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I Won’t Hesitate

Warnings: the usual, language, some rAuNcHy InTeRaCTiOn

You laid sleeplessly in his bed. These days were so lonely, Jasper and the wolves were always fighting, and in the daytime, Ava trained you in magic. 

You’d made quite a bit of progress, but it always drained you physically. Being a witch was not as easy as they made it out in the movies. It was about refining your energy, making sure a face-full of gravity didn’t hit you in the face and incapacitate you. You’d done that a couple of times already.

The limits of being a witch was still undefined. Because you and your sister were only half—as were most modern witches—there were still so many things and spells you couldn’t access or perform. Still, Ava knew how to do just about everything.

She could fly and shadow travel for short distances, was completely impervious to all human weapons, could breathe without oxygen and create breath-taking illusions that could completely fool and take down an unsuspecting vampire. You barely even knew how to affect the temperature around your body, much less create fire—the new skill she was trying to get you to master.

You would never be ready by the time Preston and Maria arrived.

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Originally posted by jimdearr

“Hey, hey are ok?” A young man asked as you came out of unconscious

“I don’t know my head hurts,” you reach to touch your head but he holds your hand from making contact

“Yeah you took a little hit to the head on the ocean floor, but I grabbed you before you could get swept out,” he held your head with one hand to keep you elevated

“Thank you…?”

“Seth Clearwater, and you?

“(Y/N) (L/N)”

“(Y/N), I’m going to take you to the hospital, because I’m afraid that you might have a concussion,” Seth said before sweeping you up into his arms to take you to the hospital


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Originally posted by tinyjanevolturi

  • You are Bella’s cousin on her mothers side
  • You came to visit when you heard your cousin had a kid 
  • You met all her in-laws and husband
  • You are now known as Auntie/Uncle (N/N) to Renesmee
  • Jacob was visiting to check on Bella and Renesmee when you came in
  • Jacob’s knees buckle from the sudden impact of the imprint 

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Originally posted by stardustschild

“Holy shittttttt (Y/N)!! Are those yours?” Emmett pointed to the mountain dirt bikes on the back of your truck.

“You know how sometimes I come by dirty and have to use your shower sometimes, well I’d sometimes go dirt biking. So yeah they’re mine, I was thinking we could do this for our date tonight”

“You are so hot!” Emmett wrapped you in a bear hug and kissed the top of your head. He thought to himself that you were the coolest s/o ever


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Originally posted by marvelmuggle


Originally posted by frailuta

“You know what this reminds me of?” Jasper said in the quite of night with your head on his chest

“What does it remind you of?”

“It reminds me of nights riding on the plains, you could see the sky exactly how it is right now,” Jasper paused for a second but continued, “There was one thing missing though..”

“What would that be?”

“The beautiful person beside me”

“You are so cheesy”

“Only for you darlin’” 


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Originally posted by imaginesfortwilight

Pairings: Demetri Volturi x female reader

Warnings: mentions of abuse; idk vampires feeding?, violence

You’re a vampire on the hunt in Florence when you meet your mate. However, the timing isn’t exactly ideal, so you use your gift to vanish from his sences. You meet again on the battlefield and you have to make the decision to either join him in Volterra or stay with your family.

I initially planned to turn this into a fan fiction, but I’m not so sure about it. So for now, it’s stays a two or three part imagine.


I don’t own the GIF

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Originally posted by amythegloriouspond

‘Oh fuck’ is all you thought after imprinting on the vampire. You were going to be trained by the vampire named ‘Jasper’ and then your eyes landed on ‘him’….

The vampire with Bella turned his head towards you with a taken aback look but also one of understanding. It was like he was reading your mind. He looked back and forth between you and ‘him’

“Carlisle we might have a situation,” said ‘Bella’s’ vampire to ‘him’ while still staring at you


(Lowkey wanna make this a oneshot, should I?)

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For anonymous who asked:

Imagine where you are a female vampire who can manipulate people’s dreams, you are dating Lauren Mallory, and you appear in her dreams?

You couldn’t help but grin at the huff that your girlfriend, Lauren Mallory gave you as she spotted you in her dreams. Again. 

“Seriously Y/N? This is the sixth time this week!" 

That got a chuckle out of you. "Sorry, darling. I just couldn’t resist. You have to admit that it’s much more fun to talk this way." 

Although she said nothing, the blush on her cheeks gave you the answer that you needed. She was so cute. Whether it was in the real world during the day, or here in the realm of her dreams. 

Lauren never failed to surprise you. To amaze you. 

Here in the realm where her dreams resided, you had many firsts. 

This was how you first met. 

Where she had kissed you for the first time. 

Where you had let Lauren explore the curves of your body. 

And where she had told you of her dreams and fears. 

It was such a shame that no one had bothered to try and see past the mask she had put up. 

But oh well, their loss was your gain. 

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Requests by Anon: “ Jasper imagine where reader is his imprint and they’re considered the power couple of the vampires please💜 “ AND “ Can you do an imagine where jasper hales mate is known as the vampire who gives good advice/wisdom to the other vampires, people etc.”

Warnings: talking of James’ bite. fluff

Tag List: @jayrart@elskinner45@nocturnalherb16@buckysforeverprincess@diyunho@negans-womam​ @elizabethparsons777 @deepobservationcherryblossom@azure23x@thequeerishere555​ @nkr21315 @awesomebooklover17​ @sophiaxjean 

A/N: I put these two together. I hope that’s okay. I wasn’t really sure of what to write for them independently. I’m sorry it seems so rushed lol


Originally posted by nightstorms-universes

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Originally posted by twilightly

“You saw what I did (Y/N), that could have accidentally been you if you got close enough. I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference until the last second”

“Edward it’s fine, okay? I shouldn’t have been there anyway, if anything would have happened it would’ve been my fault”

“(Y/N), you clearly can’t see that I’m a monster. As much as I don’t want to think about this, but don’t you think that you will be safer without me?”

“I thought we already went over this. I knew what I was getting into after you told me you were a vampire and meeting your family. I’m not going anywhere”


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Originally posted by twilightimaginesandgifs

Pairings: Embry Call x reader

warnings: none

requested by anonymous: Can I request an embry call imagine where the reader y/n Is kinda shy and she is very scared around big crowds so she always holds onto a part of em and he loves protecting her! He imprinted but loved her before and she is pretty short I’m 5,2 so when she is behind him you can’t see her! And a girl at her school is teasing her about being like embrys puppy following him everywhere and she gets shy and em feels her discomfort and steps in to comfort telling her to mind her own business please!

I hope you like it and I am very sorry for the long wait. University has been keeping me busy.

I don’t own the GIF

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I know we all think Edward has snails as pets but he strikes me as the kind of person to have like a bird or some shit and be weirdly involved in taking care of it and take it everywhere.

He tries to teach it to sing opera but Emmett taught it Thrift Shop by Mackelmore and it can’t be compelled to sing anything else for thirty years

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Originally posted by dearforks


  • You came out to Edward in your guys meadow
  • “Edward I have something to tell you” “I know”
  • You totally forgot that he reads minds
  • By seeing into your mind, he sees the struggles you’ve come across over your lifetime and how it’s brought you to this moment in time
  • He finds it actually amazing that you actually love him to his core, despite how he identifies 
  • He’s read lots of queer writings and poems, during his life as a vampire, so he has a good grasp on early and present LGBTQ cutlure
  • Does anything you ask of him to try with you 
  • He’s not afraid to dress a certain way to make you feel comfortable and make you look like you aren’t the only one in public doing so 
  • Constantly reassures that he loves you as you, present and future 

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hi! if you want to request for any of the fandoms i’m in, you don’t have to use these prompts! i’m just adding them in case you don’t know what to request. please follow the rules and have fun! also, the fandoms are not cut and dry. i will be adding more throughout time.


- i don’t write nsfw, sorry!

- please request one at a time for headcanons! ( this doesn’t apply to poly headcanons or fics )

- i won’t write anything that romanticizes triggering topics such as s*lf-h*rm, ab*se, r*pe, inc*st, or anything like that. please don’t ask for it, thank you.

- i reserve the right to deny a request. this is my account and it represents me as a writer. please respect that.


A Series of Unfortunate Events
Violet Baudelaire, Malina Weissman

Avatar the Last Airbender
Zuko, Mai

     Maya Hart, Farkle Minkus, Sabrina Carpenter, Corey Fogelmanis, Rowan       Blanchard, Mal Bertha, Prince Ben, Jay Jafarson, Harry Hook, Dove
     Cameron, Thomas Doherty, Booboo Stewart

     Chandler Bing, Joey Tribbiani 

Fruits Basket
     Kyo Sohma, Yuki Sohma, Tohru Honda

Game of Thrones
     Daenerys Targaryen, Missandei, Arya Stark, Emilia Clarke

IT 2017
     Beverly Marsh, Bill Denbrough, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Stanley
     Uris, Sophia Lillis, Jaeden Martell, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer,
     Wyatt Oleff, Bill Skarsgard

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Hey Y’all! I know I’ve been MIA but just know there’ll be a lot of fics being pumped out this coming two weeks, and as soon as they’re all clear and done, I’ll be taking requests again! I’ll leave my inbox open for the next two hours for any requests before I shut them down for a little, but here’s a list of who I write for:

-Outer Banks

-RPF (must be for celebs over 18)


-Criminal Minds


-That 70s Show


-The Originals/vampire diaries


-Animal Kingdom

-Law and Order SVU



-Game of thrones


-Hunger Games


and more!

Read up on my masterlist to see if my writing is a good fit for you!

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Originally posted by cmpassionatesoul

“You’re really hot (Y/N)-”

“Oh thank you, Carlisle”

“I actually meant your temperature, but I wouldn’t say you’re hot”


“You’re beautiful”  


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Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

“Say it”

“Vampire,” (Y/N) whispers and slowly starts to turn and runs away

“You know I can outrun you” Edward yells from his unchanged spot in the clouded forest



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4. Once Upon a Southern Night


Someone I used to Know

Warnings: None, except trigger warnings for slavery and the Confederacy 

“Preston,” Jasper hissed, pushing you behind him with nearly bruising force. He was an entirely different persona, his cool, collected poise was replaced with this steely, merciless character you swore you’d never witnessed before.

“How long has it been exactly? 157 years? 160? I can’t remember, time passes so slowly now. When we were humans, it seemed to fly by so fast.”

He approached the two of you slowly, his hands clasped behind his back. Jasper gripped your arm so harshly, and held you so close to him so you could hardly get a good luck of his face.

But from what you could tell, the man was gorgeous. His skin was pale as the moon, features perfectly proportioned and striking. He seemed to ignore you for now, turning all his attention to a seething Jasper.

“I don’t know why you’re here,” he warned, “but I left that lifestyle a long time ago. If you want Maria, she’s probably still in Mexico City.”

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