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caemidraws · a month ago
Tumblr media
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new-anon · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
thank you to @cacodaemonia for commissioning!
I’m still so stunned to be known by such an exceptional artist,, Please go follow and support Caco’s art— their work is just stunning!!
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nozomiasl · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Manjiro Sano x fem! Reader x Chrollo Lucilfer
Genre: NSFW - dark content (MDNI!!!)
Warnings: (TW) Blood. (TW) Gun play. (TW) Knife play. (TW) Physical Violence (a bit). (TW) Filming. (TW) Threats. (TW) Mind break. (TW) Dubcon. (TW) Noncon (slightly). Vaginal penetration. Blowjob. Cunnilingus. Degradation. Choking. Overstimulation.
A/N: This is my first dc post, I honestly hope that I tagged it correctly. Minors do not interact. By clicking the Keep reading you consent to read my post. Last but not least, English isn't my first language. Rien que pour toi @mils-choi ♡🤭
Synopsis: you just wanted to steal a piece of art and here you are; getting fucked by the two leaders of Japan's most dangerous organizations.
wc: ~4,570
Tumblr media
Your mission was the easiest: Steal an artwork at the annual auctions of Tokyo. The event gathered the wealthiest families, politicians, and… you. You were the second in command of the third most dangerous organization of Japan, and you had one target, the infamous French painting sold tonight.
The plan was simple, you would have to access the hidden room where all the articles were lying and find the painting. For now however, you had to stay on the low, sit on a chair at the very back of the room. Everything was going well until the main doors opened, letting two men inside. Eyes rolling at their sight, you cursed lowly. Here they were, Manjiro Sano and Chrollo Lucilfer, two leaders of criminal organizations. But not any organizations, the worst in Japan. Bonten was the first while the Phantom Troupe was the second, and yours was the third.
You weren’t scared of them; you despised them. The two walked in the room like they owned it, and you hated that. Long story short, they hated you too. Always mingled with their business, always here to disturb their peace. You were like a fox, and your main talents were stealing and killing.
You used to be a mercenary; you met your boss like that. Your mission was to kill him, but in the end, he took a liking to you and offered you a job. It was well-paid, and you didn’t have to worry about safety anymore.
Back to Lucilfer and Sano, you knew who they really were. Devils hidden behind smiles and expensive colognes and rich suits. Women fell like flies in front of them, and you understood why. They were hot as hell. They were fascinating, faces mesmerising you. Sharing the same hairstyle, long locks slicked back, one was blond, the other brunette. You would have to be careful, they were extremely dangerous. As the auctions went on and on, you kept an attentive eye on the duo. You assumed they were here for the same reason as you were, stealing something. If you were lucky, they wouldn’t want the French painting. However, if they did…
The last article was being presented, and it was your target. Not too big, perfect for the bag you’ve taken with you. Slipping discreetly out of the room, you turned on your headset.
“Daisuke, give me the location. I’m out and ready to proceed with the robbery”
“Good to know that Y/N. You’ll have to be careful; guards are all over the place. But then again, I’m not worried about you”
Laughing at his remark, you turned to the direction he was giving you, stopping when someone was passing by. You made a perfect duo, and the hacker was skilled at that kind of thing. He was your eyes. High heels clicking on the luxurious floor tile, you rearranged your long red dress. Patting the hidden gun resting on your thigh strap, you smiled sweetly at the people you met on your way.
“Turn to your left and you’ll be met with two guards.”
Humming, you did as Daisuke said, and passing a hand through your shining hair, you spotted the two.
Only two guards for all these expensive objects…? An easy task for someone like you.
“The cameras are deactivated. Have your fun doll”
Smirking at Daisuke’s comment, you approached the two.
“Good evening, misters, where is the nearest bathroom please?”
They had a cold look on their faces, but they would soon be put in eternal sleep anyway.
Only pointing the direction, they went back to their previous position. Cocking an eyebrow at them, you pouted.
“Not very nice. Guess bad boys like you have to be punished yeah?”
Swiftly pulling out your daggers, you sliced their throats open, blood gushing profusely from it and splattering your face. Opening the door quickly you let their bodies fall into the room. The items presented were all counterfeits, and the real ones were right here, in front of you. Spotting easily the one you came for, you inserted it into your bag.
“And what do we have here? Our very own vixen”
Your guns were directly aiming at them, they didn’t have time to replicate.
“My dears, I advise you to back off if you want to see the light again”
Here they were, Manjiro and Chrollo. You expected them to show their faces at some point, but not that soon. Both raising their hands in defeat, while still grinning widely, they had their eyes focused on you.
“We’re gonna switch our positions yeah? But do it slowly, I won’t hesitate to shoot”
“We know you will.”
Chrollo had a relaxed smile while replying. Few seconds later, you were finally near the door while they were at your previous place.
“Don’t try anything funny”
“You could just say you want our cocks we won’t refuse it to you you know?”
Rolling your eyes at Manjiro’s answer, you opened the metallic door and went outside.
“No worries though, we’ll get you at some point!”
Sano’s last words rang in your ears while you hurriedly locked the door with the key you found on the guard’s body.
That was one of the many reasons why you hated them. The two were heavily flirting with you each and every time you met, but you knew it was all a facade. Chrollo was a sadistic man, known to torture his sexual partners, while Manjiro loved dominating. Bondage, knives and guns play… all these things apparently helped him reach the euphoric feeling. Many were the women saying how they thought they would die by their hands while having sex with them.
Finally heading to the outside, you caught a glimpse of your subordinates car. Good, they were right on time.
“Hop on y/n!”
And that’s how the night and your mission finished. Successful, as always. You’ve never known defeat, you were the best of your kind. People called you cocky, but why would the use be lying ?
 Months have passed, you went around Japan, killing some people, torturing others. You had your fun, your bank account was full. You had one last mission before finally taking a break. Another hidden talent of yours, you were the sniper of your organization. Tonight was dedicated to an underground gala, where all the worst criminal organizations would meet up. Your boss would be here, as would Sano and Lucilfer. You were so satisfied with your role. You would have to eliminate two targets, none other than them.
 Wearing your black outfit, the one specially designed for this kind of missions, you were currently making your way through the disused building, trying to find the perfect spot to shoot them right in their head. You wouldn’t have a second chance. Your boss made it very clear.
Reaching the fourth floor, you stood in front of the huge windows, giving an impressively good view of the gala hosted at Bonten’s building.
Taking your binoculars and adjusting the zoom, you lay flat on your stomach, checking the scope of your sniper rifle. Smirking at the targets, you stood up again. The site where you were now was perfect for your mission. Just one last thing needed to be done though. Kicking the glass forcefully with your boot, you shivered as the cold winter air engulfed the room. Glass was something that pissed you off, as a sniper. It added difficulties and a possible deviation of the bullet. Cracking your knuckles, your neck and your arms, you repositioned yourself on the cold floor.
The gala has started for an hour, and your mission has only begun now. Left index stretching, you got comfortable, your riffle firmly pressed on your shoulder, right cheek against it. And then, you waited.
You needed to find the perfect opportunity. You would have to shoot when Chrollo and Manjiro would be close to each other.
Thirty minutes later, the two were at the opposites of the room, as if they were doing it on purpose. Your forehead was sweating, and your vigilance was at its peak. You couldn’t miss your chance. Cursing at them, you widen your eyes.
Finally, the two were talking together, right in front of the window.
A golden opportunity, really.
Adrenaline coursing through your veins, you took a deep breath, ready to pull the trigger.
But something unexpected happened. Manjiro turned to the window, looking in your direction. Smirking, he talked. But you knew deep down that the word wasn’t destined for Chrollo. It was for you.
“Did he just… say hello to me?”
And on top of that, Chrollo raised his drink at you.
Frowning, you put the rising panic aside, and focused again.
“These bastards… always finding a way to toy with me”
“Boss wasn’t wrong then, you’re really a sneaky fox”
Startled at the voice, you turned up.
“Haruchiyo Akashi.”
You looked calm and collected, but a storm was playing inside your body. This man was the incarnation of cruelty, or so you’ve heard. Standing up slowly, you understood it. Your first failed mission. You could accept that, but you definitely wouldn’t let yourself get killed.
“What d'you want?”
“Want a pill?” Noticing your cold demeanour, he rolled his shoulders. “Relax. I won’t do any-”
Throwing a dagger at him, you left your rifle where it was, and ran towards the stairs. The priority has changed, you needed to stay alive.
“Oi where the hell are you going?”
Feeling his hand gripping your hair in a tight grip, you directly brought your fingers around his wrist, trying to pry him off.
“Such a shame, can’t even be civilised, then I guess I don’t have to be too”
Banging your head on the nearest wall, Akashi laughed when he noticed your dizzy expression. Digits brushing your forehead, you felt the thick crimson liquid running on your face, tainting your vision in red.
Elbowing him in the nose with all your strength, you heard him curse. But you didn’t dare to turn around, you aimed for the door. Seemed like the blow you threw was hard enough to make him lose his balance. But so did you. You were having a hard time running downstairs, your gun in your hand.
“Fucking bitch!!”
Finally reaching the bottom, you exited the site and quickly looked around. Except Bonten’s building however, nothing could hide you from the second in command.
“Heey y/n, where are you darling? The big wolf is gonna catch you!”
Running to the left, you kept throwing glances behind you, but he wasn’t here. Sighting with relief, you turned back, bumping into a hard chest. Still dizzy by the previous blow to your head, you felt arms holding you tightly by your waist.
“Seems like the fox transformed into the bunny hm?”
Raising your eyes, you froze.
“Don’t forget me”
Feeling something knocking your head strongly, vision blurring, you guessed that Manjiro hit you, probably with his gun. Eyes rolling to the back of your skull, you fell on Chrollo.
 Your members were so sore. Eyelids fluttering with difficulty, you analysed the room you were in. Wrists cuffed to the ceiling, feet not even touching the floor, you were only in your undergarments.
“We finally got you.”
A cold feeling on your spine, you tried to talk, but soon noticed the gag in your mouth.
“If only you gave yourself willingly…”
Lips brushing against your ear, Manjiro slowly ran his hands over your ribcage, before settling over your breasts.
“You won’t need that, will you?”
Kissing at the junction of your neck and shoulder, Manjiro pressed his body to your back, making you feel his arousal. Nuzzling his nose on your nape, he undid your bra, leaving you almost naked.
“And you’re starting without me Mikey?”
Chuckles ringing loudly behind you, fingers still massaging your breasts, Manjiro looked at Chrollo. The brunette had his eyes on you, while you kept your gaze low. You didn’t trust yourself at the moment, scared of your own reactions. You were delirious, not knowing if you had to moan at his touch or beg for freedom.
Resting his hands on your hips, Chrollo smiled at you with the same impassive expression he always bore. “Manjiro or me?”
“Who do you choose as your first, bunny. Manjiro, or me?”
Mind racing, you knew you were fucked up either way. They were both psychos. You were stuck between the devil and the blue sea. “Manjiro”
Chrollo backed up and sat on the couch facing you. “Mikey, have your fun”
Now in front of you, Manjiro had his knife in one hand, the other staying on your hip. Running the blade down to the valley of your breasts, he dug harder at some places, enough to draw blood. You felt the stinging pain, but his fingers moved from your hips to between your thighs, playing with your clothed cunt. His lips were on your collarbone and you had to bite the gag very hard because your moans would definitely betray you. “I want to hear you” Taking the gag off your mouth, he kept his eyes on you, the knife still on your body. Reaching the side of your underwear with it, Manjiro slid the blade underneath it and cut it.
“All naked, finally” A strangled yelp coming from your mouth as Sano hoisted your legs up on his shoulders, you arched your back when his tongue brushed your clit.
“Mikey, you’re no fun, that’s boring” Manjiro didn’t answer Chrollo and kept lapping at your folds, inserting two fingers and directly curling them, rubbing your spongy walls. Your bottom lip was bleeding because of your teeth, but you couldn’t show him the effect he had on you. He kept nibbling and thrusting his fingers inside you, and as you eyed him and Chrollo, you couldn’t help from shivering. The brunette was pumping his cock shamelessly in front of you two, as Manjiro was swirling his tongue around your bundle of nerves. Mouth opening in a silent moan, you shattered under his ministrations, legs trembling forcefully around his neck. But Manjiro never stopped fucking you with his fingers, and pushing them even deeper than before, he made sure to collect every. single. drop of your juices as you came hard. Patting your thigh, he detached himself, smirking. “Now that you’d your orgasm, ‘am gonna have some fun, yeah?”
Observing him directing himself to the metallic table, you were starting to worry about the rumours you’ve heard before. Would it be your turn? “Why are you both still on me after all those months?”
Standing up and walking to you, Chrollo answered quickly. “Consider it as a payback for when you threatened us with your guns. Now, silence”
“Or what, Luc-” the blow made your cheek sting. Fingers holding violently your jaw, he brought your face close to him, a cold smile on his face. “My gun is loaded. You’re fortunate enough, I’m not in the mood to kill, yet. Don’t push my buttons bunny”
You knew he wasn’t joking. “You ruthless bastard I’m gonna-”
“Shh. I advise you to listen to us from now on. I tend to press the blade harder than planned when I’m pissed off. We wouldn’t want you to die on us, y/n” Now that Manjiro added himself in the discussion, you took a deep breath. “Just- just let me go. I’ll do anything but-”
“Then let us fuck you, it’s as simple as that. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll see the sun again”
You were a smart woman. You knew how to control your emotions. But right now, the fearful tears couldn’t be prevented. For the first time in your life, you were scared. “Aw, why are you crying? We haven’t even started? Let us give you a real reason to cry, yeah?”
And as Chrollo answered, you felt his fingers wrapped around your throat, squeezing it tightly. As seconds were passing, he wasn’t decreasing his hold, and you started to lose consciousness. Suffocating, you were trying your best to pry him away from you but without success. His smile was sickening, the wicked glint in his eyes visible. “Open your mouth”
You weren’t given a choice. With the pressure Chrollo was putting on your throat, you had to oblige, and feeling the cold barrel of Manjiro’s gun shoved deep inside your mouth, you started to freak out. “The security isn’t on, by the way”
Whimpering but sounds muffled by his weapon, you could only be a witness to what was happening to you. “Can I have my fun now, partner?” Chrollo didn’t wait for Manjiro’s reply to insert himself in one struck. Tears wetted your cheeks as your juices were dripping from your pussy, you were losing yourself in the feeling of his hard cock slamming into your walls. “She’s not even that tight. Such a slut. Probably fucks her boss every now and then yeah?” You were on the verge of fainting, and his strong hold on your throat while Manjiro was still abusing your mouth enhanced the dizziness. “Is she not tight? She was clenching around my fingers pretty hard though”
The fact that the two were talking like nothing was happening made your blood boil. But Chrollo’s hips were driving you insane. You could feel each bump, each vein of his fat cock. One hand on the small of your back to keep you stilled, he kept his smug smile on his face. Your jaw was so sore, abused by Manjiro’s gun and Chrollo was still very much choking you. The tip of his dick brushing your g-spot with almost each thrust, your mind was unfocused except for the noise of slapping skin echoing through the room.
You kept crying, sobs and moans mixed with the drool your mouth produced around Manjiro’s barrel.
“You know what people say, pleasure leads to pain. Now c'mon y/n. You can do better. Suck it better, like you would with my cock. And clench around Chrollo’s cock yeah?” Taking huge breaths of fresh air when Sano pulled the gun out a few minutes after, your joy was cut short with his fingers pushed deep in your throat. Now behind you, while your body kept jolting backwards with Chrollo’s snaps, you were having difficulty breathing. Your consciousness was constantly slipping through your fingers.
“You look so pitiful like this"  Chrollo’s cold demeanour was only a facade. His cock was twitching at your sight, tits bouncing with his long and deep thrusts. His balls were full of his cum and ready to put his seed deep inside your pussy. "You’re gonna be our cumslut for the night, yeah?”
“Mmh! Chro-Chrollo!” Pounding restlessly into you, Chrollo freed your neck and held your hips, pulling them at him. Your cunt was kissing his pelvic, and your juices gathered at the base of his shaft made it even more sloppier.
“Such a good girl” The surprising praise made your body convulse, and with your head thrown on Manjiro’s shoulder, you felt oxygen leaving your body as your legs shook around Chrollo’s waist. You could feel your juices messing with his body, but Chrollo kept fucking you through your mind blowing orgasm, riding the waves with his powerful hips. Soon enough, his mouth found your neck and biting harshly into the flesh, his fingers almost breaking your hip bones, he emitted a low groan. “Shit I’m cumming”
He was a silent lover, but the addition of his raspy voice to his hands on your body threw you over the edge once again, moaning his name loudly. Sloppily pounding into you until freezing, hips stilled and abdomen tensing, he hissed violently as he came. Filling you up with his cum, Chrollo kept moving a bit to fuck it into you, making sure to not waste any drop.
“Now you gotta take care of me, yeah?” Not having the energy to look at him, you only saw Manjiro approaching his knife from your ropes, cutting them and making you fall at the same time. None of them even picked you up and you could already feel the bruises forming on your knees. Hair pulled forcefully, you whined at the pain, scared that your scalp would detach from your head with the force. “Tsk. You look lost in your thoughts. Should I bring you back?”
Cold meeting your forehead, you raised your eyes noticing Manjiro’s gun directed at you. His hard dick was already out and on display. One hand was pumping it while the other held the weapon, he was mocking you. You could feel it by the way he was looking at you. “Open your mouth c'mon”
“I don’t fucking want to suck you, Sano. Ask your friend here to do it hm?? You-”
But the blow stopped the words from flooding. Fresh blood on your lips, your strangled gasp amused the two. “I’ve never asked for your opinion. You’re our bitch for the night, so suck my cock. I won’t hesitate to hit you again if you need to be disciplined.”
You could already feel your swollen cheek burning. You choked on the tears, looking at Manjiro, who was towering over you. Chrollo was on the other side of the room, a camera in his hand. You cursed internally, knowing what they were up to. After tonight, you won't be able to work in your organization anymore. In any for what mattered. Opening your mouth under the threat of the gun, you waited. “Don’t try to bite my dick by the way; I don’t mind your brains tainting the floor. Be a good fucking whore and do your job”
Darting your tongue out of your mouth, you took kitten licks at Manjiro’s tip, tasting his precum. It was disgusting, you hated the taste. But you didn’t have any choice. Swirling your tongue around his head, you supported yourself by putting your hands on his upper thighs. You wanted to take it easy but Sano took a fistful of your hair and thrusted himself deep inside, the tip bruising the back of your throat. Tears were running as the drool was gathering on the corners of your mouth. “Mmmh you sure are warm! Fuck baby”
You shouldn’t be aroused by it. You were ashamed by the warm feeling spreading in your cunt. You were gagging on his cock, but it seemed as if the muffled sounds enticed his desire.
“Come on doll, you’re gonna disappoint us” Chrollo’s voice reached your ears and the pressure of the barrel on your forehead made your heart beat faster. Locks sticking to your skin with cold sweat, you hollowed your cheeks and took him deeper. Hands reaching each side of your head making the gun fall at his feet, Manjiro groaned loudly while slamming inside your mouth, nails almost piercing your scalp. But your eyes were focused on the weapon. Fingers discreetly crawling to it, you screamed at the gunshot and narrowly avoided the bullet. The intensity of the sound lowered by the dick inside your mouth, your eyes opened wide at the sight of Chrollo, his gun aimed at you, still fuming a bit. “Nu-uh. You’re not gonna get that. If you want to keep your fingers, I advise you to go back to what you were doing.”
Manjiro was lost in pleasure, not even aware of what just occurred. Thighs tensing, hips messily moving forward, he spilled inside you while choking you with his balls. Pulling back and wiping his cock on your face, he smirked at the camera as you were trying to find your breath again.
“That was a good one. Her boss will be happy to see how hard-working she is” Crouching at your level and smearing his drying cum all over your face, Manjiro smiled smugly. “Now, let’s do our big final, yeah?”
Prying away from his touch, you crawled backwards, back bumping into something hard. Soon enough your hair was pulled again, and eyes locking with Chrollo’s black ones, you frowned. “I’m fucking tired, let me leave. You’d your fun”
“You really have a death wish talking dirty like that.” Lifting you up by your arms, the brunette threw you on the metallic chair, cold hitting your naked figure. “Mikey.”
“I know.” A hand in his hair while stroking your knee, Manjiro opened your legs wide, rubbing his length on your drenched slit. Inserting himself, you tried to protest only to have your chin gripped and forced to turn your face to your left, Chrollo shoved his length inside your mouth. The camera was probably still filming, but Manjiro’s cock driving in and out at a sensual pace while Chrollo was fucking your mouth threw you into a delirium from which you weren’t sure you would ever escape from.
You couldn’t understand anything anymore, your pussy was being beyond abused now, and Sano’s thumb on your clit didn’t help. Chrollo had one hand wrapped around your throat, again, patting the bulge. “And that’s me, right here. Such a beautiful view”
“Her pussy is fucking tight what the hell were you talking about earlier?” Talking while slapping the side of your ass, Manjiro was rolling his hips like a madman craving his high. You didn’t know who you were anymore, or what you were doing here. The sensation was too much, the overstimulation pleasurably painful.
’Pleasure leads to pain’ Manjiro was right earlier. They’d to stop, you felt like you were on the verge of dying. Back arching, body convulsing and eyes rolling to the back of your head, you moaned and cried on Chrollo’s cock. Hearing him cursing while pinching your nipples, you sobbed at the pain. You wanted it to stop, they were shattering your mind and body. Your holes were stretched so much that you thought you would be split in two.
“Swallow everything.” Not even giving you a warning, not even showing you how near he was to reach his orgasm, Chrollo emptied himself inside your mouth, loads of cum filling your throat. White escaping from the corners, he made sure to pull it back forcefully with two digits. Swallowing and restraining yourself from throwing up, you showed your tongue to him.
“Good girl.” Patting your cheek, he adjusted his position and forced you to watch your pussy getting abused over and over again by Manjiro.
He was a moaning mess, hands gripping your thighs to support himself while slamming inside you. “Fuck! Nghh y/n!” Brushing your cervix with his final thrusts, Sano came loudly, forehead glistening with sweat.
Chrollo brushed your ear with his mouth, whispering praises to you. “Go ahead pretty girl, cream his cock” and with one last broken cry, you came undone around Manjiro’s dick.
 After that, you’re not really sure. You probably fainted due to the extreme fatigue, but when you woke up the next morning, you were still in the same room, lying naked, body covered with dry cum. You were sore everywhere, especially the throat and legs.
Safe to say; your boss received the video and fired you a few hours later.
But you’ve made a decision. You would go back to your past antics and hunt those two. Killing them wouldn’t be enough, you would need to see them beg for mercy.
Until then, let the game begin.
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faithcael · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello! Here's my participation to @mercurio_unu DTYS, I loved this scene with the betas and I had to try it, it motivated me so much to get back at drawing! So, thank you for this opportunity! 😍 good luck to everyone, I love seeing the other drawings with this scene!
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eelbergine · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Currently exhibited at London Electrowerkz.
Fragile (2021) - in daylight
Steel, florescent light, blood, shower curtains
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nekostar4004 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Made a yandere version for myself.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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god-of-chainsaws · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More cosplay photos of my Eleanor Lamb cosplay. I promise more fallout stuff is coming up
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i0vey0u · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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qaliidaseok · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“school days”
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