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roxannecullen · 4 months ago
Edward in biology class, sitting next to Bella for the first time
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nowadayz · a month ago
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Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call The Twilight Saga, 2008–2012
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geraltshumblebard · 6 months ago
do I hate twilight? absolutely.
do i absolutely love twilight? undoubtedly.
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 3 months ago
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They always delete the interesting scenes
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haletwinsstan · 9 months ago
Carlisle: why is Rosalie crying
Edward: she took a which twilight character are you quiz
Carlisle: who did she get
Edward: me
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danverswitch · 3 months ago
Caius: My partner must be held to the highest standards.
Y/n: *trips over their own feet ,walks into a door frame and has a go at the table after stubbing their toe*
Caius: *pointing * i want that one.
-incorrect quotes-
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phil-dwyer-stan-account · 6 months ago
The feminine urge to create an entire vampire army just to avenge your mediocre boyfriends death
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pennylanefics · 5 months ago
Over-Protective - Paul Lahote
a/n: been finished with this for a while, but been too lazy to transfer it over to tumblr 🤣
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“She’s perfect,” Paul whispers in your ear. It was late into the night, nearing two o’clock, and you didn’t want to rest just yet.
You had just given birth to your baby girl, Eva, and as exhausted as you were, you loved this alone time with your new family.
“She is,” you smile down at her. Paul laid in bed beside you, his hand caressing her tiny hand, which she eventually grabbed onto.
“How do you think the pack’s gonna react to us keeping her birth a secret?” He wonders. You chuckle and lean your head against his shoulder. He kisses your temple before resting his head on yours, continuing to stare down at your daughter.
“I’m sure Jared won’t be happy, but who cares? I want to spend as much time with you two as possible.” Paul sighs happily.
“Me too. They can wait,” he says. You giggle and close your eyes for a moment.
“Why don’t you get some rest, love?” He gently takes Eva from your arms, but you are too tired to fight back. He walks around to the chair next to your bed and cradles Eva in his arms, watching over you to make sure you get some sleep.
“I love you, Paul,” you whisper before falling asleep. Paul smiles as your breathing evens out and you look so much more relaxed.
He stares down at his daughter, also fast asleep, and he can’t help but shed a tear. This is the life he has been wishing for ever since he imprinted on you.
“You are so loved, baby girl,” he whispers to Eva. She stirs in his arms, but remains asleep. “You have so many people who already love you, and you’ve been born into a wonderful family. I promise to give you the best life possible. For you and your mom.”
The next two days are filled with recovering in the hospital, lots of late night cuddles with Paul and Eva, and when you are finally sent home, everything starts to feel real.
“Why don’t you get some more rest, babe,” he tells you as soon as you step inside of Paul’s dad’s house. You had been looking into getting your own place soon, but it was a choice that came late in your pregnancy, and he didn’t want to stress you out with moving.
“Are you sure?” He chuckles and pulls you in for a hug.
“Yeah. You just gave birth to our baby girl three days ago, you deserve all the rest you can get. I’ll be fine. We’ll be out here, sitting by the fire, watching a movie.”
“Nothing over PG-13,” you scolded playfully. Paul groans dramatically.
“But I was wanting to watch this new horror movie,” he jokes. You shove his shoulder, but eventually laugh it off. “I promise, (Y/N). We’ll behave.”
“Alright. If she needs to be fed, just wake me. But I think there should be a bottle of breastmilk in the bag; that needs to go in the fridge.” He is quick to remove the item and run it to the kitchen while you slowly make your way to the bedroom.
You decide to take a shower first, since you haven’t taken one in a couple days. Paul laid on the couch with Eva propped up against his legs, staring blankly at him.
“Hi Eva,” he coos. Still, she just stares. He sighs and picks her up, resting her against his chest.
“I can’t wait for you to grow up, my little sunshine. I know you’re going to be smart and beautiful, just like your mama. I am so proud of her. She is incredibly strong for bringing you into this world. We’re gonna let her rest for a while. So we get some time to ourselves before dinner.”
She gurgles and Paul laughs.
“I know, you miss her. But we’ll have plenty of family time. For now, she gets some time for herself. You’ll understand when you’re older.”
A week passes and the pack still had yet to meet Eva. They eventually found out about her being born, when you texted them to confirm she had been as they were sending messages, wondering why you and Paul have been unreachable for a few days.
You told them you two wanted some time to yourselves before bringing her around them, knowing they would want to see her every single day, if possible. Seth, Embry, and Jacob, were understanding, but Quil, Jared, and even Emily were dying to meet her.
Finally, two weeks later, you take her over to meet them. Paul is frantic, worrying about one of them phasing out of no where and hurting her.
“Paul, hey, calm down, okay?” You take his face in your hands and help him breathe. He closes his eyes, nodding along with your words.
“Okay,” he whispers.
“Everything will be fine,” you promise. “I know your protectiveness will kick in as soon as anything happens. I have so much trust in you, Paul. You’ve protected me ever since you imprinted, and has anything happened?”
“No,” he grins. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too. Now let’s get going.”
The pack was already waiting at Emily’s house, on the edge of their seats, listening for Paul’s car to pull onto the property. When you finally did, though, the boys jumped up, beginning to race outside.
Emily, Sam, Kim, and Chloe, Embry’s imprint, all hold the eager guys back.
“Give them space,” Sam orders. “They clearly have a reason for staying away for so long, so let them get comfortable.”
You and Paul soon enter, Eva’s car seat in your hands and the diaper bag slung over Paul’s shoulder.
“Hey everyone,” he greets softly. Eva was still asleep, the rain on the car lulling her to sleep on the ride over.
“Oh, she’s beautiful,” Kim coos when you remove the slip around the carseat, covering her from the rain.
“She looks just like you, (Y/N),” Jacob says. You smile and lean into Paul’s side as everyone crowds around her.
“I wanna hold her,” Jared announces. Thinking it was okay, he began to grab her from the carseat, which forces Paul away from your side. He pushes Jared back with one arm, growling at him. Jared backs up as much as he can as Paul stares him down.
“Don’t fucking reach for her!” He shouts. Your hands wrap around Paul’s arm, the rest of the pack giving the two of you some space.
“Hey, calm down, come here,” you whisper. Paul brushes you off and turns around, making sure Eva was still safe and sound. He breathes out when he sees she hasn’t awoken, and looks to you with an apologetic expression. He sighs at your stern glare.
“I’m sorry, guys. I’m just feeling really over-protective of her. I don’t want anything to happen and being around six other wolves, I’ve been worried about something happening. I guess my instincts kicked in when I saw you reach for her and something in me snapped,” he apologizes. Jared stays put, his hands up in defense.
“You guys are more than welcome to hold her. No kisses though. And wash your filthy hands,” he says, joking around with the last part. “Jared, come over here.” Jared quickly washes his hands in the kitchen sink before Paul pulls him in for a quick hug. Your husband gently removes Eva from her seat and hands her over to his packmate.
“I totally get it, man. Sam actually told us that this might happen.” You glance over at the alpha of the pack, who nods along.
“A wolf is protective over his imprint, but even more so to his child,” he tells you. “Especially when they’re newborns, the most defenseless time in their life.”
You curl into Paul’s side and watch as the pack passes her around, being as careful as possible each time. The little meeting moves to the living room, so you can take a seat. Your back presses against Paul’s chest as you watch over the room.
Leah now holds Eva, smiling down at the tiny baby and caressing the little bit of hair she has. Seth stands behind her, looking over her shoulder.
“She really does look just like (Y/N),” Seth chuckles, taking a seat on the floor after. You giggle and look up at Paul, who is already staring down at you.
“What can I say? We make pretty cute babies,” he shrugs smugly. You smack his chest playfully.
“Are you hoping for a boy next time?” Emily asks you.
“Next time is a long time away,” you clarify. “But I would love for us to have a son as well. Paul needs a little man to match with.”
“It’s gonna happen, I know it will. I had a dream the other night about it. So no matter how long we decide to wait, it’ll be worth it.”
The rest of the pack take turns holding Eva, when she finally wakes up in Embry’s arms. She begins crying, which makes Paul stand up, ready to attack, as Embry hands her over to you.
“I think we should get going,” you say, after a few minutes of failing to get her to calm down.
“It was so great to finally meet her,” Leah smiles. You give everyone a hug as Paul sets Eva up in her carseat.
“We’ll come visit sometime soon, I promise,” you say as Paul walks you out to the car.
After the short drive, Paul brings her inside of your house as you fall onto the couch.
“That was eventful,” you say. He hands Eva to you and you begin to breast feed her. Paul puts everything away before coming to take a seat next to you.
“You didn’t flip out as much as I was expecting you to,” you say to him. He watches Eva eat intently, a small, content smile on his face.
“Such a beautiful thing you can do,” he murmurs. His finger traces over Eva’s head as softly as ever.
“I can’t wait for the rest of our lives,” you say after a few minutes. Paul gazes into your eyes and nods.
“Me too, baby. Just you, me, Eva, and our future son.” He pulls you into his arms after Eva finishes. You burp her gently, but soon, he takes over for you.
After eating dinner, showering, and putting Eva to bed, you and Paul finally relax under the covers, in each others arms.
“I am so fucking in love with you, and I am so happy we’re starting our family,” he whispers against your forehead. You can’t help but tear up and snuggle closer to him.
“I’ve always dreamed of this moment, and it’s so incredibly perfect with you by my side.”
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twihard08 · a month ago
genuinely cannot stand people who are full-on jacob haters, post transformation or not, jacob was quite literally just a kid and i hate y’all for making him out to be a bad person. 
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blackgirlfandomwriter · 25 days ago
Dating Jacob Black.....
Tumblr media
~ When Jacob first found out that you were his imprint, he tried his damnedest to avoid you
~ It wasn't like there was anything wrong with you❗. He just wanted to avoid another heartbreak 
~ And it was working until he realized that it was causing the both of you an immense amount of pain 
~ The first time you two official spoke is when your best friend, Seth, introduced you and Jake at a bonfire 
"Hey! I'm Y/N" 
"I'm Jacob. It's nice to finally meet you" 
Tumblr media
~ And your relationship started from there😌
~ The pack welcomed you with open arms.... except Embry 
~ This man LEGIT thought you were trying to take his best friend😂
~ But don't worry, you and Embry are cool now 
~ Like people are literally afraid to mess with you guys  
~ Constantly reassuring Jacob that you're not going anywhere 🥺
"Y'know I'm not gonna leave you, right?" 
"Yeah... I know" 
Tumblr media
~ Jacob just loves climbing in through your window, even though he could just use the front door 😂
~  He also loves to give you small little gifts every once in a while 
~ Oh My Gosh!! I can't forget about how much Jacob loves your smile
~ He loves the way your eyes light up and crinkle when you laugh or smile up at him
~ Let's talk about how much Billy loves you tho 🥰
~ He enjoys telling you stories about Jacob when he was younger 
~ He also loves to show you Jacobs baby pictures😂 
~ Beach dates
~ Lots of bonfire nights 
~ Cheap ass pick up lines🤣
~ Late night talks about literally anything 
~ Warm cuddles
~ Cheek and nose kisses
~ Definitely a Self-Care couple
~ I'm talking face mask, lip scrubs, the whole shebang!!
~ Jacob has developed a thing for calling you Munchkin🫠
~ You're probably wondering who said "I love you first" 
~ It was Jacob..... Simp ass 🤣
Tumblr media
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twilight-whoree · a month ago
Thinking about the time I took a film class and the final was to write a 10 page film analysis on your choice of movie… of course I picked New Moon. I spent 2 pages going over how significant the transfer from the blue tint to this warm tint was crucial to the plot and how much meaning it held even if it was such a simple concept except it wasn’t… I got a A on it btw
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wolfpackshenanigans · 2 months ago
Seth: Drinking water with a minty mouth is like the cold version of spicy.
Leah, trying not to get attacked by a vampire: This is a battle. We are in a BATTLE. Shouldn't you be thinking about other things?
Jared: But is he wrong? 
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queenmoriarty · 7 months ago
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if i could dream at all, it would be about you
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toxictwilight · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
The Cullens arriving to high school on one of these bad boys
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vincentvar · 8 months ago
if I've ever met a vampire, and he'd be like ohhh nooo let's wait 'till we're married, I've never kissed a boy in my life and actually I'm a 109-year old semi-catholic virgin instead of being well dressed slutty bi disaster in make-up who partied wild in the 70s then well goodbye I'm gonna find another one
this one's about you, Edward
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haletwinsstan · 9 months ago
Edward Cullen:
Tumblr media
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danverswitch · 3 months ago
Rosalie: I can't talk right now ,I'm doing hot girls shit.
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wear-a-shirt-jacob · 3 months ago
If the wolves cut their hair because it'll be too long in wolf form, what if one of them got a perm? What if one dyed their hair purple? What if they got a mohawk? What if they started balding? Answer me, Stephanie.
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pennylanefics · 5 months ago
Reject - Paul Lahote
a/n: i've had this in my wip’s for a while. i originally had this planned as a part 1, but with starting my new series, i don’t think i’m going to be writing a second part. but enjoy anyways! :)
gif is by @maurawrites
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Paul, what are you talking about?”
The pack was together at Paul’s house for a pack meeting. Jake, Seth, and Embry sat on the couch, Leah sat on the floor, Quil lounged back in the recliner, and Sam and Emily both standing. Paul was gazing out the window to the backyard, face stone cold with no emotion.
“I don’t want her to be my imprint.”
Everyone is stunned silent.
He had just come clean to the pack about imprinting on you, his girlfriend’s best friend. Obviously, this wasn’t an ideal situation. He loves his girlfriend and there was no way he was going to leave her for someone he didn’t know.
“You can’t reject it, Paul,” Seth says. “It’s not possible.”
“It is possible,” Sam responds. “It’s just going to be extremely painful and could lead to...bad things. For you and her.”
“I’m not going to break up with Julia for her best friend because my genes tell me that’s what’s going to make me happy!”
Jacob sighs and stands, walking over to where Paul is.
“You sound a lot like me a couple years ago. I refused to believe Bella wasn’t my imprint, so much that I said something really similar to the fact that I didn’t want my genes telling me who to love and be with. I even tried rejecting when I imprinted on Cleo. And that was even more painful than when I found out Bella died.”
“You and I are different, though, Jacob. I’m not some dumb sixteen-year-old pawning after a girl two years older than me. I’m in a happy relationship, and there’s nothing going to keep me apart from Julia.”
“Imprints also don’t have to be romantic,” Embry brings up. Sam’s expression falters.
“Though that is true, there will always be that feeling of affection, and because you have to spend so much time with your imprint to keep that connection, it tends to lead to romantic feelings,” Sam explains. Paul groans and rips his shirt off.
“I’m going out, don’t bother coming to find me,” he says. He quickly runs out the front door, shifting to his wolf form, and dashes out into the forest. The pack awkwardly exchange looks.
“This isn’t going to be good, is it?” Seth asks.
“No. But he’ll find that out for himself,” Sam replies.
Days and weeks pass, and Paul grows weaker and weaker. The pack can tell, but he’ll never admit it. He of course hadn’t seen you since he imprinted, and he wasn’t seeing much of Julia either.
About a couple weeks later, she had had enough, and broke things off with him. He tried to keep her around, but being too weak to fight back, even just speaking, he lost that fight as she walked out of his house. This sent him into a downward spiral.
“Paul, get up, you’re on patrol with Quil and I,” Embry shook his friend awake. Sam had sent him and Quil to find out where Paul was. He was late, as usual, so they were tasked with dragging him out of bed.
“Paul, come on,” Quil groans. “This needs to end. Just go see (Y/N), tell her everything, and get back to who you were. This is getting ridiculous.” Paul sits up, though weakly, he was finally up.
“I don’t care if it’s ridiculous. She’s the reason Julia broke up with me, she’s the reason for all of this shit! Why would I want to see her? She’s going to be a constant reminder that I lost the girl I love.”
Embry and Quil exchange glances and shake their heads.
“Fine. We’ll just ask Seth if he wants to-”
A knock sounds through the room, making everyone stop and turn around. Quil opens it and there you stand. Embry furrows his eyebrows.
“Hi, I’m (Y/N), Julia’s friend,” you introduce. Paul perks up as his eyes land on you for the second time. “Julia actually sent me over to check on him because she said he wasn’t answering his phone at all, and she was worried.”
“Why would she send you to check on me, when we’ve only met once?” Paul snaps. You awkwardly chuckle, but when you realize that he’s being serious, your small smile drops and you cough to clear the tension.
“Um, I don’t know. But I’ll tell her that you’re still alive.” You turn your back to him to leave, but with the glaring and stern looks from Embry and Quil, Paul stops you.
Having you around for literally just a minute has made him feel so much better, but he was still going to try and reject it.
“Would you mind staying for an extra ten minutes and allow me to explain...everything?” You narrow your eyes at him.
“Everything?” He nods, shoving his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants. You look between the three men, each one of them having a soft look in their eyes, telling you that something was up, and you needed to know.
“Okay,” you murmur. Paul sighs and walks out of his room to bring you to the living room. He says goodbye to Quil and Embry, then takes a seat next to you.
“So, what’s been going on? Julia’s been worried about you.” Paul scoffs and shakes his head.
“She cares about me yet she broke up with me, doesn’t make sense.”
“She didn’t know what was going on, Paul. One day, you just stopped spending time with her, stopped texting her, stopped calling her. She suspected something, but she felt it was better to leave things than to fight for you.” Paul lays back, sadness washing over him now that he gained most of his energy back.
“It’s not easy to explain, but...I’m going to try.” He sits back up and leans forward with his elbows on his knees.
“I need you to keep a secret, (Y/N). And I know I shouldn’t trust some stranger that I’ve only met once, but I need to tell you.”
There’s a pause before he continues.
“You are...the reason for it all.” Your eyebrows furrow and you can feel your heart starting to race uncontrollably.
“Huh?” Paul sighs and rubs his face in a stressful manner.
“I’m...different than most people. And it’s going to sound crazy, but please, hear me out.” You nod, but he still hasn’t looked at you.
“I’m a werewolf. And believe me, I know that sounds absolutely insane, but it’s true. I’m able to turn into a full wolf because of the tribe’s history. I have this special gene that my ancestors had. It’s been passed down, and here we are today.”
“I...I don’t, uh, know what to say,” you stumble over your words. “But what does it have to do with me?” He still had yet to look at you.
“There’s this...thing with wolves. It’s called imprinting. It’s when we see a girl and everything else disappears. She is our entire world, she is what holds us to this earth, not gravity. She’s the one we are to protect, the one who is basically our soulmate. And…I happened to imprint on you.”
Your heart was beating out of your chest at this point.
“Why? When? Couldn’t you have done it to Julia?” Paul suddenly stands, needing to pace to get some of his pent up anger out.
“It’s not something I can control. I didn’t mean to do it. When we locked eyes, it happened. And trust me, I so would rather have imprinted on Julia. You have no idea how much I resent you because of all of this.”
Well, that hurt. Sure, you didn’t know him, but it also went both ways. He didn’t know you, you haven’t spoken a whole twenty words to each other, and he resents you because Julia broke up with him.
“So,” you awkwardly say after a few moments, “what should I do? And what do I tell Julia?” You could feel the tears in your eyes; he still hadn’t looked at you, and it just confirmed his resentment.
“Don’t do anything. I’m trying to reject it so neither of us have to deal with it, and things will just go away. It’ll be fine,” he lies. But since you don’t know better, you don’t question anything.
“Well, uh, I guess I’ll see you around. Or not. I’ll just tell Julia you’ve been dealing with a lot at home.” You stand and quickly walk out of the house, very overwhelmed with everything that just happened.
More time passes after that meeting. Paul was himself for a day, but that quickly went back down, as your own sadness was affecting him from a distance. He could feel the imprint bond weakening, but the dull pain was there, constantly. It was making him happy that it was going away, but Sam told him to expect the pain for the rest of his life, until he accepts the imprint for what it is.
One day, the pack is hanging out at Emily and Sam’s place after a long day of patrol in the cold, snowy weather. Paul, thankfully, was able to make it, though his abilities were very miniscule. He was ‘exempt’ from patrol because his shifting wasn’t going well. He wasn’t able to shift that much anymore; Sam said this has to do with him rejecting the imprint.
“So are we going to watch a Christmas movie or what?” Seth excitedly claps once dinner was ready.
“Let’s start with-” Leah’s voice was cut off by Paul’s phone ringing. He picks it up, and his entire face lights up when he sees that Julia is calling him.
“Hello?” He smiles. But the frantic voice on the other side wipes that away.
“Wait, wait, slow down. What happened?” The pack pauses their actions and looks at him.
“Okay, yeah, I’ll be there soon.” He hangs up and gets ready to run out of the house, but he suddenly gets really dizzy and falls to the floor.
Jacob picks his phone up and dials the last number to figure out what happened.
You were in the hospital, and not in good condition. Because of this, and the knowledge that you, his imprint, might be gone, Paul got too overwhelmed and passed out.
“Paul, hey, hey,” Sam shakes him. It takes a few minutes, but Paul’s eyes finally open and he attempts to stand up, but the pack keeps him from doing so.
“I need to get to the hospital,” he groans.
“I’ll drive. You can’t shift in this state of mind,” Jacob offers. He nods and the guys help him stand and walk out to the car.
It takes a while, due to the roads being mainly covered by snow and ice. They take their time, but when they finally get there, Paul finds Julia, a hysterical mess, a sling holding her left arm up.
“Paul, I’m so glad you came. I-”
“Where’s (Y/N)?” Jacob was surprised by Paul’s sudden interest in you, but deep down, he knew why. Julia was also taken aback, finding that he doesn’t really care about her.
“She’s still in surgery,” she says, taking a seat again. “They said her leg is shattered and she may have had a concussion or something. I don’t know.” Paul drops into a seat diagonal from Julia, Jacob sitting next to him. He was treating Julia just like he was treating you: he wasn’t looking at her one bit, and his mind was on you.
Hours later, a doctor comes out to update them on your condition.
“She’s awake and doing okay. We were able to stop the internal bleeding on her side and we got her leg and arm all bandaged up in a cast. She has lots of cuts and bruises, but after some more tests, we found that she does not have a concussion.” Paul sighs a huge breath of relief, feeling a bit more alive. Julia asked to see you, but Jacob steps in.
“I think Paul should see her first,” he says. Julia is beyond confused, but Paul follows the doctor before she can ask what that is about. Jacob doesn’t say much, but he does say that the two of you began talking when she sent you to check up on him.
Paul steps into your room and immediately, tears fall down his face.
“Hi,” you greet in a raspy voice. The doctor leaves the two of you alone. Paul doesn’t move from his spot for a few moments, but when you reach out for him with your good hand, he walks around to your left side.
“How the hell are you alive?” He jokes. You giggle and it makes his heart race. It is music to his ears.
“Thank the paramedics and doctors. They got me out of that car quick.” Paul takes ahold of your hand and kisses the back of it.
“I am so so sorry,” he says. “I never...I never realized how horribly I’ve been treating you, and how awful life would be without you.” You furrow your eyebrows in confusion.
“What?” Paul chuckles and he drags the chair next to your bed closer so he can sit and still be close to you.
“I’ll explain everything later. But just know that I feel horrible, and…” Tears fall down his cheeks as he exmaines your injuries more. His eyes linger on your leg, fully covered by a white cast, the same with your right arm. Cuts littered your other arm, his fingers running as softly as ever over the bandages that cover them.
“And what?” Paul lifts his head and smiles when his eyes meet yours. Being with you right here, with you alive, albeit not completely healthy and put together, he felt complete. Nothing like he ever felt with Julia.
“I can’t live without you anymore,” he whispers.
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twihard08 · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
okay i made one for the wolfpack idk what to think lmaoo
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