out an audible sigh of pleasure as you could only try to accommodate his length in your mouth, you feel drool leak down your mouth. Slowly, surely, it’s beginning to hurt. The way he stretched your mouth open so wide, unlike your previous blow jobs. You squirm, every inch of corded muscle tensing up as you try to will your throat to loosen up, to relax.
You’ve done this before, just relax. Why couldn’t you just open up? You feel his cock twitch in your walls - a faint moan as you clenched down around him again. You make a pitiful attempt to move yourself off, trying to inch just get some form of space away from his shuddering cock lodged at the end of your throat. 
It doesn’t work. Clearly, he’s on the receiving end of the pleasure spectrum.
“You take me so well,” Bokuto whimpers, “that’s it baby, god oh please.” stuffing another cruel inch down your throat. It’s wholly unfair, his husky praise as much as you want to deny it – sends a jolt of pleasure. The beguiling rush of heat to your cheeks and cunt as you force it deep down, you would not allow this sense of lust. Not like this. Not when your choking unwillingly on his damned cock.
Bokuto huffs through his nose, his digits are still holding you in place as he begins to fuck your mouth in slow rocking motions that has his eyes rolling to the back of his head at each movement. A light sheen of pink is dusting his cheeks when he lets loose a mixture of compliments and moans that, despite the severity of the situation, makes you oddly flushed. His tone getting noticeably lower and breathless at each pump. He’s seemed to get larger, a heavy mass in your aching mouth that you can barely fit half of him. Not before the increasing need for air attacks your lungs as you begin to really choke and whimper down on his cock. It causes your nails to rake against his thighs, leaving long red lines along the path in a desperate attempt to escape.
Your vision is getting progressively blurrier, Bokuto’s worried face fills your view when he seemed to realise that you are choking for air. You feel him pull out only to  buck his hips one last time and nearly cry when it hits the back of your throat, going in deeper. 
Finally, he pulls your head off his cock, a strand of your saliva still connected to the head of his cock when you gasp. His sharp eyes follow the string until it breaks, entirely entranced by the sight of your pouty lips just inches away from his pulsing chock.
He has to bite back the urge to shove his cock in your pretty little mouth again.
Your muffled sobs finally escape, your jaw is so achingly sore, the taste of his tangy precum still lingering in every corner of your abused throat no matter how much you swallow.
“Hey, hey, hey,” Bokuto cradles your head, his voice is treacherously gentle and kind. The tone would have calmed you down if it weren’t under these circumstances. The heavy force of his hand leaves your head momentarily where he smooths down your tangled hair to get a better view of your beautiful face. Bokuto decides right there and then that you are even more adorable this way, nose all red from sniffling and those gorgeous eyes he had spent countless nights dreaming about for ages. Honestly, how is it even possible for someone to look so divine even after all of this?
He did feel bad for making you cry, just a tiny little bit. But it’s not his fault that his erection was still an ache that refused to go away! He had been so close to cumming in your mouth, it’s only fair that you helped to finish the erection you had caused.
“Come on.” Bokuto coaxes, his large hand bringing your unwilling one up to palm his stiff cock. “That’s it,” he hisses when the silky soft touch of your smaller palm wraps around his shaft and you begin to stroke him as his hand abandons yours to return to its original position on the top of your head, threading his fingers messily through your hair.
Hesitantly, you wrap both hands around his cock. He’s warm and heavy in your hands, already oozing with more precum as you begin to move across his shaft with sloppy squelching sounds. You can smell the reek of sex, rich and heady. A gruff moan can be heard when you give him a particularly hard jerk. Now that you’re not entirely choking on it, its hard to take your eyes of his arousal. Even if you wanted to ignore it, its difficult not to notice the slight upward curve of his cock and prominent bulge of veins that your tongue had been tracing earlier.
He made all your previous partners pale greatly in comparison.
If Bokuto noticed your ‘admiration’, he certainly didn’t bother commenting about it. Too caught up in trying not to cum too fast. He wanted to savour this, to enjoy this moment as long as he could.
It’s a thousand times better than his own ministrations, your slender fingers splayed across his length merely accentuates the vast difference of size when you begin to jerk him off – finishing the job, the previous slick of saliva from your mouth makes it far too easy for you to speed up (just to get this over with).
Bokuto shudders visibly, the previous pleasure added with your uneven jerks proved too be the concoction of his undying as he nearly falls backwards. It doesn’t take long for him to be bracing himself against the wall with his free hand and stuttered gasps as he hunches over your kneeling form, a wave of white pleasure overwhelming his vision when he nears his climax much faster than he had expected under your touch.
You try to recoil when you notice the significant tremble and grunt. It’s too late, your eyes instinctively flinch shut when ropes of hot sticky liquid come all over your shirt. Bokuto lets out a satisfied sigh at his release, panting heavily enough that you can feel his exhaled breaths ruffling across the top of your head when he finally lets your numb fingers fall away from his softened cock as he tucks his shaft back into his pants. You stare down at your shirt in muted disbelief, the undeniable white, murky fluid is all over the material, already staining through the fabric as it soaks into your skin at every passing second.
You wipe a shaking hand across your cheek and much to your dismay, it comes back sticky. A mixture of his cum and your tears. He even came…. on your face.  
Bokuto hauls you up, pulling your limp body into his embrace, not seeming to mind that his cum was all over your shirt, the strands of his signature white hair tickling your cheek. “Sorry bout that, I wanted to come in you ya know. Couldn’t help myself” His warm words make your spine stiffen, “ Dreamt of it for so long already and you are amazing, best orgasm I’ve ever had.” He gushes whilst nuzzling your neck, as if the praise is supposed to make you feel any better. You can feel his cheery smile against your skin. Bokuto’s hand slides down your stomach where he traces a calloused finger dangerously close to the hem of your shorts. The simple motion alone makes your breath quicken into shallow pants.
He pulls away from your neck. “Can…we kiss?” He sounds oddly hopeful, asking for your permission with wide eyed eagerness (the irony). You nod, too weary to fight his advances anymore. You had a sinking suspicion that he would have snuck in a kiss even if you said no anyway.
Bokuto’s lips caught yours in a hard kiss, driving them apart with the force alone. There was nothing gentle about the ace. Your feet stumble against the wall and would have fell if not for his support when he presses forward, taking your face between his hands to deepen the kiss. Every thought in your head exploded at that moment, nothing but pure fireworks in your mind, and you feel it, the dark curl of shivering desire twisting inside, bending all the rules.
No, no, no. You shouldn’t be feeling this way. No matter how good of a kisser Bokuto Koutarou was.
You tried to pull away, pull away before you did something you would regret. Much to your surprise, Bokuto lets you go, though not before planting a few light kisses on your forehead.
“Don’t worry,” He brightens, unfazed by your actions. “There’s always a next time.”
You turn your gaze to meet his. “Wha- what do you mean?” You ask, the fear surging through your veins causes your voice to break midway. He looks stupidly wounded at your question– like a kicked puppy.
“We are a couple now!” Bokuto whines, his arms seemed to tighten around your trembling figure as he presses you flush against the hard lines of his toned chest. Once again, a grim reminder of how easily he could overpower you if he wanted to (oh wait, he already did). “We should do couple stuff, go on dates, you like going to the arcade don’t you? Afterwards we can go get barbeque too! Isn’t it lucky that we like the same stuff?”
Perhaps it should have occurred to you about the concerning fact that he seemed to know every little fact about your interests, but you couldn’t stop hearing a set of specific words.
There’s always a next time. We are a couple now.
We are a couple now.
Of course this wasn’t a one time thing. You can’t tell if the tremble is from the cool air or the now dried splatters of cum on your ruined shirt.
“Are you all right?” Bokuto coos at the sight of your pale face, tucking your hair behind your ear and you resist the urge to cringe away from his delicate touch. You nearly slap him across the face at the feeling. But stop short, digging your blunt nails into the flesh of your palm in an effort to diminish the thought. His battered phone was still lying by the side of both your feet, the bright blue case is stark against the dull tiles – a simple warning of how easily Bokuto could ruin your life whenever he wanted.
With a shuddering breath you forced yourself to smile through the curling vines of dread settling in your stomach and the taste of his cum. All you had to do was keep up this delusion of his, long enough to formulate a solid plan to get those pictures from his phone.
Pt 1 | Pt 2 
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tomurasprincess · 11 months ago
A Caged Dove Finale (Shouto Todoroki x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: You are a princess from a smaller territory within the kingdom, summoned to the castle to meet with the heir of the throne in the absence of your parents. You think it will simply be a routine trip, until you realize that Prince Shouto has his own plans for you. Whether you agree with them or not.
Pairing: Prince Shouto Todoroki x Reader Rating: Explicit + Word Count: 4.8k Chapter Warnings: Dubcon, forced pregnancy, pregnant sex, praise kink, lactation kink, yandere Series Warnings: Dubcon, forced marriage, forced pregnancy, breeding, pregnant sex, praise kink, lactation kink, stalking, yandere. Some vague descriptions of pregnancy stuff, including morning sickness. Note: Fairy Tale AU. (More Grimm than Disney). Well this is extremely bittersweet. The final part of my very first series (that I swore I would never do.) Despite cussing this story occasionally, I really loved writing it and I’m rather proud of the end result. I hope everyone else likes it just as much! Thanks: To @hisoknen​, for reassuring me that the sex scene was indeed hot. And to @burnedbyshoto​ for being there to listen to me scream about attempting to write all of the Todorokis in one scene. And also for encouraging my deviant lactation kink.
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✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
You let out a pained groan as you roll over in bed for what feels like the hundredth time in an hour, trying to find a more comfortable position. Something that was near impossible, considering the reason for your discomfort.
Despite your best hopes, you had gotten pregnant shortly after the wedding. You suppose it wasn’t so surprising, with how insatiable Shouto is. He was determined to have a child quickly, and refused to finish anywhere but inside you. He would take you multiple times a day, until you were so sore that you could barely walk. He was an attentive lover, at least, always making sure you finished as well. That you thoroughly enjoyed yourself, was nothing but a satisfied, boneless mess, sweaty and exhausted and more than ready to curl up with him and sleep.
There was one big positive to your pregnancy, however. You were able to leverage your condition to get Shouto to release your parents from their confinement. You convinced him that not knowing where they were and what was going on with them would only stress you further and harm the baby. It was not even much of a lie, as you were beginning to worry he had already had them killed and was hiding the truth from you. But you were proven wrong when he finally allowed you to see them.
They were not in as bad a condition as you assumed they would be, and were ecstatic to see you. Although they were horrified by what had happened to their daughter, the forced marriage and pregnancy, you reassured them that it was not so bad. Partly because it was the truth, as much as you hated to admit it, and partly because you were terrified they would do something stupid in order to rescue you.
It was this concern that led Shouto to accuse them of treason, but he merely had them stripped of their titles and lands, banished to another country with no political power. He made even this positive publicity, standing in front of a gathering to announce the news with a stricken look on his face, talking about how his beloved wife had begged for her parents’ lives. How he loved his wife too much to harm her in such a way, and had chosen the way of mercy, provided they left the country forever.
The kingdom loves him more than ever now. They whisper about what a beautiful love story it is, how Shouto went below his class to marry his true love. How he risked looking weak by allowing traitors to live, all because the love of his life begged for mercy. How the princess herself was so benevolent, forgiving the people who had hurt her.
You had asked Shouto for one last favor on the day of their banishment. You wanted to speak to your parents privately before they left, as you knew it was the last time you would ever see them. He relented after some pleading on your part, but warned you that his mercy would not extend to allowing them to live if they moved against him.  
You agreed, of course. Even if you wanted to be rescued, there was no way you would risk their lives for it. So when you saw them off, you were the ones reassuring them as they sobbed. They told you to only say the word, and they would come for you, and would rescue you. You placed your hand gently on your stomach, reassuring them that you would be okay. That it wasn’t so bad to be married to Prince Shouto, that he took good care of you. What shocked you is the realization that you weren’t lying, that you were becoming more comfortable as his wife.
You think it started on the day that changed everything. The day you realized you were pregnant.
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
You rush to the bathroom, barely making it before you violently throw up yet again. This had been happening for over a week now, and you couldn’t figure out why you were so sick. You thought at first that you may have gotten food poisoning, but that was unlikely with the palace chefs making sure you and the royal family had nothing but the best. And besides, when you made sure to eat different foods, the sickness still continued.
Your head swims with dizziness as another intense wave of nausea overtakes you. And that was when your sister-in-law poked her head into the bathroom, apparently having heard you rush to the bathroom in a panic.. “Are you okay in here?” She asks with concern in her voice.
“I’m fine,” you manage to choke out before turning back to heave. You have been so sick that there is really nothing left in your stomach, and you find yourself simply gagging instead. “Okay, maybe I’m not fine. I can’t stop throwing up.”
You see Fuyumi’s expression turn contemplative, before asking the question that turns your world on its axis. “Sweetie, when was the last time you had your period?”
Your eyes widen, your hand coming to clamp over your mouth to hold the gasp that was bubbling up inside of you. “I - oh god - I don’t know,” you whisper.  “I don’t remember. A few months, maybe?”
Fuyumi goes from hopeful to pure joy within seconds of your confession. “Sweetheart, you’re pregnant!” She practically jumps up and down from the excitement, not even noticing your look of shock and despair. Or perhaps she is choosing to simply ignore it. “I’m going to be an aunt! And oh, Shouto is going to be over the moon when you tell him!”
“I didn’t think it would happen so quickly,” you whisper. In fact, you had secretly hoped it would not happen at all. A fact that you will never reveal to anyone. It’s not that you don’t want to be a mother. You always have, had even dreamed of it. But in this situation, it only drove home the true reality of your situation. You had no control over any aspect of your life anymore.
“You have to tell him immediately! Actually, let me go grab him for you. You can tell him now,” Fuyumi practically squeals as she turns around to leave the room. Before you can open your mouth to tell her that it can wait, the excited woman has already ran out the door. You let out a sigh, supposing that there is no use in delaying the inevitable as you pick yourself up from the floor.
By the time your husband enters the room, you’ve been able to freshen yourself up a bit. “Fuyumi said you had something to tell me?” Shouto’s face is a mask of concern as he sits beside you in the bed, pulling you close into his arms.
“I do,” you say hesitantly, not really sure how to begin this talk. But you figure that the best way is to just come right out and say it and not beat around the bush. “Shouto, I’m pregnant.”
It takes a second for the news to truly sink in, but when it does, the smile that takes over is truly radiant. The laughter that slips out is so pure that you find yourself smiling despite yourself. And when he pushes you down on the bed to put one hand over your stomach, you can’t stop your own laughter from spilling out.
“Do you think I can feel the baby kick,” he murmurs as he gently pushes on your stomach. You laugh a bit harder as you shake your head. “Honey, I’m pretty sure it’s way too early for that.”
It isn’t until he gives you a soft smile that you realize you called him honey.
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
You’re pulled out of your thoughts by the door opening, and you glance up to see your husband walk in. He smiles at you as he takes his jacket and shoes off, looking happier than usual. His whole demeanor screams excitement, and something else you can’t put your finger on.
As he begins to get into night clothes, you decide to simply ask him. “You seem happier than you usually do after meeting with the nobility,” you note. “Did something happen?”
“Oh, something amazing happened,” his smile twists up into a smirk as he changes the subject, a sure sign that he’s done talking about this particular topic. You decide not to push for now, and mentally remind yourself to ask him about it later.
“How are you feeling, love?” He climbs into bed as he wraps his arms around you from behind, pulling you tightly into his embrace. He nuzzles at your neck, causing you to giggle.
“I feel like I’m about to pop, I’m so big. My feet are swollen and hurt, and my breasts are sore and leaking. But other than that, I’m fine,” you snark at him.
“My beautiful, hormonal wife,” he chuckles as he rolls you over, climbing on top of you but being careful not to put too much weight on your stomach. He plants kisses down your neck, sucking gently at your pulse point as his hands run smoothly up and down your sides.
“Shouto, I - you need to stop,” you whisper, not because you really want him to but because of how self conscious you feel about yourself as you are now.
“Is it because of this,” he murmurs as he touches your swollen stomach. You try to look away as he traces his fingertips across your belly, but he simply turns your face back towards him. You give him a quick nod in affirmation, and are surprised when he chuckles.
“Love, you have never looked more beautiful to me, all big and swollen with my child.” You can’t stop the way your heart pounds at his words, your face growing hot as he smiles at your reaction.
He begins to trail down your body, stopping to gently squeeze one of your breasts. You grab at his hand to try and pull it away, but he quickly stops you. “I told you, I’m -” you pause for a second, embarrassed to finish your sentence, before changing your mind and simply saying, “they hurt.”
“Hmm, I do believe I can help with that,” he smirks as his grip around your breast tightens. You let out a surprised gasp as milk leaks out, causing the front of your nightgown to develop a wet spot on the material. But the sound isn’t one of pain, but of pleasure at some of the pressure being relieved.
“Oh you like that, do you?” Shouto’s voice goes low and husky as he rips your shirt over your head. He leans down to knead a nipple between two fingers, licking his lips as more milk comes out. “Would hate to waste this, wouldn’t you?”
“Shouto, what are you - ahh!” You let out a moan as he latches around one of your nipples and begins to suckle. You make a move to stop him, to try and push him away. But you quickly realize you don’t actually want him to stop as the pain of being too full ebbs with every gulp he takes. So you simply trail your fingers through his hair and let him continue. “Oh god, that feels so good,” you moan out, throwing your head back against the pillow.
He pulls away just long enough to pull his pants down, letting his already painfully hard cock loose. You can see the red, swollen head already leaking precum, and he grips it in his fist as he moves to take your other nipple into his mouth. “You taste so fucking good.”
His grunts and groans as he strokes himself while drinking your milk has your pussy clenching around nothing, juices gushing out and making a mess of the bedsheets below you. You didn’t think this would feel so good, but the throbbing of your core tells you just how much you’re enjoying yourself. And if Shouto’s pace as he rubs himself is anything to go by, he is enjoying himself just as much.
“Dirty girl, I bet you could cum just from me drinking your milk. Do you like it that much?”
You reach down to thread your fingers around the back of his head, pulling him down to your aching nipple. “Please, don’t stop,” you whimper in a needy tone. He chuckles as he reaches down to rub your throbbing clit. “Cum for me, then. Cum while I’m sucking on these beautiful tits.”
You let out a sharp gasp as a wave of pleasure runs through your body. Shouto moves down to take a nipple into his mouth, licking the stray droplets of milk that leaked out. He groans as he continues to stroke himself in time with the tight circles across your clit.
Your face contorts in pleasure, toes curling as you find yourself tipping over the edge into a powerful orgasm. Shouto coaxes you through it, not letting up until you’re squirming from overstimulation, breath coming in harsh gasps.
“God, I have to be inside you right now,” he growls, pulling away almost entirely as he rips off your soaked panties with one quick movement and spreads your folds apart as he prepares to enter you.
You whine as his cock spreads you open, inch by inch. You’re so wet from your previous orgasm that he slips in without resistance, and so sensitive that you can feel every vein on his cock.
“Still so tight for me,” he groans as he finally bottoms out inside you, heavy balls resting against your backside. He puts his hands under your ass, lifting your hips off the bed as he begins to thrust inside your soaked pussy.
You can tell he’s trying to hold back, to be gentle with you. But when you reach up to fondle your breast, squeezing just enough for milk to dribble down towards your stomach, you know he’s reached his limit.
He growls as he begins slamming inside of you, leaning down to lick up the trail of milk before latching back onto the nipple. You clench down hard around his cock as you see his throat working as he sucks down your milk like a man starved.
His thrusts are so deep, so powerful that your breasts and round belly are bouncing and you’re unable to do anything but lay back and take it. He releases your nipple with a wet pop, rubbing his hand along your swollen stomach. “You look so good like this that I should keep you pregnant all the time,” he groans, “would you like that?”
You don’t answer, choosing to reach between your bodies to find your clit, but Shouto snarls and smacks your hand away before pinning both arms above your head with one hand. “I said, would you like that?” He pulls all the way to the entrance of your pussy before slamming back in with one powerful thrust. “Would you like to be bred constantly, all round with my children so I can pin you down like this and milk these tits?”
You whimper when his thrusts get more savage as he finds a sensitive spot inside of you and deliberately aims for it. You can feel your stomach begin to tighten, all of your nerves feeling like they’re on fire as you get closer to that edge. Your pussy won’t stop clamping down on Shouto’s cock as he pounds you into the mattress. But just as you reach the edge, you feel him begin to slow down. Your orgasm is suddenly pulled away from you as you hear a dark chuckle.
“Answer me, princess,” he whispers to you. Your lust addled mind can’t seem to comprehend what question he means. “Shouto, please,” you try to move your hips, push back on his cock to reach the orgasm that was denied. But he simply holds your hips firmly in place, preventing you from moving as he waits for his answer.
He makes an impatient noise when you still won’t answer, moving his fingers in between your soaked folds as he grazes your clit. His thumb grinds down on the sensitive bead, and he groans as he feels you clench around him. “Come on,” he coaxes, “tell me how much you want my cum, how much you want me to breed you again.”
You let out a choked sob at the pleasure running through you, body so oversensitive from hormones and your previous orgasm. You want nothing more than to cum again, to feel Shouto cum with you and fill you up. “Shouto, please breed me again,” you finally start to beg with no shame in your tone. “I need to feel you cum inside me again, please -”
He lets out a low growl as he abandons all sense of rhythm, pounding into your pussy like a man possessed. His hips pick up speed, wet noises of skin slapping against skin filling the room along with your combined grunts and moans. He deliberately hits your g-spot with every thrust, wanting you to come undone around his cock.
The pressure is building back up inside of you quickly, muscles in your stomach tightening and toes curling as your orgasm hits you hard, causing your pussy to flutter wildly around his cock and more milk to dribble out of your sore nipples. Shouto’s pace stutters at the sight, forcing his cock all the way inside of you as he leans over to lick your nipples clean. Just the taste is enough to send him over the edge of his orgasm, thick ropes of hot cum filling your pussy as he continues to drain you dry.
You both stay there for what feels like forever, but was probably only a few minutes, until Shouto gently lowers himself behind you. He pulls you carefully towards his body, nuzzling you as he kisses a wet line down the column of your neck. “I love you, you know,” he murmurs into your ear. “I’m so glad you’re mine now.”
You pause for a few seconds as you consider his words. It’s not the first time he’s used them, and it won’t be the last. Despite everything he’s done, you do believe him. It’s a possessive, all consuming love that will allow nothing else but you and your children together. But you believe it’s still love.
At your silence, Shouto lets out a disappointed sigh. That is one thing he has not been pushy about, told you that he was waiting for you to realize the truth and say the words yourself. You open your mouth to respond to him, although you’re not sure how, when someone comes barging through the door. Whatever words you were about to say die in your throat as you take in the appearance of the one who dared to intrude on Prince Shouto and his heavily pregnant wife.
You barely recognize Fuyumi, with her clothes being put on haphazardly and eyes bloodshot. Her face is splotchy and red, as if she’s been crying for a long time. And then you realize with a start that’s exactly what’s happening, as you see more tears run down her face. “Shouto, it’s - oh god, it’s Dad, he -”
Her words run over each other in a blur as she tries to finish her sentence. “Fuyumi, calm down and speak clearly. What’s going on with our dear old dad?” His voice comes out so cold that you almost don’t recognize it, and you can’t even begin to interpret the look on his face.
“He’s dead,” Fuyumi barely manages to get out before she begins to sob brokenly. “How can he be dead, I don’t understand -”
Shouto’s bearing changes immediately at her words as he begins to take over the situation. He orders Fuyumi to leave the room so he can get changed, instructing her on various procedures for what to do when the King of the realm dies. A nagging thought occurs to you at how odd it is that he knows all this information off the top of his head, before you try to mark it down as meaningless. Of course he would be trained in such things as the heir to the throne. But you’ve learned to trust your instincts, and right now they’re screaming at you.
“You need to get dressed, love,” he says as he kisses your forehead. “Until we know what’s going on, you need to stay close to me.” You quickly nod as you pull yourself reluctantly from the bed and begin to hunt for your clothes.
You’re both ready within 20 minutes, and you head to the Great Hall where everyone is gathered. You glance around and see the rest of the Todoroki family all gathered together, and you breathe a small sigh of relief that they’re okay. Queen Rei looks like she’s in shock, barely holding it together. Fuyumi has an arm around her as she tries to comfort her, but utterly fails due to how much she herself is crying.
What’s concerning is Prince Natsuo and Prince Touya, who simply look amused by the whole spectacle. Prince Touya’s face splits into a huge grin as he sees you and Shouto walk up to him, clapping his back with one hand. “Well then, I suppose congratulations are in order.”
Fuyumi comes out of her stupor long enough to glare at him. “Congratulations? Our dad is dead and you’re congratulating him?”
“Why wouldn’t I? He’s the King now,” Prince Touya chuckles. “Isn’t that right, brother? You do intend to take your rightful throne now, don’t you?”
Prince Natsuo has stayed quiet through this exchange, but you notice he is staring at Shouto with grim determination. As if he’s already decided something, and is merely waiting for the right moment to mention it.
“Of course I do,” Shouto nods. “I’ve prepared for this moment my whole life.” He glances over at you with a tender look in his eyes as he pulls you into his arms. “And now I have a beautiful wife and an heir,” he murmurs, running his hand over your stomach.
“Now you just need the spare,” Prince Touya snorts. “You ready for that, princess?” He snickers as he sees you turn away in embarrassment, but before he can continue to tease you, you’re interrupted by one of King Enji’s advisors. The man leans in to whisper something into your husband’s ear, and your husband simply nods and waves the man away.
Shouto motions for the rest of the family to come closer as he reveals what the advisor had told him. “It seems dear old dad was assassinated.” He breaks the news with no fanfare, no buildup, no emotion of any kind. But this information sends shockwaves through the rest of the family.
Queen Rei’s face goes completely blank, as if unable to process it. Fuyumi’s hand flies to her mom to contain her gasp. Touya simply starts laughing, looking at Shouto with what almost appears to be pride. And Natsuo remains completely silent, continuing to study Shouto as if he’s trying to figure something out.
“The kingdom will see unrest when the truth of this gets out,” Shouto continues as if he didn’t just drop a bomb through his family. “We’ll need to have the coronation quickly, so that there’s no panic. Ideally tomorrow, if we can get it set up.”
Fuyumi rushes towards Shouto, a look of pure fury on her face. “Dad’s dead and you’re already talking about taking over? Do you have any emotion over this at all?”
“Oh, I think our brother has a lot of emotions right now,” Touya gives a darkly amused laugh. “Don’t think it’s the same ones you’re having, though.”
Choosing to ignore his older brother, Shouto instead addresses his sister. “There’s nothing you or Mom can do tonight. Take her to your room. I’ll station guards outside just in case, and I’ll handle whatever planning needs to be done.”
Fuyumi looks like she’s going to demand to stay, but Queen Rei lays her hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “He’s right. There’s nothing we can do,” her voice comes out a reedy whisper, so quiet that you have to strain to hear her. But you notice the way she looks at Shouto before finally turning to leave. As if she’s never truly seen him before.
“Same for you, love,” Shouto pulls you into his arms to kiss your forehead. “You especially need to rest. I’ll walk you back to our room.”
You’re too tired to even think of protesting, and your feet and ankles already hurt from standing. So you nod and allow yourself to be taken away from the crowd and back into your room. “I’m going to be busy for a while taking care of everything, but I’ll make sure to check in on you.”
He places his hand on the side of your face, tracing a finger down your jawline before leaning in to give you a gentle kiss. And then he drops to his knees, gently lifting your shirt to plant another kiss on your round stomach. “Everything is going to be fine, I promise,” he murmurs. “I love you both.”
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
Despite protests from Fuyumi and Rei herself, the coronation is being held the very next day, even before the king’s funeral. But if anybody else had any issues with the order of events, nobody spoke out about it.
You just finished getting helped into the floor length ball gown you would be wearing for the event when your husband walks in to see you. You see the look of appreciation on his face at your dress, designed to be flattering while also not concealing your pregnancy completely. “Are you nervous, my beautiful Queen?”
The full force of the word Queen hits you all at once. The former King Enji is dead, and your husband will take his place. You will be Queen, and your baby, whether son or daughter, will be the heir to the throne of the Todoroki Empire.
“Yes, I’m very nervous,” you admit quietly. “I didn’t expect this to happen so quickly. You inheriting the throne, I mean.”
Oh? I certainly expected it.” Shouto gives a deep chuckle that turns dark when he utters the next words. “Nobody else did, however. I made sure of that.”
A cold rush of emotion hits you all at once. You don’t want to believe it, you truly don’t. But it confirms what you already know, deep in your heart. Shouto is the one who orchestrated the king’s death. His own father’s death. Your understanding must be written plain as day across your face, because he’s smirking at you when you glance over.
“You know, he intended to pass a law that stated he could annul a marriage, if it were proven to be illegitimate,” he says conversationally. “I couldn’t let that happen. Couldn’t let his hatred blind him into ruining the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you so much, and our baby.”
It feels like your heart jumps up into your throat, beating as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. You should feel horrified, as this means that it’s your fault the king is dead. But as you look into his eyes, you don’t just see the man who killed his father to inherit the throne. You also see the man who wanted to make the love of his life his Queen, and his child the heir.
You can’t bring yourself to hate him for it. Despite everything that he’s done, you love him too, and you love the child still growing inside you.
So when Shouto reaches his hand out to you in order to lead you into the throne room, you take it without hesitation. “Are you ready to become my Queen, love?”
“Yes, I’m ready. I love you too, Shouto.” And as you say those words and begin to walk into the coronation hand in hand, you finally feel the cage fully close behind you, trapping you forever.
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
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rocorambles · 10 months ago
Spread Your Wings
Pair: Ukai x 3rd-Year Female Manager Reader 
Genre/Warnings: NSFW, Yandere, Toxic Relationship, Corruption Kink, Manipulation, Degradation, Slapping, Choking, Branding, Marking, Humiliation, Dub-Con, Mind Break, Cum Play
Summary: When Ukai sees the innocent naive baby crow who’s helping to manage the chaotic flock, he can’t help but think it’s only right for him to help her spread her wings. After all, that’s what a coach is there for, right?
Requested by Anon
Ukai had noticed you right away. He thinks it's almost like fate, the way his eyes just naturally fall on you as soon as he steps into the gymnasium and he knows he should be focusing on checking out this new team he's somehow agreed to coach temporarily, but it's hard to think of sweaty brats when you're walking around, a breath of fresh air in the midst of chaotic shouting and movement. But at the sound of his name, he forces his attention back on the court, focusing on the plays in front of him despite the temptation to sneak glances your way as you excitedly cheer on your fellow third-years and he can't help but think you're absolutely adorable as you grin from ear to ear as the team plays, although he finds the returned looks of endearment from your classmates to be much less adorable. But despite it all, he's more than mildly impressed with the team's ability and as everyone files out and you give him a shy smile and a polite bow, suddenly the idea of permanently being a coach doesn't seem that bad after all. 
He should feel guilty for making you do so much work by yourself, for always ushering out the rest of the team as fast as he can, spouting bullshit excuses about them needing rest and that it's a manager's job to put away all the equipment, but there's no room for remorse when it's finally just the two of you in the empty gym. He pretends to put away a few things, jot a few lines in his notebook, anything to make him look busy, but in actuality you're all he cares about and he watches as you bend over to pick up stray balls, your pants stretching over your ass as you lean down and he wonders how your cheeks would feel in his calloused hands. He watches as you reach up to take down the net, eyeing the bit of bare skin revealed when your shirt rises up with your movement and he wonders what it would look like with finger shaped bruises decorating it. And when he goes home after nights like these, he closes his eyes as he lays in bed, stroking his cock to the thought of fucking you in the equipment room, to the thought of how pretty you'd look covered with his cum, to the thought of how perfect his name would sound when you moan it. 
However, he's nothing but a gentleman when the two of you interact with each other and maybe growing up in a small town like Miyagi has made you naive, but you're completely oblivious to the predatory gaze that follows you around, that eyes the flouncing hem of your school skirt as you make your way to the gym, a warm smile on your face as you greet him. Maybe if you weren't so trusting you would have seen how the blonde haired man stiffens as you bend down to take off your shoes, giving him a brief glance at your panties. Maybe you would have seen his fists clench as he restrains himself from pouncing on you right there and then. But it all goes unnoticed by you and you just happily chat with Ukai as the two of you make your way to the locker rooms to change, genuinely enjoying getting to know the older man better. 
Ukai is handsome. You'd have to be blind as a bat to not notice that and as cliche as it is, as soon as you had turned 18 and entered your final year of high school, boys and men caught your eyes differently than they used to. It's ironic considering how inexperienced you are, having had nothing more than a kiss here and there, but suddenly you can't stop admiring Asahi's strong figure as it arches through the air when he spikes, your eyes linger a little too long on Suga's lips as his mouth curves into a smile, your thighs rub together at the dominant tone in Daichi's words when he uses his captain voice. 
But no one distracts you more than Ukai and you can't stop staring at the way his lips wrap around the cigarettes he smokes. Your throat goes dry at the sight of his forearms flexing as he crosses his arms, and you wonder if he'd be as stern in bed as when he scolds the boys. You're secretly glad for the amount of time the two of you have alone after practices and maybe you take a little longer than you should to put away everything as you watch him from the corner of your eye, but he never seems to mind the wait, so you continue to draw it out. 
You wonder if it's just your imagination that he seems more and more touchy as time goes on and you swear his fingers are almost purposefully brushing against your hands every time he passes you something. You swear he purposefully stands or sits so near you that you can feel his body heat warming your side. You swear his hand purposefully touches you lower than it should when he gives you a friendly pat on the back. But he's nothing but friendly and polite when it's just the two of you and you're not sure why you feel a tinge of sadness at that realization. 
But Ukai only has so much control and when the team goes to Tokyo for a week long training camp and he sees you walk out of the girl's bathroom with that flimsy little outfit you call pajamas, your nipples evident through the thin fabric, your breasts bouncing in a way that makes it obvious you aren't wearing a bra, your ass practically falling out of your booty shorts, he can't stop the way he corners you against the wall, your surprised squeak only making his cock twitch as he hungrily captures your lips with his. He panics as he pulls away from the kiss, cursing himself for not sticking to his long-term plan, but when you shyly tug on his shirt, drawing him back down, and you hesitantly kiss him back, he melts into your touch, a smirk dancing on his lips from the success of finally having you in his clutches. 
It's pathetic how easy it is to sneak you into his room at night and he can't help but think it's even more of a sign that this is fate. He knows he should feel guilty about the way he insistently coaxes you past your limits, the way you nervously bite your lower lip indicating how uncomfortable you are with how rapidly he's corrupting and defiling you, but he can't help his excitement and eagerness to fully claim your body as his and you never outright stop him...not that he'd listen to you if you did. 
When you had told him you were practically untouched, he had to fight the urge to not just shove you down on his mattress and rip you apart with his cock right then and there. A pretty young thing like you was asking for trouble by revealing such delectable information to a wolf like him. But Ukai has always liked playing with his food before eating it and he takes his time with you. 
The first time you're splayed out in his bed he slowly undresses you, relishing in how you shudder at just the slightest brush of his rough hands against your skin. It's all so new to you and you can feel your mind spinning just from the sexual tension in the air as layer after layer of clothing is stripped from you until you're completely bare under his still fully clothed body. You're already panting as he takes a moment to devour the sight of you and you gasp when your hands that instinctively move to cover yourself as much as you can are caught in large hands and held down on either side of your head. 
"Don't you dare hide from me. I want to see every inch of you." 
Your heart is racing as his lips kiss and lightly suck your neck and you mewl as his tongue continues trailing down your jugular, teeth nipping at your collarbone, lips brushing against your hardening nipples. And your back arches as he purses his lips and teasingly sucks on your nipple, one of his hands releasing yours as he tweaks and pinches your other nipple. You're nothing but a puppet in his hands and Ukai loves how sensitive you are, how responsive you are and he relishes in the way your body writhes against him, unknowingly grinding against his erect cock. If this is how you are just from your nipples, he wonders how much more you'll descend into lust if he does this…
Your eyes shoot wide open as fingertips drag against your glistening pussy and you whimper as Ukai brings his coated fingers to your face. 
"I've barely touched you and you're already soaking wet, babe. You sure you're a virgin? Because it sure seems like you're a slut." 
You cringe at the harsh words and you open your mouth to deny it only to let out a choked scream as he shoves two fingers into your tight walls. And oh God, you've touched yourself before, but his fingers reach deeper, trailing across places inside of you you've never felt before and suddenly it's hard to think of any retort to the humiliating words he spits down at you as he rapidly thrusts in and out of you. Maybe you are a dirty slut like he keeps on saying. You certainly sound like one as your wanton moans mix with the slick sound of your pussy as he adds another finger inside of you. You can feel a knot coiling inside of you, your thighs clenching, your fingers twisting into the bedsheets, and all it takes is Ukai's thumb circling your clit and his mouth greedily suckling your nipple to have you fall over the edge and you scream as you clench and release all over his fingers. 
You're exhausted, your chest is heaving, and your mind is blank with pleasure, but there's no time to rest when Ukai shoves his coated fingers into your mouth and orders you to clean the mess you made. A part of you wishes your first sexual experience would have been a bit more gentle and loving, but you're delirious in your post-coital bliss and he had made you feel so good, surely you owe it to him to listen to him, right? You obediently suck, swirling your tongue around his fingers, grimacing at tasting yourself, but you let out a startled noise when you see him pull his pants down and begin to furiously rub himself and you try to back up, unsure of what's happening, but he wraps a hand around the front of your throat, keeping you in place as he paints your breasts with thick spurts of white. You feel so dirty and tears threaten to fall from your eyes as he coos down at you about what a gorgeous cumrag you are for him, but when he wraps his strong arms around you, you can't help but sink into the comforting warmth he provides, your physically and mentally exhausted body yearning for aftercare, yearning for affection after being so thoroughly used for the first time. 
And that's how you find yourself back in his bed a second night. You're confused as he moves lower and lower on the bed, unsure what he's planning until your breath hitches at the feeling of air blowing against your already dripping cunt and your thighs instinctively try to close shut, but they're kept spread apart by strong hands as he begins to mouth and kiss your sensitive lips and you cover your face in embarrassment when he inhales your scent. But when he flattens his tongue against you and slowly drags it across your dripping slit, you try and shove his face away from you, telling him it's dirty, but you're scared into submission when he snarls at you and venomously hisses at you to lay back and take it like a good whore. Dumb little girls like you don't know anything about what makes them feel good. 
You’re shell shocked into laying back, frightened from having such demeaning words thrown at you when you’re so vulnerable, but your body is forced to relax as moan after moan escapes past your lips as he slurps every drop of you up and you let out a high-pitched keen as he shoves his tongue deep inside of you, swirling the wet muscle around as he attempts to lap all of you up and it’s embarrassing how quickly you come undone as he noisily sucks your clit. Your body slumps onto the bed as you try to catch your breath, but you wail when Ukai’s tongue never stops moving and you know there’s going to be bruises from how hard he’s pressing against your thighs as he keeps you still despite your struggling. You beg for him to stop, to let you rest, but it falls on deaf ears and you think you might go crazy as all too soon you’re being forced to another peak and your face is a mess of snot and tears as your body convulses once again underneath him. 
You’re still twitching when a hand drags you by the roots of your hair and you sob as your head is shoved into Ukai’s crotch, pre-cum smearing all over your face as he slaps your face with his cock and it’s all you can do to open your mouth as he shoves his shaft inside of your wet hole, forcing you down and down until your nose brushes against his lower stomach and all you smell is his musky scent, all you feel is his tip pressing against the back of your throat, all you know is the discomfort of not being able to fully breathe as you’re forcefully pulled up and down his length until you’re shoved down one final time as warm liquid seeps down your tight throat. You curl in on yourself when he finally releases you, feeling used despite the lingering toe curling pleasure that’s languidly coursing through you, but when he gives you the friendly smile you’ve come to love over the months you’ve known him and genuinely praises you for being such a good girl, your heart flutters and you let him draw you into his lap as he affectionately holds you and you think that maybe it’s not so bad after all. 
But it’s the third night you slip into his room that you’ll consider the turning point in your relationship when you look back on it and the first time he takes you is everything you’ve imagined losing your virginity to be like. It’s a 180 degree difference from how he’s been the last two nights and you love it. You love how gentle he is as he sensually kisses you, you love how careful he is as he slowly sinks his cock into your tight virginal hole inch by inch, and only when you’re the one urging him to continue, begging for him to fuck you does he move his hips back and forth, showering you with praises about how beautiful you are, how good you feel, and you think you might be addicted to how right it feels when you cum, your pussy clenching around his cock, how perfect it feels to be full of him and his seed. And it’s like a switch in you has been turned on by the man on top of you as you wrap your legs around his back, forcing him to stay inside you, lewdly shaking your hips and whining for more despite the fact that you’d just climaxed and Ukai smiles at the obscene sight you make. But he only responds by gently kissing you and pulling out, making sure you’re cleaned up and taken care of despite your slutty complaints for more. And you’re left to pout as he winks and sends you back off to your shared room with the other female managers, unknowingly falling deeper and deeper into his trap. 
He doesn’t text you to come to his room for the rest of training camp and you’re practically running solely on sexual frustration by the end of the week. You wait for the breathing around you to even out at night before your hands slide down between your thighs, but it’s never enough, it’s never the same, even when you try and imagine larger, rougher hands and fingers replacing yours. Imagination can only do so much when you’ve tasted reality and you glower across the cafeteria as Ukai chats with Saeko in front of you, her chest practically bouncing in front of him as she laughs at something he says. Ukai almost wants to laugh at how predictable you are and he rests a hand casually on Saeko’s shoulder as he continues talking, making sure you take notice of the contact, take notice of the way he leans in close to Saeko’s face as he whispers something in her ear. And finally all his scheming comes to fruition as the team returns to Miyagi where he quickly shoos them all away to get some rest, keeping only you behind with him as the two of you work together to put all the equipment away and he hides the smirk that threatens to spread across his face when you practically tackle him in the storage room, grinding against him like a bitch in heat and while you bounce on his cock there on the dusty floor, you promise to be his secret cute little girlfriend, his secret fuck doll, his secret cum bucket. 
Luckily for him, you’re not the only naive little crow in Miyagi and the two of you go on unnoticed, the boys too focused on volleyball to notice anything off between the two of you, to notice the way your body’s changing, to notice how their manager is becoming nothing more than their coach’s little slut. They don’t notice the slight quiver in your voice or the slight whirring noise coming from inside of you as he increases the vibrations of the bullets inside of you. They don’t notice the way you always wear your jacket to hide your constantly aroused nipples. They don’t notice the way your thighs clench as you struggle to keep all of Ukai’s cum inside of you. And it’s so easy for Ukai to train you more and more each day after practice until just hearing his voice is enough to elicit a full body shudder, until just a touch of his fingertips against your skin is enough to have you arching into his touch, until you can’t go a day without his cock inside of you, until you’re completely and utterly his.
The two of you can barely wait for Nationals, excited to finally be able to spend entire nights after nights with each other, and it starts off perfectly. What’s not perfect about having his cock balls deep inside of you, your loud moans echoing off the hotel walls as he ruins you over and over again? But his fantasy is shattered when he turns the corner on his way to the restroom and finds you boxed against the wall by Miya Atsumu. Just seeing Atsumu touch something that belongs to him is enough to have his teeth clench, but it’s the little giggle and smile you give the blonde setter that have him seeing red and his nails dig into his clenched palms so tightly that tiny drops of crimson litter the floor underneath him as he watches you two. But the pain grounds him a bit and he continues to the restroom. He can wait until tonight, until there’s nowhere for you to run, until there’s no one to witness how he’ll tear you down and put you in your place, remind you who you belong to. 
You eagerly slip into Ukai’s bedroom, excited for another long and deliciously exhausting night, but you hesitate as you draw near where he’s seated on the bed, mouth set in a stern line, eyes glaring at you. 
“Keishin, is everything oka-”
“On your knees now.”
You immediately drop to your knees in between his spread legs, wincing at the sudden harsh contact, but you shiver as a warm hand gently rests on your cheek, a thumb caresses your cheekbone, and you instinctively lean into the touch. 
“So how long have Atsumu and you been fucking?”
Your blood goes cold at his words and you recoil from his touch, or at least you try to, but you whimper as the hand that had been so tenderly touching you swiftly moves to wrap around your neck, holding you in place, cutting off your airflow, bruising the tender skin. You desperately claw at his forearm, nails digging into his skin and leaving red scratch marks all over him, but you go limp when a sharp stinging pain echoes throughout your body and suddenly your lack of oxygen isn’t top of mind as you slowly come to terms with the lingering burn of your smarting cheek and Ukai smiles at how docile you become after a single slap. You’re still struggling to breathe, but your hands return to the top of your thighs, fingers digging into your flesh as you stare up at him with teary eyes. Cute. 
“I think you’ve forgotten who you belong to and I’m going to remind you that I’m the only man allowed in your life, allowed to touch you. Get on the bed, lay on your back, and stay still. You’re going to take everything I give you and you’re not going to fucking whine or complain.”
You take deep heaving breaths, gasping as you drink in much needed oxygen when he abruptly releases you and terror roots itself in you, driving you to lunge at the bed as you quickly follow his orders, not wanting to make him angrier than he already is. But when you’re spread out on the bed, your eyes nervously follow him as he takes a step back to light a cigarette and you take the tiny lull of his actions as he takes a drag as a chance to plead and reason with him, to explain yourself. 
“Keishin, I swear I never let Atsumu do anything other than flirt with me. Please, you have to believe me. I only love you. You’re the only man who’s ever touched me.” 
You hold your breath as Ukai slowly turns his head to look at you, blowing smoke from his lips as he regards you and you sigh in relief when he smiles as he slowly walks towards you, cigarette still in hand. And you lace your arms around his neck as he hovers over you, only to try to shove him away from you as an agonized scream is wrenched from your throat as he digs and rubs the burning end of his cigarette into your inner thigh. But he’s too big, too strong, and he doesn’t even budge an inch as he just shushes you, affectionately capturing your lips with his as he continues grinding the burning stick into you until there’s no more heat, and an aching soaring pain thrums from the spot. You’re sniffling, fat drops of tears running from the corners of your eyes when he finally pulls back and he smirks in satisfaction at the circular brand he’s left on you, practically folding you in half as he raises your leg enough so that you can also admire the semi-permanent mark he’s left on you and you just sob harder at the horrifying sight of burnt, marred skin. 
“That’s what you get for being a little whore. You really thought it was okay to let another man even flirt with you? To think that they even have a chance with you? Well, I guess now you really won’t be letting Atsumu anywhere near your tight cunt. I wonder what he’d think of you when he sees that you’re already a used and owned slut. Actually, maybe I should make it even clear.”
Your body flails at those words, already dreading more excruciating pain, but you slightly pause when you see him set his cigarette aside, reaching over to grab the marker he uses to draw out game strategies for the boys instead. You hesitantly lay back on the bed as he uncaps the marker and you nervously bite your bottom lip as the tip of the marker dances across your entire torso in decisive strokes, but it’s the sudden flash of a camera that has you alert again. You cower at the dark tinge to the hungry look in his eyes as he stares at the picture he took, but after being so thoroughly corrupted by the older man on top of you, you can’t help the way your thighs clench and your pussy dampens at the image on his screen as he turns his phone towards you. Your face is a mess, tears, snot, and drool glistening in the dim light, but it’s the large black words scrawled on your naked torso, above your branded inner thigh, that has your heart racing. 
Ukai’s Little Slut 
A tiny part of you understands how incriminating this photo is, how you’d die of shame if this ever got leaked to your fellow third-years, but the larger part of you, the part of you that’s had lessons ingrained into it every day, takes twisted pride in the possessive claim and Ukai smiles at your lust blown pupils. You don’t know how many rounds the two of you have gone, how many times he’s had your body falling apart on his cock, his mouth, his fingers, how many loads of sticky white fluids he’s left inside of you and on you, how many positions he’s forced your body into. Your mind can’t wrap itself around anything through the dizzying pleasure your body is drowning in and your dumb fucked-silly face only has Ukai working himself into more of a frenzy as he greedily wonders how much wider your mouth can open, how much more your eyes can roll back into your head, how much louder he can make you moan and scream. And only when he’s absolutely exhausted, heavily panting, sweat dripping down the sides of his face does he let your spent body heavily drop onto the bed, enjoying how your body twitches on the rumpled bed sheets, how broken little cries still trickle out of your mouth, how your now loosened pussy convulses around the seemingly endless stream of cum that’s starting to trickle down your thigh. 
An idea forms in his head as he watches the dripping fluids and you whimper as he finger fucks his cum back into your cunt, quickly pulling your panties back on and up you, forcing you to stay full with the sloshing liquid in your stomach. You’re still out of it as he devours the sight of you covered in his seed, a layer of sticky white coating and hardening on your breasts, the crude words still clearly displayed on your abdomen, black, blue, purple, and red bite marks and hickies decorating any other remaining inch of your skin, your new burn only accentuating your debauched image. But you try to rouse yourself back to reality as he lightly slaps your face until your eyes fixate on him. 
“You’re not allowed to wash any of this off. When you go back to your room, I want you to sleep in this filthy mess you got yourself into. I don’t care how uncomfortable it is, how dirty you feel. You’re going to be a good girl and all day tomorrow, you’re going to keep on being a helpful manager even with a stomach full of my cum. When you come back to my room tomorrow night, I better see everything just as it is right now. You like that idea, right? You like being my dirty cum bucket, my little used toy? I wonder if Atsumu would even want to look at you if he saw you covered in cum, branded and marked like fucking livestock? Should we show him tomorrow?”
You flinch at the idea of anyone else seeing you in this state and you rapidly shake your head from side to side, weak pleas and promises spilling from your lips.
“No, I’ll be your good girl. Please don’t let anyone else see me like this. Only for you. Always only for you.”
And how can Ukai’s heart not melt at the sight of you being so good, so adorable, so submissive? 
“Such a good girl. I love you, you know that right? I love you so much.”   
And how can you resist the way your heart warms at those words?
“I love you too, Keishin.”
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bunnykawa · a year ago
don’t ignore me (kageyama x f. reader)
summary: Kageyama and you were together for a long time, but he became too much for you. You thought breaking up with him was enough to get away. Turns out you were wrong.
A/N: hi. idk what this is i got bored and wanted to try writing something. anyway this is my first time posting so sorry if it’s shit ahaha. i’m illiterate oops
warnings: 18+, yandere-ish vibes, abuse, noncon/dubcon/rape, choking, brief mentions of stalking, restraints, slight manipulation, kageyama is just mean and abusive sorry
You really missed the comfort of the bed sheets in your new home.
Kageyama paced silently across the floor of your formerly shared bedroom. It was late at night. He was getting restless as he constantly glanced at you sitting in silence on the bed. Your eyes were visibly zoned out, your gaze fixed on an empty corner in the room.
The desire to knock his teeth out and run back home was growing stronger, but you knew your strength was nothing compared to his and it was basically impossible with your situation right now.
"(Y/N)," he finally spoke. His voice strained itself trying to catch your attention. You stayed still, stuck in the same position you've been in for the past few hours with your legs hanging off the bed. You remembered when you used to love the way he said your name, but that was before he changed. You felt him approach you, causing you to flinch so terribly. He's always been bigger and stronger than you. It was a constant reminder back then, and it's a painful reminder by the zip tie cutting into your wrists that were forcibly restraining your arms behind your back, courtesy of Kageyama.
"(Y/N), please talk to me," he begged.
You don't bother to respond. 
When you had first met Kageyama, he was completely different. Although a little awkward and somewhat antisocial when it came to you, you found it quite endearing. Most days were spent spectating his volleyball practices and matches after school and arguing on what drink is the best to buy from the vending machine.He would even walk you home. Although you never ever told him your address, he somehow led the way to your house the first time he walked you home. 
You found yourself being more and more attracted to the dark-haired volleyball boy as time went on. All throughout high school, you would have said you were in love with him.
Then you two started officially dating.
You thought he was a little overprotective. He seemed to have a terrible temper. He just seemed...entirely different. The once aloof boy suddenly became super clingy. You were together everyday and when you weren't, he was constantly texting you or calling you. When he was angry, it felt like the whole world would end because somehow it was never his fault. Sometimes he became violent with you just to hold you when you cried. Your friends stopped talking to you all of a sudden. You lost contact with your family because Kageyama believed that they would take you away from him. He would get jealous of anyone and everyone that tried to get close to you. You only needed him.
"Look at me."
So, you broke up with him. You finally felt free after his presence overwhelmed your senses for years. You could finally breathe. Kageyama would no longer be there to pester you or scare you. You could finally make friends and go out as you pleased!
Except he kept pestering you. The calls and texts never stopped. The new friends you would make would suddenly start avoiding you, too. Sometimes you would even dream about his hands around your neck. You weren't sure if you were becoming paranoid or not, but you always felt like he was watching you from afar. One thing about Kageyama that really stuck out to you was that he absolutely hated being ignored.
"I brought you here so you would stop fucking ignoring me!"
You yelped in fear as he forced your body down on the bed with his clammy hands wrapped around your neck. You were forced to stare into his dark blue eyes that sent a chill down your spine, knocking you out of your thoughts. You shift uncomfortably because now you were squishing your hands behind your back. He was holding in his anger for too long. The frustration of not knowing what you were doing at all times of the day hurt him in a way he never thought was possible.
Your legs were spread open with his torso between them. If your hands were free, you know for sure you'd be grabbing at his iron grip for release.
"Don't ignore me! I just want you to speak to me again, (Y/N)," he hissed, "I want to hear you say you love me again."
But you don't love him. The words flashed in your mind over and over again. I don't love you anymore. You pressed your quivering lips together to silence yourself, staring up at him with wide and tearful eyes only to avert your gaze to somewhere else. The longer you drew out the silence, the more he felt his blood boiling. You need to love me, he screamed on the inside. We were meant to be together!
"Fucking pay attention to me, dammit!" he yelled, squeezing your throat a little tighter. You begin to panic. You try to kick him but your legs are restrained by his stronger ones. You just wanted to be somewhere far away. You left him for a reason, but he just dragged you back to your old apartment against your will.
And Kageyama couldn't help the fact that his dick hardened against your luscious thighs at the sight of your struggle.
Then he kisses you. Hard and heavy. The grip on your throat was weakened enough to let you gasp silently for air. Both of your lips forcefully molded together because of how he held onto you. No matter how much you don't want to kiss him, you have no choice. He finally lets go of your throat, only to grip harshly onto your thighs. You pull away from the kiss to inhale a deep breath that you desperately needed. You sniffled away your snot as you began to cry.
"Why the hell did you even bring me here?" you blubbered through your tears.
“Because we’re not finished! You weren’t supposed to fucking leave me,” he growled through clenched teeth. Kageyama looked down at your crying face in disdain, but also with a new fire igniting behind his eyes as well as in his groin. He hated seeing you cry, but he also loved seeing you like this. The battle in his head of whether or not he should comfort you is fully overtaken by the fact that he was so upset because of you leaving him.
He ignores your cries as he lifts up the ends of the oversized shirt you wore with one of his hands. He smiled a little at your usual pajamas; a big shirt and cotton panties. Just like how you used to sleep with him.
You shift uncomfortably at the small smile on his face. “There’s nothing to finish. We’re over with. You need to understand that!”
"You've been ignoring me," he mutters, “How can I understand if you won’t even reply to any of my messages or calls?” You felt so exposed and vulnerable. Whatever he wanted to do, he could do it to you.
“You already know why I left." Your voice was so hoarse. "I have a reason for everything." He grabbed onto your throat again with one hand while the other hand sneaked below your vision to remove your panties, exposing your cunt to the cold air of the room. The shiver that moves throughout you makes your face hot with embarrassment.
"Don't you know how much I love you?" His question almost distracts you from the way his two fingers suddenly started dancing on your clit dangerously.
"Do you even care at all? I haven't stopped thinking about you ever since you left me here alone," he says with a quiver in his tone. It hurt entering the apartment to find your things missing and having to sleep alone that first night.
He rubbed over your slit, hoping to elicit a physical reaction out of you. He missed how soft your skin felt beneath him. Especially how you shook beneath him just from his small touches. He dips his fingers into your entrance. Although you weren't as wet as he wanted, he didn't hesitate to push them further into you.
"Kageyama," you gasped in horror. You cringed when he started to move his fingers in and out of you. You were angry, scared, upset, and unbelievably uncomfortable, but you didn't have the strength to stop him from assaulting your insides when your hands were stuck behind your back. You cried again, "What the fuck is wrong with you?"
He kisses you again. "It's okay, baby," he whispers against your lips, "It'll feel good. I promise."
"I don't want to."
"You don't know that." His fingers move in a way that makes your whole body crumble beneath him. He always knew how to please you. Your hips begin to wiggle and you hate how much it starts to feel good. You let out a moan that makes him smile. It makes you feel guilty for even seeming like you enjoy his palm crashing down on your clit carelessly and his fingers filling you up roughly when he's just forcing your body to react. "You don't know what you want. If you're not with me, then who will take care of you like I do?"
"I-I..." you stutter. Was he right? Who was going to take care of you? It has even been a struggle since you left him, but no. It was always suffocating being with him. Even feeling his long fingers inside you wasn't enough to distract you.
He removes his hand from your throat just to pull his own pants down. His hard length springs out and hits your thigh. "You're so wet already, too," he hums in satisfaction, "I'm here, baby. It's okay. Me and you are forever." You writhe from beneath him, feeling as if you were about to explode. You desperately try to escape his fingers by jerking away, but he catches you every single time.
As if to piss you off even further, he says, "I'm not mad at you. It's okay now." As if you were the problem in the first place.
"No," you spit at him, "You're being fucking crazy. It's not my fault." It was impossible to see him clearly through your tears. He positions his cock behind his fingers that were inside you. His gaze was so sharp as he stared down at you. He loves you yet you couldn't understand how he only expressed his love this way. 
He removes his fingers and places himself at your entrance. The view of your tear-stained cheeks and trembling thighs were so beautiful to him. He moves your legs up against your chest so he can see more of you.
"Let me go!" you scream. Something connects with your cheek. Then your head whips to the side and your head starts pounding. One side of your face swiftly becomes hot with pain. The sharp smacking noise echoes around the room from how hard Kageyama slapped you.
"Shhh, if you struggle then it'll hurt more. I'm trying to show you how much I love you."
And before you know it, he's filling up your cunt with his thick cock in one swift thrust. Another scream erupts from your bruised throat as he begins to thrust into you harshly. He grabs the sides of your face so you're forced to lock eyes with him. You feel him slide in and out of you, leaving a burning feeling in your walls. Gasps are forced out of your mouth from the force of his thrusts.
You wish you were somewhere else. Or someone else. Just not in this situation where Kageyama would be in full control of what could happen to you.
But you were so warm and your insides were so pink that he couldn't stop himself anymore. So pretty, he thought. How could he allow anyone else to handle you like this? Of course, you looked the best when you were only underneath him.
Kageyama's face is contorted in absolute pleasure. He's always wanted full control of you ever since he first met you. Seeing you with your pussy unwillingly spread open from his hard cock and your legs pressed against your chest so deliciously makes him feel so powerful. This is how it should always be. There's no way you'll leave him now. Not when he's splitting you open raw.
"Baby, you're okay," he cooed in a gentle voice, although it's useless to even attempt to comfort you. "You like it, don't you?"
Nothing left your lips except for gasps and throaty moans. The way he spoke to you made your chest hurt, but it was also leaving a burning feeling in your lower abdomen that messed with your head. You couldn't believe yourself. Why does it feel so good? Why is the one man that you hate the most fucking you in the most appetizing way? He lets go of your face to hold onto the bottoms of your thighs.
"Answer me," he demands. You began to cry out from the pain and pleasure of his forceful fucking. He's doing this because he loves you? Because he's the only one you'll ever need? He presses his forehead against yours.
"You love it when I fuck you like this, right?" he whispers gently against your lips. For a second, your focus entirely shifts to the feeling of him filling you up so roughly.
You were confused, but you couldn't stop your hips from trying so desperately to meet his with every thrust he made into your wet core.
"Kageyama," you tried to plead. You couldn't stop yourself from moaning out his name in bliss as he continued to move against you. It was impossible to stop the pleasure from building up inside of your core. You weren't even sure if you wanted him to stop anymore. That's what hurt you even more. Do you even know yourself?
"Tell me." He begins to rub your clit in desperate circles, making you arch your back in response. You feel your eyes roll to the back of your head as the pleasure engulfs you. In the back of your mind, you're screaming no. The man you were trying to escape is making you feel good. He was making you feel dirty. So fucking dirty. 
But you didn't even realize that you weren't crying from the pain anymore. You even ignored the soreness in your wrists from the zip ties. You were a moaning mess beneath Kageyama's athletic build. He grinned as your body responded wildly to him. It felt like he was claiming you as his again.
It was rewarding seeing you beneath him again.
"Mine," he hissed in pleasure, "You're all mine." He was in a euphoric state from the thought of you even being in the same room as him and responding to him. But the fact that he was actually forcing his hard length into your aching wetness right now was the best feeling in the fucking world.
"I missed you so much, (Y/N)." The tightening of your slick cunt around him made him groan.
You were disgusted with yourself. "Please don't stop," you gasp. Kageyama continued to drill into you in happiness. He knows you love how he's abusing your cunt and disrespecting you, but he was also thinking about how he could love you so much more after he made you his again. It makes him even more excited.
He suddenly started thrusting into you harder, the impact of his hips jerking you away from him briefly only to bring you back to him just as quick. A scream erupted from your throat as you went cross-eyed from how Kageyama was beating your pussy raw. He leans down towards you once more.
"Don’t ignore me ever again. Tell me you'll stay with me. Tell me you still love me," he whispers with an evil smile.
I don't love you anymore is what you wish you could say, but with your head clouded with guilty pleasure and your legs shaking from how good it feels when he's tearing you apart from your cunt, the only words you could manage to breathe from between swollen lips were "I still love you."
Kageyama couldn't have been happier.
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tomurasprincess · a year ago
Deceptive (Shindou Yo x Reader)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Shindou Yo x Reader Warnings: noncon, blackmail, stalking, manipulation, overstimulation, yandere Word Count: 2.5k Note: A yandere prompt getting away from me again? Perish the thought! At least I have a good reason for this one though, as it’s Shindou’s birthday. 
You really hate Shindou Yo. You had decided this shortly after meeting him, in fact. He is cocky, a flirt who seems to think every woman he meets should throw themselves at his feet in adoration.
Even worse was the utter fakeness about him that you instantly saw through. His nice guy persona was just that, a persona. Something he put on to hide the true man underneath. You resent the fact that you’re the only one who seems to notice it, the only one who is wary around him.
Shindou knows it, too. His eyes turned calculating when you first met him, instantly sensing that you didn’t buy the act he put on. After that, he made it his mission to win you over, one way or the other. He followed you around to force you into talking to him, gave you expensive gifts, asked you out on dates.
But the more you refused him, the harder he pursued you, like a fly that refused to be swatted. You started trying to avoid him completely, but it was hard to avoid someone who works at the same hero agency as you do.
You suspect he was the one responsible for some of your usual patrols getting switched around so that you would be forced to pair up with him. And with him being a higher ranked hero than you are, you had no choice but to go along with it without complaint.
That led to your current situation, hiding out with Shindou in some abandoned warehouse while you wait for a meeting between several troublesome villains.
“We’ve been waiting for so long,” you sigh for what feels like the hundredth time. “I don’t think these villains are going to show.”
“So impatient, sweetheart,” he laughs. “Don’t worry, it will be worth our time.”
“I don’t even know why they have us waiting for these guys.” You roll your eyes. “They’re small fry, not anyone higher level pro heroes like us should be chasing down.”
Shindou smiles as if you just told a good joke. “Oh, that’s because you’re exactly right.”
You glance at him sharply. “What the hell do you mean?”
“You heard me. Those villains are being taken care of by interns in another location.”
Alarm bells begin to ring in your ears. “Then why are we waiting here,” you ask cautiously.
“You’ve been avoiding me the past few weeks.” He grins, and it’s not the fake smile of the cheerful nice guy that the media knows him as. It’s the true smile of Shindou Yo, the darkness peering through that you knew was there. “I don’t like to be ignored.”
“What the hell - you made this up to get me alone?” Your voice rises in anger as you glare at him, but he simply gives you his signature infuriating smirk.
“That is fucked up!” You abruptly stand up and move to leave. “I’m going to report this, and then I’ll never have to deal with you again.” Before you can take two steps away from him, you feel him grab your ankle and activate his quirk.
You let out a choked gasp, your knees buckling and collapsing at the strength of the vibrations coursing through your leg. Before you can hit the ground, Shindou catches you and forces you down face first onto the cold, dirty concrete floor. “Oh, that’s sure as hell not going to happen, sweetheart.”
“Let me go, you piece of shit,” you hiss as you kick your legs out to try and gain leverage. He simply presses himself harder against your back, holding you in place with sheer brute force. He is so much bigger than you are and he has you in an awkward position to fight back. You can’t even hope to use your quirk in this situation, and he must know that.
“You think I don’t notice how much you want me?” He grinds his hips into your ass, and you can already feel the considerable bulge in his hero suit. “You’re just playing hard to get.”
“No I’m not, you fucking creep,” you try to slam your head back into him to loosen his grasp, but he anticipates this and activates his quirk again.
The vibrations course through your whole body this time, causing a scream to rip out of you as you feel weakness overtake your body. You drop limply in his grasp, gasping in exertion.
He gives you a malicious chuckle. “Be a good girl and I’ll make you feel good.” As he says this, his hands run up and down your sides, caressing and stroking your skin through your clothes.  
He knots his fingers into your hair as he pulls your back into an arch so that he can plant hot, open mouthed kisses down your neck. You whimper and try to squirm away, but you only succeed in grinding your ass harder against Shindou’s erection, causing a groan to slip from his mouth.
“Fuck, just keep doing that.” You feel him lift himself off of you just enough to rip your hero suit right down the middle like it was nothing but paper. Before you can even move away, he lifts your hips up to put you fully on your hands and knees, head still pressed against the floor.
He works your clothes all the way off of you before slipping down your panties to expose your heated core. “God, you have such a pretty pussy, sweetheart.” He reaches down to spread your lips open for him. “I can’t wait to be inside of you.”
You let out an embarrassed whine, your cheeks burning with shame as he looks at your bare pussy. You try to close your legs, only for him to force them back open with a chuckle. “So shy, baby~ You shouldn’t be so shy, you’re my perfect Angel.”
You hear a sudden buzzing behind you, and you try to lift your head up to see what he’s doing, only for him to grab your head and force it back down. “Or you will be once I get done with you,” he snickers darkly.
He strokes a single finger down the length of your folds, gathering your wetness on his finger and using it to stroke tight circles around your clit. “I knew you wanted this. You’re so fucking wet, and I haven’t even started.” He leans down to start kissing and licking down your back, forcing a shudder out of you.
“Please no, I don’t want this,” you whimper, as you try to get him to turn away from the path he’s decided to take. “Just stop and I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”
“You sound so fuckin’ cute when you beg,” he chuckled. “Makes me want to hear it more often.”
He activates his quirk with two fingers directly on your clit, and you let out a wanton moan at the feeling that only gets louder as the pulses get more intense. You gasp and try to buck away from the sudden intensity of it, but he refuses to let you move. You’re horrified to feel the pleasure building up inside of you, the realization that you’re going to cum so quickly from his fingers alone.
You struggle with yourself, trying to will yourself not to, but these thoughts fly from your head in favor of pure sensation as he slips two fingers inside of you suddenly. You gasp and tremble as your orgasm crests over you, walls clenching around his fingers.
“Oh, good fucking girl, cum all over my fingers,” he praises you as his fingers curl up against your walls and begin to vibrate against a spot inside of you that you’ve never even touched yourself. When he realizes that he found the right spot, he abuses it relentlessly, pressing his fingers hard against it as his other hand continues to stroke and vibrate against your clit.
You feel yourself rapidly coming undone again, the pressure inside of you building and building while you try and resist the sudden urge to pee. “Stop stop stop, it feels so weird,” you whine as you begin to squirm at the unfamiliar sensation.
“Yeah? Just let it happen, sweetheart,” he coos at you as he scrapes your walls at just the right angle. You squeal as you’re pushed over the edge, cunt clenching down as you feel fluids gushing out of you and onto Shindou’s arm and chest. Your head falls back as you pant and try to catch your breath.
“I - I’ve never,” you begin to say before you trail off mid sentence, unsure how to finish.
“So I was the first to make you squirt, huh?” He gives you a cocky smirk, obviously enjoying the fact that he forced you into it. “Fucking hell, that’s so hot.”
“Please, you’ve had your fun,” you whisper as a tear runs down your face. “Just let me go now.”
“I’ve had my fun?” His face looks incredulous. “I made you cum twice, once so hard that you squirted.  You mean to tell me you don’t think you should take care of me, too?” His voice sounds so reasonable, so genuinely questioning that you almost agree before you come to your senses.
“No! I don’t want this,” you protest loudly, “I don’t want any of this!”
“Well too fucking bad,” he growls. “Maybe you should have thought about that before you were a spoiled fucking princess.”
You hear his clothes rustling as he unzips his pants, and you shiver in a mixture of anticipation and fear. You’re still trembling from the aftershocks of your intense orgasm, feeling wrung out and tired already and he’s not even inside of you.
You feel his cock prod at your entrance, and you shoot a quick glance behind you, this time with him allowing you to. You glance between his legs, and your eyes widen and your cunt clenches at the sight behind you.
Shindou is a big man, and it makes sense that his cock would be equally large. But you were not anticipating just how large. He’s both thick and long, with a prominent vein running all the way down his length that has you licking your lips.
He languidly pumps his cock in his fist as his smirk widens to see you openly staring. He gathers the precum leaking from the tip of his cock and uses it to stroke up and down his length. “Like what you see?”
“N-n no,” you whisper hotly, although your voice trembles at the denial. Despite everything, your skin feels like it’s on fire despite the coldness of the warehouse you’re in and your pussy is throbbing with the need to be filled.
“You’re such a terrible liar,” he laughs as he begins to push inside of you. Your cunt is dripping from your previous orgasms, but it’s still not enough to stop the burn of him stretching you out. Your walls tighten around his cock as it tries to force his cock back out.
You pant and moan as you feel him sliding inside of you inch by inch, the veins on his cock pressing against your slick walls and causing you to go insane with wanting more of him. You let out a loud whine when he finally bottoms out inside of you, barely stopping yourself from grinding back into him.
You don’t think you have ever felt this full, this stretched out. Until he begins to move. Your breathless gasps and moans fill the warehouse, along with the wet sounds of his balls smacking into your clit with every thrust.
“You take my cock so well, sweetheart.” He grabs hold of your hips to pull you back towards him in time with his thrusts, and you just know you’re going to be bruised once he’s done. You barely stop your whimper, and you feel rather than hear the rumble of his laughter.
“Oh, you like it when I praise you, huh?” This time you don’t stop your whimper at his words as you clench down around his length. “Of course you do, you’re such a good girl for me.”
Everything feels so good that your head feels like it’s spinning. You feel waves of pleasure building up to what feels like another powerful orgasm.
“Please, oh fuck,” you hiss under your breath.
“What was that, sweetheart? Speak up, I can’t hear you.” Shindou’s voice comes out cocky, and you know if you could see him he’d be wearing that infuriating smirk.
“Please, I need - “
He reaches around to stroke your clit gently, but not enough to give you any real friction. The need to cum is almost painful now. “Yeah? What do you need?”
You finally throw your shame out the window. “I need to cum! Please let me cum!”
“Say my name, sweetheart, and I’ll let you.”
“Please, Shindou - “
He tsks. “Not that name.” He puts a bit more pressure on your throbbing clit, barely activating his quirk before instantly deactivating it again.  
“Yo, please let me cum!” You let out a choked sob.
The sudden strong pulsing against your clit has you seeing stars, the waves of pleasure finally peaking as you come undone around his cock. Your fluttering walls has him groaning as he finds his own end, hot ropes of cum coating your insides. He stays inside of you until he fully empties himself inside of you before pulling out.
You suddenly hear the click of a shutter, and panic flows through you and turns your veins to ice. You sit up quickly to see him taking pictures of his cum sliding out of your cunt.
“What, I wanted something to remember this by,” he grins, that easy going grin that has everyone fooled. But then that grin turns darker, sharper. “And I also wanted something to keep you in line.”
Your heart drops into your stomach at his words as you realize the implications of what he’s saying.
“Here’s what’s going to happen, sweetheart. You’re going to continue to work with me as my official sidekick. You’re going to do what I say, when I say it, or these pictures are going to end up everywhere.”
You tremble when you think about the damage those pictures could do to your reputation as a hero. You gently nod at his words.
“I want to hear you promise me.”
With tears sliding down your face, you say the damning words. “I promise, Yo.”
“Good, glad you agree! I think this is going to make a wonderful partnership.” He gives you a cheerful smile. “After all, we work so well together, don’t you think?”
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Hcs for how shiggy, Dabi, tamaki, kirishima, and bakugou react to them breaking the bed lol
Of course!
Bed breaking 🍒 🎂
Contents: Yandere!Shigaraki, Yandere!Dabi, Yandere!Tamaki, yandere!Kirishima and Yandere!Bakugou reacting to breaking the bed during the act
Tumblr media
Dabi isn’t the roughest one of the bunch while fucking (that goes to Katsuki) but god does he thrust HARD. Even if he doesn’t mean it you’ll end up a little bruised and sore by the end of the night.
So lets set the scene, you’re going at it. Moaning his name, him grunting and his dick thrusting in and out of you. And just as you’re about to cum you hear a small ‘crack’ and suddenly you’re falling.
He catches your head before you can hit it and the bed is now creaky and unsteady. And as much as he wants to continue fucking you he can’t with that bed.
So he sighs heavily, before mumbling curses under his breath as he crawls off you. He gets off the bed “you alright, doll?” he asks before checking what the fuck happened.
And when he sees that the bed is broken his face reflects the most smug smirk you have ever seen. 
“Seems like I was fucking you so good the bed decided to break” he says as he presses a kiss to your forehead and helps you get up.
Now after you’re both dressed he gets the mattress out of the bed support thingy and leaves you sitting there. You’ll be sleeping there for a while until he can get another one.
It was his fault the bed broke tbh.
He’s just so brutal while fucking you??? Your hole will ache after a steamy session whether you want it or not. He thrusts so fast and so fucking hard you’re pretty sure he’s testing how much he can ravage your cervix before it gets bruised.
So don’t be surprised when the bed breaks by the amount of force he is putting in there. He catches your head before it hits the wall or the mattress and this piece of shit continues fucking you.
“Piece of shit broke, guess it couldn’t handle me. But I know you can, right baby?” He says with a steady grip on your body, you cum so hard you see stars and then you have to face reality.
“This was expensive, Katsuki”
“I fucking know that, let me handle this” he says with a blush while he wonders if he should go himself buy a new bed support thingy or just order it online.
He’s to prideful, so online it is.
At least the mattress is soft enough you’ll sleep nicely :)
My precious boy tries so hard to be gentle with you, but he’s rough by nature so please don’t be hard on him when he breaks the bed.
He blushes so hard while he’s thrusting in and out of you with force. He groans and grunts under his breath how good you are for him. And when the bed breaks and you both loose balance he accidentally goes unbreakable and falls to the ground :(((
“Ah shit! You alright, y/n? Didn’t get hurt right?” he asks with a little smirk on his face, this just proved how strong he is and that honestly made you a little aroused.
Such a softie, will get the mattress off without even moving you and then finish his business without a worry in the world <3
Shiggy boy probably did it by accident, sometimes his quirk just becomes a bother.
He dusts one of the bed posts by accident, he couldn’t help it when you were squeezing his big fat cock like that with your insides, so this is absolutely your fault >:(
But that won’t stop him of milking his cock with your insides, he grunts curses under his breath and that anger and frustration just becomes fuel for him to fuck you harder and faster.
In the end, you’ll just end up sleeping on the ground with a single white bedsheet while he orders his underlings to get him a new bed
“This is your fault, y/n”
“W-what?! How?!”
“It just is, so shut up and sleep”
Blushes hard, but fucks you harder hehe
He is honestly surprised when the bed breaks, is he thrusting that hard? Is he that strong?
Just stops fucking you because he is almost fainting, you have to reassure him that its fine, this things happen.
He just keeps apologizing while he helps you get dressed and is so flustered about the whole situation.
He will go himself to buy a new bed support, just because he can’t have his partner sleeping on a mattress :(
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoy this, hehe
Have a great day/Night
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