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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Listen up

Get of your ass and stretch your back and legs. Walk around a little bit. Go grab a cup or two of some cold water. We all know your ass ain’t eat yet today either, so please get at least some sort of snack in you. Wash your damn face, and arms. Once you’ve done that and you’re walking back to whatever the fuck you were doing, might as well grab another cup of water. It will make everything so much easier and it don’t take much effort.

Please stay hydrated, and take care of yourself and your body. Have a safe time nodding out, tweaking or whatever you prefer. Cheers.

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I’ve been high so long today that it’s actually making me tired. I think I got a problem that I’m not ready to fix. One day.

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So for my workout this morning I drank a prequel out thing that’s supposed to help me work out and whatever. Dude when I tell you my skin crawling and I’m tweaking? Duuuude. I feel like I’m on something strong. My I think I might be allergic cuz I feel like it’s burning 👀😅

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Im starting 2 want 2 take a more professional approach with @purpleraynexxx and see how this turns out and hopefully it would start 2 become easier for me to maintain my home and work life.

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