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Instead of cancelling the “World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls” tweetalong they should have substituted “Thin Ice”. We could all stand to watch the Doctor punch a racist.

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Good news! A new story will be published on 12th June! So, here’s another preview if you’re just excited as I am! :)

Summary: When Clara Oswald falls in love with a detective, the criminal organisation her father set up some thirty years ago starts to crumble.

“Did you really see what happened?” a student asked as she sat down in her seat.

“Yeah, I think Miss Oswin fancies the detective,” her friend answered.

“They were giving each other heart eyes.”

“Hang on, I thought Miss Oswin is dating Mr Pink?” another girl who sat behind them said.

“No, no, Mr Pink likes Miss Oswin.”


“So she’s dating that old detective?”

It was then Courtney Woods joined in. “I heard them talking while she was looking for me,” the pupil said. “So, yeah.”

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Losing my mind here, Anon. 😂😂😂  Now I’m thinking of that happening instead of the punch in the room full of Time Lords and the Time Lords just being like:

The General: ?????

The General: Did….did he use some of the most advanced technology in the history of the entire galaxy just to bring his girlfriend back and snog her?

Another Time Lord: It would appear so, Sir.

The General: ….

The General: Is…is this kiss going on a bit long or is it just me?

Another Time Lord: It’s not just you, Sir.

The General: I’d have preferred him punching me in the face, tbh.

The General:

The General: This is definitely not going in my official military report.

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