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dianaprinceownsmyass · 10 months ago
have y'all seen demi adejuyigbe's review of twilight on letterboxd
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I'm weeping
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afreakingstarchild · 2 months ago
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edwardsdeathcabcd · 3 months ago
i was drawing somethin and i didn’t know what kind of shoes edward wears so i looked up his movie wardrobe….. y’all……..
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…………what ARE these
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suck-it-and-see-16 · 4 months ago
As you should, Bella.
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dying-flowers · 10 months ago
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tonysstvrk · 4 months ago
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Twilight, again. Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end. TWILIGHT (2008) dir. Catherine Hardwicke
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aotckenobi · 23 days ago
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when is it my turn to fall in love with someone and roll around on a field full of flowers?
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xmberwrites · 11 months ago
after having rewatched twilight and falling back in love with carlisle, i thought it would be nice if my first fanfiction on here was for him!
so that’s exactly what i shall do, write a one shot of him with a reader insert because what else do i have to do, literally nothing
and i’ll try to make all of my fics gender neutral so anyone can read them :)
Okay, That Hurt - Carlisle x Reader
Genre - fluff
Warnings - idk maybe some cussing, injuries, age gap
Summary - Y/N has always been clumsy, but when they land themselves in the hospital they only have their clumsiness to thank for meeting a certain doctor that happens to make their heart flutter, and little do they know it might just be a similar situation for him as well
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Tick, tock... tick, tock.
I looked at the hanging timepiece resting against the wall in the living room. I needed to leave for work any minute now, and I was seriously debating whether or not I should just call in sick or something because I really did not feel like going today. It’s not like my parents would find out, I get home before them anyway.
“Ugh, fine.” I gave in. After all, I was already up and dressed, and the idea of getting paid was always appealing to me. Grabbing my coat, I stepped outside with my keys in hand. When I locked the door behind me, I saw my neighbor coming out as well.
Bella Swan. I was only a few years older than her, so we happened to become good friends overtime. I waved hello when our eyes met, a gentle smile on my features. I began walking down the steps, but ended up tripping on air or something because the next thing I knew I was struggling to keep my balance. Heading towards the hard concrete, I flung my arms around in hopes to regain my composure, and quickly grabbed hold of the railing to stop myself from going any further. Thankfully, it worked.
Standing back straight, I laughed off my shakiness and embarrassment when I realized that Bella had witnessed literally all of that.
“Haha, phew! That was a close one!” I grinned, my palm making its way to my chest. The girl across the yard from me chuckled, awkwardly looking around before tucking her hair behind her ears.
“Yeah, glad you’re okay.” She responded, clearly amused by my near death experience.
“Indeed I am.” I replied, continuing to walk to my car, finally away from those demonic stairs. Though, it was as if the universe hated me today, because as soon as those words left my mouth I slipped on the wet pavement and went tumbling backwards, airborne and afraid. There was no way I was saving myself this time, my body landed harshly on the ground, my right hand basically bending underneath my arm when I finally met solid earth.
Okay, that hurt.
“Oh my god! Are you okay?” I heard Bella run over to me, this time neither of us were laughing.
My eyes were shut tight to keep the tears from falling, and my lips were pursed closed so that way I wouldn’t fucking scream from the pain of my wrist which was most likely very broken right now. I breathed out a long and shaky breath, forcing my eyes open and letting my tears find their way down my cheeks.
“....I’m c-completely fine.” I cried, pushing myself up with my good hand, along with the help of Bella. “Is... is my hand... supposed t-to be dangling like this?” I asked, knowing damn well it was not.
“Let me drive you to the hospital, come on.” She put her arm around mine and pulled me up. I had a few scrapes besides the obviously snapped in half wrist.
“You have school.” The pain was still shooting but if I kept it still it wasn’t so bad. “Really, I’m fine, I’ll drive myself!” I smiled through my puffy eyes and wet face.
“My boyfriend, Edward, his dad is a doctor. I’m taking you to him, okay?” She guided me to her truck and aided in getting me all situated. At this point I wasn’t crying anymore, but you could still definitely tell I had been. “I can’t believe you tried to say you were fine.”
“Well, most of me is.” I sniffled, looking at the swollen part of my injury.
She glanced at me, shaking her head.
“And I thought I was clumsy.” She muttered. I audibly gasped, she knew I was just kidding...
The rest of the car ride was silent apart from my sniffles and occasional stray tears here and there. My entire arm was throbbing, mostly my hand and wrist though.
Bella pulled into the hospital and found a parking spot, once again helping me out of the vehicle. It’s just a broken wrist, I’m sure I could do these things myself, but then again I was thankful for what she was doing too. Walking inside I had my arm up to my chest, making sure my unusable hand didn’t move even in the slightest otherwise I would be screaming.
After a few minutes of talking to the lady at the front desk, I was finally waiting on the doctor that was apparently my friends boyfriends dad. But like adoptive dad. Bella was sitting on the other hospital bed beside the one I was on, fiddling with her hands and swinging her feet back and forth. She was facing me, so her legs hit mine. I gently returned the kick, and then another, and another. We were giggling, fighting with our feet to pass the time. The door across the hall opened and closed, but we just assumed it was a nurse or a patient, both of our eyes were still locked on the actions at hand, or should I say foot.
Our laughter kept us from hearing the footsteps, so when another pair of shoes stepped into our eyesight we immediately came to a stop.
“Carlisle, hi.” Bella awkwardly greeted.
My eyes made their way to the man in front of us, and I felt my heartbeat quicken at how attractive he was. I gulped. His lips pulled upward in a smile, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful he was. Not just his looks but his aura as well.
“Bella, it seems like you two were having fun? It’s nice to see you can still do that in a hospital.” He turned towards me, and as soon as we made eye contact I swear my breath haltered. His eyes were so captivating and they were the most golden hue, i was afraid I wasn’t gonna be able to look away. “You must be Y/N! I’m Dr. Carlisle Cullen, my chart says you think you broke your wrist? Let me have a look, if you will?”
I nodded my head, holding my arm out for him to take. His skin touched mine and I almost gasped at how cold he was, not that I minded... it felt rather electrifying. He began to straighten my hand out, which definitely had me wincing.
“You are correct, you’ll need to be in a cast. You’ve also got some bad scrapes on your elbows, but nothing a little antibiotic cream and a bandaid can’t fix.”
Even his voice was smooth, it made everything in me twist and turn and flutter around.
“Y/N, I’m gonna go wait in the car... Edward’s here.” Bella stated, pulling me out of my trance. I looked at her, raising my eyebrows ever so slightly.
“Alrighty.” I replied. She gave me a small smile before making her way out.
Not gonna lie, I was a little salty. Bella will drop anything and leave anyone if her boyfriend is around. It gets annoying at times. I haven’t even met him yet, but now I’ve met his dad before him?
“So, your 22?” I was brought back out of my thoughts by that wonderful voice again. He had already sat down in one of those swiveling chairs and had everything he needed to cast my arm.
“Yeah, I’m getting old.”
He laughed a hearty laugh that came deep within his chest. I couldn’t help but smile myself, proud that I caused that reaction.
“Well, is it too old for a sucker?” He pulled out a couple of different flavors, and I saw my favorite in the bunch.
“Pfft! Hell no.” I took the strawberry one out of his hand with my good arm. “Thank you.”
“Of course. How did you even do this?” Dr. Cullen raised his head to look at me, one eyebrow raised and his stare boring into my own. I tried not to blush, but I felt the heat creeping up.
“Uuuuuuuugggggghhhh, it’s really embarrassing.” I started, wincing at my own clumsy stupidity. “I slipped on my wet pavement. It could have at least happened in a cooler way, but no.”
He chuckled, and I watched him continue his work with my arm.
“You need to be more careful or you’ll be seeing my face more often.” He joked, finishing up the cast.
Note to self: don’t be more careful only to see more of handsome doctor man.
Dr. Cullen chuckled under his breath. I don’t know why, it was silent after he said what he did.
“I will.” I replied with a grin, knowing I probably wouldn’t.
“Will you, actually?” He shot back, an eyebrow raised in a playful manner. It was as if he read my mind, but I just shook it off with a laugh and a nod of my head.
I noticed he was all done with my arm, my cast was my favorite color. How he knew that, I don’t know, maybe it was a lucky guess.
“Well, Y/N, you’re free to go. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you.”
I hopped up, not realizing how close we were when I did that, so I quickly backed up saying a quick sorry.
“Thank you so much, Dr. Cullen.”
“No, please, call me Carlisle.” He gave me the warmest smile I had ever seen, and I couldn’t help but mirror it. “After all, I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we see each other. It’s best to get acquainted now, sooner than later. You’ve got to get that cast off sometime, and I’ll be here to do it.”
Okay, maybe it was just me being a little too hopeful, but was this his way of flirting with me?
“Alright, thank you, Carlisle. I really appreciate it.” At this point I was sure my face was as red as an apple.
As sad as it was, it was time for me to leave. I gave another grin and a small wave before walking away. Though, right before I got to the doors, I decided to be bold. Turning around, I saw that he was already looking at me, which only made me more nervous.
“Oh, and Carlisle, don’t be surprised if I come in here next week with another injury.” I winked at him. This seemed to fluster him, because he shyly looked away with raised eyebrows, but quickly regained his composure as he winked back, this time catching me off guard.
I giggled, waving goodbye once more and making my way back to Bella.
Oh yeah, I’ll definitely be seeing him again.
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sleepingedward · 3 months ago
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ilikeboyswhosparkle · 2 months ago
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Twilight 🩸
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bellasmommyissues · 3 months ago
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Drew a scene from the book that should’ve made it into the movie in my opinion. Tried to replicate the blue tint but it’s not right yet
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bellsn3wmo0n · 3 months ago
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hollywood queen
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gender-luster · 3 months ago
'the batman' or something idk i haven't watched it
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 3 months ago
Bill Condon you WILL pay for crimes in choosing to delete this scene!! (that's edward she's training with)
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queenmoriarty · 9 months ago
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if i could dream at all, it would be about you
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only-tiktoks · 11 months ago
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dumpsterfirefuck · 5 months ago
Is it just me or does Carlisle Cullen have chemistry with absolutely EVERYONE but his wife?
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belovakova · a year ago
I just love the wolves in the twilight movies so fucking much like, to this day I've never seen such well and beautifully animated wolves
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thevolturisworld · a month ago
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sleepingedward · 3 months ago
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