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I stopped writing

Stopped trying

To transform

My pains

Into words



I stopped freeing

The voices in my head

Taking over the pen

Scribbling tons

Of mess

On papers,

Then call it

Art afterwards

While all I can see

Are letters dancing

Before my eyes

I stopped staining

Blood against the wall

No matter how red

It appears, it won’t

Give justice

To the life

I endure

So much tragedy

In a day

I’m a thread

Stretched fiercely

I struggle

Not to break

Struggle not to


Or create

Another piece

That will grace

The half filled

Trash bin




At the corner

-katie, 01:30


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No cause worth dying for

No one worth living for

What was I fighting for

What am I striving towards

I look up and see wooden boards

I’m deep down

In the underground

Dead inside

Losing her, my heart’s demise

Walking in circles round and round

The same moments on repeat in my head

Hole in my chest, I’m the walking dead

Trying to peer through my mind’s eye

Hazy memories won’t comply

Each pleasant thought makes me cry

Over and over, I die I die

As I feel her slip away

Why must I feel this way 


I lost who I was fighting for

I lost the one worth living for

I lost the cause I would die for

In her place

An empty space

That grows more and more

So tell me

What was it all for?

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Death is my pilot,

Brokenhearted n blue.

As his copilot,

What he says I must do.

He is my destiny,

The path I chose to take.

Closing on insanity,

Decisions I must make.

Now I am calm,

No pressures or fears.

Of what I must do,

Is amazingly clear.

I am the copilot,

Death is my friend.

We make a toast to life.

Knowing its gonna end


Summer and fall,

Autumn I think,

I love best of all..

And as my eyes close,

I lay down to sleep,

A smile on my face.

Seeking release.

Knowing tomorrow,

prolly won’t cum,

I think of an angel.

It’ll b you I’m thinking of…

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How far we’ve come but on different sides.

Facing opposite direction, together, we stride.

As burned bridge between us resides in my mind,

I still have my silent wish to hold you tight.

But if you reach out, i’ll find my way around.

Maybe build the bridge out of cement mixed with tears and feelings,

And if you’re lonely, take advantage of my company.

I’ll even willingly leave after you’re satisfied with me,

All other ways to prolong your stay in my story.

But if you choose to live without even looking back to see,

Then I shall continue too, wearing my heart on my sleeve, in this painful reality.


2:30 AM


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Once more it rises

The blood drenched dawn

Steam is trapped and trembling

In the depths of right and wrong

Behind my own eyes

This bleak birthright

Unknowingly given

Unknowingly accepted

The austere apparition

The pejorative precognition

Poisons my lifeblood

And my heart in turn

Leading me to often wonder

When will I be torn asunder?


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In childhood, I never was fond of sleeping
Of feeling the flow of time, the hours passing darkly over me
Pushing me always towards another day
Towards the sharp gates of middle school
Arrows and fingers pointing
A jaw closing on me with grimacing fangs

But I remember the few sleepless years I had with you differently
Living wired to your letters, your calls, your emails
In constant anticipation of our once every few months reunions
We were crazed kids, eager not to waste a single second
Perhaps sensing our time together was already close to running out
We invented odd tricks and potions to stay up as late as we could
We sucked on cold stones
We drank lemon concentrate and ate salt crystals,
Enough for a sour wincing burn to jolt us awake

In this charming insanity, we pushed each other into exhaustion
Into our own form of folie à deux
Our brains on fire, buzzing with endless fantasy scenarios
We talked and wrestled and played cards
For those hectic restless hours
We were closer than I’ve ever been to another person
We breathed the same air and caught each other’s colds

It is gone now, the thrill, the youth, the insomnia
But as bitter as loss is, nothing could sour nor ever tarnish it
Nothing could make me unlove you,
My truest, dearest friend
You who looked at me, wretched and bruised
And trusted that beyond the make-belief
I truly had magic enough for us two.

Inspired by the prompt “Never Been Fond of Sleeping” by @goose-lit 

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The chapel of this world is open

green and welcoming.

Late spring dips leaves down

as early summer rustles

from the blades.

To fall

upon the grass

and admire the blue above

How long it’s been

since such a feeling

was present

I long

for our limbs to touch

and find the hidden


To wash the heat


under sparkling cool waters

Your hands on me

in prayer-

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Tainted sheets marked with broken dreams.

Promises, lies, you made to me.

Soothing words, like poisoned tips,

Penetrating, digging, deep and scarring.

Roads to ruin, streets paved with hate,

Consuming, enveloping, sealing Fate.

A rollercoaster of ill emotions

Comes to a bitter end.

While I ride the wind of a false rainbow,

Through magic lands upon unicorns,

You made sure that you kept feeding me

All of the fantasies I needed.

Born of fantastic effigies of make-believe,

Engulfing all that was made to be

Of everything that you gave to live

There was nothing of substance to give

But I rode on, and on, through tumultuos times

Without reason, nor rhyme,

Trusting, believing, constantly, since, after all

You were truly all of mine,

But, in the end, it was all for nothing.

I was less, to you, than nothing.

Another stop on your road trip through life.

One more win for your game.

I know that it was my fault for letting you in.

Debonair eyes, charlatan’s grin,

But I got what I paid for, in the end.

A broken heart, refortified walls,

Even less trust than before.

All it cost me was my bruised ego,

The trust I had, a broken heart, bitter soul.

But, for a moment in time you were mine.

I’d do it all again.

-H. Murcia 9:03 AM 5/26/2020

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There are things deep within me

Things breaking the surface wanting to be seen

I submerge the best of me

Hiding from the prying eye

Hoping to remain anonymous

Lost in a crowd of wonder



That is me

My light seen

A beacon drawing more than I need to me

Who is to say

Who will walk my way

Destined to linger amongst trees ancient

Loamy scents my friend

The green of it


I have walked long miles

Dancing through minds

I have sought inspiration that way

Buying what others had to say

It feeds me

My need great

Do you complete the same way

Making songs of experience

Longing for diverse existence


I was seen

Basking in the richness of it

It is the things that make me believe

Wonder grown on sweet dense silky trees

Their softness the comfort

Their fruit the dessert of a life deprived of true meat

I hunger for the protein of it

My diet lacking


I have always dwelled in madness

It is how you defined it

Who was I to see your lie

I will be

You have never defined me

All I need

My words forever incomplete

Giving ultimate meaning

Blooming flowers of true hope

Their hue living to rise and consume


It is all new

I began merely to stir you

And as all things brand new

Forget what you have seen

Allow the truth of it to swirl into your existence


I am real

Ever dwelling in mist

Truth clear

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There is wonder in found hunger

The yearning the teacher

The need the lesson given


We walk through grasses meant to cushion disasters

Hoping for survival

Never trying to overcome

Do you seek dreams

Do you destroy the things of meaning

Waking to worlds lost within a cosmo of lie

It is the beginning of it

The end unthinkable

Can we move in unison

Creating things that make dreams

Bringing wonder to the

I hunger for it

Waking in need

Having to

Can I begin

Longing to dive in

The want intense

The need dwelling deep within

I am the cloud upon a sky of blue green

How else can I be

Meaning residing within me

Inspire me


You were always in my dreams

Hungering with me


Green fields

Blue skies

All between dominion

My words clean

Hear me

Be with me

Close your eyes

Finally see

The dream the reality

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Kiss me until I’ve

Returned, landing on living.

Your lips, my life blood.


Kiss me until I’ve

Learned the timing of my tongue

Whispering “I love…”


Kiss me until I’ve

Held the heat of my instincts,

Spillin’ from the sun.


Kiss me until I’ve

Found your route, flowers among

Highways I’ve outrun.



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Jumping off bridges
Seem to be  
All the rage,

Need for explaining
As times like these
Prove hard

Where death
Is a basic statement
Of life which
Falls so easy

Since fear
Has offered freedoms
From heights
No man should plunge.

Yet I wonder
If God will judge
Those souls  
Who bravely plummet,

Daring hell
Despite knowing
Such sin might
Break their leap -

Worried how
Faith confirms
Why conviction
Remains an answer

Toward humans
Facing disaster
Each day
We’re gifted breath.

Isn’t sickness
Penance enough
Or experience
Torture already,

Watching friends
And our families
Suffering pain
Without cause?

But cowardice
Never endures
Beyond moments
Rashly ventured

Garnering blame
Deemed sufficient
In eyes whose love
Loss hurts -

Beautiful ends
On chances
Apparently wasted,

Memories cherished
Then sullied fast
After grief.

Even though
Flesh decays,
Tempting fate
Every second,

What minutes
Elapse with meaning
Far outweigh
Quick relief.

- J. Pigno

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I: A City

Most days

I feel like a city in ruins

Destroyed by fire

Inhabited only by ghosts

Walls black and ashen

“A tragic accident”

the travellers call it

But the walls know

What the ghosts refuse to believe

It was a pyre

I made to purify myself

I made to destroy myself

To free myself of people

Who now haunt me day and night

How must I burn to be fully empty?

-Nidhi Bhasin

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I do miss each and every thing about us.

But you have to understand that I can’t keep going back and forth with you every time. It feels like I’m the only one who’s trying to make things right and you keep waiting for me to make it right. I always do every damn thing I could to make us work but I’m tired.

I’m tired but I don’t want to let go.

I’m tired and I have to let go.


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C I R C U S  O F  T R A G E D I E S

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
To our lorn and godforsaken wasteland!
A celebration of sorrows and tragedies,  
Dismembered and obscenely nude.

We dwell here, rarely asking  
For more than drops
Of charcoal tears,
Agonies captured in spirits,  
Distilled and
Carefully prepared.

We also have vials
To preserve the blue veins of ink,
If you please.
A torrential flow down the cheeks
Of clowns with eyes dissolving in tears, 
Eternally distant from laughter.

They see the wasteland in each human soul.
Each howl of the wind and each blade of dead grass  
Turns into a tear, black and blue,
A bruise on a spotless face,
A scar on the once-untouched skin,
Bloodied edges of broken mirrors,
And windows shattered beyond repair.

We may not be equal in joys,  
But are surely equal in sorrows.

The voice shining through  
An ensemble of shadows.  
The perfect and ultimate  

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One day, one rhyme- Day 2325

Caleb always carries a canoe,

No matter where he goes,

Wether he’s shopping on the High street,

Or in the jungles throes.

Camping, hiking or on the school run,

He’d always come prepared

So when the flash flooding hit town

Savant he was declared!

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