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don't worry, they approved of Damian. I think.
We all know mama Yor would pummel Sy-on boy if he did anything funny, I mean have you seen chapter 19??
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She is tiny 馃憣
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by sifjar_
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someguywithglasses 14 hours ago
A running theme within the Forger Family is that while Loid fully understands that his Family is a front. Yor over time tends to forget that her marriage and family are fake.
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This particular moment sticks out with me because Yor looks Loid dead in the eyes immediately after he reassured her that she鈥檚 doing fine as a mother and said 鈥淚鈥檓 really glad I married you Loid.鈥
No mention of 鈥渁s part of our arrangement鈥 or 鈥渂ecause I can continue my contract killing job.鈥 just Yor telling Loid that she鈥檚 genuinely happy and fortunate that she got so lucky to marry someone as understanding and endearing as Loid.
During the Bond Introduction Arc, when Anya read Bond鈥檚 mind of him seeing the future, this panel perfectly describes how Yor would feel if Loid suddenly died and left them both alone.
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Throughout the Manga the lines between real and fake blur for Yor just as quickly as it did for Loid.
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When the Cruise Arc happens and Olka asks if Yor鈥檚 family is just a cover for her real job, it鈥檚 a harsh reminder to her that they still are a fake family. Yor completely forgot that she鈥檚 with them out of circumstances and you can see the hurt and sorrow in her eyes of that reminder
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But as long as she is able to go home to Loid and her family, then who cares if her marriage and family is fake? Who cares if she has to drop thousands of bodies? As long as Yor can keep them safe from her line of work and go home to them, that鈥檚 all that matters.
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Yor has always loved that Loid is always supportive of her in what she does since the very beginning, she always looks to him for approval, support and comfort. Yor鈥檚 motivations as an Assassin are so similar to Loid鈥檚 motivations as a Spy that it allows her to do what she does with no regrets and she knows Loid would understand and respect her decisions at the end of the day because as she puts it:
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spy-x-family 22 hours ago
twilight doesn't know what a real family is like bc his father was never around due to him also being an agent. he was close with his mother, but she was ripped away from due to the war. as a little boy, the only companions he really had were his friends and the people of his town and all of that got taken from him when it was bombed. he has no touchpoint for what a 'real normal family' is due to an absent, though sort of well-meaning father who presumably also died, and having all chances of a makeshift family taken away when the war started. he started climbing his way up the military ranks as a child. he literally grew up killing and shooting and fighting for his life without knowing why his country was going to war.
it's why he's such an effective spy, because all the things that would have been a foundation for his personality were taken from him violently. he has no constant in his life. not his name, which he had to discard when faking his papers to get into the military; not his friends and family, who were killed; not his town, which was shelled.
inversely, though, this is also what makes him such an effective father to anya. his motivation to become a spy is to ensure no child ever goes through what he did, and he'll fight tooth and nail to make sure of that. he wants anya to have the foundations he never had, and the peace he never got to live through.
but also yeah that's why he goes IS THIS CHILD AN ENEMY SPY and why he's like huh i wonder what a real family's like. HE was a child soldier. he never really had a normal family and has no basis to emotionally recognize it
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Day and Night at the same time.
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Franti拧ek Lukas
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SPY x FAMILY || EP. 7 掳 CH. 10
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鈥淚 wonder how I鈥檇 feel if I had a real family?鈥
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of course twilight wouldn't know what it means to be a kid. he had a rifle in his hand instead of a pen. probably missed his own birthday, and instead of counting how old he is, he was counting bodies. don't even get me started on his friends.
twilight was forced to grow up too quickly. accepting anya into his life meant living his childhood vicariously through her, allowing him to revisit his wounds and heal them - this time, properly.
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It鈥檚 been a long time so I鈥檓 working on getting my drawing capacity back in gear. _(:3銆嶁垹)_So some sketches for my new hyperfixation. I don鈥檛 have much time and energy but I鈥檒l get back into the swing of things soon ( 鈥⑻釀団 虂)锘湩
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Edward鈥檚 Bastard
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I had this idea as I was working on chapter four of The Ginger Cullen. Once it came to me IT WOULD NOT LEAVE ME!! And yes this is obviously Bella bashing. Hope you enjoy! And please send me Twilight requests. I write for everyone except bella. { } indicates thoughts.
Edward looked at the paper in front of him and he wanted to bash his head in the fireplace. It was a one night stand. He thought Bella, HIS Bella, was going to die. He went into town and somehow found himself in a bar. The woman slipped something into his drink. It shouldn鈥檛 have worked on a vampire. But for some reason it did. Edward nearly killed the women when he realized what happened. He left back to the Cullen house to spend time with his daughter. It was then he found out Bella would survive. He never heard from the woman who seduced him again. Until he got a letter. It was after the Volturi fiasco. He smiled as he saw Jacob play with his little girl. Bella鈥he had changed after the Volturi had been dealt with. She was angry at Jacob for imprinting on Nessie. She became self absorbed. She turned cold to Seth which broke Edward鈥檚 dead heart. The youngest wolf did not deserve the treatment that Bella gave him. Esme had all but adopted the wolf pack. Edward鈥檚 smile left his face as he turned back to the letter. Apparently, He had gotten the woman pregnant and carried the child to term. The result was a little boy named Y/N Cullen. He'd already called a family meeting. Roslie already knew. She had been by his side when the social worker called.聽
鈥淓d, we're ready.鈥 Seth told the mind reader. The copper haired Cullen had somehow lost himself to his thoughts. It was a rare occurrence as normally he was lost in the thoughts. 鈥淭hank you seth.鈥 Edward says with a genuine smile. When Edward stepped into the living room he was saddened that Bella took a seat away from the rest of the family. Since the Volturi Bella became more obsessed with looks and make-up. 鈥淎h, Edward. We鈥檙e ready to hear whatever you have to say, son. No matter what.鈥 The Cullen patriarch said knowing that Edward would not have called this meeting. 鈥淚 would like to say that I鈥檓 sorry in advance. Bella,鈥 Edward鈥檚 wife looked up and for a brief second Edward saw the fifthteen year old he met and fell in love with. But, as soon as she appeared, she was gone. 鈥淲hen you were first becoming a vampire I thought I lost you. I went to a bar, I knew I couldn鈥檛 get drunk but I was sitting next to a woman. I did not sleep with her of my own free will. She slipped me something I don't know what but it worked.鈥 Edward amended when he saw the look from Carlisle.聽
鈥淚 have had no contact from the woman since. Until today. I was contacted by child services in virginia. The woman gave birth to a baby boy. And the woman has been in a car accident. She died on impact and I have agreed to take the boy in-鈥 Edward was cut off. Everyone expected it to be Roslise to object. She took keeping the Volturi away as a personal challenge and she did everything to ensure her family鈥檚 safety, so It was a shock when it was Bella interjected. 鈥淣o. That bastard will NOT join this family. I鈥檓 sorry he lost his mother but that is not my problem. Not to mention that we JUST got the Volturi to leave us alone! They wanted Renesmee. What makes you think that if they find out about this that they won鈥檛 attack again? This family and the pack would be in danger because of a bastard.聽Not to mention that Renesmee is your TRUE child. The boy is just a mistake.鈥 Bella finished and Edward stared at the woman he loved. He could feel his long dead heart shatter. He wanted to shout, to yell. Y/N was as much his child as Renesmee was. He would NOT abandon His son. He could end up in the Volturi and Edward would not let that happen. It was Carlisle who stepped in to defuse the tension as always.聽
鈥 Now, now, Let's not lose our tempers. We鈥檒l vote. All of us, Pack or coven. Everyone gets a vote and to voice their opinion. Bella, Edward? You鈥檒l abstain from this vote as you have both made your positions clear. Is this understood?鈥 Carlisle asked and everyone agreed. 鈥淓xcellent, we鈥檒l start with alice.鈥 Alice closed her eyes. It was clear she was trying to see the future. For a brief second she scowled then smirked.聽
鈥淚 vote for him to stay. He needs a home and I get a new person to shop for.鈥 It was pretty obvious to Edward that while Alice saw SOMETHING she didn鈥檛 see a lot. Just enough to know it鈥檒l be okay. Jasper was supportive of Edward. The boy NEEDED a home and it was a sentiment shared by Esme, Roslie and Emmett. Seth wanted him to stay simply because he鈥檇 be the cool uncle. Sam was conflicted, he wanted to keep the volturi away for at least a century. But, Sam didn鈥檛 want to disrupt the fragile peace. So, Sam voted yes. Embry felt as though it was his responsibility to make sure that Y/N grew up with his father. Embry never knew his father. Well, his and Sam鈥檚 father, and Embry would be damned if another boy had to grow up like he did. Paul had the same mindset. His childhood was less than pretty. Quil and Jared Voted yes mainly because while Renesmee was pack they wanted a little brother to let ride on their wolf form鈥檚 back. Colin and Brady were not at this meeting due to it taking place during school. When everyone looked towards Leah they were surprised to see her smirking at Bella.
It was well known that the She-Wolf did not like Bella. The amount of times that the two had argued was so much so that Jacob nearly kicked her out of his pack because the fighting bothered Reneesme. So while it was not surprising that Leah was taking enjoyment out of the situation, it was surprising to see her showing it so blatantly. 鈥淚 told you.鈥 Those three words had everyone but Leah and Bella confused. 鈥淧ayback鈥檚 a bitch.鈥 Leah said as she threw a twenty dollar bill to Esme for the swear jar. 鈥淭his is what you get. You ignore your husband. You ignore your daughter and her imprint. You ignore your in-laws. You ignore the pack or in Seth鈥檚 case you treat him like shit-鈥 The she-wolf tossed a another twenty dollar bill for the swear jar. 鈥淓dward thought he lost you. He went to do something that anyone, whether they can get drunk or not, would have done and was taking advantage of. Now five years later this little boy has just lost his mother and never met his father. He needs a family and in case you haven鈥檛 noticed everyone has voted for him to join us.鈥 What Leah said had all those gathered, shifter and vampire alike, stunned. It was no secret She was bitter about a lot of things. She lost the love of her life to her cousin. She lost her father to Victoria. She lost her normal life to protect Forks and La Push. So for her to defend a child , that was for all purposes a bastard, shocked them.聽
One look at Edward鈥檚 face told the she-wolf that her defense of his son was appreciated. Bella looked at Carlisle hoping that the bastard son of her mate was not going to interact with HER perfect family. At the Cullen patriarch鈥檚 nod she felt anger flood her. Bella gave a stiff nod and left to the cottage in the woods where she and Edward stayed. It didn鈥檛 take Jasper to tell someone that Edward felt hurt by his wife鈥檚 rejection of his son. The look on the mind reader鈥檚 face resembled a kicked puppy more than anyone of the wolfpack could hope to. Carlisle put his hand on his eldest child鈥檚 shoulder. 鈥淗ow long until Y/N鈥檚 arrival?鈥 The blonde asked his son as they needed to prepare three rooms. One for the main Cullen鈥檚 house, one at Edward and Bella鈥檚 cottage and one at the pack house. The pack house had been renovated and expanded to have rooms for the pack, the Cullens and the pack鈥檚 imprints. Edward went to answer but was cut off by Alice.
鈥淭omorrow at ten thirty A.M. sharp.鈥 The pixie vampire said, grabbing her credit card and car keys dragging Rosalie, Emily, Kim and Esme with her. The mates of the women who were going shopping shivered at what the four women could come up with. Edward smiled and prayed that his son could adapt to the absolute insanity that was the Olympic coven and the Uley pack.
The next morning everyone was standing in front of the Cullen鈥檚 house. The pack was sitting on the steps as Quil played with Claire. Embry barely slept the night before. For some reason He had dreamt of a young boy with green eyes and H/C. He鈥檇 mentioned this to Sam and all he got was a pat on his shoulder and a knowing smile. Embry was pulled out of his thoughts as Edward sat next to the young shifter.聽
鈥淚nteresting dream last night?鈥 Edward asked, knowing full well what his dream was about. Embry gulped not wanting to piss Edward off any more than he already was. 鈥淩elax, Embry. I know what鈥檚 happened. But, you won鈥檛 until Y/N gets here. And just to get it out of the way I鈥檓 not mad.鈥 And with that Edward went back to standing next to his sire. Embry was confused, how could Edward know what鈥檚 going on but not himself? Jacob, Quil, Sam, Jared and Paul all shared a knowing look. Jacob especially was enjoying himself. While Embry never hated the Cullens like some of the others he wasn鈥檛 as nice to them as Seth. And for Embry to be so close to imprinting on Renesme鈥檚 half brother? Oh yeah. Jacob was having the time of his life.聽
It wasn鈥檛 too long before those gathered heard the sound of tires driving over the gravel road leading up to the Cullen鈥檚 house. Edward tensed and pulled Renesme into his side. Bella had chosen to go shopping instead of meeting her step-son. Edward was glad she had, if her outburst from yesterday was any indication then Edward would prefer to wait. Once the car came to a stop, a middle aged woman 聽stepped out. Edward instantly hated this woman.
Sometimes being a mind reader gave Edward access to thoughts he鈥檇 rather not have heard. This woman鈥檚 thoughts were disgusting. She believed his son was retarded due to him not speaking. Edward had read nearly all of Carlisle鈥檚 medical books and so Edward knew that it wasn鈥檛 unusual for a child to stop talking after a traumatic experience. {Why do I get all the hard cases? At least this one is easy. Just drop the retard off with whis father and let him deal with his incomptinace.} What the woman thought was absolutely repulsive to Edward. This was a CHILD she was thinking about. The woman went to get his son out of the car and It was then Edward heard a second set of thoughts.
{which one is my daddy? Some look the same as me but not all of them.} Edward knew the second pair of thoughts were his son鈥檚. The woman had a tight hold on his son鈥檚 hand and Edward wasn鈥檛 the only one who was growling. Jacob, Quil, Sam, Jared, Paul and Embry were all growling and plotting the woman鈥檚 death. Jacob and quil were even more upset than the others as they had child imprints. As the woman grabbed a duffle bag from the trunk of the car Y/N kept his eyes on the ground. He didn鈥檛 like eye contact. He could maintain it but he could see people's memories and their intentions and thoughts. Y/N didn鈥檛 like when that happened. He told his mommy but she didn鈥檛 believe him. The tight grip was back on Y/N鈥檚 shoulder and Mrs. Jenkkens moved him forward to stand two grown ups. One had blonde hair and was very pale. So much so that Y/N wondered if he needed a doctor. The other had copper brown hair that stood in spikes in every direction that mirrored Y/N鈥檚 own H/C hair. He had the same topaz eyes as the blonde one. Mrs. Jenkkens had a tense conversation with the copper haired one. Y/N didn鈥檛 pay much attention to it. He knew that kids like him are to be seen and not heard. He didn鈥檛 notice a pair of brown eyes that wanted to see Y/N鈥檚 green ones so badly.
鈥淵/N? Can you look at me please?鈥 A soft voice pulled Y/N out of his head. Against his will his eyes met the amber ones of the copper haired man that knelt in front of him. Memories flooded Y/N鈥檚 head. The man in front of him was named Edward Cullen. He was born in Chicago in 1901. Y/N saw Edward鈥檚 childhood and the looks of love his mother and father sent Edward. He saw how happy Edward鈥檚 life was until 1918. He saw Edward and his parents get sick. He saw the Blonde man, Carlisle, explain what he was. Vampires weren鈥檛 a surprise for Y/N. He鈥檇 always believed in supernatural beings. Y/N saw more. Edward killing, Edward鈥檚 gift, Edward with his family, Edward meeting Bella, Victoria, The Volturi, Renesmee, The wolfpack. Y/N saw it all. Y/N knew this was his father.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e my father.鈥 Y/N stated. He knew that Edward was his father. Mind鈥檚 can鈥檛 lie to Y/N. Oh sure, You鈥檇 be able to fool him for a bit but not for too long. 鈥淵es. I鈥檓 your father. Can I ask how you knew?鈥 Edward asked. Edward was certain that Y/N had only met his eyes for a second, It wouldn鈥檛 make sense unless.. 鈥淵/N? When you make eye contact with someone do you see their memories?鈥 It would not surprise Edward if Y/N had a gift. He was half vampire after all. At Y/N鈥檚 nod Edward felt his smile widen. 鈥淭hen you know what we are?鈥 Another nod. How about we introduce you to your new family. And so Edward had Y/N make eye contact with everyone one by one. Y/N had a smile on his face. He knew these people would love him. Edward led him to where Embry was sitting. Edward had saved embry for last. He knew Embry would be his son鈥檚 imprint and had no problem with it. If Bella was going to put up a fight with his son joining his family then Y/N could use all the protection he can get.
鈥淵/N this is Embry.鈥 Edward said with a giant smile as the shifter met his son鈥檚 eyes. The effect was instant. It warmed the pack鈥檚 hearts and the Cullens were happy that their newest member had someone to protect him. Y/N was in heaven watching Embry鈥檚 life. He hadn't known his father either. For some reason Y/N felt something with Embry. This burning desire to be held. Then all of the sudden he thought of his mom. He missed her. He wanted his mom and dad together. He didn鈥檛 want one at a time.
Embry watched as tears pooled into his little imprint鈥檚 eyes. He tried to contain himself. But the second the first tear trailed down Y/N鈥檚 cheek all bets were off and Embry pulled Y/N into his arms. He knew of the smiles that the others had but all that mattered to him was that he calmed his imprint. 鈥淪hh, shh I got you Y/N. Everything is gonna be okay, I promise.鈥 And for the first time since his mother鈥檚 death Y/N believed it.聽 聽聽
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Rosalie: i have incredibly high standards *finds a himbo fist fighting a bear in the woods* Rosalie: i want that one
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鉂 Forger Family 鉂 猡 Mobile Wallpaper (540x960)
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teambella420 2 days ago
Esme and Carlisle trying to shop for dinner
Tumblr media
They鈥檙e trying and they have each other and that鈥檚 what matters
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How would the Cullens act during karaoke? Assuming everyone's gotta sing something, yanno... to keep up appearances?
I mean, this could be something they do for funsies on their own. Now you just have me picturing Carlisle who has been dragged to a work karoke bar function and is awkwardly trying not to sing by his colleagues then pushed up there to sing "Uptown Girl".
This is a very headcanony question so the below is based entirely on nothing. Or at least, on very little. We never see the Cullens do karaoke.
Alice is completely into it but only ever sings catchy pop songs typically performed by female singers or all female bands. She thinks it's great fun.
Bella's horribly embarrassed and refuses to do it. She's mortified. If pressed, she'll try but is so mortified that even as a vampire it just comes out as squeaky mumbling. Edward assures her she sounded wonderful.
She knows she didn't and refuses to do it ever again. (Especially when Emmett laughs at her and uses it as his ring tone.)
I imagine he finds the whole karaoke thing a bit strange. He gets forced into it though and probably defaults to the same John Denver song every time.
(He did David Bowie once and it got too weird. He never did it again and the family never mentions it.)
Edward is above karaoke and finds it pedantic and stupid. Much like Christmas. He'll indulge the family if forced to and goes out of his way to show off how vast his musical knowledge is and force you to listen to his rendition of some artist he believes is niche and unlikely to be known by many.
You're listening to Edward do Linkin Park songs.
And telling him he did a great job.
Emmett gets so into it, too into it, and deliberately picks the worst songs. I imagine there's a lot of "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go!", "What's New Pussycat?", "Delilah", "I Will Survive" and basically every ridiculous karaoke number you can picture.
Doris Day. So much Doris Day. All Doris Day. I imagine a lot of "Que Sera".
Japser has no idea what he's doing, and he can't sing. Every attempt at karaoke is painful. Somehow, he's worse than Bella.
He ends up sticking to Neil Diamond songs as then he can sort of talk instead of sing.
Renesmee gets very into karaoke as it's a glimpse into the human world and is fascinating for it. As a result she picks the worst songs and weirdest fucking music as she has no idea what any of these songs are.
I imagine a lot of accidental Bollywood numbers are selected.
Rosalie does duets with Emmett and has herself a grand time.
Lots of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"
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Jonathan Wilson
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rin-haitani a day ago
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okay let鈥檚 just say i shed a tear鈥 or two :,))
loid trying his very best to be a good father to anya.
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Spy x Family Spoilers:
I really love these panels.
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So many valuable lessons taught in simple words.
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