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Holy shit!!! Ive had TUMBLR a week an half

And im 1. Away from 800 followers! 😂😂 hell yeah. Thank yall for the SPUNLOVE!! and follows. And to my snapchat ppls that keep me entertained on the daily lol. Xoxoxox much love yall💝🔥😘


Snapchat: Booboocandi85

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Been doing some mural work on my ole mans, pops screen porch. Man caving it up a bit with his favorite team the FLORIDA SEMINOLES!! Heres a bit of what ive been doing and sharing with my snap followers. Add me be apart of my spun snap fun lmfao


Add me :)

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Two drawings ive done this tattoo ideas also..the crab drawing is for the Cancer astrology sign. Dragonfly represents my mother who passed away when i was 18 and she was 36 :( been trying to get back into my art more. Helps keep me outta my head. If you got any art photos you’ve done please share!!!

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