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[The moment that changed everything] @laurencohan

That day was very special and important to her. And that day was the first time I saw her on TD since I followed her. Everything changed because I felt that she was and is my special person.

  The way she talks about Maggie, her expressions, her love for her character. She is definitely the sweetest person in the world.

  I had this video in my tweet posted, yesterday I accidentally deleted it and since then I have searched without stopping and with a lot of help I finally have it back. So now I share it here. Because as I said before, it is a very special moment for her and for me.

So Lauren I want you to know that if you are happy, I am happy. And I am with you, always. Te amo Lauren Cohan!!!

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Chapter 2 

Summary: A few years into the Apocalypse Y/N, Sam, Dean, and Lo were surviving the best they could. When one of the members of the group is taken, the hunt begins to get everything back to normal. Or as normal as it could possibly be.

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader (platonic), Dean x OFC

WARNINGS: Canon-typical violence, mentions of assault

2160 words.

Supernatural/Walking Dead fusion

You didn’t know how long you had been asleep, but you woke up in your and Sam’s makeshift bed at the back of the trailer back at the compound. You could hear Sam and Dean’s low voices outside of the door, and you opened your eyes to see it had gotten dark while you slept, but you weren’t even sure if it was the same day. The room wasn’t illuminated by the usual candles that sat in the corner and you squinted your eyes to try and see better.

“Sam,” you whispered quietly, your throat dry. The curtain separating your sleeping space from the rest of the trailer was pulled back instantly, revealing two exhausted, but uninjured Winchesters. Sam rushed to your side, and placed a soft kiss on your forehead, pressing his own against the place his lips had just left. You signed and pulled him close to you, memorizing the feeling of his hands holding your face. Dean stood in the doorway and suddenly the scene from earlier in the day flashed before your eyes.

“What happened?” You questioned. “How did we get out of there?”

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I’ve been trying to use the time in lockdown productively so I hope to start doing some writing.

Will it be fanfic? I don’t know, I have some ideas scurrying around my head for some pieces I want to write, but these are for unique characters/situations, not necessarily connected to any fandom.

Does this mean no more fanfic? Absolutely not, I might just want to share a few standalone pieces with you that, as I said above, aren’t connected to any fandoms.

Will I take requests? Definitely, I’ll make a post when I’m open to requests, I’ll probably stick to drabbles for a little bit!

It’s good to be back, how are you all holding up?

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Originally posted by thefoxandspice

This imagine is inspired by Jeffreys and Hilaries wonderful love story.

„Y/n I have enough of you sulking around and waiting for your prince charming to run into you and spill coffee all over you. You don’t live in one of your ao3 stories, this is real life girl.”, y/f/n called from the kitchen, while she was grabbing us some wine.

With a sigh I closed the tumblr app on my phone and closed my eyes. We moved from Australia to New York 6 months ago, y/f/n and I have been friends for about 7 years now and are joined at the hip ever since. I got a job at the Austrian museum here in New York and she is trying to find jobs as an actress ‘round NYC.

“I know I know, I will probably die alone with 20 dogs surrounding me anyways, so no big deal. It’s fine”, a sarcastic laugh left her mouth as she took place next to me on the sofa. We had a beautiful view over the city from our living room. “Did I tell you that Joey and Mike want us to come over for dinner next week? They invited some of their close friends, mostly actors, maybe I’ll have a chance to speak to some of them. Oh, and they told me that Jeffrey would be there”, unlike me, she had a very bubbly personality. “No, you didn’t, but yeah sure. I miss them and their dogs.” 

Jeffrey would be there. Their neighbour. Joey talked a lot about him, said that he’d be a perfect fit for me. To say I was excited to meet him was an understatement, the stories about him intrigued me.

Standing in front of my bedroom mirror I desperately tried to find something to wear for the dinner. Y/f/n had always been into fashion, while I couldn’t care less about what to wear. After looking through my closet for about 5 minutes I decided on a pair of black skinny jeans and a maroon colored sweatshirt paired with my black Dr Martens. I was never a big fan of makeup, so I only put on some mascara.

It took us about fifty minutes to arrive at Joeys and Mikes farm, a beautiful old farmhouse with a massive garden. “Hello, my loves, I missed you so much, come on in.”, Joey greeted us with a big smile gracing his features. He was a very tall man, with greyish hair and blue eyes. He led us into the kitchen where Mike seemed to prepare the food. After surviving the stereotypical small talk Joey gave each one of us a glass of wine and we made our way to the living room.

There were 7 people scattered around the large living room, you could see the garden through the window fronts, the sun was just about to go down and left an orange, pinkish shimmer on the windows. Joey introduced us to his friends and y/f/n instantly clicked with the group of people, she was a natural. “We are only waiting for one more, Jeffrey, he is the owner of the farm next door.”

A heavy knock was heard from the front door, it’s him. Jeffrey looked exactly like I imagined him to be, tall, handsome and mysterious. He wore black pants, a dark blue sweater and a black cowboy hat. After hugging Joey, he stepped into the room. My eyes couldn’t leave his frame, I was hooked and I haven’t even talked to him yet. Jeffrey went around the room shaking hands and hugging some of the people, I could feel y/f/n eyes on me, she knew that I took an interest in him. Suddenly he stood in front of me, his dark eyes meeting my y/e/c ones. “You must be y/n, I heard a lot about you doll.”, oh god his voice. “Uhm yeah I hope only the good stuff, nice to meet you Jeffrey.”, I hated that my voice sounded so shaky.

“Okay guys, dinner is ready, let’s eat.”, Mike called from the kitchen. Jeffrey put a hand on the small of my back and lead me to the table. I smiled at him as he pushed back my chair and helped me sit down, what a gentleman.

Dinner went by smoothly and by that, I mean I couldn’t take my eyes off Jeffrey. We talked about my hometown, about his farm and about his acting jobs. We helped cleaning the table and put away the leftovers. “Do you want to see the farm?”, I am still quite proud that I didn’t pass out from Jeffreys deep voice whispering in my ear. Since I couldn’t find any words, my cheeks must have been flushed in a deep red by now, I nodded my head yes and off we went.

Jeffreys farm felt like home. The smell of leather and coffee hung in the air, he showed me around his house, never letting go of my hand, introduced me to his dogs and his alpacas. “Coffee?”, his kitchen looked very modern, painted in white, with a dark red stove. “My mom mixes cinnamon with the coffee beans before grounding them, supposed to work like a love potion.”, his eyes held a glimmer to them while he smirked at me. I couldn’t contain my giggles any longer. “I don’t think that you need a love potion to sweep me off my feet Jeffrey.”, I don’t know where my courage come from in that moment but judging from the deep laugh erupting from his chest, he seemed to like my comment.

Let me tell you the coffee tasted amazing, I never wanted to taste any other coffee besides his ever again. “You think you can come over and make me some coffee every day?”, I asked while sitting down next to him on the stairs that led out into his garden. He smiled at me while patting my knee, it was safe to say that even though I have only met him three hours ago I was head over heels for him.

My phone ringing ripped me out of my thoughts, y/f/n was calling me. She told me that she was tired and wanted to go home. “Seems like I have to leave now, my friend is tired.”, with a sigh I took my coffee cup into the kitchen. “Give me your phone”, Jeffrey said. After typing in his number, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said: “I’ll see you soon doll, text me as soon as you are home.”

Jeff and I started texting as soon as I got home. He had to leave the next day for a press tour in LA. Two days later a parcel arrived at my doorstep, a beautiful marine blue dress with the attached note “Your plane leaves tomorrow morning at 9, J xx”. A plane?
I texted Jeff “What plane? Why the dress?”. “You are my plus one for a wedding and I miss you, killing two birds with one stone!”
Oh, Jeff, you crazy bastard.

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Originally posted by godlaughingwhilstyoumakeplans

*Imagine cheering the whole group up after a rough couple of days*

“hey!” you yelled as you ran towards rick smiling at michonne who had stopped by his side “hey Y/n. What’s up?” you smile “nothing… What do you call two men standing under a pelmet?” you ask a grin on your face. Michonne gives rick a look and Rick rolls his eyes slightly “I don’t know?” he says a small smile on his face. you giggle “curt and pole!” michonne bites her lip as rick shakes his head smirking slightly. You sigh “okay…. Why is six afraid of seven?” Maggie who was passing by stopped and laughed “because seven eight nine!” you glared at her playfully and Rick tried to contain his laughter and michonne just giggled. “okay okay fine…. Ive got something better…” you grab a water bottle and smirk “okay what does a dog drink?” you ask “water, duh!” michonne said and you smile “correct… What does a… Squirrel drink?” rick looks over to daryl who just so happened to be eating a squirrel “um water” you nod “what does a cow drink?” you ask and michonne is quick to speak “milk!!!” rick slowly turns to look at her his eyebrows raised slightly “really?” you ask trying not to laugh to much. “you silly girl! Cows drink water!!” michonne looks confused before they both burst out laughing and you laugh louder.

After a while you walked back towards rick and michonne who were talking quietly to each other and Rick looked torn. “you okay?” you asked and he looked at you “y-yeah” you shook your head pulling him into your arms “no. You’re not okay.” you rub his back and he slowly pulls away “I-i just miss him” you nod and look down at the floor “I know…. I’m sorry” you whisper and he wipes his eyes “just give us five Y/n” michonne said and you nodded understanding them completely before you wondered towards daryl who was sat on the stairs sharpening his knife “hey daryl…. What do you put in the toaster?” he looks up “toast” he responds and you bite your lip trying to stop yourself from laughing “what?” he asked looking up at you again and putting his knife down “do you really put toast in a toaster?” he nods “duh…” you raise an eyebrow “no you dumbass you put bread in a toaster” came Jesus’ extremely sarcastic but playful voice. Daryl looked at him like he had just been slapped across the face “oh… I-i said that” daryl murmured staring down at the stairs as you giggle “it’s alright. Happens to the best of us” he groans and stands up hiding his face before he rushes inside. You shake your head and walk back over to rick and michonne who looked much better now “hey” you said picking up the water hose and pull it to the group before dropping it and walking closer to them as they took a seat beside the other group members. You smile a little bit “okay everyone I have a question for you all” everyone’s attention focuses on you and you smile “what does a dog say?” you ask and they all look at each other before a chorus of “woofs” go around and you giggle “what does a tiger say?” the group start roaring like a tiger and you smile wider “what does a cat say?” you ask bringing the hose closer to you with your foot “meowwww” the crowd choruses and you smirk “now what does a…. Whale say?” you ask. Everyone looks at each other before you bend down picking the hose up starting to spray everyone. Laughter filled the air but some people looked shocked that you had done that and some people just sat there not saying anything" did that just happen? “ezikiel asked who was sat next to Carol and you grin "yes it did…. "you respond and Rick stands up very slowly an evil glint in his eyes. Jesus was behind you and he was also stood up and daryl was on the other side of you before they charged at you not giving you enough time to realise what was happening. You were tackled into a group hug or more like gang up on you "noooo” you squeal as Jerry picks the hose up. You laugh and everyone starts chanting to soak you but you struggle further your laughing not ceasing “stoppppp-” you were cut off as water sprayed in your face and you let out a few screams before the water stopped “that was a warning” michonne spoke and you laugh nodding slightly “okay well I guess you guys should know one thing…. Just keep an eye out for me because who knows I’ll be beating your ass anytime and you won’t even realise it!” rick and daryl raise their eyebrows “uh huh well say that to an ex sheriff” you laugh “just did buddy… Rick watch yourself.” he glares playfully and you laugh running off. Well atleast you got your task done and dusted

Make group smile and laugh: accomplished.

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