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carnationhcs · 2 months ago
Hey darling for kinktober I was hoping you could do Emmett Cullen with the against the wall prompt if it’s not already taken!!
Kinktober Day 22: Against A Wall
Character(s): Emmett Cullen (Twilight)
(A/n: I am ashamed at how long this took to get out.. Sorry it's short..)
Hope you enjoy~♥️
Taglist: @lendeluxe
Warnings: mentioned belly bulge, creampie
Age Rating: 18+ Minors DNI
Tumblr media
Emmett x Fem! Reader
The wall shudders with how much force he's using to piston in and out of you. Hands clawing at his flawless porcelain back, trying to ground yourself, though it's useless as he draws yet another orgasm from your shaking body.
The room is filled with wet squelches and the sound of skin hitting skin as Emmet fuck you mercilessly against the wall. He large cock almost spearing you into as he completely ravagers your tender pussy.
You head is thrown back and he doesn't waste any time in leaning down to leave as many marks as he can on the warm flesh; your hands travel up the expanse of his muscular back to tangle in his hair as his hips twitch and he releases inside you, quickly filling you up and distending your stomach with the amount he unloads.
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edwardforkingcullen · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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volturiwolf · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Soulmates - A Demetri Volturi x Reader Imagine It's All Greek To Me - A Demetri Volturi x fem!Reader Imagine Stuck With You - A Demetri Volturi x fem!Reader Imagine (A Sequel to 'It’s All Greek To Me') When the Mate Bond Fails - A yandere!Felix x vampire!fem!reader x yandere!Demetri Imagine
Siren - An Alec Volturi x Vampire!GN!Reader Imagine - Part 1, Part 2 (final)
When the Mate Bond Fails - A yandere!Felix x vampire!fem!reader x yandere!Demetri Imagine
The Volturi Princess - A Felix Volturi x fem!Reader Story - SERIES (ongoing) Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9
Unorthodox - An Embry Call x vampire!fem!Reader Story - SERIES (finished) Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12 (final)
Heavy Cart - Jared Cameron x GN!Reader Imagine
Road trip to Fate - Paul Lahote x fem!Reader Imagine - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (final) Last Christmas - A Paul Lahote x GN!Reader Story Headcanon of being Paul Lahote’s Human Imprint (GN)
We Belong Together - A Sam Uley x fem!Reader Imagine
The Dance Off - OCs x fem!Reader Twilight story
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claricetudor · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
i said what i said
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Who is your favourite werewolf and who is your favourite vampire other than the Cullen's?
Favourite werewolf has to be sweet baby boy Seth. He is pure. He is just a small little boy that I want to protect and hold close.
But seriously, with Seth, Stephanie wrote the wolves in such a f'd up way were Seth is the only one you are meant to like because he is teh only one that actively tries to befriend the vampires. I acknowledge this. But I still acknowledge that Seth is just a sweet little guy that doesn't really care about family wars, as long as he can make friends and get a sandwhich from Esme then he's happy.
I think my favourite non-Cullen vampire is probably Jane. I feel like there is so much that could be further explored about Jane and her backstory. Both her and her brother are described to look around 12-14 years old, yet Aro has a weird predatory hold on her that is described in the books. I want to know how they both became bitten so young and how Aro found them. I want to read storys of Jane at first wanting to be a good person but being overcome by her thirst for blood until Aro finds these poor children eating off of peasants in the middle ages. I don't like her because she's evil, I like her because I don't think she was always evil and I want to know more about it.
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cozytwilight · 10 months ago
If you post twilight, like/reblog this - I need more twilight on my dash 😌🌲
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gru3s0m3bra1nr0t · 3 months ago
𝐀𝐧 𝐮𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐦𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭
Y/N: Your Name
Y/f/f: Your Favorite Food, Your Favorite Fruit
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 1084
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: mentions of death, blood, and fear (?)
You arrived in Volterra, Italy after a long flight, longing for a nice, warm bed. You arrived to your hotel, the Borgo Pignano and set your things down after checking in.
*Time skip cause I’m lazy*
You arrived at the famous castle that was the crown jewel of Volterra just in time for the tour. You squeezed in with the rest of the group and stared in awe as you wandered down the halls. But a feeling of dread was beginning to form in the pit of your stomach. You ignored it and tried to have a good time, unaware of what was going to happen.
As the group travelled deeper within the castle, the feeling of dread grew more and more. You looked over and saw a stranger walking off grinning at the tour leader saying something about, “save some for me...”. You shrugged it off thinking maybe it was an inside joke.
The tour group reached another room, and as they walked in you noticed three men sitting on thrones as well a couple other people standing in the room. Now something was definitely wrong. One stood and smiled. “Feast my friends.” As soon as he said that, everyone in the room lunged forward and sunk their teeth into nearby victims. Screams erupted as the sounds blood splattered on the walls and floors.
You noticed no one was standing near the doors so you ran as fat as you could to escape. Before you could reach the door, someone blocked you. You fell back and looked up in terror, noticing it was one of the three men on the thrones. You backed up and tried to run but before you could, he grabbed our arm and brought you close. “I will have Alec escort you to my quarters, Amore...” he said smoothly. For some reason you felt at ease even though he was covered in blood.
You felt a cold, yet gentle hand lead you from the massacre and through long halls. Eventually after what felt like forever, you reached a beautifully decorated room. “My king will be back shortly to speak with you.” Alec said before he left. You sat in confusion and fear, not being able to comprehend on what just went on. You looked up and saw multiple bookcases holding old yet taken care of books. As you looked at every detail in the room, the door opened. You turned quickly only to see the same man from before but he wasn’t covered in blood this time. “Hello Mia Cara.” He said as he walked to you. You shred away in fear. He sighed and held out his hand
“Do not be afraid, Dove, may I see your hand?” He asked gently. You gulped and slowly placed your hand on his. He stared at you with his ruby red eyes and smiled a little. “I do apologize for scaring you, Amore.” He said as he gently placed your hand back at your side. “I can see your are just filled with questions. Do not be afraid to ask them, Mia Cara.” You nodded and sat on a nearby chair. “What are you? Why did you do what you did to those innocent people?” You asked quickly. “Ahh the most basic of questions, but I will answer them.”
“The woman who was leading your tour group, the two other men beside me on the thrones and the others who fed on your group, we are vampires. We are the Volturi Coven. And we did what we did so we could feed.” He said with no emotion. You leaned back, stunned. Vampires were just fiction, a myth to scare others, yet they were also an interesting subject. Although you were obsessed with the thought of them, you felt fear being in the midst of one. “Do not be afraid, Bellissima, I’m not here to hurt you. It seems my brother, Marcus, saw our bond. It is faint, yes, but if you decide to stay and be with me, our bond will grow stronger over time.” You looked at him and sighed. “If I do decide to go, you won’t hurt me will you?” You asked quietly, afraid of him lashing out. “I could never hurt you. You’re too special.”
You nodded and looked around the room while your brain was racing with thoughts. The caste was beautiful but this stranger was even more so. You wanted to stay but you had a life back home. It wasn’t the greatest but if you wanted to, you could start a whole new life. “I wanna stay.” You said quickly. His face beamed with joy as he clapped his hands once. “My name is Aro and you?” “Y/N”. “That’s a beautiful name, now, let’s get you something to eat and I will introduce you to my brothers as well the rest of the coven!” Aro said excitedly. You nodded and went to the kitchen with him.
“Why do you need a kitchen if all you do is feed on humans?” You asked, curiosity lacing your question. “Well our secretary’s and house keepers are human and we need a cook for them.” He said. “Look through the fridge or cabinets all you want and see if there is something you’d like, Y/N.” You nodded and looked through the fridge pulling out Y/F/F. You placed it on the counter, and found a bowl and a fork, filling it with y/f/f, and sitting down to eat it. After you finished that you looked through the cabinets and found Y/F/F and pulled that out. You looked over and saw Aro staring at you with slight amusement. “I was hungry!” You said, giggling a little.
“Don’t be embarrassed, Bellissima, I understand. You just have some crumbs on your face.” He said as he gently wiped your face with a napkin. You knew you were supposed to be scared of him, you knew that at any moment he could turn on you and rip you to shreds but he seemed gentle and kind. “Now let’s go meet the rest of the coven, shall we?” He asked. You nodded and stood. Maybe he wasn’t so scary after all.
𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐨 𝐦𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠! 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞/𝐟𝐚𝐧𝐟𝐢𝐜 𝐨𝐧 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐨 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐥𝐦𝐤 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤!
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thaliawritesx · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
J A C O B  B L A C K
Birthday Boy — not being used to getting gifts, Jacob has a hard time accepting the expensive gifts his girlfriend got him for his birthday | FLUFF
Sleepover — a new vampire threat is keeping Jacob on his toes so when his best friend stays the night she makes sure he gets the rest he needs | FLUFF
Cursed Fate — in an attempt to fix their relationship, everything falls apart | ANGST
P A U L  L A H O T E 
Her — Paul can’t get his classmate out of his head and when he sees her for the first time after he shifted he finally gets why | FLUFF
Insecure | FLUFF
3 A.M. Call | ANGST
First Kiss | FLUFF
Pregnant | FLUF
Q U I L  A T E A R A 
Broken Promise | ANGST + FLUFF 
— part one | after (Y/N) was abandoned by all three of her friends, Quil tries to win her back by showing her the truth — part two | after exposing (Y/N) to his secret, Quil pays her another visit to talk
Facade | ANGST
Lingering Kisses | FLUFF
Being in a relationship with Quil | FLUFF
E M B R Y  C A L L 
Red Eyed Woman — (Y/N) decides to walk home after work through the forest, but when she comes across a red eyed woman she wishes she would’ve waited on her dad to pick her up | ANGST + FLUFF
Early Mornings — Embry’s cute face is enough for (Y/N) to forgive him for accidentally waking her up | FLUFF
First Kiss | FLUFF
Finding his imprint | FLUFF
S E T H  C L E A R W A T E R 
New Girl — when a nervous Seth finally finds the courage to talk to his imprint, it doesn’t exactly go the way he wants it to | FLUFF
Play fight — an innocent play fight turns into something more | FLUFF
The Rest of Our Lives — when her duties as maid of honor become a little overwhelming, Seth takes his girlfriend to a special place to take a break away from her family | FLUFF
Missed Call | ANGST + FLUFF
— part one | Being ignored with good reason for over 4 days, Seth decides to pay his girlfriend a visit at school to apologize for his shortcomings, but their conversation ends differently than he had anticipated
— part two | [COMING SOON]
Kisses | FLUFF
L E A H  C L E A R W A T E R
Feelings — Leah is tired of not receiving any attention from her girlfriend so when she tries to catch her attention in another way it ends in a confession | FLUFF
Beach Day — a day at the beach with Leah and her girlfriend ends wholesomely | FLUFF
Sleeping Words — visiting her sleeping girlfriend Leah witnesses her sleep talking for the first time | FLUFF
The pack meets Leah’s girlfriend for the first time | FLUFF
Being in a relationship with Leah | FLUFF
S A M  U L E Y 
Study Comfort | FLUFF
J A R E D  C A M E R O N
Exchanging gifts with Jared Cameron | FLUFF
P R E F E R E N C E S 
wolf pack’s love language | FLUFF
— part one | Jacob Black, Paul Lahote, Quil Ateara, Embry Call
— part two | Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Sam Uley, Jared Cameron
the moment the wolf pack falls for you | FLUFF
— part one | Jacob Black, Paul Lahote, Quil Ateara, Embry Call
— part two | Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Sam Uley, Jared Cameron
how they react when they’re jealous | FLUFF
— part one | Jacob Black, Paul Lahote, Quil Ateara, Embry Call
— part two | Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Sam Uley, Jared Cameron [COMING SOON]
how they comfort their significant other | FLUFF
— only part | Jacob Black, Seth Clearwater
valentine’s day with them | FLUFF [SPECIAL EVENT]
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twilitty · 7 months ago
Master list
hey, i’m @twilitty and this is all of my original content linked in one place for your convenience and my sanity. 
you can request any of the following through my ask box: moodboards, headcannons, short fics, and pretty much anything else you can think of that won’t immediately make me call the fbi :)
Tumblr media
asks open for requests
asks open for requests
asks open for requests
all of my totally correct thoughts in one place
im funny sometimes but it’s never on purpose
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I feel like the vampires should be way more concerned with human affairs than they are. Like they’re in trouble if we manage to fuck up the planet so bad or nuke ourselves into extinction.
AU where the Volturi are hardcore environmental activists and avid supporters of nuclear disarmament.
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twilightt-fantasy · 2 months ago
It’s that time of year again!!
I am opening requests for Christmas requests only! The latest to send in requests will be December 5, 2021!
Please refer to my character list and rules before requesting!
Also check the masterlist to see what was written last year!
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edwardforkingcullen · 8 months ago
Okay guys let's consider... We love the blue filter in twilight and the golden filter in NM, but what about a gray filter on eclipse?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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volturiwolf · a month ago
Last Christmas - A Paul Lahote x GN!Reader Story
A/N: The story contains the serious topic of heart attack. If you are not feeling comfortable with the topic, please do not proceed any further.
A/N 2: The main inspiration behind the story came from my own experience with my father's heart attack. Fortunately, he did not pass away. He had to go under a quadruple by-pass surgery. Due to C*vid, we were not allowed to visit him. He came back home a few days ago. He still looks very weak, and he's still fighting to get better. The heart attack was due to his high blood sugar (we were not exactly told if he has diabetes or not), just like his dad, who died from a heart attack because of this same issue.
A/N 3: Get yourselves regularly checked. Health is the most important thing. I, myself, have to stop eating sugar and sweet things, as I have inherited the same issue from my dad, and though I take medicine, my blood sugar is not at the desired levels.
A/N 4: I was also inspired by the movie "Last Christmas" (2019), starring Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding.
No. of Words: 3800+
Mentions of: Heart attack and disease, Death
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I have not tagged anyone from the previous Paul-related topics, because I know the story contains triggering factors
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Tumblr media
(Y/N)'s POV
Life was going seemingly great for me. It had recently been a year since the day Paul and I were official. We met about 14 months ago, but it took me a few weeks to agree on becoming his partner. It was all too sudden - the imprinting; the insane connection we had with each other; the physical and emotional attraction.
At first, when Paul told me he could transform into a wolf, I was terrified of being within a mile of him. But, as days passed, I knew I couldn't stay away from him - it was emotionally and mentally impossible. Paul was more than excited when I went by his house one day and asked to talk to him. It took me a while, but I learned to familiarize myself with the idea of Paul's wolf.
Everything else came naturally. I could finally understand why I needed to be close to him, and vice versa. After that, we were inseparable. We moved with each other as if we were attached by the hip. That was unless some rogue vampire decided to pass by the area. Then the extensive patrols became longer and more frequent, and we could barely see each other until the vampire was extinguished.
But Paul always tried to make up for the lost time, whether it was picnics on the beach, or movie nights, or long walks through the woods. Paul had a romantic, soft side that only I got to watch. Everyone else knew him as the hothead; the one you don't mess up with. But I knew that Paul was much more than that. He was the sweetest person I had ever met, and he would also go the extra mile, just to make sure I was happy and safe.
Surprisingly, he was also a great cook. While he didn't cook for the pack - they all preferred Emily's cooking over everyone else's, he would regularly cook for the both of us. Dinner dates at his place were the best. Paul did not just cook a simple dish of pasta. He went the full way each time, preparing a starter, main course, and desert, pairing them with wine.
Every time I came by for a dinner date, Paul would present another menu, trying to surprise me with different dishes each time. And each time, I was surprised. Paul did not seem like a person who knew how to cook, but he did. And his cooking was phenomenal, easily comparable to Emily's, though Emily's was mainly family-like food, while Paul liked to experiment with gourmet cuisine as well.
I really liked spending time with him. Paul treated me like royalty, not letting me lift a finger to do any chore. He would do everything on his own, just to make sure I would not get tired, though I was more than capable of doing everything. I felt like I was taking advantage of him, and he had to reassure me every single time that he was more than happy to do all chores on his own.
My happiness was overshadowed by sadness pretty suddenly. I didn’t know the reason why I felt weaker than I usually did for quite a few days. My back bones hurt a lot more than they usually did; I couldn’t breathe properly when I was out hiking with Paul; I was a lot more physically tired than I usually was, and I felt dizzy for most of the day.
Paul would attribute it to me not eating properly and regularly. Lately, I had been working like crazy to make ends meet, while also trying to make free time for Paul and me. It was almost mid-December, and while everything around was beautifully decorated for Christmas, work at the accountant’s office was getting more and more demanding as we had to close this year’s books.
I was a nervous wreck for most of the time. Paul tried to help me relax, but it was too difficult when all I could ever think about each day was the amount of work I was left with for the next day. It was as if every single business and individual in the Forks area left their accounts and responsibilities for the last minute, and we had to make sure everything was proper and legal.
I wasn’t sleeping enough, and I wasn’t eating healthy enough. And when the pain in my back extended to my chest, I only thought it was because of my anxiety. It wouldn’t be the first time I had a panic attack. I was actually anxious all the time, ever since I could remember, so I just thought it was just another day with anxiety.
It was yet another day that I came back home mentally and physically exhausted. My small apartment at the outskirts of Forks hadn’t been cleaned for about 2 weeks now, ever since the busiest month of the year began. I didn’t have the energy to clean up my mess, and though I tried to not make a complete mess, it was hard when I was away from home most of the time.
The delivery boxes piled up in the kitchen - I didn’t have time to throw the trash away. I barely had any clothes to wear for the next few days, and I dreaded the time I needed to get down to the basement and get my clothes washed in the shared laundry machines. I just wanted to take a shower and lay across my bed, where I would probably fall asleep within a few minutes.
The familiar pain in my chest came back just as I was getting into the shower, but I tried to take a few deep breaths, stabilize my breathing, and just try to relax. I let the hot water burn my skin, and I enjoyed the feeling of its warmth on my trembling body. The warm water was the best alternative I had when Paul wasn’t around to cuddle and warm me up.
I glided my hands on my body, falling into my own world, where I would be finally able to relax and get away from my worries. A sudden, sharp pain made my legs tremble, and I couldn’t help but grab onto the skin over my heart, leaving small nail marks. I felt my legs giving up on me, as I slowly started falling, trying to grab onto something, but my hands were slipping down the wet shower tiles.
As I started crying, thinking that was how I would die, I could not see anything but Paul’s image on my mind. The tears were streaming down my face harder as the only thing I could think about was that I would die and leave Paul alone behind. He would be devastated and I didn’t want him to get sad over me.
I barely heard Paul screaming nearby, as I was taking my last shaky breaths before the darkness finally consumed me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Paul’s POV
I was walking up and down the hospital corridor, anxious, saddened, and impatient. I had barely managed to catch (Y/N) before their head hit the shower floor. I had a feeling today that something was not going well; I could feel it in my heart and bones, and I somehow knew that something was going wrong with (Y/N). I wasted no time, and ran to their house immediately, trying to run through the woods, in my human form, just because it was the quickest way to (Y/N)’s apartment.
Thankfully, I already had the key to their apartment, so I did not tear the door down. I heard (Y/N) in the shower and I was relieved until I heard the faint crying and their hand sliding down the shower tiles. I burst into the bathroom and saw them falling down, but I was quick enough to catch them.
Their face was pale, and their heartbeat faint, almost non-existent, until it stopped, and I started panicking. I tried to remember what I knew from CPR, but no matter how much I pressed on their chest, blowing air down to their mouth, their heart did not start beating. In my frenzy, I grabbed a body towel, covered them, and ran out of the house towards the hospital.
I was on foot, and I was scared that I would not make it on time to save them. The cold winter air was not helping keep (Y/N)’s body warm and functioning, but I pushed myself to run faster than I ever had in my human form. The only thing that crossed my mind at that time was that I couldn’t lose them. I couldn’t. I had to make it to the hospital.
Driven by my panic for (Y/N)’s wellbeing, I reached the hospital a bit sooner than I hoped for. I burst into the emergency doors, yelling around for help. A few nurses and doctors gathered around and tried to communicate with me, but my mouth was trembling and I was just rumbling about what happened. The nurses understood that something may be going terribly wrong with (Y/N), so they just yelled at me to follow them, as we ran down the corridors.
We were stopped by hospital staff who swiftly grabbed (Y/N) from my hands and put them on a wheeled stretcher, searching for a pulse, shouting orders to each other, and trying to revive (Y/N) with CPR. It didn’t seem to work, so they used an electronic device on them, which I had only seen in medical tv series.
“Excuse me! Excuse me! Please, tell me what is going on!” I was yelling, panicking, not knowing what was going on with (Y/N) - nobody explained a thing to me.
“Sir, excuse me, sir. Please, stay back. We’ll do anything to save your friend, but you need to stay back.” A nurse was trying to keep me away and block my view of (Y/N) so that I couldn’t see what was going on.
“They are not my friend! They are my partner! What is going on? Why won’t you tell me?” I was freaking out, clueless and desperate, trying to push the nurse away but not too hard.
“I’m sorry, sir, I cannot let you get any closer. We’ll try to do our best for your partner, but you need to stay back. We need to take them to the ICU immediately.”
I tried to calm down, and get as much information as I could out of the nurse. “Why? What is wrong with (Y/N)?”
“Your partner had a heart attack. We hope we can revive them, but they’re not responding yet. My colleagues will take them to the ICU. Don’t worry, your partner is in good hands. I just need you to fill out some necessary paperwork for their hospitalization.”
I didn’t say anything else, following the nurse. I had some trouble filling out the paperwork, as I knew a lot of things about (Y/N)’s medical history, but not significant ones that could indicate why they had a heart attack. I informed the nurse about it, and he told me not to worry, they would run the necessary exams to see what caused (Y/N) the heart attack.
Within my state of panic, I didn’t have time to inform the pack that I couldn’t make it to the patrol that day. I grabbed my phone from my back pocket, and quickly sent a text to our chat group, and plopped down heavily on a chair nearby.
I didn’t know what to feel at that moment. My head felt like it was swirling around the room, and the dizziness made me even sicker than I already felt. I thought about everything and nothing at the same time. My mind either went blank or was too occupied to synchronize the rest of my body.
I couldn’t believe what had happened - I didn’t want to believe what happened. I would have never expected something like that to happen to (Y/N). They looked healthy, and they had never expressed any significant health issues before, so I just couldn’t put the puzzle pieces together as to why this happened.
It must have been about half an hour later that the pack and their imprints burst through the hospital doors, all yelling questions at me, clearly panicking. Sam tried to coordinate everyone, but Emily seemed the most upset out of everyone, being our unofficial pack mom and all.
“Paul, where are they? Are they okay?” Her voice was cracking, and Sam was holding both her shoulders to steady her trembling body.
“They had a heart attack, Ems. I..I don’t know what to do. I’m..I’m lost.” I was a bit calmer than her, but my voice was also trembling, and my eyes could not focus on anything in particular.
I felt desperate and alone. Emily approached me slowly and hugged me around the shoulders - I didn’t know if she was trying to calm herself or me, but I felt a bit less lonely now that I knew I could share my pain with the pack. It was hard, not knowing what was happening with your partner. The only thing I could do was wait for someone to tell me what’s going on.
It must have been an hour or two since my friends came by the hospital to comfort me. Unfortunately, nothing could calm me through my upset state. I was so upset that I did not notice a doctor coming to us.
“Excuse me, I’m looking for Mr. Paul Lahote.”
I jumped off my seat as if an electric current passed through me. “Me. That is me. I’m Mr. Paul Lahote.”
“Mr. Lahote, are you with (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”
“Yes, I am. What happened to them? Do you have any updates?”
“Excuse me, can we talk somewhere more private, perhaps?” The doctor looked around the pack, unsure if she could talk to me in front of them.
“Yes, of course.” I followed her about 50 feet away from the others, though I knew all of my packmates could easily hear me and they would, most likely, inform their imprints.
“Mr. Lahote, we managed to revive your partner. We also ran some blood tests, took some x-rays, and performed a coronarographie on your partner. We cannot be 100% sure yet, but we don’t think it was just a “usual” heart attack. We are afraid that your partner may have dilated cardiomyopathy.”
I was at a loss for words. “What do you mean? What is that? Will they be okay?”
“Dilated cardiomyopathy is a heart condition, where the cavity of the heart is enlarged and stretched, and this compromises the heart's ability to pump normally and relax appropriately. It mostly occurs between the ages of 20 and 60, but it can be actually diagnosed in people of all ages. Most people eventually develop heart failure because of this. And while the most common causes include alcohol abuse or illegal drugs consumption, there is a small percentage of the condition being inherited through a parent. However, just like in most cases, we cannot find a specific cause as to what caused the cardiomyopathy to your partner. And unfortunately, it’s a condition that worsens fairly quickly.”
“So, what does that mean for (Y/N)? Will they be okay?” The doctor was just talking but I did not care about anything she said. I only needed to know if my imprint would be okay.
“We would still need to run some more tests, but if we are right and your partner is at an advanced stage, we’re talking about open-heart surgery. We would need to find a heart transplant for them.”
“And then, they will be okay, right?”
“Mr. Lahote, you need to understand that if your partner requires a heart transplant, the waiting list for heart transplants is very long. It may take months or years before finding one. And though your partner may fulfill some criteria to place them higher on the list, in terms of age, the severity of the disease, and the necessity of the transplant, we cannot assure you that we will find a transplant in time.” Her voice was lower, and despite my superior hearing, I could barely hear her now, with all the thoughts that passed through my mind.
“Is there anything I can do to help?” I looked at her in all seriousness.
“Unfortunately no, sir. We will be searching if there is a heart transplant available, but your partner’s case is a difficult one.”
“What do you mean ‘a difficult one’? What is so difficult about that?” My anger suddenly peaked, and I felt like I could lose control within moments.
“In order to find a compatible heart transplant, the blood type of the transplant’s donor has to match your partner’s blood type. Your partner’s blood type is O negative. People with O negative can, fortunately, give blood to all blood types, which makes them high in demand. Unfortunately, they can only receive from people with O negative. This means that we would have to find a donor with O negative for your partner, and while they are one of the common blood types, there are not always enough donations available for all patients. We don’t have a donation available currently, and it will take time before we find one.”
I felt like I was losing the ground under my feet. This could not happen. The world would not lose (Y/N) like that. My head was spinning and working overtime, trying to process everything the nurse just said. And then, it hit me.
“What if there is a donor available?”
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Y/N)’s POV
I first started to hear the small beeping next to me. It was rhythmic and almost lulled me back to sleep. My eyelids felt so heavy as I was trying to open my eyes. I could feel the unfamiliar room around me, and I needed to know where I was. As I slowly fought my way back to see, I was almost blinded by the brightness around me.
The room was glowing white under its white walls and bright lights. It smelled like chlorine and iodine, alcohol, and sickness? Where was I? I couldn’t tell on my own. I tried moving around but I could not move my arms or legs, as if I had no control over them. The beeping sound near me was getting more intense, and I felt the anxiety through me. What happened to me?
As I was still dizzy, trying to understand what was happening around me, I saw a nurse coming towards me. I didn’t realize I was actually in a hospital until she came to me.
“Hey, (Y/N). How are you feeling, dear? Would you like anything? You’ve been sleeping for a while.”
“I think I’m alright? I really don’t know. I can’t move my arms or legs yet.”
“Yeah, it may be because of the anesthesia. You’ll start feeling them in a few hours or days though, don’t worry about that.” She smiled encouragingly, trying to reassure me that everything would be okay.
“Uhm, sorry that I’m asking, but..how did I come here? Last thing I remember..I think I slipped in my shower.”
“Your friend brought you here. He said he heard you falling in the shower. He tried to revive you, but you wouldn’t wake up, so he brought you here. He claimed he was your partner.”
“Paul? Paul brought me here?” My interest suddenly peaked.
“Yes, that was his name. Mr. Paul Lahote.”
“Where is he now? Is he here? Can I see him?” Though I felt weak, I tried my best to get out of that hospital bed, but I couldn't feel my body, and the nurse slightly held me back.
“I’m really sorry, dear, I’m afraid you cannot see him right now. I need you to get well and rest. I will let you know in a few days though, don’t worry. Just try your best to get better. Your friends were really worried about you. You cannot see them yet, but I will let them know you’re awake and okay.”
I only nodded, and she left the room, leaving me alone. For some inexplicable reason, I had this tight feeling in my stomach that I couldn’t shake off. It felt like loneliness, sadness, and misery, though my heart was beating steadily, strong, and brought a sense of warmth through my body. I had to know what was going on, but the only thing I could do was wait.
It had been four months since I had my heart transplant surgery and one month since I left the hospital. The doctors said it would usually take between three and six months to fully recover, but my test results were extremely encouraging, and they were hopeful that I was physically prepared to leave the hospital.
However, what both the doctors and my own friends were hiding from me all these months was the reason why I was here. I knew that transplants were extremely rare to find, let alone heart transplants, but they all assured me that there came a transplant, which was the perfect match for me, so I accepted their sayings. What I hadn’t been told until now was that Paul was the donor of the transplant.
Paul decided to sacrifice his life for me; to literally give up his own, healthy, strong heart to save my weakened one. All this time, my friends kept telling me that Paul had to work extra hours to cover the medical expenses, and they tried to keep him away because they didn’t want him to get upset over my state.
But now I knew. And though I should have been feeling heartbroken, upset, saddened, I didn’t feel any of that. I could feel the strong, loving heart under my own skin, and I could not be upset; I could never be upset. Even though I tried to mourn over the loss of Paul, the strong heart that now pumped blood all over my body did not let me feel sadness over Paul’s sacrifice.
It was as if it was feeling what I was feeling and quickly comforted and calmed me down. It was as if Paul was still here, taking care of me, making sure I was still happy and healthy. And, in a sense, Paul was still there with me - at least, a part of him; the strongest part of him; the part that loved me, cared for me and protected me.
Though Paul was not physically there, it still felt as if he was there for me, looking over me, making sure I continued my life, even if he wasn’t there to see me. I promised myself I would live for him. And I did..
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athenaeum-simps · 11 months ago
Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Credit:- @Grimyfrightz
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cozytwilight · a year ago
If you’re a twilight renaissance blog pls interact with this post so I can follow u I need mental health assistance aka more twilight posts on my dashboard
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brokemypen · 3 months ago
Twilight AU Series Part 4
Warning: Mention of violence/assault that might be triggering
His eyebrows pushed together in worry. He could tell just how frightened I was. The words alone that spilled from me proved that my creator did not bring happy feelings. I could still feel the terror of that girl in what I could only describe as a vision. But of my past? I couldn’t make sense of it. My head felt cloudy and heavy. It was like my senses were cut off. It made me feel blind, weak. Jasper caught me as I began slipping to the floor, my hand covering my head. 
Jasper’s head turned to the door, both of us catching Alice’s scent as she poked her head through the door. “Please explain to me what’s going on.” “What did you see?” Jasper demanded. His hands were cradled around me, my head on his chest. I felt the weight of the vision crushing down on me. Threatening to pull me back in. Jasper’s arms were the only thing tethering me down. Alice was at our side at once. I felt her hands touch my face. “It was like she disappeared. I couldn’t see her future anymore, and then suddenly I could.” I peeked through my lashes seeing her bewildered face. The pressure was fading and just as it completely slipped away Alice breathed a sigh of relief. “You’re clear as day now. Do you want to tell me what happened?”  I explained everything. From the silence in the vision that surrounded me, making me feel absolutely alone in the world, to the dark figure that abducted me. Alice couldn’t make sense of it either. The only thing we could do was bring it to the rest of our family. Maybe they could form an explanation. We all gathered in the living room, all of us finding our own places to listen. Jasper of course was as close to my side as possible in case whatever it was happened again. The pain it caused me scared the hell out of him. “Maybe it’s an addition to the gifts you already possess.” Carlisle chimed into the conversation. He was sat on the couch in the middle of the room, next to Edward and Bella. Esme stood at his side, concern on her face as well. Everyone seemed on edge by what I had experienced. What if what I saw was true. What if a vampire somewhere really did kidnap me? Why did he just abandon me? Was he doing this to others?  “Gifts can grow overtime.” Bella added. “Or quickly like in my experience. It took me no time at all to pull my shield down for Edward to read my thoughts. Now I can turn it on and off like a switch.”  Alice and Edward also added how their gifts developed over time. In the beginning the visions were blurry for Alice, becoming clearer over time. Edward’s experience was similar in how clear the thoughts came to him.  “So let’s get this straight.” I finally spoke. Everyone turned to me as I had been quiet for most of the conversation. I only explained what I could and Alice and Jasper took over from there. “I can make decisions knowing if the outcome will be good or bad, like an overwhelming gut feeling and I know people before they even say hello. Now suddenly I have visions. Isn’t that kind of a jump. I mean what does that have to do with what I could already do?” Emmett spoke up from the corner of the room. “Maybe it’s a defense mechanism.” He shrugged, Rosalie at his side shook her head in agreement. Jasper looked right at Emmett like he had the perfect answer. “That actually makes perfect sense.” He agreed. “How so?” I added, still not understanding where they gathered this from. Jasper turned to me. “Do you remember how you just knew to come here? It was like out of anywhere in the world this is where you belonged the most. And how you also knew you could trust me? You knew you’d be safe.” “Or when you hunted for the first time. That’s definitely not an instinct we are born with.” Carlisle added. “I think the thing that it all has in common is keeping you safe. Keeping you on the right track.” “Explains why I also can’t read your thoughts. You’re keeping yourself safe.” Edward replied.  They all bounced memories back in forth, but they weren’t getting the point. I felt danger. It screamed inside of me telling me to run and hide. I felt the emotions boiling inside of me all over again and it all came pouring out of me before I could try and stop it. “Still doesn’t explain this vision though. Something doesn’t feel right. I mean I don’t even know my own name and I suddenly get this traumatic vision of being abducted? I can’t possibly see how this is supposed to keep me safe. I’m supposed to be indestructible, yet I can’t even begin to explain how terrifying this man was. He was an absolute monster. ” My voice was higher now. I was almost shouting. My mind was going too fast, my head felt heavy again. Why now? How was seeing him keeping me safe now? Jasper held me again as he too felt the emotions in me, protecting me from snapping like newborns do. That’s when I felt it coming for me. That invisible pulling feeling. I felt myself slipping to the floor. Reality began breaking.  Where was I? Everything was dark, my vision not picking up anything recognizable. I felt the ground underneath me. Was I outside? I felt around feeling what could only be the forest floor. It was clearly night time. I must have been deep in the forest because I couldn’t even make out a trace of the moon. Then I felt what I could only explain as stone above me. It moved and I felt a cold, hard hand grab my face. I could feel fear deep in my stomach freezing my whole body. I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream, tears welled in my eyes. I tried to see this person, but it was so dark I couldn’t make out anything. I felt this person who had a hold on me breathe down my neck. So many scenarios ran through my head. I was going to die here wasn’t I? Would anyone find my body? I tried to remember who would miss me, but my mind was blank. Did I have parents? Friends? I couldn’t think. All I could focus on was the weight of this person crushing me to the ground. Holding me in place. Whatever was going to happen, I just wanted it to be over. Then I felt a sharp feeling burrow deep into my neck. That was when I started screaming. I had never felt such pain in my life, this I knew. Had I been stabbed? Did they bite me? The deep feeling was removed now, but in it’s place was a hot feeling, growing hotter. Too hot. I felt like my neck was being lit on fire and all I could do was thrash on the ground. I screamed and screamed until my voice gave out as I felt the fire spread throughout my body. It was slow and agonizing. This stranger was torturing me. Though I could not feel them on me anymore as I continued thrashing on the ground, the only thing I could conclude was that he was setting me on fire. I was absolutely right, I was going to die here. My heart was racing now, so fast I couldn’t make sense of it. Maybe it was the adrenaline. The pain was so severe, how had I not passed out already? How could I not smell the smoke. I remembered all the tv shows and movies I had seen where people had been burned. Didn’t they explain experiencing those things. My whole body was on fire now and I was awake for all of it. I didn’t know if anyone could hear me, but I was pleading for death now, begging for this stranger to put me out of my misery. I didn’t want to feel. I didn’t want to be alive. “Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop.” I kept repeating over and over again. Whether outloud or in my head, I didn’t care. “Hey you’re okay!” I felt hands shaking me hard. I realized now I was saying it out loud now. Was the stranger patronizing me now? If I was on fire how were they able to touch me? I finally realized I couldn’t feel any flames. I opened my eyes and only saw Jasper’s face above me as I lied on the floor. He was shaking me to pull me out of it. I looked around, seeing everyone’s faces now. They were all sitting or standing as I had remembered. By now they were shocked, terror on all their faces. I was on my feet in the fraction of a second, crouched against the wall in a defensive position. I was breathing fast, but I knew now I didn’t need to. I wasn’t trapped in the flames any longer. “burning” Is all I could get out in a whisper.  “You’re okay.” Jasper repeated. He was in front of me now, pulling me up to my feet. Sending waves of relaxation that took the pain away. I looked over his shoulder. Everyone was staring at me waiting for an answer. I was calm now so I let Jasper let me go and began to explain the vision this time.  “That must have been your transformation.” Carlisle concluded. “It’s exactly like what you’re explaining.” A pressure still loomed over me, the faintest feeling of heat still clinging to me, but I could feel it slipping.  I looked over at Edward who was looking up at Alice’s face. She was frozen now, looking off into the distance. What was she seeing? It wasn’t good from what I could tell just by who concerned Edward was, and how he held Bella tighter to him. “What is it?” I demanded. I needed answers now. Edward turned to me. “She’s seeing the man you told us about. I don’t recognize him.” We were all looking at them both now. This all happened in only a minute, but the anticipation made it feel like forever.  Alice snapped out of it suddenly, finding my face. “He went back to the place that he left you and he’s caught your scent. He’ll be here tonight.” 
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thaliawritesx · a year ago
can I get a Jacob x reader where she’s Jacobs childhood best friend/ imprint but she doesn’t know yet and she’s spending the night at his house cause there’s a possible new vamp around and she would be safer. And like they end up sleeping in the same bed and it’s just really fluffy (I’m not asking for smut don’t worry lol) but yeah also could you make a line of dialogue “you look cute in my shirt” from Jacob?
Tumblr media
word count: 914
summary: a new vampire threat is keeping Jacob on his toes so when his best friend stays the night she makes sure he gets the rest he needs
warnings: none
Tumblr media
note: i should really work on my fluff skills. sorry it took so long for me to finish this, but I hope you like anon :)
Tumblr media
“Thanks for your shi—” (Y/N) stopped in the middle of her sentence as she stepped into Jacob’s living room from his bedroom. She had just changed into the shirt Jacob gave her, but apparently it was too long for him. He was slouched on the couch, his head thrown back as soft snores were coming from his slightly parted lips. The television was watching him, instead of the other way around. 
A smile made its way onto her face as she walked over to him. “I was gone for five minutes.” She chuckled to herself, sitting down at the other end of the couch. The sudden weight shift in the couch cushion, jerked Jacob awake. He lifted his head, bringing his hand up to his forehead. His head turned in (Y/N)´s direction, who couldn’t hold her laughs back at his confused expression and his messy hair. “So much for a sleepover.” 
“Yeah, sorry.” His voice was low and his words were slightly slurred from exhaustion. He dragged his hands along his face, sitting up straight. “What time is it?” 
“Something past nine, I think.” She answered him.
“Well, it’s still kind of early.” Jacob tried to sound lively, but the bags under his eyes were saying the opposite. “What would you like to do?” 
It sounded more he was forced to entertain her, but (Y/N) completely understood. He was constantly on the run, going to school early in the morning, making sure she got safe home, making homework together until it was time for him to patrol. She admired his passion to protect people and his will to finish school, but she could see how it was tiring him out. Every time he sat still for more than a minute, he immediately passed out. He needed sleep.
“Jake, when was the last time you slept 8 hours?” She asked, raising her eyebrows skeptically, knowing he was probably going to lie. He didn’t want her to worry, but he was failing at it. 
“I don’t know.” He sheepishly snickered at her question, still trying to keep his act going. He rested his head on top of his hand which was resting on the armrest of the couch. “Probably a few days ago.”
“That was probably spread over 3 days.” She said humorously, but with a worrisome undertone. She shifted in her place so her back was facing the armrest and her legs were on the couch. She opened her arms and wiggled with her fingers, gesturing him to come to her. 
He furrowed his brows in confusion, sligthly lifting his head from his hand. “What are you doing?” 
“You asked what I would like to do and I would like for you to sleep.” She said, using his own words against him. Normally, Jacob was the one trying to get (Y/N) to sleep, because just like him she didn’t know when it was enough. He was the only one who could get her to take a break. In that moment she felt like it was her turn to show him when it was enough. 
A soft smile tugged on the corner of his lips. Too tired to argue with his best friend, something (Y/N) was definitely expecting, he slowly dragged his body over to her side of the couch, crawling on top of her. He gently lied his head on top of her chest, loosely wrapping his warm arms around her waist as he tried to get more comfortable. He definitely didn’t mind the change of scenery. 
(Y/N) smiled to herself, proud she actually got him to listen for once. Looking down at him she could feel his body relax. If his eyes weren’t slightly open, she could’ve sworn he was already asleep. “How’s that?”
“Pretty comfortable.” He hummed, melting into her embrace. “Would’ve been nicer if you didn’t smell like me tho.”
“I think you smell pretty nice.” She brushed her hand through his hair.
“It’s not that, your scent is just calming.” His voice was getting lower by the second as he slowly started slipping into unconsciousness. “At least you look cute in my shirt.” 
(Y/N) wasn’t sure if it was him or the exhaustion talking, because the Jacob she knew was never really the one to compliment people. The blood rushed to cheeks and ears as an uncontrollable smile creeped up onto her face. “You must be exhausted.” 
“That doesn’t make you look less cute.” He argued back.
“I’ll just take that compliment then.” She said nonchalantly, trying not to show how flustered she actually was by his words. 
It fell quiet between them, a comfortable silence taking over while Jacob’s breathing became much calmer and softer. (Y/N) focused her attention from him to the movie that was almost inaudibly playing on the television. Her fingers were gently massaging his scalp and playing with the strands of his hair. Him being nurtured by his best friend’s euphoric touch worked calming on, not only his body, but also his mind. Being so close to her he finally realized what he missed and he didn’t want it to end. 
“I don’t think anyone has done this to me before.” His voice low and breathy as he spoke. 
“Being taken care of every now and then isn’t bad, right?” 
“It feels nice.” He managed to whisper before he ultimately fell asleep, leaving his best friend with a satisfied smile on her face.
“Goodnight, Jake.” She whispered back to him, gently placing a kiss against his hair. 
Tumblr media
masterlist | edited 
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sayitoutloudsayit · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
my framed bella poster is watching over me while i sleep or judging me while i lie in bed and scroll my life away. most likely the second…
Tumblr media
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slumber-fang · 4 months ago
Hey Twihards!
Tumblr media
I’m Cat! I’m a college sophomore studying Psychology, and I’m currently reading Twilight for the first time!
I’m not too far through the first book, but I’m enjoying the twilight memes and analyzations on tumblr! I’m thinking about psychoanalyzing different characters once I read all the books!
Tumblr media
Since I haven’t seen any of the movies and am reading them for the first time, I don’t know too much about whether I like Jacob—but I do know I’m definitely not team Edward. (No offense Team Edward.)
(Team Bella Swan!)
I would say though that I do feel like Bella is definitely neurodivergent: likely autistic due to her social skills, clumsiness, and some other factors. I love Bella Swan (despite her dumb choices lol).
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading! Follow for Twilight Saga content :)
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freyaphoriablog · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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